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The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.


The Western Allies Persistent Lies About Their Bloodlust.

The early morning ‘Fake News’ did today describe North Korea as a ‘Belligerent Pariah State.’ This has been the consistent, lying attitude of the Media, for more than half a century. The reality was a completely different tale, which was used to disguise the involvement of the United States and the British, in barbaric, inhuman atrocities in Korea, while lurking behind the ‘cover’ of the newly constructed United Nations.

As had so recently occurred in Germany – during the Sudetenland issue – forays across the border from the Republic of Korea, had aroused the anger of the North, while in the South itself, unreported massacres of suspected ‘Communists’ – which was the fear and hate provoking word at the time –  were carried out, during which thousands of civilians were slaughtered by the Korean Police and Military, with the assistance of the United States military, which controlled the Korean Forces. 

This United Nations ‘coalition’ was fighting a phony war against China and Soviet Russia, both of which had recently been ‘Allies’ of the previous ‘coalition,’ fighting against Germany and Japan and both of which had recently, with funding from ‘rich bankers and industrialists,’ carried out Bolshevik inspired ‘coup d’etat’ in their respective counties, without a trace of opposition from those whom were now so concerned about what was happening in tiny Korea.

The excuse being used for the illegal war against Korea, was a fear of the ‘Domino Effect’ which could possibly spread the wrong sort of ‘Communism’ throughout the Extreme Orient, especially as Indo-China was rapidly tiring of French rule and which could well be next on the list for a ‘humanitarian’ slaughter.The United States, would a short time later,  be installing their ‘special’ kind of Democracy in Vietnam.

The real ‘brutal regime’ in Korea was in the South, where the government cruelly massacred at least 300,000 civilians, whom were accused of being in sympathy with the regime in the North, these murders included thousand of military men accused of ‘secretly’ supporting the People’s Army in the North.

As had been the Germans, whom had fought a relatively ‘clean war,’ the Peoples Army of North Korea, was blamed for all of the atrocities, which in reality had been carried by the United Nations Coalition, which was under the control of the British and the United States.

Alan Winnington of the British Daily Worker in an article entitled “U.S. Belsen in Korea” reported that 20 witnesses observed that truckloads of cops arrived on July 2 and immediately made people dig six pits of about 200 yards each. Executions went on for three days, by both machine-gun and, when the bullets ran out, decapitation by sword. According to eyewitnesses, U.S. officers oversaw everything while sitting in their Jeeps. The U.S. Embassy in London then had the chutzpah to call Winnington’s findings a “fabrication.”

This ‘forbidden history of the Korean War,’ which occluded events which occurred so soon after the systematic slaughter of the innocents, which were carried out by the Bolsheviks in Europe, is indicative of the total collusion of the media, with the identities of the true murders of the 1940’s and 1950’s, while they constantly remind us of the unsupported claims against Germany, as if Germany had declared War on Europe, when in fact the war had been in the planning for years, as had been the attack against North Korea, a State which to this day, is being dangled as a threat to World peace.

Slick Willy Clinton has accepted that the above claims are true and he apologised in January 2001, for the United States participation in these events, even as the ‘New’ coalition was preparing to kick off the slaughters of the Brown People, using the well-tried and tested method of the ‘false flag’ attack as an excuse, which will one day be admitted by a future US puppet President, as having been a lie.

It has now become a criminal offence in many countries, to so much as question, the claims which have been laid against the German people, whom were the real victims of two world wars. Hidden truths, which present a more believable version of events, rather than the fictitious  make-believe, similar to the fabulous claims made against Muslims’, after the hugely complex events on 911, which were so far beyond the capabilities of the alleged perpetrators, as to be a nonsense.

The propaganda against North Korea, during the past 60 years, has been so successful that there can be hardly a person who does not believe all of the nonsense against the current leadership, having no understanding of the actual causes of the current situation.

The connections go all the way back to the end of the Great War, when the Americans and British were secretly arming Soviet Russia. This secret collaboration with the Communists continued all through the Russia War against the Germans.

When the Iron Curtain came down, the West continued to arm the Russians in order to gain their assistance against Japan, which proved unnecessary after Japan surrendered, leaving all of those tanks and other hardware, with nothing else to do, so an alliance between Stalin and China was created, which pretended to be the Communist enemy in Korea, allowing the Communist forces to use this American and British weaponry against the British and American forces. As had happened during the Great War, when the USA popped up to support the Europeans against Germany, as the North Koreans had been all but defeated, the United States armed Chinese, appeared on the scene to reinforce the North Koreans against the Globalists.

This whole business is so complex, as to be almost unfathomable to a mere blogger, however I believe there to be more than enough evidence, to suggest collusion between the ‘Deep State’ and the need of continuous war, which has been non-stop since the beginning ofthe 20th Century.

It has become evident that China’s revolution was no such thing, it was in fact a coup d’etat, the real revolution, involving the forces of Chiang Kai-Shek was stabbed in the back by the Committee on Foreign Relations and their preferred choice, the USA educated Mao Zedong, was allowed to take his place.

The European Union has quietly been involved in the real Domino Effect, through the use controlled politicians’ they have enticed most of the previous Soviet Dominoes, into the European Union with the empty promise of freedom. Those States are now expected to swamp their populations with the result of more Bolshevik aggression.