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The Judicious Use Of Lies And Disinformation.

The Judicious Use Of Lies And Disinformation.

The United States representative at the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has been ridiculed, for cynically making political use of images of children, whom had allegedly been gassed by Bashar al Assad, as having been similar to the lies of Colin Powell and his little tube of anthrax, or indeed to the tearful, barefaced lies, of the daughter of the Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States, whom had claimed that Iraqi military had been seen throwing screaming babies from incubators in Kuwaiti hospitals, however there has been no mention whatsoever, to the lies of Jews, claiming to have witnessed, at Auschwitz, a German guard, whom had, when it was pointed out to him, that a baby had survived the gassing, grabbed the baby by the feet and smashed its head on the stone floor. All of them lies but then some lies are more useful than others, we must never, at all cost, mention the words, ‘Jew’ and ‘Lie’ in the same sentence, that is sure to be anti something or other.

Hold The Front Page.

Breaking News. Sky News has just reported that Iran is willing to finance Al Qaeda!

This link up with Al Qaeda will of course put them on the side of the CIA, which set-up and controls this Terrorist group.

Sam Kiley, for it was he, not only announced the liason between Iran and Al Qaeda, he also furnished the name of the man who would be the new International Leader of the “Brand Name” of Al Qaeda.

This man, whose name I did not catch, we are told by Kiley, wants to avenge the death of Osama Bin Laden. How a liaison with Iran will help in this aim was not made clear, Bin Laden died in 2001 from kidney failure, perhaps the new man has found a means of placing a bomb under the throne of God.

Kiley, whom quite obviously has a dual existence as a “Fly on the Wall,” also informed us that Iran has found a way of speeding up the process of creating the quality of  Radio Active material necessary to create a Nuclear Bomb and that it could be ready later this year.

All of this so-called “News” is utter rubbish and to broadcast it to the British people in this manner, demonstrates the Orwellian nature and purpose of Sky News.

Ofcom has recently taken Press TV off the air, in order to stop any word of truth from reaching the ears of the British people, to allow this junk and blatant propaganda to be diffused in a country, where the Zionist controlled government is aching to attack Iran and Syria, is criminal.

Alex Crawford, the award winning jouralist, yesterday reported from Syria. She was in the company of the same bunch of thugs as was that other “Merchant of Mischief” Stuart Ramsay, during an earlier report from Syria. These men were quite obviously hardened vererans of war. They had after all helped to destroy Libya. She described them as simple civilians whom had taken up arms to protect civilians from Assad.

Crawford pointed at men, prowling around on rooftops, with high-powered rifles and declared them to be Syrian Army soldiers, under orders to kill civilians. Perhaps Kiley was on a wall somewhere passing this unknowable information.

On the same newscast another Sky News reporter was reporting from Syria, this person, Lisa Holland, has been implicated in the passing of GPS co-ordinates to NATO while in Libya.

Throughout all of this, from Libya and now from Syria, not one solitary word from the vast majority of the people of both Libya and Syria, whom would prefer things to remain as they are. Hardly a good example of unbiased journalism.