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The Robbery And Genocide Of White Christians.

There are those whom tell us that Jews have got an innate ability to benefit financially from the current, Economic system, a claim which I would like to dispute. They are no more than common thieves, whom have, through the use of brutal thuggery, managed to impose an International Extortion Racket, on to the Peoples of the World.


This would never have been possible without the connivance of the elected criminals, whom have eagerly accepted the cash payments for allowing the continuation of this racket for generations.

Even our mythical rulers, the Kings and Robber Barons have all put their weight, behind a crime, so enormous that it has been accepted as a perfectly normal state of affairs, as if it were an act of God, an idea which was reinforced by a controlled system of education, which has delivered,  a dutifully deceived population, whom have been living in a state of total slavery to the banking  system, all of their lives.

This is a manifestation of a system of education, which has quite deliberately discouraged any inquisitive questioning,  of the teachings in the classroom, in which lessons are delivered by an equally well deceived teacher, thereby closing the loop of the false education, which was no more than a brutal form of conditioning, which has become ubiquitous across the Western World.

A recent poll of Members of the British Parliament, showed quite clearly that a huge percentage of those MP’s who when asked the question, “How does the Financial system in the UK function?” had no clear idea, not even when asked to explain “What is the deficit?” I can vouch for the truthfulness of the results of this Poll, because I have yet to find any single person, in my own neck of the woods, who could deliver any response at all, to the same questions, a group which included an Accountant.

What sort of education could leave intelligent students in such a state of ignorance, about what is probably the most important information concerning how Democracy works and by who or whom it is controlled and for whose benefit?

The default position of the mass of humanity, is to jeer at anyone who dares to question the system. Ignorance is the politically preferred state of the masses, a condition which is well understood by the ‘unelected’ group which pulls the strings of Democracy, a system of control which relies on absolute mass ignorance.

In the United Kingdom, there are moves afoot to protect the people from ‘Fake News’ and it goes without saying, that they do not mean the drivel which pours into British Homes from the BBC or Sky News, all the Fake News claims will suddenly be against those, on the Interweb, whom as I do, attempt to write truthfully about events which occur all around the World, which are never presented by the “News” in an unbiased manner.

Donald Trump clearly claimed that many of the News outlets in the States were Fake and my own peek at reality on the ground and what was presented by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, confirmed his accusation. Since when the viewership on many of these liars programs,  has slumped. However, Fox News, by taking a slightly different approach, which has been ‘softer’ on Trump and has presented a more balanced view of recent events, has gained millions of new viewers. However, back in the Fake News Rooms of Sky in the United Kingdom, the very same group, which owns both Fox and Sky News, continue to denigrate Trump, to the point where a smarmy little Smart Ass was reprimanded by none other than John Bolton, for her disparaging remarks about President Trump.

Believe me, this creature has form, she once asked the wife of a mass murderer, if she thought that had she given her husband more sex, those women might still be alive?

These remarks about Donald Trump are so tasteless as to be way beyond fair comment, which graphically illustrates, that while using Fox News as a response in the United States, to the disinformation of the rest of the Media, which is good for business, Murdoch is towing the line in the United Kingdom, which attacks Trump on a daily basis, so where does the truth lie Mr Murdoch? Certainly not in your hands.

In view of the discrepancies in the presentation of the News as it is presented in the United States and Europe, which of the versions are liable to be marked as fake? They cannot both be right. Sky News presented a deliberately edited clip of Trump, which gave the appearance that he had said something which he did not say.

I have presented the evidence of this deliberate lie on several occasions. A guest, who was being interviewed by the same creature, as were Bolton and the General, pointed out to Burley that the clip was misleading, even as she was running Trump into the ground,  despite which, the very same edited clip was used as a tag, as the next News broadcast was transmitted and has been used hundreds of times since.

It is now the “War Cry” for all of the Social Justice Warriors, who decry Donald Trump and was used as the reason for the idiot Mayor of London, to call for the banning of Trump from the United Kingdom.

Note that when Burley introduced the question to the Political Correspondent, the complete clip had just been played, which baffled the correspondent, who had been prepared to respond to the edited clip. He was reduced to blathering rubbish about Resident Muslims coming home from holiday being prevented from entering the USA , and other nonsense, when it was perfectly clear that Trumps remarks referred to the warnings that ISIS Jihadists were coming home from war, into Europe and the USA.

Throughout the ‘RussiaGate’ debate, Sky News has been convinced that the idiotic claims,  which Clinton had made,  that Russia had hacked voting machines, during the election, swinging the vote in favour of Trump, when in fact Trump had won according to another system and that the voting machines were not even online and could not have been hacked anyway. The reality  which was totally ignored by the British Media, was the fact that hundreds of the voting machines were controlled by “Honest George Soros.”

Lying behind all of this carry on, is the major panic in the hearts of the Central Banking Families, who despite the generations filled with lies and distractions about the activities of themselves and those ‘living high on the hog’, having robbed the poor and disabled of every penny they earn, through taxes and other extortions, that they can be exposed and destroyed, not through Fake News but with the Truth. Elie Wiesel, a professional survivor, suggested that “with so much invested in the holocaust, imagine the reaction against the Jews should, it turn out to be false?”,

 One aspect of the grandiose utterings about the holocaust, is the cry that “we must never allow this to happen again”, when in fact the Bolshevik Jew Red Army’ which streamed into Europe, did so with the blood of Sixty Five Million Christians dripping from their hands, as a result of the vicious slaughters, which Jews had perpetrated on the Russian Christians, which is the equivalent of ten Jew  holocausts,  which the Jew controlled Red Army did then continue to carry out all across Germany and Eastern Europe, after the War’s end.

This demonstrates that the Jews, whom claim some sort of unique victimhood, had been carrying out far bloodier ‘holocausts’ both before and after the one which involved Jews. Twenty million Germans alone were slaughtered in that Jew declared war. So in fact we did not make sure that it “never happened again” but we never hear about the others, which is, I suppose because they are of less importance as they involved White Christians.





 These are some of the Jew “survivors” from Auschwitz, looking clean and well fed and the young pregnant woman does not show signs of any ill-treatment, as they are being liberated by the Russians. They look as if they had hardly suffered at all.