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The Democratic Prison Cell With No Need Of A Lock And Key.

Along with all the other bull with which we were indoctrinated in the class-room is the most ridiculous claim of all, that being the “benefit” of Democracy, which allows the “People” to decide their own fate.

The British people, whom back in the day, voted to join a simple trading group, the European Economic Community, a decision which because it corresponded with the wishes of “The Government” of the day, caused little problem and the decision was instantly, without further discussion, put into practice.

Some four decades later, when a majority of the British people, having realised that they had been misled into joining a group, which was created by rich industrialists and bankers, whom had selected the governing body of this European grouping, without any input whatsoever from the Peoples of Europe, they voted in a referendum to leave, what has now become The European Union, still controlled by an unelected, covert group.

This awkward decision of the people, has lead to turmoil amongst the ruling classes in the British Parliament, all of whom are in favour of “Remaining”, apart from the lame pretence of those Members whom represent constituencies which voted to leave the EU, that they must carry out the wishes of the people

Since the time of the referendum, a group of five unelected Judges, three of them Jews, have decided that the British Parliament must have the last word over the decision to remain or leave the Union. All of the democratically elected leaders of the Political Parties in Westminster, are in favour of remaining in the Union and would without a qualm ignore the decision of the People.

This group includes a Party from Ulster, which describes itself as the Democratic Unionist Party, a duplicitous group which is renowned for gerrymandering the constituencies in Ulster and restricting Catholics to one vote per household to ensure that they retained political power during the past century, however many Catholic lives their aim cost, all of it with the complicity of the British, whom never gave the British a vote on whether they wished to retain Ulster or to allow reunification with Èire and as is usual the DUP allowed only one vote per household for the Catholics. in any form of Referendum, all of which corresponds well with the idea of British Democracy.

Alongside the DUP, we find the Scottish National Party, which did itself conduct a recent referendum, allowing a vote on whether to remain in the United Kingdom which also delivered the wrong result. There were immediate calls from the leadership for a future referendum to rectify this mistake.

That same leadership is now trying to split hairs over the result of the referendum on membership of the European Union, into which the Scottish Democrats would force the Scottish people, without recourse to any referendum, out of fear that the same choice would be made by the people, whom voted to “remain” in the UK and have never voted to remain in the EU, which is the aim of the Democratic Nationalists whom seek submersion into a Soviet European Dictatorial Union along with all of the other duplicitous, carefully selected “owned” politicians across the entire European Union.

The British have quite deliberately failed to point out to the unelected spokesmen for the EU that Britain has nothing to lose should they leave, which is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The EU leadership knows that the only reason it still exists is through a cynical and massive dismissal of the votes of member states like the French, Dutch, Danish and Irish Peoples, whom having returned the wrong result in several referendums, their choice was simply ignored or a second referendum was carried out, the results of which, according to all of the “Exit Polls” were rigged on a massive scale. The Irish reported a 60% change of the choices made by the Irish people on two occasions, for acceptance of the Euro and the Treaty of Lisbon.

The slime-balls in the British Government know full well that they would never get away with rigging a second referendum, so they have cunningly manoeuvred the discussions into a position of “no choice” apart from one of remaining in the EU using a sell-out deal manufactured by the Bankers agent Theresa May, and pretending to have left the EU while still paying the Ransom Money, because Parliament will never vote for a “No Deal” exit. All of the cynical bastards in the House are on board for that one, make no mistake about it.

The Peoples of Europe have proven so easy to destroy that it is inconceivable but true, that they are unable to see that they are already on the cusp of disaster. America is in the same position. They are governed by a group of stupid people, such as Polosi and Schumer, and others whom have been re-elected over and over again, whom have watched America being stripped bare of its industrial base and whom give twenty standing ovations in Congress to Netanyahu, the Jew sweep-head who has promised to suck America dry, chew it up and spit out the remains when the Jews have finished with it. Yes he really said that and you are expected to believe that your Politicians are not aware of it.

The North American Union, was set-up to destroy America just as the European Union was designed to destroy Europe. There are no good quality jobs in the USA or Europe. The idea that we can all become high-tech technology wizards is a joke? The electronic industry was destroyed by the Jews after World War Two when they took the production of Televisions, Computers, Video Recorders and pretty much everything else to Korea and Japan and it has been downhill ever since.


World War Three Will Be A Crusade Fought For Zion.

Protest against Israel

It is now becoming clear as to why the British, French and Americans, were so keen on presenting the attack against the Russian Airliner, brought down over the Sinai Desert, a mere twenty miles from the area of a huge NATO aerial exercise, which included Israeli Air Forces, as being of a Daech origin.

Should the Israeli Military have been implicated in that act, they could well have been implicated in the firing of a missile in the direction of a Thompson Holidays, Charter flight, which narrowly avoided being brought down in the same region of Sinai, by that missile.

The Paris attack, which comes at a time when Public opinion is already hardening against Israel, and so to find themselves implicated in this carnage, having so narrowly escaped the online accusations of having actually brought down the Russian plane, would just about cook Israel’s goose as far as world opinion is concerned.

However many narrow escapes they may have had,  with the total cooperation of the Worlds News Services, which fellow Jews control, protecting their acts with lies,  they must keep on plodding forward in pursuit of the Final solution, which they have verbalised on many occasions, that of destroying Germany initially, and then the super-strike, that of bastardising the White Race, all across Europe. This is the reason for the clearances, which are taking place in the now destroyed and unlivable region.

We are living through an abomination, in which our own elected Governments are seeking to destroy us. The media are talking of an attack against the Western way of life and they are right on the button except for one thing, the attack is not coming from a group of terrorists, it is our own politicians who are  bringing us down.

Imagine you are engrossed in a spy movie and a suspect is being followed. At certain appointed places, one tail, will walk off and another take his place and carry on tailing the suspect. This may happen a dozen times, to make sure the followed does not get the idea that he is being tailed.

That is exactly how government works. They are all carefully selected and they all do as they are told. To deviate can mean death. All Parties are involved and only a few disparate voices are allowed into Parliament. When one of them is voted out another with the same ideas takes his place.

It is for this reason, you should on no account ever vote for a political party. They select only those candidates who will do as they are told. Democracy has been destroyed by Political Parties.

I spend time asking those whom seek election, questions of Democracy, they usually look me in the eye, hesitate and then turn away shouting next question.

We have been told that Daech has claimed responsibility for all of the recent atrocities, how do they go about this? Do they ring 911 and say “My name is Baghdadi and I want to report an attack,” or is it done by tweet or on their Facebook page?

It is all a bit like Cameron and his fantastical method of tracking down and with pinpoint accuracy and vaporising British subjects to the point where they are “almost certainly” dead, after having been “unable” to track down and destroy Daech in Iraq,  while Russia calmly destroyed every last trace of them in Syria, where the British have been gagging to bomb them, claiming it to be “not fair on our allies” if we do not give them a hand in their illegal acts against a legitimate government.

This is how you sow the seed of Democracy in places where they are far better off without it.

Nothing changes, this is all reminiscent of the propaganda which we have for years, been fed about Hitler. Well strangely, even after the demise of Hitler, we are still under siege by those whom would be Masters of the Universe,  which to any aware person, should bring into doubt, everything which we were ever told about Hitler’s aims.

Let us just retrace our steps and take another look at the reasons behind all of this terror and death and useless bloodshed, which ever since the end of World War Two has been a scourge on the Arab world and which now  envelopes all of Europe.

This is an extremely difficult tangled web,  to attempt to unravel but from the start it included many of those whom still control the West, that is, The UK, USA, Canada, Australia, N.Zealand, France, Germany etc. They call themselves Zionists, in that way Israel can deny membership of the conspiracy, because they are Jews.

This control is exercised through the ownership of the Banking system and the virtual ownership of all leading politicians, either through blackmail or money.

One of the Lords Rothschild, desired to gain a foothold in the Middle East, that would be the Middle East where all the Oil is to be found.  In order to gain this foothold, several things were necessary. One of them being listed in the programme of the Illuminati, which is a fact, not a theory, that of the taking down of Empires, which was an essential, should he seek to impose his own Family Empire.

Through the use of various underhanded devices a Great war was declared, which was intended to deliver their long sought wet dream of the destruction of Germany, the Austro/Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire and of course the Ottoman Empire.

The Germans proved to be a tough nut to crack and having fought the British and French to a standstill, they sought peace. Rothschild, having bitten off a little more than he could chew by taking control of Russia during the war,  thus losing the Russian Army, was obliged to seek help from the United States.

He cunningly made an agreement with the British government, that in return for a guarantee of control of Palestine, he would bring the US into the Great War.  The agreement was and is still, referred to as The Balfour Declaration. It was a joint effort of two British Jews, Balfour and Halifax, both of them Lords of the Realm.

In order for the British to get their hands on Palestine, which was a part of the Ottoman Empire, it was necessary to make sure that the Young Turks, who were and are Jews, gained control of Turkey and enough of the vestiges of the Ottoman Empire to enable them to cede Palestine to Rothschild.

This was the atrocity which  made it possible for people whom had no connection whatsoever with the Middle East, to grab control of Palestine and to immediately start a genocide against the inhabitants.


Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

Having gained his prize, it is obvious for all to see that Rothschild did not keep his word. He did not protect the interests of those whom lived in Palestine and worse than that he has been silent on the subject of Palestine ever since, despite the continuing carnage of the innocent, with which the region has been cursed. That should tell you all you need to know about rich bankers.

Palestine was often referred to as an Ulster in the Middle East or indeed Ulster was a Palestine in Ireland.  Both have, as a result of the British and their Banking Community in The City of London, suffered long years of torment and death.

These strategies will soon become part of the daily life of all of Europe, which is the aim of the ongoing mass immigration and the taunting of Muslims. This is a supreme effort to kick off a Holy War across Europe. We will need to be on our toes to avoid this catastrophic eventuality.

Let us not forget, it was the City of London and the Bankers, whom have held the British by the goolies, since the days of Cromwell, who packed Catholic Ireland with Protestants, with the aim of creating tension. Religion is always a sure way of doing that.

In Ireland, the British maintained a climate of distrust, which has continued for over three hundred years, amongst those who have no recognisable difference between them.  Into this explosive mix, the forces of Zion in the European Union are forcibly introducing Islam. Ask yourself, is that a sensible strategy for peace?

So here we are once again in the act of standing up to the “terrorists” and once again the hypocrites whom fund the terrorists will be shedding tears for the dead.





The Pilot Did Not Appear To Die

Just for once, I actually saw the latest production of the ISIL propaganda team and I was in no way convinced that I had just witnessed the death of a Jordanian pilot.  Unlike the Jordanian King, who used this piece of cinema as the excuse to hang a female prisoner and to launch more illegal air attacks on Syrian soil, killing an unknown number of people on the ground.

As for the video itself, it consisted of a man, in an orange suit, standing right in the centre of a cage,  in a manner which suggested that he was prepared to leap to safety, should the flames creep too close to him.

The film was then edited, to show another character holding a flaming torch, with which he lighted a line of petrol on the ground, the flames licked their way towards the cage.

The character in the cage maintained his position, in dead centre of the cage, while being surrounded by a ring of fire, which burned at the edge of the cage and not in the middle, where he stood.

The film was again edited at this point, to show an image from directly in front of the cage, where there had suddenly appeared a wall of flame.  Behind which the man in the cage was still visible, it was however impossible to see if he was being enveloped by this wall of fire.

There was then yet another edit, which showed a momentary glimpse of a few flames, apparently burning the lower trouser legs of the victim.

There was then yet another edit, after which we were presented with a bulldozer, covering the cage with sand and rocks and images of household goods of some sort, none of which had been in the cage at the beginning of the clip  and a pile of something or other, which I presume to have been a representation of the alleged victim.

This event has been presented as proof positive of yet another ISIL atrocity by all of the mainstream media and has already been used as the excuse for more illegal bombings in Syria and the execution of a prisoner in Jordan.

ISIL, for their part have announced that a female US citizen, who was so moved by what Fox News was telling her about events in Syria, chose to align herself with the rebels, who were fighting Assad, ( as had most of the other foreign victims of ISIL executions),  was killed in one of the Jordanian bombing raids, carried out in retaliation for the alleged death of the pilot.

The Western Mainstream Media, without a trace of shame, are hypocritically demanding proof positive of this alleged death.  For the first time, after having accepted all of the past assurances of ISIL,  the media have now decided that their  word is not good enough,  while it would appear to be good enough for the pilot’s fate.

It would appear that ISIL may have jumped the gun, with the claim that the American girl had been killed, as such a claim by ISIL, could well cause a backlash against Jordan, should it be true, so we will most probably be hearing very little more of this event.

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, once again, without a trace of emotion, has once more  presented a tissue of lies concerning the part played by Germany in the lead up to World War Two, by denouncing the German people as some sort of scourge of Europe, while addressing an audience about events in Ukraine.

She made not a mention of the Holodomor,  an event which rendered any German crimes into insignificance and which was the main reason for hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians, fighting alongside the Germans, against Stalin’s Russia.

 In keeping with all of the other “concerned” actors in this Pantomime, she offered no counter argument, against the Russian claims that Ukraine had fallen into the hands of Neo-Nazi’s  by stating truthfully, that in reality, Ukraine was now being controlled by Neo Jewish Bolsheviks, which is the truth, both President and Prime Minister were selected by the Jews Kerry and Nuland.  The election was a farce.

She went on to present her view of a future European Union, controlled by these same Neo Jewish Bolsheviks, with NATO as its War Machine and the  Jewish Bolshevik controlled United Nations as the High Command.

She did not bother to explain just how this vision of Europe differed in any way from that of which Hitler was often accused of planning.

The British people are tonight being bamboozled by the News Media, with more lies about World War 2, A biopic about the man who cracked the Enigma Code, is up for a BAFT Award  this evening.

Sky News is claiming that Alan Turing, the man in question, helped to shorten the war and thus saved the lives of many people. Sadly, even though it would be nice to believe this fable, the war was actually extended as long as was necessary, without a care as to how many extra folk were killed, in order to assure that the Bolshevik Russians Forces entered Berlin, before the Americans and British, who had been deliberately delayed at Arnhem, could arrive on the scene.

East Germany and half of Berlin, along with most of Eastern Europe had already been ceded to Stalin and the Russian Bolsheviks in return for their help in the destruction of Germany.

So you see, it is always the same old story, once you start to tell lies, you can never stop and here we are,  seventy years after the war and the lies are still being repeated. All of the so-called “Allied Forces” which formed the Coalition of Guilt,  have something to hide and are still lying about WW2, even as the long-delayed Chilcot report, which will confirm the coalitions lies about the Iraq war, is being delayed, yet again, because of pressure from the guilty parties.

Now here we go again, just as there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the invasion and destruction of the State was no more than a vicious, pitiless War Crime, as was the attack on Afghanistan, where there was no trace of Al Qaeda discovered, yet,undaunted the Allies are now telling us that Russia invaded Crimea and is now covertly carrying out a military campaign in Ukraine, without, of course, producing the evidence which they are claiming to possess.

So we now find ourselves in this strange, dreamlike nether world, where a response from Gadaffi to a terrorist atrocity in Benghazi, signalled the Allied Cavalry to bomb the daylights out of Libya.

In Syria, when Assad fought back against an armed gang of thugs, financed by Saudi Arabia, the British, quickly supported the thugs calling them as, they had in Libya, the Free Syrian/Libyan Army and  the creepily blood thirsty British, have maintained this thuggery in Syria, without stint, ever since, despite the millions of displaced people and the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians, plus of course, the sacking of museums and Churches and other sites of archaeological interest.

Yet these same British, have managed to ignore the Jews in Israel, who for the past sixty-five years, have been carrying out a genocide in Palestine and quite recently murdered two thousand or more innocent people in Gaza.

The  Allies are even now, ignoring the Jewish Bolshevik’s, whom they helped to place into power in Kiev, after the coup d’Etat, which was financed by the US, who are continuing their attacks against Eastern Ukraine, attacks which have already killed several thousand civilians and injured many thousands more. The Allies are even discussing giving these Jews even more lethal weapons to pump up the death toll of their own people, the very crime of which both Gadaffi and Assad were accused.


Would it therefore, be fair to suggest that the British and their cronies,  consider Jewish inspired lies, terrorism and atrocities to be acceptable, while the slightest attempt by a Muslim leader to maintain control of his country is an excuse for a bit of arbitrary slaughter?

The United Kingdom, along with several other European  States will very soon become  battle-fields, when some of the paid thugs, who have been trained by the SAS in Jordan and other places, are brought home,  under instructions to cause a bit of mayhem, which will generate an excuse for a lock-down and possibly Martial Law, as the full effects of the austerity measures unfold.

Prince Charles was today babbling about “those value’s which we hold dear” even as the leader of the French National Front Party, Marine Le Pen, was being hounded by a group of concerned British folk, who apparently disapprove of her stance on immigration and other matters,  while at the same time Nigel Farage, the Leader of the UK Independence Party, was forced to call off an event for the same reason, are these the values of which the Prince is speaking?

The hysterical cries and banners declaring “No Platform for Fascism”  which greeted Miss Le Pen, and the criticism from the  Press which have helped to usurp the very meaning of the word Fascism, to suit their own propaganda, shows a total disdain for the very notion of  “Freedom of Speech” and the depth of the indoctrination of the young people of Europe, who not only deplored the selection of Le Pen, as a speaker but also criticised the selection of David Irving, a man who served time in prison for questioning, the word of those Jews who are carrying out a genocide in Palestine, which they of course, deny.

One would have expected students at a major University to be a shade more conversant with the actuality of the Second World War, as distinct from the barrage of lies and propaganda, which was written by the victors, whom are still lying about these events.

Which takes us full circle back to the Ukraine and the Middle East, where the Neo-Lies are being generated in front of our eyes even as I write.


This actuality of the depth of hypocrisy and deceit, which is evident in British Society, will in no way affect the voting process, in the coming Parliamentary Election, in which, despite having been responsible for the wholesale slaughter of millions of Muslims between them, the British voter will once again vote for either the Labour Party or the Conservative Party, that is the law.


Perhaps one might ask the question of the British electorate, “Was it really worth the effort and sacrifices of the suffragettes, some of whom threw themselves under the hooves of race horses in search of their right to vote, with no obvious concern for the fate of the horse, when despite having gained this “right” there has been no change whatsoever, during the hundred years in which they have executed their right, as the same two Political Parties have maintained their total grip on UK power?”

There are now moves afoot to lower the voting age from eighteen to sixteen years old. Do you believe that they would even consider doing so, should they believe that this act might lead to a different result?  Dream on!

Democracy is no more than another example of their lies and deceit.  There is no such thing, the only safe-guard is a Constitution, which gives us a tiny morsel of protection from the tyranny of the majority.









Will Greece Lose Its Nerve?

For if you make a man too fearless, so as not even to fear the gods, he is not brave but mad, but if you make him afraid of everything, he is a coward. To be brave, then, a man must not either fear everything or nothing

The wise words of Aristotle are extremely relevant in these “days of total fear”  into which we have been manoeuvred by a coalition of governments, all of them working to the same agenda, whatever they may claim their political position to be.

A British politician, today on Sky News, explained to the British people that there would be either a Labour or Conservative government after the coming election, such is the measure of control, under which the British people have been chained for the past one hundred years.

I waited in vain for the stooge, Murnaghan, to ask the simple question, are you suggesting that there should be no other government in the UK apart from the Jewish controlled Labour Party or the Jewish controlled Conservative Party, both of which would be subservient to the unelected Jewish Politburo in Brussels.

The people of the land of Aristotle are today going to the Polls in the land which gave us Democracy, where the people are being warned that a vote against the governing clique, would lead to chaos and that should the Syriza political party win a majority, in the election, they will soon find that they will have no choice over their response to the current ills, which have been forced onto the people of Greece, other than that which is being proposed by an unelected panel or Politburo, in Brussels.

This is modern democracy in action. One could be forgiven for asking the simple question, “That being so, is there now any point in holding elections?”

We have just witnessed the disgraceful obscenity of the Billion Dollar Bash at Davos, where a band of thieves have been deciding OUR future.

They came screaming, out of the skies into town, in their Lear Jets to get down to the business of how to increase their own personal fortunes at OUR expense, while the “Free Press” continues to peddle the “Fear Factor” which leads the Workers of the World into ever deeper misery.

The “Fear Factor” is of course the twin of the “Guilt Factor” which is daily reinforced by the Jewish controlled Media.  The use of guilt is to forbid any discussion of the simple method of dealing with the fiscal problems of Greece.

I have just listened to a diatribe, by an elderly Jewish women, about how her family had been forced to leave their home in Poland and had been taken to Auschwitz. Where having descended from the train, they were stripped, had their heads shaven and then sent into a room, which looked like a “shower” and she saw men throwing tins of Zyklon B, through square holes in the ceiling, the screaming was indescribable.

She explained that she never again saw her father.  Both she and her mother,  miraculously survived Auschwitz, only to be sent to Bergen-Belsen,  where on arrival, she witnessed the living dead, walking eerily around the compound, dressed in rags and as thin as skeletons, with a stench of death in the air. Her mother died in Bergen-Belsen she did not explain from what cause.

All of this garbage was allowed to be broadcast, without a single question as to the truth of these claims.  For example there was no Gas Chamber at Auschwitz.  Should there have been,  how exactly did she and her mother survive? What did they do during their time at Auschwitz?  Why did they leave Auschwitz, was it because the Russians were coming?

This old Jew has spoken out after the attack on Charlie Hebdo, in which a couple of Jews “may” have been killed, we have yet to be presented with the bodies.  She was not inspired to speak out against the atrocities, which are a constant feature of her folk in Israel, which killed two thousand souls in Gaza and left many more with horrific injuries, in the recent past.

She told us how dreadful it had been to be evicted from their home, while failing to even notice that there are thousands of Jews still living in the homes of Palestinians who were driven into exile around the time she was being liberated from Bergen-Belsen.

Anne Frank was in various “Death Camps” and she managed to survive them all, she eventually died of typhus, as did thousands of others who had never been anywhere near a “Death Camp.” So why is the Charlie Hebdo episode being used as an excuse to dig up all of the boring old rubbish about Hitler?

Well it just happens that Adolf Hitler had found the German economy in the same dire straits as is the Greek economy at the moment. Hitlers first act when he was elected was to refuse to continue the payment of the German debt.  He then set about issuing his own money, which was based on an hour of labour.

The available labour pool was obliged to work for their social security, if they had no real job, they helped with the construction of the autobahn or other public works.  In this manner Hitler solved all of Germany’s economic problems within five years.  Anyone who believes that the Central bankers want the Greek people to know about this, please raise your hand.

The people of Greece are still being told that the austerity measures, under which they have been suffering, lead to growth.  This is a direct lie, there is no connection whatsoever between austerity and growth, austerity has seen to the privatisation of anything of value in Greece, including several islands, austerity has diminished Greece and has achieved nothing but theft through Usury, the same brand of theft which is still robbing the British.

The European Central Bank has just announced its intention to print money, They disingenuously describe this as “Quantitative Easing.”   Instead of passing this printed money directly into the hands of the people, who could then spend it into the economy to boost the recovery, they are giving it to the bankers, without any obligation on the part of the bankers to make cheap loans to hard pressed small business.  The bankers are of course using this windfall to play poker on the Stock Exchanges.

There is a documentary on-line worth a watch, “Gray State” in which  a contributor explains how the Elite contribute nothing, while stealing all of our ideas. He suggested that should you invent a gadget that looks like a winner, the rights of production will be snapped up by an investor of some sort, who will make a fortune from your ingenuity.

This is partly true, however it misses the most important point, the greed of the inventor who sells his idea for an offer he could not refuse.  These  local inventions, then,  instead of providing a good living for a family, they are being used to enrich the already disgustingly rich.  This is a case of Primary Greed, nourishing  the morbidly greedy.

The current business model depends on growth. The giant supermarkets are a perfect illustration of the stupidity of this concept. In order to grow, they must go after the business of their competitor. In France this approach has seen to the disappearance of several major Hyper-Market chains.  The excuse being that big is better.

The lie of this is being demonstrated by the ever growing popularity of Lidl, Aldi, Ed, Dia and other chains of cut price supermarkets. Dia has already been snapped up by a hyper-market chain, once again diminishing choice.

In the US this unbridled greed has led to the total dominance of groups like WalMart and McDonalds whose unquenchable greed has obliged them to treat their workforce as little more than miserly paid skivvies,  by legally flouting all of the traditional responsibilities of major employers.

In the UK a couple of telephone companies are going to disappear into the pockets of those who already control the bulk of the cell-phone business, a business which has created a necessity out of something which is in reality of little use, and which is now a bigger weekly expense for the average family than is the food bill.

This is why unregulated monopolies and other forms of naked capitalism, which are endemic in the European Union, is fatal for countries such as Greece and the other so-called pigs.

It is no more than a form of Communism, which is being used to “privatise” all utilities and arable land into the same greedy claws, along with water, to which only human beings are being denied free access and of course resources such as oil and gas.

The entire Middle East has been desecrated to suit the greed of a tiny number of oil hungry people, who have already been allowed to snap up thousands of politicians for peanuts to do nothing but facilitate illegal wars on those states with a natural resource for which they hunger.

So faced with this reality, I would be surprised if Greece is allowed to elect a government which might threaten this cosy status quo.  The nationalisation of a Central Bank is an absolute no no, however free and democratic we may claim to be. The owners of the Central Banking system are, after all, the very people who now own everything. Which is the well-known and certain destination of unregulated capitalism.


The penalty good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.  Plato.