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The True Depth Of Fake News.





         The True Depth Of Fake News


The idea of the blatant ‘fakery’ of the media, is no mere theory, it is a provable fact. As with the supporters of all theories, those whom choose to ‘believe’ in the idea of a free and fair press, need look no further than the world-wide media complicity, in the reporting of a stupidity, like the size of the crowd at the inauguration of Donald Trump and Trumps’s justifiable response to the ‘lies,’ which were transmitted all over the planet, lies, which should leave us all wondering about what else they are lying about.

The most minimal amount of research, into the presentation of the News, across the media, in all its forms, quickly demonstrates the power of the Editors. A ‘censorial’ position, which automatically denies the Journalists’ their own freedom of expression.

I was personally banned from the pages of a well-known newspaper, when an editor, having read what I had chosen to write, found my position to be extreme and distasteful and that I would henceforth be denied access to their pages.

The editors response came as no surprise whatsoever to me, simply because I had knowingly, taken a risk and entered the ‘forbidden zone.’ In a trustworthy media, there should be no ‘forbidden zone,’ an entity which infers that there are deliberate lies of omission taking place, on a daily basis, all over the media.

I am sick and tired of hearing about Trump’s past peccadilloes, which amount to very little, a fact that leaves the press floundering around, muttering claims of his past bankruptcies and the lack of information about his tax returns, which are all in order, whether the press choose to report the opposite or not.

Alongside these trivial claims against Trump, there is a mountain of evidence against the Clinton Crime Family, which is being completely ignored. The same press, which paraded a women in front of a massive presence of the Media, giving her plenty of time to claim, that her whole life had been completely destroyed by Trump, whom had allegedly touched one of her covered breasts with his finger, a claim which zoomed around the planet, without any supporting evidence, even as the woman herself was admitting that she not going to pursue the issue.

This, while the far more serious, treasonous, claims against Clinton, which included the ‘allowing’ of an American Ambassador in Benghazi, to die a brutal death, to cover up a Clinton scheme to send Libyan arms to terrorists in Syria,for personal profit,  are being totally ignored. Worse than that, they are being presented as not worth investigating.

Hanging over all of this garbage, is the question of ‘Just how long, has this deception has been going on?’ The most important events in modern European history, are occluded by a cloud of unknowing, surrounding the ‘real’ reasons for monumental events like the two World Wars.

These issues are never given the coverage which they deserve, not out of kindness but to cover up the complicity of politicians and others, in both Wars. The result of this lack of exposure of these events, denies the people of Europe a proper understanding of current events, which are all connected to those events which kicked off in Nineteen-Fourteen. We are all still being herded towards a brutal, monumental culling.

1914 was the opening of a dark chapter in the history of the White Christian Race, a period which should be quite rightly referred to as an epoch of infamy, comparable to any religious slaughter in history and yet the subject has yet to be broached by the lying, controlled and censored mainstream media. Any documentary offered by the media is inevitably in total agreement with the previous lies and disinformation. 

The reason for the mystery surrounding the necessity for the Great War, is perfectly clear, to many historians and yet their evidence is continually ignored and is presented as being of a trivial nature. The reason for the war has been described as being no more than an argument between the Royal Families of Europe, when in fact the actual reason, dare not speak its name, for fear of the public reaction.

This ‘trivial war,’ lead on to a Bolshevik Jew, coup d’etat in Russia and the unreported summary slaughter of sixty-five million Christian people. Quickly followed by the slaughter of massive numbers of Christians in Armenia.

It also destroyed the Ottoman Empire, which lead to the ceding of Palestine to the Jews, an unjustifiable act which lead to the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of the indigenous Peoples.

That was two victories for Jews, their third victory was finally won by imposing a blockade against the German people in 1919, which because of a media black-out, is yet another atrocity, which is virtually unknown, which killed a further nine-hundred-thousand Germans, forcing them to accept responsibility for a war, which had delivered to Jew interests, exactly what they sought.

Next on that list was total control of Germany, a fact which has never been discussed by the media. The lust for control of Germany had been won at the cost of the deaths of the cream of European Christian youth, The covert Bolsheviks in Germany, were then thwarted in their attempted coup d’etat, when the German people fought them off, stalling the attempt of the Bolshevik Jews, to install Bolshevism Communism in Germany and after that across Europe.

Germany then started to suffer at the hands of the International Bankers, who through the same trickery which continues to this day, destroyed the German economy, creating hyper-inflation, under cover of which, Jews bought Germany for peanuts, using the strength of the Dollar to so do.

At which point Hitler and the National Socialists, threw a spanner in the works, organising a Germany First regime, by taking control of the money supply out of the hands of the Bankers, yet another subject which is never broached by the media, and started to make Germany Great Again.

The immediate response from the Jews was to declare war on Germany, in 1933, the first act of which was to install the same form of blockade against Germany, which had been so successful after the Great War. That fact has also been forgotten by the media.

Hitler overcame all obstacles and despite many attempts to force him to war, facts which have also been forgotten by the media, Hitler refused to take the bait. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, was in agreement with Hitler and he stood up in support of a peace treaty signed with Hitler. He was accused of appeasing Hitler, because nothing was going to be allowed to interfere with the British desire for war.

At which point we arrive at the biggest secret of all, the coup d’etat in the United Kingdom, when Jew interests carefully placed the ‘drunken bum’ Winston Churchill, into the unelected position of Prime Minister, after Chamberlain had been kicked out.

From that day on the whole world was dragged into a war which was under the total control of Jews. Why has history never explained this simple fact to the people? Why has the media never investigated events surrounding the road to war, choosing instead to continue the lies against the German people?

Having been responsible for World War Two, in which an estimated sixty-million people lost their lives, without counting those millions whom were slaughtered in Germany and behind the Iron Curtain, after the end of the war, why do we continue to mourn the deaths of an ever diminishing number of Jews, most of whom died of disease, as if it was written in stone, that the very scoundrels, whom had declared the war should have come out of it unscathed? Jews never, ever, take responsibility for any of their horrendous crimes, whether they be in Palestine, Armenia, Russia or Eastern Europe, while all of these crimes are normally totally ignored by the ‘Fake’ Jew controlled media. What a surprise.

The Jews seized control of Russia, where they proved totally incapable of running the economy. They relied on covert monetary help and wheat, from the United States and Britain throughout the Soviet years, to survive. In Israel, they have shown the same lack of ability and to this day they rely on ‘blackmail’ payments from Germany and billions of dollars annually from the US and Britain, yet another unreported reality.

Jews could well have supported themselves out of the continued riches gained through the theft of money from the pockets of the poorest people in the world, through the imposition of their Compound Interest on loans, however greed does not allow that sort of weakness, greed on the scale of the Jews can never be satisfied.

When World War Two finally came to an end, Britain’s favourite politician, Winston Churchill, the man whose misunderstood act of sending the Aztecs into the cauldron of Gallipoli, where they were slaughtered by the Ottoman military, in order to aid the complete destruction of the Ottoman Empire, by dividing their forces, which handed control of the Middle East into the grip of the French and British, allowing the gifting of Palestine to Rothschild, was then instrumental in the construction of the European Union, yet another suppressed tale.

Churchill was also responsible for the murder through starvation of millions in Bengal, where he commandeered foodstuffs to feed the British Military, during the fighting against the Japanese, leaving the people to die, even as the food rotted away, as the British, finally had no need of it.

Jews live in fear of a widespread awakening to reality and the media is desperately trying to conceal this reality from us all. They have been doing this throughout our lives. When Donald Trump pointed a finger at a journalist from CNN and accused him of ‘very fake News’ he was telling the truth, whether you choose to believe him or not. Jews of course, own CNN.

Even today it was announced that the European Union is continuing talks with Canada about the CETA Treaty, which is exactly the same formula as were TPP and TTIP treaties which have failed. As usual the Jews who control the Corporations, which seek complete power over National and International Governments never give up.

The hidden controllers of the European Union, will, when the puppets in the ‘public’ Commission, finally allow the passing of CETA, seek ways and means of ensuring that the UK is forced to accept a part in this cold-blooded attempt to enslave us all. The Peoples of Europe have already taken to the streets in protest and yet they are getting no serious information from the media. Most people, while being well aware that Donald Trump uttered the word ‘Pussy’ have no idea about CETA.

There have been  so many important events, down through the years, which have been totally suppressed by the controlled press, that few people understand, that even institutions like the London School of Economics, is part of the overall scheme to promote Communism. It was funded by the Bankers,  through the Fabian Society, which was fully funded by the City of London and surrogate minions of British Bankers in the USA. They were also responsible for the construction and funding of The European Union.

Just recently, for the first time I heard mention of the fact that Churchill had been involved in the European Union, suggesting that to mean it to be a good idea. No mention was made of Churchill’s Jew background and the fact that he was a tool of Bernard Baruch an American billionaire. The man who covered up Churchill’s little sexual preferences, which were far more serious than those claims laid against Donald Trump. He also covered Churchill’s gambling debts and paid his alcohol bill. None of that is scandalous or worthy of mention, because everybody loves Churchill and his disgusting behaviour should not be allowed to stain his otherwise spotless reputation.

There are so many subjects, not only those politically oriented, which we are discouraged from questioning, that it has become to all intents and purposes like living in a hard line, rogue state with a form of thought control firmly in place.

We are allowing history books to be written containing references to certain things, which are plainly untrue, while the Press and other media, along with all politicians, without exception, are in full support. These false tales of historical events, will then join those other unproven fables, which have been so firmly planted into all of our minds, that to even question them invites a level of abuse which is completely incomprehensible.

It has become difficult to even mention certain subjects, not only from fear of an argument but from the possibility of Prison, such is the fear of exposure amongst the liars. We must now stand by watching Jew atrocities taking place while being gagged, as to speak out could be called anti-Semitism, when in reality it is the Semites whom are under attack, such is the distortion of reality with which we are being conditioned and which is being fed to our children.

Even as I write, there has been yet another piece of Fake News broadcasted on British Radio, announcing the death of the Blind Sheik, claiming him to have planned the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre. When in reality he was groomed by the FBI, who provided him and his group with all the necessary to carry out the attack.

The Sheik guessed that he was being set up, so he recorded everything which passed between him and the FBI, all of which was explained in Court. He had quite deliberately parked the truck bomb in a less vulnerable position in the car park, thus avoiding a more serious eventuality. I could go on and on and on but what’s the point?

Assad Hits The Headlines Again.



The Western powers simply refuse to leave Bashar al Assad in peace. Today the airwaves have been loaded with unsupported claims that Assad had ordered the torture and execution of thirteen thousand people, all of them innocent of course, in prisons all over Syria.

Boris Johnson was shocked at the reports, forgetting to mention that they were only substantiated by the word of enemies of Assad, without any hard evidence in support. There were immediate cries from the British, that Assad must go he must have no place in any future regime. Many people felt the same way about Tony Blair, when the death toll in Iraq reached one-hundred-thousand, he was however re-elected twice.

As these admonishment against Assad were taking place, a British Court was hearing an appeal by a British uniformed murderer, whom had callously shot dead an Afghani Freedom Fighter, whom was lying injured on the ground. He was originally found guilty of the crime, because he did not have a leg to stand on, as the entire incident had been filmed, but of course nobody felt that he should have been gaoled for this ‘petty’ offence. His lawyer is now going along the stress and anxiety route, to gain his freedom.

The British have very little of which to be proud, with regard to their treatment of prisoners. They were recently in Court, defending themselves against their atrocities in Kenya, where they engaged in castration and testicle crushing and other delightful little stunts, including the shooting of blanks towards the heads of terrified prisoners.

Assad could learn a few tricks from the boys from Britain. In Northern Ireland the British behaviour was little different from that of military Dictatorships in South America, nobody knows how many judicial killings were carried by the British. Any number of people simply disappeared and the Loyalists, the British proxy killers took the blame, to exonerate the B Specials and MI6.

Here is an extract from a report of British torture and murder through starvation and hypothermia, in prison camps in Germany after World War Two, you know the one called the ‘just’ war to save us from the nasty people.


“Despite the six years of bitter fighting which lay behind him, James Morgan-Jones, a major in the Royal Artillery, could not have been more specific about the spectacle in front of him. “It was,” he reported, “one of the most disgusting sights of my life.”

Curled up on a bed in a hospital in Rotenburg, near Bremen, was a cadaverous shadow of a human being. “The man literally had no flesh on him, his state of emaciation was incredible,” wrote Morgan-Jones. This man had weighed a little over six stones (38kg) on admission five weeks earlier, and “was still a figure which may well have been one of the Belsen inmates”. At the base of his spine “was a huge festering sore”, and he was clearly terrified of returning to the prison where he had been brought so close to death. “If ever a man showed fear – he did,” Morgan-Jones declared.

Adolf Galla, 36, a dental technician, was not alone. A few beds away lay Robert Buttlar, 27, a journalist, who had been admitted after swallowing a spoon handle in a suicide attempt at the same prison. He too was emaciated and four of his toes had been lost to frostbite.

The previous month, January 1947, two other inmates, Walter Bergmann, 20, and Franz Osterreicher, 38, had died of malnutrition within hours of arriving at the hospital. Over the previous 13 months, Major Morgan-Jones learned, 45 inmates of this prison, including several women, had been dumped at Rotenburg. Each was severely starved, frostbitten, and caked in dirt. Some had been beaten or whipped.” (extract from a Guardian report on the treatment of British prisoners.)


The British were complicit in the murder of thousands of Cossacks, whom had fought alongside Hitler, whom had surrendered to the British, expecting to be treated as ordinary Prisoners of War. Big mistake, you get no mercy from the British whom immediately handed them over to Stalin. They were shot out of hand having been brutally tortured by the Bolshevik Jew Commissars.

The same British stood idly by as the Jew Eisenhower calmly starved one and a half million of his German Prisoners of War to Death, in his Rhine Meadow Death Camps. A crime which has never been reported by the very same media, which Donald Trump was today accusing of mis-reporting certain events.

When you add all of that, to the fact that everything the Press of the day, including the BBC, told the British people about the reasons for the Second World War, against Germany, were a croque of manure, as were the reasons for destroying Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen and Syria, crimes which the British and their accomplices, have justified, on every occasion, using exactly the same excuse of the Brutal Dictator, and the British people eagerly swallow it.

Europe’s Giant Sucking Sound.





Politicians, spewing garbage until midnight, will do nothing to hide the actuality that the British people are being bamboozled by a Parliament, packed to the rafters with Globalists, with a hidden agenda to remain in the European Union.

All the indications suggest there to be an economic crisis careering towards us, which could be the final excuse used to force the British to remain in the Union.

Leaving the Union is a simple matter, to avoid which,  politicians opposed to fulfilling the decision of the people, are in the process of using contrived problems, to confuse their electorate into accepting  what ‘the politicians’ want and not for what the people voted.

Theresa May should call the European bluff by stating, loud and clear, that there are only two problems to be immediately resolved, the question of British Nationals in Europe and European Nationals in the UK and trading arrangements, the rest can be resolved after the event.

She can tell Europe to ‘do what thou wilt’ while promising to respond in a similar fashion, end of story. France and Spain have huge need of British tourists and neither of those countries will accept any interference to their ability to continue to welcome this important element of their economies and it would being doing no favour to France, should the half million employed French people in the UK, be forced to return to France, which already struggles with thirteen million unemployed.

Germany is in a similar position, the UK is probably its best customer for the importation of Germany’s most important export, motor cars, a market which they will be loath to lose.

What has been laid bare by ‘Brexit’ has nothing to do with happy holidays in the sun and more to do with the reality, that Europe does not need the European Union and Europe can function perfectly well without it.

The European Union was no more than a means of destroying Europe. They cynically used the excuse of the ‘weather’ as a pretext to destroy important industries, all across the industrialised world, pretending that it was to save the world by reducing a mythical Carbon Footprint.

These are the same creatures who once told Europe it must reduce its birth-rate to save the world, who are now warning us to open the floodgates to the huddled masses,  fleeing European illegal slaughters, because there are too  ‘few’ people in Europe. It was all no more than a genocide through the medium of abortion.

In the United States, industry was destroyed in exactly the same way, with the installation of the North American Free Trade Zone, without a word about it to the American voter. The result was a mad dash by American Industry to relocate to Mexico,  leaving the American worker marooned in a two-pronged trap, which like the European Union was deliberate policy being used to destroy the United States.


Ross Perot was right on the button. Take a look at the two vultures, one on either side of him during a presidential debate.

Trumps first act was to nullify NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership, (TPP) and announce that Mexico would be paying for “The Wall,” to put a stop to a situation where despite gaining millions of jobs, thanks to the destruction of US industry, Mexico still expects the US to finance illegal Mexicans, who either send their earnings back to Mexico or live on the hand-outs from complicit Politicians who are using mass immigration to hammer the last nail into the US coffin.

The Mafia Godfathers’ Rule The World.





       The Mafia God Fathers’ Rule The World

The latest branch of the British National Health Service to feel the strain, is the Ambulance Service and they confess that the problem is getting worse. Perhaps it is time to privatise it.

The British were well aware of the strain, under which all branches of the Health Service was operating, three years ago and very little has since changed.

It seems incredible, that during that same three-year period, one million immigrants have arrived in the United Kingdom, that is according to the Government’s net figure, the ‘real’ total could well be twice that figure, when you have an elected Government which is ‘conservative’ with the ‘official’ truth, who can tell what the ‘real’ truth could disclose.

To my knowledge there has been no investment made into the Health service, which could possibly have allowed for such an enormous increase in demand, and yet the United Kingdom is still obliged to allow entry to huge numbers of immigrants, mainly from outside of the European Union, while the media is concentrating the minds of the British public on European immigrants, mainly Polish people, while the largest group, by far and the group which is even more likely to remain, have come from India, from where a billion more would, most probably like to come. Being Polish White and Christian is now a barrier to immigration.

One thing is sure, Britain cannot produce enough foodstuffs, on British farms, to satisfy the needs of the people, whom are already established in the United Kingdom, which would lead to instant mass uproar and riots, across the Kingdom, should there be any interruption in the imports of produce from overseas.

While there is a government in place, which is unwilling to acknowledge that there is already a problem dealing with the sick and injured, because the health service is alrady over-stretched and that there are even now, hundreds of thousands of people in need of housing, that millions of people are in need of hand-outs from ‘food-banks’ to feed their family while the Government are insisting that it is more important to allow ever more people to enter the UK, to undertake the work, which the British, we are assured, refuse to do for themselves, without regard to the reality of the coming collapse of the system. The British people need to be seriously fearful of what lies behind this stupidity.

For such a small country, the level of immigration into the United Kingdom, has been at an unsustainable level, ever since the time that the population reached fifty-million. Britain has been the most densely populated country in Europe for decades,  does the Government believe there to be no limit? 

Even at the current level, to suggest that in order to suit the needs of ‘growth,’ that it was necessary to allow ever more people to enter the UK, when common sense and bitter past experience, demonstrates, that the industry which was used as the excuse to allow this immigration, could quickly go the way of all the others and simply vanish overseas as a result of political decisions.

The British people are at the moment witnessing the total control of the UK by an establishment, which can be used to deny the people their expressed choice, whenever they have need to so do.

The ‘People,’ have just been bamboozled into the belief that the ‘Law’ demands that the ‘Constitution’ be observed and that Parliament should now be allowed to ‘tell’ the British people what they will ‘get,’ whether it be what they voted for or not.

What they are ‘given,’ by their ‘servants’ whom are now telling the British that their ‘servants’ ‘Rule’ and a group of like-minded ‘servants,’ are going to tell them what is best for them.

You must of course ignore everything I say, because as a mere blogger, whatever I may say is being called fake news, however, despite that there are certain things which would suggest there to be, any number of holes in the Judgement made in the Supreme Court. All of which are being ignored.

Yesterday on the News, the cry from those whom voted to remain in the European Union, was one of, ‘That the Constitution must be observed and the law must be obeyed, Parliament must decide.’

That is all well and good, until you look for this ‘Constitution.’ Worryingly, there is no such document, and yet not one Member of Parliament has mentioned this ‘fact.’

So where is the ‘Law?’ As with the Constitution there is no ‘Law,’ all political Parties in the UK Parliament, ignore this fact, because all three are in the process of thwarting the decision of the people.

Right off the beam, it is clear that this is a stitch-up. Three of the Supreme Court Judges, were against the decision, this shouts out loud and clear, that there is no law. Had there been a law, Parliament would simply have abided by that Law.

So how was the decision in Court made? The decision was made under the leadership of David Neuberger, a Rothschild man. He was accompanied by a gaggle of staunch supporters of the European idea, some of whom had worked in the European Courts. By whom they were selected, I have no idea, most probably by Neuberger, Rothschild’s man.

They made their decision based on decisions which had been made in past centuries, which ‘could possibly’ be said to align with the need for a Parliamentary vote on Brexit. There was no decision which actually corresponded with the question of Brexit, as no such decision had ever been made.

The result was taken on the basis of ‘it’s close enough to suit our purpose.’ There is no ‘Law,’ involved, which is why three Judges voted against the decision. On such a serious decision, which flies full in the face of a decision made by those whom voted for Brexit, a majority verdict was surely the minimum acceptable decision and not a mere majority verdict.

The suggestion is already being made by British media, that Members of Parliament, should not necessarily abide by the decision of those by whom they were elected, and when they vote in Parliament,  either in favour, or against, passing the Bill to allow Article 50 to go through, they should ignore the voters and  instead vote with their ‘personal’ beliefs, which is exactly what they complained of in the US system.

This would suggest that in any future election, that a political manifesto can be loaded with a pack of lies without problem, there being no obligation to carry out any promises. Nothing much will change there.

This would mean that a Constituency Member should ignore the fact that his personal electorate voted to leave the EU and that should he hold the opposite position, he should vote against passing Article 50.

The same suggestion was not made that those members in Constituencies which had voted to remain in the EU, should now vote to leave, which demonstrates the total bias of the UK media, which has been busily extolling the idea that Clinton should be President of the USA because she had a ‘popular vote’ majority.

A claim which was itself a fake  and Trumps decision to check out voter fraud in the election,  will very quickly destroy this contrived tale, which was quite deliberately manipulated to generate unrest and Trumps announcement plunged the Fake media into a state of panic, worrying, that once more, their deceptions will be exposed.

The main cry in the Washington Women’s march was the claim that Clinton won the Popular Vote. You may have noticed from the clip at the top of the page, what that would have meant.

It is becoming horrifyingly more clear, as time goes by, that the hidden hand behind the throne, is of such a depth of evil, that neither the man in the street or indeed that person in public, would be prepared to accept the grim, grisly truth.

For example, would it surprise you to learn that there is Government approved organisation handling  Drug Trafficking, Illegal Arms sales, International Paedophile Rings, the provision of children for adoption, the International Sex Worker Trade and the various groups whom organise Organ Harvesting, to provide the elderly rich with a new young heart on demand?

I would not be surprised, should you receive such information, in much the same manner as I did, that such things are supposedly, the territory of the Mafia. Well they are, it is simply our idea of exactly who the real Mafia is which is the problem.

That would give you an idea of what Donald Trump is dealing with, because even the Media, which is solidly against Trump, is owned by the same people. The last man who stood against them, in any meaningful manner, was Adolf Hitler, with whom the Fake Media, is even now comparing Donald Trump.

If for no better reason than this, it should be remembered that International Jewry declared war on Germany, as soon as Hitler was elected.  

Adolf Hitler explained quite clearly, that the Jews did not want Israel as a place to live, they simply wanted their own Sovereign State, from where they would be out of reach of International Law and where they could set up an International Crimes Syndicate and a clearing house for the loot they gained from their criminal activities.



Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 17.08.30


In the above clip,  Hitler is pleading for peace, the Jews would have none of it. The position of Hitler, was the normal position for a European leader when confronted with the greed of the Jews, here is what my favourite author Mark Twain had to say about them.-

“In the U.S. cotton states, after the war… the Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the Negroes’ wants on credit, and at the end of the season was the proprietor of the Negro’s share of the present crop and part of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew.

In all ages Christian Europe has been obliged to curtail his (the Jews) activities. If he entered upon a trade, the Christian had to retire from it. If he set up as a doctor, he took the business. If he exploited agriculture, the other farmers had to get at something else. The law had to step in to save the Christian from the poor-house. Still, almost bereft of employments, he found ways to make money. Even to get rich. This history has a most sordid and practical commercial look. Religious prejudices may account for one part of it, bit not for the other nine.
Protestants have persecuted Catholics – but they did not take their livelihoods away from them. Catholics have persecuted Protestants – bit they never closed agriculture and the handicrafts against them. I feel convinced that the Crucifixion has not much to do with the world’s attitude toward the Jew; that the reasons for it are much older than that event …
I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not in any large degree due to religious prejudice. No, the Jew is a money-getter. He made it the end and aim of his life. He was at it in Rome. He has been at it ever since. His success has made the whole human race his enemy.”

The British Media Is Deplorable.

Despite having already engendered a bad reputation for disinformation i.e. Fake News, about Donald Trump, even before he had given anybody a reasonable excuse to go for his throat, Sky News have unashamedly continued to scoff at any act of Trump’s, including his having pointed out the Fake News Photographs, which were used by, CNN, Sky News, The Guardian, The BBC, LBC, and others to claim that Trump had pulled in fewer people to his inauguration than did Obama. The Photograph below is the one used by CNN and others.






In order to continue the bad-mouthing. They are now criticising Trump and his team for pointing out the continuing use of Fake News, while ignoring the evidence which demonstrates that it was indeed Fake, calling Trump even more names, saying he is in some way in tears because somebody said Obama was more popular.

These people should be taken off the air. In the photograph below, it is perfectly clear that the crowds go all the way to the Washington monument and even up the steps of the monument. Sky News and others should be apologising and should not continue their outright lies.




His aim of checking whether there was voting fraud, during the election, which is a serious accusation, which deserves investigation, but no, Trump’s aim to investigate it is being called childish because all he wants to do is to prove he won the popular vote. Obama is on film, on film, I deliberately repeat myself, urging illegals to vote and not to worry because he had arranged for them to be able to do so without identification. He told them the Police will not be able to track them down. Obama should be arrested for this, it is called treason.





They are now picking on the wall along the Mexican border, which will stop a steady stream of immigrants from simply walking into the United States. Why does Sky News not suggest that the UK should leave the channel tunnel open for all comers to walk into Britain.

What is happening here, is the use of all of the Fake News claims, made against Trump as if they had been true. They are calling him a misogynist, a racist, a Fascist and any insult which comes to hand.

The ageing piece of work, with the squeal in her voice, it makes the old bitch sound younger, has just claimed that Trump has replaced the head of Churchill back into the Oval Office, Obama having stuck it somewhere out of sight, telling us that a family member of Churchill has objected, saying we do not need a relationship as close as that, all we need is a trade deal.

I will tell you the truth, I have been left speechless by all this nonsense, which is leading on to the death of Trump. This constant attack would not be allowed, if there was not a good reason. I think it is as clear as day, that there is a contract out on Trump. The ferocity of the attacks against Trump are unprecedented. There have even been attacks against his young child Barron, on a comedy show no less.





Let’s Hear It For The Hen-Pecked Men.

Let’s Hear It For The Hen-Pecked Men.

Watching Madonna, delivering her carefully composed, rant to adoring women in Washington, using key words and phrases, which could have been culled directly from the pages of an MK Ultra handbook, was not only a sad representation of the mentality of women, whom were referring to murder as a ‘woman’s health issue, while refusing those caring women, whom objected to this ongoing women’s war against children, which has already wiped out more human beings than have been killed in the Middle East in twelve years of war, the right to march alongside them in a “Women’s March.”

Madonna delivered her phrases in a very careful manner, referring to her notes, making sure that every provocative word was clearly pronounced, even as Washington and other cities were burning, while Black morons, attacked White Men and White mens’ property, as White women stood by watching their men being held to blame for being White.


This is such a vile and disgusting attitude, to condemn, those brave women whom disagree with infanticide, by refusing them the right to take part in the demonstration, while encouraging unwarranted attacks against men,  at the same time calling for ‘women’s rights,’ one can only pose the question as to which ‘rights’ they refer.

To be presented with such a massive demonstration, attended by women, whom when interviewed by live-stream television, repeated the lies which had been used to smear Donald Trump, by the mainstream media, as their reason for demonstrating, an event which was turned into a show-business ‘happening’,  which provided a platform for the establishment message, to be delivered by “Madonna? Scarlett Johansson? and a Black Power spokeswoman?” If it was not so serious, that these prats were presented as the spokespeople for women,’ you could laugh.

I watched about half-an-hour of interviews with both men, whom were actually boys, and women, whom were in the main hard faced and totally prejudiced against men, all of whom, boys and girls, when asked an intelligent question as to the reason for their attendance, quoted a piece of ‘fake’ media news as their reason.

When it was suggested to them that they were using a discredited attack, made against Trump, as their excuse, they simply refused to accept this to be so and then tried to think of another reason to justify their howls of hate against Trump. All of which demonstrates how the mainstream media controls the actions of the stupid.

I would go so far as to suggest that no White boy, should be left under the control of a ‘mother’ who would be prepared to dress him in girls clothes as a means of destroying his masculinity, an attitude which conforms with the ideas of the Frankfurt School in New York and the Tavistock Institute in London, both of which have used the inability of women to think for themselves, into accepting the belief that it is more liberating to spend the day behind a checkout than it is to give birth to a baby,  rather than kill it and to raise those children in the traditional manner. The aim of these two groups was to destroy the family and they have succeeded. 

The theme of the ‘Women’s March’ was actually an anti Trump march and thousands of these creatures were wearing identical ‘pussy hats’ a reference to a remark made by Trump,  explaining the sad reality of women, which they themselves chose to ignore, while making a claim which was false, that Trump had molested a woman by “grabbing her pussy.”

What Trump actually said, was a perfect description of the selfish, greedy and self-seeking attitudes of women, whom are, by nature total parasites, when he said, “If they think you are rich you can do anything, even grab their pussy.”

There is every possibility that this does not apply to all women, just as it is possible that all men are not bastards, an expression which has been used by women for generations.

This laissez faire attitude to child murder, has extended to the murder, by women, of even small children, whom may have been disobedient or wet the bed.  There has been such a proliferation of these murders in recent times, that blaming inattentive Social Workers for the unacceptable level of these killings, is wearing thin. It is becoming a risky business for kids to be left alone with a woman.

Not only are these women, whom can be seen strutting around in ridiculous shoes, wearing skirts which expose their backside, with tattoos on every limb, fiddling with a smart-phone, with a blank stare on their faces, not fit to take care of children, they should never, be allowed to inculcate into the heads of little boys, the crap about men, which is a daily diet for fatherless male children, now that these parasitic women have Big Brother Socialism to pay for their ‘free to shag around life-style.’ 

Even Tom Cats have more affection for young cats than do their mothers, from whom they will get a claw in the face if they so much as approach them. The young cats cuddle the males when they sleep in a group, the mothers are never anywhere around. My kittens even preferred my dog, to their mother.

The difference in the amount of vitriol against men, which streams from the mouths of women,  compared to the response from men, in defence of themselves, is graphically illustrated by the uproar following the disclosure of the joke which was made by Trump about women. One of my own daughters, when talking about a boyfriend yelled out “that all men are bastards” such is the depth of indoctrination of children by their mothers, while men simply laugh it off.

Well laughing it off has not worked, it is about time these bitches were forced to face up to the detrimental results of their perpetual whining. They reacted badly to Trumps joke because the truth hurts. Any man will tell you, their wife is only with them because they could not catch a rich one.

Men have become accustomed to being referred to as drunks, wife beaters, serial shaggers and mean with money, now, on top of all that, we are White Male Supremacists, whom are being hunted like dogs by rabid Jews, Blacks and Women a triumvirate of parasites, all of them doing the dirty work of the Chosen Ones.

It is about time men stood up, be proud and say bugger the lot of you and fight for control of your children at every opportunity, to keep them safe and secure, in order to prevent another generation of docile idiots like the current bunch, which has been mainly left in the hands of these mouthy bitches. We men can manage very well without an albatross around our necks.

What all we boys were taught about ‘caring’  ‘sugar and spice’ women, was our introduction to Fake News’ and like the rest of the Fake News the time has come to tell the truth. In the back of our minds we have always known the truth and out of male loyalty, we have refused to face up to it. Madonna while claiming to choose love, is actually preaching hate and shameless women are cheering her on.




Brexit Could Be Forbidden By Parliament.



Brexit Could Be Forbidden By Parliament.

British Radio, is today suggesting to the British people, that the majority vote of those people, who voted to leave the European Union, should now be prepared to accept that their Member of Parliament, in constituencies which voted to leave, should have the right to vote against the decision of the majority.

Should this be the coherent position, of the alleged Journalist, whom constantly refers to those whom voted for “Brexit,” as being too dumb to tie their own shoelaces, and was not a case of monstrous hypocrisy, which along with his claims that it is those whom voted for “Brexit” whom are creating all of the bad feeling about the support in Courts of it being necessary for a “Constitutional” decision, when in fact it is the “Remainers,” whom went to Court.

The same Journalist on LBC, is claiming that the election of Trump, in the USA is the beginning of a Fascist regime in America, while claiming it to be the fault of the Electoral system and despite Trump having won 90% of the Constituencies in the United States, Clinton should have been selected as President because she won the popular vote. Uhhhh!

I simply cannot believe the depth of the disinformation which is daily presented by LBC to the British people, whom are instantly affected by the urgent cries of presenters whom are prepared to call for the Constitutional Rights of Parliament to be upheld, without presenting their evidence of the Constitutional obligations of Parliament, which would be difficult as there is no British Constitution.

A group of Jews and mainly Jew Judges have managed to create a situation, which will be used to interfere with the Democratic decision of the British people, while British Radio is instilling the belief, that if you are prepared to spend enough money on Solicitors, you can legally subvert that decision, to satisfy the needs of the minority whom lost the vote.    http://wp.me/pTtbd-2Po

When you take into account, that the same British Radio, is propagating the same rubbish about affairs in the United States, where the people have been encouraged to take to the streets to protest Trump, about whom they know nothing apart from the Fake reports presented by the media, not one of which has stood up to scrutiny, apart from the one where Trump told the truth about the attitudes of women.

One can only ask the question, as to why there is no right to reply, during the transmission of these programs, during which the host is obliged to keep his mouth shut and allow the other point of view to be heard. Just so long as the comment is in keeping with the opinion of the host, they are allowed time to present their agreement without interruption, while the opposers are constantly interrupted and forced to respond to pointless questions from the host, which is a well-known means of stopping the flow of thought of the caller.

It is worth reminding those whom voted to remain and whom may or may not agree with the use of a non-existent Constitution, which is always used as the excuse when all else fails, that the next time it may well be your choice which is undermined.

If it is accepted as being the correct approach, to ignore the decision of the people, when a minority objects, it should be borne in mind that should the following result be won by a similar majority, it too will be open to dispute.

After this mornings decision by the Courts, the remainers are rubbing their hands with glee, hoping to get their way, that is,  to undermine a Democratic vote, which means, a precedent has been set, which can in future be invoked as a means of undermining the will of the people.


To suggest that an elected Member of Parliament, should vote against the wishes of those by whom he was elected, in favour of what the position of his Party may ave been, during the previous election, therefore those whom voted for him were by default voting to remain, which was almost obligatory as all three main Political Parties were in lock step to remain, while obliged to remain quiet about all the other promises in their manifesto is crazy.

The British people voted for Brexit, while those whom chose not to vote, made their choice, there is little point in trying to suggest that had they voted, they would have all voted to remain and that Brexit would have lost, that is the same problem in any election or referendum, it is no more than a distraction.

Hands up those whom believe that the UK is currently being ruled by a majority of the British. I will guarantee that most of you do not have a clue and do not give a damn. When the referendum to join the EU was held, the size of the majority was never a question, those whom now oppose the result, should be very careful that they are not being manipulated into a frame of mind, in which they are showing their acceptance of total Governmental control.

Can the British ever remember voting for war? Was an election ever held, asking the British if they wanted all of their Utilities to be privatised. Can they remember an occasion when the Court was used to force a re-election because the electorate had not been asked about these things before the election? Of course not, the difference being this time the Ruling Classes did not get what they wanted.

All Political Parties in the United Kingdom, apart from Ukip, were in favour of remaining in Europe. Ukip were smeared as Racist, Fascist and all other insults. Just for once they were all thwarted, they expected to win the vote. You are being bamboozled, even Theresa May has something up her sleeve, it may well be a Treaty like CETA, in which she has expressed an interest. Should it be signed, that will be the end of Britain as Sovereign State. Trump laid it out loud and clear, when said, ‘If you lose your nerve now, that was your last chance, which is why there have already been ‘contracts’ taken out on his life.

The Water Wars Are Upon Us.


             The Water Wars Are Upon Us.

The continued use, by Sky News, of a deliberately edited clip of Donald Trump, when he was speaking about terrorists coming into the United States, hidden in the middle of so-called Muslim refugees, at a time when spokespeople, all across Europe were warning of the same thing, making it sound as if Trump was calling for a ‘racist’ type ban on all Muslims, simply because they were Muslims, should have been reported to the group, which had the News of the World, newspaper, which was part of News International, which also owns Sky News, closed down and the same thing should be done to Sky News. Their false report and others like it, have been used to stoke up hate in the streets against Trump.

This blatant ‘lie’ about Trump which was mimicked by all of the Television News outlets in the UK, and used by the likes of the fishy character in Scotland, Sturgeon, to call for a Scottish, ban on Trump, because of his unacceptable racism, and cries of criticism from all the major, murderers of Muslims, from all Political Parties in the United Kingdom, which has caused a build-up of hate against Trump, which was used by David Cameron amongst others, in an attempt to influence the USA election.

Unabashed, Sky News is today reporting the Syrian war, which they helped to kick off, with their lies about what Assad was supposed to be ‘doing to his own people,’ they love that phrase. Sam Kiley was reporting from Israel, letting us know that Russia was not actually fighting Daech at all, the Allies were doing all that, while the Russians and Syrians were fighting the Al Qaeda Rebels.  Daech had kindly moved out of Aleppo to make a clear target of themselves, for the Allies, so that they could be killed without putting civilians at risk. Allies. Lovely word that, is it not? Allies. How Woody?

The tone of all of these venomous attacks against Trump, were based on the proposition that he was a worse possibility, than the group, which includes Cameron, by which he was preceded, all of whom are War Criminals, their hands dripping with the blood of the innocent, or is that what people want perhaps? Hillary Clinton was eager to give them more of the same, she would be another killer in the White House.

Are people simply incapable of seeing what is staring them in the face? Obama is a Traitor and a War Criminal as is Cameron. They hanged men and girls for far less at Nuremberg.

Some of the British appear to be willing to remain in the European Soviet Union, dramatically illustrating the old adage, “There are none so enslaved as those whom believe themselves to be free.” Or indeed the Fabian Society’s aim of conditioning us into a state of mind, where we will, ‘come to love our servitude.’ I think we are already so far down the road, that most people, will not be capable of understanding the meaning of the above.

The fight-back has yet to begin, Trump cannot do it alone. Perhaps it has become clear, that any group can slag off White people, while just a trace of response from those same White people provokes a storm of criticism.

Whites are expected to ignore the reality, that their countries are a magnet for economic migrants, from across the world, because they are the only people on the planet, who offer free housing, education, health services and many other benefits, which encourages trained nurses to leave Pakistan, for example, to take on the same work in Europe. Why would they do that, having trained in their own country?

Why are there images of Blacks, ‘legally’ howling for Black Power, all over the internet, which are not considered to be inflammatory, while the whole world, appears to be in a state of panic at the first indication of a little resistance from the Whites whom are after all, still paying for all these power seekers?

Trump himself is of no further importance, he has done a magnificent job. The ‘Bad Boys’ in the much maligned “Alternative Right” whom are not Racist or prejudiced, and whom are eager to pose difficult questions, for example, should one million Europeans choose to emigrate to Pakistan, would they be guaranteed the same benefits, which Europe pays to Pakistani immigrants to Europe? I think we all know the answer.

Why did the Muslim immigrants into Scandinavia, where life has been turned on is head, by an epidemic of rape and other crimes, not choose Egypt as their preferred option, which was far closer to their homeland?

We are told that these immigrants are a net benefit to Europe, which common sense tells you is a falsehood. Even as immigrants are pouring into Europe, with no work contract, we are constantly being told that without them the Health would collapse, when in truth, the Health Service has collapsed, because of them, they are bringing all sorts of ancient diseases with them, all of which cost a fortune to treat.

The prisons are already full of them and like the Health Service the Prison Service is on the point of collapse.

There are millions of immigrant children being educated in Europe, which will apparently be unable to produce children with the necessary qualifications,  to do difficult work, which is why their parents were, apparently, needed in the first place, which would suggest that yet more immigrants will be needed to do the difficult work in the future. This is quite obviously either a stupidity or a program.

The population of Europe, most particularly the United Kingdom, is already at an unsustainable level. No country can survive for long, when they cannot feed their own population. During World War Two, with a population half of its present size, rationing was a necessity in the United Kingdom.

Criminal politicians, have allowed the control of food, energy and water, to pass into the hands of greedy selfish criminal Corporations.

The depth of the guilt of these ‘politicians’ is demonstrated by their vow to carry on with programs, which will sound the death knell for Europe. This includes all of the provoked, illegal wars in the Middle East and a rock solid refusal, of European politicians, to stand up to the Jews in Israel and to defy the organisations which work in Jew interests across the world.

There are no Scientists and Technicians, from the ruins which Europe has created in the Middle East, looking for safety in Europe, they are simple folk whom have lost everything and whom will most probably never find gainful work in Europe. How many immigrants can Europe absorb before the inevitable hostilities break out?

Meanwhile Corporations are already turning the sale of European water reserves, into yet another Jew boondoggle, worth billions of dollars. Even in drought stricken California,  Nestlé are still allowed to pump billions of litres of precious water,  to bottle and sell. Politicians are truly vile people.


Sex, Drugs And Wet-Works For Breakfast



Sex, Drugs And Wet-Works For Breakfast

A Homosexual sexual, whom had made a tryst with a Police Officer, for an evening of Sado-Masochistic horse-play, on finding that his partner has died during the course of the entertainment, the queer then apparently made super-human attempts to eat the dead policeman, before finally putting him into a bath of acid, hoping to dissolve him and send him into the sewers.

This event follows on the heels of the case of the homosexual, who accidentally killed an unknown number of partners, having plied them with a drug of some sort in their drinks, and the Politician who was caught out, having used drugs during a group sex act with a couple of ‘Rent-Boys.’

This is only the tip of a perverted iceberg.  In the United States, hidden amongst the Weiner eMails – which were found on his Tablette, scattered amongst the Top Secret documents, of Hillary Clinton’s, in a file marked ‘Life Insurance’ –  which contained references to ‘wet-works’ which refers to the use of all bodily fluids, all of which are swallowed, during sexually explicit rituals, which adherents believe will give them increased power over perceived rivals. Hillary and Slick Willy, it would appear, were regular visitors at such ritualistic practices.

Is there any difference between the ‘normal’ queers, eating their dead, after getting things wrong in their use of drugs and the elite and their quasi-magical rituals, which involve all sorts of degenerate acts, including the sacrifice of children and the use of aborted babies, in cannibalistic banquets?

At what point does a social drinker become an alcoholic and a sexual game become murder? Perversions by any other name or murder by any other name are the same thing.

It is one thing to tolerate something like homosexuality, despite the fact that many of us have been targeted, when young by rampant queers, but when we are expected to call it normal, to the point of teaching very young children in junior school, how to carry out a homosexual act, that is something far more sinister. How long will it be before they are teaching our children how to choose the best bits of a human body to eat?

Trump, as a Christian, would of course be against homosexuality and Gay Marriage, just as he is against Abortion, while those whom support Abortion, would automatically feel inclined to support the ‘rights’ of all of the other groups, to do whatever they like. We are no longer allowed to hold on to personal instincts, we must all conform.

The guns of opposition are already blazing after Trumps election. The majority of the alternative media, I suppose that would include me, are prepared to give him the benefit of some doubts, while waiting to see what he will actually do, instead of spreading unsubstantiated rumors about what he might do, after his inauguration.

Two things stand out, as far as Trumps association with certain characters are concerned. While Israel appears to be in a state of panic, having seen the names of those whom have been selected to work in Trumps administration, provoked this response,

Steve Bannon’s Appointment Is a Moment of Truth for U.S. Jews, according to Haaretz.

After tapping campaign CEO Stephen Bannon as chief strategist, no one can say there is any ambiguity as to who Trump is and what kind of president he plans to be……….

Why would Israel be bothered by a man, Steve Bannon, whose crime would appear to be that he did not want his children to be educated in a Jew school?

Are Jews not in favour of the coming amalgamation of all religions, which was discussed recently in Israel, attended by the Pope and many Muslim leaders, the Dalai Llama, along with the Jew Mikhail Gorbachev, the man tasked with the job of setting up this Gaia religion? Or are Jews in fact as suspicious as are many others about the whole concept of forcing us all to accept this dictate?

Where, one might ask, does Trump stand on this issue? Veterans Today, is warning us that Netanyahu rigged the Presidential Election and he has been walking around with a beaming smile on his face ever since the result was announced. VT would have us believe that Trump is a Demolition Man, and in the words of that famous Jew, Al Jolson, ‘you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.’

Trump does indeed know some Jews. The Editor of Veterans Today is himself a Jew and we all know that when it becomes necessary to smear someone, you associate them with Jews, as they do with Hitler, whom we are constantly reminded, was funded by Wall Street, which quickly loses credibility, should you suggest that to mean that the Holocaust was an ‘inside job.’

Once you start going down this trail, you inevitably run into the Jesuits and the Black Pope, along with all of those Knights of Malta and the Freemasons, leaving you scratching your head about why it was necessary to fix the election in the first place, as we all know the Clinton’s have been in bed with the Jew controlled Neo-Cons forever.

The only thing of which we can be sure, is the inevitable arrival of the bursting of the Usury Bubble, which is slightly overdue. It could well be timed to coincide with Trumps inauguration. Whatever happens, there is so much debt floating around, that it will never be possible for it to be repaid.

Ask yourself the question, who could possibly have financed a debt, with the USA, of more than twenty-trillion dollars? It is quite obviously a fraud, which was generated with ‘printed’ money, the value of which has been increased, through the use of Compound Interest, into a sum which will necessitate a war, behind which it can all be written off.

This is a measure of the criminality and greed of the Banking Community and the sucking dry of workers, all across the world, workers who create all of the real wealth, which those who earn their money by stealth, snatches out of their hands, with the complicity of compliant politicians, who are now in fear of what Trump might do next.

Will Tomorrow Belong To Trump?

           Will Tomorrow Belong To Trump?

The British Media is choosing to ignore the reality of Donald Trump’s new political proposals which include the unmentionable scrapping of the Corporation Takeover Treaties like TTIP, CETA and TPP, all of which are to the benefit of the rich and to the detriment of the poor.

They are claiming White European Countries are now in decline. While Trump is saying, that may well be, however it is as a result of quite deliberately allowing companies to re-install in slave states and allowing the produce to be imported, without imposing a tax, into our countries, through the use of “Free Trade Agreements” all of which work in one direction, towards us.

Trump is being compared for suitability as President, with Slick Willy Clinton, who lead the charge against Serbia and his old Biddy, who destroyed Libya, George W Bush, the initiator of the ‘War on Terror’ and the destruction of Iraq, Poppy Bush, so-called because of his love of the fruit of the Poppy, who massacred the Iraqi army, in open desert, having vilified it with lies and deceit and finally the first bi-sexual, coke sniffing Black President, who has helped destroy Libya and who is continuing to illegally bomb Pakistan, and does still finance the various terrorist groups involved in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

Having suffered our way through that bunch of thugs, how anybody can profess anxiety about what Trump may do, during his term, is way beyond my comprehension. Trump is actually being compared with War Criminals and the Elite Corporations, and coming off second best, which is a sad reflection on the attitudes, towards the mass death of the innocent and the destruction of several counties, of the current younger generation. Is any and every atrocity acceptable to them or are they just plain stupid?

The Guardian and the rest of what is euphemistically called the Independent Press, while still peddling establishment rubbish, has been reduced to begging for donations to keep them afloat, while today for example, leading with a tale entitled,’The fate of a tolerant, democratic Europe lies in Trump’s hands.’ Going on to suggest that Trump is in favour of all of those things like torture and the indiscriminate killing of terrorists and their families, much loved by Obama and others, whom were wholly supported by the Independent Press, while either ignoring or have simply failed to notice the distinct shortage of Democracy in Europe, where the European Union pays scant regard to the Democratic decisions of the electorate. Ask the Irish, Danish, Dutch, French and even the English about the reception of the referendum results by these Democratic folk.

In Germany, after the end of the Great War, and the murder of nine hundred thousand through the imposition of sanctions by the Glorious Allies, and having been forced to fight against a Bolshevik inspired attack, and then subjected to hyper-inflation during the Weimar Republic, when Germany was reduced to a base level of filth and depravity, allowing Jews with Dollars to buy anything and everything of value in Germany, Adolf Hitler, arrived, with a mission, to Make Germany Great Again.

Hitler was only in power for six short years before the Hounds of Hell, from the gutters of Britain and the United States came after him, but what a glorious six years they were.

Just as they are now, the Germans were always a target for the Jews in London and Washington, and with or without Hitler they were destined for destruction.


Can Trump, despite already being smeared by the media, at any and every opportunity, deliver the same benefits to the demoralised people of the United States and this time around, will the rest of Europe stand up and proudly do what Hitler inspired in Germany, across the continent?