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The Savage And Brutal Mincing Of Our Minds Through Education.

The most inane and overused phrase in the English language, used by British critics, of the current debacle, which stretches across the European Union and the Middle East, must surely be the plaintiff question, “Have they learned nothing from any of these cocks-up?”

Before we even discuss the list of War Crimes of which the British are guilty, which they have apparently failed to notice, from the attacks against Serbia in the 1990’s, to the current round of mass murders, which they have carried out or have paid others to execute for them, let us take a look at things in the UK.

One of the candidates for Ukip, in the coming election, expressed the notion that school-children, have been “brain-washed” into believing that the European Union, was established for the benefit of its members and that it was a force for good in the world.

The eyes of the Sky News hack lit up. “Brainwashing?”   Why that sounds like a “Conspiracy Theory.”  He then set about forcing the Ukip man to admit on camera that he had indeed used the term “Brainwashed.”  To his credit, the Ukip man stuck to his guns.

In doing so the Sky man exposed his own “brainwashed” condition, a condition which is much in evidence, throughout the mainstream media in the UK.  The reality being that we have all been “Brainwashed,” from the very first day we spent in the educational system.

All across the European Union, governments have been obliged to incorporate EU literature, extolling the virtues of the EU, into their system of education.

The result of this form of insidious approach has been, down through the generations,  the installation of a huge quantity of conflicting information into the belief system of us all,  in fact what we think we know, is in most cases false, as in lies.  This can be demonstrated in numerous ways, most of which will lead to a bloody nose, if presented in front of the wrong company.

I presented a good example of how this works in a recent post, in which I explained how I could not figure out how it had been decided that it was the Pilot, of the Germanwings aircraft whom  was in need of a piss, while the co-pilot flew the aircraft  into the side of a mountain.

My uncertainty is now irrelevant, as the majority of reports are now presenting this supposition as fact, to the point where we know nothing of the frailties of the Pilot but every conceivable reason why the co-pilot was the perpetrator.  Why?  Does it Matter? Does it make a difference to the enormous loss suffered by the families?

Is there some point, of which I remain unaware, necessitating the culpability of the co-pilot, without real evidence in support of this supposition? I think there is always something else in these sort of situations.

Such is the manner in which we are being “brainwashed” by the media. It is soon to be  made illegal to question the fable of 911, which is one step beyond the mere brainwashing. which has failed to convince most intelligent people of the truthfulness of the 911 tale.

I make a point in my posts or comments, on the post of others, to question the veracity of their stance. On most occasions this attitude will provoke a good and reasonable response, explaining where I may be wrong or indeed present a piece of relevant evidence of which I was unaware.

However there are certain subjects which cannot be questioned. All of them being well-known and most of them are in support of past acts, which if exposed for the lies which they are, could have serious consequences for the liars and those whom defended them.

So in Europe, we appear to have drifted away from the point where teachers simply passed on the lies with which they themselves had been indoctrinated, to a point where government has taken total control of education, out of the hands of the County Councils in the UK and into the hands of central government, as has been done in all EU member States.

They have used this central control to standardise the system, to the point wherein the schools and colleges of Europe are churning out standardised blockheads.  This is to mask what they have done to European Industry, namely export it overseas where they can take advantage of slave labour and do away with the need of Apprentices in the EU, simply because there are no apprenticeships available.

Throughout the coverage of the up-coming election in the UK, most of the debate has involved austerity and deficits. There has not been one question which asked about how the deficit was accumulated, never mind to whom it was being paid.

There has been no curiosity about who or whom prints the currency in the UK, because we were educated to think that the governments did this themselves. Total brainwashing? of course it is.  I will guarantee that the Ukip man himself does not understand the crookery and lies involved in this deception. Never mind how many billions of Pounds are being quietly passed needlessly into the vaults of private bankers.

Perhaps it would be a good thing if the question was posed tonight, to these posers, who if they so chose, could sort out all of the problems with the National Health Service at a stroke, with just a little of the money which our governments are “laundering” into the hands of Mafia Bankers.


A Black Day For Sitting Politicians, While Francis The Jesuit Pope, Visits Apartheid Israel.

A while back, after the result of the 2010 General Election had been announced, I wrote a tale, expressing my belief that the Coalition between the Lib-Dems and the Tories would spell the end of the Liberal Democrats as a Political force.  (see,  Requiem for the Lib-Dems. RIP.) my links refuse to work, please high light and search with a search engine of your choice.

It has now become clear as to why Nick Clegg did not insist on a change in the UK voting system, which has been used to maintain the status quo for generations in the UK by making it virtually impossible for smaller parties to gain a foothold in Parliament.

The recent European Union election has shown the people of Europe that it is eminently possible to kick out those whom have held a form of institutional right to govern, that they have had their day.

This strangle-hold on power, has maintained a quasi-democracy, not only in the UK but world-wide, through the use of corrupted “bought and paid for” politicians,  most of whom are too dumb to tie their own shoe laces, in positions of authority, which they have used to consistently ignore the wishes of the people by whom they were elected.

This absence of an honest alternative has encouraged disenchanted voters to turn to those Parties which have been scoffed at as being nothing more than degenerate racists,  in order to regain some modicum of power back into the hands of the voter.

We have all been educated to believe that only large Political Parties are capable of running a Government, that is despite the evidence of their failure to deliver little more than poverty War and death.  These “governments” of the countries of Europe, have never managed to provide adequate housing, health care, education or nutrition for its citizens, they have however always managed to find the money to slaughter anyone who has tried to create a better, more just system.

In the UK and other so-called Democratic countries,  the main political Parties have colluded to maintain a banking system which has impoverished the people to enrich the bankers.

A housing policy has been ritually maintained as a “cash-cow” for the bankers, of which there has been no mention from the politicians. Bankers and Builders, colluded to maintain a housing shortage in order to gain the maximum of profit from any hike in house prices.

During a period of an almost stagnant increase in salaries and stable prices of  materials, house prices have rocketed to unbelievable levels, generating huge increases in profits for the major construction companies, whom are using cheap labour to build homes, which will be sold at a value far exceeding the cost of building the home, which will be little more than it was ten years ago.

All three Parties in the UK are fully aware that the British wanted a referendum on EU membership and yet they have conspired to deny this simple demand.

There has been no mention whatsoever of another threat to UK democracy, that being the insidious advance of Common Purpose, which indicates that all three Parties are deceiving the voter, most of whom have never heard of Common Purpose and are unaware that the elected government is financing the undermining of Democracy and the imposition, using underhanded means, of the tenets of Agenda 21, which is a major threat to us all.

I am under no illusions about the aims of politicians. I believe them all to be controlled, in one way or another. All of the decent people have been rinsed out of the Lib-Dems, not that there had been many. All the way back to Jeremy Thorpe, there have been doubts about them.

Paddy Ashdown threw his weight behind the war in Bosnia, yet while after making great claims about being anti-war, during the build-up to Iraq, Clegg and his cronies fully supported the slaughter of Gadaffi, his family and the country which he had so proudly constructed, despite decades of attacks by the democrats.   The Lib-Dems have also gone along with the financing of Al Qaeda and other mercenary groups of murderers, to destroy Bashar Al Assad and Syria. Their vote was necessary to allow the slaughter.

I will personally be glad to see the demise of this bunch of hypocrites, whom along with the rest of the self-seeking  “democrats” in Parliament, made no outcry against the banking bailouts, which was a criminally constructed scheme to rob the people.  When Gordon Brown “Saved the World” and generously gave away the people’s money to the bankers, there were no massive demands for an inspection of the bankers books by the Fraud Squad, there were no arrests made and the Banks were described as being “Too big to fail,” when in reality it was the bank owners, who were “Too powerful to prosecute.”

While these Democrats have been massacring millions of Muslims, without a care in the world, they have been describing those whom have proposed other solutions as being racist, while continuing to accept the survivors of their illegal War Crimes, into Europe, where there is no superstructure capable of coping with this influx, without reducing the standard of life, for those whom are already here.

When they claim to be seeking the minimum of care for all, for all, means exactly that, the day is coming when none of us, apart from the super-rich, will be able to afford anything more than the minimum.

In France, the upsurge in support for the Front Nationale  is being presented as being in some way racist or anti-Semitic, when in reality the real racists and anti-Semites are the Khazar Jews, whom have had control of France, through Sarkozy;  who took France into NATO and obliterated Libya, and  François Hollande  who is even now desperate to attack any group of Arab Semites that he can lay his hands on.

International Jewry is not a Semitic race, they are simply hiding behind the term to generate an excuse for the War Crimes of which they are guilty in Palestine, a land to which they have no legal or historical claim.

Nobody in France is in favour of deporting immigrants,  they simply want to call a halt.  Most immigrants agree with that, everybody is aware of the problems of employment, health care and housing. The concept of full-up, at some point must become relevant.

While these interesting developments in Democracy have been taking place in Europe, the visit of the Jesuit Pope Francis to Israel, has passed without too much attention.   However a well executed attack in Brussels, against Jewish visitors to the “Jewish Museum” which was carried out hot on the heels of a double murder in the West Bank, by Israeli military, an event which did not prompt an expression of sorrow from the Jew David Cameron, unlike the event in Brussels, could well have been a warning to Netanyahu, from Francis and the Black Pope, that he is not the only one capable of ordering murder. In this changing world Jews may well have to get used to looking over their shoulder.



The Democratic Lies In The City Of London Show Of Farce.

The Houses of Parliament, cheered to the rafters, the lies and deception, of the leaders of both of the main Political Parties, when in the House of Commons, the Referendum in Crimea was being questioned.

It will be noted that the Prime Minister suggested that the Referendum was carried under the control of Russians carrying Kalashnikov Rifles. Well all of his favourite News Channels were on hand to film the event, of which I defy him to find any evidence in support of this claim.

The illegalities of the Crimean Referendum, were in keeping with those which was in force in Northern Ireland, during the vote to rejoin Eire, which made use of the restrictions on the Catholic vote, which allowed the installed majority of Protestants to win by default, without the participation of Eire, of course.

The same method served in the Falklands, where no opportunity was given to the Argentinian side, to take part in or to object to this referendum, which in order to legalise, the British demanded, the right to hold it of themselves, chose the wording on the ballot paper and counted the votes.

Similarly, they did as they wished in Kosovo, giving away the Sovereign Territory of a Sovereign State, without taking those steps, which they are now claiming negates the validity of the Crimean decision.

The British are responsible for cutting the Indian Sub-Continent to ribbons. Pakistan into  two parts, East and West, Kashmir into Muslim and Hindu and Ceylon, where the folk are even now not sure of their true identity and the British are still in there paying for rebellions, in pursuit of their long-term aims.

The strange boundaries which the British drew up in the Middle-East was not by hazard, the British only deal in duplicity, any move they make is loaded with self-interest and designed to suit a future need.

I could go on with this all day, I have not even yet reached Africa. Suffice it to say that the British have destroyed the Planet. They are responsible for two World Wars, both of which were fought to suit a hidden agenda.

 The Great War was used as a smoke screen, behind which the Bolshevik Jewish coup d’etat in Russia took place, while the Second World War was intended to facilitate the advance of this Jewish Bolshevik Communism across the entire Continent of Europe.

Adolf Hitler and his magnificent German Wehrmacht, fought this attempt to a standstill and it took the illegal arming, by Britain and the USA, both of which were controlled by Jews, to save Stalin, another Jew, from an ignominious defeat.

Which brings me back to the current discussion.  There has been a sort of political joke circulating in  recent days, Michael Gove, the Minister of Education, made a remark that there were more Old Etonians in the Prime Ministers Cabinet, than one could shake a stick at. What’s more they are all millionaires.

Well Gove, obviously with his Political future in mind, chose his words carefully, he could have been more explicit.

In the Commons, Prime Ministers Question Time, was kicked off by the Jewish Speaker of the House. The Jewish Prime Minister responded. He stood up from his bench,where he was hemmed in by his Jewish Chancellor of the Exchequer, whom was alongside the Jewish Industry Minister on one side and the Jewish Leader of the Lib-Dems, on the other.

The Jewish Leader of the Opposition condemned the Russians act and demanded extra measures to be taken against Putin.

We then had yet another Jew, Gerald Kaufmann, whom is an alleged sexual pervert of one sort or another, ask a question about the continued killings of Palestinians and the theft of their land, a question which was given no more than platitudes in  reply, from the Jewish Prime Minister, who was recently in Israel, brown nosing Netanyahu, instead of threatening a similar action against Israel as he is proposing for Russia.

Sadly, he passed a law forbidding the arrest of Jewish War Criminals, during their holidays in the UK.

Once In Royal David’s City And All That Pap.

While the British are worrying about the expense of Christmas, debating as to whether they should heat their homes or buy a joint of ham, to enjoy after they have scoffed the turkey and Christmas pudding, they might spend a moment or two, considering the plight, which the cynical use of their taxes, has inflicted onto the people of Syria.

When their freely elected leaders, for whom they voted, not to bring peace to the world but to improve their standard of living, at all cost, have finished celebrating Hanukkah, perhaps as a gesture of peace and goodwill, they might withdraw the band of thugs, whom they have armed and financed, in a deliberate effort to destroy Syria, as they have already destroyed Iraq and Libya.

That the British Public appear to have so little understanding of the misery and death for which they are responsible, is a measure of their total acceptance of the exploits of their criminal leaders, whom are no more than the visible face of an International Criminal Organisation, which is holding us all to ransom.

Syria is heading into oblivion, while creepy little characters like Cameron and Hague, exhibit a total disdain for their plight. It has been reported by the Mob controlled United Nations, that there will be very soon, people dying of starvation, in this once thriving country.

It will very soon become clear as to where the thoughts of the British lie, when the Christmas Sales Season kicks off on Boxing Day.  Avarice rules these days and there is little time left over to worry about the fate of others.

The British can rest assured that they will be allowed to fight and scream for the right to buy the slave made crap in the sales, safe in the knowledge that they are considered to be, no threat to the mob.

The British surrendered their dignity and freedom, long, long ago, to those whom call themselves, Earls, Dukes, Lords, Squires or Princes. These people are their “Betters” and the British know their place.

The British simply cannot understand, that these “Toffs,” are no more than Pirates, Godfathers, Drug Barons or Blackmailers, they retain a childish belief that their rulers come from somewhere over the rainbow, to take care of them.

These people have become so servile to the Rich, that they still hold the belief that an order from a “Toff” is as significant as an order from God.

It is difficult to control the cynicism, which is provoked by the attitudes of those whom fail to look into the antics of their politicians.  The vast majority of the Public, not only in the UK or USA but across the world, share the views of their leaders and they never question their beliefs.

Can they have failed to notice, that whenever there is an event, such as the killing of Osama Bin Laden, that the entire membership of governments, apparently accept that a team of US Seals, captured and killed Bin Laden and dumped his body at sea.

Nobody stepped out of line. That is the power of the force, which has us by the genitals. No sensible person could possibly believe that nonsense and yet our politicians and mainstream media, swallowed it,  hook, line and sinker.

Why is there such a desire to go along with whatever is presented, without question? Who is giving the order, that on all of the questionable events, which have occurred in recent times, that there must be a united response and no difficult, questions asked?

Is this to be the future means of ridding the world of all the “pretend” villains, with whom we have been presented, as a means of stripping us of our Rights, to simply claim to have disposed of them secretly, so that we can stop worrying and go back to sleep?

Sandy Hook is another of these strange events. All of the alleged deaths, were of children of families, whom have been filmed at various other questionable attacks, as extras, in “Drills.”

The class, which was the main target of the “attack,” was being taught by a teacher whom had never been on the payroll and many of the children had never been on the school register.

No evidence has yet been presented, in support of the claims which have been made. However, as with 911, 7-7, Boston and Bin Laden, all of the evidence has now been destroyed. The Sandy Hook school has been demolished.


Who actually believes this tosh? It is simply not possible for any intelligent person,  to be not just a little bit disturbed and uneasy about some of these events. Yet even the rebels, such as Ron Paul and George Galloway, go along with it all, does that mean that they are convinced, frightened or simply part of the game?

Obama knew that the hired thugs in Syria had carried out a Sarin attack, just as he knew that an attack was likely on the US Embassy in Benghazi, which involved an arms shipment for those same thugs in Syria, however, who cares?  Nobody, it seems.

We were set-up to be robbed by the Bankers. In the UK, it was a joint operation. Gordon Brown organised the theft, set-up the bail-out, which is simply code for give the Bankers billions of Dollars or Pounds, then goes off to work for the thieves at the IMF and leaves the rest of us to die of cold or starvation, while Cameron questions nothing, he simply orders everyone to pay up. He of course blames Brown for the problem, forgetting to mention that the “problem,” was world-wide.

The British would do well to ponder the fact that they have always been under the heel of Royal Families. They should question their acceptance of the power which is wielded by these “Royals.” Their “Democratically” elected leaders are still controlled  by these folk, however hard they try to present an image of an independent force.

The first duty of a newly elected Prime Minister, is to search the acceptance of the Queen. Of course this is all just a silly ritual, is it not? We all know or should know, that the Prime Minister is selected long before he is ever voted into office.

The British people have never had Democracy. There is nobody living in the UK, who was alive, during a time when a political party, other than Labour or Conservative was in power. It has already been decided, what the result of the next election will be.

It may well involve Ukip.  It most certainly will not involve enough Single Issue, independent members to make a change possible. The British have been conditioned to believe that a Political Party is the only way forward. All Political Parties are controlled. The top boys are always working for the man.

This is evident and yet too complicated to explain to those whom believe that warmongers make good rulers.  During the last twelve years, the British have stood by watching millions of people, go to the slaughter, at the hands of British thugs, along with, what is called a coalition, this adds a sort of justification to the killings.

British people understand that occasionally, as in WW2, they must be lied into a war of conquest.  Millions will die but of course, they asked for it.  The British, for their part, will, for the following seventy or so years, refuse to face up to the fact that they are War Criminals. Back in the day they cheered the Thousand Bomber Raids over Germany, which were deliberately targeting women and children.

They trot out their hate of the old enemy at any opportunity. They fail to notice that what they accuse of others, is now happening to them, yet they believe it to be some form of accident, with no intent involved. What stupidity. Next step, they will be asked to volunteer for execution. Euthanasia is already on the menu.

The Mandela Myth: What Was It He Did?

The massed puppets of the New World Order, were out in force, for the memorial service dedicated to Nelson Mandela. The hyperbole was of an outstanding level of obsequious drivel, which demonstrated, quite clearly, that we were in fact, watching, a carefully prepared event, which would suggest, that Mandela had in fact been sent home from hospital, to disguise the fact that he had been dead for some time, while the Big Send Off was being arranged.

I was determined not to waste time watching the event as I have a lot of work at the moment, so I decided to listen to the audio as I worked. However, when that little weasel Ban Ki Moon was talking about the efforts made by the UN, against the Apartheid regime in South Africa, in support of the rights of the Black South Africans, I almost choked on the nuts I was chewing.

He spoke as if he could not hear what he was saying, or perhaps he can only read English while not understanding a word of it. He boasted of the measures, which had been taken by the UN, to bring down the Apartheid,  Regime. He told us that Mandela had been one of the greatest leaders of all time.

The UN, he claimed, had struggled side by side, with Mandela and the people of South Africa, using every tool at their disposal to bring freedom and justice to the people. These tools included Arms Embargoes, that is apart from those which arrived from that other Apartheid State, Israel, arms which included Atomic Weapons. Sporting Boycotts and Diplomatic isolation. In fact everything which he should have been doing against Israel, which apart from being Racist and running an Apartheid regime is also the most warlike, belligerent country on Earth.

He must surely have had his tongue in his cheek when claiming to be continuing this policy against inequality, intolerance and to be seeking prosperity and peace.

As if this had not been too nonsensical for your taste, we had the most barbaric, cruel and cold-blooded of Western Leaders, Barack Obama, to follow. He spoke of Mandela’s time in prison as if it had been an injustice, when in fact Mandela was a terrorist. For those of us whom accept the right of people to struggle for their freedom, this position is acceptable but not for those whom deny those of whom they disapprove, the same right and privileges.

However, how does Obama justify Guantanamo Bay? Where he has incarcerated men, whom have been charged with no crime, for years, without trial. Bradley Manning planted no bombs, he simply told us what we have every right to know, yet he could well be given a thousand-year sentence, in that bastion of liberty and fair play, Obama’s USA. Is this the sort of freedom of which Ban speaks?

The mealy-mouthed reporter from Sky News, found it amusing that Obama had received a huge cheer, whereas South African President Zuma, was booed. He failed to mention the other African hero, Robert Mugabe, who received an ovation no less impressive than was that of Obama.  Mandela, of course, opposed Mugabe, giving his support to the British choice ZAPU and Joshua Nkomo. Thompson needed a prod from his African co-presenter to acknowledge Mugabe’s fine reception.

What a shame that Obama, along with another puppet in the audience, Sarkozy,  murdered Muammar Gadaffi, the man whom did more for Africa than have all of the present World Leaders combined, before he could receive the ovation which he so richly deserved.

We must of course, keep in mind, that Obama is a total hypocrite and a liar and while he prattles his nonsense about freedom and liberty and all of those other platitudes, which he reads from his auto-cue, he is still funding Apartheid in Israel  and the destruction of Palestinian homes and farms, he is a Judas.

Sarkozy, the most hated president in French history, was seated beside the man whom has recently broken his record for unpopularity, François Hollande, the man who is re-colonising Africa, in a mad dash to seize Uranium and other resources.

The Jewish Zionist money-men were in evidence everywhere, they had a lot for which to thank Mandela.  On becoming President, he set up an Amnesty and a Peace and Reconciliation Council, a trick which was repeated by the British in Northern Ireland, making sure that the “real” guilty never faced prosecution. He then arranged a devaluation of the Rand allowing his Zionist friends to loot the country and then resigned, after one term in office, thus ensuring that he would escape blame for the mess he left behind.

The British Jews, Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg were in evidence as was Mandela’s great chum, Tony Blair. The sinister Clinton family were present, they are, between husband and wife, responsible for any number of atrocities in Africa, whom in reality should have been banned as War Criminals, along with Obama and Bush, Blair and alleged paedophile Gordon Brown. Not to forget the son of a criminal tax avoider, the Jew David Cameron, whom is still agitating for the destruction of Syria, for his masters in Israel.

Various other Jews showed up, including Angela Merkel, José Barroso, Oprah Winfrey, however Netanyahu, decided that it would be better if he stayed away. Despite this, it was a gathering of top people, which rivalled any other this century.

The tragedy for South Africa, is the same tragedy which faces any country, which is over-run by immigrants, who then, through “democracy” wrest control away from those whom had created the wealthy state to which they flocked. The Blacks in South Africa, would have done better to take the peaceful route to Civil Rights, while making sure that they did not kill the goose that laid the golden egg.

Mandela was a violent man, whom was sentenced to a long prison term. His second wife, the vicious Winnie, whom encouraged the “Necklacing of those whom transgressed, was no better and should have been gaoled along with her husband.

Winnie is now part of the new Black Elite, while other ANC killers are still in power, in a land which is rapidly heading for disaster. It is the most dangerous country in Africa, which is not at war, while there is a rape every few minutes, there is not too much to celebrate in all that.

Politically Correct Absence Of Title.

What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy?
Mahatma Gandhi

How is it possible, that the man whom gives the impression of having a persistent drop of snot on the end of his nose, can quite suddenly becomes the main contender for the leadership of the Liberal-Democratic Political Party? Are there no Christians left in the UK?

The three main Parties in the UK, are already in the grip of people of Khazar Jewish origin. Miliband, Cameron and Clegg;  all of whom have shown a limited ability to bring about an upturn in the UK economy, despite the assistance of a Jewish Chancellor, George Osborne, are even now preparing the British for yet another Khazar Jew, Vince Cable, as the new saviour. How is he proposing to carry out this miracle? Well by using pretty much the same approach as that which is already failing. He will simply keep on talking, waiting for a miracle, for which he can claim the credit.

There are many people with radical ideas, about how to change the persistent state of debt, in which the UK is drowning. The British will of course never see these people on TV. Professor Rodney Shakespeare for example, with a fine name such as that, one would expect to see him constantly on television but no, he is avoided like the plague. For a while he could be seen on Press TV, however even that possibility has been denied to the Free British.

What a strange world we are entering into, when we have most of Europe and the World, under the control of a tribe of people, whom represent 0,2 per-cent of the population, while in the Middle East, where the Israeli Jewish government is pushing for the destruction of every worthwhile Secular Muslim State in the region, to suit its own ends and it has the whole-hearted support of all of these Jewish controlled “Democracies.”  How odd!

Yet at the same time as the three Political Parties in the UK, declare themselves to be in full support of the vicious War Criminals in Israel and are prepared to use  increasing amounts of British Taxpayers money, in order to kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims, under orders, to suit this declaration, the majority of the British people oppose these interventions. So could anybody out there, explain in simple language, for a stupid clot like me, how British Democracy can be used to achieve the wishes of the British people?

The once proud German people, now find themselves content to be placed in a position, where they are being expected to fund Israel, to the tune of billions of Dollars, to carry out atrocities, the like of which they themselves were once accused and for which they are expected to continue to pay for eternity, such is the avarice of the Jews in Israel. The Germans are of course also under the control of a Jew Angela Merkel.

Back in London, the latest inheritor of the alleged guilt of Adolf Hitler, Bashar Al Assad, has like his German counterpart, been found guilty of War Crimes, without so much as a trace of evidence against him.

Clegg, the inarticulate leader of the Liberal Democratic Party. A group which stood against the rush to war on Iraq but which now finds itself in league with Conservative and Socialist politicians, who are obsessed with the construction of a Greater Israel in the Middle East, with no regard for the millions whom have been slaughtered by the demons, whom are being funded by the UK, demonstrating that despite their posturing, they are as aggressive as are the rest of the “democrats” in the UK Parliament.

Anders Rasmussen today voiced another “instruction” to Assad in Syria, that should Turkey come under attack, that it would be a “game changer.”  This was said in the manner of Obama, the secret Jew, whom is called the President of the USA, when he gave the signal to Assad to launch a “Red Line” chemical weapon attack, providing an excuse to seize all of Syria’s chemical weapons, in collusion with the Russian Lavrov, who apparently agreed to this scheme with the Jew Kerry, during the G 20 bean feast in St Petersburg.

Not even the Liberal Democrats have called for reciprocal  action on the part of the Jews Israel or of Jewish controlled Turkey with regard to their own huge stocks of chemical and biological weapons, thus hoping to leave Syria naked, when the Russians finally pull the plug on their support of Assad. If John Kerry has indeed been holding secret talks with the Russians, who knows what might have been on the table.

The British voter, despite priceless advice from me, wasted the opportunity to change the political landscape, three years ago, when I urged them to vote uniquely for independent candidates, if possible, for only those whom had never before held office in any political party. Despite this advice they wasted their votes by voting for practically the same members as before. Not one of the War Mongers, lost their seat in The Commons. That is the level of the intelligence of the British voter.

Their elected coalition, despite a lot of talk, is little different from the Socialist Government which preceded them.  Their first act being to launch an illegal attack against Libya. After generating a pretext by sending a group of killers to shoot up the streets of Benghazi.  Like the current alleged Assad “Chemical Attack” this was blamed on Gadaffi, when it was plain for all to see, that it was a deliberate and disgusting ploy to destroy Libya. Which has now been done, Libya is in turmoil, while the coalition of creatures in the UK tell us that the Libyan people are grateful for being bombed to blazes.

This is the fault of the British voter and they should stand up and take the blame, instead they choose to blame the victims.

The current Prime Minister, David Cameron, a Jew, was asked his opinion about the use of the term “Yid,” which is chanted by Jews at Football matches at White Heart Lane.  For those whom may be ignorant of the origins of the term, it is short for Yiddish, the language of Khazar Jews. The same Khazar Jews whom refer to Christians and those of other religions, as Goy or Goyim, a derogatory term of abuse, as in the words Menachem Begin “The death of a million Goyim is not worth a Jews toenail.” Anyway, Cameron offered his opinion on the chanting.

He declared that Jews could refer to themselves in any manner they chose. As long as other Jews were not offended, it was of no consequence. However should a Christian use the term, it was Hate Speech and anti-Semitic.

Apparently, the Jewish supporters of Tottenham Hotspur , have taken control of the term, which is now chanted as a “supremacist” term. So that is acceptable is it not? So it has now joined other racist terms such as “Black Power,” in the lexicon of hate against White Christians. What would the Jewish Jew David Cameron have to say, should a group of Whites take up the chant of “White is Right,” or some such phrase?

Google considers it hate speech to call a Jew a Jew. A Jew should be referred to as “Jewish.” Google, which is of course owned by Jews, prefers you to compose a search term which uses only a group of words which are arranged in an order which replaces Jew with Jewish.  They do not explain the meaning of the word “Jewish.”

Does “Jewish,” mean just a little bit of a Jew as in “Smallish?” Or should we soon expect the members of other religions to demand that they be called “Protestantish” or “Catholicish?” Because after all Jew is Noun, referring to a religion, not a Nationality. These people are quite rightly Yiddish, which is the language, with which they communicate amongst one another, as do the British use English.Is an Irishman a Paddy a Scotsman a Jock and a thief a Welshman or not? Down here the Brits are “Roast Beef,” will they soon be demanding that the “Frogs,” refer to them as “Roast Beefish?”

So where is the problem in calling the Yiddish, Yiddish?  They complain about anti-Semitism, when in fact they are not Semitic people, though those whom they murder and terrorise in Palestine, certainly are Semitic. These folk do nothing but whine.