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The Bolshevik Zionist Massacres In Eastern Europe.

The Bolshevik Zionist Massacres In Eastern Europe.

The Bolshevik Communists, carried out their slaughters, methodically and brutally, without a concern for their victims. Even after the Second World War, when hostilities had ended, they continued, with relish, a barbaric vengeance, against those whom had fought alongside the Germans.

The Jew Allies, Churchill, Eisenhower and the ‘half’ Jew Anthony Eden, having, with the aid of the Jew Roosevelt, casually decided that Eastern Europe should be handed over to the Jew Joseph Stalin, knowing full well the nature of Stalin and the likely suffering which would be inflicted onto the helpless civilians, of those Eastern European countries, cynically, turned a blind eye to the ruthless execution of all of those deemed to be an enemy of Communism.

That is little discussed in the Western Press, which just happens to under the control of Bolsheviks, whom have not changed their attitudes towards the ‘People,’ one jot, since the days of the purges in the Soviet Union and China.

One need only glance towards the Middle East to see the reality of a modern-day genocide in action and the preparation of Europe for the dustbin of history, which will result from this slaughter, as more and more Muslims will, as were the Palestinians, be driven from their homes, to be stranded in refugee camps for more than seventy years, unless they choose to come to Europe. Why do your ‘professional’ politicians appear to be unable to spot this problem?

This morning a new report in the United Kingdom, The Casey Report, suggested that the United Kingdom was anything but United. Evidence has been found of immigrant ‘ghettos’ all across the UK and it was suggested that immigrants have no intention whatsoever of integrating. Most Whites would prefer the same thing, however immigrants are fond of moving into White British areas, while the British would prefer their own ghetto and hardly ever choose to live in immigrant areas.

That situation is intolerable for ‘Politicians’ and moves are afoot to force immigrants into White areas, whether White people like it or not. Which has lead to a domination of immigrants in many areas, giving them an unacceptable political majority over the few remaining English people.

In France, the experience for the French people is exactly the same. No White person wants to live in Arab ZUP’s, which is a term for Urbanised Zones of High Rise apartments, which were constructed in the 1960’s for the hundreds of thousands of Arabs, whom streamed into France, in search of a better life, or in the case of the Algerians, to escape the ruthless slaughter, of those Arabs whom had worked for the French regime in the Maghreb. Like the Blacks in Brixton in the UK, the Arab Muslims are still firmly ensconced in the same areas as were the original immigrants.

France recently accepted an immigrant, with three wives and eleven children, all of whom had to be housed, schooled, fed and offered health care. With thirteen million people unemployed in France, which along with the rest of Europe, has been destroyed by design, by the Bolshevik Communist European Union, it is totally unacceptable to expect the French people to finance this kind of idiocy, when they can hardly afford to feed themselves. It is a certainty, that the husband will never get a job, why should he with thousands of Euros a week in benefits.

On the British Radio, a phone in host, described the result of the election is Austria as ‘wonderful news,’ because the man Höfer, who lost the election was apparently ‘a raving lunatic’ and he had been defeated by a more considerate man whom was in favour of open borders and wished to remain in the European Union.

Another host on the same Station, warned us all to be careful, because ‘Fascism does not happen to others, it can happen to you.’ This is in total disregard for the fact that what is now called ‘Fascism – which has nothing at all to do with the real meaning of the word – was avoided, by refusing to elect a man from the Extreme Right, which had he been elected, would have introduced Europe to its first taste of Extreme Right Wing Politics, since World War Two, all of which is nonsense, but is designed to warn of restrictions of ‘freedom’ which are all part of the neo-Fascism.

First and foremost, Fascism, is no longer remembered as  a system of governing, which originated in Italy, which obliged large companies to share their profits with the workers, it is now presented as a form of brutal dictatorship, which can be associated with Hitler. Ignoring the fact that Hitler was not Extreme Right Wing, he was a Socialist a National Socialist and what is more he had no system in place which was anywhere near as intrusive or restrictive of Freedom of Speech, as is the new British Surveillance regime which has recently been passed in Parliament. So you see, you are being lied too on every level.

In recent weeks, I have been convinced that most of the Hosts on British Talk Radio Shows, are either incapable of doing any worthwhile research, or they are obliged to stick to certain guidelines or maybe they are ‘spooks.’

 A caller to a show, which was discussing whether it was fair to blame the USA for all of the current wars which are going on across the Muslim World, after it had been  suggested by the host,  that Pakistan was crossing borders and had caused many wars and  Russia was also guilty of the same thing, having attacked Afghanistan and Ukraine and annexed Crimea etc.suggested to him that the war in Syria was a proxy war, and that it had been set-up by the CIA and that on the whole it was ridiculous to even try to pretend that it was not encouraged by the USA. The host immediately started the ultra rapid loud talk to shut the caller down, simply because that sort of suggestion is ‘conspiracy theory.’

He went on to describe Bashar al Assad as a brutal, nasty, vicious dictator, whom unnoticed by the rest of us, had also been responsible for instigating regional wars. No evidence was offered in support of these claims but that is not ‘conspiracy theory.’

 It goes without saying that he made no mention of the real niggers in the woodpile, Israel, France and the United Kingdom. Nor had he discovered the recently disclosed evidence, that the British had been planning the attack against Syria, for two years before violence started.


 It is simply not possible, that by sheer chance, a whole bundle of Radio hosts, could just happen to be in favour of open borders and feel at ease about six-hundred thousand immigrants, pouring into the UK, without a care for the effect on the Health Service, housing, schools and many other things, when the immigrants are equal in number to the population of two cities. It is quite simply madness. I find it hard to accept that this is actually happening.



Is Alex Jones Nothing More Than A Tosser?

So our hero comes to London. He is strangely, offered the opportunity to appear on the BBC Sunday Politics Show, with Murdoch’s man, Andrew Neil. So what does Jones do? Well of course had it been you or me who had been given this opportunity to present our point of view to a National audience, we may well have prepared a list of pertinent questions, with the intent of forcing the men from the Ministry as it were, into a corner but Jones, well as usual, he simply left the Reservation.

Not a single question about the cost of Policing the event. Not a word about the attendance of  George Osborne and Ed Balls at the same venue. The business about the Bilderberg group issuing a press release after each meeting was garbage, which was not contested by Jones. Should such a press release have been made, it would most certainly have been ignored by the controlled media, which has itself been well represented at past Bilderberg meetings.

Listening to alleged predatory paedophile Kenneth Clark, referring to the get-together as nothing more than a chat amongst friends, was as inane as Joneses claim that it was all a Nazi Plot.

As more and more information, about the construct of the European Union is unearthed by diligent researchers, there is a concerted effort being made in the UK, to lay the blame for this mess at the door of Adolf Hitler, instead of where it should be laid, at the door of the self-proclaimed, future Masters of the Universe, the Communists, whom were aided and abetted by the Allies, in the war against Hitler and whom cast Eastern Europe into the jaws of the Russian Communist savages, which set-up the first so-called “Block” in Europe, which was most certainly not inspired by Hitler.

Listening to Jones screeching, that it was all because of Hitler, reduced him to the level of a gibbering idiot. When he was asked why he had not been killed, he claimed that it was because he would become a martyr. I would claim it to be because he is fulfilling an important role for those whom are playing around with the minds of the people. This whole broadcast had the stench of a well prepared mind control operation and Jones played his role in the manner of a Shakespearian professional.

Take a good look at the manner in which the BBC Editor focused on the fat, greasy man, with the strange hairstyle, as he made the gesture that Alex Jones was a nut-case. This was an obviously well prepared scenario. Jones is not that stupid. I wish he was, as that would be an excuse for his extraordinary behaviour, which puts the efforts of us all, whom are after the truth back five years into the past.

This is Neil on his day off with a certain Michael Portillo

If the link refuses to work, check out on YouTube…Andrew Neil Amarillo Spoof Song. It’s quite amusing really, yesterday it took a lot of work to find this clip, however since I have had a few views  on the post, it has been uploaded by others, this one is the boxer Amir Khan, I hope he got the idea from my Blog. I’d like to be able to greet him as a reader.