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White People; Enjoy Your Last Days On Earth. There Is A Group Seriously Seeking Your Extinction. Be Warned.



More than half of the British people are totally unaware of the ongoing massacres in Yemen, from which British workers in the Weapon Shops have been earning overtime payments, making the weapons to murder and maim hundreds of thousands of the innocent, in order to put a government acceptable to the British in place in Yemen.

Across La Manche, the French champignons have been kept in the dark about their government’s involvement in the massive genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and the current involvement of France all across Africa, where alongside the Americans Africorp the French are attempting to steal the resources of Africa, a quest which is causing untold suffering and death and the creation of ever more refugees heading north to Europe.

Online, the cult of “no evidence necessary,” justice by allegation, has caused the “de-platforming of GAB, a competitor of the “elite” controlled Twitter, because someone, conveniently placed an anti-semitic GAB, on the platform and then allegedly, attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing a bunch of very old Jews; whom it is “alleged” have been dead for some time; in an “alleged” crime, of which the public are denied any evidence, proving that anything at all actually took place inside the Pittsburgh synagogue.

The one Jew from the area, a Rabbi, who had spent every Saturday morning at the synagogue for decades, did not attend on the day in question, while all of the dead are apparently from Florida, where their deaths have all been previously recorded. It was noticeable, at the scene of the crime, that no ambulances were present and that there had been a Police, anti-terrorist drill in the recent past.

Based on all this crap, I am personally denied my access to GAB, of which I have been a member and contributor to, for some time. Personally I object to find that my freedom of speech, has been interfered with, to suit an “alleged” attack against a group of people, whom have been devastating Palestine and are even now seeking an excuse to destroy Iran and Syria, while closing down, access to any media which they do not control, while those that they do, Facebook, YouTube Google and most of the Mainstream Media, bleep out any criticism of these people. It would appear that in the modern world, that only Jew ‘alleged’ Truth is permissible. My Blog has been under some sort of Google restriction for a couple of months.

As far as I can see, the world as we knew it, is being destroyed in front of our eyes. Even as I scribble this, there is a “Caravan” of thousands of migrants, whom it is “alleged” have been funded by Jew controlled organisations, to swarm into The United States, in order to carry out the declared desire of Jews, whom have been pushing the notion of destroying White Christian European controlled Nations, through the medium of mass immigration, quite openly for years. There is no secret about it. The only people whom appear to be unaware of this cold-blooded aim of a vicious group of people, many of whom are Jews, are the very people whom have been elected to take care of us.

In Europe, elected politicians, the likes of Anthony Blair and Angela Merkel, both of whom opened the floodgates of immigration into their respective countries, have been awarded the Kalergi Prize. Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, proposed the swamping of White Christian countries with Black immigrants, with whom White Christian women would be forced to accept the insemination of their womb with Black sperm, in order to create a coffee coloured future Race. For what do you suppose Blair and Merkel thought they were receiving this Kalergi Prize, if not for carrying out the aims of Kalergi?

In France, Nicolas Sarkozy, who like Angela Merkel is a Bolshevik Jew, not only expressed his aim of mixing French White Christian women with Blacks, he warned that should they refuse to do so voluntarily, he would take steps to force to them so do.

Any White Christian, who can watch the above clips without being alarmed by the content and the outright hatred for White people expressed by these “White” Jews, is already dead in the head. These people are serious and they can of course, call for the genocide of White people, while at the same time as we are not allowed to even question the claims they make about what was”allegedly” done to them.

I am thoroughly disgusted with what is being proposed by these Jews and as I look around me I can see that what they are proposing is already under way. What sort of crooked politicians are standing by watching this crap spewing out of the mouths of Jews, without so much as making a single word of criticism or even mention of it, while they are quite deliberately making everything as difficult as possible for White people, whom are the only people on earth whom can be “Hate Speeched” out of existence without a word of support from their own Governments.

Theresa May, dutifully went to Paris, after the “alleged” killing of a couple of Jews and several Christians at the Charlie Hebdo office, where while ignoring the Christian deaths completely, she chose to declare herself to be a Jew. In fact throughout the entire Charlie charade the dead White Christians were never once mentioned. Even the presence of all the politicians at the event was staged to make them appear to be leading the March for Charlie, when in fact they were not even anywhere near the real march, they were photographed and filmed elsewhere.

Jane Secker, the Sky News reporter, was quite clearly watching the “false march” and when she announced that the march had started, the “real” march had clearly not started on top,of which  Secker failed to mention,  what is quite clear in the clip, that the”false” march stopped after a few metres. She is guilty of propogating “Fake News”.

The News reports about Charlie Hebdo were not only misleading from Sky even the Yanks were doing it. Look how they have edited their clip to make it appear to have been shot in the street close to the Charlie Hebdo office when it is perfectly clear that it could not have been shot in the street which was shown from above. 











A Kouachi Brother Comes Back From The Dead.

The New World Order, for those whom are hard of thinking, will necessitate the total destruction of Europe, that is the Old World Order. The European Union was installed with the express aim of destroying Old Europe, firstly by slaughter in two World Wars and then by exporting the best parts of European Industry to Asia, using the pathetic excuse of reducing Europe’s Carbon Footprint, by so doing, while the exported Industries were allowed to continue with exactly the same level of pollution over there, if that makes any sense to you?

The next step was to swamp Europe with parasitic migrants, with a ‘best of catalogue’, laying out, in detail, which of Europe’s States, would give them the best Welfare deal, clutched in their greedy hands.

The New World Order, will centre around the The Holy Land, after the annihilation of those darned indigenous Arab people, and the theft of all they own. Without too much hard thinking, it must surely, by now, have crept into a dark, unknown part of the average brain, that our elected politicians cannot be unaware of what is going on. Indeed they are not only complicit in this conspiracy, they are the conspiracy.

The whole of the Charlie Hebdo farce, was such a blatant set-up that it defied belief that anyone could swallow it and yet our leaders were totally fooled and they all dutifully went to Paris to pay homage to a couple of Jews whom were allegedly killed by the Kouachi brothers, for no greater crime than to have published a cartoon of the Prophet.

They did have a couple of trial runs, both of which were filmed, as they shot a cop on the ground, it was always difficult to determine exactly why he was on the ground, while the shooters were yet to leave their car and run to where he lay, patiently going through a couple of takes, to make sure it was ‘in the can’, As they say in film studios.

The brothers, then went swanning around Paris, stopping at a pre-arranged hold-up in a Supermarket, where the robber, the still living, though reportedly shot dead, Amédy Coulibaly, had left his car outside, with the engine running, which the brothers quickly swapped for their own, only to tragically leave their identity cards in the first vehicle, from where the Police quickly recovered them.

To cut a long story short, imagine my surprise, when a report on RT about the radicalisation of Muslim men, in French high security prisons, whom seem ever so eager to go and kill for Israel, in Syria, whom could well soon be released into French society, included in their ranks, one of the Kouachi brothers and the guy who carried out the raid in the Supermarket, on the same day. I had mistakenly believed, having been informed by the media that the Kouachi’ had been riddled with bullets and blown apart with explosives of some sort and yet here we are three years on, after the most publicised event in modern French times, and yet one of the culprits,  who we were told was dead, is very much alive and has yet to appear in a French Court.

All of these events are tied into this proposed New World Order, part of which is to wipe out White people once and for all. The Kouachi boys and the others are all working for the man, The Kouachi in prison, has also played the part of another assassin called Merah, who though never seen in real life, was accused of killings some Jews in Toulouse, French Jews, as were the guys killed in the Charlie Hebdo caper, and like all good Frenchmen, they all apparently left instructions that they should be buried in Israel, avoiding the need of funerals in France. In photographs, Kouachi and Merah are indistinguishable.






  What we are going through is the build-up to a Europe-wide Civil War, there are no Arabs coming back from fighting in Syria with the intention of carrying out terrorist attacks for Daech, when the war comes it will be paid mercenaries, whom will do to Europe exactly what was done in Libya and Syria, the rest of the bullshit is to convince us that we need to be very afraid but as long as we do exactly as we are told to do, we have nothing to fear. Here is a Guardian report at the time of the Hebdo event.




Is Russia With Us Or Is It All Just A Game?



Soviet Russia, from the very start, was the controlled opposition. There were virtually no Russian citizens, involved in the Revolution-Coup d’Etat in 1917. Trotsky and Lenin were living abroad and they entered Russia as the Revolution took place. They were later joined by thousands of troops, whom arrived in Europe on American Troop ships, along with other troops whom would be fighting against Germany, after Baron Rothschild had manipulated President Woodrow Wilson into bringing America into the war against Germany, which was winning the war at that point.

American participation, in the war, was based on a claim, which was justified through the use of a False Flag induced attack, on the Lusitania, which was quite legally sunk by a German U Boat, a sinking which was aided by the explosion of a massive cache of arms, which had been illegally transported on a civilian vessel and deliberately presenting it as a target.


That is a truth which was never admitted to by the Allies, but which was proven by a group of divers in recent years, whom found, in the rusting hulk, of the Lusitania, an enormous amount of shells, bullets and guns. It was claimed that the Germans had violated International Law, by attacking a civilian vessel. The easily fooled American public, dutifully clamored for war, in response to this atrocity. Do you begin to get a whiff of chemical weapons?.

The estimated 85,000 troops, all of them Jews, whom arrived from the States, along with the troops whom would fight alongside the British, quietly deserted the US Army and slipped into Russia to help the Bolsheviks to overturn the Revolution and to set-up the Communist Regime. That too is highly secret, to cover up the fact that the British, French and American Governments, were actually, deeply involved in the Russian coup d’etat, and the murder of the Russian Czar and his family, and the installation of a pack of Zionist Jews into the Politburo in Russia.


This proved to be the most murderous regime in history, not even taking into account the number of Germans, whom they later mutilated and murdered, they had already carried out a genocide in Russia, which killed sixty-five-million Christians and most of the intelligentsia. This included ten-million Ukrainians, from whom Stalin, stole their food, in preparation for the war, with Germany, which the same International Jews, whom had funded the Coup d’Etat in Russia, had declared against Germany in 1933. A war in which, from the start, the Russian people, would be obliged to fight against Germany.

After a victory, which was never in doubt, Stalin was to be allowed to annex Eastern Europe at least, and more if possible, into the hands of the Bolshevik Bankers in Russia. Western Governments, have been desperately concealing their deep participation in all of these War Crimes and the Zionist’s drive for World Domination, for the past one-hundred-years.

The British were all in favour of these moves, they had already forced their British Christians into the trenches of Flanders and stood by watching, as the troops were ordered to march into a hail of gunfire, for no better reason than to wipe out as many of them as possible, in a war which was being fought for the benefit of Jews, whom were determined, in the middle of this wholesale slaughter, to take control of Russia, destroy the Ottoman Empire and to demand Palestine as a prize for the ‘assistance’ which they had given in the process of kicking off a war, against the perpetual stooge, Germany.

Twenty years later having gained all and everything, in terms of their demands, and having manipulated the German people, once more into a corner, they simply ordered the Second World War. Can you believe that a bunch of Bankers ordered the Second World War. What is even more disgusting, they got their way and millions and millions of innocent people were wiped out and the joke is, all we ever hear about are the claims of what happened to the poor Jews, whom were affected during a war against Germany, which was declared by Jews.

This litany of death, which was actually, the ‘Great Leap Forward’ for International Communism, took place in the early decades of the twentieth century, in which the British, Dutch, French and American Governments were all deeply involved. These various ‘Empires’, all of which were controlled by and worked for, the International Trading Companies, which had previously been busy robbing the Far East, India, China and shipping cotton into the English Cotton Mills, which was woven into cloth, by people whom had been driven off their lands and forced to live in squalor and work for a pittance, most of which was paid back to the Mill owners in rent for their damp and miserable homes and for the food, which they were obliged to buy from the company store.

Europe’s Military was uniquely employed as a Security Force for these Trading Companies. All of the slaughters which were carried out, were to the benefit of the Corporations. Even the Great War was fought to further the aims of these murdering criminals.

None of the wars, during the past one hundred years, have been in defence of Europe. World War Two was fought to finish off the unfinished business of the Great War, just as all the carnage in the Middle East, in recent years, has been to consolidate the gains made by the Zionists during the same last one hundred years. All of that murder and mayhem, was ordered by them and their agents in ‘our’ governments, which eagerly sent the cream of European Youth, to carry out the Corporation’s slaughters.

Anybody who believes that our leaders are going to do something, anything at all, which will put a stop to the disaster which is now looming on the horizon, is in for a nasty shock, our politicians do not give a toss about us and they never have. Take note of how they all come together, when illegal wars are declared, whether against Germany, Libya or anybody else, the leadership of each Political Party, which will ever be ‘allowed’ to win an election, are all in the ‘loop’.

The fraud in the last French Presidential Election, which put the Bankers Man Macron into power, was so blatant, that the entire population was aware of the fix, when a man whom nobody had ever heard of, was suddenly elected as President and twelve million voting slips, all of them for an opposing candidate were ‘spoilt’.

After all of the bloodshed, the greed of these people has yet to be satiated. Having gained part of Palestine, they now find that they want more and more of it. Not content with Palestine alone, they are now attempting to drive the people out of most of the surrounding territory, an aim which once again is being organised for them by their British, French and American paid killers.

They are, at the same time, turning their attention towards Africa, where through brutal tactics they have finally managed to defeat the Boers, and wrest South Africa out of their hands and into the grasp of a Shadow Bolshevik Government, with Black puppets up front.


This was achieved using the weapon of mass immigration, which proved to be so successful in South Africa, that they are now eager to repeat their success, all across Europe and after that, the World. Every country in Europe now finds its back to the wall, with immigrants demanding free stuff all around them and millions more of them are on the way.

After the influx of immigrants, comes the slaughter, that is how it works. We are dealing with a form of mentality from a distant and savage past. The people whom have organised this destructive campaign against the White Christian World, care little about how many lives it may finally cost, as long as it is not theirs.

They are living proof that some of those amongst us have not been touched by any improvement through evolution, these savages prefer the idea of the survival of the fittest and they believe themselves to be the fittest. Reticence is of no use whatsoever against them.

Greed and fear of losing their head office, once forced these demons to destroy the man who had kicked them out of the Temple and Adolf Hitler, did in turn, very nearly bring them down. The fact that the Godless coalition of Bolshevik Forces, lined up against Germany, were obliged to disclose their intrinsic link with Bolshevik Communist Russia, is a clear sign of the fear they had of Christian Germany, which fighting alone for the entire Christian World, would have defeated them without the help of their controlled Bolshevik Butchers.

Instead of standing alongside the German Christians, our Shadow Zionist Governments, quickly placed their own, ‘in house’ Satanists in place and ordered a diabolical war of attrition against Germany, which was cynically fought by Christians, whom were in fact, resisted by the never mentioned, International Band of heroic Christians from, Britain, Ireland, France and Belgium, whom fought alongside the Germans and a Battalion of Muslims, from all across the Middle East, where the greed of the incoming Jews had already been experienced, all of them fighting in a desperate rear-guard action, to put a stop to the Zionist-Bolshevik purges and their desire for World Control. Which brings us back to Russia and the question of their position in the modern world.

Having raped and pillaged Germany and killing all of those whom had fought against the Allies, including those whom were cynically handed over to them by the ‘good guys’, to be slaughtered out of sight, the Zionist Jew Winston Churchill, calmly warned us that a ‘Iron Curtain’ was coming down, behind which the Russian Bolshevik’s, whom having served their purpose, would be able to carry out the slaughter without restraint, of whomsoever they disapproved, while the British and their chums pretended to be unaware of what was taking place, behind this ‘curtain’ despite the regular visits of Fabian Society controlled Socialist politicians, to the Soviet Union, to sip tea with Joe Stalin.

Now that we are all Communist, a political program which turned out to be no more than Capitalism, by another name, and Communist China is now the richest country in the world, while America is being destroyed, with the cooperation of politicians, whom should have been arrested decades ago and while liberated Russia is now being pushed back behind the Iron Curtain, to provide excuses for the American Weapon Shops, which have now become the largest manufacturer left standing, after the exportation of the other vital industries overseas, to boost employment for their Masters and to provide a military machine, which will take down Africa and South America, when the time comes.





In view of all that, it should quickly become clear that there are no ‘good guys’, we in the ‘Free West’ are total barbarians, whom have laid the world to waste. For example, that kindly old hag, Theresa May, paraded around Paris, holding a card announcing herself to be a Jew, during a parade in honour of the undead from a false attack on the office of a satirical magazine, which few people bothered to read, a parade which included the Jew President of France and the Jew Prime Minister of Israel, an event which included a false photograph of all these clowns, which gave the false impression that they were leading a march, when in fact they were nowhere near the real event, all of whom are now strangely silent, as the desperate people of Palestine are being cut down like dogs by these snivelling people, whom are so keen to take to the streets, in response to violence against themselves, with the solid support of all of the puppets.

Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?



Will Donald Trump Be Allowed To Be President?

While watching the Black thugs come out in force, at a Donald Trump event, I found myself wondering, what it was that Trump had said, that was so upsetting to Black people. I had the impression that he was opposed to illegal immigrants, whether they be Black, White or Brown, so why does that make Black Americans fearful, or are they as usual, being used as the Jew mouth-piece, to further Jew racism, which calls for the elimination of the White people, an idea which Blacks, as do the Jews support with gusto.

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

In point of fact, International Jewry has declared an open season on White people, while still calling for more museums and monuments, in commemoration of relatively minor Jew losses in World War Two, they are now in favour of the Genocide of Whites. Where are the White Patriots?

Having done so, they are now, unbelievably, whining about an upsurge in anti-Semitism. It is hard to imagine any other group of people being allowed to express such depths of hypocrisy without creating hilarity and disgust at the same time. That is the power bestowed on Jews, through the medium of Press Monopoly.

That same Press monopoly was used as the means of the mind control of the general public during the reporting of events such as the Sandy Hook shootings and the Boston Marathon bombing. which has lead to the filing of a trillion-dollar claim against the Jew controlled Press for their participation and misrepresentation of events on the ground.


I am of the opinion that the same steps should be taken against those whom reported both the Charlie Hebdo attack and the more recent November 13th attack, in Paris, of which they presented much evidence, which though of great importance, they then failed to reiterate and stress the importance of this evidence, by ceasing all coverage of any eyewitness evidence at all, in order to support the ‘official” tale.

The success of this Sandy Hook, claim will not be helped by Obama’s choice of a fifth Jew on the list of a mere nine Supreme Court Judges, which means they now hold a majority, while being less than two per-cent of the US population. Allowing them to veto disagreeable decisions.

This is a criminal misuse of Presidential power. Obama has become a manipulated Dictator. Of course let us not forget, Obama was photographed, with one of the dead children on his lap, at Sandy Hook, yet another cock-up by the “continuation editor,” similar to the Pozner photo mistake, which turned up in a similar event in Pakistan, begging the question whether both events were produced in the same film studio.

In the United Kingdom, the Press of all shades, has chosen to ignore the origins and aims of the Fabian Society, which was responsible for the construction of the Labour Party and more importantly, the forging of a ruthlessly controlled European Union, which is now in place and from which there will be no way out. A situation fully supported by the Conservative Party.

In such circumstances, the British people should not be covertly confronted with spokes-people from the Labour Party, who have the distinctly biased and undemocratic aim of forcing the UK into this International Socialist Club of Europe, whatever the people demand.

It should be remembered that it was the Labour Party which offered a referendum, only to underhandedly deny the British this possibility, in order to further the aims of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi and the Fabian Society.

Socialist Politicians have been surreptitiously undermining the rights of the British, with the assistance of the Conservative Party, since their creation. Both Parties are controlled by the same people behind the scenes. That is why you have been allowed Democracy.

People like Cameron and his cohorts, strutting around in a dream of their own importance, believe they and those pesky Socialists, own the system and the people are obliged to vote for one or the other.

That is the propaganda which is daily forced into the minds of children at school. I was myself fed the stupidity that to vote for any other Party, in an election, was no more than a token protest and a wasted vote, that because of the way Democracy works only Socialism or Conservatism, Left or Right can win and what other choice could there possibly be that would serve the best interests of the voter?

In the States, Donald Trump would appear to be breaking the mould, while the two main Parties, which are in lock step over all and everything, have presented a sick and sorry ghoul, Hillary Clinton, a cold and vicious woman, who cackled like the hagette she is, on hearing the News that Muammar Gadaffi had been impaled, tortured and shot by a gang of savages, funded by her and her cohorts, as the left-wing choice and there are already cries of misogyny, against those whom detest this choice of a creature from hell, as if being a woman means that you can do no evil. She is guilty of dozens of crimes and she is no less guilty than is her scum of a husband. There is a man dedicated to outing her as being complicit in murder. Yet despite all of this, she is expected to be placed into the White House by the controllers. Oh by the way, she is also under investigation for treason and the death of four Americans in Libya.

We have already experienced a Black President, who has displayed himself as a liar and a War Criminal and a hypocrite of high degree, that apparently came as a surprise to everyone, he is Black after all. So is it now necessary to elect a woman, simply for being a woman, when she is already in possession of a past for which she merits a life sentence in gaol?

I have no idea what Donald Trump will do, should he be elected but take your pick of the others and you will find that they all fit into the same footprint, in the cow-pat.

Whether he has Jew Mafia connections, ties to Israel or the Vatican or the Knights of Malta or whether he was educated by the Jesuits or secretly admires Adolf Hitler, he will be no worse than the others, they are all the same.  


So it comes as a surprise to find that most of the “alternative” media, have very little of good to say about him, while the White people are entranced, as are even the legal immigrants, whom understand full well that they will be the first to suffer, should the borders of the USA be thrown open to uncontrolled immigration.

I am beginning to have serious doubts about the Alternative Media. They are presenting such strange tales these days, tales suggesting that they have access to information, which is not available to me and others like me because we are not in the loop. Allowing them to mislead me and others should we believe what they say.

On my blog, like many others, I try to present an idea of what is happening unnoticed, around us. I am not a News Site’ however I do not write off the top of my head, I check around, read various newspapers, listen to the radio, soak up as much of the “atmosphere” of events as possible and then I write my perception of these things. So I am not an expert and I do not have the time or ability to research official documents etc. However I do occasionally come across anomalies.

During the Charlie Hebdo affair, I watched a Sky News man, pointing over his shoulder, towards a pavement which ran along the side of a large boulevard, explaining that to be the spot where the Kouachi boys had shot the policeman.

This surprised me because the incident itself, had been filmed from an upstairs window, in a narrow street, with many parked vehicles. The policeman, who was allegedly a Muslim, quite clearly died without bleeding after having been shot in the head by a Kalashnikov rifle.

When the same Sky News man later reported from the spot of the shooting, the pavement was covered in a red liquid of some sort, the reporter explained, on live television, that the red liquid had been added later, to demonstrate, presumably, how the scene would have appeared should the police victim not been shot after his interview with the Vampire. Plus he was standing in the large boulevard as he reported.

These little cock-ups, demonstrate graphically the complicity of the News media in these presentations. Several British newspapers presented eyewitness accounts which did not conform with the final version. For example whatever became of the woman who just happened to pass by the Charlie Hebdo offices, at the very moment that the Kouachi brothers were scratching their heads, wondering how to open the security locked entrance and who just happened to know the code, so she opened the door and let them enter. If these things are not true, why are we never told that the journalist had simply been misled and that there was no supporting evidence for the claim.

The woman walked into the offices with two men in black wearing balaclava and carrying a Kalashnikov, to satisfy the lack of evidence of a forced entry, through an undamaged door.

With Sandy Hook, there are so many things which simply will not stand up to scrutiny, that without the total complicity of the International Jew controlled media, the whole tale would have unravelled years ago.

The supporters make things up as they go along, furthermore there is no sort of conformity between two conflicting official explanations, which can be ignored, should it be me questioning them, blood on the pavement, or indeed blood on the dance floor, depending on the crime scene.

Should the same evidence be presented in a Courtroom it would need some sort of evidential proof of the need to contaminate the scene of a crime for example or at least some sort of justification for having done so. Or the fact that relevant information had simply been ignored.


Sadly it would appear that even the Police are complicit in following a theme, rather than looking for clues. It is almost as if they know where to be and who is to blame even before the crime takes place.

Sky News recently bragged about having been handed a dossier, listing the membership of those whom fought for Daech in the Middle East. Personally, I find that suggestion to be so unlikely as to be off the planet. Stuart Ramsey, the whispering prick who helped set-up the excuse for the Uk to bomb the shit out of Syria, using the excuse of Daech, has now produced the names of all of the killers. No shit?

As a result of this “God Send” of information, Ramsey had by the next day, discovered the presence of all of the UK citizens who had gone to serve with Daech in Syria in this list. He could even tell us the name of their maternal Grand-mother and her blood type.

Instantly, we now have the arrest of a man in Belgium, against whom there is no evidence, apart from a hunch, that he had anything to do with the November 13th attack in Paris but whose photograph was plastered all over the European Press within hours of the attacks, which made him the Most Wanted Man in the World.

This man, joins a long list of those whom once arrested, are never given the opportunity to present their side of the tale. Most of them, like Lanza at Sandy Hook, commit suicide and we never see the body. Others like Osama bin Laden, whom we have never seen in real life, is thrown into the sea. Jihad John, who remained behind his mask and spoke with a distorted voice, was nevertheless tracked down in the desert and vapourised. Gunner Rigby, lay headless on the road, for some time, with people passing by taking a peek to see if they could help, not one of them noticing that he lacked a head or that he may have been a dummy. All of the suicide bombers on 911 died along with everybody else, in a group suicide, but like Lazarus, seven of them rose from the dead and were found by the BBC. The list goes on and on. How dumb are people?

I have yet to be convinced that the character arrested in Mollenbeek, in Belgium, is anything more than an excuse to claim they have received, from him, information, which will lead to the arrest and conviction of other people. This practice has lead to “Plea bargaining” which allows a lesser sentence than does a not guilty plea, which could mean Death if eventually the accused is found guilty. That is modern justice.

Another Look At Charlie Hebdo.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 17.51.21


A while back, while writing a post about the attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices, I was digging out a photograph of the Kouachi brothers, the alleged attackers. I found the photo bottom right, a still from a video that was made by a French television company.

I was comparing the killing of the Kouachi brothers, whom  for no good reason, had allowed themselves to be cornered in an Industrial Zone, where they were killed, by a battalion of Police and Secret Service agents, having never been seen by anyone, all we were allowed to see were images, allegedly of them, though masked, in the street which we were led to believe was outside the Charlie Hebdo office.

Mohamed Merah in Toulouse, was never seen without a full face motor-bike helmet and the descriptions of the appearance of the masked man given by eyewitnesses, did not correspond with the images of Merah.

He too was tracked down in an unusual manner, having apparently e-mailed someone or other about a part for his scooter, which the Police instantly connected to him, without any good reason. They then found his address on their own files, he had apparently just been debriefed by the Security Service, having just concluded a mission for them. I kid you not.

He was then surrounded in his flat, by a battalion of Police and gunned down. When I searched for a photograph of Merah I came up with the photograph to the left of Charif Kouachi, I could not believe that they were not the same person.

Now, having found a couple more photos, just to confirm that I had not accidentally chosen a photograph of Kouachi, mixed in with snaps of Merah, I am convinced that they are one and the same. Should that be so, this would be evidence of a False Flag. The Police had merely chosen photos, of already dead agents, as their guilty terrorists and failed to check the files for photos which had already served their purpose.

There were many other photographs available, I chose only those clearly marked with the name of the person in the image. On others, I genuinely could not tell which was which.

Is there anybody out there, with knowledge of how to compare images? I would be pleased to hear your opinion.

All Of The Usual Discrepancies Crop Up In The Attacks On Blacks.

I watched this short clip of the shooting of Walter Scott, who was apparently shot eight times in the back by a Policeman.

I noticed that despite all of the claims that the US Police are now issued with hollow-point bullets, which cause massive damage to the victim, there was not a trace of blood on the body of Walter Scott.

When the video, which was filmed by a passer-by, stopped running, a mosaic of thumb-nails is displayed on the screen.

Two thumb-nails caught my eye, which did not appear to correspond either with each other, nor indeed with the speed at which Walter Scott had evacuated his car.


It may be just my imagination, but the cop appears to have magically reduced the distance between himself and Scott in the two thumbnail images on the right. This image is of low quality because my computer could not cope with a screen-shot, so I was forced to take a “real” photo of the screen but the thumbnails may appear as a mosaic after the clip.

This clip, as did the clip of the Charlie Hebdo event, appears to have been filmed more than once, which would account for why at one moment the two figures are not visible on the same side of the tree and in the next they are.

During the reporting of the event, it was suggested that Scott was shot eight times in the back,  the shot of the cop hand-cuffing the corpse, show quite clearly that there is no sign of damage to Scott’s shirt nor indeed any trace of blood. All of it in keeping with the apparent lack of damage to the head of the policeman in the Charlie Hebdo event.

Well Sadly, It Is Beginning To Look Like Just Another BRIC In The Wall

With the announcement that the UK is seeking a liaison with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, we can expect no more than yet another brand of legalised thievery set up and controlled by the City of London.

This act would suggest  that le raison d’etre of this “new” source of debt will be to ensure that domination of the worlds money supply remains firmly in the hands of the Central Banking Families, whatever may become of the Dollar.

One can only suppose that the next step will be to mount a Military Machine, capable of presenting an excuse to manufacture enormous quantities of arms, for no better reason than to continue an imaginary “Cold War” between two huge blocks, both of which, as was the case with the Soviet Union, will be under the same covert control.  The second best kept secret of the Twentieth Century being that the Cold War was a lie.

I recently carried out a short interview with representatives of a new Political Party, the UPR, L’Union Populaire  Republicaine. They have got all of the right ideas.  They want to change the banking system, leave the dictatorial European Union and concentrate on French needs, which do not involve Globalisation and Free Trade Agreements, which are no more than a means of importing cheap crap, manufactured by slaves.

I was assured that during the weeks leading to the election, that they had been gaining some ten thousand followers a week on-line.  They hope that at last the French have woken up to what is being done to them.


“Our candidates explain to voters that the French no longer run their own country and that a small oligarchy has taken possession through European Treaties and NATO.

They demonstrate that neither the government nor the regional councils or county councils, are able to take the French out of the current decline and lead them back to the path of social progress. They explain that there is therefore only one way to recover our standard of living,   expand our jobs, maintain our achievements, our public services, our land, our language and our diplomacy  and that is to  unilaterally get France out of the European Union, the Euro and NATO.”


I think you will agree that the above is a fair start down the road to freedom.

The recent statement from François Hollande that he intended to declare any criticism of Israel or the Jews to be a criminal offence, in a country where Muslims are daily demonised  and slaughtered out of hand, as in the Charlie Hebdo and Toulouse incidents, (The bodies of all of the alleged Jewish victims in both cases were whipped, unseen, out of France to Israel)  was considered as the last straw by many fair-minded French people, who now understand that their elected leaders are provoking Civil War in France.