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The Importance Of Evidence Gained Without Torture.





Life has taught me that the premier rule for both Judge and Jury, in any trial involving both a husband and wife, should be that the word of any woman, explaining the behaviour of her man, should be treated with the contempt with which it deserves. Should the husband involved be dead, as in a recent case involving a women who clubbed her husband to death with claw hammer, with all of the supporting evidence in “favour” of the woman, coming from her children, whom had no doubt spent their entire childhood being brain-washed by their mother, about how evil their father was, their evidence should be treated as totally biased.

The tale of the “Glorious” event called D-Day, should be treated with the same utter contempt, should the “accepted version” of the event, come from the mouths of those by whom it had been engineered, just as was the Second World War itself, a war, which by an extraordinary coincidence,  had not only been foretold of its coming and a procedure worked out of the very means of ensuring that this war would inevitably come to pass, using policies which were indeed duly concocted and put into writing, at a “Peace Conference” in Versailles, after the “Armistice” had been signed and then dutifully put into practice, by cutting Germany into “Hotspots” which could eventually be used as a form of blackmail, to justify the total destruction of Germany and the entirety of its people, following on from the hidden aims of the Great War,

The terms of this “Peace Treaty”, cost the lives of nine-hundred-thousand Germans, murdered as a result of Sanctions against the import of food and medicines, which were imposed by World Jewry, in order force the Germans to accept the terms of the treaty and that as a result they would indeed be forced to fight again, less than twenty years later, which would result in the abomination of what was inflicted on to the German People, in that Second World War.

Following which, just as was the account of the “husband killing wife” trial, all the “evidence” was based on the claims of those whom had sought the war, to suit their own ends, claims which were justified by confessions, written, in English and then signed by German speaking prisoners, signatures which were gained through the means of the horrific torture, of all of those whom had actually signed their own Death Warrant and were then summarily lynched, ensuring that there would be no “other side” to the grim tale of World War Two.

The covert friends of the Western Alliance, from Russia, where sixty-five-million White Christians were already suffering the same fate, of rape, torture and murder, which was about to be brought to Germany, with the full comprehension of those “Allies”, all of whom were fully aware of the barbarity of their “Agents” in Russia, most of whom came from New York and other European Cities, there were very few Russians involved in the Russian coup d’etat.

The head honchoes of the European end of World War Two, were ensconced in London, a group which included General de Gaulle and Winston Churchill, the man who had ordered the Anzacs to attack the Turkish Army, in Gallipoli, an army which was fighting from behind a well prepared defensive position, an idea which cost thousands of unnecessary Anzac lives, but on which the downfall of the Ottoman Empire depended, allowing the City of London to make a gift of the defeated Ottoman controlled Middle East to London and Lord Rothschild.

It has been generally agreed that the D-Day landings were totally unnecessary as the debarquement had already begun against Italy, from the Mediterranean, making the “liberation” of France an unnecessary waste of lives but which had been deliberately carried out against the most protected area of the French coast, causing the needless cost of the lives of thousands of men, which created a “necessary” delay of the army of General George Patton, who was determined to arrive in Berlin before the Russians but who was prevented, quite deliberately, from so doing, by deliberate restrictions placed on the amount of fuel which he was allowed for his forces, making sure that Stalin would take control of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe, what a weird coincidence that Saint Winston Churchill, should figure in both of these unnecessary and inglorious events, D-Day and Gallipoli.

The people of the North of France were cynically bombed and murdered by the “Allies” to supposedly drive out the German Forces, killing at least sixty-five-thousand French people, and wounding thousands more, destroying many towns and cities in the process. This slaughter has been written out of history, while a short distance away, in a town called Oradour-Sur-Glane, there is to be found the “well preserved” evidence of an alleged German atrocity.

The invading “Allied Forces” then carried out the mass rape of thousands of French women as they headed for Paris, to “Liberate” the Parisians from the “bad” Germans, where the rape epidemic quickly became one of rape and murder, which lead to the execution of more than one hundred brave Yankee liberators, most of them Black. There are no records of German Military men, being anything other than well-behaved with French women, many of whom adored their “Fritz” boyfriends.

Then, having cynically forced Europe to fight a second war against Germany, a war which the German leadership tried desperately hard to avoid, having just recovered from the disastrous situation which had been imposed against them following the Great War, the same hidden hand put their desired blueprint for their total take-over of Europe on the table, that being the Privately owned, Banker controlled, European Union, which we were told was being installed in order to put an end to war in Europe? Well tell that one to the Asians or Arabians, never mind the cynically destroyed and “privatised” Yugoslavia.

So here we are, long after the defeat of the European Christian World, by the traitorous forces of other Christians, fighting against their own best interests, under the control of Luciferianism and the International Communist Atheists, being destroyed through the medium of a carefully organised system of mass immigration, which will finally do what war has failed to achieve and having been brain-washed into a belief that we have some sort moral duty, to keep our mouths shut, even as our way of life is being destroyed in front of out eyes, while we pick up the tab for the crimes of these Luciferian criminals, as a result of continually voting into office, politicians whom long ago sold their souls to the Devil himself and whom stood idly by watching the disgusting destruction and annihilation of five million of their closest neighbours in Ireland.

Finally, despite having put the German people through the mangle for most of the past century, is it not time for the Jews to present the evidence which has been used as the excuse to torment the Germans but which has never been presented in support of their claims? Why have we all been denied access to images of Gas Chambers or shown evidence of the mass graves of Jews? Why is it a crime to so much as suggest such a thing while the Germans are still paying the price of defeat in a war, which was declared against them by International Jewry?

The ongoing destruction of the Middle East is all based on worthless allegations of “Brutal Dictators” murdering their own people and other such nonsense, which is similar, in many ways, to the excuse used to destroy Germany and yet, on the one occasion when this claim was perfectly justifiable, as the Bolshevik dictatorship in Russia, slaughtered sixty-five-million of “their own people” the “good guys” whom destroyed Germany, fought alongside and armed these animals from Russia, and allowed them to carry out unspeakable acts of barbarity against the German people, whom they claimed to have been liberating from a dictatorship.

The woman who clubbed her husband to death was given the opportunity to launch an appeal and was found to have been suffering from delusions, so why not give the German People the right to an appeal, just in case the Jews got it all wrong, after all anything, however unlikely, is possible.

How I Came To Love The Führer.

During my formative years, along with all my chums, I was presented with  images of the Second World War, which convinced me that the German people, spent most of their time screaming,  Achtung! Achtung! Achtung! Wieder tun, und Sie werden erschossen!

Despite this bombardment of my mind, of which I was, of course, totally unaware, I was touched by Marlon Brando in the Young Lions, probably because it was the first time I had ever experienced a sympathetic presentation of a German,  and I have had a lifelong admiration for Field Marshall Rommel,   other than that I just accepted everything with which I was presented, without question.

Nowadays, what remains, as a result of this insidious propaganda,  is a totally conditioned, gullible generation of self-righteous parrots, most of whom have never taken the trouble to check out the voracity of their strongly held “opinions” despite, Twitter and Facebook and what is more frightening is the fact that should those beliefs be challenged, they respond in anger, as if there is no other side to the tale.

I sat through films, such as “The Longest Day”, watching John Wayne winning the war with those adorable Yankee boys, – he did it from a stretcher – with the accompaniment of triumphal music but  what was never made clear, was the fact that the “Allies” were in the process of destroying, French towns, willy-nilly by the score and killing French people, without a qualm.

The Allies had already bombarded Le Havre and other towns in Northern France, in readiness for Wayne and Co. on which they dropped half a million tons of bombs;  throughout the war, Germany dropped a mere fifty thousand tons on the UK.

At Le Havre, at least five thousand French people were killed and the town itself reduced to rubble. The Allies later claimed that they believed that the towns-folk had been evacuated.  The British Military, when they later took Le Havre, were aghast at what they found, saying that they would have had no trouble “liberating” the town without need of the bombardment.

Bombing devastation in Le Havre, France (photo by permission of Le Havre, Archives municipales, fonds Fernez)


The Allies, particularly the American, are detested in the North of France, where more French people were killed and women raped by them, than had been by the Germans. Much of the Allied invasion of France,  would qualify as a War Crime, had it been carried out by the Germans. There have never been any accusations of the systematic rape of women, made against the German occupiers, similar to the violent attacks and rapes which were common practice amongst the Allies.

What has  never been made clear to those whom now celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Allied victory, is the fact that they accept the enormous cost of lives during the fire bombing of Germany, an act of incredible horror, which had young children, trapped in tar,  melting from the heat, on the roads,  being burned to death. An act of such blood-curdling  depravity, as to astonish those whom look on in wonder at the cold-blooded celebrations, which lend a sheen of glamour to such a bloodbath.

These realities of war, along with the undignified task, which was waiting  up the road, for those heroes, of  D-Day modelled by Hanks and Wayne, were the desperate vestiges of the German Army, mostly children and old men, prepared to die, to save their country from the wrath of the Jews.

This forlorn rag-tag army of the doomed,  almost whipped Henry Fonda at the Battle of the Bulge,” before being sentenced to death in Eisenhower, the Swedish Jew’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, where one and a half million, prisoners, were left to die, in the cold of winter, amidst their own excrement, without food or water or shelter.

In keeping with “Allied” justice, the only Western General with “true grit” Gen George Patton, was himself murdered, for daring to treat German prisoners of war, as human beings, not to mention his desire,to keep driving straight on to Russia, where he could deal with the Bolshevik Jews in their lair.

That is how events were taking place on the Western Front , at the behest  of International Jewry,  which had declared war on Germany in 1933, followed by a total blockade against the National Socialists, who were attempting to resurrect Germany,  from the ruins of the Weimar Republic, which had been installed at the end of the Great War, to make sure that the threat of German competition against British Industry was destroyed.

Germany, under the heel of the Bolsheviks, was then transformed and  became Sodom and Gomorrah, which is where we, find ourselves right now, in the reincarnation of the Berlin of Christopher Isherwood, amidst the sort perversions, which were so offensive to Adolf Hitler.

On the Eastern Front, where the Germans were left to fight alone, having been stabbed in the back by the gaggle of Jews, whom were put in place to solve the little difficulty of Chamberlains treaty with Hitler, which was called “appeasement” but which was in fact a well composed peace treaty with Germany, which made any war with The National Socialists, unnecessary. Chamberlain “died” shortly after he was forced out of power.

At this point, in order to discover any truth about the fashion in which Germany fought the war, we must sort out exactly of what the Germans were accused.  It would be prudent, would it not, to ignore any behaviour, which was common practice amongst the Allies, whom decided, for themselves, that only the Germans’, could be accused of War Crimes.  So what does that leave?

Well, according to the Jews, the Greatest Crime in History, and it  was the charge, levelled against Hitler,  the so-called holocaust. Unfortunately, this “huge crime” left very little trace of its passing. In fact it left no trace whatsoever, that is the tragedy of the whole affair.

Many Germans were hanged, after being tortured, of course, which involved having their testicles crushed and other little party tricks which it is not necessary to explain here, forcing confessions out of men whom had no idea of what they were being accused.

Most of the current propaganda is to be found in Wikipedia, where you will be informed that Hitler, wanted to murder anybody and everybody, of  whom he disapproved, this presents a slight problem. I searched for evidence that he had carried out a genocide against homosexuals, for example.

What you find is that Hitler set about dismantling the sordid Academies for Homosexuals, which had been installed by Jews, to encourage an invasion of homosexuals, Rent Boys and mother and daughter pairs of prostitutes, to ply their trade on the street of Berlin.  Jews have now introduced the rest of us to the same delicacies  in recent times and there are many who disapprove, as did Hitler, there is however, no evidence that he ever killed any of these people.

Well let us accept, that there is no real evidence that Hitler killed  homosexuals or Gypsies, he did however, continue for a while, the practice which had sprung up in the US,  of the euthanising of seriously mentally handicapped people.  A practice which continued in several European countries into the 1970’s and much later in the United States.

One of the crimes of which the Germans were accused and for which many were executed, by the Nuremberg Military Tribunal,  was the Katyn Forest massacre, where thousands of Polish Military were tortured, murdered and buried. This was a pack of lies, which was finally exposed when the Russians admitted that Stalin had been responsible.

Stalin was also responsible for the transformation of an air-raid shelter at the Auschwitz work camp, in an attempt to make it look like a Gas Chamber.  Those whom carried out this task, were obliged to “invent” the appearance of a Gas Chamber, because nobody had ever or have ever, seen a real Gas Chamber.

Stalin’s boy’s did not even have the advantage of the Hollywood version, which suggested that it was installed in the shower rooms, so they invented the hole in the ceiling method, and a couple of Jew brothers, told the world how Germans in gas masks, dropped pellets of Zyklon B on top of the victims inside. I think we can safely put that rubbish into the folder marked bull-shit.

The incongruity of the war is that Hitler was a Catholic, he had served at Mass as a child. He possessed a sense of honour and fair play. He was fighting against Satanists from Hell. He had watched the Jews in Russia annihilate 65 million Christians. He knew what was in store for Germany if the Jews returned to power.

It was the supreme example of the Soldiers of Light, fighting a Holy War against the Dark Forces of Evil, who came with overpowering Battalions of stooges and whom finally claimed the glory of victory and hanged all of the honest men to shut them up.

They have continued to smear the children of these heroes for seventy years.  Denying the German people the simple right, to honour the brave men who gave their lives for us all.

When the darkness descended on Germany from the East, it was truly hell on earth.  The Commissars gave their Mongolian savages the right to rape at will any female between eight and eighty.  They made a super-human effort to not only rape, the entire female population of Germany but to brutally torture and crucify many of their victims.

This presents a good contrast with the Hollywood idea of the invasion in Normandy, where it would never have allowed  characters, portrayed as stalwart heroes, by the likes of John Wayne, Tom Hanks or any of the other misguided GI’s who won the war, to be exposed  as having raped young children and old women to death. The Allies retained their allure of honour and chivalry, with a Hershey bar in every pocket to tempt French women.  Despite this, at least a dozen GI’s were hanged for rape and murder in France, most of them Black.

What the Bolshevik Russians ordered their Forces to inflict on to the Germans, was so demonic as to astound belief.  The very idea that the folk,  whom have been involved in an interminable number of ceremonies in recent months, including the Jews with their “last remaining example of a gas chamber door,” in remembrance of their brave exploits during the war, actually fought that war alongside this Jew Bolshevik filth, to destroy what General  Patton described as the finest people in Europe, is a sad and shameful perversion of good and evil.

None of this has been explained to the good folk of Western Europe. They have no idea what the Bolsheviks carried out behind the Iron Curtain. They have retained the Hollywood version which presents, to this day, the Germans as murderous barbarians.

Every day, I awake,  I listen to the News and I can be sure that within minutes there will be a disparaging remark about Hitler. Occasionally, after a Hitler quip on Sky News, I might receive an Email with a link to some evil act from the past which is blamed on Hitler or is indeed compared to some thing he is alleged to have done. The average man in the street, has come to believe that alleged to have, means guilty of, should it refer to Hitler.  There is nobody else in history whom has been castigated in such a manner.

What have they all got to fear from Hitler?