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Let’s Hear It For The Neo National Zionists.

The amount of debt, which is owed, across the world, is incalculable. It runs into trillions of trillions of dollars. All of this debt, carries a rate of interest.  Part of the Greek debt carries an interest rate above thirty per cent.

Interest at one per cent, on one billion dollars, is ten million dollars, which is added to the debt twice annually, increasing the debt by over twenty million dollars a year, simply in interest.

My mathematical skill is stretched to the limit, dealing with a billion, for the interest on a trillion, my primitive calculation must be multiplied by one thousand. That is twenty million times one thousand, which gives, I believe, a total of twenty billion dollars. That is at an interest rate of one per cent. Do you begin to get the picture?

Multiplying that by the fourteen trillion dollars, which is the American, supposed debt, will deliver a figure of three hundred billion dollars or more, a year, at just one per cent interest.

Whether my calculation is correct or not, is of no importance. You can do your own calculations, all I am attempting to do is to give an idea of the credibility or otherwise of the debt.

Just a rudimentary calculation of the European debt, where we are told, Italy alone owes more than one trillion dollars, will make it clear, that Italy will never be in a position to pay, an estimated one hundred billion dollars annually in interest payments alone.

Now let us, as laymen, ask the simple question, if the combined debt of Italy and the US, is fifteen trillion dollars, from where did this money appear?

The International Monetary Fund, is funded by us, as is the World Bank. All of the major banks, are bankrupt. So where is the source of the quadrillions of dollars of debt, which is swilling around the world?

Based on my child-like calculation, using a base rate of one per cent, calculate the interest payable on one quadrillion of dollars, that is one thousand times one trillion.

It will soon become clear, no austerity measure in the world, will free up enough money, to simply pay the interest on this debt. The interest payable on such a debt is more than the combined annual value of all of our labour combined.

This amount of money, is not as they say, to be found under the cushion on the sofa. The US sells bonds on the open market, whom had the necessary, to invest fourteen trillion dollars in US Bonds? Never mind the quadrillions of derivatives and credit default swaps, et al.

The answer is quite simple, The Federal Reserve. The Fed, which is owned by eleven banking families, dreams up the money, out of nowhere, Lends it to the Government, at interest and then buys it back, passing yet more funny money to the Government.

This is called “monetizing” the debt. They have in effect created two debts out of one. This is needless to say, illegal. The money with which they buy the Bonds, is paid back to them as interest on the National Debt.

This is the kind of scam, of which the Mafia can only dream. Yet in front of our eyes, our politicians are allowing it to continue. We are expected to be debt slaves to a group of criminals.

This kind of money, which we are expected to repay, does not exist. The combined total of everything of value in the world, including the Mona Lisa, would not even approach the sums involved.

So it becomes clear, that this debt was generated through the  illegal use of Fiat currency. That is, generating imaginary money, to deliberately create debt.

No country, has as yet, defaulted on interest payments. So how come banks need bailing out. Most of the biggest banks are owned by the same banking families as the Central Banks.

So ask yourself the simple question, if every country in Europe, is on the slippery slope towards disaster, while the bankers are calling for more bailouts and National Governments are so cash strapped that all they can afford is war, from where will be found the funds to pay this interest to the Central Bankers? More importantly, what are they doing with the money?

The answer is quite simple, the same Banking Families, will create the necessary funds from nowhere, adding to the credit debt and we the people will be forced to accept poisoned loans, on which we will have to pay interest, when we are already unable to pay the interest on the existing debt.

When the UK and France, recently attacked Libya, from where did they find funds? Do you know how NATO is funded and by whom it is controlled? What is the necessity of the war in Afghanistan. No trace of Al Qaeda training camps, let alone Osama Bin Laden was ever discovered.

The destruction of Libya and Iraq, were banking wars. They were carried out under the orders of the Elite. It is well-known that NATO is nothing more than the enforcer for the multi-nationals and the bankers. So why not ask them to pay for the upkeep of the troops and pay the hospital bills for the wounded?

The problem of this alleged debt, is turning into a ridiculous argument along the lines of World Trade Centre Seven. You do not need a brain, to understand that a steel framed building could not collapse into its own footprint, leaving not one enormously thick steel beam standing. It is impossible.

It is equally impossible for a debt, more valuable than all the available funds in the world to buy, to exist.  If we are being told it exists, it is quite obviously a fraud. Why are we being expected to pay a fraudulent debt?

Too big to fail, does not mean too big to prosecute. Goldman Sachs, can be placed right at the heart of the Greek debt. Why are they being allowed to announce record profits, pay themselves record bonuses and yet avoid prosecution for theft and fraud?

The bailout money could be better used setting up our own banking system, allowing the private bankers to pretend to pay their own debts, and allow them compete against a properly run banking system, not the criminal activity which they have imposed on us for centuries.

Cameron and Hague, along with Sarkozy, are all tainted, in one way or another, yet are pushing for an attack on Iran. This is based on the same form of Intelligence as was the illegal attack on Iraq.

Iran, like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, operate with a banking system which is in favour of the people and the country. They do not impose interest on loans. Usury is illegal. That is why they must be destroyed. As will Syria, which employs the same banking system.

There is one simple rule of thumb concerning debt and Fiat currency. Because of the existence of Compound Interest, it is impossible to pay off a debt. At the moment that the loan is accepted, you no longer have enough money to repay it. There is never enough money available to pay a loan.

Should you borrow one hundred Euros from me, at a rate of ten per cent per day, the following day you will owe me one hundred and ten Euros. From where will you find the ten Euros of interest? Should you put the very one hundred Euro note into my hand, you will still owe ten Euros. Twenty four hours later you will owe me eleven and so on.

This is the way the bankers have trapped Greece. They cannot pay the interest on existing debt, so they are increasing the debt in order to pay that  existing debt. This, quite obviously will not work. That is why they are expected to hand over the roads, water supply, power stations, anything of value, to the bankers, in return for nothing.

Iraq now has a Rothschild Central Bank. The first announcement of the NTC in Libya was the opening of a Rothschild Central Bank and an invitation to BP, which is owned by Rothschild, to pump oil. The next step will be to pass the water reserves to Israel, which is Rothschild’s Kingdom on earth.

The next step in this catalogue of criminality, will be for the bankers to tell us, that the only way to save ourselves is to allow them, to take total control of our affairs. Our puppet politicians will jump at the offer. They are the Neo National Zionists, after all.

For the good of the New World Order, we must all be debt slaves. We have in fact, always been slaves, we have simply pretended to be free.

A Word Of Advice To The Muslim World.

Democracy is an illusion. We in the West have never had Democracy. When the British talk of Democracy, they are talking of control. All control is in the hands of a group of Arch Criminals. Greed and a lust for power rule the World.

The people in the West have been slaves throughout their lives. They have been given barely enough wealth to adequately finance their lives, the rest of their work, which is the wealth of their society, has been milked off, into the pockets of financial sharks.

The most sinister aspect of this control, is to be found in the purchase of a home. The value of a home has nothing to do with the cost of building it. The price of bricks and mortar, wood and paint, has little to do with the cost, it has to do with the inflated value of the home due to compound interest and the scarcity of housing, which is government policy. Governments are controlled by Bankers and for Bankers the more expensive a home, the more interest they will gain.

Any house purchaser, on selling their home, for example ten years after the initial Mortgage payment, will find that the debt has not been reduced by a cent. In many cases, they will probably owe more than the original value of the loan. Which means they have already donated ten years of their work to the bank.

This interest will entail selling the home at a price, at least equivalent of the original price, plus ten years of repayments, just to stand still. This is criminal. This could be stopped at a stroke by any government, with the slightest concern for the welfare of the people.

People of the Muslim world,  have been living without this burden on their shoulders, because leaders like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, made interest free loans to house-buyers. Which is one of the reasons they have been destroyed. The first act of the British in  Libya was to set up a Rothschild Central Bank as had already been done in Iraq.

Iran is one of the few remaining Countries, which does not allow the imposition of Interest on Bank loans. Usury is illegal in the Muslim world, as it once was in the Christian world.

It was the bribery and trickery of certain banking families, which allowed the introduction Usury into the monetary system. In the West we have long been the debt slaves of the Central Bankers.

What is now being called OWS, Occupy Wall Street or The American Spring, is in fact, thousands of people demonstrating against the very system which the Arab Spring is intent on installing in the Muslim world. The Western system is a controlled system, it has long been in the hands of criminals. The world is being ruled with the iron fist of an enormous Dictatorship, which is at last coming under some sort of opposition.

In the West, the people are completely unaware of their captivity. Even when it is pointed out to them they are unable to understand the implications. They have become so accustomed to the imposition of debt as a means of enslavement, that they cannot even imagine a world without debt.

The majority believe their elected Politicians to be well-meaning but that things go wrong, resulting in unemployment, the breakdown in Social Services and so on, they cannot be made to understand that things do not go wrong, what happens is what was intended to happen.

However a growing number of people realise that in fact their politicians are working against the good of the people, that they are in fact under the control of hidden forces. Personally I do not trust any single politician, in a position of power, in any Western Government.

Across the world elected politicians are one and all supporting the same policies and implementing the same measures at exactly the same time, which is a sure indication of control. There is no policy which is to the benefit of all people, in all countries simultaneously, which is why the Euro-zone is falling apart.

In view of this, I would be extremely surprised to find that the people of Gaza, have managed to vote for the only uncontrolled and uncorrupted Government in the Middle East.

In the US and Europe, the economies have been destroyed. This was no fault of the individual Governments. It was brought about through fraud. The Shadow Government came up with the idea of a debt which was so enormous that it could never be repaid. The major banking houses claimed that they would collapse should they not be bailed out. Our politicians lined up one after the other to tell us that we must pay this debt for the bankers.

We are now being told that this is all the fault of the people whom are being forced to pay this debt. The International Monetary Fund is now asking for Two Trillion Euros of top up funds, in order to bail out countries, such as Greece or Italy, should they be in danger of defaulting, that is too short of money to pay a debt which should rightly be paid by the banking system itself.

This two trillion Euros, will be loaned to needy countries, at interest, so that it can be paid back to the bankers who created the debt in the first place. This is a criminal fraud. We are being robbed. Yet not one of our elected politicians has stood up and clearly stated that the debt is a fraud and should be wiped out.

This is a clear indication of complicity. Where are the Police Fraud Squads? Who is controlling the Police? Why are our Governments allowed to seize even pension funds, to funnel them into the coffers of the bankers. What the hell is going on?

In the middle of all this, these same politicians are allegedly holding out a helping hand to the Muslim world and The Arab Spring. Why would they do this, while they are still in the process of demonizing Muslims as an excuse to destroy them?

Why should they accept the decision of an election in Tunisia any more than they accepted the result in Gaza when Hamas was elected?  In Libya the voice of the people has been silenced and control handed over to the long controlled members of Gadaffi’s regime, The Muslim Brotherhood and a rag-tag bunch of Al Qaeda and other mercenaries.

I suggested at the outset of the Arab Spring, that the countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East, should stand shoulder to shoulder with Gadaffi, otherwise they would find the Western Colonialists closing in again to steal their resources. That is exactly what has happened. Egypt is under Military rule, Yemen is still under Saleh, Bahrain is still being controlled by Saudi Arabia and Western agents are still at work undermining Syria.

Israel is in the process of releasing one thousand Palestinians whom have been held without trial in Israeli gaols, some for decades. People in Israel are upset at this action, claiming that some of these people are guilty, without trial, of killing Israeli citizens. These prisoners are being swapped against one Israeli soldier, who must be the most famous infantryman in the history of the IDF. He, has been held for only five years for his crimes. Not one of the released Palestinians is known by name in the West.

The logic used by Israel to imprison Palestinians, suggests that the entire population of Israel are merely terrorists, lurking behind the excuse of a uniform, while they massacre women and children. All adults are obliged to serve a term in the jokingly named Israel Defence Force, making them, in the terms of The Nuremberg Tribunal, of which the Jews themselves have made use to suit their own ends, War Criminals one and all.  This is reason enough for the Palestinians to imprison IDF soldiers as terrorists. The Jews are in fact still scouring the earth to find any remaining geriatric, on whom to pounce,for allegedly doing exactly what they are doing in Palestine.

There is ample evidence that there are at least eight thousand NATO troops on the ground in Libya. They are there to ensure that the outcome of the so-called revolution continues according to the NATO ground-plan.

This should be a warning to those folk across that the region, whom still believe that the search for Democracy is still in their hands.

Egypt is a case in point, why did the Egyptian Army stand down while the ousting of Mubarak was taking place? Did the Egyptian’s genuinely believe that the Army would never turn against the people?  Well take another look. Where is NATO now? Where are the humanitarian British? Where is Hilary Clinton, with her strident calls for action to save the oppressed? One and all are under the same rock, which blocks their view of Bahrain, Yemen and Saudi Arabia, while allowing a clear view of Syria and Iran.

The people of Palestine should be sure that they are being served no better by their politicians than we are by ours.

There has long been suggestions that Hamas was set up by Israel to create a rupture in the Palestinians ranks. This would explain why virtually every act of Hamas has played into Israel’s hands. Ron Paul, an American politician, is on film, claiming this in the US Congress.

There is evidence that Yasser Arafat, an Egyptian, was a member of Bilderberg and did indeed attend the annual meetings.

This may well be nothing more than hearsay, however, the Palestinian problem has been allowed to continue for over sixty years, while the children of the West have been fed a diet of sympathy for the Jews, while they continue to exterminate the Palestinian people.

I have two things to advise the folk, whom are continuing the struggle for freedom in the Maghreb and the Middle East. The struggle is not against your current leaders, your struggle is against the Shadow Government. So beware of Political Parties, they are not essential and cling on to your own Banking system at all cost.