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The White Fight-Back Against Criminal Minorities.


The White Fight-Back Against Criminal Minorities.


There is a lot of loose talk floating around about this thing called ‘racism.’ Apparently only White people are considered guilty of this difficult to define, attitude or behaviour.

As is the way with these things, everybody and their dog, believe that they know what this term, racism means and they waste no opportunity to reinforce some ludicrous, puerile position, which they choose to hold, on any subject such as immigration or even on homosexuality, with the use of this cry of ‘racist.’

Al Jazeera, recently aired a discussion about the sudden increase in attacks made against certain people in the United Kingdom. All three of the invited guest speakers, were involved in immigrant groupings, which were in favour of ‘forcing’ White Europeans, to accept a huge influx of immigrants, with whom they ‘must’ integrate.

There was no hint of resistance to such a huge surge in immigration, from folk of an Islamic or Jew background, all of the so-called racist resistance was laid against the White Indigenous People of the United Kingdom and Europe.

In France, there are seventy-five-thousand rapes of White French women annually and the identity, color or religion of the rapist is never disclosed.

In the United Kingdom, there have been thousands of children raped and abused by gangs of men, all of them Muslims and immigrants into the United Kingdom. Despite hundreds of appeals to the British Police, by the victims of these horrendous crimes, no action was taken.

Do these figures of attacks against women and children, carried out by Muslims qualify as ‘Racism?’ If so why do official statistics present uniquely attacks made by Whites against other people, while concealing the truth of the real tale of Racism, of which White people, men, women and children are the real victims?

In Germany, where the police in Cologne assiduously concealed reports of hundreds of sexual attacks and rapes, carried out in public, by those whom are always presented as being of great economic value to Europe, Black and Brown Muslims, in order to hide the true extent of immigrant criminality from the general public.

While Merkel and her duplicitous government are concentrating attention on old Whitey and the blossoming political opposition in Pergida or AfD, who are attempting to deal with the problem and not ignore it.

In the United States, tens of thousands of White women are raped by Black men, while it is so difficult to find enough Black women raped by White men to make it possible to mark the number on a graph.

The same statistics turn up in the Murder file. Blacks are responsible for most of the murders in the USA despite being a tiny percentage of the population. It is of course ‘Racist’ to quote these figures and Blacks claim that the Police choose to ignore, the multiple murders for which White Supremacist are never prosecuted.

As in Europe all the cries of ‘Racism’ come from the Blacks and other immigrants. Even as these Blacks whimper about how hard their lives are, hundreds of thousands of Blacks, direct from Africa, without the benefit of a free trip on a slave ship, are arriving inEurope and the USA, to take advantage of what ‘Poor Ol’ Joe’ has been handed on a plate, by Whitey, for most of their unemployed lives.

The so-called ‘Slavery Survivors’ in America,  are now outnumbered by the incoming parasites from Africa, whom are streaming illegally into the States through Mexico, hoping to benefit from the Obama Bonanza, which has been inflicted onto the backs of the already indebted American Peoples.

Blair, Cameron and Merkel, have quite deliberately swamped Europe with immigrants. The tale of ‘Free Movement’ was a deliberate ruse to create an easy passage for the swarms of people who are now arriving every day.

Muammar Gadaffi pointed this out years ago, that he had kept the immigrants bottled up, should he fall, he claimed, Europe would be destroyed within a few decades by uncontrollable immigration. Gadaffi was spot on, do you believe that it was all un-noticed by our European ‘puppets?’

The old saying that there are none so blind as those whom refuse to see, is perfectly true. We are all living in the middle of a nightmare. A nightmare into which we have been quite deliberately plunged.

What is going on in the United Kingdom, when in the 21st Century, groups of vicious, nasty, greasy brutes, mostly called Mohammed, from Pakistan, can strut around the street of England plying young children with alcohol and drugs and forcing them to carry out obscene sexual acts, with impunity? While the police dutifully ignore the behaviour of these scum.

A Muslim speaking in support of continued immigration in to the UK, when asked if he found the behaviour of Muslims in the UK to be acceptable, he replied that the United Kingdom had aways been like this.

Well let me assure this creep, that there has never, to my knowledge, ever been a report of dozens of White Christian men, running wild, attacking and raping women and girls and young boys in the streets of England, as is now being carried out across Europe by Muslims. These attacks include the raping of a ten-year old child in a swimming pool toilet, by a Muslim freak, who was experiencing a ‘sexual emergency.’ The child needed emergency surgery, to repair his interior.

In France the prisons are loaded to the rafters with Muslim criminals, many of them multi-rapists. In Cairo, during the so-called Arab Spring, an American Journalist was gang raped even as she reported events. Wherever you check out Muslims their behaviour is the same. To them it is normal life, which is why they hide their own women in Burqas.

That being so why are the criminally stupid politicians in Europe and the United States, shipping in Muslims by the thousand, after having expended so much cash pummeling them to pulp across the Middle East? Whatever their ultimate aim may be, it will not be good for you, take my word for it.

Now back to Racism. I will now present my misgivings about allowing increasing numbers of immigrants into Europe. First and foremost, they are not good for the economy should they simply turn up, without a home waiting for them, without a job and without qualifications. How can it be good for an economy, which will be obliged to maintain these incomers and their extended family?

There is no work in Europe. We are lied to by our governments on a daily basis. In France, the government claims there to be five million unemployed. Unofficial figures suggest there to be thirteen million unemployed. Christmas business in France this year, has been a disaster. I went to town today, the last full week-end before Christmas and it was extremely quiet. Radio reporters made a tour of the Christmas Markets in Nîmes, Montpellier and Avignon and the traders complained of a disaster.

This, as our politicians tell us that there is boom taking place. The evidence of this lie is all around us. There can be no boom without industry. Our industry is in China. Factories that once employed Europeans are now employing Chinese and Indian labour over there, our craven politicians having used the excuse of a Carbon Dioxide threat as the reason to relocate Industry to those countries, which they had magically decided, should not be bound by the rules of Carbon reduction.

What does it take to make people understand that they are being taken for a ride? In the most cynical move of all, our governments actually financed the cost of relocating ‘our’ industry overseas as part of their efforts to save us from Global Warming. This hurts my head, where were the Trade Unions while this was happening? What do you imagine was the hidden reason for completely destroying the European Industrial base, without a whimper from the Trades Unions?

Corporation do not give a shit about helping the Third World, they are totally selfish. Would it not be a more understandable reason, to suggest that Europe is going to be destroyed and the family jewels have been moved to safety, from where they can benefit from the reconstruction which will follow the carnage in Europe?

Where now are all the folk with half a working brain. Europe is being transformed into poverty. The young can no longer afford to own a home. Six Hundred Thousand immigrants arrived in the United Kingdom in 2015, into a country which is apparently unable to adequately house those already in need of a home. These are the acts of a government intent on destroying their own people.

European Politicians are wholly controlled and when given the opportunity they will send in the bombers to destroy Yugoslavia, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and anywhere else they are ordered to bomb and when they contrive a war, probably with the connivance of Russia, they will be well under cover when the bombs start to drop on us.

We are living in a hiatus, they are waiting for a war. That is why there has been no effort made to reconstruct European Industry, they are all fidgeting around waiting for the end.

Much the same atmosphere existed in past times, in the inter-war years, it was called the ‘Phony War.’ Britain had already decided to destroy Germany in the early 1930’s and they finally managed to construct their excuse, when Hitler was persuaded to go into the Sudetenland to save the lives of thousands of ethnic Germans,  whom were being massacred by Jew terrorists. They had already signed a treaty with France to defend the Polish against German attack.

When the Russians entered Poland a couple of weeks after Hitler and kicked off the purges, the British and French ignored them, as they would, as they had already promised the Bolshevik Jews Eastern Europe as ‘booty’ for helping to massacre the Germans.

That is the measure of the depth of depravity of the British. They did the same thing in the Middle East and are even now using their own set-up as an excuse to depopulate the entire region. Lord save us from the British.