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George Bush Nailed It; Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Errrrrrr!



Not much sign of turmoil in a classroom which has just suffered a frenzied attack.

The Security Guard at the Parklands School, Florida, who failed to enter the school during an attack, to save the lives of the children, whom he had been paid to protect, has now, having been outed as a coward resigned, under a cloud.

This report struck a chord in my mind, which reverberated all the way back to the attack on Virginia Tech, reports of which I had heard live on the wireless. The big question at the time had been, “Why did the police wait for more than an hour, before entering the building?” This failure allowed the alleged killer enough time to kill thirty-three people before killing himself. So in fact the police presence served no purpose whatsoever, they did not even have to arrest the killer, whom they apparently picked out from amongst the other dead and wounded.








As in the recent attack in Florida, the police and others had been alerted to the fact that there was an alleged ‘loose cannon’, adrift in the Virginia Tech and yet they took no action. This wily Oriental, wisely carried out his slaughter using two hand-guns, one of them being a 9mm Glock and a tiny 0.22 pistol of some sort. He also found time to post a package of information to the ABC News office. The attack was carried out in two phases an hour apart, so the Police were extremely generous in their response. He would also have been obliged to re-load his pistols, which would have rendered him helpless, while in the middle of numerous students whom it would appear to have been incapable of taking advantage of this opportunity to disarm the diminutive Oriental.



The attack in Columbine set the standard for all of these future events, The Cops and SWAT teams appear to have held off for several hours, before entering the premises, when having managed to save nobody, they spent hours looking for dead and wounded, without calling in the Medics.


LITTLETON, Colo. — Laughing as they killed, two youths clad in dark ski masks and long black coats fired handguns at will and blithely tossed pipe bombs into a crowd of their terrified classmates Tuesday inside a suburban high school southwest of Denver, littering halls with as many as 23 bodies and wounding at least 25 others. The gunmen, embittered youths reportedly fascinated with paramilitary culture, kept police sharpshooters at a distance for more than four hours before they apparently used their guns on themselves.

The day’s horror mounted with unrelieved dread, a grim cascade that began with the startling clap of explosions and ended with a schoolhouse transformed into a tomb. No American high school has seen so much violent death at the hands of its own children – and late into the night, the day’s reckoning was not yet done.……..Police had pursued reports that a third suspect joined the two heavily armed assailants as they burst into the school building shortly after 11:30 a.m. and lobbed several explosive devices. But police later said the youth was not being sought as an accomplice, but was being questioned about the motives of the two dead suspects, whose weakness for dark fatigues and black clothes led many students to deride them as the “Trench Coat Mafia…….. One girl watched fellow students gunned down around her in the library, one after another. The gunman laughed as he fired, killing a girl next to the girl and then dispatching a boy nearby before aiming his gun at her.

“I begged him not to shoot me and he just put the gun in my face and he started waving it and said it was all because someone was mean to him last year,” said the survivor, identified only as “Judy” in a televised interview.


Yes indeed even the survivors tales have a familiar ring to them.

Why, one might wonder, were the Police, having been given reports of a third suspect, choose to ignore the reports and instead question the third suspect about the motives of the killers, how would he know what their motives might have been if he was not a part of the team.

This takes me all the way back to Sandy Hook, where two men were clearly filmed from a Helicopter, fleeing, into the woods from the Sandy Hook school, chased by a couple of cops. These men were caught and taken away in a Police car, eyewitnesses were filmed telling us of this series of events.

The only future reference to these two men, which I managed to dig out, suggested that one of them, worrying about the fate of his child, had entered the building through a window, and having found his daughter, alive and well, crouching inside a cupboard, he jumped out of the same window by which he had entered,  leaving his daughter behind and for some reason and fearing a negative reaction from the Police,  he legged it into the woods where he was captured and for all we know, executed to prevent him from letting us know that the school was empty. No future mention was ever made about the man who was arrested or the guy with him in the school and who ran into the woods with him. They were quite obviously thieves and did a plea bargain with the cops or were executed to shut them up, which would suggest their were no dead bodies in the school, which is what Occam’s Razor would suggest.

Meanwhile back in Columbine, we were told that the evil masked Goths, laughed as they tossed pipe bombs, which exploded amongst the terrified youngsters in the class. I can assure anybody, who may be tempted to waste their time making pipe bombs with freely available chemicals and sugar, that to simply “toss one” into a crowd and snigger as it explodes, is nothing more than fantasy and Fake News and it throws into doubt the rest of the tale as it was reported. It is quite difficult to explode a pipe bomb, without sophisticated electronic equipment, even then it is difficult, a fact which in past times has called many Police reports involving so-called “pipe bombs” into question.

After all of these events, there were strident calls for restrictions on gun ownership in the USA, this despite bucket loads of evidence that the FBI has armed and trained all of the so-called Muslim terrorists, whom have been blamed for past attacks, some, like the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre, with recorded evidence of the FBI organising and arming the Arab ‘Patsies’ with the truck bomb, which they claimed to be fake, on record. With killers like the FBI in our midst we have urgent need of weapons with which to defend ourselves, as the day cannot be too far off when we will need them.

All of the above evidence would suggest to even a Young Sherlock Holmes, that the reason why the Security man in Florida and the cops at other events, did not react in a rapid response mode, is clearly because they were aware that there was no hurry, they had been expecting there to be gunshots and they waited patiently for the order to enter the premises, where the scene had been laid out in such a manner that the school kids actually witnessed nothing at all, while now familiar tales are related to the media by invited “witnesses.”

In Florida that day, there had been two Military Drills, one of them at the very moment the so-called “mad school-boy” struck, so why would the Security man, who would have been fully informed about these drills rush in?

The most common feature, not only in the few events which I have mentioned but in the vast majority of cases, is the evidence that the Police did not respond in the correct manner, but simply hung around outside waiting for the ‘all clear’ command. Another feature is the distinct shortfall in Ambulances at the scene of the crime and the dead bodies of children, left lying in their own blood overnight.

This happened at Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook and even in Nice, France and yet there is not a shred of evidence to show that after a train wreck, for example, that the medical staff simply left the scene, with parting words like those of Wayne Carver, the Medicine Man at Sandy Hook, that even though he had not checked out all the dead bodies in the school, to verify not even the number of boys and girls and that he intended to continue his investigation the following morning. Such is the consideration for the welfare and emotions of those families, awaiting news of their children.

In all of these cases, whether it be Muslim Terrorists or schoolboys on medicine, and whether in the United Kingdom, France or the United States, the perpetrators of these events are invariably, already under suspicion, which is the point which I have been attempting to understand, that is the difference between a ‘hoax’ and a ‘false flag,’ in a hoax nobody dies while in a false flag, many people may die, but who or whom is doing the killing, friend or foe?

When Israel carried out an attack against the USS Liberty, that would be a form of ‘false flag’ the intention being to lay the blame on Egypt, while in Florida, Nikolas Cruz, on finding himself in a school, where a friend explained that she thought of him, when she heard the sound of gunfire, fled the scene, having had a flash of inspiration, as to why he had been invited to play a part in a drill, he was picked up by Police, a long way from the scene, whom seemed to know exactly for who they were searching, If that is the case, it would be better, for all of us if nobody had died.