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We Are Adrift In Someone Else’s Nightmare.






The Canadians came – into the Great War, one-hundred-years ago – and ‘succeeded, at the price of 3,600 dead and over 7,000 injured. In the grand scheme of the war, it amounted to little. “It did not win the war. It did not change the course of the war. It moved the Germans back several kilometers but that was it,” said Professor Jack Granatstein, a Canadian military historian. Despite which, this slaughter at the “Battle of Vimy Ridge,” so we are told, defined Canada, which sacrificed a grand total of sixty-three-thousand young men, killed in action.

In a war, which butchered thirty-one-million young, mainly White Christian men, whom were forced to fight in this unnecessary, pointless venture, which killed eight-million of them, the flower of their native countries youth, poets and musicians, scholars and dreamers, all of them ritually slaughtered, to further the avaricious aims of a select few, rich thieves, whom with the assistance of greedy ‘rulers,have taken control of the monetary system, with which and plus the ‘magic ingredient of greed, they have to this day continued to maintain the entire world in the grip of violence and death, in keeping with the bloody battles described in an ancient book, through the use of which we have been bamboozled, in our school-rooms, into accepting these folk as ‘The Chosen People,’ as if any ‘God’ would beatify, in such terms, creatures whom are motivated by murder, greed and barbarity, these days we refer to such claims as Orwellian speak, which tells us that the new truth is lies.

We have just experienced an illegal attack against a country in the Middle East, in the heartland of the ‘Cradle of Civilisation,’ into which has stepped the Jews from the barbaric area of Central Asia, who, in the words of Jesus Christ a man of peace, are members of the Synagogue of Satan. Jesus Christ was murdered by members of this synagogue, who in their own writings, tell us that they have Jesus Christ, trapped in a cauldron of human excrement, slowly boiling him.

“…Jesus ( is being) punished in Hell for eternity, by being made to sit in a cauldron of boiling excrement? That image appears in early manuscripts of the Babylonian Talmud, as does a brief account of Jesus’ trial and execution—not by the Romans but by the Jewish high court, the Sanhedrin.” Dr. Peter Schaefer, head of Princeton University Judaic Studies Program.

Christians – whose Church and Religion did long ago fall into the hands of those whom desire to control every aspect of our lives, an aim which demands the control of all religions, which have long served the aims of the various Masters of the World,  which has allowed them control of the teeming masses,  whom they educated to believe their Rulers to be of a ‘Higher Class’ than are the mere herd,  –  are now deserting their Christianity in droves, leaving an empty space, which is rapidly being filled by incoming Muslims. 

Our Rulers were sniggering amongst themselves, at the unbelievable stupidity of this ‘herd,’ as they simply ordered them to run into a hail of machine gun fire, which in the case of the brave Canadians, at Vimy Ridge, killed and maimed more than ten-thousand men in less than half-an-hour. What a laugh they cried, and what shall we make them do next?

The next step was to split the Islamic world apart, which has lead us to a point where they now have Christians killing all and everybody, while fighting alongside various Muslim groups, whom are themselves being controlled by Jewish infiltrators, by whom they have been ordered to kill other Muslims, whom are putting up stiff resistance to the greed of the incoming Jews, who harbour a desire to control the Holy Land and whom would have us believe that such control, would allow them to reinstate Babylon into the modern world, over which the Jews would have an unquestioned, total control, with all their lackey’s licking their collective arse.

What is taking place in this modern world is in fact a nightmare from the darkest recesses of a blood-thirsty age, when less than glamorous animals called warriors, slaughtered the common man with impunity. Nothing has changed, these Ruling psychotic killers are still with us and there is no shortage of thugs available to do their dirty work. These men will teach children to cut the head off a helpless prisoner, or to eat the heart cut from the corpse.

To resolve this vicious circle of bloodshed and death, which has no place in a modern, civilised world, to simply leave a leadership, which has maintained us in a grip of fear for generations, in place,  is a waste of time. They will never consent to change, they have everything, going smoothly, in their desired manner, so why would they even allow change?

We are told that one per-cent of the population, owns ninety per-cent of the wealth of the World, while our ‘elected’ leaders, calmly allow this state of affairs to continue, even as, ‘we the people’ have to suffer austerity measures? what in God’s name is going on?

A Jew in the European Parliament, Timmermans, is even now, warning the member States of the European Union, while ignoring the fact that Israel, his ‘spiritual homeland,’ to where he can flee when necessary, refuses to accept any refugees from their own wars in the Middle East, that all members of the European Union are obliged to accept their quota of refugees and that should they refuse to so do, they will suffer severe consequences.

Any attempt to deny the Peoples of Europe the right to refuse refugees fleeing from an area, which the Jews in Israel are attempting to clear,  in order to make the region available to them, is criminal and those whom are supporting these clearances should be brought to book.

The European Union is under the control of a group of rich men, the identities of whom we are denied. Most people believe that the visible faces in the Commission to be the ‘leaders.’ The fact is, they are simply a bunch of idiots doing as they are told. Your own elected politicians are fully aware of this situation, while they allow us to believe, that these morons, like Juncker,  have in some been elected to their positions.

Having already destroyed European Industry, which they have then actually stolen and exported to the ‘New World’ area of Asia, they are now setting about destroying the European Civilisation itself, which would be a threat to the aims of the Jew control of the world, when they finally set up their World Government in Jerusalem.

They would turn Europe into a wasteland, which like Atlantis, would vanish, leaving behind nothing but vague memories which would play no part in the consciousness of future children. They would also continue their long practice of rewriting history to suit their own aims and interests.

We are already living in a ‘concocted’ version of reality, which was written my those paid to copy the ‘real’ texts, in a manner, which seriously altered reality, to suit their paymaster, the original texts, were then either destroyed or they are stored in the Vatican vaults, who knows?

While History was being rewritten, the Church changed the Calendar from the Julian to the Gregorian, which seriously confused the dating of all and everything, from ancient Egypt to the recent Centuries. Nothing can now be trusted.

What Prevents Intelligent People From Seeing What Is Staring Them In The Face?


The European educational system has apparently, quite suddenly, lost the ability to teach students simple mathematics or indeed the ability to write and spell words correctly in their own language.

They are being encouraged, through the use of text messages and other forms of electronic interactions, to use a form of writing which they can make up as they go along, using numbers 4 words and other such devices.

I write my posts as correctly, in terms of the English in which I  compose, as I possibly can.  However I lack an understanding of all of the intricacies of  English,  leading to mistakes of which I am aware and which at my age I find difficult to correct.  In fact, English is my second language and my education in English was limited.  I am often criticised for writing in an old-fashioned way.  I care not.

I have no problem with this lack of education, (Note: Even as I wrote “lack of education” Terry Waite on Sky News, used exactly the same phrase.) because in fact it allowed me the time to read to my heart’s content, even during lessons, simply because I was always ahead of the other students and I could read while waiting for them to catch me up.

Nowadays, writing and reading seems to be going out of the window and all of this through the pressure of electronics. For example a couple of years ago I posted my stuff on several other sites and I had a good readership. Little by little my stuff was given less and less publicity while the new form of journalism was pushed to the fore.

New journalism, on alternative News sites involves digging out a new video posted on youtube, the attaching of a few hyperbolic adjectives or phrases  like “What they don’t want you to know.” or “Horrific threat to arrive at the weekend.” or some such pap, as a précis of the content and Bob’s your uncle, 25,000 views in the first hour or two.

While I and many others like me, might spend several hours of research and further hours writing and correcting a thousand word post,  with which we may  garner no more than a few dozen views. My “blogging” friends point out exactly the same experience.

This is not happening by accident and even though my education was not of a high quality, it left me with an open mind and a desire to improve my lack of traditional education by reading and thinking.

Nowadays, the European Union States, are finding it difficult to find students with the ability to handle specialist occupations in States which thirty years ago were creating jobs at the cutting edge of science, with dozens of graduates queuing up to fill these roles.  So where did things go wrong?

What has become of the young geniuses with whom we were blessed in past times?  Are there no teachers leaving our Universities with the ability to explain simple arithmetic? Or is there something more sinister going on?

That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful. That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general. A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348

Is our system of education in the hands of those who would believe in ideas such as those in the above quotation from the Talmud?  Could the current announcement by the Khazar Jews of convenience,  declaring their false “Jewish State” in Palestine be the “Jewish Nation” mentioned in the quote?  Well let us take a look at what our children are being taught in school these days.

Marx, Engels and Rothschild latched on to the idea of Darwin, that man developed as a result of Natural Selection.  That  only the strong survive.  The Herd is subservient to the dominant Bull and all of that Macho stuff.

This suited their recent treatise on Communism and their Talmudic idea that the Jews were the dominant race and the perfect rulers for their new political philosophy, which they would install in every country on earth under the control of this dominant group.  Hmmm.

“Coincidently,” in 1902 Lord Balfour pushed through an Act of Parliament which forced  schools to adopt an educational system endorsed by the Central Government. That would be the same Lord Balfour who along with Lord Halifax wrote Declaration which in effect gave Israel to Lord Rothschild.  Hmmm.

This was soon followed  by a curriculum which included the teaching of Evolution, alongside a belief in God and Christianity.  This involved no indication that there may indeed, not be a God, while teaching Evolution as if it were a fact. This has led to the current situation where two camps have come into being, Evolutionists and Religionists or whatever deprecating term, designed to pour the maximum of scorn onto these “stupid” folk, comes to hand.

I have recently been assured that it has been scientifically proven that Religionists have a lower IQ than do Evolutionists.   These exceedingly intelligent Evolutionists have overcome the notion that Evolution is, like religion, only a theory which you may believe or not believe  but neither are certain, by claiming  that a “scientific theory”  is actually a fact. because it is based on scientific research, while religion is simply a load of airy fairy nonsense with no basis in reality.  Hmmm.

This state of affairs, where even after having been presented with a thesaurus stating clearly that a theory is an idea and that the opposite of a theory was a fact not one person involved in the Forum, were prepared to accept that their belief in Evolution was in fact a Religious belief and was in no way an indication of a higher IQ.  Hmmm.

Children are now being educated to believe that the planet is warming as a result of elevated levels of Carbon Dioxide in the air. This they are told, is due to our use of fossil fuels which form a blanket around the Earth trapping the heat of the Sun resulting in the melting of the glaciers,,  higher sea levels and the destruction of coastal cities.

This is all nonsense, these things have all happened in past times, it has often been warmer and it has often been colder.  Once upon a time, we called it the weather, it has now become an interchangeable piece of tosh called either Global Warming or Climate Change and on what is it based, well nothing more than ideas or theories.  There is actually no scientific evidence in support of the claims. Hmmm.

Oil.  Well we all know that oil is one of the fossil fuels which is the cause of that excess Carbon Dioxide in the air, which is destroying the planet.  It was laid down millions of years ago by those gigantic Dinosaurs who ate so much vegetation that they poohed enough to create vast underground lakes of oil and that must be true because Rockefeller told us so.

Well in  point of fact that was no more than bull-shit,  excuse the pun.  This led on to a man called Ruppert, who warned us all that this inevitably meant that we were already into the Peak Oil era.  He was an ex-policeman, with no scientific training whatsoever, he based his claims on a hunch or something but not on scientific evidence of any quality.

I watched an interview with character, who is in fact now dead, He explained how everything was downhill from here on in and other tales of doom until the very ast question, which asked him his opinion on Abiotic Oil. His reaction included every gesture which is in the “How to Tell if Someone is Lying Handbook” Rubbing his nose several times. Fidgeting and looking anywhere but into the camera  etc.

Yet this is still being taught in schools as fact, despite the fact that Abiotic Oil is proven to exist.  Once empty oil wells have been found to be overflowing with new oil.  Oil in reality is a product of the Earth and is in plentiful supply.

We are constantly being told that the next War will be a water war, because we are using too much water and like oil we would all be much better off if it was all Privatised into the hands of those who own everything else.  That would be good for us would it not?

This like everything has long been known to be a load of twaddle, that like oil,  water is manufactured by the planet and there is no shortage of water, just as there is no shortage of oil, this called Primary Water and it has been kept secret from us for decades, simply because our masters want to control it.

All of the Fracking which is suddenly going on is probably a covert way of drilling into Primary Water, so the that the ghouls can take control of it out of the hands of the people and turn it into another endless means of robbing us of our birthright.

There no such thing as an excess of Carbon Dioxide, there is no proof of Evolution, Gravity is not understood and  yet all of these things are ritually pumped into the minds of us all. By who I wonder?

I am consumed with trying to figure out other things, which I have been taught as truth, when in fact there is nothing to support the claims.  We can place no trust in anything which we learned at school. Everything is suspect.

For example, why is the Bible taught in Christian Schools? It has nothing to do with Christianity, it was written by Middle Eastern people who did even accept the “Teachings of Christ.”

The New Testament should stand alone, so why is it still included in the Bible and why did the “scholars” who were writing the Bible stop?  Does the Jewish Bible skirt around Christianity and does it still exist in a version that is up to date?

If not what was the point of the Bible?  Few people have read it and it is mostly blood curdling nonsense which has nothing to do with Christ, whose teachings on morality are in line with other prophets teaching on the same subject, they do not rely on David killing Goliath.

Its main use these days, is to bore us to death with its Prophecies of Doom and all that nonsense much-loved by the alternative media. Hardly a day goes by without one or the other presenters on Internet Radio quoting a piece from John the Revelator  or some other load of tat from the Old Testament.

We can no longer believe that men went to the Moon.  The evidence is mounting that Hitler was a good man as was Gadaffi. It looks as if the Holocaust was a hoax and that World War Two was a Jewish conspiracy.


Our children have been overdosed on Fluoride and other filth in canned drinks, while being hypnotised by their gadgets and Facebook.

They rarely venture into the countryside in readiness for the grim near future, when they will be corralled into Reservations under the dictate of Agenda 21, which is of course the New Jewish/Bolshevik Communist Manifesto, which will finally steal everything from the Common People and hand it over to the Master Race in Jerusalem.

Just as Capitalism has ensured that the richest group will eventually buy everything, including the right to decide who will live and who will die in “privatised hospitals,”  Communism or  Communitarianism will decide who works and contributes and who is a useless eater and fit only for the chop.

Read the quote from the Talmud again and again, because be sure these inbred mad-men believe this to be their birth-right, they believe that by simply changing their religion from Orthodox to Judaism, which is forbidden, that they can now claim to be the Chosen People.

In the life time of many of  our parents these folk, for no good reason forced Germany into a war, in which Germany had no chance of winning.  It was an Jewish war with Christians fighting it for them, when they had not yet finished the massacres of Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe.

These “Chosen People” murdered 65,000,000 million Christians in Russia, many millions more on the Killing Fields of Flanders. 20,000,000 Germans in World War 2, countless millions of others who were shepherded relentlessly on to the machine guns of the Germans by Russian soldiers with their own machine guns in their rear.

The killing continued long after the war’s end in the lands behind the Iron Curtain, this called the culling of the herd and Christians and Muslims are the herd.