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Donald Trump, You Lie, You Kill, You Do The Mobs Work.




Roll Up! Roll Up! Israel Needs You! Iran Must Fall.

The Zionist mouthpiece in Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is pushing the idea that Syria has fifty tons of chemical weapons. We are presumed to be as stupid as is Bashar al Assad, whom, recently, we are told, apparently managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, by using ‘Sarin’ gas against his own people, which excited the ire of Peace Candidate Donald Trump.

This is the latest claim, in a long list of crimes, ‘against his own people,’ which have been leveled at Assad for several years. The psychopathic killers of NATO, whom have killed an estimated ten-million innocent people in the past fifteen years, can make such barefaced claims, without one word of dissent, from the entirely Zionist controlled Western ‘Free’ Press, which through its silence has justified brutality by NATO Forces,  not seen since the criminal fire bombing of German Cities, during the Zionist declared Second World War or indeed since the Vietnam War, which was, as are all wars, based on a pack of lies.

We are now witnessing the return of Mad Dog Mattis, the Demolition Man of Fallujah, whom has called for ever more violence in the Middle East, he is a man whom is never content to relax, while there is any sign of life left standing in front of him, while he still has a bullet in the breech.

I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you f* *k with me, I’ll kill you all.”    He once said to a bunch of Iraqis.

These are the sort of lunatics in the Trump line-up. They must be holding something pretty serious over Trump’s head for him to accept this situation, after all those empty promises he made to those by whom he was voted into office.

The Summer Season for sea cruises towards Europe, made by ‘quite rich’ migrants, with Dollars in their pockets to pay for the ride, has already kicked off, an event which is being carried out by an ever growing fleet of rescue boats, making Dunkirk look like a students day out on the Thames punting.

It is perfectly evident that this is a concerted effort to transport as many immigrants as necessary, to bring Europe to its knees. Where now the ‘big idea’ of building a wall, Donald, in order to stop this sort of stupidity? Why are you now suggesting more action in Libya, Syria and not to forget your promise, to your life-long friend Netanyahu, that you will destroy Iran for him, all of which will increase the numbers of refugees, fleeing your carnage towards Europe.


Rienzi in Italy, has announced that Italy will collapse if it suffers another Summer of immigration like 2016. This year there has already been more immigrants arriving, than at the same period last year. Is anybody listening? Does anybody in the European Commission give a shit?

They are, after all, still warning European Governments that they are obligated to accept a quota of however many immigrants are ferried to Europe this year and in the future. Failure to do so will result in stringent sanctions against the offending member States.

The only immigrants who will receive a warm welcome are those from the Middle East or Africa, of this I was assured, when during a phone-in on the radio, I distinctly heard a woman, suggesting that immigrants from Eastern Europe, were not making any effort to assimilate, that they were setting up ghettos, along with their own people and were creating racist problems.

This caller, presented herself as being of Jew origin. When I heard her diatribe, I asked myself, what did she say? She herself must be of East European origin as are all of the Jews in the UK. Has she never heard of the ghetto of Golders Green? Never mind the Warsaw Ghetto, Jews never assimilate.

I waited for the host to pick her up on her racism, but as usual, that would have necessitated the use of the forbidden word ‘Jew,’ being brought into question. The host thanked the bigot for her comment, and made no comment herself.

France has ‘suffered’ more than most European Countries from ‘terrorist’ attacks. To the untrained eye, the vast majority of these attacks, appear to have been false, no matter, however, we have yet to see any single one of the alleged perpetrators, in ‘life’ as it were, they have all been killed and taken away in dustbin bags or we have been presented with dodgy photos, photo-copied from a driving license or Identity card, but never with a real-live terrorist.

Despite this lax attitude to the question of imported terrorism, from the Middle East, from where there are quite suddenly, scores of Muslims coming home from Iraq or Syria, where they have been fighting in the ranks of Daech, according to French Intelligence Services, who surprisingly, had not noticed these men leaving France, they now assure us that they are coming back, battle hardened and even more surprisingly, Rothschild’s puppet Macron, is proposing to leave an open door for immigrants.

Macron is said to be in the lead in the current Polls, which foretell a victory for him in the second round, against Marine Le Pen, whom is in favour of putting a stop to immigration. Sounds like a no brainer to me, however Rothschild is unlikely to have wasted his money on financing a loser. They tell me Monsieur Rothschild to be a man of some influence. We shall have to wait and see.

The Non Governmental Organisations’ Ferry boats have been spotted on Satellite Radar, liaising with craft leaving the Libyan coast, sometimes actually within Libyan waters, to collect migrants, they have then been seen to hang around waiting for the craft to go back to Libya, for a second load of immigrants. This would appear to be a case of ‘People Smuggling,’ would it not. I have been postulating exactly that for months.

So Europe should prepare itself for Dooms-Day. Like it or not, there is such a thing as ‘A Full House’ and in reality that point was reached some time ago, since when our Politicians have been lying to us, through their teeth, as they have carried out ever more brutal attacks in the Middle East and Africa to encourage the immigrants, who they are fully aware will destroy Europe on arrival.

All of the War Criminals are running for cover. Cameron and Sarkozy have gone, Hollande, having interfered in Mali, brought in, clandestinely, fifty-three-thousand Malians, all of them lodged in Paris, where they have now been joined by thousands more camped out in the Boulevards, has announced he has no intention of running in this years election. Blair is on the run, having been found guilty of War Crimes in credible Court Rooms. William Hague is lying, low as are Jack Straw and Gordon Brown.

While all this is ongoing, Theresa May and her Minister of War are now busily dredging up the hackneyed old tales of weapons of mass destruction in Syria and other crap to continue the War Crimes against totally innocent people.

There is an election coming in the UK in June this year, if the British are capable of answering, yes, to the question, ‘do you actually have a brain?’ there is no way they would vote for any candidate, who has declared themselves to be ‘A Friend of Israel,’ that is tantamount to voting for a Third World War.

The Politics Of Squirm.

Fabius, Hague and Kerry, today ratcheted up the political squirm factor, to levels which could only be appreciated by those whom have studied a form of history, which is not reliant on the scabrous lies, which gush from the gobs of those with a hidden agenda, such as this group of agents from the depths of the Elite Mafia.

While listening to the garbage, which these three, allegedly intelligent politicians, expressed, I at times found myself wanting to lie on the floor and squirm with embarrassment, such was the level of disbelief engendered by all three.

It should not be forgotten that this is the same grouping which gave us World War Two.  The alliance of Britain, France and the United States, forced Germany into a war, which was intended to destroy Germany by whatever means came to hand, while taking control of as much of Europe as was possible, at the same time. This was of course the responsibility of Russia.

An estimated twenty million Germans were tortured and slaughtered by this alliance, with of course an overwhelming amount of support, cruelty and murder, by the team, which is now playing the role of the “Good Guys,” while  they are in fact leading the Syrian people to hell, the Nouveau USSR.

Lavrov and the Russians, unsurprisingly, have made no mention whatsoever of the thousands of tons of chemical weapons which are still being held by Israel, alongside the unmentionable Nuclear weapons, with which they are holding the world to ransom.

If the  claims, which have been made by Kerry are true, then Lavrov is a liar. If the claims are false, why does Lavrov not say so?  To my ear the taking of Assad’s stock of chemical weapons, is in no way intended to “save the Syrian people from Assad” it is in fact to make sure that when the Jewish controlled triumvirate finally start their bombardment of Syria, Israel will be safe from a chemical weapon attack.

During a Press conference today 16-06-2013,  tiny Little Willie Hague, the slightly gay man, though ashamed of it, who is endowed with an enormous capacity to lie to those by whom he was elected, continued to make unsupported claims about Assad having used chemical weapons against his own people, on more than a dozen occasions, when he can not yet produce any evidence in support of the latest claim, which is still under investigation by the United Nations, an organisation which was of course set-up by the same group of Jews, whom controlled WW2. So we cannot expect too much truth from them. Hague is now claiming that Syria has the largest stock of chemical weapons in the world.

Kerry, yet another Jew, when asked about the attacks against Christian communities in Syria, which were similar in nature to those being carried out  in Iraq, after the destruction of that country by the British and American merciless war machine,  either failed to grasp the meaning of the question, or simply chose to ignore it and went on to explain how the intention of the “International Community,” was to ensure that Syria remained as a Secular State, which it already had been but which had now been destroyed by the Coalition of Scum.  He failed to explain exactly how this miracle would be carried out by the demons he was paying to destroy Syria and cut it into manageable pieces.

Laurent Fabius, another Jewish fellow, is threatening serious action against Assad, should he choose not to comply, with what has now become a common policy of the group, which until recent days was ready to bomb to smithereens, the Assad regime, which in their “opinion,” was responsible for a chemical attack, which only they had the capacity to carry out. It was exactly this sort of opinion, which they used to destroy Libya and Iraq.

The French charity, Médecins Sans Frontières, which many authoritative commentators have declared to be working for the French Secret Service, have been used to spread the lies about the alleged chemical attack in Syria, falsifying the deaths and injuries, which have never been verified. The whole episode has been built on a foundation of lies and deceit, in order to justify an attack against Assad.

The Russian position in this mess is unfathomable. One must always bear in mind that the Jew Medvedev is still Prime Minister, showing that the power shift in Russia, which has suggested that Putin seized control of the Central Bank, from the hands of Rothschild, is probably a fable. Putin could not possibly be stupid enough to believe that without clearing the decks of the remains of the Jewish folk whom carried out the Revolution, with the assistance of Wall Street and the City of London, that he could declare Russia to be free and independent.

 A spokesperson on Sky News is suggesting that not only was Assad responsible for the chemical attack in August, they claimed that it was with chemicals and delivery system provided by Russia. They suggested that the Al Qaeda mercenaries along with the rest of the Western trained killers, which has carried out a two-year struggle against the well-trained army of Assad, had access to nothing more sophisticated than pipe bombs, with which to carry out an attack.

So apparently, Assad was stupid enough to carry out a chemical weapon attack at the very moment that UN investigators arrived in Syria, to take a look at some other atrocity, while the Russians were in some quirky manner, supplying the necessary weapons, all marked in Russian, I suppose this was to make it easier to point the finger at Assad while suggesting that they were in support of Assad in order to cover up for their own behaviour.

The UN, in an attempt to avoid unforeseen truth-telling, has accepted the job of investigating the chemical attack, but have pledged not to divulge the identity of the perpetrator. They are of course fully aware that the warmongers have already decided that Assad is the guilty party. So we must assume that should the real culprit be the paid killers, the UN will keep its mouth shut and allow whatever reprisals may be taken, in order to weaken the Assad regime.  This is the new impartiality of the UN. They allowed the same fate to be delivered onto the Iraqi people and only later did Kofi Annan admit that the war was illegal.

Russia can claim exactly the same right of intervention in Syria as can the Poisoned Trio of France the UK and the USA, so why have they not sent in a few troops to help Assad?  This would be a far better solution than anything offered by the coalition. They could then allow a genuine election in Syria, which would allow the people of Syria to choose their own leaders and to not be obliged to accept a group which have already been selected by the West, to suit their own agenda.

Just as in Libya, the coalition is frightened to allow Assad to stand for election, because like Gadaffi, he would turn out to be the preferred choice of the majority of Syrians. The West is in the process of destroying Syria, they could not give a damn about the rights of the population, Syria is doomed. The nightmare of ethnic cleansing and religious warfare, all being carried out in the name of humanitarianism, is only just beginning. The cannibals are coming.

Go Willy, Go! Go! Go! This Ones For You.

Well Little Willy, the tanks are back on the streets of Cairo, the dead and wounded are piling up. As they still are in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Not to mention in your new-found friendly Dictatorship, Burma. Yemen is still in turmoil. Libya, well yes Libya, you do not spend too much time on poor old Libya, these days, do you Willy? Well yes, you did what you set out to do, that is create chaos and then you installed your terrorist chums.

So with all of that carnage to sort out, what are your latest plans, Willy? Of course you are building up your excuse to take down Assad in Syria. You are only a little chap and only slightly gay, but you sure pull your weight in the War Crimes arena do you not…Willy?

I hear you are planning a coalition with Israel, France and Turkey, to take down Assad’s chemical weapons. Of course you are not expecting to find any, are you? Of course not, it is just another lie to generate an excuse to kill, kill, kill, no harm in that is there Willy? I understand you are getting some sort of help from those emasculated Germans. They must have already forgotten what their new Jewish friends did to them, in their last encounter, at Nuremberg.

Life is a gas, is it not Willy? You do not even need to be creative, you can just dig out the same old same old, it always works, you now even have the Germans helping the UK, do exactly the same thing to Syria, as was done to Germany, when you wanted to kick off the Second World War. The Goyim really are as thick as that.

I understand that your friends in Benghazi, “Gadaffied,”  Ambassador Stevens. I certainly hope that you personally, never fall into the hands of the murdering scum, whom you are prepared to unleash against others. I do not think that claims of being only slightly gay will wash with them.


The BBC Never Misses An Opportunity To Feed Us Nazi Garbage And Jewish Disinformation.

The Euro 2012 Soccer Finals, which are taking place in Ukraine and Poland at the moment, has given the BBC yet another chance to present us with a one-sided, loaded version of History.

We were presented with football hooligans giving what is now called “The Hitler” salute, when in fact it pre-dates Hitler by many centuries, and shouting abuse against the Jews.

The BBC, which has had a virtual monopoly of the presentation of European History to the British people, presented  the Neo Nazi’s as some sort of scab on the backside of the region. They reminded us that Hitler had virtually wiped out the entire population of Polish Jews during the Second World War, that is according to the Jews. No real evidence has ever been presented to prove this accusation.

However, what we do know is that the Russian Jew, Joseph Stalin, wiped out a large number of Polish Army Officers and accused the Germans of his crime. He also starved millions of Ukrainians to death, the remnants of the peasant population, were happy to see the German Army, when they invaded Russia. The Germans for their part were shocked and disgusted at what they discovered.

The BBC of course, concentrated solely on the Germans alleged crimes and paid no attention whatsoever to the reasons why Anti Jewish sentiments are still prevalent in the region, while supporting wholeheartedly the payment of reparations to Jews whom were said to have suffered under the Germans.

Take a look at multiculturalism in fairplay Britain.

This type of reporting is still pretty much what we have come to expect from the Beeb and from Sky, those mealy-mouthed purveyors of Bulls**t. Even as I was watching the above edition of Panorama, I was listening to Gordon Brown’s interrogation at the Leveson Enquiry.

Brown was whining about the way he was treated by the Murdoch Press. Some of the lies and misleading things which they printed about him made him vewy cwoss. I kid you not, the man whom has fed the British public more lies than truth and whom engineered the death of British industry, whom sat and watched the economy crumble to dust, without lifting a finger to avoid it, feels that we should not be presented with editorial opinion as News. The people deserve the truth.

This man was central in the lies and deception which was presented to the British public in the lead up to the Iraq war. He made no mention of the same tactics which are being used to give the thuggish British an excuse to slaughter a few Syrians

The UK has butchered an unknown number of people in Afghanistan, some say as many as one million. Their special friends in the US are daily killing women and children with drones.

In Iraq they have killed at least one million people and contaminated hundreds of thousands with depleted Uranium, causing thousands of cancers and malformed births.

They, with relish, destroyed Libya, ordering the impaling of Gadaffi to shut him up, having, as they are doing in Syria, sent in their murdering scum to shoot people in cold blood to generate an excuse to destroy.

As if all of this was not enough, we now have the “Butcher of Palestine” Shimon Peres, claiming to be upset at the sight of dead children in Syria. I will tell you straight, the depravity and sheer diabolical behaviour of these people is beyond my capacity to adequately describe. They are filth. This man has overseen the slow motion genocide of a whole Nation of peaceful people, without batting an eyelid.

The same group of barbarians whom brought us all of the above mentioned murder and destruction, hidden behind a veil of lies and deception, also brought us the war against Hitler. They also, using organisation like the BBC, have fed us all of the lies, since the end of the war, to cover-up the British role in the  forcing of Hitler into the war.

So in view of all of the lies and rubbish with which we have been deceived, how can Leveson allow Gordon Brown and Tony Blair a platform from which they can express their opinions on Press truthfulness and “High Quality” reporting, which of course cannot be found on sites such as mine. We, of course, cannot be relied on to write the truth. Brown wants us to be licensed, to make sure of the accuracy of our reporting. He did not suggest the same inspection for the commercial press, that should be funded in some way, as is the BBC. Like banks, they appear to be too big to fail.

It was quite a creepy experience listening to Brown speaking. Every word that came from his gasping mouth sounded hollow and false. He accused Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks of lying under oath. This could prove to have been a mistake as Murdoch quickly responded, insisting that he told the truth.

All in all it was a strange day, watching the British Establishment pretending to hold a hard-hitting enquiry, in order to discuss some shady behaviour by the Press, which had come to involve the hacking of a dead child’s telephone, which has now expanded into the censoring of the Inter-Web, by the issuing of licenses, which has nothing whatever to do with the remit of the enquiry, which was to do with the Mainstream Press.

Well of course the whole bunch of them are hard-core liars and whatever Press Freedom means it most certainly does not mean truth. What they have in mind for the likes of me will be to prevent us presenting an opinion. Most of the exposure of these liars has come about through the use of the Web, so one way or another it must be gagged.

The day was rounded off by the announcement by Israel, (that strange little Jewish enclave, which denies access to refugees, whom breed like cats, because they already have enough of a problem with the Arabs. These Blacks should be put on buses and sent back where they came from. They do not seem to understand that Israel is a white man’s country,) has just announced that Assad in Syria has Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction and they must be invaded in case they use them against Israel