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Walls, Lies, Murder, Mayhem And Prison For Old Germans. That’s Life?

The rubbish about “The Wall” on the Mexican border, dribbles on and on. I am told that it is immoral, whatever that means, which would suggest that the American people have a moral duty to allow the population of Mexico and the rest of the Southern American countries, to simply walk into the USA, where they will be, “morally” housed, educated and given free food and health care. I would like to know why these things do not work in the other direction?

What a wonderful thing it would be, if all the people in the United States could simply go to Mexico and spend the rest of their lives, living high on the hog, thanks to a generous Welfare System in Mexico, while all the Mexicans could do the same thing in the United States. Would that not solve the problem?

As for the morality of a wall, the British have a wall called “La Manche” or the “Channel” depending on which side of it you are standing, which puts a stop to refugees, whom have walked across Europe, with the intention of finding refuge, which means a life, fully funded by the British, when in fact they are the responsibility of the first country in which they landed. Where on earth did the idea that refugees could simply choose the country in which they would be given a free life, come from?

Nobody is prepared to stand up and speak out against these immigrants, who are being “shipped in” mainly from Africa. Why does the mainstream media refuse to expose the “fact” that these Blacks are being “brought” into Europe. They are all of fighting age and of no use whatsoever to Europe.

It is beyond belief that European Politicians are not fully aware of the fact, that Europe is already under threat from those immigrants whom have already arrived, after all, it is not fleeing mothers and children who are raping and murdering the women of Europe, in ever-increasing numbers, while Jew politicians, in Europe, are screaming for ever more of these people, whom are setting up camps in City Centres all over the European Union, while the Jews in Israel are kicking them out and building castle walls all around Israel to keep those nasty ‘infiltrators’ out.

The above clip has been watched by millions of people. I have myself posted similar clips on numerous occasions, I cannot believe that not even one of our elected politicians has been informed of the sentiments, expressed by numerous Jews, in these clips, Jews whom are in the European Parliament and who are openly calling, for the destruction of the European, White Christian People. Even the big-mouthed Nigel Farage has not found the courage to mention this reality. Even the rogue “extreme” Right Winger, Nick Griffin did not dare to speak out about it in the European Parliament, even when his speech was attacked by a Jew.

This agenda is not hidden, it is there for all to see and yet, we most certainly must not mention the fact that these people are all Jews, who are loudly demanding the destruction of the White European, while the Jews themselves have no such qualms which would stop them from gaoling a couple of old age pensioners, for merely suggesting that a certain unmentionable event, which Jews maintain took place a couple of generation ago, to be questionable, even as these same Jews are calling for a White Genocide. What the F++K is going on?

This sweet person is, at the time of writing, languishing in a gaol in Germany, along with octogenarian Ursula Haverbeck, both of them for daring to question a Jew version of history. Oscar Groening, a motor mechanic, 93 years old, is facing a gaol term because the Jews claim, that even though he did not kill anybody, he repaired the vehicles which were used by those whom did. This is intolerable when we are seeking to enforce the Freedoms of Speech, Thought and Religion as Human Rights. Are our “Human Rights”, subservient to the demands of Jews whom seek to maintain a certain belief, which would prove detrimental to them, should it be exposed as a lie?





I watch British Politicians being forced to kowtow to the orders of Jews. One word out-of-place and the Jews are out in force and given as much time on television news programs as they like, to criticise any Goy who dared to speak out of line.

The second of the above clips, was kicked off when a French footballer Nicolas Anelka made a ‘quenelle’ salute, having scored a goal. Dieudonné had his career destroyed because he invented the gesture. That is the power of the Jew. Take notice no response was permitted, following these sermons from a pair of Jews, who were given air-time to deny Free Speech. There is very little air-time given to critics of Jew behaviour in Palestine, when did you last see Ken O’Keefe on the Jew owned and controlled Sky News?

Thank you Ken, I could not have put it better myself. I have been convinced, that there is no such thing as Muslim/Islamic terrorism, from the very day, that I heard it announced that the World Trade Centre, had been destroyed by a bunch of nineteen Muslim terrorists, from the moment that I heard on the ‘news’ that the police had ‘already’ found conclusive evidence, of this idea, in a motor-car and in a suitcase, which was the only suit-case which had not been loaded onto one of the hi-jacked planes, on the day of 911, which contained a passport and instruction books, in Arab, on how to fly an aeroplane.

The “Terrorist” idea was a cynical excuse to destroy, destroy and destroy to Israel’s hearts content. The attack against Iraq, was complete within a few days, that was not the plan. So suddenly there was ‘resistance’ to the aims of NATO, which was more formidable than had been the resistance of the entire Iraqi Armed Forces. How could that be? This ‘resistance’ set up in Fallujah, which had to be destroyed,  to take out, what at the time, had been described as the ‘vestiges’ of Saddam’s supporters.

Saddam’s supporters quickly morphed into dozens of ‘pretend’ groups which were very similar to one another, but which one and all appeared to have the same aim, which was to announce their presence in City after City, all of which had to be completely destroyed to drive them out. Drive them out, is the correct term, as they were merely transported to the next target city. It is hard to believe that anybody can take this nonsense seriously, we are calmly watching the complete destruction of the homelands of a whole race of people, in order to clear the ground for Europeans who call themselves Jews, to take control of it. This is a cynical land grab, with our money being used to finance it. The following clip repeats itself after three minutes or so, but look carefully at the last image,  there are  vehicles still coming from as far back as can be seen.



While Mass Murderer Mandela Is Being Deified, The Black Dieudonné Is Being Demonised!

While preparing this amusing clip, I was listening to Sky News-hound Alex Crawford, in conversation with a tourist guide, on Robben Island, gazing in awe at the cell of St Nelson Mandela, in which he was obliged to spend his free time, after having completed the hoeing of his cabbage patch.

The cell  is now being transformed into a sort of Grotto, in the style of Bernadette’s shrine in a cave, in Lourdes.  This would seem to be a fitting gesture as Mandela’s  acts of terrorism were carried out for a group of suffering Jews, under the guidance of the Communist/Bolshevik Joe Slovo.  The ANC are, as a matter of fact, raving Communists.   Perhaps we will soon be hearing about miraculous cures amongst the sick, who visit the lair of their Sainted Murderer.

Most of the anti-apartheid “resistance” was in fact totally controlled by the South African Jewish Community,  working in cooperation with the Bankers and Mining Corporations,  lucrative businesses which were mainly controlled by the City of London, having been snatched out of the hands of the Black Community through “Socialism.”


Dieudonné, on the other hand, has in past times suggested that some of the alleged acts of terrorism,  supposedly carried against Jews, were false. This simple statement, not to mention his famous “quenelle”  salute, has led to an extraordinary out-pouring of venom against him, which once more reminds us of exactly who is running France.

Security has become so tight down here, that I was actually held in custody for several hours, in the local Gendarmerie, photographed and finger-printed and generally messed about, accused of damaging the car of the Prime Minister of France, Manuel Valls  He is the character with the nervous problem and the Hitler style of speech, in the clip.


Charb Contra Dieudonné But Whatever You Do Don’t Mention The Holocaust.

The one subject noticeable by its absence is Jewish Terrorism.  The question of the Holocaust is not even on the table and Ramadan will have been warned not to mention it.

Nicolas Anelka was punished by the FA simply for making a gesture which offended Tottenham Hotspurs Jewish supporters.



I think it is fair to say that the Jewish idea of Free Speech, does not coincide with the generally accepted interpretation of the term, neither does this characters garbled response to the question of the connection between Zionism and Jewishness. Notice how he managed to slip in all of the contested claims of the Jews, which of course I must not mention. Self censorship you know!

Dieudonné States His Case And Wins Hands Down.

The man from Sky, did what others have failed to do, by obtaining the scoop of the day, an interview with the elusive Dieudonné.

The video lip of Dieudonné on Sky News has been censored by youtube, it can however be found (I hope) on Disclose TV


Dieudonné made mention of his family’s and that of Nicolas Anelka’s family’s history of slavery. He spoke of those whom had made a business out of slavery. He did not dwell on the issue, he chose instead to celebrate the fact that slavery was over and that he could now indicate his freedom with the Quenelle, which he described as a symbol of liberty.

The response to the interview, was pretty much what we have come to expect from the Jewish Community. All of the buttons were pushed and this man was throwing around the word anti-Semitic and Auschwitz and Jewish Remembrance Day, complaining that the interviewer had not been hard enough on Dieudonné etc. etc. etc.

I thought that he had been treated with kid gloves himself, by the Sky News interviewer, he was not asked if he himself was Semitic. Did he understand for example, that the Semitic people in the Middle East are the Arabs? So was he suggesting that Dieudonné was in fact insulting Arabs?

He accused Dieudonné of …well…Blasphemy? because of some remark he had made about the holocaust being historical pornography.

He made no attempt to, nor was he asked, about the alleged four million Jews, whom it was claimed, had been killed at Auschwitz, a claim which had been reduced to one million because there had not been enough Jews in Europe, to justify the claim.

He was not asked how it is possible to make a mistake of three million and having done so,   on what was the one million figure based?  More importantly, why, having lost three million of the alleged six million,  will the non-Semitic Jews be continuing to claim, next Monday, on Jewish Remembrance Day that six million died? This is quite clearly yet another lie.

Having described Dieudonné’s reaction to the use of the Quenelle at  Auschwitz as an, obscene silence, at the mere mention of the word, “Zionist” why he almost passed out and muttered some garbage about confusing Israelis with Jews and UK Jews getting the flack for something or other, the question was obviously slipped in, the interviewer may well be sacked for leaving the reservation.

Dieudonné could well have mentioned the well-known fact, that the Slave Traders were mainly Jews. He could well have asked  why they had been offered no reparations by the Jews, whom were still wringing reparations out of the Germans? He could have suggested that should the Quenelle be considered to be anti-Jew, he had as much right to treat the Jews in the same manner which Jews treated Hitler and The National Socialists.

Sadly, it is beyond the capacity of Jews to recognise the atrocities, of which they are guilty, as they claim for themselves, as Gods Chosen, to right treat others in any way they choose.

No End To The Vindictiveness Of Those Whom Would Deceive.


 Nicolas Anelka, a man who made a gesture, after he had scored a goal, in a football match, a gesture which was seized on, by those, whom use their money, as a means of control, to suggest that the gesture was anti-Semitic, when in fact Anelka is himself, a true Semite, while those whom criticise him are not. The symbol itself  has now been adopted, world-wide, as a symbol of Resistance.

Zoopla, co-owned by Jewish businessman Alex Chesterman, has announced that they will be withdrawing their support for West Bromwich Albion, for whom Anelka is a star player, as a protest against the use of the Quenelle salute, which they refer to as an inverted  Nazi salute.

Perhaps Chesterman is unaware of the growing resistance to the continual reference to the Third Reich, in order to accentuate  the demonisation of the German People, while insinuating that Muslims are out of the same mould. The Jews in fact, demonise all Goyim, we are lower than animals.

“To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

  Libbre David 37

 Well I do not know what to make of the above quote, it is difficult to know exactly how many Jews would go along with this philosophy, but this is the true religious book of the Jews, so presumably they must be familiar with it.

“When a Jew has a Gentile in his clutches, another Jew may go to the same Gentile, lend him money and in turn deceive him, so that the Gentile shall be ruined. For the property of a Gentile, according to our law, belongs to no one, and the first Jew that passes has full right to seize it.”

  Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 156

Should there exist, a Christian Holy Book, which spoke of Jews in a similar manner, perhaps they would have some justification for screaming racism or anti-Jew, but there is no such Holy Book, the Christian idea of Holiness is quite obviously superior in every way. As for the sentiments expressed in the above quote, I would suggest that they have achieved their aim.

“That the Jewish nation is the only nation selected by God, while all the remaining ones are contemptible and hateful.

  That all property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which consequently is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples. An orthodox Jew is not bound to observe principles of morality towards people of other tribes. He may act contrary to morality, if profitable to himself or to Jews in general.

  A Jew may rob a Goy, he may cheat him over a bill, which should not be perceived by him, otherwise the name of God would become dishonoured.”

  Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat, 348

Home Of Heroes Land Of The Brave Or Simply Killers Of Kids?

There seems to be an attempt on the one hand to venerate Ed Snowden, as a “Whistle Blower” of distinction, while at the same time undermining his contribution, as nothing more than an enormous excuse to relieve the American people of a few million more Dollars.

It would appear, according to Lawyers, whom could well  be a part of the scheme themselves, that to hack into the correspondence of US Citizens, is illegal and un-Constitutional,  therefore the information which was stolen by Snowden, does not belong to the Government, it belongs to the People.

It follows from this that it would be difficult to present a case against Snowden in Court.  This has exposed the real reason for the slow-motion release of Snowden’s information, he is in the process of “selling” his cache of documents in a combine with a well-known, on-line second-hand  shop and a safe provider of internet payments. The sum mentioned, to purchase the documents, is in the order of 250 million Dollars.

The US Government will of course make the payment, channelled through the NSA, to avoid further “damaging” releases of documents. Should this be so, that a Government is in the process of paying a ransom, for no better reason than to line the pockets of a group, which has already invested into the Election funds of both Parties in the US, they must surely be eligible for Impeachment.

While we await further developments in the lucrative field of disclosures, which never actually tell us anything which we did not already know, I will leave this digression for another day, as this is Sunday, which is celebrated by the BBC, with a transmission, which is in the hands of one of its Merchants of Deceit, well-known to those whom have the courage to listen to the ‘Today,’ News programme on Radio Four, for Sundays’ he is a Religious man.

I took a quick listen, because I happened upon an EPG which announced a mention of Dieudonné, a subject in which I am interested. It all went to plan, well it would, would it not? Dieudonné was apparently an anti-Semite, he callously joked about the holocaust. He would himself be shocked, should a Jewish comic make derogatory remarks about slavery. Dieudonné would suggest that Jews are responsible for all the ills of the World. Ya-de-ya-de-yah.

This is the sort of obfuscation, for which the BBC has been responsible, since its early days, under Lord Reith. In the simple statement above, it is taken for granted, with no possibility of dispute, that Dieudonné would be shocked, should a remark be made about slavery,  by a Jew.

Well so would I, should I be given the opportunity to reply and to suggest that Jews, were the Slave Traders in Chief, they ran a virtual monopoly of slavery. This is of course absent from Spielberg films such as Amistad or indeed Lincoln, whom it is still suggested, Abolished Slavery. Which is totally untrue. There are, at this moment, in the US, probably more Black slaves, working in Private Prisons, than once worked the cotton fields? Slavery was never abolished in the US, for prisoners.

I would also make use of the chance to ask for a straightforward explanation, of the part played by the BBC, in the events of 911, which was itself responsible for such a wave of anti-Muslim emotions, which has been stoked up by the Jewish media, and which resulted in such a huge death-toll of innocent Muslim people as to dwarf anything that may perhaps have happened to Jews during WW2. It is also a more serious problem than anti-Jew sentiments. Though that is changing.

The BBC reported the collapse of Building 7, twenty minutes or so in advance of the event. They should have been OBLIGED, to conduct an in-depth investigation into this event, instead they have simply ignored it. They did exactly the same thing with the leaked Emails from the Climate Research Unit. The BBC has continued the atrocious lie, which blamed a group of Muslims for an event for which there is no evidence. Is this their job?

I would also relish the opportunity to ask for the BBC definition of anti-Semitism, which should it exist, is in fact another form of anti-Muslim and does not apply in the case of Khazar Jews, whom are the Jews whom claimed to have been targeted in WW2 but uniquely to the small number of “Real Jews” whom remain, where they have always lived, in  peace, in the Middle East alongside the “real” Semitic, People of Palestine.

William Hague today claimed that there was no point in the International Criminal Court, investigating claims of British War Crimes in Iraq, where there are thousands of claims of torture, feigned executions, sodomy, beatings and a variety of other degradations of the Iraqi people.

He suggested that the response of the ICC, should be to explain that they are quite content with the British assurance, that they are carrying out a rigorous investigation of their own, which will deal with any departure from the normal, humanitarian treatment of prisoners, by British Forces, whom he assures us belong to “The Best Army in the World.”

He could well have mentioned the fabulous efforts of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, which has steadfastly refused to accept the guilt of any Police Officer, whom has been involved in the deaths of some five hundred prisoners while in Police custody and the shooting dead of any person, such as a naked man, whom they claimed had a hidden weapon, or some such garbage and a Carpenter on his way home from work, with the leg of a table in a dustbin bag in his hand.

A military man, Lord Dannatt, claimed that it was one thing to accuse the British of War Crimes but it was quite another thing to prove it. He continued that it was not in the nature of the British to engage in brutality against prisoners. Reminds me of the British claim at the end of WW2, that only the Germans could be accused of War Crimes.

In the same interview, Hague, once again inferred that in Syria, it was Assad whom was carrying out all of the atrocities, all of the murder of civilians and all of the guilt for creating the situation in the first place. He is still supporting the hired killers, whom he would have in power.

He would, in fact still prefer the exclusion of Assad from Syrian politics, while at the same time claiming that it is up to the people of Syria to choose their Government. Hague, a Friend of Israel, is in fact attempting to force Syria into the same mould as Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. Why he should have any say in the affairs of Syria is a mystery, or is it?

The British and French between them, created all of the problems in the Middle East, at the same time as the Jews, Lords Balfour and Milner, were drawing up the Balfour Declaration, with the plan of Greater Israel already floating around in the background. The same plan very carefully placed Royal Families, where they could serve the interests of Zion and Dictators, in  those Countries, which were of future interest.

Hague continues to claim that the British Army is the best Army in the World. They would never engage in an action, deleterious to the well-being of others. Well he could tell that to the Irish and many other Peoples whom are, like the people of the Middle East suffering from the policy of Divide and Rule, which is still the policy of the Jewish/British Empire, which has carved the planet into manageable pieces and they are continuing to do so to this day.

It is often said that “They have learned nothing from past mistakes.” Well believe me, they do not make mistakes, this is all according to plan. We have all been manoeuvred into a corner and if we remain silent, like naughty children, in our corner, we are done for.

There so many things happening at the moment, that I am at a loss to keep on track. I am constantly moving from one thing to another, for which I apologise, my main intention this morning was to report the claims of War Crimes against the UK, however the moment I heard the annoying, rasping, nerve grating tones, of Wild Little Willy Hague, the slightly gay but ashamed of it, Foreign Secretary of the remnants of the once Great Country of Britain, I flew off at one tangent after another. I will attempt to compose myself in a professional manner for my next post.

PS. There is good evidence to suggest, that Ariel Sharon, the vile Butcher of Beirut, has been dead for years and like Nelson Mandela, he was stored in a freezer, to avoid an Inquest which may have discovered that he had been murdered.

The man in this photo, on a drip, is dead. His death quite obviously, stopped the ageing process. It also allowed the wearing of a shirt which buttons at the front, which is impossible to remove from an obese character like Sharon, without the assistance of a crane, in order to wash him.

Dieudonné: More Grief For Telling The Truth

Dieudonné, the French comedian, in a bizarre hypocritical turn of events, finds himself banned from performing his act, as he is considered to be anti-Semitic.

Those Jews, whom have taken control of Palestine, are simply making use of the term, Semitic, in order to generate a tenuous connection with the land in which they live, when in reality, they are not at all Semitic. They have no better claim to the land,  than do Irish Christians, a religion which is just as much a part of the Middle East, as is the assumed religion of Khazar Jews.

They simply pretend to be of Middle Eastern origin, when in fact their homeland is now part of Russia, from where they were driven out, in the manner which they were driven out of every country in Europe, at one time or another. because of their unquenchable greed.

The problems for the British commenced when Oliver Cromwell, the Butcher of the Irish, allowed Jews to flood into Britain in payment of the debt, which had accrued, during the Civil War, with Jewish Money-Lenders in Holland.

The Socialist Government, in France, which has now banned Dieudonné, is of course a Jewish Government, the President of which is a Khazar Jew, his family cannot be traced back to the Middle East, for him to claim that   any criticism of Israel is anti-Semitic is at least misleading and at most an outright lie to reinforce another lie.

All of this deception is to maintain a tale, which cannot be questioned, in any way, for fear of prosecution, which is of course Dieudonné’s major crime, he dared to point out the discrepancies in this tale, so he must be shut up at all cost.

That is what free speech amounts to in the European Union, where despite the claims of Human Rights and Free Speech, many countries use the threat of prison, to deny it.

François Hollande has recently been outed as a “Love Rat.  He was caught keeping a rendezvous with his concubine, on a motor-bike, hidden behind a full face crash helmet. Hollande is considering taking legal action against the magazine which published photos of his escapade.

I would Suggest that the personal life and behaviour of the President, is of great public interest, his every move should be accounted for, not only so that the public is aware of the true character of the man but also to avoid the possibility of blackmail.

Hollande should remember, that it is he and the French Government who are the true anti-Semites in France but of course they choose to ignore the real  Semites, the Arab immigrants from the Maghreb, whom are quite deliberately referred to as Muslim or Arab, in order to leave the ambiguous term Semite, available exclusively for Jews.

So truth would suggest, that to refer to Dieudonné as anti-Semitic, is to claim him to be attacking Arabs, which he is not and Semitic Arabs have claimed no offence, it only the non-Semitic Khazar whom claim offence. So perhaps Jews like Hollande and Fabius, could clear things up and instead of continuing to use a false description of Khazar Jewish origins, make use of the real term anti-Caucasian or anti-Aryan or whatever the origins of the Khazar happens to be.

One thing is certain, a team of Jewish researchers at the John Hopkins University Medical School, has proven that Khazar Jews do not contain the remotest particle of a Semitic gene in their entire body. What is more there has never been a Semitic Jew elected President or Prime Minister in Israel. They are treated, not as “Real Jews” but as some sort of infiltrators as are the Black African Jews.

Those whom claim to be victims of prejudice are themselves guilty of racism and the most flagrant form of Apartheid in the modern world, without any form of international criticism, of the kind  which has been meted out against a Comedian.