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Who Will Be The Last Domino Left Standing?

There is a huge effort being made to disguise the fact that Russia is still in the grip of the Bolsheviks. The Russian President Medvedev is and was a Bolshevik. Putin was a KGB Officer in the Bolshevik regime.

The idea that those whom financed the coup d’etat in Russia in 1917, who just happen to be the same Bankers and Industrialists, whom still control the World’s money supply, have allowed Russia to collapse through debt, while the whole world struggles on despite holding a unrepayable debt owed to the same Bankers,  is quite ridiculous.

Russia is now controlled by fifteen frontmen, called Oligarchs, twelve of them are Jews,  whom with financial aid from the Banking families, bought every worthwhile Russian resource, including oil and gas, at knockdown prices, when the Bolshevik Gorbachev, ceded control of Russia into the hands of a drunken idiot called Yeltsin, whom dutifully carried out all of these rigged transactions.

This charade was necessary, to coincide with the moment when the European Union was about to be transformed into the European Soviet Union, thus disguising the fact that we are one and all Communist now.

We the people have been bamboozled into believing that it was those dratted  National Socialists who were intent on taking control of the entire planet, when in fact the real dreamers, intent on pulling off this stunt were staring us in the face in the pages of the Communist Manifesto.

Communism was never anything other than a means of reducing the working man into a situation of shared poverty, while the richest people in the world are maintained in a state of shared wealth. Wealth which was of course generated by the increasingly poverty-stricken working man.

The European Union is designed to behave like the taxman of last resort. In a Parliament which is devoid of any form of power, Members simply sign in for five minutes to justify their salary and expenses, while the billions of Euros, received as payment for EU membership, simply disappear and are never fully audited and signed off.

Across the Union there are thousands of Commissars, infiltrating Local Government, with the intention of preparing the way for the clearance of rural areas. Should all else fail the water courses will be contaminated by “fracking” for oil and gas, making country life impossible.

These Commissars – in the UK they are called Common Purpose – are being trained to replace local residents on Town Councils, where the leaders of local town Councils, have already, without a word to those by whom they were elected, signed on to Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, which is the new revised version of the Communist Manifesto.

Voters in European States have already accepted that the main Political Parties, choose their own Candidates. It is no longer possible for local people to propose a local resident to represent them unless he or she is standing as an Independent.

This will very soon become even more difficult as the EU Commission is in the process of accepting only certain names for Parliamentary Parties. The object being to make sure that their men, Common Purpose, the Commissars, are duly put in place, falling into a Europe wide political framework, which will render the already obsolete Sovereign Parliaments to the dustbin of history.

The duly elected stooge, known as the Mayor of ex-Capital Cities, will rule the roost. An International Organisation of Regional Mayors has already been set in place. This is already happening across Europe where the number of “regions” in Sovereign States are being reduced, thus concentrating more power into the hands of the Commissars, that is the way of Communism.

In the United States, the interior of the country is being taken under the control of the Bureau of Land Management, in this way all resources can be passed into the hands of those giant corporations by which we are all destined to be ruled.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were being warned about the famous Domino Effect, when it was claimed that should one Asian country fall to Communism, they all would.

 So Korea was quickly put to the sword,  by the gang of  criminals  thugs calling themselves the United Nations,  a short while after the Chinese went Commie, with financing and arming from Rockefeller and his chums of course, a team which chose educated and placed the “puppet” Mao Zedong into power in China.

Vietnam was next on the list and just to show willing the Yanks slaughtered the Cambodians and dropped a few thousand tons of lethal explosives on Laos, before peppering the entire region with Monsanto’s Agent Orange. Now, despite all that effort, we have all been taken under the wing of the Bolsheviks without a sign of resistance.



Strange how the atrocities in Vietnam and Cambodia did excite so much hatred as do the capers of Daech. In case you should think that Vietnam was an isolated incident, little is known of the behaviour of the Yankees in Korea, where refugees were systematically machine-gunned to death, which is the hidden reason why North Korea distrusts the Yankees.

As far back as the seizing of the Philippines the Americans were practicing their water-boarding technic, using a hose-pipe down the throat to pump a prisoner to bursting point and then jumping on his stomach. They could teach Daech a thing or two, could they not?


Cameron’s Bloody Bed-Fellows!

Cameron’s Bloody Bed-Fellows!


I was surprised on hearing David Cameron, attack Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party candidate for the position of London Mayor. He accused Khan of keeping the company of a man, whom he claimed supported Daech, in a manner which showed Cameron’s total ignorance of the widespread understanding that he and other members of NATO, with some added assistance from Israel, have been arming, training and paying Daech, to assist in the Regime Change, which he has been attempting to carry out since the very beginning of the problem in Syria, which with the help of the BBC and Sky News propaganda, was presented to the British people as a humanitarian mission.

Jeremy Corbyn decried the attack as “disgraceful” and many others howled admonishment towards Cameron, however there were no cries of hypocrite, or questions of why he was funding Daech if they were terrorists? No Labour Party Backbencher called Cameron a War Criminal, in fact the entire House of Commons was more concerned with a question of racism, against Khan,  when Cameron has spent the last several years, doing nothing but “bad-mouth” Muslims, calling their religion a Death Cult, a warped view of the world, with virtually no criticism whatsoever. On top of that Cameron sells arms to Saudi Arabia the very Regime which uses the Wahhabi version of Islam, of which Daech is a member, to help them install one united Islam across the Middle East, wiping out all others along the way. Cameron kisses the butt of these guys as he does Israel’s. So why the sudden change of tack?

Everything which Cameron claims about Islam, has now become current on the alternative media, where the expression “Death Cult” has become ubiquitous, even Rense makes use of this slur. The youngsters who have been spurred on to make a stand against the “terrorist” attacks of Cameron and his chums, instead of being hailed as Heroes of the Resistance, are presented as being no more than common killers, unlike “Our Boys” who are saving us all from, well what exactly?

Even as Cameron is plotting the next attack against Syria, which is an essential element in the Israeli dream of Greater Israel, it has been announced that 28 redacted pages in the 911 Report, which supposedly point a finger at Saudi Arabia, the country which we already know was the origin of the supposed hi-jackers, who were still alive after their suicide bombings, according to the BBC and others, instead of pointing us towards Israel, which was implicated in all sorts of ways on 911, 75 Israelis were arrested on the day of the attack, so why are we suddenly being told that Saudi Arabia is the culprit, could it be because Israel needs Saudi Arabia itself as part of the same Greater Israel?

Whatever the reason behind the push to release these 28 redacted pages, the response of Saudi Arabia has been extreme, they are threatening to sell 750 billion dollars worth of US Bonds, which could do what we are all waiting for, the bringing down of the World Economy. That is if a Brexit does not beat them to it.

Cameron’s murderous chum, the Long Legged MacDaddy Obama, is in the UK to lend a hand to the maintenance of the Jew controlled European Union, by trying to deny the British the right to decide for themselves, without interference from those whom have helped to bring the world to its knees. Those whom have seen to the wholesale destruction of the Muslim world are now telling us that at all cost we must do nothing which will interfere with the Jews declared intention of annihilating the White Race. We must simply sit and watch them do it.

Obama is already threatening the United Kingdom, of possible trade restrictions in the future should they choose to leave the European Union, perhaps he would be better employed explaining to the people of the UK, how America has already been destroyed by the North American Union, which was signed into law by a Jew controlled Congress and Senate without any reference whatsoever to the people, whom are to this day, unaware that they are even in this Union.

While there is alarm in some quarters about this interference in the affairs of a sovereign state, Sky News, which has itself not wasted one second in its attempts to poison minds against Donald Trump, who is the people’s choice as the next President of the United States, by editing what he says to pervert the meaning, while failing to explain the shortcomings of other candidates. Bernie Sanders, for example, who is a Jew Bolshevik Communist, who will do nothing in favour of those whom vote for him, should it interfere with the stated aim of Jews to destroy White people,

Hillary Clinton is being presented as a good model of womanhood to take the role of being the first female President. She is, like the first Black President, a bi-sexual, and like Obama implicated in the strange death of a “boy-friend.” In keeping with Obama, who will leave the Black people in an even worse state than that in which he found them, Clinton will do nothing for women, she has a long history of being totally uncaring about the needs or rights, of women. We can only interpret the lack of information about these things to mean that they fit perfectly into the scheme of those whom would prefer a Presidential election between two controlled candidates. Clinton against Cruz would suit them down to the ground.

In the UK, if Jeremy Corbyn had not been the ‘choice’ of the Fabian Society he would not have been elected as leader of the Labour Party. He has already displayed his duplicitous nature by apparently changing his mind about his “long held” opposition to the European Union, which was a project of the aforementioned Fabian Society. He lamely explained his action by saying he wanted to keep in step with the majority of his Shadow Cabinet, all of whom are members of the Fabian Society.

So what do we have here? Bernie Sanders in the USA, whom is appealing to the young. While in the UK, Corbyn is being presented as the champion of the Young, isn’t that nice? Both of them are Communists, as is Obama, who like Chelsea Clinton was brought up in a family in which the father was not the genetic father. What a strange world we live in. Obama’s “real” father was a well-known Communist. That is if even his “real” father is in fact his “real” father, as there is a lot of serious doubt as to whether his mother, a Jew, was in fact his “real” mother.

There are a lot of folk in influential positions whom are intent on hiding the truth of their origins, like Churchill for example, whose grand-parents changed their name from Jacobson to Jerome, to hide their Jew ancestry.  Like Obama, Churchill had an extremely promiscuous mother and he too was brought up by a father, Randolph Churchill, whom treated him with contempt because he had come to believe that Winston was not his genetic son.


Others, like Roosevelt and Eisenhower, went to great lengths to hide their Jew ancestry to hide the fact that World War Two was a totally Jew affair.

So to suggest that an interloper like Obama, should be encouraged by the Jew David Cameron, to preach to the British people about their decision in an election over their choice of remaining in or getting out of the European Union and which finds another Jew, Boris Johnson, complaining about his sermon, not only illustrates that there are a remarkable number of Jews involved in this business, on both sides of the argument. Any discussion between Obama and Cameron will an empty chat between two men whom between them have destroyed three fully functioning States which are now no more than piles of rubble. They do not speak for me. Both should be put on trial for War Crimes.

It is reminiscent of the overwhelming number of Jews who held prominent positions leading up to and during World War Two, which was a war declared by Jews, against Germany in 1933.


The truth about the system called democracy is being laid bare in the UK, where all three of the main Parties, including that of the “rebel” Corbyn are pushing for a decision, which will suit both Big Business and the Fabian Society.  In order to slant the decision towards those who would prefer to remain in Europe, just about all the media Attention is focused on those groups which are led by Jews, that is the in and the outers. How odd!

Meanwhile back in the Republic of America, both Parties are scheming together to deny the people’s choice from even standing in the election, despite having won the respect of an enormous number of Americans, this election has created the greatest voter turn-out in a generation, because of the attraction of Donald Trump?

In response to the stupid decision of Obama’s interference in the right of the British to vote in accordance to their own feelings, Sky News brought on Goldfarb, the ubiquitous Jew. He of course thought it to be a ridiculous idea, should the British choose to get out of the European Union.

They now have a “Man From The Mirror” telling us that Obama’s babble is the “game changer” and the British might as well stay at home on voting day as the decision has already been cemented in dumb British heads.

PS I have just listened to David Cameron and Barack Obama speaking to the Press. I was staggered at the volume of bullshit which poured out of their mouths. Cameron talking about Russian aggression and Obama about Assad the killer and the need to maintain the authority of NATO, in fact all of the usual crap which was lovingly slurped up by the smarmy British Press.

Obama warned that he would prefer to do a deal with the entire European Union at the same time, rather than a unique deal with the UK when the EU had already signed up to a trade deal with the US. He suggested that Britain might find itself at the back of the queue should they leave the EU.

It was quite obviously off the table to ask a question about the deal which was already being discussed with the EU. That would be the TTIP Treaty, which will pass control of every country within the grip of the European Union into the hands of the Corporations, giving them the power to force their slave made products into Europe. The Pacific version of this deal has already been forced through in New Zealand and Australia and other countries. Obama now wants to hand the rest of us into slavery. If TTIP is signed there will be no further need of the European Union, whether the UK is in or out of it.