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Is The World Too Zionish? After All Zionish People Believe It To Be Too White.

Throughout the barbaric destruction of the Middle East, which has turned the region into a massive bomb crater, the United Nations was there, on the ground, in all its glory. They watched as Bush and Blair lied us all into the destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq, all of it based on disinformation and deceit, without comment. They then generously provided the ‘No Fly Zone’ excuse for Cameron and Sarkozy to maul Libya, while they calmly ignored the illicit transport of arms, from Libya to the Mercenaries in Syria to lay that country to waste.

Even before that, the United Nations did themselves massacre millions of innocent people in Korea, they sanctified the slaughter of the Palestinian people and the theft of the their property and land. This was of course, a case of hidden Zionish people, behind the curtain of the UN, turning a blind eye to the barbaric behaviour of other Zionish folk, working for an English Lord.

So what is the actual purpose of the United Nations, it has so far, completely failed in its alleged role of putting an end to war, so why do we need it? It is in fact, no more than a sink-hole for our money as is the European Union, which is also currently experiencing a difficulty in explaining exactly what it is achieving,  which could not be achieved by simple cooperation between European States, without need of a powerless Parliament costing billions of Euros.

The main connection between the United Nations and the European Union is the fact that there are rich Zionish types crouching in the shadows behind both of them. We are not allowed to explore too closely this aspect of ‘our control’, just as when the likes of the ‘Friends of Israel’ ridden British Houses of Parliament, which still supports, with millions of Pounds of aid, which is annually sent to Israel, while ignoring the War Crimes which are being financed with this ‘aid,’ without so much as a question to any Prime Minster being allowed, while the British simply accept this anomaly.

Theresa May, the current Prime Minister of the UK, who has described herself as a Jew and who like her counterpart in France, Emmanuel Macron, spent her early years in the employ of the Man Who Rules the World, Baron Rothschild, who actually owns Palestine, which he received as a gift through the machinations of two Zionish British Lords, Balfour and Halifax, in return for tricking the United States into the Great War.



In a strange repetition of history, the British, whom imposed a debt, which could never be repaid, onto America, when America ‘decided’ to leave the British Union, which ultimately lead to the construction of the Federal Reserve, which to this day is controlled by the City of London, now that the English have decided to leave a European Union, the City of London controlled European Central Bank, is attempting to enforce ‘a divorce debt’ onto the backs of the British, which can never be repaid, all of which will go into the pockets f the Rothschilds’

A two-billion-pound Great War debt with Baron Rothschild, cost the British people over twelve-billion-pounds in interest alone, before it was finally repaid in 2015. Britain now has a debt with the Rothschilds’ of two-trillion-pounds. To repay a debt of two-billion-pounds took one-hundred-years and twelve-billion in interest, how long do the British People imagine it will take to repay two-trillion-pounds and at what cost in interest? Two trillion is two thousand times greater than two billion, I think, so the actual cost of repaying the debt is quite clearly impossible. The total stupidity of Usury/Compound Interest stands exposed, naked before us, for what it is.

As for the Americans, they still have faith in the Founding Fathers and all that rubbish, when it was these same Founding Father whom tricked them into the unrepayable debt situation in the first place. A situation which was questioned by President Jackson, who closed down the illegal, corrupt Bank of America, which was reinstalled some time later as The Federal Reserve and with the complicity of every President ever since, with a ‘House’ where members spend most of their time stuffing packets of bribe money into their back pockets, it has been retained by a gang of controlled politicians with nothing to gain from doing ‘The Right Thing.’

Like the British and their proposed ‘Brexit’ from the European Union, the Americans never quite managed to break away from the British Union by which they have always been controlled. Mad King George was himself a mere tool of the Dutch Bankers, whose aim was to force the American people into debt prison.

The other ‘patriot’ who stood up to the ruthless scourge of the Zionish Bankers was Adolf Hitler, who initiated his own currency and hauled the German people out of their ‘un-payable debt situation, with the criminals, whom with the support of their bribed and blackmailed lackeys, had forced Germany into accepting the iniquitous Treaty of Versailles, through the usual means of starvation tactics.

Hitler carried out the ‘forbidden act’ of closing the Zionish Banks and created his own money, based on a Deutsch Mark worth an hour of labour. Which worked like magic, but don’t tell anyone or they’ll all want to do it.

Hitler had explained in Mein Kampf, that Germany was too Zionish. The Zionish had made use of the deliberate hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, after the end of the Great War, to buy most of the super-structure of Berlin and other German cities, using the power of the Wall Street Dollar, the value of which had been cunningly increased, with the direct intention of making Germany virtually worthless and therefore, cheaper than the cost of a Depression time whore.

What would Hitler make of the situation across the world, where all of the Media, Press, Radio, Film and Television, with the ‘New’ media on the Internet, already under their control? I wonder if he might feel slightly over-powered by such an oppressive presence of all of those Zionish folk, even before we take a closer look at the Political situation across the planet, where all of the main players in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Canada are all under Zionish control?

The question needs to be asked of our leaders, is the World too Zionish? The only answer must be that it is, which is a situation which is totally racist and which needs to be called to book.



In the United States after an event like the Las Vegas attack, there are immediate calls to ban guns, and always by people with a family name ending with Stein or Berg. These are the very folk whom are calling for the legal arming of Jews in London, where they already have a group of armed Vigilante Police, parading around in vehicles which are indistinguishable from the real thing.

Three Weeks In A Hot Spot!

My Inter-web connection was arbitrarily blocked by my ISP at the end of April. In past times it had been possible to park in any urban street and with a simple piece of software, you could find two or three open web connections. Those days have gone. Security is now paramount, apart from the NSA of course.

These days, the centre of town is a nightmare, if you find a spot to park you can spend the rest of the day scratching your head, desperately trying to remember in which back-street you had left your car.  So you take to the darkness at the edge of town, as they say.

MacDonald’s was my first stop, mainly because you could slip in and plug-in and surf away to your heart’s content, with no interference from the staff. That has all changed, around here McDonald’s has gone PC, that is Politically Correct.

Back in the day, the only problem which I had encountered in McDo’s, was the block against Infowars, this has now been extended to cover anything from The Pirate Bay, to the word Jew.

At Quick, they have installed Orange as the controller of the Web and you are now obliged to provide full name, Email address, home address and your inside leg measurement, all just to get a connection.

Cap Costières was a shade better, but I was just a little bit concerned with the message which told me the time at the very instant which my session had commenced.

Enough of that, this morning I appear to be back on-line, I hope it lasts long enough to enable me to scribble a quick response to an interview, which was carried out by Mealy Mouthed Murnaghan, with the Jew Mark Carney, the Goldman Sachs man who now has the fate of the British People in his sweaty grasp.

As usual, Murnaghan steered well clear of any question which may have discomforted Carney. Despite the fact that in the package which trailed the interview with Carney, which suggested that Canadians believed that the turmoil which had appeared in their housing market, had been as a direct consequence of the policies of Carney, while in his position at that other Rothschild controlled Central Bank in Canada, Murnaghan made no mention of this claim.

What I find intriguing  in this tale of a housing bubble, which Carney appears to be suggesting is rearing its head once again in the UK, while the Cameron government assures us, that this is not so, that only London is showing signs of huge price hikes, is that having said that “The Bank” now has ways and means of dealing with the problem, he has no intention of raising interest rates at this time, despite the looming bubble and the promise of increased rates should unemployment fall below seven per-cent.

Economists like Carney, would have us believe that too much money in circulation, leads to inflation.  I have never accepted this claim.  Inflation is created when too much money is chasing too little to purchase.  This is the problem which is a continuing irritation for those whom would like to buy a home, there are never enough homes available, this is a deliberate ploy, which is encouraged by the obscene greed of Bankers and their minions.

In “normal” times, when the housing business is booming, politicians never explain the real scam which is taking place, under our noses. Every home which is sold on the open market, is damaging for the economy and we are less well off as a result. Thanks to the price hike, which has inflated the cost of a home, even in these desperate times by more than twenty per-cent in recent years, the Bankers are licking their lips with glee.

While economists insist that the printing of money is dangerous for the equilibrium of the economy, we have been deluged with cash which has been called Quantitative Easing.  This disguises the fact that “The Bank” has been printing money by another name. I am firmly convinced, that the money, which as usual was passed directly to the Bankers and not to the people, has been used to gamble on the Stock Exchanges, which are at levels which bear no resemblance to the actual state of World economies.

I would like to suggest, here and now, that the Government is involved in a huge deception, which strips the British people of billions of Pounds, which is spirited away to the coffers of the Central Bankers, at the Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland, where it will forever be free of scrutiny and the liability of taxes.

It is a well-known  fact that the housing market is the true “Cash Cow” of the Bankers. What is little known is the true depth of the fraud and the complicity of the Media and Government in the crime.

David Cameron, was faced with the conundrum of how to ignite the sale of homes, which it is always claimed, to be good for the economy, without alerting the mugs whom are queuing up to be robbed, of the nature of the “Sting.”  He chose to use a scheme, which appeared to lend a helping hand to young couples, when in  fact it was designed to gee up the Cash Cow.

Quantitative Easing was always open to criticism as being no more than the printing of money, as is the modern system of housing loans, Mortgage Loans, are  the discreet way of doing the same thing but it is even more lucrative for the Bankers. Building Societies were a system of helping those whom wanted to build their own home. However, by law they could only loan out the cash which had been deposited by savers. These once local schemes, such as the Halifax Building Society and others have now become Banks, under the control of the Banking Elite and they have now given themselves the ability to loan an unregulated amount to clients.

With the sharp increase in the value of a house, the Bankers now have the ability of making huge loans to those whom seek a mortgage.  The guilty secret being that the money necessary is not in the vaults of the banks, it is simply pulled out of thin air, it is a figment of the imagination, it does not exist, which is why the bankers were so eager to sell homes to those whom could least afford them.   In that way, having received interest on the loan for several years, without a penny of reduction of the initial debt, should the debtor default the home became the property of the bank.

That same home, which had not cost the bank one single penny of real money,  which  will now, at current values, be worth thousands of pounds more in interest alone, can be sold  and any amount gained from the sale, is simply more money for nothing. All of the money gained by the bankers, is a drain on the British economy. There is more money being made by the lender, than the value of the home itself. The debtor is trapped into this system of theft by politicians, whom fully understand the criminality the scheme.

The result has been that to balance the loss to the current account of the UK, by the billions of pounds which is being sucked up by the bankers, money which should be spent into the economy, helping to create jobs, which will create more wealth for the  workers, the UK has been obliged to print money itself, money which is normally printed by creating a housing bubble, which will allow the printing of the money to be carried out by the banks, most of which are controlled by the owners of the Federal Reserve and The Bank of England.

David Cameron himself, never speaks to the system which allowed his own father, to set up offshore accounts, in which to deposit money which had been generated by British workers, to avoid UK Taxes, money which Cameron has now inherited.

It is a concept which seems to baffle the voter, that every pound which is gained by trading in Stocks or Shares or indeed in Currencies, is a form of theft. Any gain in value is a loss to the working person, We the People, generate all of the wealth, the rich rob us. It is as simple as that.

They try to baffle us with fancy talk. There is always more debt owed, than there is money to repay it. Which is why a National Debt can NEVER be paid off.  Once upon a time, this was called the invisible earnings, when money men made profit from money alone, when in fact it is the daily theft of Compound Interest, which our politicians force us all to pay to the Central Banking Families.

The important question, which propagandists such as Murnaghan never ask, is why this scheme is being allowed to continue, when there is not the slightest difference between Quantitative Easing and money printing  and this being so, why does the government not Quantitatively Ease Mortgages, which would ensure that the money which is lost to the Robber Banks, through Compound Interest, stays in the economy where it belongs.




The Reality Of The Fiscal Crisis? It Is A Grand Larceny.

From Scotland, where the leader of the SNP Alex Salmond, is already plotting ahead of the referendum, which may or may not give Scotland its Independence from the Union with England and Wales, the position of the newly liberated Scotland, in the European Union.

It does not seem to have occurred to Salmond, that the people whom he expects to vote for their liberty, in a referendum, would be inclined to hand this liberty into the hands of the un-elected, Fascist organisation, which is a front for the very bankers whom have deliberately destroyed Europe and its industrial base, without the right to a Referendum which would give Salmond, the authority to make a decision on the subject. Like all psychopaths, he is already issuing dictates.

To Ireland, where the people, believe that they won a version of freedom from the British, which in effect was a false belief, the British left behind their Political system, which was already loaded with traitors, in  advance of Independence, and of course their Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

For fifty years, he Irish struggled with the burden of the illegal Compound Interest and the debt which it inflicted on the Irish people, and as a result were stuck in poverty and remained in the pocket of the Brits.

Then along came Europe. The Irish people watched traitorous politicians embed them deeper and deeper into the claws of the hidden controllers of the EU. Irish politicians were and are members of  secret organisations, where they were given their orders on how to trap Ireland.

Subsidies enabled the construction of roads and motorways. Business premises were quickly filled with foreign companies as a means of gaining access to the vast EU market. Readily available credit plunged people into enormous debt through swinging rates of interest.

Then came the Euro. It was clear from the start that Ireland was not in the correct fiscal state necessary to merit entry into the zone. To get around this problem, the EU made “experts” available to hide the reality of the Irish National debt, making Ireland acceptable. Bear in mind the EU did not give a fig about the truth, they simply wanted everyone in the zone, the less suitable, the better. The object was to take control of all economies.

The Irish wanted to retain the Punt. They voted No! The Government fixed the second referendum. Step Two, the Lisbon Treaty. Once again the people said No! Once again the second referendum was fixed.

Now the plug has been pulled and the prepared collapse is under way. Ireland is back in the Stone Age and another Referendum is looming. Ireland is already in a position where it can never repay the Compound Interest on the outstanding debt, without being obliged to take even more money from the IMF or the ECB or indeed, heaven forbid, from the Brits.

By now, it must be perfectly clear to the brave people of Ireland, that they have been betrayed and there is no way out, other than a new, serious change in the monetary system in Eire. The Central Bank has got to go. The only means of pulling the country together is through the use of interest free loans to boost the economy and the availability of enough funds to pay Corporation workers and the Health workers and all other essential services. Europe must go. It is and has always been a Zionist trap.

The European Commission is already making threats, that should Ireland refuse the new Fiscal Deal which is being proposed, they will never be given access to bailouts in the future. All the better. Call their bluff. Print the bailout yourselves, without interest. It’s the same thing but cheaper.

Any money which circulates in Ireland has no effect on the rest of Europe but it can solve the problems at home. Europe has been destroyed by design, by the European Union. Things will not be getting better if it is allowed to carry on. They have given all our jobs to China and they will continue to do so in the name of Carbon emissions.

Take a look at this extract from Der Spiegel.

She (Merkel) has shown Sarkozy’s Socialist challenger François Hollande the cold shoulder, and that is unlikely to change in the run-up to the vote. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, leading conservative governments in the EU — those in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — have agreed not to receive Hollande during the campaign.

Merkel secretly agreed with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that Hollande should be shunned, SPIEGEL has learned. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed not to meet him.

They weren’t just motivated by sympathy for Sarkozy but also because they’re angry at Hollande for saying he would seek to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed among 25 of the 27 EU members. The agreement on fiscal discipline, pushed through by Merkel at an EU summit in December, is a central component of the EU’s strategy to save the euro in the debt crisis.

This is scandalous, not only because it shows a complete disregard for the Sovereignty of another EU member State, it also smacks of a form of propaganda, designed to give Francois Hollande the air of being a sort of “rebel” whom is likely to upset an apple cart somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hollande is in lock-step with Sarkozy and all of the other fanatical Zionists of the EU. He it was whom enabled Sarkozy to sign the Lisbon Treaty after it had been rejected by the French electorate.

I have interviewed several members of his Socialist Party, they are not inclined to undo the Lisbon Treaty, using the lame excuse that it is too late, when in fact it is never too late in a democratic system, let alone in a Republic like France. The Socialists signed the  amendment to the Constitution, necessary to legalize the Lisbon Treaty without reference to the people.  The Socialists also support Agenda 21, without reference to the People.

Greece, is not being allowed to leave the Eurozone. They have in effect defaulted on their debt, however it is not being called a default. It makes no difference what they choose to call it, a fraud by any other name, is still a criminal offence.

Greece is being forced to accept money in order to pay interest to the very people whom are making the loans. All of this is designed to force Greece into the same position as are the Irish. They will never pay off the debt and the people are now being told that a fraud which was carried out by Goldman Sachs, which is a subsidiary of the Rothschild Empire, in order to give Greece the impression of solvency and an entry into the Eurozone, which is under the control of the ECB, which itself is owned by the same banking families, all happened without the knowledge of the EU.  This is laughable and criminal.

The European Commission is attempting to give the impression that they were duped by the likes of Ireland and Greece, this is rubbish, they were on board with the fraudulent figures manufactured by Goldman Sachs, it was all in the planning of the contrived excuse to take control of all Eurozone economies.

None of these events were accidental, they were part of the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. They are all involved, the politicians, the Judiciary, the bankers, the Top Cops all of them. Why do you think nobody has been called to book?

We are all teetering on the brink of a precipice. Our elected politicians will not help us out. They are traitors. They have stood silently by watching these events unfold. The People, believe that they will be better served by electing a new regime. They are due for a rude awakening. Electing another Political Party will change nothing, change will only come when they take to the streets.

So you see Scotland, you need to be wary of politicians like Salmond. It makes little difference any more whether Scotland is part of the UK or not, the Treaty of Lisbon, which Salmond apparently supports, has already linked Scotland to Norway, so very soon it will no longer exist. He is also in favour of Agenda 21, which will be the final nail in Scotland’s coffin. Your dreams of freedom will be transitory.

We’re All Rebels Now! Lets Go For It.

The whole of Europe and indeed the World, is fighting a common enemy. This enemy is never named. It is never discussed. It is always there laughing at us as we struggle to survive its persistent attacks.

We have all of the necessary fire-power to defeat this enemy but it is never employed. Political leaders across Europe know how to deal with the problem, they would however, prefer to see countries like Greece, Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Italy destroyed, rather than attack the strangle-hold of the Central Banking System and the true destroyer of us all, Compound Interest.

The logical conclusion of this crime, is that all of the wealth of Europe will end up in the vaults of Central Banks, while the rest of us will be unable to buy a biscuit.

This is a ludicrous situation and is blatantly fraudulent. It did not happen by accident, the politicians whom allowed the installation of this system were either complicit, for personal gain or under threat of death.

The total silence of modern-day politicians in the European Parliament and other National Parliaments, indicates the continuing fear of the menaces of the bankers and their own private Murder Inc.

Notice for example, that the perpetrators of this vast hoax, The City of London, make use of safe havens for their own swag and that of their rich friends in The Bahamas and other tax-free zones.

We The People are Slaves to financial fraudsters.  Millions of us are living in tent cities because our homes are now no more than Tied Cottages, which means that your lodging goes with the job, lose your job and you are homeless.

This banking scum, are demolishing whole housing estates of empty homes, rather than allow families to make use of them.

Right now in the middle of this deliberately created financial scam, in the US we can watch a bunch of distasteful, brainless, Presidential, hopeful puppets, calling for more war. Proposing the murder of people with whom they disagree, on television, no less.

In the UK, in Parliament, for the last four weeks, they have discussed the Health Service. In France, the “Socialists” are proposing slight modifications to the Austerity measures. The Germans no longer want to pay for all this, when in  fact they are only pretending to pay for it all. Behind the scenes all the fiscal rules are being broken to further the aims of the Central Bankers, which is quite simply to destroy Europe.

They are proposing Austerity, rather than a policy of investment to create jobs, because they have no intention of creating jobs. We are all being sucked dry. When a “Person in Public” whom was once the Man in the Street, is asking the question, “Why are they not investing in wealth creation?” you know there is something going on. This is a G20 operation. We are in Private hands now.

Greece has just been forced, screaming, to take an injection of poison, knowing full well that this is the fatal dose, they will never be able to shake off its effects. Greek politicians opened the door to the Big Bad Wolf, which will now come in and gobble up Grandma.

The European Union is a total failure. It has, instead of enriching member states, as promised, brought us all to our knees. Billions of Euros which have been paid to the Commission, have simply vanished. The Commission has never had its accounts signed off, that is, found to be in balance, they have, themselves an enormous deficit, of which we never hear. The rest of us will be expected to pay for this theft.

It has become quite clear that the real reason behind the European Union is a power grab. The insane desire to take control of everything. This has been in the planning since the beginning of the Twentieth Century and is now almost in place.

You can make your choice. You either want an element of freedom, or you can become nothing more than a tool, to assist greedy sociopaths in their continual obscene desire for wealth.  Join the Jolly Ploughboy’s, be as free as a country boy.

A Word Of Advice To The Muslim World.

Democracy is an illusion. We in the West have never had Democracy. When the British talk of Democracy, they are talking of control. All control is in the hands of a group of Arch Criminals. Greed and a lust for power rule the World.

The people in the West have been slaves throughout their lives. They have been given barely enough wealth to adequately finance their lives, the rest of their work, which is the wealth of their society, has been milked off, into the pockets of financial sharks.

The most sinister aspect of this control, is to be found in the purchase of a home. The value of a home has nothing to do with the cost of building it. The price of bricks and mortar, wood and paint, has little to do with the cost, it has to do with the inflated value of the home due to compound interest and the scarcity of housing, which is government policy. Governments are controlled by Bankers and for Bankers the more expensive a home, the more interest they will gain.

Any house purchaser, on selling their home, for example ten years after the initial Mortgage payment, will find that the debt has not been reduced by a cent. In many cases, they will probably owe more than the original value of the loan. Which means they have already donated ten years of their work to the bank.

This interest will entail selling the home at a price, at least equivalent of the original price, plus ten years of repayments, just to stand still. This is criminal. This could be stopped at a stroke by any government, with the slightest concern for the welfare of the people.

People of the Muslim world,  have been living without this burden on their shoulders, because leaders like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, made interest free loans to house-buyers. Which is one of the reasons they have been destroyed. The first act of the British in  Libya was to set up a Rothschild Central Bank as had already been done in Iraq.

Iran is one of the few remaining Countries, which does not allow the imposition of Interest on Bank loans. Usury is illegal in the Muslim world, as it once was in the Christian world.

It was the bribery and trickery of certain banking families, which allowed the introduction Usury into the monetary system. In the West we have long been the debt slaves of the Central Bankers.

What is now being called OWS, Occupy Wall Street or The American Spring, is in fact, thousands of people demonstrating against the very system which the Arab Spring is intent on installing in the Muslim world. The Western system is a controlled system, it has long been in the hands of criminals. The world is being ruled with the iron fist of an enormous Dictatorship, which is at last coming under some sort of opposition.

In the West, the people are completely unaware of their captivity. Even when it is pointed out to them they are unable to understand the implications. They have become so accustomed to the imposition of debt as a means of enslavement, that they cannot even imagine a world without debt.

The majority believe their elected Politicians to be well-meaning but that things go wrong, resulting in unemployment, the breakdown in Social Services and so on, they cannot be made to understand that things do not go wrong, what happens is what was intended to happen.

However a growing number of people realise that in fact their politicians are working against the good of the people, that they are in fact under the control of hidden forces. Personally I do not trust any single politician, in a position of power, in any Western Government.

Across the world elected politicians are one and all supporting the same policies and implementing the same measures at exactly the same time, which is a sure indication of control. There is no policy which is to the benefit of all people, in all countries simultaneously, which is why the Euro-zone is falling apart.

In view of this, I would be extremely surprised to find that the people of Gaza, have managed to vote for the only uncontrolled and uncorrupted Government in the Middle East.

In the US and Europe, the economies have been destroyed. This was no fault of the individual Governments. It was brought about through fraud. The Shadow Government came up with the idea of a debt which was so enormous that it could never be repaid. The major banking houses claimed that they would collapse should they not be bailed out. Our politicians lined up one after the other to tell us that we must pay this debt for the bankers.

We are now being told that this is all the fault of the people whom are being forced to pay this debt. The International Monetary Fund is now asking for Two Trillion Euros of top up funds, in order to bail out countries, such as Greece or Italy, should they be in danger of defaulting, that is too short of money to pay a debt which should rightly be paid by the banking system itself.

This two trillion Euros, will be loaned to needy countries, at interest, so that it can be paid back to the bankers who created the debt in the first place. This is a criminal fraud. We are being robbed. Yet not one of our elected politicians has stood up and clearly stated that the debt is a fraud and should be wiped out.

This is a clear indication of complicity. Where are the Police Fraud Squads? Who is controlling the Police? Why are our Governments allowed to seize even pension funds, to funnel them into the coffers of the bankers. What the hell is going on?

In the middle of all this, these same politicians are allegedly holding out a helping hand to the Muslim world and The Arab Spring. Why would they do this, while they are still in the process of demonizing Muslims as an excuse to destroy them?

Why should they accept the decision of an election in Tunisia any more than they accepted the result in Gaza when Hamas was elected?  In Libya the voice of the people has been silenced and control handed over to the long controlled members of Gadaffi’s regime, The Muslim Brotherhood and a rag-tag bunch of Al Qaeda and other mercenaries.

I suggested at the outset of the Arab Spring, that the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East, should stand shoulder to shoulder with Gadaffi, otherwise they would find the Western Colonialists closing in again to steal their resources. That is exactly what has happened. Egypt is under Military rule, Yemen is still under Saleh, Bahrain is still being controlled by Saudi Arabia and Western agents are still at work undermining Syria.

Israel is in the process of releasing one thousand Palestinians whom have been held without trial in Israeli gaols, some for decades. People in Israel are upset at this action, claiming that some of these people are guilty, without trial, of killing Israeli citizens. These prisoners are being swapped against one Israeli soldier, who must be the most famous infantryman in the history of the IDF. He, has been held for only five years for his crimes. Not one of the released Palestinians is known by name in the West.

The logic used by Israel to imprison Palestinians, suggests that the entire population of Israel are merely terrorists, lurking behind the excuse of a uniform, while they massacre women and children. All adults are obliged to serve a term in the jokingly named Israel Defence Force, making them, in the terms of The Nuremberg Tribunal, of which the Jews themselves have made use to suit their own ends, War Criminals one and all.  This is reason enough for the Palestinians to imprison IDF soldiers as terrorists. The Jews are in fact still scouring the earth to find any remaining geriatric, on whom to pounce,for allegedly doing exactly what they are doing in Palestine.

There is ample evidence that there are at least eight thousand NATO troops on the ground in Libya. They are there to ensure that the outcome of the so-called revolution continues according to the NATO ground-plan.

This should be a warning to those folk across that the region, whom still believe that the search for Democracy is still in their hands.

Egypt is a case in point, why did the Egyptian Army stand down while the ousting of Mubarak was taking place? Did the Egyptian’s genuinely believe that the Army would never turn against the people?  Well take another look. Where is NATO now? Where are the humanitarian British? Where is Hilary Clinton, with her strident calls for action to save the oppressed? One and all are under the same rock, which blocks their view of Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, while allowing a clear view of Syria and Iran.

The people of Palestine should be sure that they are being served no better by their politicians than we are by ours.

There has long been suggestions that Hamas was set up by Israel to create a rupture in the Palestinians ranks. This would explain why virtually every act of Hamas has played into Israel’s hands. Ron Paul, an American politician, is on film, claiming this in the US Congress.

There is evidence that Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian, was a member of Bilderberg and did indeed attend the annual meetings.

This may well be nothing more than hearsay, however, the Palestinian problem has been allowed to continue for over sixty years, while the children of the West have been fed a diet of sympathy for the Jews, while they continue to exterminate the Palestinian people.

I have two things to advise the folk, whom are continuing the struggle for freedom in the Maghreb and the Middle East. The struggle is not against your current leaders, your struggle is against the Shadow Government. So beware of Political Parties, they are not essential and cling on to your own Banking system at all cost.