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The Threat Of Climate Change Is Blowing Hot And Cold.


The United Nations has insisted that there should be no “official” debate into the claims of Global Warming” or “Climate Change”. This is despite the fact that even their claims, that every Climatologist who has ever lived, has confirmed their findings, has itself been shown to be a lie.

The unwelcome, but quickly dealt with, element of truth, which slipped unexpectedly into the ‘global warming’  debate, when the Emails of the Climate Research Unit were leaked, exposing the outright lies of the whole agenda, did nothing to alter the course of a plan which is designed to fool the world, into the false belief that we could all be saved from a fate worse than death, if we would simply cough up a bit more tax, this time on all and everything, including a loaf of bread, the Carbon Tax.

Our so-called leaders are fully aware of this scam and yet they are intent on allowing it to continue, however disastrous it may prove to be for the Peoples of the White Christian countries, whom will, as usual, be expected to take care of those whom are even now being funded to pour into our lands, even as they are all being conditioned to hate, the very White Christians, whom are as thick as two short sticks and whom will be feeding them, while forced to do without themselves.



Piers Corbyn is Jeremy’s brother and he is a weather expert, so why does Jeremy choose to ignore the truth, which is explained so clearly by his brother? That would be because Jeremy is a member of the Fabian Society and nothing coming from his mouth can be trusted.

The Fabian Society wants “open door” immigration and that is exactly why Jeremy is in favour of it. So be real, he is a member of a political party which has been controlled for the past century by the Fabian Society and like Donald Trump, whether he likes it or not, he is obliged to tow the Party line. Trump was brave enough to tell the world that Climate Change and Global Warming is a hoax, but judging by the attitude of the “Young” in the Sky News report they have been conditioned beyond all hope of salvation.

The Knights Of Malta Call A Conference Of Their Stooges.


Our Global Leaders have all popped off to Malta to receive their orders from Head Office, prepping them for the important meeting which is coming up in Paris.  This meeting is a treasonous attempt to destroy, whatever freedoms, we imagine we still possess.

The Malta bash was actually described as a meeting of British Commonwealth leaders, but in fact it includes François Hollande and Ban Ki Moon, both of whom will play an important part in persuading the delegates at the Paris Conference to succumb to the nonsense which was generated by the United Nations, totally for the benefit of the Bankers and Corporations.

The plans which will be on the table, at this farce in Paris,  will include the hammering of the last nail into the coffin of European Industry,  by introducing  unattainable CO2 limits, which will make it clear as to why George Osborne,  refused to subsidise British Steel manufacture, to help it pass through, a problematic period, as a result of Osborne’s decision to allow the dumping of Chinese steel in the UK,  as it would lead to CO2 emissions in excess of the limits which Osborne will impose on British Industry,  as part of his deliberate destruction of The United Kingdom.

This conference will pave the way to allowing multi-national Corporations, to not oily trade an invisible commodity on the Carbon Credit Exchanges, it will also allow them to sell OUR water to the highest bidder. There is a lot at stake and all of it being decided behind your back.