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If You Ever Thought That It Could Not Happen Here, Think Again.

The Axis of Evil, America, Britain, France and Israel, which solemnly pays out billions of taxpayers Dollars, into the pockets of those companies, which manufacture, useless “medicines”, which are highly addictive, which are cynically allowed to be prescribed to patients by ‘Doctors’, whom know full well that these drugs will not be of any real benefit whatsoever to the wellbeing of the user, while at the same time telling us, disingenuously,  that they are fighting a War Against Drugs.

A long time ago I had already started to have doubts about the struggle to maintain control of the Opium fields in Afghanistan, until it occurred to me that they were putting a dose of Opium into all of their ‘medicines’ which gave an immediate sense of well-being to the user but which was of no use whatsoever as a solution to their problems.

This all out attack, by the medical profession, against their own patients, has lead to a Junkie society of legal and illegal addicts, both fed their dose from the same Opium Fields, the product from which, is controlled by Big Pharma or the Central Intelligence Agency, which have carried out a new Opium War against the population of the entire world.

There is never a day which passes, while walking down the street, I do not see people whom are so fat, that I find it hard to understand how they could have found themselves with thighs, which are fatter than my own torso, without being aware of their problem and taking steps to do something about it.

I watched a man in the street, stripped to the waist, with a gut so enormous, that it drooped almost to his knees, with half a large pizza, gripped in both hands, biting and swallowing, with hardly a chew, big chunks of it. That is an illness in need of treatment. To explain to these people, that they are unable to stop themselves from constantly eating, because their bodies are crying out for the nourishment, of which the food they eat is virtually sterile, but tasty,  is a waste of time.

If they ate properly, with nutritious food, they would quickly find that they were less hungry. One could be forgiven for asking the question, “What drug are those whom run both the food industry and the drug industry, spiking our foodstuffs with, in order to addict people into eating themselves to death?”

On closer inspection what do we find, well that those whom control the ‘Drugs’ both legal and ‘illegal’ also control our water supply, and our food production, much of which is being handed over to the ‘New Headquarters of the Globalists’ in China, to where the bulk of the Western Worlds industry has already been transferred, where there are many ‘Ghost Cities’ waiting for the carefully selected survivors of the coming ‘Fall of the Western World’, which is due to be over-run by Black Africans and Arabs. It is in China where the Legal Drugs are now being manufactured, well out of sight.

The New Landlords of the United States will be the Chinese, whom have already themselves, suffered greatly at the hands of the Drug Barons. The American Shadow Government, which has its headquarters in the City of London, is in the process of selling vast tracts of America to their own agents in China.

On this land, which will be considered as an integral part of China, the Shadow Government has already given themselves the ‘Right’, to bring into the USA, a Chinese work-force, along with the ‘Right’, to build Air-Ports to import whatsoever they choose, without any form of oversight from the American Authorities.

There are already wild tales circulating, claiming that ‘Correction Camps’ are already under construction, in which those overweight Yanks will no doubt, be taught the error of their ways. These Industrial and Farming Reserves, will of course be allowed to have their own Military Forces. In past times the Shadow Government referred to these areas as ‘Gulags’.

Should any of you be trusting enough to believe, that the Shadow Government, was stupid enough, to install itself in China, if they did not have total control of the Chinese Government, think again. They organised and paid for the Coup d’Etat and they have had control of the running of Communist China from day one.

The same group which organised the slaughter of millions in Russia, Ireland, Germany and Korea, culled China in a similar manner. At this very moment, the Bolsheviks, yet another of their names, are planning the genocide of the White People whom built South Africa, which was then over-run by the Blacks whom finally stole it, while the Zionists crouched cunningly behind them.

The Bolsheviks, many of whom are Jews, shoot to kill anyone who dares to threaten their own stolen land, are now funding millions of Blacks whom are being shipped into Europe, to carry out the same process of Genocide against the only People,  whom we are all allowed to hate, the White Christian People. White Christian people are of course not allowed to make any remark about this situation, that would be Racist. 


Russia And China Are Coming Out Of The Darkside

I still retain a slight hope that Donald Trump is giving Israel enough rope to hang itself. There has never been a time, when Israel has stood as naked and exposed for what it really represents, than since the day Trump announced that he intended to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

It has now become clear that Israel is a State of Mad Dogs, passing their days inside a ball of hatred for all and everyone. Nobody is safe from their savagery. The world has yet to discover exactly what they did to German prisoners at Nuremberg and the tortures which they inflicted onto the general population, as they swarmed into Germany, intent on carrying out as bloody and painful a genocide as possible, all of which has been kept under a blanket of secrecy.

Stalin had been tasked with doing to Germany exactly what had been done to Russia after the coup d’etat. Morgenthau had proposed the elimination of at least thirty million Germans after the end of the war. He finally had to settle for a total of ten million.

The City of London, instructed Britain’s favourite son, the Jew born Winston Churchill, to fire bomb every German city, inflicting the maximum number of civilian casualties, Churchill did his level best and more, in his usual psychopathic manner.

The Jews whom ordered, funded and controlled World War Two, carried out most of the War Crimes and in collusion with their allies, they decided that only the Germans could be charged with such Crimes. The Jews suffered along with the rest of the European civilian population, however at the end of hostilities, out of a population of seven-million Jews, in Central and Eastern Europe, six-million survived to claim reparations as holocaust survivors.

These survivors managed to escape from Europe, leaving the horrors behind them and headed for the safety of Palestine where they arrived, with guns blazing, to quickly drive a few hundred thousand of those pesky Goy Palestinians, most of them Semitic people, out of their ancestral homes and into refugee camps, where they simply refuse to sit still and accept the divine right, of those Jews to steal their homes and land.

This has lead to a huge demonstration, during the past few weeks, leading to those poor victims of World War Two, having to wildly lash out once more with guns blazing and gas canisters full of illegal substances, to slaughter these Semitic folk, whom dared to claim victimhood, when in a land now owned by the most pitiful bunch of victims ever known to man.

It must never be forgotten that these psychopaths have Atomic Bombs, with which they have promised to kill us all, if there should be any risk of them losing everything which they have stolen, including all those survivors from Eastern Europe, pretending to be ‘real’ Jews, as an excuse to demand a ransom from those Germans, whom are controlled by Jews these days, so they will even pay the descendants of Jew family dogs and cats, without question.

So Mister Trump, was this dose of truth about the cynics in Israel, just another ‘deal’ or could you simply not see this bad news coming? This will most surely put a brake on the idea of another loose cannon attack against Iran.  And thanks to you Mr Trump, maybe the Christian Russians and Chinese Nationalists will be venerated as peacemakers, thanks to your smart move, which gave us all that raw footage of Israeli barbarism in Gaza. Perhaps you might also have a word with the State Governors whom are making it illegal to criticise these cold-blooded Israeli killers, surely you will not allow such a travesty as that Mister President?

Good Morning America. Please Prepare To Die.


Good Morning America. Please Prepare To Die.

“Your people are so paranoid, it is obvious we can no longer permit you to exist. We cannot allow you to spread your filthy, immoral, Christian beliefs to the rest of the world.

Naturally, you oppose World Government, unless it is under your Fascist-Christian control. Who are you to proclaim that your Christian-American way is the best? It is obvious you have never been exposed to the communist system.

When nationalism is finally smashed in America. I will personally be there to fire-bomb your church, burn your Bibles, confiscate your firearms and take your children away. We will send them to Eastern Bloc schools and re-educate them to become the future leaders of a One-World Government, and to run our Socialist Republic of America.

We are taking over the world and there is nothing you can do to stop us.” (Letter from a Spokane, Washington Jew, to a Christian Pastor Sheldon Emry).

I am sure that news will cheer up no end, my good American friends. More so when they come to grips with the reality, that most of the stated aims in the above quotation, have already been realised.

There is very little remaining in the United States of America, which is not in the hands of Bolshevik Jews. Your kids are already toast, thanks to Common Core. They are even now preparing to attack the next President of the USA. I have no recollection of any such response, to the election of any one of the miserable War Criminal whom were the predecessors of Mister Trump.

I cannot even begin to understand the motives of these Blacks and children. What do they think they know,  which remains a mystery to one and all, apart, that is, from the Media and the Establishment.

Why are kids, whom not that long ago, were protesting, the media and the established order, now protesting against change, what do they want? Maybe they prefer pepper spray in their faces to a possible, positive result to their calls to Occupy Wall Street, or perhaps not, who can tell?

The above quote is only one of many. It sets out, in clear language, the aims of the enemy in our midst. While children and Blacks are parading around in protest against Trump, when he could well be, for the betterment of us all, the vermin will still be squirming around, in search of their own solution to the perceived problem of Mr Trump, these idiot Blacks and kids are helping the real enemy, to destroy all hope.

In this strange alliance of protest and subversion, the very people whom will suffer the most, should the system finally fall under the complete control of a people, whom genuinely believe that they are better than the rest of us, whom have on several occasions proven their willingness to use Darwin’s false idea, of the natural, survival of the fittest, as an excuse to wipe all of the weakest, off the face of the earth.

Worse still, how can anyone, with a functioning brain, not be prepared to give the benefit of the doubt, to a man who stands in front of a group of lying, two-faced journalists, and tell them, straight out that they are fake news?

Just in case the British should feel left out of this prophesy of a disastrous possible near future, take a look at this and it applies as much today as it did when the quote was made.

“Whoever is in power in Downing Street, whether Conservative, Radicals, Coalitionist, or Pseudo-Bolshevik,(the Labour Party) the international Jews rule the roost. Here is the mystery of the ‘Hidden Hand’ of which there has been no intelligent explanation.” (Leo Maxse, writing in the August issue of the “National Review” 1919)

In my terms, the above quote is a positive claim, made by a Jew, that International Jewry is the enemy of us all, pure and simple. They have displayed a determined desire to wipe us off the face of the earth.

“We will establish ourselves in Palestine whether you like it or not…You can hasten our arrival or you can equally retard it. It is however better for you to help us so as to avoid our constructive powers being turned into a destructive power which will overthrow the world.” (Chaim Weizmann, Published in “Judische Rundschau,” No. 4, 1920)

Any notion that Israel was handed over to the Jews as a form of consolation for the alleged crimes of the Germans against Jews, can be safely dismissed, after reading Weizmann’s words, which were spoken in 1920, long before World War Two.

Weizmann was once President of the stolen State of Israel, which was seized by heavily armed Polish nationals, whom entered with guns blazing and calmly, kicked off the genocide of the Palestinians, hardly more than a few month after the alleged episode, from which the Jews have managed to extort billions of dollars from Germany, in the name of an alleged crime, which left no trace of its passing.

“The danger is now so great that I feel it my duty to call the attention of the British and all other Governments to the fact that if an end is not put to Bolshevism in Russia at once the civilization of the whole world will be threatened. I consider that the immediate suppression of Bolshevism is the greatest issue now before the world, not even excluding the war which is still raging, and unless, as above stated, Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world, as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things.” (Foreign Relations of the United States: 1918. Russia. (Published by U.S. State Dept.), Vol. I, pp. 678-9, British White Paper “Russia No. 1, April 1919.” p. 6, on “Bolshevism in Russia.”).

Jew Bolshevism has now been installed all across Europe. We are lead to believe that the odd man out is Russia, that remains to be seen. The European Union is a Jew Bolshevik, unelected entity totally controlled by the ‘hidden hand,’ from which any escape will be short-lived. The Peoples of Europe have no idea of the depth of the treachery of their elected politicians. The entire political world is ruled by fear. The recent wave of mass immigration is clear evidence of the collusion between politicians and the media, in the drive to destroy all of those whom stand in the way of Jew World Control. 

There is nothing difficult to understand about what is going on, we have been stripped of all of our industrial output. It has been exported to Asia.

Ask yourself the simple question, what sort of ‘intelligent’ government would inflict this state of affairs onto its own people? Very soon there will be a raging war all across Europe. The boys at the top, will be moving into those Ghost Cities in China, while Baron Rothschild settles into his new capital of Astana, which is close by. The land grabs in the region are already under way.

Europe is done for. The only way out of this sorry state of affairs, is in the hands of We The People. We are on our own. We can do it, all that is necessary is for us to wake up and say no. They are deliberately delaying Brexit, waiting for the shit to hit the fan, making Brexit unnecessary. Be warned.


Who Will Be The Last Domino Left Standing?

There is a huge effort being made to disguise the fact that Russia is still in the grip of the Bolsheviks. The Russian President Medvedev is and was a Bolshevik. Putin was a KGB Officer in the Bolshevik regime.

The idea that those whom financed the coup d’etat in Russia in 1917, who just happen to be the same Bankers and Industrialists, whom still control the World’s money supply, have allowed Russia to collapse through debt, while the whole world struggles on despite holding a unrepayable debt owed to the same Bankers,  is quite ridiculous.

Russia is now controlled by fifteen frontmen, called Oligarchs, twelve of them are Jews,  whom with financial aid from the Banking families, bought every worthwhile Russian resource, including oil and gas, at knockdown prices, when the Bolshevik Gorbachev, ceded control of Russia into the hands of a drunken idiot called Yeltsin, whom dutifully carried out all of these rigged transactions.

This charade was necessary, to coincide with the moment when the European Union was about to be transformed into the European Soviet Union, thus disguising the fact that we are one and all Communist now.

We the people have been bamboozled into believing that it was those dratted  National Socialists who were intent on taking control of the entire planet, when in fact the real dreamers, intent on pulling off this stunt were staring us in the face in the pages of the Communist Manifesto.

Communism was never anything other than a means of reducing the working man into a situation of shared poverty, while the richest people in the world are maintained in a state of shared wealth. Wealth which was of course generated by the increasingly poverty-stricken working man.

The European Union is designed to behave like the taxman of last resort. In a Parliament which is devoid of any form of power, Members simply sign in for five minutes to justify their salary and expenses, while the billions of Euros, received as payment for EU membership, simply disappear and are never fully audited and signed off.

Across the Union there are thousands of Commissars, infiltrating Local Government, with the intention of preparing the way for the clearance of rural areas. Should all else fail the water courses will be contaminated by “fracking” for oil and gas, making country life impossible.

These Commissars – in the UK they are called Common Purpose – are being trained to replace local residents on Town Councils, where the leaders of local town Councils, have already, without a word to those by whom they were elected, signed on to Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, which is the new revised version of the Communist Manifesto.

Voters in European States have already accepted that the main Political Parties, choose their own Candidates. It is no longer possible for local people to propose a local resident to represent them unless he or she is standing as an Independent.

This will very soon become even more difficult as the EU Commission is in the process of accepting only certain names for Parliamentary Parties. The object being to make sure that their men, Common Purpose, the Commissars, are duly put in place, falling into a Europe wide political framework, which will render the already obsolete Sovereign Parliaments to the dustbin of history.

The duly elected stooge, known as the Mayor of ex-Capital Cities, will rule the roost. An International Organisation of Regional Mayors has already been set in place. This is already happening across Europe where the number of “regions” in Sovereign States are being reduced, thus concentrating more power into the hands of the Commissars, that is the way of Communism.

In the United States, the interior of the country is being taken under the control of the Bureau of Land Management, in this way all resources can be passed into the hands of those giant corporations by which we are all destined to be ruled.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were being warned about the famous Domino Effect, when it was claimed that should one Asian country fall to Communism, they all would.

 So Korea was quickly put to the sword,  by the gang of  criminals  thugs calling themselves the United Nations,  a short while after the Chinese went Commie, with financing and arming from Rockefeller and his chums of course, a team which chose educated and placed the “puppet” Mao Zedong into power in China.

Vietnam was next on the list and just to show willing the Yanks slaughtered the Cambodians and dropped a few thousand tons of lethal explosives on Laos, before peppering the entire region with Monsanto’s Agent Orange. Now, despite all that effort, we have all been taken under the wing of the Bolsheviks without a sign of resistance.



Strange how the atrocities in Vietnam and Cambodia did excite so much hatred as do the capers of Daech. In case you should think that Vietnam was an isolated incident, little is known of the behaviour of the Yankees in Korea, where refugees were systematically machine-gunned to death, which is the hidden reason why North Korea distrusts the Yankees.

As far back as the seizing of the Philippines the Americans were practicing their water-boarding technic, using a hose-pipe down the throat to pump a prisoner to bursting point and then jumping on his stomach. They could teach Daech a thing or two, could they not?


The Truth Seeker.

The Truth Seeker casts an eye over the files of Operation Gladio and NATO’s aim to become the sole military arm of the United Nations. This is normal procedure, in earlier times this combine was referred to as the Coalition of Evil, which is a means of sharing the guilt.



Ukraine: The Hard Men Are Coming To Power.

The terror of Al Qaeda has been unleashed against Ukraine, by Mossad, MI6 and the CIA. As with Syria and Libya masked men have come on to the streets of Kiev, under orders to create chaos.

For weeks they used the Ukrainian Police as a form of blood sport prey. The Police, many of whom were little more than adolescents, were pummelled mercilessly  with clubs, doused with petrol and set on fire. Vicious weapons made from acetone and aerosol foam were ignited on the clothing of the Police and burnt with an intensity which could not be extinguished. Twenty-six Police were then executed, in cold blood along with dozens of demonstrators.


There is convincing evidence, that this carnage was ordered by the Government in waiting, not long after they had signed an agreement with the Democratically elected President.  This is the caliber of the Government in waiting which has been selected by the CIA.

This selection, was recorded when it was being discussed by the US Ambassador  to Ukraine and Victoria Nuland, famous not only for her F*** the EU sentiments but also for the cover-up of events surrounding the gun running, in which another branch of the US controlled Al Qaeda, was involved, in Benghazi, which led to the death of the US Ambassador.

The current chapter of Al Qaeda, in Ukraine, are being described as Fascist and Extreme Right Wing or indeed Neo-Nazis, when in fact they bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to the National Socialist Germans, with whom they are being compared.

In this fight, everybody appears to have something to hide. When the Germans came to Ukraine, they were welcomed as Liberators. Thousands of Ukrainians fought alongside the Germans  against the Red Army, which had in the recent past starved millions of Ukrainians to death and stole their food, which was sold on the world markets for cash to buy weapons.

This Ukrainian Brigade was sent back to Russia, by the British, into the arms of Uncle Joe Stalin, who like the good Jew that he was, quickly slaughtered them. After Stalin’s genocide  in Ukraine, millions of Russians took the place of the dead ethnic Ukrainians and it is these folk whom are calling for a referendum, hoping for a majority vote to remain in a close relationship with Russia.

The thugs who are calling for the death of Jews, Communists and Russians, would appear to be a remnant of those poor souls who were indeed starved to death by Russian Jewish Communists and they are quite right to resist an alignment with Putin, who is after all an ex KGB Officer.

However  they appear to be working for the Jewish Shekel at the moment, for while Russia is desperately trying to convince us all that they are now Democratic and free, the Jewish Communists have installed themselves in the European Union and it is they whom are holding out the offer of a septic loan from the International Monetary Fund, to the Government in Ukraine of which these Right Wingers are members. What does that mean, I wonder?

Putin’s Russia on the other hand, would appear to have been pushed onto the Hitler square, where he is being taunted persistently and presented as the aggressor, what is more it has already been said that he, like Hitler before him, is intent on recovering the entire Soviet Empire.

Putin, during a Press Conference, after he had made remarks about the Fascists who had slaughtered Russians during World War Two, was asked by a young Journalist what he thought about the suggestion that many of the claims, made about Hitler and the Germans  had been exaggerated. Putin completely ignored the question.

Hitler made every conceivable approach to the Jewish-British City of London, in order to avoid the conflagration which they seemed intent on unleashing.   He apparently made seventeen serious attempts to avoid war all of which were ignored by the British.  It was his move to save Ethnic Germans, whom were being brutalised in Czechoslovakia  and Poland, by British Thugs, in the same manner as is now happening in Ukraine, that the British and French swooped.

The British are short on ideas, their approach to war is always the same.  The Jewish-British Empire, has been involved uniquely in illegal wars. The last time that they were invaded, it was a bloodless affair, in fact the British people did not even notice the event and they do not learn about it at school. The Irish retain dark memories of this invasion of England, as it introduced them to the Dutch Bastard William of Orange and the Battle of the Boyne.

It has been suggested by many Historians that Hitler was the illegitimate son of a Rothschild, which is the explanation of his rise to power in Germany.  As was the case with the Russian coup d’etat, which was funded and carried out by Jews with money from the City of London and New York, Hitler’s Germany, we are told benefited from  massive investments by Ford, General Motors and IBM, which in short order transformed Germany from a basket case into the richest country in Europe.

I do not go along with this theory, I believe it to have been due to the actions which were taken by Hitler and Mussolini, which invested the value of an hours labour into the monetary unit and issued his own currency, which carried no debt of interest.

Many people are suggesting that Putin has taken similar steps in Russia. We are told that he has taken control of the Central Bank, and pays no interest on  the Currency in Russia, which should the French do the same thing would save the French economy seventy billion Euros a year, a tidy sum, certainly adequate to sort out the French debt.

Should it be correct that Putin has taken control of the Rothschild Central Bank in Russia, it would certainly explain why he is coming under such pressure and so many dubious claims of aggression, by the “Free Press.”

Ukraine has been promised a bail-out, of one billion dollars, by the USA. The current system, which is essentially wholesale theft, requires Ukraine to hand that billion dollars directly to a Rothschild Central Bank as payment of interest on their existing debt and the sum of one billion dollars will be added to that debt. Do you begin to see the depth of the fraud which is being carried out against us, with the assistance of our Politicians.

As for the British claims that Putin’s acceptance of a Referendum in the Crimea is unlawful and shows his desire to expand the Russian Empire, through whatever means necessary, how can such gross hypocrisy not strangle the likes of Cameron as it spews out of his mouth, while he still lauds the launching of a flotilla of Royal Naval vessels, to retake a British Colony in the Falklands, where he has every intention of holding a Referendum of his own, which does not include the people of Argentina but only the installed population which assures him of victory.

Just as in Northern Ireland, where only the locality with a deliberately installed majority of Protestants and not the people of the whole of Ireland get to vote. Plus the fact that he has completely ignored the wishes of a vast majority of the people of the UK to have a Referendum on remaining in the Jewish Controlled Bolshevik EU.

The UK has a National Debt of one trillion Pounds. George Osborne is assuring the British that he is paying off the debt. However he is still borrowing billions of Pounds every year. That being so, how can he claim that the debt is being paid off? It is not possible to service a debt with borrowed money.

The only way that debt can be paid is with money which is generated by products, which can be exported and sold to bring in money from abroad. That is the historical role of the British, they have long been an Industrial Country, which exported their products all across the World.

Today I listened to a chilling report, explaining the depths to which the Jewish-British Empire has sunk. World Trade is now carried out using huge Container Ships, which when they arrive in one Port, they discharge the containers and charge the vessel with manufactured goods loaded in containers which have already been prepared for them.  They turn the ship around and head off for another destination.

In the UK, when these ships arrive, they discharge their cargoes of Televisions, Fridges, Tablettes and Computers from China, they then load up containers packed with waste paper,  which is the only thing of interest to China, which can be used to save transporting empty containers on the return trip.  That is what has become of European Industry. We can only wish Ukraine the best of luck.

The So-Called Free Western Press Are Busily Misinforming Its Audience In Ukraine.

Michelle Clifford, an Agent of Sky News, today, while reporting events in Ukraine, floated the idea, that Vladimir Putin, might, should he not be resisted, in what has now become his seizure of Crimea, could well set off on a full-scale conquest of the rest of Eastern Europe. Such is the bellicose rubbish which is being expressed by the “Western Free Press.”

Another member of the Sky News’ team: which has itself become the face of Jewish propaganda in the UK, surpassing even the downright lies of the BBC; Andrew Wilson, while commenting on a member of the Russia Today team, who had resigned on air, claiming that she was fed up with “white-washing” Putin’s lies, with a straight face, remarked that,  “She knew who funded Russia Today.”  I wonder if Wilson knows who hands out the shekels at Sky?

John Kerry, Secretary of State of the US, who appears to be passing his time with a sack over his head and cotton in his ears, still portrays the thugs in Maidan, who savaged the unarmed Police, as peaceful demonstrators, whom were eventually targeted by snipers.

The snipers made their appearance, just after a form of agreement had been signed by the EU, which would have created a pause in the demonstrations, giving time to organise elections, which would have   given the people of all of Ukraine, a chance to express their choice of Government and some say in whether to join a Union with Russia or the EU. However this is exactly what the EU did not want. They would prefer their puppet Ukrainian unelected Government to sign away the people’s rights, without the necessary Mandate and without an annoying election to interfere with their desires, as did Gordon Brown, the alleged paedophile, when he signed the Lisbon Treaty, denying the British people the promised Referendum. These same traitors will then accept the poisoned loan from the International Monetary Fund, which will be the signal to loot Ukraine.

These same people are even now setting up another secret deal with the USA, which is part of the Free Trade and Globalisation Treaty, which has already destroyed European Industry. It is being portrayed as an exciting new Trading Block which will provide millions of jobs and restore the prospects of both the USA and the EU.

The people of Europe, will most probably find that it will in fact be the final cut, which will bring them to their knees. All promises of financial gain must be taken with care. They normally turn out to have been good for a handful of the greedy rich and a nightmare for the rest of us.

Ross Perot, a one time Presidential Candidate in the USA,  once remarked, when discussing yet another grouping, The North American Free Trade Area,  NAFTA, which grouped the US, Canada and Mexico, that he “Could hear a loud sucking sound of US jobs going South.”  He would most probably remind the people of Europe to remember that Barack Obama, has the intention of giving amnesty to as many as twenty million illegal Mexican immigrants, plus the right to send for their families, which will provide a huge pool of cheap labour which will reduce US salaries to the level of China and other Slave Labour States.

The protesters of Ukraine will very soon discover, that when you get what you want, it is rarely what you expected it to be.  There is more to life than Rock Concerts and pot-holed roads.  They would be better off staying free and in control of their own future, instead of hitching their wagon to a bankrupt organisation like the EU, which has more need of them than they do of it.

 Greece, which  was allowed into the EU, without having the necessary economic credentials to so, has been raped and drowned in an unpayable debt by the Jewish Bankers, who are the true controllers of the EU. The need of the correct economic situation would appear to have been abandoned as far as Ukraine is concerned but will apparently apply to Scotland, which should be a warning sign.  To have already allowed the Frackers into Ukraine, will signal the devastation of your prairies and the contamination of your underground water reserves and is in fact criminal.

To observe the likes of Kerry and Cameron, both of whom are quite rightly described as War Criminal, discussing the rights and wrongs of the Referendum in Crimea, claiming that all of the people of Ukraine should be allowed to vote, while at the same time encouraging an unelected group, to sign Ukraine on to NATO and the EU, without any reference to the voter, with the intention of accepting a loan, which will be paid directly into the local branch of Goldman Sachs, to cover Usury charges and which will do nothing for the people of Ukraine. They call this Democracy.

Cameron will be offering no possibility of voting in the referendum on Scottish Liberation from the claws of the Jewish British Empire, to the people of the UK, while claiming that for Crimea to do the same thing is illegal. The fact of the matter is that in Ukraine the people in Kiev have been ambushed, while those outside of Kiev are not dumb enough to go along with what is quite clearly an EU inspired armed coup d’etat.

While this has been going, on the Free British People, have been spell-bound by the Trial of a legless athlete in South Africa, which has become a huge television spectacular.  While on the other hand the representatives of the “Free West” have refused to attend the Para Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, in a fit of pique, without regard for the feelings of the handicapped athletes whom they claim to represent, simply to spoil the day for the Russian people and the quite marvellous games which they have presented.

Not content with that nonsense, the half-black son of a CIA operative white Jewish mother, is threatening to rob the assets of anyone who co-operates with Russia, which is in essence guilty of nothing apart from the innuendo offered by the West, as if it was they who had provoked the violence in Ukraine and not the agents of Israel the USA and the UK.  It is becoming clear that Russia is being set-up for the chop and if that is so, it must be remembered that Russia is not Libya or Syria and with the assistance of China are quite capable of laying the world to waste.