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Trump – Cleaning Out The Dunny.







      Trump – Cleaning Out The Dunny.

The ‘confused self loathing liberal,’ on his daily radio show, did this morning, accuse Donald Trump, of bragging about molesting women, while he admitted to being unable to grasp the notion that to introduce children, born with a ‘dick’ to freely express a desire to be a ‘female’ should ‘he’ choose to so do, thus allowing him the freedom to take a ‘piss’ in the girls ‘Dunny,’ from where he could look over the wall at the girl in the next cubicle, was not a good idea.

Suggesting that the ‘Confused Liberal’ is not only unable to detect the difference between a chat between mates and an attack, or indeed the ‘fact’ that to teach a child in school to believe he can be of the opposite sex, when the child themselves would have no idea as to how to distinguish the difference. How does he choose to believe that I would have, at a young age ‘felt’ the difference? I simply feel like ‘I am’ and I assume others feel the same.

In reality he is attempting to introduce another slur against Trump. Why he asks, is Trump, in his first weeks as President, so obsessed with toilets? He is in fact going after Trump like a Pit-Bull Terrier. He is obsessed with his mission to slag him off. Callers are refusing to go along with his presentation, which is annoying him, he refuses to accept that the law includes adult toilets, while he is intent on claiming it to be acceptable in schools. When I was at school, if we had the chance to use the girls toilet, we would all have quickly claimed to be transgender.

In France, we already have mixed toilets. In general they are all uni-sex. Even in places where there are male and female toilets, should the male side be engaged, I will, without fear use the ladies. No problem.

On the other hand, in some public toilets, there is a cubicle, which can be used by either sex to pooh, while it serves for women to piss. For men there are ‘pissoirs’ which one can piss into, even as several women can be standing no more than a few centimetres away, waiting for the occupant to evacuate the crap-house.

Nobody gives a toss about this arrangement. It works perfectly well, just so long as one is not desperate for a pooh while half a dozen women are waiting to piss.

This subject is being used as a means of furthering the attempts to confuse children. There are no more than a handful of mixed sex children but there are likely to be many more as a result of the contamination of our foodstuffs with hormones. In our rivers, because of the chemicals which drain into sewage works, from family homes and hospitals, which are drained, after filtering into our rivers, where there are now a diminishing number of male fish as a result of this contamination of medicaments which resist filtering.

There is a whole generation of young homosexual boys, whom were born during the past twenty years or so, a phenomenon, which despite  having contact in past times with Gay Communities, homosexuality was never as evident as it is now.

Only yesterday I was listening to a scientific discussion, about the use of genetic material, which could be ‘vaccinated’ into the human body. This gives an ability to a cold-blooded scientific type, which would or could, transform the character of a human being,

That transformation could well interfere with the sexuality of a child. We are living in dangerous times, dealing with people whom are most probably, already in the process of testing their discoveries on human guinea pigs.