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The Two Universally Taboo Topics, Which Are Strangely, In Bed Together.

Adolf Hitler is generally accepted as the most evil man in history and he must remain so.  There is no way out for Hitler, we have all seen the Hollywood films, those poor Jews, getting out of the cattle wagons and being marched towards the place where we see their hair falling to the floor,  then the room where their cloths fall to the floor and then the room where we hear the duh duuuuuhn music and a close up of that deadly shower head.

We have never seen a film which exposes anything other than that, at least I have never seen a film which deviates from this stock version of history. To question this version is to expose oneself to a torrent of abuse and for many a term of imprisonment.

Inexplicably, there is no evidence whatsoever in support of these claims and yet there is a mountain of evidence suggesting that they are lies. Nevertheless, with what appears to be proof positive of the disinformation, with which we have been spoon-fed since the cradle, before their eyes, most people, instead of taking the trouble to check it out, search for a way of getting around this evidence.

I have never been asked the question as to why, Hitler is so hated, everybody knows exactly why he is so bad.  We have all been fed the same story.  At the same time we have been quietly deceived about the actual part played in the story of Hitler by the Jews,  a group which we all love because of the manner in which they were treated by Hitler and the Germans.

I happened to mention to a colleague a while ago that perhaps Hitler was not as bad as he was painted.  His response was to ask me if I was a Fascist.  I asked him what he meant by that.  What was wrong with Fascism? His response was to insist that all the Dictators were Fascists.  I asked him if they were Fascist despite their politics or because of their politics. He had no idea what I meant. When I explained that Fascism was a  political system which like all systems could be used for the good or for the bad and that Hitler had used them for the good he sneered at me.

 He warned  me that if I dared to suggest that after what the Fascist Hitler had done to the Jews, that his political system could be used for the good,  I would find that he would not be speaking to me again. That is the measure of ignorance even amongst the relatively intelligent sector of society.

When asked about the treatment of the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, most folk respond with the assertion that Israel has the right to defend itself against terrorist attacks. Hamas is considered to be a terrorist organisation, so in response to a bottle rocket, which may make a discernible hole in the sand, Israel has the right to kill two thousand civilians.

In France during the war, a war which along with the UK, France had declared against Germany and from which they rapidly exited by capitulating without firing a shot,  which was of course all part of the Master Plan, there arose a group called The Free French or indeed The French Resistance.  They were few in number during the war, however after hostilities ended they were numerous.

The aim of this group was to resist the occupying German forces, an objective which we can all applaud, despite the fact that in reality, it was to make sure that Hitler and Germany were not defeated before the rest of the Master Plan was accomplished. I am sure that you realise that the Master Plan was to force Hitler to take on Russia single handed, in order kill as many Germans as possible, to raze every German city and large town to the ground and to facilitate the entry of Stalin and the Russian Sector into Europe. all of which would lead on to the installation of the New Soviet Union in Europe, all of which has been accomplished.

In Palestine the Jews are an occupying force. In order to prevent any serious insurrection the Jews have incarcerated over one million souls into a vast Concentration Camp, in which they attack and destroy and murder and maim the prisoners and their hovels on a whim.  Do you get my drift?

There are many people who suggest that Hitler was in fact a Jew.  A Rothschild bastard in fact, which is how and why he became the Führer in the first place.  I once checked online to see if there was in fact any evidence of this.  I stumbled upon a site which suggested that after genetic examination it was found that Hitler was of African and Jewish origin.  Surprisingly when I checked the site from which this information arrived, I was amazed to find that it was the Holocaust Museum site.

I have been pondering ever since as to how they had managed to find a trace of Jew in a specimen of DNA. However this claim would suggest that they had either not realized that should this be so, it would indicate that the Jews themselves had carried out the Shoah, financed by Rothschild, or that they fully understood that there was no such thing.

Now there are numerous events which have taken place over the centuries, long, long, before the birth of Adolf Hitler and many more long after his death, for example the unnoticed English Revolution, the British people were not even aware of it passing.

Oliver Cromwell the sadistic animal who slaughtered the Irish, in order to finance the English Civil War was obliged to accept poisoned loans from the Jewish Dutch Bankers.  When he found himself unable to repay the debt and in need of further financing he agreed to allow the Jews back into England from where they had been banished. Part of the deal was the murder of Charles the first.  Cromwell accepted all of these provisions and the Jews flooded into England.  Within less than twenty years London was ablaze and twenty-five years after that the Jews controlled the money supply and the English Deficit had been manufactured.

A similar state of affairs was set up in France, when after the revolutionary slaughter of the intelligentsia and the Bourgeoisie including the King and his Queen, a system of finance based on a gold standard was imposed, which introduced the French to the same Deficit/Debt ridden monetary system. The heads rolled and the blood ran down the streets of Paris in order to achieve this aim.

A few decades later the City of London was already experimenting with a European Genocide in Ireland where five million souls were either starved to death or shot while attempting to grab some of the millions of tons of produce, guarded by English Troops, on its way to the Irish harbours en route to England.

In 1917, skulking behind the slaughter of the Great War, the Jews unleashed their slaughterers on Russia, under the leadership of a pack of Jews from the US and in the words of Churchill:

“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)… this worldwide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19 th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.”  Churchill wrote this in the Illustrated Sunday Herald in February 1920

This was written long before Hitler could be accused of any dream of World Domination or indeed domination of Europe.  The first act of these barbarians in Russia was the cull of the Russian Orthodox Christians, after that the intelligentsia and Industrialists oh! and of course the Royal Family.

The same Jew, Churchill was himself responsible for the starvation of millions of Bengali during WW2, for no better reason than that he may have need of their foodstuffs to feed the British Army.  In the end he had no need of it.

Churchill’s description of this Jewish Movement, was quickly followed by the Jewish Young Turks, genocide in Armenia a genocide which was so successful that the Armenian’s were completely eliminated from Turkey.

So all in all,  during the time frame of a few decades, whatever claims the Jews may have had of persecution pales into total insignificance when compared with the slaughters for which they have been responsible, this is before we even speculate as to how many souls were eliminated in China by the Jewish puppet Mao Zedong.

So what justification can they possibly have for the stance they are maintaining over WW2 and Hitler?  Well there is one glaring difference between all of those other genocides and the “holocaust,” the evidence is on the ground, for all of the others,  whereas there is not a shred of evidence in support of the “holocaust.”  So one can only speculate as to what would be the response of the general public should there prove to be real evidence proving that it was a lie.  This is one of the clips direct from the holocaust museum video library, which we were never shown.

So there you have it, when all of the accusations against Hitler fail to hit the mark, the last and most deadly smear to his integrity is to call him a Jew.  In a strange way he has been a godsend for the Jews, who as a result of their claims of his behaviour have garnered billions of Dollars and Deutsch-marks in reparations for an act which to this day is hotly disputed.

Our Jewish Interests Demand Germany’s Total Destruction.

“For months now the struggle against Germany is waged by each Jewish community at each conference in all our syndicates and by each Jew all over the world. There is reason to believe that our part in this struggle has general value. We will start a spiritual and material war of all the world against Germany’s ambitions to become once again a great nation, to recover lost territories and colonies. But our Jewish interests demand Germany’s total destruction, collectively and individually. The German nation is a threat to us Jews.” – Vladimir Jabotinsky, founder of the Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorist organisation, Mascha Rjetach(January 1934

Sounds familiar does it not?  I have heard exactly the same claims made about Vladimir Putin a dozen times in recent days. The same Jewish interests, in the United States, the United Kingdom and the United Europe are responsible for propagating this nonsense.  There is no way that Russia is about to take back control of the old Soviet Union. Most of the old Communist controlled States are already back under the same Communist control as before, in the European Union of Soviet Socialism.

Everybody in this strange carry on would appear to have some guilty secret or other to conceal from the general public, most of whom have no interest whatsoever in what is taking place. Putin is now another Hitler, Russia has become the Third Reich, while strangely,  NATO is paying the Right Sector in Ukraine, which is itself being associated with Hitler. Confused? Me too.

The big problem for NATO, in the taking down of Ukraine, was the lack of a Muslim connection, which would have created an opening for Al Qaeda in the Ukraine, so use was made of the spectre of Hitler and the Neo-Hard Right, whatever that may be, which should not in any way be linked to Adolf Hitler.

While NATO makes use of the menace of Fascism in Kiev, Russia Today is broadcasting a Polish Documentary, which it claims to be un-edited by them, as a disclaimer for the rubbish which is contained in the program, which speaks of the killings of thousands of Ethnic Poles who found themselves caught up in the Ukrainian struggle against Moscow, after the Genocidal murder of millions of Ukrainians by Stalin, in which Khrushchev, a Ukrainian took part.

No reason is offered as to why the Polish community was living on Ukrainian soil, just as there is every reason to believe that no women or children were purposely killed. I offer the following short clip, to give an idea of what took place. Thanks to the feeble inter-web connection which I have been experiencing for some time, I am not too sure if the dialogue is in English or not, I have been unable to check.

The Third Reich was responsible for no Ethnic Cleansing in Ukraine, on the other hand, the Ukrainian Freedom Fighters, fought alongside Hitler, against the Soviet Union, not because they were Fascist or any of the other current terms which are used as smear words, but simply because the Jewish Bolshevik Russians were the “Real” murdering scum, with whom the British and US were in league and whom had bought the very food, which had been stolen from the Ukrainians, who were left to starve to death, to assist Stalin in the purchase of the arms, which he would use to subjugate, with the assistance of his Western Allies, all of Eastern Europe.

I am amazed to read on virtually the entire so-called Alternative Media, that we are witnessing the resurrection of Nazism and Fascism in the most overt manner since the days of the Third Reich. Here is a short example of the view of Global Research:

The violence on the streets of Ukraine is far more than an expression of popular anger against a government. Instead, it is merely the latest example of the rise of the most insidious form of fascism that Europe has seen since the fall of the Third Reich.

It has been perfectly clear from the outset, that the thugs on the streets of Kiev are being paid by the US, they are Al Qaeda or Greystone, or more simply paid killers, whom carried out the cynical slaughter of twenty policemen and eighty demonstrators, under orders from the EU or Kerry or whomsoever else is speaking for the Politburo in Brussels, in order to provide the necessary excuse to take control of Ukraine.

The problems between the Poles and the Ukrainians was an early tale of the failure of multiculturalism, which stretched all the way back to the years following the installation of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia.

The following quotation speaks of the fate of Ethnic Germans, whom had become enemies simply because of their presence in an area occupied by Ethnic Poles, who in turn were attacked by Ukrainian Freedom Fighters, because of the support for Russia of the Bolshevik controlled government in Warsaw.

“The Polish terror in the Ukraine today is worse than anything else in Europe. Ukraine became a country of desperation and destruction. The murderous deeds multiplied. The Germans have been tortured, mutilated, excruciated to death, their corpses were desecrated. Villages and palaces have been robbed, ignited, blown up. The depicted incidents in the official publication of the German government in 1921 exceed the worst actions one can imagine.” – Prof. Dr. Ren Martel in his book, Les frontires orientales de l`Allemagne (Paris 1930) about the Polish raids in Upper Silesia in 1921.

As they say “What goes around comes around.”

It will be noticed that the claims made about the mutilation of the corpses of the  Ethnic Poles, corresponds in every detail, with the treatment of the twenty-three thousand Polish Reservists, in the Katyn Forest slaughter, which was also blamed on the Germans but which was actually carried out by Stalin.

This was the Russian Terror Machine, which had mutilated thousands of German Prisoners of War, in the same manner. This is true Terrorism, designed to terrify people into submission. Much the same agenda was carried  out in Palestine, which is what drove the indigenous people into refugee camps in the surrounding countries, where they have been trapped since nineteen-forty-eight.

It is a falsehood to speak of Ukraine as being solely responsible for the killing of ethnic Poles,  as Ukraine was part of the Russian Empire, everybody suffered the same fate at the hands of the Bolsheviks, note that there is no mention made of the Genocide of Ukrainians, the Holodomor and the installation of the millions of Ethnic Russians in the East of Ukraine and in Crimea, after the slaughter or relocation of the indigenous peoples. an act  which is now being used as an excuse by Russia, to claim some sort of authority in Crimea, because of the presence of these relocated Russians. It should be remembered that Ukraine had long been part of Russia, even before the Bolshevik coup d’etat.

There are, nevertheless, those whom believe that a game of, sharing the spoils, between Russia and NATO is taking place, shrouded in subterfuge and bellicose threats. Russia is in the process of installing a Eurasian Union, which will be under the control of the Bolsheviks. Russia has in fact been a long time ally of the West.  The coup d’etat in Russia was funded by the Bankers in London and New York and from the very beginning it was controlled by Jewish Bolsheviks.

There is little evidence of any fundamental change in the Russian hierarchy.  Putin has done nothing about the strangle-hold of the oligarchs, whom still retain control of the bulk of the wealth of Russia.

Russia and its neighbours, have been the victims of a monumental slaughter, the like of which has never been equalled in history. China suffered a similar fate, under Chairman Mao, who was also financed by Bolshevik Jews.

When the order was given to seize forty per-cent of the crops in Ukraine, it was a deliberate Genocide.  Stalin was using the funds he received for the sale of these crops, to help finance a war. This was in Nineteen-thirty-two, for which war was he preparing?  This is yet another facet of the build-up to the destruction of Germany.

My contention has been for some time, that Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt, had been in collusion with the Bolshevik Cabal, since the Communist push for control of Germany failed miserably and soon after, the National Socialists came to power, at which point International Jewry declared war on Germany.

As children, we were taught that Hitler, having signed a Treaty with Stalin, broke the Treaty and out of sheer power madness attacked Russia.  He did no such thing.  Having sorted out his problem with Poland, which led to France and Britain declaring war against Germany, Hitler’s Intelligence Service became aware that Stalin had massed a huge army on the borders of Poland, which he quickly invaded, an act which should have provoked a response from Britain and France, both of whom had guaranteed Poland’s security.

This lack of response must surely have warned Hitler, that he and Germany had always been the target and that he was on his own. Britain, the US and indeed the rest of the World, would fight alongside Stalin, the most savage, ruthless dictator Europe has ever seen. Which must have been arranged, it could not have been by chance alone. After the war, they pretended, once more, to be deadly enemies. They have in fact always been hand in glove.

What is more this must have been in the planning for some time, because Roosevelt had already baited the Japanese into an attack on Pearl Harbour, to generate an excuse to destroy Japan.

Japan had signed a treaty with Germany, which had it been honoured, would have given Hitler more than enough assistance to destroy the Russians. The US had in fact been illegally assisting Russia, before they had created the war with Japan, which was a necessity to enable them to declare war on and  attack Germany, as they were an ally of Japan.

The ethnic Germans were the real victims of genocide, after hostilities ended. Stalin tortured, mutilated and murdered as any as ten million of them wherever he could find them.  He also killed all of his German Prisoners of War, an estimated three million.

‘We’ fought alongside this savage and ‘we’ then handed Poland, Britain’s excuse for war with Germany, and the rest of Eastern Europe into his clutches.  We won the war all right. Is it any wonder that a large number of folk in Ukraine want nothing to do with Russia nor indeed with the scum in  Europe?

What On Earth Are They Talking About?

Jewish Minister Vince Cable, was today reminding us of past times,  when Khazar Jews were not welcome in the UK. He failed to mention, of course, that only Khazar Jews are welcome in Israel.  He also made reference to a speech by Enoch Powell, a devout Christian, in which Powell warned that unlimited immigration, could well lead to strife in future times and he spoke of the possibility of “blood running in the streets,” should those immigrants fail to blend into the indigenous population.

While Cable was running around the radio and television studios, delivering his message, his Jewish boss, Nick Clegg, was attacking the position of the Jewish Prime Minister, David Cameron, on the question of reducing the number of immigrants coming to the UK.

Both Clegg and Cable were talking in “Twaddle” a derivative of a dialect very similar to “Cretin,” when they suggested that should all of the highly trained immigrants, such as, German Scientists, Italian Designers, Spanish Bullfighters and Swedish Mechanics, all go back to from where they came, into what sort of state would that throw the UK?  Uh!

They would appear to be suggesting that there is a move afoot to kick out all of the immigrants. Where did that idea come from? I was under the impression that the Prime Minister and Ukip, were talking of restricting the numbers of those whom currently arrive, with no job, no home, six children, plus the need of immediate state handouts to feed themselves.  The others, professional people and skilled workers, will have the means to sort out their own accommodation and a well paid job with which to pay for themselves, so why are Clegg and Cable muddying up the waters?

Perhaps Clegg and Cable are not aware of the unrest which is apparent all across Europe, as a result, not of immigration from EU States but the apparently unlimited access which has been given to Muslims, whom have been driven out of their homelands, through the bloodthirsty, aggressive behaviour of the EU and its War Machine, NATO.

Or perhaps they are not fully aware of the build-up of tension, throughout Europe, though not as a result of this ploy, called “the right of freedom of movement within the EU,”  which is causing no real problem, as the people integrate, quite easily. After all, they share more or less the same culture and religion and of course skin colour, but as a result of the inexplicable inclusion of millions of people from outside of the EU. Why even in Israel, Black Jews are being driven out. Cable and Clegg and Cameron and Miliband and all of the other Jews, whom support the persecution of Palestinians, have little to say about that.

In France, there is a Jewish Community which celebrates Hanukkah and an Arab Community, which celebrates Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, Christians, however, must now celebrate the Winter Festival or indeed some other, unfamiliar,  innocuous event. “Noël” is consigned to the dustbin. Why are Christians deemed to be more acceptable of this restriction on their religious beliefs than are the other religions?

Here in France, the prediction of Enoch Powell is already a reality. France will very soon be divided into parcels of districts which are considered “no-go” areas for Whites. The suburbs of Paris have already surrendered to the Muslim majority. Should this majority find that the title Ramadan, is officially banned and must now be referred to as “The Summer Holiday,” there would be riots in the streets.

Our leaders, cannot be unaware, that when the pot boils over, which cannot be too far off; as the Jewish leaders in Israel, Saudi Arabia, France, the US and UK are picking off a Muslim country, more or less on a weekly basis and  that bloody attacks, such as the one in Woolwich, will become a daily occurrence, across Europe.  One could be forgiven for thinking that this is the plan.

The two main current protagonists in Europe, attacking the Muslim World,  France and the UK, are the very same Jewish controlled governments, which cornered Germany into a genocidal war in Nineteen-thirty-nine. While they, with the aid of Poland, had been ensnaring Germany – Roosevelt and a pack of Jews, which included Bernard Baruch, the financier who bailed out the Jew Churchill and Morgenthau, the Jew who called for the complete annihilation of Germany, down to the last child –  were forcing Japan into a war, to avoid a link-up between Japan and Germany, while the Jew Stalin, in complicity with the others, was preparing to launch a massive attack against Europe, in furtherance of the Jewish controlled Communists desire to create a United Europe, under Communist control.  This has now been quietly achieved.

Japan was an ally of Germany and with their help Hitler could quite easily have defeated Russia. The fact that the US was aware of this, is proof positive of their intention of attacking Germany, long before the contrived excuse over Poland was generated.  Japan was provoked in order to generate an excuse for the US to enter the war in Europe, as Japan was an ally of Germany.

Germany, fought single-handed, against the might of  the USSR, USA, UK and the rest of the World. Anyone, who is stupid enough to believe that Adolf Hitler initiated such a war, has got to be too stupid to wipe their own bum, as they say.

When the destruction of Japan was accomplished, in came the Jewish investors and financed the reconstruction and launched their own businesses, such as SONY, which is owned by Rockefeller  and was used as a means of destroying European competition in the electronic field.

There is now hardly any business worth talking about in Europe making televisions.  Honda and Yamaha and others destroyed British Motorbike constructors such as Norton, Triumph, BSA and Aerial. The motor car industry went the same way. Quite suddenly, everything was made in Japan.

Not long after WW2, the Jewish Bankers were busily funding Chairman Mao in China. This was not a revolution, this was a Jewish Coup d’Etat, much like the Russian ‘Revolution.’

Through the creation of what are referred to as “Free Trade Agreements,” and “Globalisation,” they have now moved their entire industrial base to Asia, where they can make use of virtual slave labour, with the ability to import all of their cheap products into the US and Europe without the imposition of any import tariffs.  Nowadays, even Japanese products are made in China, that is US/Japanese products.

This move into China has been a death-blow for Europe and the US, where the future is looking bleak.  Barack Obama and his predecessors, have been busy behind the backs of the US electorate, much as have the politicians in Europe. They have in fact signed a treaty with Mexico and Canada setting up a Union, similar to the European Union, The North American Free Trade Agreement.

This includes the right of entry into the US of millions of Mexicans, whom will have free housing, health care and education etc, which will signal the fall of the US. Obama will, during the Winter Festival celebrations, while the Government is on holiday, be passing Executive Orders, legalising the unrestricted entry of Mexicans into the US. Sounds like the idea of Vince Cable and Clegg in the UK.

It is a shame that despite all of the available information on the Interweb and other places, that the average US and UK Citizen, firmly believes that WW2 was a “Just War” and that it was fought in Europe because the Germans were gassing Jews and Japan had attacked Pearl Harbour, all of which are lies.

WW2 was a monstrous, aggressive and savage illegal war against Germany, a country which was still suffering from the imposition of punitive payments of reparation after WWI.  It was also the last gasp of opposition against the imposition of the New World Order. The Germans were magnificent, we let them down, in the words of Winston Churchill:

“Germany’s unforgivable crime before WW2 was its attempt to loosen its economy out of the world trade system and to build up its own exchange system from which the world-finance couldn’t profit any more. …We butchered the wrong pig.” – Winston Churchill, The second World War (Bern, 1960)

Hitler’s Dream.

I have the gravest doubts that the conquest of Europe and the installation of a National Socialist Dictatorship, was ever in fact a dream of Adolf Hitler.

I have not been able to uncover any compelling evidence to support this idea.

The more one studies the events leading to the outbreak of World War 2, the more one finds that most of the documents, in fact, disclose that Hitler was put under immense pressure by Britain and Poland, to carry out an attack, in support of Ethnic Germans whom were being slaughtered in annexed territory in Poland.

This is worth mentioning, as we are back in the same position now, as were the Peoples of Europe in nineteen thirty nine. The Nazi’s, that is the National Zionists are attempting to recreate the state of affairs, which existed at the time of the forced German attack on Poland.

One of the major events leading to war in the nineteen thirties, was the collapse of the British Pound. The money men have now, quite deliberately, manipulated the Euro into the same position.

The reason behind the European Crisis is so transparent, that it beggars belief. How can it be that the so-called leaders of the “Free West” can not bring themselves to demand the reason, for accusing the Sovereign States of Europe of the mismanagement of their economic affairs, when in fact the crisis was deliberately fabricated to create an excuse, to demand that the countries of Europe, enter into a dictatorship, under the control of the very bankers whom manufactured the debt?

The same David Cameron, whom is being cheered by some for having refused to accept the proposition that European Fiscal matters should rest in the hands of Germany and The European Central Bank, was quite content to place the UK into the hands of The Bank of England, which is owned by the same cartel which controls the ECB.

Whatever Cameron’s game is, it is certainly not being carried out from concern for the British public, there is something more sinister behind these events.

We have been watching these little gremlins poncing around, all of them apparently under the supervision of Sarkozy and Merkel, both of whom are under Zionist control. Where are the representatives of the other fifteen states which are in the Euro-Zone? Do they have nothing to add to the debate? Have they turned up simply for the meal?  I know things are tough but surely they could afford to eat at home.

The most pressing need for all of our elected representatives would appear to be, how to find a way around the very rules which they allegedly signed up too, against the wishes of their electorate, in order to change the Lisbon Treaty, in such a way, as to be able to claim, that there is no change, in order to avoid what is written into the Treaty, that is a referendum asking for the permission to bring in the change. This is often referred to as Democratic.

Merkel and Sarkozy have already made it clear, that whether Britain likes it or not, it will eventually be obliged to join the Euro-Zone. The only way Cameron can avoid this eventuality would be to leave the Union, however I doubt whether his handlers in  the City of London will condone such a move.

As for Hitler’s dream of a European Dictatorship, well the dream was the dream of his handlers in Wall St. They are the dreamers whom financed The Third Reich and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Mao in China.

Goldman Sachs already have a man in control of the ECB, Italy and Greece and nobody has yet made a move to stop them.