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France Is Mounting Yet Another Coalition Of The Guilty.

A chain of events, which started with the killing of the American Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens and two Navy Seals in Benghazi, which led on to the sacking of Generals and the questioning of Hilary Clinton by a panel of inquiry and is said to have disqualified Susan Rice from taking over the reins from Hilary Clinton, whom is about to retire, because she is said to have been involved in deceit and lies, concerning the Benghazi incident.

Today, the British Foreign Office, issued a warning to British Citizens in Benghazi, to leave the country at once. This would apparently be in response to the attack in Algeria, where several British Nationals were killed.

The attack in Algeria, we were told, was in response to the French attack and recolonization of Mali and was carried out by elements from Libya, together with the Tuareg opposition to the Military Dictatorship in Mali.

Today the real reasons for all this activity is beginning to surface. Algeria, accidentally, let it slip out that they had found Canadian and French passports, on the bodies of these so-called terrorists from Mali or Libya, announcing to the World that in fact this was yet another “False Flag,” attack.

As if by magic, the award-winning team of liars on Sky News, are using terms such as, Jihadists, Islamists and most strangely of all, IAQM, which I believe is the latest acronym, with which to further demonise Muslims.

Islamic Al Qaeda in the Maghreb. I wonder who dreamt that one up?  The Sky team have never used the word Maghreb, nor Jihadist or indeed Islamists, in recent reports which I have recorded, and as for IAQM, well listening to the likes of Lisa Holland, mouthing the acronym, as if she had been using it forever, did at least bring a smile to my face, however it also made clear where all of this is heading.

The group of thugs, which was left in control of Libya, by the British and French, after the murder of Gadaffi, are now displaying their real purpose, which is to generate an excuse for NATO to send in the Coalition of the Guilty, to take control of the situation, which they themselves created, giving them a platform, from which to launch their seizure of Africa, which the French have already kicked off in Mali.

NATO, in fact, set-up their own private terrorist training camp in Libya, which is what Blair suggested that the Tuareg, in Mali would certainly be doing, in the future, should they not be destroyed, before they can drive out the Military Junta. This is pure evil.

The same thugs, whom in Libya have been murdering Black Libyans, are now supposedly helping the Tuareg to liberate the ancestral home of the Blacks whom they have been slaying.

What happened to the American Ambassador in Benghazi, is now being presented as a terrorist plot, not a response to a film which was most certainly Jewish inspired. At the time I was certain that Steven’s had been chosen as cheap victim, in order to generate what is referred to as an October Surprise, to help win votes in the re-election of Obama.

I still believe that was the case, however it went terribly wrong, because somebody threw a spanner in the works, killing the Ambassador, perhaps because he was gay, who knows? At that point, how would the event have been received by the American public, should they have discovered that the death was simply to dupe them into voting for Obama, or indeed to generate an excuse for American boots on the ground in Libya? A lot of heads had to appear to roll, to cover up for that disaster.

I would suggest that in reality it is these paid mercenaries, whom have been doing all of the fighting in Mali, generating an excuse for France, to intervene and for Hollande to assure us that he would be staying put, until the rebels were wiped out.

I also believe that the attack in Algeria, was carried out without the knowledge of the Algerian government, which is why is was such a disaster. The Anglo/French mercenaries, whom carried out the attack, were not expecting the explosive response of the Algerian government, whom have a long tradition of being prepared to kill,even their own citizens. Despite this set-back, the event will still serve to bolster up the myth of Islamic Al Qaeda in the Maghreb.

The Neo Colonialists, have to date, managed to illegally attack, in the last twelve years, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan,Yemen, Somalia and Libya. They have instigated the installation of controlled governments in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and Yemen. They are in the process of destroying Syria and calling for an attack against Iran, not a bad score when you consider that not one of these countries has posed any threat to the West. What, one might ask, is the role of the United Nations?

Morsi, the British controlled President of Egypt, has carried out his first task for his masters in London, he has accepted a poisoned loan of four billion dollars, from the Rothschild controlled International Monetary Fund. This is the first step down the road towards an inability to repay the interest, which will involve the privatisation of the Suez Canal. Be sure this is the Zionist aim. After Suez who knows what might be on the list, the Pyramids, Dendera?

Far richer countries than Egypt have been taken down by the Central Bankers,  Egypt does not stand a chance, with a controlled President and an army under the control of the CIA?  They will be easy meat.

At this moment “Our Global Leaders,” are in conference with their Controllers in Davos. They are being given the opportunity to mouth off platitudes, as if they are there to tell the bankers how things are going to be, when in reality they are being briefed, no doubt being informed as to which assets must put up for auction.

Cameron, the British Prime Minister, I have been informed, finds himself personally involved in the elite form of thievery, which is concealed in the dark corners of the banks in the Tax Havens of the Bahamas and Jersey, that of tax evasion. This, as he is making veiled references to the likes of Starbucks whom are guilty of the same practice.

The same old rubbish is being wheeled out to justify this form of theft, that is, the excuse of Globalism. We must now understand that multi-nationals, can not only use Globalisation as a means of using the poorest people on the planet to manufacture their goods, at the lowest cost, they must also have the right to pay their taxes in that country, which offers the lowest rates. This will give  the likes of Starbucks, the right to syphon off millions of pounds, from countries around the world, leaving those countries poorer in the process.

Starbucks are not only refusing to pay their share of taxes, they are also employing most of their staff on a part-time basis, to avoid paying for little items such as  National Insurance and holiday pay. This applies to all of the other Fast Food outlets like, Burger King, McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried, Quick and Haagen Dazs.

Every one of these companies is helping to destroy the health of the population which they serve. They offer nothing which cannot be made by other indigenous companies. Europe would be better off without them. Cameron would be doing the UK a favour if he taxed them all out of the country.

Anyway I digress.



A Savage,Dripping With Blood, Claims To The UN That He Is A Man Of Peace, And Nobody Walked Out

Today, I watched in astonishment, as the latest Butcher of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that he and the rest of the savages in Israel, believed in the Rights of Man and freedom of speech, liberty and whatever else came into his sweep-head, which as a psychopath, he would be guessing would make the assembled ranks of representatives of the so-called United Nations, believe him to be sincere; not surprisingly there was no mass exodus of the disgusted.

This vermin should be excluded from the UN as he and the State for which he preaches is in breach of dozens of UN Resolutions and is continually avoiding the signing of the non proliferation treaty on the nuclear weapons, to which he claims Iran is not adhering, quite apart from the continual slaughter of the people of Gaza.

For this man to be suggesting that others, pose a threat to the security of the Middle East is so ludicrous as to be beyond belief. Israel is the main threat to us all. He is however, of course, no more than a drunk spewing his bile into the gutter of history, he is simply a puppet, speaking for the real criminals in the City of London.

He is in the process of finding an acceptable excuse, to start another war in the region, which will give his runners in London the opportunity to destroy and contaminate yet another country, simply because they can.

I find it difficult to understand, why I am supposed to find the behaviour of these animals acceptable, on the basis of something which they allege happened to them during the last war, which I am forbidden to research, under threat of prison. The City of London provided the excuse to destroy Germany, in exactly the same manner as Netanyahu is attempting to employ now.

The British signed a treaty with Poland, They ordered the Poles to attack the ethnic Germans, living in the Free City of Danzig. They then urged Hitler to protect his people in Danzig. Hitler took them at their word and entered Danzig, which was not and had never been part of Poland. The British immediately claimed that Hitler had invaded Poland which he had not and they declared war on Germany.

The Jews in the City of London, were well aware that the Jews in Europe would be rounded up and placed in detention centres, as were the Germans and Japanese in the US. This was normal, as world Jewry had declared war on Germany.  My personal opinion is that the Typhus epidemic which swept through the region during the war was deliberately disseminated in the detention camps and factories which used slave labour, many of which were Jewish owned, in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, in order to implicate the Germans in mass deaths. German efficiency, in delousing the prisoners as they arrived at the camps, showering with carbolic soap and fumigation with Zyklon B and the provision of clean clothing, kept the outbreak at bay, until the last days of the war.

Of course, they were at the same time, busily killing millions of folk, whom they had already saved, presumably, to kill later. The evidence of this struggle against Typhus is available on-line. It demonstrates quite clearly the efforts which the Third Reich were prepared to make to save life.

In any case these events occurred before I was born. I am more concerned with current events. Right now there is a savage genocide taking place in front of us and the likes of Netanyahu are the cheerleaders of this crime.

The Jews demanded that the German people should be considered as guilty as their leaders, for the crimes which they claimed were perpetrated during WW2. The German people are still paying the Jews for the crime which cannot be discussed. The Jews are not paying reparations to anyone. They have scourged the people of Palestine. They are truly people with no soul. They bombed the UN food compound in Gaza, during Cast Lead, quite deliberately. They bombed a school which was flying the UN Flag and was a safe zone for children. These people are from Hell. Am I anti Jew for having no respect for this band of vermin?

Of course Gaza is not the only victim of the City of London in the Middle East, we have already witnessed at least two million Iraqis killed by sanctions and an illegal invasion by the Coalition of the Guilty. A million casualties in Iran during a proxy war with Iraq. Probably more than a million dead in Afghanistan. God only knows how many dead in Pakistan. Some say at least fifty thousand killed during the humanitarian bombardment in Libya. Plus of course the murder of Gadaffi, under orders from Nicolas Sarkozy a Jew. The UN talks of at least thirty thousand deaths in Syria, this was of course paid for by France the UK the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia are being named as the Patsies, along with Qatar and the Dubai where all the Jewish royal families are in control.

The City of London has a long history of genocide, they in fact invented the Concentration Camp, during the Boer War, which was started by a lie. They managed to starve to death, thirty-five thousand women and children in these camps.  At the end of WW2, they starved over one million German prisoners of war to death, in the same style of open air concentration camps, which were employed against the Boers. These genocides are of course never mentioned, like the French involvement in the Rwanda massacres. In fact you are likely to be locked up for simply mentioning the fact that they even took place.

Sadly,  the United Nations is controlled by all five of the most brutal regimes the world has ever seen. The British, French,Russians, Chinese and the US, all of which are controlled from the City of London. Between them they are responsible for more death and destruction, than all of the regimes from history put together. We in fact are a part of a truly dark and unpleasant chapter of events, over which we have repeatedly failed to take action. We are all responsible.

Obama Scales New Heights of Hypocritical Hyperbole And Obfuscation.

While listening to the garbage which spewed out of Obama’s tele-prompter, as he addressed the United Nations, I was reminded of something I heard a while back on the radio.  It was during a tribute to a script writer, whom with the help of a team of pals, had written some of the funniest sketches ever televised on UK TV.

He was well renowned for his risqué humour. One of the actors was relating how he had said to the script writer, “We’ll never get away with that.” The script writer advised him to just say it as if he did not know what he was saying. Take a look at this example.

Obama gave us a lecture, which was based solely on Islamic matters, such as the business of getting even with those whom had killed the US Ambassador to Libya, he has already sent the Drones to dig out the killers.

He talked of the need of Democracy, the kind he helped establish in Libya, one supposes. He spoke of taking down the Assad regime in Syria. Iranian attempts to construct Nuclear weapons and how he was prepared to give them some time to accept his offer or die.

He spoke of the destruction, which is the end result of terrorism. The evidence of which can be seen all across the Middle East and the Maghreb. He forgot to mention that it was his government which had organised and paid for it all.

His Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, described the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya as mob rule, which could not be stood for. Unlike the mob rule, which the US is in the act of financing in Syria.

Obama spoke out in defence of the publishing of the inflammatory film about Muslims and the right to free speech, which must, at all cost be maintained, as long as we do not mention Jewish involvement in the terrorist attack on 911. In fact we must never link Israel to any of the atrocities which they carry out. And of course, the big one, the holocaust.

It is called the biggest war crime in the history of the world and unlike God Almighty, whom we can choose to believe in, should we be of that disposition and whom people whom refer to themselves as Atheists, can set about the proving of his non-existence, without fear of a gaol sentence, however we are obliged to believe in the holocaust.

I would like to point out to Obama, whom I understand is a Cocaine sniffing, bi-sexual, whom was groomed by the Chicago Mob and despite not being born in the USA, was placed in power by having a totally unacceptable opponent in the Presidential Election, that if there was any such thing as organised Muslim terrorism, he, along with many members of his and the previous government, would be already dead.

In fact the paucity of Muslim opposition has made it necessary for the CIA and SAS to plant bombs themselves, in order to give the impression that there is something out there to fight.

I spend my life with Muslims and quite frankly I am outraged at their lack of indignation at what is going on.

When I first caught a glimpse of the poster, which had been placed on the New York subway,  I thought it was a wake-up call to US citizens, to make them realise that there was just a possibility that they were the savages. To be warned to be careful, while fighting a war, to make sure that you are on the side of the civilised people and not the side of the savages, speaks for itself.

The US savages, along with the coalition of the guilty, savages, have done all of the things of which Obama and others have accused Assad, even the torturing of children in front of their father, in order to make him confess to something of which he was innocent. There is no obscenity of which the NATO forces and the private Intelligence Agencies have not made use.

As for Jewish war crimes, if there was any other country on earth, committing the crimes of which Israel is guilty, they would have been destroyed out of hand years ago.

Breivik’s Murder Spree Highlights Daily Life For Our Boys, Whom Are Paid For the Same Acts.

Once again we are drifting into that strange landscape of the good and the evil, where right and wrong is  separated simply  by whom is paying for the slaughterer.
On the one hand we have Anders Breivik, whom massacred a group of young people in Norway, in cold blood and whom is likely to spend the rest of his days in prison, on the other hand we have the paid mercenaries of the Coalition of the Guilty, whom are encouraged to kill as many innocent people as necessary, in order to generate an excuse to destroy yet another country.

Sky News now has its full team of liars in place, in Syria,  under the control of the man whom has long years of experience in the art deception, Jeremy Thompson. The woman whom was given a prize for the lies she related concerning Gadaffi in Libya, by some strange coincidence, has already found herself in a position to spot an aircraft of the Syrian Airforce, doing what? Well strafing civilians of course, and hospitals and schools and anything else which might provide an excuse for NATO to come screaming in with guns blazing.

Cameron and Obama are mouthing off about chemical weapons and the need to invade Syria to seize them, before Assad can make use of them. They might be better off taking control of Israel’s Nuclear Bombs, which are a far more serious threat to the world than Assad will ever be.

It is now quite clear that this is an aggressive war, which is being carried out against a State which has threatened nobody. Even if it could be proven that Assad was mistreating his own people, this is not enough to justify the actions of the British, French, Israeli, US and Turkish governments along with the Jewish controlled Arab States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which are in fact putting down a similar uprising in Bahrain and Yemen, in an all out terrorist attack, using hired killers and the murderous teams of thugs from the Foreign Legion and the SAS, to put a government more to their liking in place.

I believe that another hand was behind the Breivik atrocity, he may even have had a helping hand in the killings. Whatever the truth may be, he is certainly no worse than any of the thugs whom have been swarming around the Maghreb and the Middle East, killing indiscriminately, anything that moves, under orders from NATO, which is nothing more than the killing machine of the Shadow Government.

Breivik is being presented as an example of out of control Fascism, which he is not. He is an example of xenophobia, which has nothing whatsoever to do with Fascism. This is in order to keep the notion of National Socialism, buried under a veil of darkness, where it remains perceived as a means of expelling immigrants and attacking ethnic minorities.

We are constantly having these claims laid at the door of Adolf Hitler, in order to deny the possibility of making use of the ideas of Hitler,  in order to solve current financial problems. I have personally spent many hours of research and I have been unable to uncover any evidence that Hitler was attempting to wipe out anybody. Not Jews, cripples, homosexuals nor Gypsies, tramps or thieves. What he was interested in doing was extricating Germany from the quagmire into which it had been thrown, by the drafting of the Versailles Treaty at the end of the Great War, which forced Germany to pay the debts of the Coalition of the Guilty, which was in place even that long ago.

The methods used by this Coalition never change. The controlled media simply blackens the name of the intended target, in nineteen-thirty-three the target was Hitler, when the Jews declared war on Germany. This call was soon taken up by the rest of the controlled media and in a flash, all sorts of claims were being bandied about.

Russia of course, which was already under the control of the Jews, escaped this bad publicity, despite the fact that it was well-known that they were culling millions of Christians.

We now have all and every intended target, Gadaffi, Saddam, Assad, Idi Amin, Mugabe, whomever, referred to as a Hitler.

At the end of the Second World War, Eastern Europe was handed over to these Russian Jewish Communists, including a once more divided Germany. From where did the three Jews, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin receive the power or the justification for this act? At what point, more importantly, did Russia shake off this yoke of Jewish control? It was certainly not under Gorbachev, whom is a Jew, as is Medvedev, so in what way has Russia changed? From what has it been liberated and where is it now, in terms of opposition to the West, which in fact fed the Russian people all through the Cold War?

It would appear that Russia has been prepared for some part in the changes which are occurring world-wide. Who knows what act they are intended to perform. I would certainly not be too happy, in the position of Assad, should I have to rely on Putin to come to my aid. Should this prove to be the only source of support for Syria, it is already doomed.

I think it is fair to say that the world is saturated by scum such as Breivik, however most of them are called heroes and they receive Military Medals for their acts. When they are demobbed from the Military, should they suffer from any form of mental disorder they must be shown sympathy. Breivik on the other hand has been described, using the noun Hitler, which indicates somebody beyond the pale. What a twisted world we live in.

Norway, which provided hundreds of air attacks against Libya, killing an unknown number of women, men and children and will probably lend a hand in killing a few thousand more in Syria, to save them of course, are still whining about the act of Breivik. I feel in need of deep counselling in order to understand this level of cold-blooded hypocrisy.