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Europe And The United States Are All Sold Out, Nothing Left To Sell, So Give The Remains Away.

Carillion, a vast international construction company, has gone bankrupt. Forty-three thousand jobs are at risk. This is the result of Government complicity, in the furtherance of the greed of the money-sick thieves, whom produce nothing but take everything.

Of one thing we can be sure, those whom control Carillion, will not lose one penny. On top of which, should the Government of the United Kingdom, choose to bail them out, it will be done with loans, with interest attached, made by the ‘privately owned’ Bank of England, which will enrich the same sharks, whom manipulated this situation for their own gain, while swimming in the same cesspit as are those sharks whom control the Bank of England. This is the ‘Big Club’ in action.

Corrupt politicians, whom have accepted vast sums of money as bribes, offered by the ‘official’ bribers, the Lobbyists’, whom have been allowed to openly operate, courtesy of those same politicians, whom have eagerly accepted their tainted money and whom have pushed the idea of the ‘Privatisation’ of all Publicly controlled enterprises, into the hands of these International Traitors, allowing them to soak up all the profits, leaving Joe Public to pay the losses and so it will be with Carillion.

All over Europe and the United States, what was once offered for sale, on the busy High Streets of our towns and villages, has all been monopolised into the hands of those multi-national companies like Wal-Mart and Carrefour, along with the specialist boutiques, which have been forced to pay dearly for their space in Hyper-Markets Galleries Marchands, are one and all feeling the economic squeeze, of which they are making use, as the excuse, for closing their doors.

I recently spent a few minutes in the latest Hyper-Market to open, on the outskirts of my own home-town town, which has been connected to the Centre of town by a tramway, only to find that it is now, nothing more than a merchant of rubbish. In a short space of time, it has been transformed from being a place of good quality merchandise, down to the level of a street market, selling cheap electronic imports from Asia and food similar to that already offered by Lidl and others, the bulk of their customers were of Maghrebian origin.

When these Hypermarkets do close down, there will be no small shop-keepers waiting to recover the business that has been lost to the Big Boys, it is already too late for that, because ‘Big Boys will still control the suppliers and the producers and they will not be prepared to do the ‘right thing’ simply because the ‘right thing’, for them is to create chaos.

Electricity gas and water supplies are all in the same hands, the hands of those whom have ‘Private Armies’ to take care of things. Even the Internet has been allowed to fall into the grip of the same people.

We have been betrayed, there is a small group of psychopaths whom having been allowed to take control of the Worlds money system, have, with the complicity of even the Queen of England, looted virtually every country on Earth. Money which was used to pay the baksheesh, to self-seeking Politicians and others and to buy all forms of manufacturing, while hiding behind the family names of once loyal companies, including the arms manufacturers, which have been given unending business opportunities, by sick and sorry politicians, like the Clintons’, Obama, the Bush family, Sarkozy, Hollande, Blair and Cameron and that is only in recent times. History is littered with scum just like them.

What depth of hypocrisy, allows a Jew like Cameron, to make such a speech, to a gathering of Muslims, celebrating Eid, when he was in full support of the fallacious claim, that Muslims had carried out 911, which was quickly followed by his support for the destruction of Afghanistan and the seizure of the fields of Opium. He did then hot on the heels of that War Crime, offer his support for Blair and the massive attack on Iraq and then, by his forceful demand for the right to bomb Libya to a state of desolation, quickly followed by his bombing of Syria hiding behind the lie of killing ‘Muslim’ terrorists, while actually bombing Muslim civilians?

He is now letting the British People know that he intends to do the same thing to them. This murdering bastard calls the White Christian groups, which just like the Muslims, would dearly like to retain control of their own lands, Racists and Bigots, yet while in Israel he offers his Jew heritage in support of the “Jew” State of Israel.

This man is a truly creepy character and I was surprised at the reception he received from the Muslims at the event and what is more, I was amazed that they would want him there to preach his crap, in the first place, unless that is he was addressing one of the covert group of Jews posing as Arabs as are the Royal Families of the Gulf States.

Muammar Gadaffi fully understood who the real enemy was and he knew what would finally happen to Europe, when neither the Islamic or the Jew States are not prepared to accept the millions of Blacks whom have been financed to set out for Europe, when he is no longer available to keep the cork in the bottle., Cameron saw to that part of the problem. The Jews have already arranged for the massed ranks of immigrants to go to Europe and the States, where they will eventually be obliged to fight for their survival.




Israel will be seeing to the expulsion of the dregs of the Muslim People, left struggling when the destruction of Middle East has been achieved, and the survivors find themselves short of the means and ability to reconstruct the desecration of their homelands, towns and cities, which Zionist controlled States have quite deliberately destroyed.

Their next task will be to render Europe into Arabia, which will leave many of them living in Arctic conditions as the mini Ice Age is almost upon us, with no Whitey around to pay the bills and house them in comfort.

David Cameron Knew Exactly What He Was Doing In Libya And In Syria. He Is Guilty.



David Cameron Knew Exactly What He Was Doing In Libya And In Syria. He Is Guilty.

A parliamentary report has found that David Cameron, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, were responsible, through a lack of foresight and planning, for the rise of terrorism in the Maghreb and ultimately across the Middle East, all based on the misconception of a threat against the Libyan people, by Muammar Gadaffi.

If that is what they are presenting as a result of their own findings, I would suggest that those whom compiled this report, go back to the drawing board because that is no more than a load of tosh, based on a need to obscure the truth.

Cameron and Sarkozy, along with MI6 agents – some of whom were actually arrested, on the ground in Libya – organised the attacks against the people of Benghazi, in order to generate this “mistake.”

I suppose the same inquiry will arrive at the same conclusion, that a lack of attention lead Cameron to the idea of arming terrorists, whom he had failed to spot in Libya, using the arms of the destroyed Gadaffi regime in Libya, to destroy Syria and take down Assad.

It was during the dispatching of these Libyan weapons to Syria, that Christopher Stevens, the US Ambassador to Libya, was captured by British financed terrorists and tortured, with cattle prods, sodomised with an iron bar, whipped and finally slowly roasted to death. Hillary Clinton, laughed when she heard that Gadaffi had suffered a similar fate.

This British Parliamentary Commission is fully aware of what was going on in the Middle East and they are now trying to give an impression of having taken prompt action, against those whom are responsible for millions of deaths and the total destruction of the region, before it becomes necessary to hold yet another Chilcot Inquiry.




Cameron and his henchman at the time, Little Willy Hague, are War Criminals as is Blair and his multiple Ministers of War, all of whom, I suppose, just like Cameron, were not paying attention and just like Cameron they fed the people a pack of crap, to further their desires, which they all now try to call horrible mistakes. They should all be gaoled and not given a ‘Parliamentary’ excuse to justify their aggression and murders.

Sky News is to this day, continuing to present the illegal regime change in Libya, as a humanitarian operation, when the only excuse to attack Libya was the UN authorisation of the installation of a “No Fly Zone.”

I covered all of this back then, graphically explaining the benefits, with which the Libyan people were showered, by the Gadaffi regime, all of which Cameron and his cronies, were fully aware and chose not to mention either then or now. They got nothing wrong. Chaos was the object and chaos has been created. Gadaffi was a hero who was smeared and then murdered  by the British.



Murder and mayhem amongst British Prime Ministers, of all Parties – there being no real difference between them –  is perfectly normal, all of them operate under the control of the same hidden hand and their behaviour goes all the way back to the days of Cromwell, whom in order to repay a banking debt, started the clearances of Ireland, a little country which was long desired by the City of London.

Ever since those distant days the British and French have stolen whatever they needed from any country, which was weak enough to be robbed with impunity. That attitude persists to this day.

When Cameron and Sarkozy had Gadaffi murdered, they also destroyed the Libyan people and then calmly shared out the Libyan oil reserves between BP and Total, they then proceeded steal the country’s gold reserves and plunged a debt free State into IMF servitude.

In France, the coming Presidential Election will be once more, a choice between two War Criminals, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande, both of whom are prepared to continue the seizure of African resources. Hollande’s first act as President, was to provoke a Civil War in Mali, using the turmoil in Libya as his excuse, thus enabling the controllers of France, to seize the huge new oil reserves and Uranium in Mali.

The object of this chaos, which with the help of Russia, is to completely flatten the entire Middle East, in an attempt to force those whom live there to flee to Europe, in order to facilitate the construction of Greater Israel.

Israel has been allowed to steal Palestinian land, without criticism for the past seventy years, carrying out many massacres along the way, far worse than anything which was alleged to be imminent in Libya or Syria.

Were the British, whom had calmly ‘given’ Palestine to a group of Eastern Europeans, whom had absolutely no claim whatsoever to the land, even way back then, simply not paying attention and why, one might ask, are they still refusing to do to Israel, what they did with alacrity to, Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Serbia?

Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?




Have We Anything Of Which To Be Proud?

During the war, to save the world from Communism, in the Extreme Orient, the Coalition of the really nice folk, dropped more bombs on innocent people than had been dropped during World War Two.

“By the end of the war, 7 million tons of bombs had been dropped on Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia – more than twice the amount of bombs dropped on Europe and Asia in World War II. In addition, poisonous sprays were dropped by planes to destroy trees and any kind of growth – an area the size of the state of Massachusetts was covered with such poison. Vietnamese mothers reported birth defects in their children. Yale biologists, using the same poison (2,4,5,T) on mice, reported defective mice born and said they had no reason to believe the effect on humans was different.”

The nice guys were of course not satisfied with that, so they continued to slaughter the peasants, here we have a letter from a GI to his parents, explaining the sort of exercise in which his platoon took part:

“Dear Mom and Dad:

Today we went on a mission and I am not very proud of myself, my friends, or my country. We burned every hut in sight!

It was a small rural network of villages and the people were incredibly poor. My unit burned and plundered their meagre possessions. Let me try to explain the situation to you.

The huts here are thatched palm leaves. Each one has a dried mud bunker inside. These bunkers are to protect the families. Kind of like air raid shelters.

My unit commanders, however, chose to think that these bunkers are offensive. So every hut we find that has a bunker we are ordered to burn to the ground.

When the ten helicopters landed this morning, in the midst of these huts, and six men jumped out of each “chopper”, we were firing the moment we hit the ground. We fired into all the huts we could….

It is then that we burned these huts…. Everyone is crying, begging and praying that we don’t separate them and take their husbands and fathers, sons and grandfathers. The women wail and moan.

Then they watch in terror as we burn their homes, personal possessions and food. Yes, we burn all rice and shoot all livestock.”

Are your faces already glowing with pride, are you already slapping yourselves on the back, having just dished out the same medicine on Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen?

In Asia, nobody can give any reasonable explanation as to why the war was necessary in the first place, as when it came to an end the Communists took power, as had the Western financed Communists in Russia and China. So what purpose did the war serve? Well who do you imagine was being paid a lot of money for every bomb which was dropped and every shell and bullet, fired out of the muzzle of a cannon or machine gun? Well that would be the folk whom control the governments and the weapon shops, namely the Banking families.

Here we are sixty years on and nothing much has changed apart from the selected targets. We now have Israel carrying out the occasional billion dollar bash against Gaza, where there are only defenceless women and children. Where many kids have been burnt to death by White Phosphorous, without a word of condemnation from the Friends of Israel, unlike the lies about Syria, where thousands were killed by British and French weapons, without a word from the Free Press, long before Russia turned up on the scene.

One little chap, who was injured by something or other, in an area where hundreds have been killed in recent times, has been selected as a victim of indiscriminate Russian bombs, without supporting evidence. The Western “Free” Press is telling us that this is something which has caused an uproar, which I personally have not noticed, it has not changed any game for me.

You see the West was already guilty of unforgivable behaviour during the wars in Asia, where their behaviour differs very little from that of Daech or Al Qaeda in the Middle East, that is, if there is any real difference between the CIA and their own Al Qaeda and Daech.

“The CIA in Vietnam, in a program called “Operation Phoenix,” secretly, without trial, executed at least 20,000 civilians in South Vietnam who were suspected of being members of the Communist underground. A pro-administration analyst wrote in the journal Foreign Affairs in January 1975: “Although the Phoenix program did undoubtedly kill or incarcerate many innocent civilians, it did also eliminate many members of the Communist infrastructure.”

So when David Cameron explains to the Friends of Israel, generously represented in the British Parliament, that he takes great care to ensure that innocent civilians in Yemen, are miraculously left untouched by “British” armaments, while thousands are dying as a result of those less humane manufacturers of weapons, despite the images of death and the destruction of hospitals, schools and other infrastructure, the British, unlike those savage Russians are free of guilt and they can go safely back to sleep.

So where are we? The British and their allies, have attacked and destroyed, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen, in recent times, and claim to have justification for all of the deaths and destruction of which they are responsible, and have “bestowed” this generosity on to deserving people to save them of course. The British are past masters at killing those whom they wish to save. They of course, having saved Yugoslavia, they proceeded to plunder and carve it to pieces.

So full in the midst of this carnage, why does the British Press choose to attach such importance to the image of a youngster, who is fact only one in a million, while having ‘chosen’ to ignore the British and friends massive slaughters in other wars which they have deliberately provoked, wars which killed hundreds of thousands of youngsters?

Anyone who believes that the British have ever declared a war for the sole purpose of saving people, which was not ultimately for the benefit of the Bankers, have their heads stuck firmly up their own arse.

The Chilcot Inquiry Report Farce. Will They Hang Blair?


The Chilcot Report

The whitewash,  called the Chilcot Inquiry into the War Crime against Iraq, will be revealed to the world on Wednesday 6th July. The majority of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom, should, if there was any trace of real justice in the world, be immediately placed under arrest for War Crimes.

Instead, during the intervening years, these fiends have helped to demonise the Muslim World, as if Muslims had been responsible in some way for the creation of the mass murder and not the victims of it.  Even as these poor suffering, now actually homeless people, instead of a modicum of mercy from David Cameron, they are being deliberately forced out of their homelands, into Europe, where the mindless inhabitants have been trained to believe them to be ‘terrorists,’ to suit yet another hidden agenda,

These same controlled British politicians are now, even as the Middle Eastern ‘impose democracy’ campaign is still ongoing, are attempting to undermine the democratic choice of their own people, because they did vote in the preferred way in the ‘Brexit’ referendum, so much for the excuse of ‘democracy.’

Meanwhile, back in the USSA, Hillary Clinton, a veritable hagette, has been announced as being no more than ‘careless’ in her handling of sensitive information on a ‘secret’ Email server, when according to all the ‘written’ laws, she was as guilty as Blair but ‘pardoned,’ having provoked a crisis of fear in the minds of the guilty, by ordering her husband in crime Billy, to warn them one and all, that their guilty little secrets would be exposed to the whole wide world, should she be forced to appear in Court. This is of course how things get done in Democratic countries.

There is no excuse for the brutality of those States who participated in the total destruction of Iraq, at the cost of murdering more than one million people and the mind-boggling, destruction, in the years which followed the initial War Crime, Blair’s half-hearted apology is hardly sufficient for his crimes.

The Chilcot Inquiry, has taken many years to prepare the gullible British for the necessary excuses for the actions of the cold-blooded scum, who lied us all into the belief that their action in Iraq, was justified. Perhaps these excuses of ‘faulty intelligence’ and all that guff, might possibly hold water, had these ‘careless acts,’ not been followed up by the total destruction of Libya and Syria, while on the sidelines we have Afghanistan and Yemen, all funded and fought by the same bunch of filth, who sat in the Houses of Parliament, observing War Criminal, David Cameron, sending the Brylcreem Boys to bomb the shit out of Libya, without a Parliamentary vote, the vote was taken after the event, when a mere sixteen Members, out of six-hundred or more, voted against the atrocity.




Then came Syria, using exactly the same false information, which had already been criticised in Iraq and Libya, that of saving the people from a massacre, I will repeat that for the hard of thinking, ‘to save the Syrian people from a massacre,’ could anybody genuinely claim that the ongoing, ferocious fighting in Syria has saved anybody?

Therefore, at six years per Inquiry, there will be ongoing images of Blair in anguish and Cameron howling his pain, into the distant future, still claiming to have been assured by no less a witness than ‘breathless’ Stuart Ramsey, that Assad was about to massacre his people, and a whole swathe of Sky News liars assured him that Gadaffi had to go so the people need to be armed to take down the Government…….What was that? The people need arms to take down their government? Wake up Cameron, the United Kingdom is now a Dictatorship and has been for years. Who do you suggest should be arming the British people against their Government and on which side of the barricades will you be on I wonder?


You, Mister Cameron and Tony Blair, understand full well, that Regime Change is illegal. So you are both criminals and should be arrested for your crimes against humanity. The results of your crimes are clear for all to see. What gives people like you the right to enter Sovereign States and massacre millions of people and still claim your innocence?

Even as the release of the Chilcot report is being discussed, and we are presented with Tony Blair telling us how he truly believed the concocted lies, which excused the illegal and barbaric wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the killing is still going on. Cameron recently attempted to destroy even more of the Syrian infrastructure, through the use of outright lies and with the help of a truly disgusting member of the Wedgwood Benn family, he gained that permission. Are we really and truly meant to believe that these folk are still ‘getting it wrong’ wake up! Things are all going to plan. This is an agenda which was written back in the last Century.

Having the crimes of Blair, graphically explained and the treasonous behaviour of the Blair government and the War Crimes of which they are guilty, along with the Cameron Shadow Government, who were most certainly fully aware of the reality of the war, just as Cameron was fully aware of the trumped-up excuses used to destroy Libya, which was equal to the attack on Iraq in seriousness, we now have the disgraceful spectacle of two British Prime Minister, the leaders of the two major Political Parties, excusing themselves for the murder of millions of Muslims and the creation of a mass exodus from the lands which they claim to have justifiably invaded and destroyed, ‘to save them,’ even as Saudi Arabia is being armed to destroy Yemen, the poorest country in the region, they still find time to present the rest of us with their bullshit about Daech, which just happens to be using Bolshevik tactics to spread panic across the region through the medium of barbarism, using arms and supplies dropped from the air to keep them killing, by the USAF.

In the United States, the crimes of Hillary Clinton were fully listed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  She is as guilty as can be, yet it was recommended that no action should be taken. How considerate, I am sure this decision will bring closure for the family Ambassador Stephens, who was brutally tortured, by having body bits cut off, flogging, sodomising and while still alive, slowly roasted to death on a spit. However no consequences for the creature who refused to send in a squad of Special Forces to save him and his team. She will probably be elected as President of the USA in payment for her patriotic attitude to her colleagues.

So wherever you find them, in Europe or in a Banana Republic, Governments have declared themselves to be above the Law. The European Union is warning Members of the British Parliament to ignore the wishes of the people by refusing to sign into law the result of the ‘Brexit’ referendum. So you see there is no way out. The folk whom are speaking for ‘Brexit’ do not support ‘Brexit’ and they are gagging to ignore it. Demand a General Election, on such an important issue it is an imperative.

They All Seem To Be Free To Go For The White Throat,




When I was younger, a huge part of my record collection was the music of Black Artists. The airwaves were packed with Stax and Tamla Motown, the Sounds of Philadelphia, Blues and Reggae, all sorts stuff that is still with us.

However, in recent years, I must admit, I have lost touch with mainstream music, my tastes having settled on what is called Alternative, which includes mixtures of Country Rock and Folk and I find it pleasing.

So I decided, having been annoyed by all this crap about people boycotting the Oscars, because it is too White, having just recovered from finding Black people in River Dance, Robin Hood strutting around Sherwood Forest with a Black Man, the standard Black in Star Wars and calls for the next James Bond to be Black and preferably a Black Woman and wanting to vomit over the shoes of Quentin Tarantino and his crusade against the White Race, I decided to check out current Black Music.

I went to youtube and checked out the award-winning British Black musician, whom the Music Press had assured me was a genius, Dizzee Rascal. Maybe I chose one of his lesser compositions, I don’t know, but having listened to a couple of minutes of “Bonkers,” I did not feel inclined to listen to anything else from his repertoire.

Now if this is award-winning music, from the current crop of Black Musicians and Jamie Fox, a Black, won praise for his part in a disgustingly racist film, in which he had the pleasure of killing every White in the film, Black talent would seem to have sunk to derisory depths. So where are those Blacks whom should have been selected to perhaps win an Oscar?

Why did the Jews, whom have control of everything which takes place in Hollywood, decide that there was no deserving Black actor in the current crop of films, or is it to become obligatory to give a “special” Oscar to an undeserving Black Actor, for playing the role of a whining Black?

I watched Major Tim doing his Space Walk Boogie, there are calls for him to be selected for one of Her Majesty’s Awards. The Queen herself has been the longest running farce in British History, a run exceeded only by the Agatha Christie Detective tale, The Mousetrap, in the West End of London. However, I have a recording of the moment that Major Tim fluffed his lines. He dropped a spanner and it fell straight down onto his toe. How could that be, I wondered?

It seems to me that theatre and acting has been a part of White Culture for aeons, however as in South Africa, as soon as Whites create anything worthwhile, along come all the hangers-on and dole mongers, demanding their share of the creations of others, more specifically, creations of White people and if they don’t get it, Jews like George Soros, will fund them to bleat and bleat and bleat, until they do get what they want.

A friend of mine, who is in no way racist, remarked to me the other day, that he can go for weeks and never set eyes on a Black man, yet every time he passes an advertisement at the side of the road, he sees a portrayal of a modern family grouping which always contains, half-cast children and a half-cast man with a White woman. The same thing on television.

This came back to me this morning, when it was announced that someone had been sacked, from a film company, for suggesting that there should be no Black people in Midsomer Murders. I was slagged off for suggesting that there should be no Blacks in Irish Cultural Dancing, like River Dance or Lords of the Dance, any more than there should be any White people in Zulu Dance groups. I can’t remember too well because it was of no importance whatsoever, but wasn’t Motown just a little bit too Black?

These Blacks are free to set up The Black Panthers, with a Black Racist in charge, forgetting that good old Malcolm X was no more than a shill for the Jews and Communism, he was no different from Mandela, who did not give a toss about the Blacks in South Africa, he simply left them to their own devices, which has produced a state which conforms perfectly with what Blacks are installing in the United States, where they rape 30,000 White women a year and commit a disproportionate number of Black on Black or Black on White murders. In South Africa I hear that there is a rape every 23 seconds and an incredible number of murders, in a country where, with Whites in control there were virtually no murders.

What’s more, just like those other whiners in Israel, they are forcing White people out of the homes in which they have been living for the past three hundred and fifty years, while the Blacks in the surrounding jungle were sat around doing nothing and eating monkeys.

The Jews have now engineered a similar situation across Europe, where using the same tactics which served to help steal what the Boer farmers had spent centuries building, and they themselves used to force the Palestinians from their homes, that of mass immigration. Palestine was no good to them with an Arab majority, so they created a second World War, and through the myth of the crimes of the Germans, forced a huge immigration of Jews into Palestine, which they now control. Europe is destined for the same outcome.

All the Jews, Cameron, Netanyahu, Merkel and Hollande, instead of calling off their wars across the Middle East, are chomping at the bit for yet more killing. Syria has not yet been rendered completely unlivable, they have lost control of Libya so they are preparing to go back in to finish the job. They have the Jews in Saudi Arabia thrashing Yemen, Erdogan the Jew in Turkey is preparing to send his boys into Syria, where the Yanks have already built an air-base.

While all of this is going on the floods of immigrants have nowhere else to go apart from Europe. Do you think your leaders are not fully aware of this? Do you still think this is all happening by accident? Did you not notice that all across Europe, to order, the open season on rape was declared? In France there are 75,000 rapes a year. Every time I write that figure it boggles my mind. 75,000 rapes, virtually 100% of them are White women and there is no outcry. That can mean only one thing, that there has been a cover-up, making sure that the French remain ignorant of the danger they are facing.

All of the Jew controlled News outlets are telling us that what has happened is now irreversible, which is tommy rot. All of the immigrants can be shipped back home, just as soon as the Jews call off their killers.

They are however desperate to get control of all of the Earth’s riches out of the hands of others, they want it all. The next big thing will be the sale of Gadaffi’s water on the Commodity market and the sale of the huge reserves of gas and oil in Syria to Europe. They care not a toss about the numbers of folk that will be killed in the process.

I was sent a link to a clip of an old yiddishy woman explaining how when she was two years old, she was sent to Auschwitz and the Germans nailed her hands on top of her head. Today on Sky News I heard another old-timer, spending his last days doing a tour of the United Kingdom schools, explaining to innocent youngsters all over again, just how horrible the people who fought all alone, against the Jews from Russia whom had killed 65 million Christians, while Britain and the rest of the world fought with the Russian Jews against the gallant Germans.

There are disgusting Members of Parliament calling for this rubbish to be made a compulsory part of the curriculum,  for children in British schools. I would not accept it for my children.

Cameron, the War Criminal, used as his excuse for murdering Gadaffi and destroying Libya, the claim, that Gadaffi was about to carry out a massacre in Libya and not to forget that he had supplied Semtex to the IRA. He could say this even as he is providing illegal weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to massacre innocent people in Yemen, such is the depth of hypocrisy with which he is infected.

The Comedy Of The Litvinenko Affair.

I recently remarked about the cynical use of editing, to suggest that Donald Trump, had stated that Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States, without mentioning that he had also said, ‘until they had been vetted.’

This edited version of Trump’s statement is still being presented as truth.  Today on the same Sky News they repeated the accusation that Russia had invaded Ukraine and annexed Crimea.

This was mentioned during a report into the death of a Russian ex KGB man in London, the responsibility for which is of course being laid at the door of Vladimir Putin.

What is known for sure about the death of the Russian Litvinenko, is hardly conclusive, the report is peppered with words such as, ‘probable,’ ‘maybe,’ and ‘which suggests,’ not a scrap of conclusive evidence was presented in support of these conjectures.

Sky News has been covering this nonsense all morning, while in the recent past, they carried out no discussion whatsoever about the culpability of David Cameron, whom ordered the murder of an unknown person, in the Middle East, without any proof that it was actually the masked man, whom the British named Jihad John, having ‘claimed’ to have identified him by his eye retina,  this marked man was  then held under minute and  continuous observation, in the middle of a desert, up to the very moment that a ‘drone’ flew overhead, at the exact time that the ‘spy’ on the ground confirmed that it was indeed Jihad John, climbing into the vehicle and then this man, whoever he may have been, was vaporised.

This would be the same British Free Media, who carried out no investigation into the 7-7 attacks in London, simply reporting the information which was supplied by those whom expected the public to be content with the same type of lame excuses, in the absence of genuine information about what exactly had occurred on that fateful day.

Sky News are still babbling on as I write, this has been more than half an hour solid, making accusations against Russia such as, the illegality of annexing Crimea. This from a country, which has carved the world in slices in compliance with their doctrine of  divide and rule.

These are the scum who created the divisions in the Middle East, an act which has now delivered exactly what the intention was, that of an excuse to divide the region once more into bits and pieces, which will destroy any form of social strength and opposition to the  desires of the Dark Side.  Ruled of course by Puppets.

The truth about Litvinenko appears to have been that he had ‘probably,’  transported the radio-active element into the UK for his own purposes. The men accused of having administered the deadly dose, apparently in a cup of tea, were of course Russians, who just happened to have been old colleagues of Litvinenko, they appear to have left no trace of their movements, despite having Polonium in their pocket.

War Criminal Tony Blair, refused an inquiry into the fifty-seven dead British people, whom were killed on 7-7, describing the idea as a ‘Ludicrous diversion,’ and yet this Litvinenko business, which is no different from the assassination of the patsy called Jihad John, in Syria, or the 7-7 affair,  has been inquired into for ten f*****g years.