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A Savage,Dripping With Blood, Claims To The UN That He Is A Man Of Peace, And Nobody Walked Out

Today, I watched in astonishment, as the latest Butcher of Palestine, Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that he and the rest of the savages in Israel, believed in the Rights of Man and freedom of speech, liberty and whatever else came into his sweep-head, which as a psychopath, he would be guessing would make the assembled ranks of representatives of the so-called United Nations, believe him to be sincere; not surprisingly there was no mass exodus of the disgusted.

This vermin should be excluded from the UN as he and the State for which he preaches is in breach of dozens of UN Resolutions and is continually avoiding the signing of the non proliferation treaty on the nuclear weapons, to which he claims Iran is not adhering, quite apart from the continual slaughter of the people of Gaza.

For this man to be suggesting that others, pose a threat to the security of the Middle East is so ludicrous as to be beyond belief. Israel is the main threat to us all. He is however, of course, no more than a drunk spewing his bile into the gutter of history, he is simply a puppet, speaking for the real criminals in the City of London.

He is in the process of finding an acceptable excuse, to start another war in the region, which will give his runners in London the opportunity to destroy and contaminate yet another country, simply because they can.

I find it difficult to understand, why I am supposed to find the behaviour of these animals acceptable, on the basis of something which they allege happened to them during the last war, which I am forbidden to research, under threat of prison. The City of London provided the excuse to destroy Germany, in exactly the same manner as Netanyahu is attempting to employ now.

The British signed a treaty with Poland, They ordered the Poles to attack the ethnic Germans, living in the Free City of Danzig. They then urged Hitler to protect his people in Danzig. Hitler took them at their word and entered Danzig, which was not and had never been part of Poland. The British immediately claimed that Hitler had invaded Poland which he had not and they declared war on Germany.

The Jews in the City of London, were well aware that the Jews in Europe would be rounded up and placed in detention centres, as were the Germans and Japanese in the US. This was normal, as world Jewry had declared war on Germany.  My personal opinion is that the Typhus epidemic which swept through the region during the war was deliberately disseminated in the detention camps and factories which used slave labour, many of which were Jewish owned, in an attempt to kill as many Jews as possible, in order to implicate the Germans in mass deaths. German efficiency, in delousing the prisoners as they arrived at the camps, showering with carbolic soap and fumigation with Zyklon B and the provision of clean clothing, kept the outbreak at bay, until the last days of the war.

Of course, they were at the same time, busily killing millions of folk, whom they had already saved, presumably, to kill later. The evidence of this struggle against Typhus is available on-line. It demonstrates quite clearly the efforts which the Third Reich were prepared to make to save life.

In any case these events occurred before I was born. I am more concerned with current events. Right now there is a savage genocide taking place in front of us and the likes of Netanyahu are the cheerleaders of this crime.

The Jews demanded that the German people should be considered as guilty as their leaders, for the crimes which they claimed were perpetrated during WW2. The German people are still paying the Jews for the crime which cannot be discussed. The Jews are not paying reparations to anyone. They have scourged the people of Palestine. They are truly people with no soul. They bombed the UN food compound in Gaza, during Cast Lead, quite deliberately. They bombed a school which was flying the UN Flag and was a safe zone for children. These people are from Hell. Am I anti Jew for having no respect for this band of vermin?

Of course Gaza is not the only victim of the City of London in the Middle East, we have already witnessed at least two million Iraqis killed by sanctions and an illegal invasion by the Coalition of the Guilty. A million casualties in Iran during a proxy war with Iraq. Probably more than a million dead in Afghanistan. God only knows how many dead in Pakistan. Some say at least fifty thousand killed during the humanitarian bombardment in Libya. Plus of course the murder of Gadaffi, under orders from Nicolas Sarkozy a Jew. The UN talks of at least thirty thousand deaths in Syria, this was of course paid for by France the UK the US and Israel. Saudi Arabia are being named as the Patsies, along with Qatar and the Dubai where all the Jewish royal families are in control.

The City of London has a long history of genocide, they in fact invented the Concentration Camp, during the Boer War, which was started by a lie. They managed to starve to death, thirty-five thousand women and children in these camps.  At the end of WW2, they starved over one million German prisoners of war to death, in the same style of open air concentration camps, which were employed against the Boers. These genocides are of course never mentioned, like the French involvement in the Rwanda massacres. In fact you are likely to be locked up for simply mentioning the fact that they even took place.

Sadly,  the United Nations is controlled by all five of the most brutal regimes the world has ever seen. The British, French,Russians, Chinese and the US, all of which are controlled from the City of London. Between them they are responsible for more death and destruction, than all of the regimes from history put together. We in fact are a part of a truly dark and unpleasant chapter of events, over which we have repeatedly failed to take action. We are all responsible.