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The Time Of Cholera Is Coming Back.



There is a lot of rubbish being written about Flu-Shots and whether they work or not. When there has been more than enough independent research carried out, showing there to be no worthwhile benefit to be gained from accepting the ‘free’ offered shot, should you be over 65. Here

We are all aware of the proposed ‘Pathway To Death’ for the older members of society. They would the once, well-loved parents, of those ‘modern’ people whom casually condemn useless ‘parents’  into the care of the money hungry private Old Peoples Homes. That situation is about to change, we are all on the same Pathway To Death, these days.

A while back there was a documentary on Channel 4, which appears to be no longer available. A character called Dr. John Oxford, was desperately seeking an example of the Spanish Flu, which some claim, to have brought the Great War to an end, simply because so many of the troops had been struck down by this plague, which it is claimed, killed forty-million people world-wide.

This plague was referred to as the Spanish Flu, however the symptoms of the illness were in no way similar to those of modern Flu symptoms. The aforementioned Dr. John Oxford, set out on expeditions, which involved the gruesome business of tracking down victims of the Spanish Flu, whom had been buried in lead coffins, in the hope of finding traces of the composition of this deadly plague, as part of his research, which chillingly, also involved that other plague on humanity, AIDs and the HIV virus.



He is currently working for a Medical Company, which appears to be more concerned with the value of the company than with clinical results, which demonstrate that while little has been done to control influenza and while antibiotics have been compromised by Nature, their company’s value has sky-rocketed. here

Dr. John Oxford,  found himself in trouble when he claimed to have found an example of the Spanish Flu, in corpses which had been deep frozen in the Polar Circle, somewhere in Norway.

Duncan, who teaches geography at two Canadian universities, flew to London at the last-minute after leaks in the British press suggested another team member, Dr. John Oxford, was being given credit for the discoveries.

“I wanted to get credit for my team members and for Norway,” she said. “The community where these bodies were buried gave something precious to us, and we have not yet given them anything in return.” Here

I wonder what the ‘something precious’ could have been and to what purpose, in view of the fact that influenza vaccines are an absolute waste of time and money, could it serve? I have noticed in some of the blurbs about Dr. John Oxford, that he ‘combines’ certain viral substances, in order to carry out research into possible vaccines against influenza, now why would anyone contaminate a modern laboratory with a virus which has already killed forty-million people and which has lain dormant for one-hundred years?

The hidden secret of modern Chemical treatment, for any illness, is the fact that most things sort themselves out without any treatment whatsoever, in eight days, which is why ‘doctors’ write prescriptions for seven days of treatment and then claim success for the useless drug.

Recently I came across reports of a ‘scientific’, using similar methods of research to those of Dr. John Oxford, this character was investigating Bubonic Plague, he apparently visited Madagascar where there is now a serious ongoing outbreak of Bubonic Plague. There have been several instances of the Plague in Europe, Mozart, was himself a victim of the plague.


With the ongoing stream of immigrants coming to Europe, none of whom are being vetted for disease, there is almost a certainty of trouble ahead, whether by accident or design. Past figures demonstrate how catastrophic an outbreak can be, particularly in overcrowded cities. In recent times in the United Kingdom, there have been outbreaks of diseases which were eradicated decades ago, brought to Europe by refugees and other immigrants. Here Here

The announced aims of certain people, to reduce the population of the world, to a number of around five-hundred-million, is worrying enough but when you find that those whom wish to carry out this cull, to be the very same people, whom have taken control of the Drugs Industry and whom have been pumping their useless vaccines into babies and are the same people whom are even now attempting to make vaccines of all sort, mandatory, one cannot help but be just a little bit worried, to hear that those like Dr. John Oxford and The Gates Foundation are involved in this research.

To Where Have All Of The International Muslim Terrorists Gone?

I today listened to George Galloway explaining his thoughts on Israel and the attacks on Gaza. George seems to experience great difficulty in uttering the word Jew and what is more,  he insists on blaming Israel for all of the crimes against humanity, which have been inflicted onto the indigenous people of Palestine, by a group of incomers.

George must surely, by now, be aware that the World Wars, in which the youth of Europe sacrificed their lives, were fought to further the aims of Jews, whether he finds it difficult to accept or not.

When the Jews stormed into Palestine at the end of World War Two, they were carrying out a plan which had been announced at the end of the Great War, long, long before there had been any talk of a holocaust, that is other than those numerous bogus claims which had been made by Jews down through the decades.

The Balfour Declaration, which had been written by Chatham House, where according to Galloway; “When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found.”  Well whether you will find an expert there or not, you will most certainly find the Jews who are responsible for all of the misery in Palestine.

So what exactly is the champion of the Palestinians doing in the company of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, where the program of the Jews in the City of London is coordinated?

On top of that, Dr. David Duke, the man who is speaking for all of the free thinking people of the world, is for some reason splitting hairs over the actual origins of the Khazar Jews.

He would appear to be suggesting that because Jews have been traditionally related to money, gold and usury, that it follows therefore that they must all come from the same region. My reading of this is, that he is suggesting that they are all of the same brutal mentality, so they must therefore share the same origins.

Well I am sorry to contradict your reasoning Dr. Duke but whether you understand the difference or not, it is clear that all of the top men in Israel, ever since its inception, have come from Jews of Eastern European origins, Jews who do not display the slightest similarity to the indigenous people of the Middle East and who also changed their names to give them a more regional sound.

Many of these Jews are still to be found in their “homeland” as it were. The “Chocolate King” in Ukraine, along with his Prime Minister and other members of the sham government in Ukraine, have remained in that region and are part of a group which has never been involved in any way with the claims of the right to seize Palestine. They are now however intent on taking control of the remnants of the Kingdom of Khazaristan, if it did indeed exist and was not simply a figment of the imagination of Arthur Koestler as is suggested by Dr. Duke.

Baron Rothschild has already invested a fortune in Kazakhstan, where he has seen to the construction of his brand new Capital in Astana. Kazakhstan was of course controlled by the same Jewish group which helped to bring us the Bolshevik Jew coup d’etat in Russia and is still to this day controlled by Jews.

So it becomes more and more difficult to believe anything with which we have been presented by these brutes, who cheer the murder of children in Gaza and are openly calling for an outright slaughter of them all, which will solve all of their problems. All of which has been reported without criticism by the media which is under their control, while at the same time George Galloway is hauled in by the British Police, for questioning, concerning a statement which he made calling for a boycott of Israeli products. A similar call was made in Norway, which resulted in the slaughter of dozens of youngsters at a Summer Camp, by Anders Breivik.

I was astonished when I heard on the News, that NATO would consider it to be an invasion, should Russia attempt to take food aid to the beleaguered folk in the East of Ukraine, while at the same time Obama and Cameron are being praised for doing the same thing for Iraqis, forced from their homes by Islamic State, a group which has been financed by the City of London, with printed money from the Federal Reserve, laundered through the Jewish “Royals” in Saudi Arabia.

Obama is now “bombing” Islamic State, who are busily taking control of the very regions in Iraq and Syria, which have long been nominated as part of Greater Israel. This while fellow Muslims are being massacred in Palestine, by Israel, which is wholly financed by US tax payers Dollars, without a single Islamic hand being offered in support. Egypt is maintaining the closure of the Rafah crossing at the behest of Israel. So much for Islamic solidarity.

There should now be calls for a new Nuremberg, bringing all of the living War Criminals in Israel to justice. That they have been allowed to get away with their murder and mayhem for over sixty years, while all of the other so-called “Rogue States” have been carpet bombed to dust and rubble, by the “Humanitarians” is unforgivable.

All of this being justified by an alleged event, in which none of the Jewish killers who stormed into Palestine were involved, just as were none of the Germans who were hanged at Nuremberg, whose deaths were based on the word of Jews, without a shred of evidence in support of their claims.

It is interesting to note, that not one of the main players in World War 2, Eisenhower, Churchill, De Gaulle made any mention of a genocide against the Jews. They most certainly heard all of the claims which were made by the Jews, but probably thought that they would never get away with such a fantasy. They of course reckoned without the power of Hollywood and the new gadget called Television.

What we do know for sure, is that WE are the true criminals. WE are international terrorism. WE have caused more grief and suffering in this world than have all of the other historical criminals combined.

The West is supplying the guns and bombs which are being used to kill women and children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Western bombs have already contaminated the entire Middle East, which has led to the birth of thousands of genetically damaged children, created millions of refugees, who have been deliberately allowed to re-establish themselves in the middle of the people who destroyed their homelands, in order to create the recipe for civil conflict, which will lead to continued blood-letting, which one might be forgiven for believing is the only thing these “Western” filth understand.

I have become so cynical, that on reading an account of the American doctor, who we were told had contracted the Ebola virus, while working with the sick in Africa and who was inexplicably repatriated to the US, despite the risks of spreading the virus; he was explaining how even though he knew that great care should be taken not to risk taking the disease from one person to another, he spoke of holding the hands of those dying from Ebola and how he could remember a strange feeling of peace when he was found to have contracted the disease himself. Then, miraculously, when treated with a new “wonder” drug, within minutes he was on his feet and asking for a coffee or some such thing.

My cynical reaction was one of, how handy, so they had a drug just waiting for an outbreak of Ebola. A drug which was not announced until the Ebola Virus had gone viral, as you might say. How long will it be before they announce a vaccine? Or maybe the “wonder” drug will be the first drug to ever cure a virus.