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The British Announce The Launch Of A Fake Inquiry Into Fake News.

The British are about to launch a governmental inquiry into the propagation of ‘Fake News.’ The first port of call is of course the ‘Internet.’ Not the mainstream media, which daily feeds a dose of lies to the public.

I watched the announcement of this intention on Sky News. It came hot on the heels of claims, from a member of the House of Lords, a certain Lady Chakrabarti, that Donald Trump, whom had signed a document,denying entry into the United States of citizens from States on a list which had been written by Barack Obama, listing a group of countries, from which, Obama, had believed to have presented a possible source of terrorism, posing a threat to the United States, was at fault of a possible breach of the US Constitution, by signing such a document and that because it did not mention certain States, he could well be guilty of corruption, as the states ‘missing’ from ‘Obama’s’ list were possibly states in which he, Trump, had a financial interest.

The most important feature of this ‘Fake’ claim, was to ignore the well-known fact that Obama had compiled the list. This was followed, by the ‘Fake’ suggestion that it was against the Constitution by failing to, mention that it is the “Duty” of the President, and it is quite clearly written in to “Law” that such steps should be taken in times of crisis.






This act of both Trump and Obama, has been deliberately used as yet more “fake” accusations to level at Trump without a mention of Obama’s part in it.

I would suggest that this qualifies as a cynical and deliberate campaign of hate, which is being daily waged by the “Fake Media” against the newly elected President of the United States.

The Fake Media are themselves now suggesting methods of censoring the alleged fake news on-line, having just mislead the public with a ‘loaded’ report about Trump, without a word about who will be checking their own output.