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They All Seem To Be Free To Go For The White Throat,




When I was younger, a huge part of my record collection was the music of Black Artists. The airwaves were packed with Stax and Tamla Motown, the Sounds of Philadelphia, Blues and Reggae, all sorts stuff that is still with us.

However, in recent years, I must admit, I have lost touch with mainstream music, my tastes having settled on what is called Alternative, which includes mixtures of Country Rock and Folk and I find it pleasing.

So I decided, having been annoyed by all this crap about people boycotting the Oscars, because it is too White, having just recovered from finding Black people in River Dance, Robin Hood strutting around Sherwood Forest with a Black Man, the standard Black in Star Wars and calls for the next James Bond to be Black and preferably a Black Woman and wanting to vomit over the shoes of Quentin Tarantino and his crusade against the White Race, I decided to check out current Black Music.

I went to youtube and checked out the award-winning British Black musician, whom the Music Press had assured me was a genius, Dizzee Rascal. Maybe I chose one of his lesser compositions, I don’t know, but having listened to a couple of minutes of “Bonkers,” I did not feel inclined to listen to anything else from his repertoire.

Now if this is award-winning music, from the current crop of Black Musicians and Jamie Fox, a Black, won praise for his part in a disgustingly racist film, in which he had the pleasure of killing every White in the film, Black talent would seem to have sunk to derisory depths. So where are those Blacks whom should have been selected to perhaps win an Oscar?

Why did the Jews, whom have control of everything which takes place in Hollywood, decide that there was no deserving Black actor in the current crop of films, or is it to become obligatory to give a “special” Oscar to an undeserving Black Actor, for playing the role of a whining Black?

I watched Major Tim doing his Space Walk Boogie, there are calls for him to be selected for one of Her Majesty’s Awards. The Queen herself has been the longest running farce in British History, a run exceeded only by the Agatha Christie Detective tale, The Mousetrap, in the West End of London. However, I have a recording of the moment that Major Tim fluffed his lines. He dropped a spanner and it fell straight down onto his toe. How could that be, I wondered?

It seems to me that theatre and acting has been a part of White Culture for aeons, however as in South Africa, as soon as Whites create anything worthwhile, along come all the hangers-on and dole mongers, demanding their share of the creations of others, more specifically, creations of White people and if they don’t get it, Jews like George Soros, will fund them to bleat and bleat and bleat, until they do get what they want.

A friend of mine, who is in no way racist, remarked to me the other day, that he can go for weeks and never set eyes on a Black man, yet every time he passes an advertisement at the side of the road, he sees a portrayal of a modern family grouping which always contains, half-cast children and a half-cast man with a White woman. The same thing on television.

This came back to me this morning, when it was announced that someone had been sacked, from a film company, for suggesting that there should be no Black people in Midsomer Murders. I was slagged off for suggesting that there should be no Blacks in Irish Cultural Dancing, like River Dance or Lords of the Dance, any more than there should be any White people in Zulu Dance groups. I can’t remember too well because it was of no importance whatsoever, but wasn’t Motown just a little bit too Black?

These Blacks are free to set up The Black Panthers, with a Black Racist in charge, forgetting that good old Malcolm X was no more than a shill for the Jews and Communism, he was no different from Mandela, who did not give a toss about the Blacks in South Africa, he simply left them to their own devices, which has produced a state which conforms perfectly with what Blacks are installing in the United States, where they rape 30,000 White women a year and commit a disproportionate number of Black on Black or Black on White murders. In South Africa I hear that there is a rape every 23 seconds and an incredible number of murders, in a country where, with Whites in control there were virtually no murders.

What’s more, just like those other whiners in Israel, they are forcing White people out of the homes in which they have been living for the past three hundred and fifty years, while the Blacks in the surrounding jungle were sat around doing nothing and eating monkeys.

The Jews have now engineered a similar situation across Europe, where using the same tactics which served to help steal what the Boer farmers had spent centuries building, and they themselves used to force the Palestinians from their homes, that of mass immigration. Palestine was no good to them with an Arab majority, so they created a second World War, and through the myth of the crimes of the Germans, forced a huge immigration of Jews into Palestine, which they now control. Europe is destined for the same outcome.

All the Jews, Cameron, Netanyahu, Merkel and Hollande, instead of calling off their wars across the Middle East, are chomping at the bit for yet more killing. Syria has not yet been rendered completely unlivable, they have lost control of Libya so they are preparing to go back in to finish the job. They have the Jews in Saudi Arabia thrashing Yemen, Erdogan the Jew in Turkey is preparing to send his boys into Syria, where the Yanks have already built an air-base.

While all of this is going on the floods of immigrants have nowhere else to go apart from Europe. Do you think your leaders are not fully aware of this? Do you still think this is all happening by accident? Did you not notice that all across Europe, to order, the open season on rape was declared? In France there are 75,000 rapes a year. Every time I write that figure it boggles my mind. 75,000 rapes, virtually 100% of them are White women and there is no outcry. That can mean only one thing, that there has been a cover-up, making sure that the French remain ignorant of the danger they are facing.

All of the Jew controlled News outlets are telling us that what has happened is now irreversible, which is tommy rot. All of the immigrants can be shipped back home, just as soon as the Jews call off their killers.

They are however desperate to get control of all of the Earth’s riches out of the hands of others, they want it all. The next big thing will be the sale of Gadaffi’s water on the Commodity market and the sale of the huge reserves of gas and oil in Syria to Europe. They care not a toss about the numbers of folk that will be killed in the process.

I was sent a link to a clip of an old yiddishy woman explaining how when she was two years old, she was sent to Auschwitz and the Germans nailed her hands on top of her head. Today on Sky News I heard another old-timer, spending his last days doing a tour of the United Kingdom schools, explaining to innocent youngsters all over again, just how horrible the people who fought all alone, against the Jews from Russia whom had killed 65 million Christians, while Britain and the rest of the world fought with the Russian Jews against the gallant Germans.

There are disgusting Members of Parliament calling for this rubbish to be made a compulsory part of the curriculum,  for children in British schools. I would not accept it for my children.

Cameron, the War Criminal, used as his excuse for murdering Gadaffi and destroying Libya, the claim, that Gadaffi was about to carry out a massacre in Libya and not to forget that he had supplied Semtex to the IRA. He could say this even as he is providing illegal weapons to Saudi Arabia, which are being used to massacre innocent people in Yemen, such is the depth of hypocrisy with which he is infected.