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This Is Just A Judgement Thing, But Aren’t British Politicians From The Swamps?

After the last inspection by the United Nations, of the goings on in Syria, Carla  Del Ponte reported that there was overwhelming evidence that the alleged chemical weapon attacks had been carried out by the paid terrorists.


This was not the required response, so second time around they have been ordered not to name the guilty but to simply report whether there had in fact been a chemical weapon attack, which had already been blamed on the Assad regime, apparently whether it had happened or not.


So  this muted response from the investigators is not to discover the truth, but to simply state whether there had in fact been an event, with which to blame Assad, what sort of stupidity is this?


The British Parliament, during a discussion of the proposed attack Syria, failed, during a long section to which I listened, to even mention the fact that there were several terrorist groups operating in Syria, all of whom had been armed by the West, and whom the British government, had armed with whatever weapons they had been able to get away with, including various missiles with which to attack aircraft.


It was repeatedly claimed that only Assad had the means to launch an attack, using shells or rockets or whatever, because the terrorists did not possess such armaments. This is rubbish, the terrorists had been provided with an unknown variety of advanced weapons, from Benghazi, in Libya, which had already been supplied by NATO, to the terrorists, whom had been used to murder Gadaffi and rape Libya.


What is more, the attack took place in an area which was under the control of the terrorists, so would they not be able to simply release the gas, without need of a sophisticated delivery system? Which would account for the dramatic shortage of dead terrorists.

Most of the information, from the murderers is being passed through Médecins Sans Frontière, which is an arm of the French Government. In France it is considered to be a branch of the Security Service, which is financed by many Elite organisations.


The two Jews, Cameron and Milliband, both of whom were, in effect, proposing the same thing, were helped along by Jew Malcolm Rifkind, who had been totally convinced by the word of paid terrorists in Syria, whom had already been found guilty of the use of chemical weapons themselves, to the point where he wanted an immediate response, to show Assad that he could not do in the future, that which he had not been proven guilty of in the past.This is a judgement thing.


Lord Paddy Ashdown, a former leader of the Liberal Democrats, is “ashamed,” of the reaction of the British Parliament, to events in Syria, being one of the architects of the War Crime in Bosnia, he would say that, would he not? He would have preferred an immediate devastating, crushing attack on the people of Syria, to save them.

He is also a spokesperson for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, also known as Chatham House, which is an organisation which was set up by a certain Lord Milner, along with Cecil Rhodes and Baron Rothschild, with the intention of taking control of all of the Earth’s resources, what a surprise!


This gaggle of Jews must now tread very carefully, because the paid murderers in Syria, have just claimed that Assad has now used White Phosphorus against his own people. We are now being shown images of burnt children, which we were ever shown, when the people of Gaza were showered, on film, with this illegal weapon of mass destruction. Is it now going to be claimed that the British paid murderers in Syria do not have access to this substance, when it is quite clear that Israel, which certainly does have plenty of it, has been delivering weapons, through Turkey, to the various terrorist groups in Syria?


Will the British Parliament ever take the necessary action against the Apartheid, Racist, belligerent, rogue State of Israel? I doubt it.


The most disappointing spokesperson, in favour of an attack against Syria, was Andrew Gilligan, the journalist who was sacked by the BBC for exposing the “Dodgy Dossier,” which was concocted by the alleged paedophiles, in the Blair Government, as justification for the illegal war against Iraq, who has now decided that unlike Iraq, Syria does have weapons of mass destruction. Is that right Andrew? So unlike the attack on Iraq, another illegal attack can be justified, with or without the acceptance of the now obsolete United Nations. Well what do you know?


Gilligan is of course the man who is pushing the false image of Al Qaeda, as a Muslim terrorist group, when he must be as aware as I am that Al Qaeda was an invention of the Jewish controlled Mossad and the CIA; he is at the moment pushing the fear factor to the limit, by accusing British Muslims of attempting to install Sharia Law in the UK.


There has evidently been a spanner thrown into the works of the British Dogs of War, which necessitated the throwing in of the towel, during a debate on the possibility of an attack against Syria. Something must have happened behind the scenes, to which we are not yet party. Perhaps a significant threat from Russia or China; No matter, for the moment the British are off the case, we will have to be patient and await events at the week-end, a propos the Americans.


Press TV, The Voice Of The Voiceless And Censor Of Comments.


I was surprised to hear on Press TV this morning, on their Review of the Year programme, which was reminding us that the media regulator Ofcom had taken them off the air in the UK, because the UK government did not want the British people to have access to the truth.

This claim was being made just a few minutes after I had made a comment on their website, in reply to another comment discussing Turkey’s role in the Middle Eastern conflicts. It was suggested that Erdogan was a puppet of the US and Israel.

My reply to this comment, suggested that Attaturk, the founder of modern Turkey, was a Jew, as was Erdogan and the Prime Minister of the Kurdish region of Northern Iraq.

The Press TV moderator was prepared to allow the suggestion that Attaturk was a Jew, however he baulked at the idea that Erdogan and the current Kurdish Prime Minister were also of Jewish descent. They altered the word Jewish for Zionist, in both cases.

The Voice of the Voiceless, did find a little bit of space for George Galloway, to bellow out his opinion of the censorship, by Ofcom, of Press TV. Galloway, like Press TV, appears to have a problem with the word Jew. He refuses to discuss Banking Problems, “We don’t want to go down that rabbit hole, do we? We know where that will lead.” or “We don’t want to discuss the banking system, that sounds as if it’s verging on anti-Semitism and I don’t even know if Rockefeller is a Jew.”  There had been no mention of Rockefeller.

On another occasion Galloway, the champion of Palestine, suggested that Rothschild had nothing to do with the contents of the Balfour Agreement. However, whether that is true or not, I believe that he did, but no matter. Galloway on an edition of his Press TV programme, The Real Deal, made the remark, “When you need an expert, where do you go? Well to where the experts are.”  That, for Galloway means to Chatham House.

Chatham House is the Headquarters of  The Royal Institute of International Affairs. Which controls the CFR in the US. This group, in past years, included such criminals as Cecil Rhodes, the man whom raped Africa, from top to bottom. It had been originally set-up under the title of The Milner Group, which most certainly included members of the Rothschild family. Lord Milner, helped, Balfour to write his agreement, which led to the destruction of Palestine. So why does Galloway include secret groups, such as this on his show? I find it hard enough to accept the presence of  his long time friend, Charlie Wolf, a rabid supporter of Israel, when it was Jewish interests which took down Press TV.

I do not watch much of Galloway, one of the few remaining people on earth whom believes that a plane hit the Pentagon. He has to believe in this, because should that not be so, it might just mean that it was not the Muslims whom did the deed.  He also, of course, for the same reason, failed to notice Building Seven turning to dust in front of our eyes, twenty minutes late. It is he, whom will not allow the discussion of the banking system, which is strangling us all, in case it might involve Jews, but there you go, he does believe in free speech, thank God.

enocheredin reply to Dave
12/31/2012 7:41:52 AM
Turkey was set up by Attaturk, he was a Jew. Erdogan is a zionist, as is the Kurdish leader who is attempting to annex the oil fields in the north of Iraq. As for the Third World War, make no mistake about it, all of the major players are working together. Neither Russia or China are independent players. . So there is little hope of help from that direction. We are on our own.
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Regin reply to Dave

Well I was not mistaken. I have just made another comment on Press TV and once again it was censored. They removed the line which posed the question,”As for the holocaust, where is the evidence to be found that it ever happened?”

This was in response to a posting on the Press TV site which was titled, “Zionists Carried Out The Holocaust.” The writer was in fact referring to the holocaust against “real Jews” as distinct from Khazar Jews, which has been taking place in Israel, I was referring to the one which is often referred to as the “Holohoax.”

Iran seems to be playing a very strange game. Soon they will be the only country which does not display an element of doubt about the truth of the claims which have been made against the German people.


Blair At Leveson: The Lies Continue.

The charade of the Leveson Enquiry continues today, 28th May 2012, with an appearance by Anthony Blair the ex-Prime Minister of the UK.

The intention of the enquiry is to present the UK Press as some sort of loose cannon, to which politicians must  pander, in order to garner support in elections or in the presentation of policy. The main question in so far as the politicians are concerned is the too cosy relationship between the Press Barons and the Government.

Blair is the man whom stood in front of journalists from all forms of media, during the build-up to the destruction of Iraq and lied through his teeth. The media for their part presented more-or-less a united front in  favour of his aims.

As is usual, the difficult questions were asked after the event. We are witnessing a repeat of this performance with regard to Syria. Where it is clear that the UK are arming and supporting the same group of terrorists, which it made use of in order to destroy Libya.

During an interview, this very morning, on Sky News, a spokesperson from the Foreign Office, was referring to a vicious attack against women and children in Syria, as a cynical act of the Syrian Government, without a shred of evidence to support this claim. To anybody of minimum intelligence, it would be clear that this form of attack is the last thing the Syrian Government would perpetrate, while it has become par for the course, for the British paid Mercenaries. They have lynched and murdered an unknown number of Black Libyans since the murder of Gadaffi, whom can no longer be wrongly blamed for these acts.

The Sky News reporter did not so much as question the source of this “evidence,”  was this under orders from above or are Sky journalists basically stupid?

Later on Sky, they covered William Hague’s lies and deceit to the Russian Foreign Minister. The Russian, having slightly more savvy than the Sky journalist, explained to Hague that the perpetrators of the attack were unknown and before fingers could be pointed, it would be necessary to hold an enquiry.

Leveson should be asking the important questions and not the frivolous nonsense about support during elections. The most important question which will not be asked is, what is discussed at Bilderberg meetings and has Blair been involved in a group meeting at Bilderberg which included Rupert Murdoch?

Murdoch’s attitude to the attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya cannot be fairly discussed without access to the aims of a group which claims to be responsible for Political policy across the World. He, along with the Milliband brothers, Ed Balls, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Maggie Thatcher, John Major, Nick Clegg  and many others are members of this shadowy group, which would be responsible for choosing which of the UK political groups would gain the support of the Murdoch Empire.

The entire British mainstream media, whom have exclusive access to Cabinet Minister of whatever party, are in total collusion with the Government, which is why the British public are kept in the dark over such matters as the banking system and the National Debt.

All that is being investigated by Leveson is tittle-tattle. Leveson himself is no doubt a Freemason as are the majority of Establishment figures, which is why any enquiry in the UK is doomed to failure from the word go.

Sky News, which is at the heart of the Leveson Enquiry, because of Murdoch’s desire to take it under his control, is presenting a one hundred per cent support for the aggressive government attitude towards Syria. In a later bulletin they called on a spokesperson from Chatham House, The Royal Institute for International Affairs HQ, to emphasise William Hague’s threat to the Russian Foreign Minister, that if Russia and China refused to support NATO, he was prepared to provoke a Civil War, which he could expand into Lebanon.

While Blair was forced into denying his involvement in War Crimes, after being accused by a gate-crasher to the enquiry and while Jay the interrogator is asking questions about the attack against Iraq and the position of the press at the time, we are being presented with a totally one-sided view of events in Syria, by a partly owned Murdoch enterprise.

Sky News has been accused of aiding NATO attacks against Gadaffi in Libya, by passing GPS positions of targets which the “Rebels” wanted taking out. Without any regard for the people within.

I do not think the UK Government needs to lose sleep over the support which it is getting from its totally controlled media. They have a long history of lies and they all possess a copy of Editorial Rules For The Press, which is kept up to date by the Shadow Government representative in Chatham House.


The Leveson Enquiry Obscures The Issue

Press TV: The Continuing Story.

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During his Comment programme, on Press TV, Thursday 1st Sept.2011, George Galloway was discussing the continuing NATO slaughter, which has been taking place in Libya, during the past six months.

Most of the callers congratulated George and of course Press TV, for their magnificent, even-handed coverage of the oil grab.

George, as usual emphasised the cruelty and barbarism of the Gadaffi rule. During the attacks he has concentrated on the miserable existence of the people under the rule of Gadaffi for the last forty-two years. He even managed to include the celebrations at the end of Ramadan,as the first time these poor suffering people, had made the celebrations free of Gadaffi.

In response to a remark, from a caller, he referred to Press TV as, The Voice of the Voiceless.

Well, I do not share this view. Press TVs coverage of the NATO attack on Libya, has been in total synchronisation with that of Sky News. In fact most of the reporting has been in the hands of two British Reporters Johnny Miller and Nick Jones. Both of whom have reported squarely from the point of view of the “Rebels”

One hundred per cent of the interviews with Libyan civilians have been with those whom supported the NATO take-over. The voiceless are the supporters of Gadaffi, whom are still there, fighting on despite the blatant propaganda issuing from the likes of Press TV.

While George Galloway was emphasising the likelihood of a bullet in the back of the head, for those who dared to disagree with the regime and carefully skirting around the question of all the black people whom have been murdered by the Al Qaeda rebels, insinuating that they were indeed mercenaries fighting for Gadaffi, claiming that he had urged Obama to do something to stop this carnage, remarking that Channel Four TV from the UK had managed to save the lives of some of these people, by continuing to film their arrest, one was still left with the impression that it was Gadaffi forces whom were doing the killing.

A young female caller suggested to Galloway that Press TV did in fact have its own agenda, as did all the other TV News Channels, she started to explain her case to Galloway, who detected some minor fault in her reasoning and immediately shouted her into submission. While of course avoiding a response to the main thrust of her argument.

This is par for the course for Galloway. One can always detect when he is on dodgy ground, when he starts to shout people down.

So let us take a look at the fairness or otherwise of Press TV and its reporting from Libya.

Earlier in the day, on Sky News, a spokesperson for the UN was asked for her opinion on the ability of Libya to pull itself together and recover from the total destruction of its infrastructure by the NATO bombing and the continuing attacks against towns which continued to support Gadaffi.

Her response was amazing. She explained that it should be relatively easy as the Libyan people were ninety per cent literate, which is superior to the UK or France. The education system is the finest in Africa. Plus, they have an excellent free Health Service. They also had the highest standard of living in Africa, by the United Nations own figures.

So, Mr Galloway and Press TV, where did all this come from? Why have you made no mention of this? Why no mention of The Great Man Made River Project, which was destroyed by NATO? Why Mr Galloway, did you condemn the NATO attacks and yet by your total demonization of Gadaffi manage to give the impression that he deserved it anyway, even though it was wrong?

On more than one occasion, when he has invited an expert on to his Real Deal show, George Galloway has invited a member of what was once called The Milner Group, it was later referred to as The Royal Institute for International Affairs, it is now referred to as Chatham House.

The origins of this group goes all the way back to Cecil Rhodes, whose job it was, to steal all the resources of Africa. He plundered the Continent from top to bottom. The money-lenders and Industrialists, who make up the bulk of this group, have almost succeeded in their aim, at the moment, they are mopping up what little remains.

So what was Galloway doing inviting this group, whom are at the moment doing to the Muslim World, exactly what they have already done to Africa, on to the Voice of the Voiceless? These people own the mainstream media, they are certainly not voiceless.

In recent weeks Press TV has been coming under pressure, from the media watch-dog in the UK, Ofcom. They have been accused of biased reporting. For my part, I am beginning to wonder if this was not a ruse, intended to give the impression that News from Press TV, could be relied on as the truth, when in  fact they are just as guilty of propagating lies as the rest of the controlled media. The Mullahs were after all put in place in 1979, after being well taken care of in Paris. Nothing is as it seems.

It was at this point that I took another look at George Galloway Meets Saddam Hussein, on YouTube, just to remind myself of how much faith can be placed on to the word of George Galloway.

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