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George Galloway Questions British Jew About British Inspired Attacks Against Muslim States.

George Galloway’s carefully phrased question to David Cameron, a Jew whom supports Israel, explained to all of the jeering idiots, in the British Parliament, exactly what they are supporting in the Middle East.

The hoots of support, which were given to Cameron’s avoidance of the question and the use of a lie, to imply that Galloway supports Dictatorships, coming from a man whom has recently made a tour of the Middle Eastern Dictators, in an effort to sell them arms, which are being used to kill women and children in British supported dictatorships in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Yemen and Libya, tells us all we need to know about British humanitarianism.

Cameron’s televised lie, is indicative of the lies and deception, which are part and parcel of the British system.  Members of the House, whom are still pretending, that had they not been deceived about Saddam Hussein’s non-existent, weapons of mass destruction, they would have voted against the illegal war against Iraq,  now support an illegal attack against Syria,  which was deliberately generated by British undercover, paid thugs, in the exact manner in which the same excuse was fabricated against Gadaffi in Libya.

It should be remembered, that this is the same genre of pretext which was used to destroy Adolf Hitler and Germany. Iraq was totally destroyed,as was Libya and even now the British Parliament and the US Congress are financing the complete destruction of Syria. The British public should be content with their use of the Democratic vote and their selection of such a band of blood-thirsty scum to rule over them.

I would not expect a coherent response, from a British idiot in the street, to the question “How is it in the interest of the Syrian people, to be terrorised, tortured and murdered and to have all of their infrastructure destroyed, in  order to enforce that form of Democracy, which is dictated by slightly gay William Hague, and which is put in place by a British selected group of non-elected rulers?”

The solution to all of this slaughter and mayhem, is in the hands of “The salt of the Earth” British voter. They have recently used this power in the Constituency of Eastleigh, where a liar was forced out of office, by his vengeful ex-wife and was replaced by another member of the same party, whom are daily supporting the use of uncontrolled murdering thugs, in Syria and were recently in support of the wholesale murder and theft in Libya.

All of the British politicians, of whichever Party,  stood by watching, while the Labour Party, deliberately destroyed the economy. They were then presented with a coalition, which of course means,  National Unity, as in war-time. This coalition has been used to deceive the British into believing that “Austerity” is the way to go, when in fact it was no more than a means of disguising the fact that they would not be allowed a recovery programme.

Despite the fact that there are millions of British people out of work, that there has been a severe shortage of housing in the UK, for generations, that the Social Services are cash strapped, millions of immigrants are being welcomed into the UK.  Not those immigrants whom are compatible with the British way of life, of course not, the most divisive Peoples are being selected.  This is Policy” and good for neither the indigenous people nor for those whom arrive.

The fate of nations is intimately bound up with their powers of reproduction. All nations and all empires first felt decadence gnawing at them when their birth rate fell off.    Benito Mussolini.

The British, in the words of Winston Churchill, are continually “Slaughtering the wrong pig.”  It would appear that it is now their turn to be led to the knife.  They will soon be a minority in their own land, at which point they will come to understand what it feels like to be the target of racialism. There are already “no go” areas in the UK and as time goes by they will become ever more extensive. Do the British honestly believe that their Politicians do not fully understand this? Do the British believe that Muslims, whom have had their own countries, laid to waste by British Bombs, have a deep under-lying love of the British?

The Case Of The Missing Ingredient.

Along with a lot of other people, I was led to believe that to eat well one should buy branded food stuffs. One could trust the major brands, unlike the products in those down market shops such as Lidl and Aldi, where apart from the odd Reindeer steak at Lidl, to add a bit of zest to Christmas dinner, it was wall to wall category 2 foodstuffs.

So imagine my surprise, when it was disclosed that my preferred frozen Lasagne, was not only not baked in Findus ovens, as I was naive enough to believe but in some back street in a French industrial cook-house, from a bubbling cauldron of various meats, no doubt including a bit of dog and a few neighbourhood cats, which was poured in to aluminium trays, frozen and packed into the appropriate boxes, whether Lidl or Findus and no doubt many other brands.

If this is the reality of Globalisation you can stuff it. It was frightening enough to find that we have been eating donkey and horse meat, the next surprise is likely to be that Fortnum and Mason Lasagne is made in China and has been “beefed up,” with some powdered plastic, which mimics protein.

Do any of these people actually manufacture, the food which is in the boxes bearing their name?  Is is not a form of fraud for Findus to be charging twice the price as Lidl for exactly the same product? Is it not true that Findus picks the peas  and freezes them so fast that they are as fresh as peas straight from the pod? Is Captain Birds-eye a sinister little prat deceiving children into eating stale fish?

It is not reassuring enough to be told that your Beef-burger does not contain horse, what I would like to know is exactly what it does contain. I still have vivid memories of a large pile of chicken meat, rotting away on the floor of a ware house, which a team of undercover investigators filmed being “reconstituted” to make it fit for human consumption, using various disgusting methods to disguise the stench of the rotting flesh. People had been eating this filth, for an unknown period of time, before the scam was exposed.

Those of you whom are partial to a rasher or two of smoked bacon, should not read on.

I have been an observer of the practices employed in the Pork and Bacon trade for some time. Some of the methods which I observed would definitely turn the stomach of most consumers.

One of the main problems in the business is flies. They are ubiquitous in the meat trade. Wherever they land, they leave an egg or two. After a while a side of bacon can be crawling with maggots and slimy and greasy, with an eye-watering stink.

The butcher is obliged to scrape the putrid filth off the carcase as best as possible, he will then cut off the Gammon and Forend, these will be sent to the canning department, where they will be cooked and Cryovaced, which is an air-tight plastic bag vacuum sealed.

He will then turn his attention to the middle of bacon, he will make sure that all of the maggots have been removed, stick a meat hook through it and carry it off to the smoking loft, where it will remain for a day or two, picking up the delicious aroma of smoky bacon.  For this joint you will expected to pay more than you would be expected to pay for Green Bacon, which will in most cases be fresher. One should never buy SAC Middle rashers, that stands for Smoked After Cutting, a sure sign of a cover-up.

One of these days, I will let you know, what I saw through a small window into the slaughtering room, believe me, despite the presence of Veterinary Officers, the cruelty involved in the kill, is beyond belief.

However, back in the real world, the British are satiating their blood-lust in Syria, where their SAS operatives and masked Mercenaries are blowing little children to meat, in their efforts to impose their preferred government onto the Syrian people.

The millions whom they have slaughtered in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, did not quite satisfy their hunger.  Cameron has just admitted “regret,” for a massacre in Amritsar, in which hundreds of peaceful protesters were gunned down, Bloody Sunday style by “Our Boys.”  He did not of course make mention of the genocide which was carried out in Bengal during World War 2, by the hypocrite,  whom made the following remark to the UK Parliament, Churchill’s genocide, with the aid of the Australian Government, starved many millions of Bengali people to death.

I mean the slaughter of nearly 400 persons and the 
wounding of probably three to four times
as many, at the Jallian Wallah Bagh on
13th April.  That is an episode which
appears to me to be without precedent 
or parallel in the modern history
of the British Empire.  
Winston Churchill. UK Parliament. 
[Back to Winston Churchill's Amritsar Speech, July 8th 1920, U.K. House of Commons Homepage]

A Horse, A Horse, My Kingdom For A Horse Sandwich.

As predicted, David Cameron presented his visit into the heart of darkness, in deepest Europe, as a tremendous triumph for the UK and for all those whom seek drastic change in the workings of the EU.

He asked no hard questions, such as the lack of explanation as to what the EU has done with hundreds of billions of Euros, which have simply vanished.  These are the folk whom are presenting themselves as being more capable than are sovereign Countries at handling their economies, while in reality they can not manage their own.

He made no mention of an “EU Spring” seeking to find work for the hundreds of Euro MPs, whom have no role whatsoever but whom cost many billions of Euros in salary and even more in expenses, by introducing democracy into the parliament, which at the moment is controlled from behind the scenes, instructions being passed on by unelected mouthpieces, whom call themselves the Commission.  The elected members have no voting rights, they can only offer adjustments to legislation.

Despite Cameron’s claims of a reduction in the UK’s contribution, to Europe, in reality the contribution rises, this is of course because of Tony Blair?

The Press were understandably, more interested in the main story of the day. Hot on the heels of the discovery of the remains of King Richard the Third, we may have news of his horse.

The News bulletins have been full of the Horse Meat Scandal. One after the other, talking heads have been advising us as to whether there might be traces of CRIMINALITY. Quelle Horreur! This is now a Europe-wide Crisis.  Some could even smell a whiff of fraud.

 We the people can blithly throw our live crabs into boiling water to make them pinker. Eat chickens from batteries, so packed with antibiotics, it is like eating medicine. Munch down dog meat, occasionally, in our curry. Pork from pigs which never saw the sun  throughout their lives, Goose, Turkey,Quail, Pheasant, Partridge, snake, frogs, snails, however, horse meat? Why that is akin to cannibalism.

Cameron is promising to get to the bottom of this abomination, heads must roll. The people of the UK have the right to know that when they go in to a shop and buy a lasagne, made with beef, that they are eating cow.

After a little bit of practice, hounding down the Meat Mafia, perhaps they could turn their attention to the biggest fraud in the history of civilisation, into which there has been no inquiry whatsoever, the system of Fractional Banking and the illegal imposition of usury, which is robbing the people of the world while enriching the Central Banking families. Any of our money which is not thrown into the black hole of Europe, will end up in the pockets of the criminal bankers.

In the meantime, perhaps they could close down the quangos which are costing one hundred and seventy billion pounds a year, mainly in an effort to convince the people that the European Union is a worthwhile operation, when in fact it is yet another fraud, designed to take control of every aspect of our lives. Quangos are simply jobs for the boys, offering salaries of up to three hundred thousand pounds for “friends” of the government.

The “Bank” Sets Up The Final Stage Of The Takeover Of The UK.

In a move that received very little attention from the mainstream media, David Cameron and his Zionist controlled government, recently announced their intention of passing full control of the UK economy into the hands of The Bank of England.

Having declined the offer to align the British economy with the Rothschild controlled European Central Bank, along with the rest of the Eurozone, he has instead invited the Canadian Governor of the Rothschild controlled Bank of Canada, Mark Carney, to become the highest paid of all the Rothschild men in the Central Banking system, as  the new Governor of the Rothschild controlled Bank of England.

There is some sort of chicanery going on behind the scenes, involving Cameron’s claims to be negotiating a new deal with the EU, which when it is granted, will allow him to claim to the British people, that he has power over the unelected Politburo, while suggesting that they should take his advice and vote to stay within the EU strangle-hold.

Cameron, Hollande and Merkel, were interviewed by Von Rompuy, the unelected President of Europe, whom plays the role of go-between, passing orders to the lackeys, from those whom prefer to hide their faces from the public, over whom they have control.

They will have received instructions as to how to continue the re-colonisation of Africa, where along with Rothschild’s agent in Canada, where Rothschild has long controlled oil and aluminium resources, Stephen Harper,  they have been protecting Rothschild’s mining and drilling interests in Mali, where they were in danger of falling into the hands of the people of Mali, whom were intent on re-installing the Democratically elected Government, in place of the Military Junta, which has been installed by the French.

Attempts are being made by the EU and NATO, to mount a UN operation in Africa, which will involve other puppet regimes like that of Zuma in South Africa, which will be used to dupe the African Peoples into accepting a Military Dictatorship in Mali, as if it were better than Democracy, which will soften them up, in readiness for the total theft of their resources, by the Zionist terrorists.

The Zionists, are already robbing the African Peoples, while lurking behind the smoke-screen of numerous Civil Wars, which they are financing, while at the same time cynically offering a helping hand.

The continuing massacre of Africa, takes us back to another age, in which the British, French and Dutch people were nothing more than cannon fodder for the Trading Companies, which stripped Africa of its resources in past times. It is still being carried in the interest of those same companies, under another name.

Prime Pea Cameron Addresses His Pod Of Peabrains.

David Cameron, the man whom is often referred to as The Prime Minister  of the United Kingdom, today, gave an address to the House of Commons, which in any other circumstances could well have been mistaken for a comic sketch. It must have taken a serious amount of effort, on the part of the Members, not to break out into hysterical laughter as he delivered his gags.

The subject was the Algerian hostage crisis, which was, he averred, “An outrageous, unprovoked, terrorist attack.” This attack is going to be the excuse to continue the “War on Terror in the Maghreb,” for the next ten years or more. He failed to explain, in any clear manner, if not for the buffoons in Parliament, for the rest of us, just how he is going to manage to continue arming his murdering thugs in Libya and Syria, while at the same time hunting them down in Algeria and Mali.

He offered no explanation as to how The National Transitional Council in Libya and The Free Syrian Army, all of them Islamic, as are the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, having been involved in the “Arab Spring,” which was supposedly  bringing the gift of Democracy to the Muslim people, while toppling their Dictators, has now become terrorism in Mali, which is under a Military Dictatorship.

When he insisted that regime changes should be brought about through peaceful means, I started to retch.

His Jewish cousin, Ed Milliband, whom like Cameron was apparently unaware, that their Jewish cousin, once removed, François Hollande, in France, had just carried out an unprovoked attack, killing an unknown number of civilians in Mali, in order to maintain the aforementioned Military Junta in power.

The raid in Algeria, which Cameron had described as “An outrageous, unprovoked, blah! blah!” had in fact, been in response to the outrageous attack on Mali. I believe that a request for a “No Fly Zone” had been received from the freedom fighters, whom are in fact in no way connected with Al Qaeda, despite Cameron’s claims, they have been fighting for a homeland for at least the last hundred years. The request was turned down.

When Milliband made his response to Cameron’s diatribe, it was made perfectly clear that the whole of the British Parliament, despite huge public protest against British interventions, goes along with this arrant nonsense, there was not one cry of protest from the Back-Benches, no shaking of heads in astonishment at the garbage they had just endured.

When a Cameron stooge, Malcolm Rifkind, stood up to compliment Cameron on his straight-faced delivery of his swill, speaking in an eerie posh accent from another age, it brought it home, full in the face, that there will be no help for the British people from this bunch of self-centred posturing idiots and certainly not for the Islamic Peoples whom will be robbed of even the sand in the desert.

Gun Runner Cameron Goes Abroad.

David Cameron, Jewish Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, last seen in Parliament, with a quizzical look of unknowing on his face, as Socialist Member Tom Watson, made a statement to the house, about a paedophile ring which was operated from The House of Commons and Downing Street, during the time of an unnamed Prime Minister from the Thatcher years. Along with the rest of the Tory Party, Cameron, would not have heard the widespread rumours about “The Grocer.”

Cameron has now been handed the job, which in the past was handled for his controllers in the City of London, by the likes of Anthony Eden, that is to build up a coalition against an innocent State which is presenting an inconvenience to the aims of the International Central Bankers and the State of Israel.

The Prime Minister is off to the Middle Eastern, Countries which are under the form of Dictatorship which is called a Royal Family.  As is the UK, these Gulf Royal Families are mere agents of Israel, in the City of London and the unnamed Royal Family whom have maintained control there, since early in the last century.

His mission is to make sure that all of the loyal and obedient servants, which surround Iran, will be well armed when the slaughter begins. He will of course be able to claim that the British working man will be well rewarded, as a result of this barbarity.

When questioned about the selling of arms in a region already armed to the teeth, he said that any Country has the right to defend itself against,  outside aggression and that the UK maintained stricter controls over the use of the arms which it sold, than any of the other major arms dealers.

Alert readers will have already noticed that these rights do not apply to the enemies of Israel, such as Libya or Syria and the control over the use of these arms did not help the people of Gaza against White Phosphorus.

This man is either an imbecile or a straightforward liar or quite possibly both. He, along with his vertically challenged, Foreign Minister, little Willie Hague, have continually ignored the Arms Race, which was kicked off when the UK quietly passed enough Plutonium to Israel, to give them the means of initiating their Nuclear weapons programme and instead, insist that the continuing aggressive attitude towards Iran is to prevent an Arms Race in the region.

The fact of the matter is, that the stance being taken by Israel and the rest of the “Mad Dogs” of the Western World, against Iran, is exactly the same stance as was taken against Adolf Hitler and the German people, from Hitler’s election in nineteen-thirty-three, to the day the war was forced on Germany.

The Jews imposed a world-wide boycott against German goods, from the instant Hitler was elected, as did the US in nineteen-seventy-nine when the Iranian Ayatollahs were put in power. It is now called sanctions. The Jews then set about accusing the National Socialists of atrocities against Jews, claiming that Hitler intended killing all Jews. They told a pack of lies.

Bush the Dubya, claimed that Muslims wanted to wipe out, all Jews, Christians and Americans, thus helping his Zionist whiners about anti-Semitism, to introduce us to Islamaphobia, which of course is fine. The fact that most terrorism is carried out by groups which are controlled by MI6, Mossad or the CIA, is of no importance.

The claim that a group of Muslims had carried out 911, corresponds exactly with the claim that Hitler wiped out six million Jews, thus creating an enormous backlash against Islamic Countries. Well Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. Hitler was attacked by Poland, and in David Cameron’s own words, Germany had the right to defend itself.

The City of London claimed that a recent treaty which it had signed with Poland, obliged the UK to respond to Germany’s attack. That being so, why did the same City of London, ignore the fact that Stalin had invaded Eastern Poland and more importantly why was Poland handed over to mass murderer Stalin at Yalta.

The Japanese told Hitler, that his biggest mistake was to believe the British. The expression that  “his word is his bond,” does not apply to the British Ruling Classes.

Meanwhile, Cameron is making himself unavailable for questioning about the sordid question of paedophilia which permeates right through all parties in the British Parliament. It must be quite clear that the unnamed politician from the time of Margaret Thatcher, was not Ted Heath, he was outed a long time ago and he played no part in Thatcher’s regime.

It will be interesting to see how the call for an enquiry into a cover-up at the BBC, will be handled in tandem with an enquiry into a similar ring of sordid perverts in Downing Street. In the view of the exposure given to the antics of Catholic Priests and the rumours about Jewish Rabbi’s, Parliament should not expect to be let off lightly.

So what we are dealing with is a pack of craven liars. These are people whom will tell any lie in order to gain whatever they seek.

Everything we were told about Saddam, Assad, Gadaffi and Hitler was a lie. When the British declared war on  Germany, it was from behind a wall of untruths.  The propaganda had started just after the end of the Great War. Just as the claims about WMD in Iraq was a lie, so was the tale of Hitler’s desire to conquer all of Europe. As for the term Final Solution, that was used by a Jew in reference to the German people, whom spoke of sterilizing the entire German Race as the Final Solution. Is it any wonder that it is illegal to question the holocaust.

The idea that the British Government, which is responsible for so many wars, down through the centuries, is jam-packed with men and probably women, whom start to tremble and dribble at the sight of a small child. That a recent Prime Minister, sold off the country’s gold to Rothschild for pennies on the pound and whom slid off to Lisbon to sign a treaty, which would further the interests of the bankers, should be suspected of being a paedophile. That another traitor, whom signed the UK into the European Union, Ted Heath, should be suspected of the same perversion.

That yet another Prime Minister, John Major, whom also signed Treaty’s which glued the UK into Europe, was involved, at the same time, with Edwina Currie, whose name has been mentioned in the Jimmy Savile saga, leaving himself open to blackmail and divorce, not give one the impression that to get anywhere in the UK, one needs a depravity of some sort.

Currie apparently frequently dined with Savile at the Athenaeum Club, where she gave him a form of executive job at Broadmoor, a high security institution for madmen such as the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. It also appears to have given Savile access to corpses, to satisfy his necrophiliac tendencies.

This,  in the words of Churchill, Britain’s favourite pervert, is not the end of this saga, it is not even the beginning of the end, it is merely the end of the beginning, or something like that.

The Writing is on the Wall for Europe.

The main components of European industry, have all been safely exported to the Far East. The Bankers and their Chief Executive Officers, whom manage the major industries, have prepared Europe for a major catastrophe.

There is not one European Country which is making the slightest effort to increase employment, they are content to stand back making noises, pretending to be using austerity to put us all back on our feet, preparing us for the good times which will follow on as a result.

This is garbage. Austerity will rob the people to pay the bankers, leaving us in a worse state than ever. Selling State assets will not solve any problem, it will simply create problems for the future. Asset stripping destroys jobs and is a quick fix which can only be used once. When there is nothing left to privatize, what will we all do then?

The politicians whom are now telling us that they are working day and night to “jump-start” the economy are the very politicians whom watched our industries, using our money to pay for the voyage, install overseas, with a guarantee that any loss of profits would be made good for ten years, using our money. They now pretend to be surprised at the rise in unemployment.

Suddenly, as if by magic, students in Western countries, find themselves paying for their education. Where did that come from? How could it be that every country takes the same measures at the same time? They told us that these students, with the help of their degree, would quickly find a highly paid job, making it possible to repay their debt in double-quick time. What jobs? This debt will be on their backs for life.

In this sort of climate, the first step a caring government would take, would be to call for a moratorium on mortgage payments. Nobody should be evicted from their home because they have lost their job. Next step, take control of all the food which is produced within their borders. The Irish can tell you all you need to know about food being shipped overseas, while the people whom produced the food are starving.

These things are obvious, after all this is why we elected them, to take care of things like this. So why do we now find them allowing our foodstuffs to be gambled on the commodity exchange. Why are the money-men being allowed to bump up the price of food, by buying it in advance from the producer cheaply and then pushing the price up on the Stock Markets?

I think we can safely state, that whomever these people are serving, it is certainly not us.

So here we are, wondering what to do next. All around us we can see the middle-classes being destroyed, while in China and India in particular, we can see the emergence of a huge middle class.

The advance of this middle-class will not of course be encumbered with a Carbon Tax and other such rubbish, which would tend to keep them, like us, poor and unable to continue the life-style to which we have become accustomed.

Africa will also be unable to set-up industries, which would be able to transform their massive resources into quality products for sale on the world markets. They,unlike Asia, will have stringent restrictions placed on their CO2 emissions to the point that they are unlikely to be allowed to burn cow-shit to cook their food.

So it would appear that in China and India and other BRIC countries, which just happen to be the areas where the multi-nationals, using our money, have installed their production centres, are to be the only Carbon restriction free zones on the planet. What a coincidence. While Africa will as usual be robbed of its resources to make sure that the Bankers and their Industries will stay in profit.

Are you beginning to see the future? A future where even rolls of toilet paper are imported from China. Soon we will be using old newspapers, as did folk during the war years, so I am told.

People are talking a lot these days about the build-up to the Great War. A dream like period, of summer days, punctuated by the sound of bat and ball and the clapping of hands, on the village greens of England. The skies were blue and the days were always sunny, however the clouds were just over the horizon.

Daily life has once again assumed that quality of going no-where. The British Prime Minister has just reshuffled his Cabinet. A spokes-woman, Teresa May, whom apparently once posed for sexy pictures, assured us that despite all of the changes, things would carry on as before. She did not explain how a change has come to mean no change. Oh well!

In the US, where they are in the middle of an election, the same thing would appear to have taken hold. This is the candidates.

That is what they look like, now listen to what they sound like.

So there you have it. In the UK and the States, whatever happens nothing will change. In France the French have just woken up to the fact that François Hollande, is Nicolas Sarkozy minus the super-model.

In reality nothing has ever changed but never has it been so noticeable as now. We are going nowhere. We are being held in abeyance, who knows for what. We can only pray that it is not for another war.

The UK, US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France and various other NATO countries are screaming for a war with Iran. Nobody in their right mind should be showing such eagerness to kill and maim thousands of people. In France, the voters whom are too decent to vote for the Front National, have in quick succession voted for two Jewish warmongers, both of whom were groomed by US handlers for this job.

At least Jacques Chirac, for all of his other peccadilloes, refused to join NATO and played no part in the illegal war against Iraq. Sarkozy, on the other hand could hardly restrain himself from carrying out a single-handed assault against Gadaffi.  Hollande has been willing to invade Syria from day one of his gaining power.

Little Willie Hague, is always eager to kill. The rest of the British humanitarians will back him to the hilt.

There does not appear to be an after the slaughter plan.  What do these mad-men imagine is going to happen when the first attack is made against Iran? Are they counting on the European Industrial Base being destroyed, as they destroyed Germany’s factories, deliberately, during the war which they forced on to Hitler, in the manner they are now forcing this one on to Iran?

We have already been hearing talk of Biological weapons. Could this be a precursor to a “False Flag” attack? World Wars always seem to include a pandemic of dubious origin. Vaccinated GIs brought the Spanish flu into the Great War, killing more people than did the war itself.

I can find no figures or any indication of the source of the Typhus epidemic, which swept across Eastern Europe, wiping out unknown numbers of vulnerable starving people. The death toll of this epidemic would certainly have included many Jews. My friends family died of typhus in a work camp.

NATO has sprinkled Al Qaeda units all across the Middle East, making it possible to infer  that some of these groups may manage to get their hands on the type of weapons, which are capable of doing exactly what NATO would like done, in a deniable way, of course.

Why Is Germany Helping The Zionist Holocaust Against Islam.

While still paying reparations to Israel, which in fact did not even exist during the Second World War, for the alleged attempt to rid Europe of Jews, Germany is now assisting in the clearances of Muslims from the lands which are coveted by the greedy plunderers in Tel Aviv.

The German Secret Service is  relaying information to the hired killers, whom are carrying out  a proxy war against the Assad regime in Syria. German weapons are being used by the euphemistically titled “Free Syrian Army” despite the slaughter which is being inflicted on the civilian population, by these weapons, in an attempt to manufacture an excuse to unleash air attacks which will, as in Libya, kill many thousands more.

Germany has recently supplied Israel with six nuclear submarines, in payment for some alleged offence, despite knowing full well that Israel has Nuclear Weapons which can be used to blackmail the rest of us.

Many commentators have suggested that Israel has already trained its missiles on every European capital, to make sure of a continued acceptance of every dictate.

The power crazed maniacs in Israel have already promised, that should they be threatened with any form of disaster, they will ensure that the rest of us are wiped out with them.

In view of this, why are the German people allowing their Zionist  government to use taxpayers money to arm the most vicious, warmongering country on the planet?

Germany, which for many years has been controlled by Jews, Angela Merkel being the most recent, has joined forces with the UK, under Jews David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne, along with Jew Sarkozy’s, replacement, Jew François Hollande in a sadistic group of fiends, whom are intent of provoking the Third World War.

Erdogan in Turkey, yet another Jew and hypocrite to boot, while using exactly the same tactics as Assad, in order to destroy “The Free Kurdish Army” which is demanding freedom from Turkey, is conniving with Hilary Clinton to bring in a “No Fly Zone” which will destroy Syria.

These Jews are responsible for more murder, torture and illegal confinement without trial, than all of the so-called “Dictators” combined.

On the one occasion when bombers were caught in the act in Iraq, they turned out to be disguised SAS undercover killers.

Ask any awake Irishman and he will tell you that the SAS was the IRA.

In the UK’s Guantanamo Bay style Internment Camps, where the inmates were treated like filth, to the point where many of them starved themselves to death, while the British looked on, refusing to charge them with any crime, in the style of what is now referred to as “they were locked up for breathing, because they were Catholic”  by the people whom Little Willy Hague tells us have humanitarianism in their genes.

For the German people, whom suffered the savagery of Dresden, and ten million of their people being starved to death after the end of the war, while Eisenhower starved more than one million German Prisoners of War to death in Concentration Camps and handed untold numbers into the hands of Stalin, to be summarily executed, to find themselves aiding and abetting this scum to carry out the annihilation of yet another Muslim State is disgusting.

In the manner of Libya, the mainstream media is now presenting an image of Syria, where the people are desperate to be liberated, without ever presenting a Syrian whom supports Assad, as at least sixty-five percent do. We were told the Iraqi people would be out in the streets cheering as the Coalition of the Guilty liberated them. This is quite simply lies as I am convinced is the same tactic which was used to manipulate Hitler into war. I no longer believe a word of the rubbish which has been laid at Hitler’s door.

Every war during the Twentieth Century was deliberately provoked. Just as is the Great Culling which has long been promised.