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Never Forget, Once You Lose Your Country There Will Be No Rematch.



Last night I listened to an interview with Douglas Murray, a well-known critic of immigration into the United Kingdom, who now appears to have grandiose ideas of his own importance and that he has now become some sort of philosopher, with a deep knowledge of the origins of the current inexorable mass immigration into all of Europe, when he is nothing more than a cynical Sophist, presenting a totally misleading explanation as to the origins of this invasion.

Murray suggests that the malady of the “End of Empire” has struck the Western World as if the Western World is an Empire. What he fails to mention is the fact that this is not an inexorable event, which is unstoppable, it is a carefully planned event, which has been in motion since the 1920s. We are in a World-Wide War, right now, which is intent on destroying the White Christian Peoples of this World, in the interests of those by whom White Christians would be replaced.

The most racist country on Planet Earth is Israel, where the government is intent on maintaining a Jew majority, however many Arabs have to be killed in the process. They are even now “gagging” for a war with Iran, ask yourself what would become of the millions of “refugees” such an eventuality would create? The refugees would not be flooding into Israel. Is that the sort of eventuality which Murray would have us believe to be as a result of the End of Empire, when in fact it is a quite deliberate attempt to export a problem for Israel into Europe and other Christian Countries like Australia, Canada, America and New Zealand.

The loudest voices calling for this mass immigration into Europe are those of Jews, surprise, surprise. Those like Franz Timmermans are warning us that we will be invaded whether we like it or not. He went on to state that no country on earth will be left untouched by this “program” demonstrating quite clearly that it is a carefully planned agenda.

This is a reference to the coming borderless world, which will be based on a Communist system which will ensure that no member of the lower class, will be allowed to become any richer or more comfortable than is anyone else in the same worker bee group. This is referred to as the Hive System, in which the workers are obliged to make the rich richer and to ensure that this will always be an obligation, it will all be supported by the yet to come New World Religion, which includes the death of Heterosexuality and all necessary babies being conceived in a test-tube, with carefully selected sperm from the most compliant workers, producing children whom will be trained for their future life in Monasteries of Indoctrination.

Barbara Spector, yet another Jew, is letting us know that the Jews have decided that Europe will no longer be allowed to be a White Continent. It will be forced to be multi-cultural and that Jews will be at the heart of this change and they may be resented for their attitude but they will persevere until their aim is achieved.

Noel Ignatiev, yet another Jew, explains how “Whiteness”is racism and it must be eliminated. He makes no effort to explain his apparent acceptance of Jew Racism and as to how it differs from the White variety, no matter. He suggested that the best thing White Youths, in his class at Harvard, could do for the well-being of humanity was to kill themselves.

Another Jew in the European Union suggested that the fact that the German birthrate was in decline, was a good thing because fewer Nazis would be born, nothing racist about that, I am sure you would agree, a situation which is as a result of many hours spent by German children in those Monasteries of Indoctrination, being propagandised about the crimes of their fathers, by Jew Rabbis twice a week throughout their schooldays.

David Cameron, another self confessed Jew, is intent on handing control of Britain into the hands of those Muslim immigrants, into the United Kingdom, whom Jews claim are actually their partners in the destruction of White Europe. More than a dozen Cities in the United Kingdom are already controlled by Muslim Mayors, which would appear to suggest “Racist voting habits” as in a voting for your own tribe attitude, are already being practised in someone else’s country.

Jeremy Corbyn, an agent of the Fabian Society, which kicked off the destruction of Britain, by bringing in hundreds of thousands of Blacks from the West Indies, many of whom spent the rest of their lives living on Welfare, is now proposing a borderless Britain, with a passport and British Nationality waiting for all-comers, no doubt expecting them to “Vote for St Jeremy” in future elections.

The above is only a snippet of the vast amount of evidence, going all the way back to the construction of EEU, the EuropeanEconomic Union, after World War Two. The project, as are many of these things, funded by Jews, with family names like Rockefeller, Churchill and later Jews like Helmut Kohl and Adenauer in the occupied government in Germany.

For Douglas Murray to be unaware of all this nonsense is ridiculous, he could not have been unaware of it and yet, having listened to this self-confessed “gay man” pouring hundreds of gallons of bilge, all across the mainstream media, to which he is given unlimited access, I have yet to hear him mention the word Jew or indeed make any reference to a possible conspiracy, behind these goings on, which are indeed leading to serious future problems for Europe,  America and other White controlled countries, never mind explaining that the problem is not one of White control but the behind the scenes “Jew” control of all of those states which the Jews would like to be invaded by the Third World, in an effort to install the Jew system of Communism, which demands the control of all and everything, into Jew hands, because they are the “Dominant” animal, according to the jottings of Darwin, which allows “them” to kill us all.

Those privileged aristocrats mentioned by Spector, were in the main British Yiddish speaking Jews, whom had more or less taken over High Society in the United Kingdom. The French people on the Riviera often spoke of the British doing the Grand Tour, all spoke with a Yiddish accent and they wondered why.

To round up this tract, I would like to point out that the mere fact that all of these immigrants head for Europe, a fact which tells you all you need to know about the attitudes of Muslim countries to Muslim refugees and of course Israel’s, which is in lock-step with the brutal Arab lands like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, and of what sort of generous treatment Christians can expect when their numbers are down to a minority status in their own lands. Gay Murray and his like would be amongst the first groups selected to learn how to fly the hard way, should Britain fall into the hands of Muslims..

Should these Jews, who have already given us the sickening slaughter of sixty-five-million Christians in Russia and Eastern Europe and twenty-million Germans during and after World War Two be given the opportunity to do the same thing to us, please do not bother to believe that the result will be any different. We are dealing with people whom are even now being caught out in Organ stripping, from aborted babies, and the sale of body part culled from killing fields all across the World at War. Big Pharma, which is in the main wholly controlled by Jews, has already hooked hundreds of millions of unaware people on their Opium and Cocaine riddled drugs, which are even being prescribed for tiny children. Water is laced with poisonous Fluoride, which they claim to be “good for us” and despite massive evidence of disastrous results,  vaccines are being ritually pumped into babies, many of whom drop dead soon after.

We desperately need a few straight talkers to guide us out of this mess and fewer apologists for the “inevitable” like Murray. It is never too late to change the course of events, all it takes is a belief in what you propose and enough people whom are willing to get up and stand up to spread the word.

For example in the United States none of the criminals in the Democratic Party, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, should ever be re-elected or members of the Republican Party like those whom have refused to support simple aims like “The Wall” should ever be voted for again. In the United Kingdom not one of those whom have attempted to stop a Democratically decided decision of the people, to Brexit, should ever see the inside of the Houses of Parliament again. In both countries, the USA and UK their are always alternative candidates asking for your vote, the “always there” crowd do not work for you, so get rid of them, that’s why you have a vote.

Any immigrant into Europe should be sent home, should they be still unemployed after six-months and the family of any serious criminal should have all Welfare payments cut off instantly and the offer of a paid for trip back to their land of origin. Tough measures are necessary before we are all destroyed by sheer numbers of the unemployed. Even the immigrants understand this situation and that any future immigration will destroy them along with the White Christians. For Muslims to be relying on Christians is a strange situation in itself, never mind the cynicism involved, have they no pride, can they not see the “homeless whites” all around them?




The Great Culling Approaches. Some Say We Are Already Going Through It.

I heard on this morning’s News, that the market for diesel fuelled cars has collapsed. This loss of sales has nothing to do with the quality of diesel fuelled cars instead it is based on the lie, that the only fume coming out of the exhaust of a diesel fuelled car, which they claim does not come out of gas/essence fuelled cars, is a form of Nitrogen, which according to my encyclopaedia, is a benign gas, which it is suggested is “highly likely” to be responsible for all the breathing problems in major cities. This unproven idea, will of course involve the scrapping of millions of perfectly good cars and the production of at least twenty-five percent more of the “killer gas” Carbon Monoxide, which we know is a deadly poison, emitted by the now considered “greener” ethanol contaminated alternative gas/essence fuelled engines.

Alongside that stupidity, Europe is ignoring the fact that Africa, an enormous continent, is exporting millions of its unwanted population towards Europe, a small continent which is already importing half of the food it needs to feed its already higher than its ideal population level, The excuse for allowing this deliberate invasion of Europe is based on the lie that despite a monumental problem of unemployment, a shortage of housing, a broken health care system and a crumbling education system, Europe has serious need of these unskilled, illiterate Africans because Europe’s population is ageing.

The ageing claim is also disingenuous, European people are not living longer, in fact there is evidence that the life-span of the average European is falling, there are simply more old people around these days because Europe has just passed through a period in which massive numbers of its population were not killed in a deliberately manufactured war and the replacement children have been murdered by abortion., therefore any claim of people living on average, a longer life is totally distorted.

In many European countries, without a fixed address it is extremely difficult to claim Welfare assistance, so why are immigrants housed and fed immediately on arrival, without need of the same thing? Should things not be the other way around? I had a disaster in my life a while back and I actually asked for assistance and the response was that we have no fund to assist people in your situation.

When I pointed out that no more than a couple of kilometres from my home, flood victims were being offered chalets and mobile homes to get them through their emergency, the Town Halls response was one of there being a fund to help flood victims, which they were not allowed to use to assist victims of house-fires, for which there is no fund.

Right now immigrants are being given shelter all over the same commune, none of whom have paid into a system which was designed to help those like me whom have been paying into it for decades. They are also given free health care, for which I am obliged to pay dearly, Right now I am unable to work due to an injury from which my recovery has been slow and costly in terms of paying the doctor and the cost of prescriptions, all of which are dutifully given to even illegal immigrants.

Donald Trump, who is eager to put a stop to this nonsense in the United States, by building a barrier to put a stop the illegal immigrants swarming into the United States, pointed out that even the Blacks and the Mexicans in America were complaining about the bad effect that illegal immigration was having on them.

Really! What a bore! What about the White Christians whom are funding it all, are they like me an unwanted nuisance? According to official figures there are already twenty million illegal immigrants in the USA and seventy percent of them have been scrounging off the State since the day of their arrival. Even Trump was in fear of making so much as a mention of White People just in case it startled the Blacks.

The quick to whinge Blacks have been out on the streets all over the States picking on the Whites whom have been paying for them, for years, we are all well used to hearing about Black Lives and the importance of them but not much about the other side of the story, which relates a grim tale of Black bestiality and their unquenchable desire to rape and murder White Christian women, that is if they are not previously occupied killing each other. A tiny number of the Black population is responsible for an unbelievable amount of all serious crime in the USA.

When we see boatloads of Blacks of fighting age being brought into The United States and Europe, would it not be prudent to ship them straight back to from where they came? Experience has shown that they will  be unemployable, these guys will not be seen picking fruit in California. In the United Kingdom they will head for the Black Zones in places like Bristol and London, while the Arabs head for Birmingham where they already have control.

Take it from me, these incomers will show no mercy for the Whites. We have been set up by the Bolsheviks as the villains and we are being forced to carry the can for their crimes. Hitler was not responsible for World War Two that claim was a Bolshevik lie. There are those whom claim that Hitler was actually funded by the Bolshevik Jews, which included investment in Germany long before the war broke out, which should it be true, it demonstrates the cynical involvement of the City of London in both World Wars. Rothschild owns the banks and Rothschild was given Palestine in return for bringing America into the Great War and World War Two frightened all those dead Jews into rising from the dead at the end of the war and to head off to Israel. Rothschild won in both cases.

Hitler claimed that the Top Jews did not give a toss about Israel, that all they wanted was a State of their own where they could set-up their International Crime Syndicate where it would be out of reach of International Criminal Law, that aim has been achieved, whatever the consequences may be for those Jews whom were duped into taking part in this scheme, they will soon find themselves unwelcome anywhere.



The Blacks in the Street are even more pitiful than are the Jews in the Street. All of them have become rich off the backs of White Christian People. Ask yourself the question, why are all the Black Millionaires living in White Christian countries? The answer is simple, despite all of their whining Blacks will never find anyone else on the Earth who will treat them as well as they have been treated by the White Christians whom they hold in contempt. If Whites cut off aid most Blacks would fall into deep shit, they are biting the hand that feeds them. There is plenty of room in Africa for these thankless thugs, but they are not too keen to live amongst their own kind, wherever you find them Blacks move into White areas as soon as they get the money together, while Whites wont even walk through Black areas after dark.

Once upon a time, Nature took care of over-population, whether through famine or disease. Once ‘Man’ became involved, things ran out of control. I have never been near Africa or Pakistan or China or India or any of those countries which seem to be totally incapable of living within the bounds of what is possible with what is available and yet it has suddenly become my fault, while living in a situation where the people paid heed to the request to have fewer children, only to now find that we in fact had need of those children and now we are expected to hand over our countries to those whom are already showing a tendency to make as many children as possible to gain higher Welfare payments from us. What sort of stupidity is this?

The following clip illustrates quite clearly that mass immigration is a weapon to destroy White Christian people, whom are the main recipients of all immigration which gives a promise of Welfare on arrival. The massive problem of the over population of the very countries which can least afford it, is finally likely to be solved through means other than emigration towards the West.




White People, given then chance, could have helped the Black immigrants in South Africa to construct farms and explained how to take advantage of the resources of their lands, instead of which the Blacks were encouraged to destroy the Boer farmers whom had looked after them for centuries, until the sad day that the greedy animals from the City of London turned up, lusting after the gold and diamonds. South Africa, in the hands of the Jews and complicit Blacks is a nightmare compared with what it was under the Boers.

Africa will be turned into a Garden of Eden once the Blacks have been dealt with, and China is already preparing for the day when their own over-population problem will be solved in a flourishing Africa, which is what Muammar Gadaffi was intent on constructing.


The refusal of our political representatives, whether in National Governments or indeed in the European Union or the United Nations, all of whom are in support of unlimited immigration and are intent on forcing every White Christian Country to accept an annual dose of beggars into its midst, to give an indication as to when this measure will be considered to have succeeded in its aim would suggest that they have no idea. Will it be when people are dying in the streets of Europe from starvation due to famine or crop failure or when disgruntled Blacks pick up their machetes and start a Rwanda style solution to the problem? It clearly has to stop at some point so why not stop it before it’ is too late?





Those in favour of continued immigration base their view  on a  monetary gain of some sort as a result of immigrant endeavour, while ignoring the fact,  that despite Europe being a “land of open spaces” all of which they believe could be made available to construct the necessary amenities to suit ever more immigrants, Europe is also a net importer of its foodstuffs, that fact alone, combined with the deliberate reduction in the numbers of White Christian British and other Europeans, demands a good answer as to why Europe should now be worrying about huge numbers of immigrants whom are being brought in, by order, to suit an agenda which will destroy Europe in short order. We are being deceived and we refuse to face up to it. These Bolsheviks want to wipe out 90% of all of us, they do not give a toss about us or anybody else, we must take care of ourselves. Oh and by the way:





European Destruction By Stealth.

Donald Trump is the scourge of Socialism, he is, in some ways, the new Joe McCarthy and this time around, the people would do well to pay attention to what he is saying. Socialism is and always has been the hidden face of Communism, which is a political system which has been responsible for the greatest mass murder, that the earth has ever seen and it will no doubt find millions more future victims, should it be allowed to flourish.

During the past one hundred years, all of the wars, including both of the World Wars, have been declared, funded and fought for the benefit of Communism, which is a wholly controlled Corporative enterprise.

When Communism is “king,” no part of the means of production will be under the control of the “workers.” Industry, along with everything else will be totally controlled, by an enormous, privately owned Corporation, which will subjugate the masses into a homogenised lump of equally shared misery.

There will be no such thing as personal liberty, there are already moves afoot to deny human beings access to the open countryside, private transport will be soon forbidden, every move will necessitate a permit, including permission to leave the boundaries of the “Smart Cities” which are our promised, grim near future prisons.

These moves will make very little difference to the vast majority of humanity, whom are content to pass their time, lounging in front of a plasma television with a couple of beers close by and for whom a hike in the countryside is an adventure which they have never experienced, however for the more outward going adventurous type, life will be a nightmare. This is the sad reality of a “democratic” system, which allows those whom possess a touch of curiosity and an adventurous spirit, to be dominated by the “dumb” masses, a reality which has allowed the ‘money sick’ minority to buy the control of life itself.

We are already living in a dream. Corporations, having been allowed to take an almost total control of the “health” system, have become the “dealers” for the greatest number of drugged up zombies, since their glory days, during the Opium Wars of the 19th Century in China, which were organised by the very same people whom now control “Big Pharma” and the world-wide distribution of their ‘opium’ with which their useless pills are dosed and jokingly called ‘medicinal.’

This situation cannot be unknown too, or unnoticed by our politicians, it is perfectly obvious to any idiot, with half a brain, that to allow those whom it is well-known, to have been responsible for many brutal wars to take control of our ‘medicine’ is a dereliction of duty, so far beyond belief, that it cannot be happening, without the full knowledge of our politicians, whom choose ignore the warnings of the disastrous results of pumping an ever-increasing number of ‘vaccines’ into the tiny bodies of babies, which has lead to a situation, which predictions suggest, that half of all babies are now rendered autistic and things are getting worse, while politicians do not even call for a moratorium, which would allow a thorough investigation into the possible problems of mass obligatory vaccination.

By some strange twist of fate, it would appear that those whom control our medicine also control our foodstuffs, what a surprise? Food which many are calling “Franken-Food” because as with our medicine the ingredients of which are of an unknown origin and would appear to have had a disastrous effect on a huge part of the populations of all countries, which now enjoy American Fast Food, which contains genetically modified grains and hormone treated meat, which has lead to a world-wide problem of obesity and a reduction in life expectancy and fertility.

I could go on and explain how everything is already in private hands, Privatisation has been the “buzz word” for decades all over Europe. In Ireland, where water supplies were controlled by Local Governments, the European Union, which is itself privately controlled, ordered the Irish to organise all local water authorities into one large company, which they were then obliged to privatise.

If governments do not refuse to go along with what is quite clearly a deliberate process which is designed to pass control of every aspect of our lives into the hands of a few Rich Families, they should be kicked out of office, before the proposed Private European Union Army is constructed, which will be used against States like Hungary, which prefer to retain an element of control over their own affairs. Our Politician are complicit in all of the above, they have already sold their souls.

NATO is the modern version of the Allied Forces, which were used to destroy Germany, when Hitler broke the rules, it is an aggressive group, which has already been used, not to protect Europe, from the announced threat from Communism but to destroy, Yugoslavia and then Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and the rest of the Middle East, where the British had already installed Israel, an illegal State, which they are now funding and assisting, in the theft of ever more of the surrounding countries, while at the same time swamping Europe with refugees, whom unlike refugees in past times, whom returned home after the war, Europe is expected to allow them to remain in Europe, a now virtually”dead-zone” which has already been industrially destroyed and all of the monopolised manufacturers relocated in Asia, while at the same time, private NGO’s are shipping into Europe, hundreds of thousands of Black people from Africa, whom are being allowed entry into Europe, by governments which claim that there is nothing they can do to stop this invasion.

In Ireland the half-Irish, half-Communist Hindu, wholly sodomite Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, has “promised” to import one million Blacks into Ireland, where they will automatically outnumber Irish men of the same age group. This is a quite deliberate destruction of Ireland and all calls for this to be allowed, by raving idiots will quickly lead to civil unrest.

I am constantly being told that White people have no place in Africa, which is fine by me, so why does Europe feel obliged to accept millions of Blacks, whom will not integrate into European society and whom are renowned for their ability to rape, rob and murder?

Very soon there will be no White land remaining for persecuted White people to live a peaceful life. The vast majority of White people have remained in Europe, where there are now huge areas which are fully controlled by Muslim or Black immigrants, yet in Africa there is virtually no trace of White people, they have all been driven out and the vestiges of the White people whom built South Africa are now in danger of a genocide.

Algeria had no problem in driving out a million White French Algerian people when they gained independence from France, while now all the Algerians seem to want to come and live in France and of course White people are obliged to accept this hypocrisy because Christians are that stupid.

There is four-hundred-thousand French people in London and I once posed the question, “where are the French No-Go Zones in London?” there are of course none whatsoever, unlike the Black or Muslim areas, into which White people would not dare to enter after dark.

I constantly ask my Arab acquaintances, to give me the location of one single high-rise block of flats, in either Morocco or Algeria, which is fully occupied by French people, whom have never done a days work in either of those two countries, but who receive free housing, health care and all of the other expensive requirements for a decent life, for nothing. There are no French people in either country in receipt of State aid, only White Christian Countries are stupid enough to accept such an idea, None of these thing are happening by chance, they are all part of a Bolshevik Communist conspiracy, which used its dummies in the UK Socialist Party, which is a wholly controlled construct of the Fabian Society, with the declared intention of installing Communism across Europe and the world, by stealth, which is why the logo of the Fabian Society is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing, what could be clearer than that?

Every leader of the Labour Party has been a member of the Fabian Society including, I believe, Jeremy Corbyn, who frequently addresses the members. Fabian Socialists were used to kick-start the destruction of Britain, after World War Two, by introducing the Welfare State and the National Health Service, without restricting access to British people, it was instead used as the device to bring in Blacks by the boatload, into Britain using a shortage of man-power, after the war as the excuse. All of whom lived off the State.

This same excuse has been used all across the White Christian World to destroy White Christian control of their own countries. We not only bring them in but we allow them to take control by force of numbers, which is supposedly “democratic” when in fact they should have no vote which would facilitate such an outcome. The same stunt was tried in Fiji by the incoming Hindus from India whom demanded the right to run Fiji, simply through the medium of flooding the island with those whom would quickly destroy it by producing millions of babies. The Fijian Government put a stop to this aim by allowing only indigenous Fijians to vote, the whole world turned on them as a result.


We Can Do It If We Really Want!

I was interested to find that one of the “Lucky Blacks” whose family was liberated from Africa, on a ship provided by altruistic Jews, which took them to the West Indies, where they were given work cutting sugar cane, in return for which, they were housed, fed and clothed.

Jimmy Cliff, a well-known singer of Ska music, an early relative of Reggae, a man with who I once had a brief conversation on the telephone, talking about the treatment of Blacks in Europe, believes that when the work of cutting sugar cane, for which the Blacks were paid in kind, even as Irish cane cutters, were working alongside them as i’Indentured Servants,’ whom were obliged to pay for ‘their’ keep, came to an end and the cane cutters were freed, and therefore were obliged to take care of themselves, as were most other people at that time, Jimmy believes that special arrangements should have been made for the Black people, whom were now on the labour market, along with everybody else.

Blacks never mention the fate of the long forgotten Irish slaves, they are totally obsessed with themselves and waste not a moment of their time worrying about silly little things like the Irish side of Bob Marley, whose musical talent came from the Irish side of his family, as many Black women chose to have children with Irish slaves, which gave them a boost in their evolutionary progress.

When the freed Black slaves were brought to England in the 1950’s, the Windrush Generation, they were once more taken care of, this time by the Welfare system, which had been invented especially to allow the mass immigration of people, just like them, into the United Kingdom, to serve another purpose. 

 These angry Africans, felt they were entitled to even more compensation, despite never having any desire to go back to Africa, where they could observe what life was like for the ‘unlucky’ Blacks, those whom missed the slave boat and thank their lucky stars for the relative riches, with which they have been blessed.

 Yet while all other ex-slaves have managed to become normal people, through their own abilities apart that is, according to Jimmy, the Jews, whom will never allow their hard luck tale to be muted, so why should the Blacks shut up about their slavery, completely missing the point, which I have already made that it was those very Jews, whom saved them from a miserable life in Africa.

There was no sign of liberated Irish slaves amongst the Windrush Generation, members of which have been complaining about signs, which once warned that No Blacks, No Dogs and No Irish, were allowed in certain premises in Britain, they never pay any attention to the word Irish, choosing instead to concentrate on the word Black, and so it continues to this day, when even tiny Ireland is being swamped with Black people, whom believe that the long-suffering Irish owe them a living.

Many people try to split hairs about what it means to be a slave, which concentrates mainly on Blacks, whom were rounded up and sold in various countries across the world. These slaves were bought and sold, however the vast majority of the peasants across Europe, were expelled from their land and packed into squalid situations in dirty old towns, which had sprung up around factories, during the Industrial Revolution. They too were a form of ‘Indentured Slaves’ obliged to pay rent to the Mill owner and to buy their food in the Company Store.

As I have written in a previous post, life for these folk was no better than was life for any group, which was, forced to work, for little in the way of pay, simply to live. For White Europeans this meant that even young children were working in coal mines and as chimney sweeps, in order to help feed families.

All of this misery has long been forgotten, only the Blacks continue to bleat. They would have us believe that nobody else has ever suffered as much as Blacks suffered, we are even expected to believe that they were lynched, simply for being Black, when all of the evidence shows that they were lynched for rape and murder, just as they top all lists for the same crimes in modern America and in other countries where Blacks have installed a community. The full extent of Black crime is never exposed. As with tales of the crimes of ‘others’, it is considered racist to even mention them.

We are now in a new ‘Globalist’ modern, diverse world, which is all based on yet another lie, that of ‘Free Trade’ and a ‘new’ inclusive political attitude, claiming to be sharing, more equitably, the wealth of the world, amongst all Peoples, which quite clearly, was not what the ‘greedy’ had in mind.

Why for example, has a Monopoly Commission, which is supposed to ensure that there is a form of competition amongst producers, to make sure of the best deal possible for their customers, allowed virtually everything, including the rain falling from heaven, to fall into the hands of the same huge corporations?

Why has the Middle East and Africa, fared so badly in this reorganisation of international commerce, while those whom have stolen control of European Industry, chose to and were allowed, to set-up a huge new monopoly of production, in China, which was facilitated by the creation, of the greatest lie in the history of phony excuses, the threat of Global Warming, which was ‘believed’ and signed by brain-dead or wholly controlled politicians, whom against the well-being of their own people, signed and accepted, all the ‘fictitious’ claims, which have been made in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030, which included the virtual destruction of European industry?

No attempt was made to create an industrial base in the Middle East, close to the Oil fields, which would have greatly reduced the need of thousands of polluting oil tankers, transporting the oil to China, a land which is devoid of natural resources, obliging the importation of all of the needs of this vast new industrial monopoly, from the very areas which should have been developed to avoid the expenditure of all of this highly polluting energy on transportation.

The undisclosed reality behind all this destruction of European Industry lies in the fact that White Christians have been targeted since the early years of the twentieth century. This continued attack is a repetition of the invasion by the Muslims in the Middle Ages, which was finally repulsed and the Muslims sent packing, back to their homelands, by the very people, the Poles, whom are currently fighting the same ‘good fight’ to avoid a repetition of this invasion, which is now, disingenuously called a ‘humanitarian gesture’ to allow entry to Muslims, whom have been driven out of their lands, by the very people whom are urging us to accept them into our lands, leaving vast tracts of Muslim territory available for the real scourge of the World, the ‘Alliance of Evil,’

I am not sure whether the above video will be available where you live.

The difference between then and now being that should the Monopolists get their way, there will be no lands, to which the displaced Peoples of the Middle East can return.

Africa is being treated in the same way. Zionists have conducted an all out attack against the White Christian people in South Africa, which is already a mere source of diamonds and gold for the Bankers, and when those resources are consumed, the Blacks will be left to rot. The huge immigration of Blacks, into South Africa, attracted by the successful, White Christian farmers, will be totally unsustainable in future times, without assistance from White people, whom are being made ready for a White Genocide.

The monopoly media in the West, makes no mention whatsoever of the plight of the vestiges of the betrayed White South African people. The loveable Blacks, whom were liberated by those friendly Rock’n’Rollers, turn out to be far more brutal, than were those from whom they were saved. The ‘Rockers’ are strangely reluctant to mention this fact, because it might just wake Europe up to its coming fate, at the hands of the hundreds of thousands of these Black people, whom are now swarming into Europe, on Ferry Boats provided by those whom organised the destruction of South Africa and the massacre of the Whites and in past times, provided the Ferry-Boat, all the way to America, for those ‘Lucky Black Slaves.’ Nothing changes. 

Angela Merkel Knew Exactly What She Was Doing.


It is still being suggested that Angela Merkel’s kindness and pity for immigrants, not refugees mind you, immigrants, was an error. It was no such thing, it is part of a policy, which has been pushed for years.

Merkel’s good friend Nicolas Sarkozy did a while back, propose making it mandatory for White French women to mix with men other colours and should they refuse to do so, force would be used.

The policy of the European Union, is to swamp Europe with immigrants, this too has been openly stated. They tried to force all member states to accept a share of the millions of illegal refugees, whom had actually been funded to come to Europe, by hidden forces.

In the United Kingdom, only Ukip stood up against this stupidity, which the likes of Jeremy Corbyn insists, as do other European Politicians, that the Fabian Societies forward planning demands that immigration should be unlimited and that in the end, as do the Markets, it will sort itself out. These folk would do well to remember that the Markets normally sort themselves out by going bust.


Merkel has in fact achieved her aim. She has already destroyed the German people, whom she actually detests, she is of Polish origin, a Jew and a Communist.

She is controlled by the same Jew bureaucracy, which has controlled Germany since the end of World War Two. Which explains why Germany has been chosen as the primary target of immigration, because Jews have had a total hatred of Germany for centuries.