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More Of Our Democracy Down Your Throat.

Erdogan the Jewish Prime Minister of Turkey, whom appears to have the right to over-fly Iraq in pursuit of folk whom he refers to as “Kurdish Rebels,” is now pushing to provide even more arms to Western Mercenaries in neighbouring Syria, whom he refers to as “The Real Spokesmen of Syria” it truly is as if we live in a dream.

As in Libya, the people of Syria are being taken completely out of this new form of democracy, they have already made their choice perfectly clear, unfortunately their wishes do not conform to the Jewish agenda.

Where are the people of Turkey? Can they not see what Erdogan is up to? Is it not perfectly clear that he is not in NATO for the good of the Turkish people? He is in NATO for the good of Israel.

Why is Turkey being lined up with the un-elected Dictators of the Arab League, to further the aims of Israel in the Middle East? I was amazed to see a report from Robert Fisk describing Lebanon’s “neighbour from hell,” I assumed he was referring to Israel, but no, he was writing about Syria.

This is a journalist, whom has recently criticised the way Sergeant Bales was described in a “Deranged Soldier” manner in Afghanistan. It becomes hard to know in whom you can place your trust, when he appears to have failed to notice that Assad is being placed in the “Deranged Hitler Type” slot, by the true infants of Stalin and Lenin from Israel and the US.

I believe it was Plato whom described a reasonable Dictator as the “best we can hope for.” Just a glance at the results of the Zionist form of Democracy in Iraq and Libya, suggests that he may have been right on the mark.

Is it any wonder that the people of Syria are demonstrating, by the million, to remain as they are, with Assad in control, to avoid the chaos offered by Israel. They are of course ignored by the Mainstream Media, which sadly appears to include Fisk.

If the “Free People” of Israel cannot take time off from attacking and grabbing the land of the Palestinians, to take some form of action to stop the “Deranged Animals” in Tel Aviv, from destroying yet another Muslim State, we can safely assume that they are complicit with what is being done in their name.

That being so, the rest of us must insist on a total ban on any form of trade with Israel. If necessary, the Security Council of the UN, MUST be done away with, so that at least at the UN, Democracy stands for something. There should be a free vote on all issues, that includes Israel’s refusal to accept UN Resolutions.