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America-Where The Criminals Control The Courts.

The much vaunted so-called invincible, American fighting machine, is in reality a toothless paper tiger, which has never fought a “real” war in all of its days of bombastic claims of its own invincibility, a reputation never gained against a foe of similar power, preferring instead to destroy virtually defenceless countries like Iraq or Afghanistan, while avoiding more capable States, which could put up a stiffer resistance, like Iran for example, preferring to use the sly method of starving the population into submission through the use of sanctions.

When the “Glorious Yanks” came up against a legion composed of German children and old men in the Battle of the Bulge, they were whipped and the Germans only lost out in the end because they ran out of ammunition. The piece of crap called Eisenhower, who would later be elected as the president of this pitiful American state, would later force these children and pensioners into his Rhine Meadow Death Camps and calmly starve one and a half million of them to death. Eisenhower hated Germans and he tried his utmost to carry out the Morgenthau plan to annihilate the German Race, every man woman and child. That is America, busily doing the dirty work for the folk who never stop whining about what happened to them.

In order to justify the events which occurred during the Second World War, the heads of all and everyone have had to be stuffed to bursting point with so much rubbish as to beggar belief. Anybody who expresses a belief in anything which contradicts our “conditioning” is taking a risk, we are in fact living in a colossal house of cards which could come tumbling down at any time, leaving millions of people in a state of total confusion, everything you think you know is a lie, we do not even know whether we live on a pancake or a football, despite having been forced by law, to accept an expensive “education” which simply indoctrinated us with crap.

That same education system is now attempting to instruct four and five year old children, in the art of what is often referred to as butt-f*****g and a belief that if boys cut off their penis and swallow a large dose of oestrogen they will be miraculously transformed into women. It becomes ever more clear, by the day, that the most dangerous element in a young child’s life is to be cursed with a “mother”.

Young girls whom were raised by one of these sex crazed creatures, having adopted a life-style similar to that of their “mother” are now, according to the latest stupefying statistics, having as many as eight abortions during their lust-filled attempt to carry out their shag til you drop lifestyle, to the bitter end, which in many cases comes to a full-stop up against the brick wall of an early menopause and Men Going Their Own Way. That is the miserable end facing the once “Great White Race” a mountain of murdered babies and no one left to bury them.

The entire world is being swamped by Chinese, Hindus and Black immigrants, all of whom are coming from lands which are shit-holes, in which no one in their right mind would choose to remain. This desire to find a “better life” is being blamed on” White People” in general, for their past crimes, when in reality most European White People have never left Europe of their own choice. Most were sent to Australia as prisoners, to Canada and America as slaves as were the Blacks, but nobody blames the Blacks in America for all the problems no, not at all, that is all because of those White slaves, this is the form of crap which those whom educate the masses are feeding us.

Right now there is a quickening, it is almost as if those by whom we are being lead by the nose, are fearing a backlash. Immigrants from the Maghreb and the Middle East into Europe, along with the Muslims from Pakistan, are intent on turning Europe into an over-populated shit-hole similar to the lands from which they escaped. In France there are seventy-five-thousand rapes of White French women every year and the outskirts of all large cities are battle-fields. All of this is going on while half of all those immigrants are living on charity.

In Norway, where there us an epidemic of rape and murder, a group of those whom have had enough of this nonsense, burnt a Koran, an act which apparently upset these religious Rapists and Murderers, to the point where they complained of a “hate crime” to the same police whom refuse to do anything about immigrant rapers and murderers, crimes which I suppose are of less importance, in the eyes of these hypocritical Muslim clerics, whom are most certainly as aware as am I, of the disgusting behaviour of their “practising Muslim” congregations, a situation of which they secretly approve.

The most generous people in Europe, the Swedish people, have given shelter to more immigrants than has any other country in Europe. They have been repaid by being transformed into the Rape Capital of Europe and they are such lovable people they are prepared to put up with this crap and try even harder to please their guests, even as their Government is funding a Jew piece of crap called Barbara Spectre, who is openly calling for the complete swamping of all of Europe with the same enrichment. She has no need to worry, Europe is already now home to millions of thugs, thieves, drug pushers and rapists.




The American military, which was the main destroyer of those States which are the origin of the bulk of the refugees into Europe, are now getting their just desserts. Ever since the days of the piece of filth called Obama, they too have been swamped with two Jumbo Jets, packed with Somalians, which are flying in every night and have been for several years. Blacks whom are bringing with them every conceivable disease, like Leprosy and Ebola into America. Along with the millions streaming in from south of the border.

Three percent of the population of the States, the adult Blacks, rape thirty-three-thousand White women every year and they are responsible for more than half of all murders and the bulk of racism in the States, which despite what we are told sin the main against White people and there is virtually no White on Black racism, which is why there are so any “fake” attacks contrived by Blacks to blame Whites, like the Jussie Smollett load of crap and a Black who falsely claimed a racist attack by a taxi driver, a lie which was filmed by the camera in the cab.

Anybody who has been paying attention to recent events in the States, can not be unaware that the two political parties are corrupt to the bone. They are a team of thieves, working in tandem to line their own pockets. There is an inquiry under way, which being conducted by a liar in an attempt to catch the President in a lie.

This liar, a man called Schiff, should be suspended for his own behaviour and not put in charge of an attempt to stop an investigation into the shady affairs of the Biden family, because they are all involved in the same criminal activity, and this is happening in the country which has so recently destroyed half of the world, slaughtering millions of innocent people in the process and only today they took to themselves the right to “give” the West Bank in Palestine and the Golan Heights to Israel. Something serious has to done and quickly because the United Nations is on board with all this nonsense so what exactly is their purpose, to force us all the pay a Carbon Tax for the Bankers while allowing them to destroy to their hearts content and nothing more, perhaps they are nothing more than the rubber stamp of the Deep State,who knows?

The Irish People Are Once More Under Zionist Attack.



Europe is apparently drifting towards Russia, or so they say. Well you can take it from me, that nobody ‘drifts’ towards anybody without the direct order from above. Russia, ever since the days of the Zionist funded coup d’etat, has always been the ‘secret weapon’ of the “Democratic’ Zionists, let us not forget the part Russia played in the Rape of Germany and Eastern Europe, which has lead to the total control of Europe by the Zionist European Union.

The Russian News channel, RT, which has been called “The Bullhorn of Propaganda” by the Americans, is indeed that very thing, it broadcasts a non-stop cartload of rubbish about Hitler and the Nasties, while never mentioning their own ‘dark murderous past’ from which they were “liberated” in the 1980s, as was Germany, in 1945? However while excusing themselves, they throw out an unending pack of lies about the Germans. One can only wonder as to why they never mention their own ‘death camps’ while making sure the Jew tale of Auschwitz, which was fabricated by Stalin’s team, is never questioned.

In the modern world, Jews can be Zionists, when it suits their current agenda and Jews when they seek extra funding or sympathy, or an as yet undefined colour, when they need to distance themselves from those nasty little past secrets, like their complete control of the Slave Trade, leaving the “Real Whites” to carry the can for that one and of course exempting themselves from their current calls for a White Genocide. They all look pretty White to me.

The Zionist Jew control of the International Media, a fact of which they openly boast, allows them to completely whitewash the fact that not one of the crimes, of which they accuse the Germans, can be borne out by facts, while their “Zionist scapegoats”, are guilty of unimaginable crimes against humanity, under yet another of their pseudonym, Communism or as it is currently referred to, Communitarianism, crimes far in excess of anything they dreamt up against the Germans, while at the same time attempting to hide the Jewishness or Zionist identity of the War Leaders, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt and their lackeys Eisenhower, Ehrenburg and Morgenthau all of them Jews.

Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadow Death Camps, starved to death, one-and-a-half-million, “Disarmed Enemy Combatants” after the Wars end, while the “Allies of Evil” allowed the Georgian Jew Stalin, to take seven-million German prisoners to the Gulag Torture Death Camps, from where a mere few thousand ever returned. The German people were Savaged by International Jewry during World War Two and yet the Jews are still claiming “their own tragic unique victimhood”, in such a selfish manner, that anyone could be forgiven for believing that no one else suffered in a war, which was initiated by Jews and which served only the interests of Jews, a war which cost the lives of an estimated eighty-million people and many million more whom lost limbs and a tiny, ever decreasing number of Jews. The “alleged” tally of four million Jew victims at Auschwitz has been reduced to one-million of all people and the actual number of Jews is “unknown”. One can only wonder from where the number four-million claim was dreamt up in the first place,  never mind the question as to why the overall claim is still six-million Jew deaths.

Morgenthau, a Jew, quite openly called for the annihilation of at least thirty million Germans after the war. He achieved ten million, “Ten Million Deaths”, before he was forced to call a halt because of an outcry made by other States, which corresponds with the City of London’s attempt to starve the Irish to extinction, when supplies to feed the starving Irish, arrived from France and all the way from the Irish people in the United States, embarrassing the “City” into calling off the project but not before five million Irish people died of starvation, while another six-hundred-thousand were sent into slavery in the United States, where they outnumbered the Black slaves, that is of course, between you and me, mustn’t startle the Negros.

Nothing much changes in the Zionist routine, Churchill starved millions to death in Bengal during the war, which can be added to the Zionist/Communist/Jew death roll, while the world stands idly by as Palestine and Yemen are being crucified in the interest of Israel, as the rest of the Middle East lies in ruin and millions have died. Not much sign of pity from those professional victims in Israel, while the Jews Peter Sutherland and Alan Shatter have once more kicked off the attempt to destroy the Irish people, this time through the medium of mass Black immigration.

The Blatant Lies Of History.

One of the most heated debates online at the moment, is in three parts. Is the Earth flat or is it a globe, did astronauts actually go to the Moon and does the Earth rotate. Not one of these questions, can be clearly answered, despite a widespread belief that men really did land on the moon several times, that there is evidence that the Earth is a globe which rotates at one thousand miles an hour. When in fact nobody can provide convincing evidence that any of the above claims have been proven beyond a doubt.

To mention these subjects in polite company, is taken as a form of confession of insanity, despite which, when confronted by the question, why are there no images of the Earth taken from the Moon, most people will claim there to be dozens of such photos, without ever having themselves, tried to find one. The fact being that there is not one clear and indisputable photograph, of the Earth, taken from the Moon, in existence.

Similarly, there is no positive evidence that the Earth is actually rotating. When I once suggested to a Moon landing believer, that should I have been a crew member on such a visit to the Moon, the first thing I would have done, on setting foot on the Moon’s surface, would have been to eagerly look at the huge Earth, in the sky above me and at the first opportunity, take dozens of photographs of this incredible vision, while eagerly watching it rotate in front of my eyes, so why had not one of the ‘men on the moon done the same thing? Why is there no film of the Earth rotating?

The response, from someone, whom had never even thought of such a thing was to claim there to be dozens of photographs of the Earth from the Moon and that to attempt to film the rotation of the Earth would have been like filming paint as it dried.

When I asked this innocent Moon landing believer, that should he find himself standing on a platform in a railway station, as a train ten miles long, was passing through the station, traveling at one thousand miles an hour, almost twice the speed of sound, would he be unable to see the movement, he suggested that, to be a completely different thing, because of the distance involved between the viewed and the viewer.

I responded with the observation, that they appeared to be suggesting it to be impossible to film such a movement, which was why nobody had in fact so done, when it was perfectly possible to film plants growing and flowering, so what was the difference? They had no answer and yet they still refused to accept that this was enough to cast doubt on the truth of the Moon Landings. For what it is worth, very few people have ever checked the speed of the alleged rotation, which is in fact, almost half a kilometre per second.

This apparent lack of the ability to point a camera in the direction of the Earth from the Moon, just by chance, denied the Globe Earthers’ the proof of their belief in the reality of the Globe and at the same time the evidence of the rotation of the Earth and yet, these men on the Moon found time to hit golf balls around and take jaunts on a Dune Buggy, which was as huge as the craft in which they arrived and which we never saw them assemble.

None of these things are of any importance in themselves, yet they are demonstrative of the ease with which we can all be hoodwinked into believing whatsoever we are expected to believe. Take for example the claim that Hitler is the biggest, baddest man, in all of recorded history, as a result of what he is alleged to have done to the Jews.

This verdict is not based on any form of hard, undeniable evidence, it is in fact wholly based on the most unreliable evidence of all, according to the police, that of ‘eyewitness’ evidence.

Imagine for a moment, that you are living in a land, which is threatened by an advancing army of millions of men, whom are controlled by a group of murdering thugs, whom have just starved ten million people to death, in Ukraine, the Holodomor and brutally tortured and slaughtered fifty million more, in Russia and that these oncoming invaders, whom are themselves under the control of a group, which has just called for an all out war against you and your people, having a few decades before through the installation of a  blockade against you, which lead to the death of nine-hundred-thousand of your people, whom have now called for the total annihilation of the rest of you, and the imposition of another blockade, to help in your slaughter, what would you expect your own leadership to do?

When the biggest, baddest man in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler, was faced with this problem, he immediately sent his friend, Rudolf Hess, parachuting into Britain, to warn the British Government of the threat on the doorstep of Europe, naively  expecting a promise of help from the Western Democracies, to confront these advancing hordes, he was surprised, however to find the British and their Allies to be in league, with the very murdering demons whom were threatening to over-run Europe.

It was at this point, that the most brutal, murderous dictatorship in the history of the world, which was responsible for the slaughter of at least sixty-five million White Christians in Russia, was suddenly revealed as being ‘The Best Friends’ of International Jewry, and that they had been covertly armed by the British and American Jew Billionaires and given the mission of the destruction of Germany.

“We are not denying and we are not afraid to confess, this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry…Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based. We are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan Horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” (Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, in a Speech on December 3, 1942, in New York City).

In view of the above, Hitler decided that the most prudent act was to take the Jew Fifth Column out of the picture, by locking them in Work Camps, where they could work in return for their keep. Many of them survived the experience, on the other hand, those Germans in the hands of the Jew Eisenhower were not so lucky, one and a half million were starved to death.





The Governments of Russia, Britain and America should have been charged with Crimes Against Humanity for their behaviour against Germany and Japan,in the ensuing war,  instead they continue to conceal their own barbarity by crouching behind a tale of what Hitler, is alleged to have done, to those whom declared the war in the first place.


The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany



The Untold Tale Of Genocide Against Christian Germany.

Throughout the twentieth century, there was a continuous, unspoken war, against Christians.

This war has, with the complicity of Western politicians, continued into the twenty-first century and is still under the control of the same hidden hand.

Any Christian reading this, should open their eyes and ears and question the version of history, which has been firmly cemented into their innocent, receptive minds.

We were trained, from an early age, to sit in classrooms, absorbing whatever teacher told us,  as being the verifiable truth. Children were never encouraged to question the ‘facts’ which were being fed to them. Sadly neither had their teachers. The whole idea of compulsory schooling, was directed towards this aim. The result has been the complete control of the thought processes of several generations of children.

The same children and the children of their children, are still being fed, theories as fact. They are never warned that theories are no more than conjecture and while in reality, though they are good for discussion, they are not a good foundation for education.

A good example of the education by theory, is Evilution. Sorry that should read, Evolution. The Theory of Evolution has no basis whatsoever in fact and the sinister result of this form of education has lead to a situation, of which I became a victim.

I receive dozens of ‘head ups’ every day, towards articles in newspapers or clips on Youtube. One day I received a link towards a clip, explaining Evolution in five minutes or something like that.

I watched the clip and as is usual it was based on an unproven supposition and then went on to explain, in a manner suggesting that the supposition was true, all the things which could, would or should have followed, if that supposition had been proven.

I left a comment, asking why all of these tenets of Evolution, were being presented as ‘fact,’ when in ‘fact,’ they were only theories?

I received dozens of attacks, many with the usual bad language, which is ‘theoretically’ the usual behaviour of those whom would prefer to drown out any form of questioning of Evolution, and many others, explaining that I had failed to grasp the difference between a mere ‘theory’ and a ‘Scientific Theory’ which I was assured was the ‘truth’ or indeed the closest, that it was possible to approach the ‘truth’ which ‘magically,’ made it ‘true.’

I responded with the question, ‘If it is true, why is it still called a theory?’ They insisted that a ‘Scientific Theory’ was a fact, even when I copied and pasted a page, from a dictionary, with the explanation of the word ‘Theory’ with the opposite to a theory being  explained as a ‘Fact.’

What this form of education has lead us into, is a position, in which whatever has been taught in school must be accepted as being true and it takes a brave man to say, hold on, in that case ‘truth’ itself can only be described as ‘theory’ does it not? This style of miseducation  would include certain sections of history, which simply refuse to conform to universally accepted text book teachings.

The Great War has been shrouded in mystery. I have read accounts which suggest there to have been no real reason for its outbreak and it was in fact little more than a family squabble, between the closely related Royal Families of Europe. This is an absurd postulation as there were many reasons for the war, not least the coup d’etat in Russia, which was initiated in 1917, while the Russian Army was enmeshed in the War. Coincidence?

The Ottoman Empire was destroyed, the excuse being that they had fought alongside the Germans. This enabled the British and the French to carve up the oil-rich Middle East between themselves, including the ceding of Palestine to Rothschild, by the simple means of a letter written by his own employees.

The Great War finally ended with an Armistice, which is defined in my dictionary as a, ceasefire, peace, suspension of hostilities or a truce, so how did Germany end up being called the loser?

The ‘armistice’ indicates that there had been no loser, so the decision made by those under the control of Jews, whom had blackmailed President Wilson into dispatching American troops to aid the Europeans.   President Wilson was blackmailed by the same Jews whom had also financed the coup d’etat in Russia, and had previously demanded Palestine for Rothschild, whom had himself demanded Palestine, in return for involving American troops, against Germany, after it became apparent that Germany, had to all intents and purposes won the Great War, which would have wrecked the Jews plans.


They then ganged up and simply forced Germany, through the use of embargoes, which starved 900,000 Germans to death, to accept the Treaty of Versailles, which laid responsibility, for a war, which was not of Germany’s making, onto the shoulders of the German people and they then proceeded to carve Germany in slices, in order to generate ‘flash-points’ for future exploits, which would once more be blamed on Germany. Does that list of achievements, for the Jews suggest that the war had been to no purpose?

Winston Churchill, a Jew, whom preferred to call himself a Zionist, sacrificed thousands of Australians in a suicidal attack on Gallipoli, attempting to destroy the Turkish Army, to prepare the ground for Kamal Ataturk, a Jew, whom would be seizing power in Turkey, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

Ataturk would be assisted by the Young Turks, whom were also Jews. So you see it was Jews everywhere, all across Russia, Germany and the Middle East before, during and after the Great War, sadly, the casualties were mainly White Christians and that was even before the Jew slaughters kicked off in Russia.

Talking of Russia – where the Bolshevik government, according to Vladimir Putin, was composed of eighty-five per-cent Jews and where, unknown to the general European public, millions of people, including millions of Ukrainians, whom were starved to death, as the Bolsheviks seized their foodstuffs and hundreds of thousands more ethnic folk, from Crimea were deported to Siberia, while the Cheka, the most brutal, savage, sadistic vermin ever to tread the earth, did, under the control of Jew Commissars, carry out the slaughter of an estimated sixty-five million Christians  and who should be waiting on the Borders of Poland, waiting to help the Allies, in the PLANNED second phase of the European slaughters but those very same ubiquitous Jews, under the control of the monster Joe Stalin.

Between the Jews in London and Russia, with finance from Jews in New York, a very public genocide was carried out against the ‘finest people in Europe,’ the Germans.

The British, French and Americans, played a major part in this real and very public massacre and rape of Germany, all of it based on lies and having committed this enormous crime, they then protected themselves by constructing the tale of crimes against Jews, which are actually dwarfed in comparison to what was inflicted on Germany, a crime which included the deliberate starvation of old men and children, the last line of defence against the advance of the blood-thirsty Allied hordes, in the Jew Eisenhower’s, Death Camps along the Rhine and others in France, along with untold numbers of German soldiers, whom were handed over to Stalin, to be tortured and murdered in the Siberian Gulags.

And then? What do you know? Having decided to make a gift of half of Germany and most of Eastern Europe to Stalin, in return for his aid in defeating Germany, (does that ring a bell?) they decided to ‘drop the Iron Curtain’ thus hiding their complicity in the bloody events which took place behind it, from the view of the oh so gullible, people of ‘Free Europe.’

To reinforce this notion of ‘Freedom,’ Europe was introduced to the outright lie of the ‘Cold War,’ even as Eastern Europe was languishing, where they had been stranded by the Allies, having been used as the excuse to destroy Germany, under the control of the murderous Bolsheviks.


This entire scenario was the build-up to where we now find ourselves, on our way towards a Third World War and this time ‘WE’ are the selected target and the Muslim World is the excuse, that way Christians and Muslims can, once more do the dirty work, for the same pack, of those whom call themselves Jews, having allowed them to trick us into the previous World Wars. Talk about  history repeating itself.

The stupidity of many people is beyond belief. Even as Israel is installing a law which would deny Jews in Israel the right to marry a Goy, and physically deport ‘infiltrators,’ and are building more and more walls to deny the Palestinian people access to water, thus driving them from land,  which is quickly seized for the building of Jew settlements, Europeans are being described as Racist, should they seek a means of restricting uncontrolled immigration, of folk driven from their homes in the lands surrounding Israel, of which Israel has made no secret of its desire to use, to construct a Greater Israel.

In view of events in two world wars, which included the indiscriminate division of Germany, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the coup d’etat in Russia, is it not patently clear, that the Bolshevik clearances of the Middle East, to facilitate the aims of these same Bolsheviks in Israel, is not, what is now taking place,  in front of our eyes and is it not signal enough of things to come?What more do you need to wake you up?

Very soon, European ‘freely’ elected governments, many of them under the control of Jews, the likes of David Cameron, Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Angela Merkel, will have rendered, vast stretches of the Middle East unliveable, to the benefit of whom was this carried out? Certainly not for those whom we claimed to be saving.

Should you choose to read and follow the Eustace Mullins link to the tale of the Cold War, you will find the inspired idea, which is currently relevant, of ‘frightening the people into accepting the notion of the Cold War, which has since morphed into the Hot War on Terrorism.l

Sadly, those whom believe this ‘tderrorist’ nonsense, will no doubt accept the theory of the Big Bang, which has been used in an attempt to convince us that an enormous event can arrive out of nothing. Do not believe a word of it.

Hitler Was Spartacus!

Russia Today, John Kerry’s “bull-horn of propaganda,” has been relentlessly running clips of WW2.  Clips extolling the bravery of the Russian people in the face of the German army, while fighting “The Great Patriotic War.”

Well there was nothing admirable about the war nor of Russia’s role in it, for while the German people have been forced to accept full responsibility for the most brutal war in recorded history, the Bolshevik Jews whom controlled Russia and whom were themselves totally controlled by The City of London and Washington DC,  have never had to pay the price of having carried out the most savage slaughter ever,  of innocent people, under the orders of the same rich hypocrites whom now condemn Hitler.

There are so many people with something to hide, amongst the various participants of the aggressive war against Germany, that it is doubtful that the real truth will ever be made available to the general public.

Despite the blanket of lies with which we have been swamped, during the past seventy years, there has always been a nagging doubt, in the minds of many fair-minded people,  as to the truthfulness of claims made by the Allies.

Both before and during the war, there was no sign whatsoever, of any determined effort to mistreat Jews in Germany. Moreover German Jews were content with their life under the National Socialists, unlike Christians in Russia, where the Bolshevik Jews were being allowed to torture and murder 65 million Christians, without criticism from the “humanitarian” British or US Governments, despite the fact that the Holodomor, for example, was well covered by the Media.

The Second World War, which was declared by the Jews, against Germany in 1933, was not supported by any European country apart from the UK, which was itself forced to support it by The City of London, which saw to the sacking of Neville Chamberlain the “Appeaser” and the selection of  the Jew, Churchill, to replace him. In France, where the government refused to accept the terms of the Bolsheviks, the leadership was changed and a Jew promoted to power.

A much neglected facet of World Affairs, leading up to the declaration of war against Germany, by the newly installed puppets in France and the UK, was the fact that Lenin and Stalin, were themselves merely servants of the real  power brokers and their subjugation of the Peoples of Russia and Eastern Europe was no more than the first step in the take-over of the entire Continent and the imposition of a vast Command Economy.

Hitler was well aware of what Communism was all about and he was not alone in German politics at the time,  unwilling to accept the installation of the Communists in Germany, where they had already gained a foothold, in a manner strangely reminiscent of the tactics of ISIL, a group which would appear to be working hand in glove with those whom created their own form of  Caliphate in Russia.

The “Terror” which Hitler feared, was indeed unleashed, in front of the Allies, the moment that the Red Army set foot on German soil.  The first act of these “friends of the West” was to open the raping season in Germany, which was followed by the torture and murder, by whatever means came to hand, including crucifixion, of all and everybody unfortunate enough to fall into their hands.

History does record any of the terrible events which led to the slaughter of ten million or more Germans, after hostilities ended.  All prisoners  taken by the West were eagerly fed into the hands of Joseph Stalin, who under the orders of his controller, sent them to the dungeons in the black heart of Russia, never to be seen again.

kate summersby

Ike  Eisenhower, when he was not holed up in a country hotel with his personal chauffeur  Kay Summersby, enjoying a form of “ecstatic love-making,” he was organising the starvation of one and a half million, older men and young boys, who had fought their hearts out in the Battle of the Bulge.

Churchill, was, as usual far far away, in the land of dreams, snug in his bunker,  with a bottle of Brandy, while the real men were expending their lives in a war against the wrong enemy.

The war had barely come to an end, when in 1946 Churchill was already making his infamous “Iron Curtain” speech which ensured the outbreak of the Cold War, which in its turn proved to be as lucrative as had been World War Two, for the bankers,  without firing a shot in anger against the Bolshevik demons in Russia.

Thus solving the problem of explaining to the people, the reason why Hitler had actually attacked Russia in the first place and why the British and French had not gone to the aid of Poland; when Stalin had pre-emptly rolled into Poland, before the agreed date, as they had agreed to do in the  treaty guaranteeing assistance should Poland be invaded, secretly signed, to make sure that Hitler was unaware of their duplicity.

The Cold War suited both sides, enabling Stalin to set up his Command Economy in Russia and across Eastern Europe, which the Allies had simply handed to him at Yalta,  as though it was no more than a throwing a piece of bread to a duck, while the Allies set-up NATO, guaranteeing huge arms sales for the weapon shops, well into the future.

The next step was to set-up the new Parliament of the New World Order, The United Nations in New York, an enterprise which involved various contrived sexual adventures, guaranteeing support from those whom had previously been opposed to such a venture.

With all of this bureaucracy in place, the Hegelian Dialectic, involving the creation of total fear in the minds of the masses, was initiated with the Hydrogen Bomb and the possibility of all out nuclear war, as the problem and the arms race and mutually assured destruction MAD, as the solution. Some choice.

Meanwhile, under the radar, steps were already being taken to transform the USA and Europe into the same form of Command Economies as had been set-up in Russia.  This has given us the Bolshevik Communist European Union and  NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Area, which was signed with Mexico and Canada without a word to the people of Canada, the US or Mexico, much as the people of Europe were given no choice over membership of a European Union.

This is what Hitler and the German people courageously stood against and for their trouble they were mauled by us, “the good guys.”  The British and the US along with Bolshevik Russia, were working their way towards a war with Germany from the day Hitler defeated the Communists in the 1933 election in Germany.

The British callously, hanged any member of the National Socialist Government, who could have spoken up in defence of their actions.  They then set about tampering with the minds of their own people to obscure their own disgusting behaviour during the war and presented the Germans as the most fiendish people in history.

I stand firm with the man who took on the Empire and those whom fought at his side.








To Where Have All Of The International Muslim Terrorists Gone?

I today listened to George Galloway explaining his thoughts on Israel and the attacks on Gaza. George seems to experience great difficulty in uttering the word Jew and what is more,  he insists on blaming Israel for all of the crimes against humanity, which have been inflicted onto the indigenous people of Palestine, by a group of incomers.

George must surely, by now, be aware that the World Wars, in which the youth of Europe sacrificed their lives, were fought to further the aims of Jews, whether he finds it difficult to accept or not.

When the Jews stormed into Palestine at the end of World War Two, they were carrying out a plan which had been announced at the end of the Great War, long, long before there had been any talk of a holocaust, that is other than those numerous bogus claims which had been made by Jews down through the decades.

The Balfour Declaration, which had been written by Chatham House, where according to Galloway; “When you need an expert, you go to where the experts are to be found.”  Well whether you will find an expert there or not, you will most certainly find the Jews who are responsible for all of the misery in Palestine.

So what exactly is the champion of the Palestinians doing in the company of The Royal Institute of International Affairs, where the program of the Jews in the City of London is coordinated?

On top of that, Dr. David Duke, the man who is speaking for all of the free thinking people of the world, is for some reason splitting hairs over the actual origins of the Khazar Jews.

He would appear to be suggesting that because Jews have been traditionally related to money, gold and usury, that it follows therefore that they must all come from the same region. My reading of this is, that he is suggesting that they are all of the same brutal mentality, so they must therefore share the same origins.

Well I am sorry to contradict your reasoning Dr. Duke but whether you understand the difference or not, it is clear that all of the top men in Israel, ever since its inception, have come from Jews of Eastern European origins, Jews who do not display the slightest similarity to the indigenous people of the Middle East and who also changed their names to give them a more regional sound.

Many of these Jews are still to be found in their “homeland” as it were. The “Chocolate King” in Ukraine, along with his Prime Minister and other members of the sham government in Ukraine, have remained in that region and are part of a group which has never been involved in any way with the claims of the right to seize Palestine. They are now however intent on taking control of the remnants of the Kingdom of Khazaristan, if it did indeed exist and was not simply a figment of the imagination of Arthur Koestler as is suggested by Dr. Duke.

Baron Rothschild has already invested a fortune in Kazakhstan, where he has seen to the construction of his brand new Capital in Astana. Kazakhstan was of course controlled by the same Jewish group which helped to bring us the Bolshevik Jew coup d’etat in Russia and is still to this day controlled by Jews.

So it becomes more and more difficult to believe anything with which we have been presented by these brutes, who cheer the murder of children in Gaza and are openly calling for an outright slaughter of them all, which will solve all of their problems. All of which has been reported without criticism by the media which is under their control, while at the same time George Galloway is hauled in by the British Police, for questioning, concerning a statement which he made calling for a boycott of Israeli products. A similar call was made in Norway, which resulted in the slaughter of dozens of youngsters at a Summer Camp, by Anders Breivik.

I was astonished when I heard on the News, that NATO would consider it to be an invasion, should Russia attempt to take food aid to the beleaguered folk in the East of Ukraine, while at the same time Obama and Cameron are being praised for doing the same thing for Iraqis, forced from their homes by Islamic State, a group which has been financed by the City of London, with printed money from the Federal Reserve, laundered through the Jewish “Royals” in Saudi Arabia.

Obama is now “bombing” Islamic State, who are busily taking control of the very regions in Iraq and Syria, which have long been nominated as part of Greater Israel. This while fellow Muslims are being massacred in Palestine, by Israel, which is wholly financed by US tax payers Dollars, without a single Islamic hand being offered in support. Egypt is maintaining the closure of the Rafah crossing at the behest of Israel. So much for Islamic solidarity.

There should now be calls for a new Nuremberg, bringing all of the living War Criminals in Israel to justice. That they have been allowed to get away with their murder and mayhem for over sixty years, while all of the other so-called “Rogue States” have been carpet bombed to dust and rubble, by the “Humanitarians” is unforgivable.

All of this being justified by an alleged event, in which none of the Jewish killers who stormed into Palestine were involved, just as were none of the Germans who were hanged at Nuremberg, whose deaths were based on the word of Jews, without a shred of evidence in support of their claims.

It is interesting to note, that not one of the main players in World War 2, Eisenhower, Churchill, De Gaulle made any mention of a genocide against the Jews. They most certainly heard all of the claims which were made by the Jews, but probably thought that they would never get away with such a fantasy. They of course reckoned without the power of Hollywood and the new gadget called Television.

What we do know for sure, is that WE are the true criminals. WE are international terrorism. WE have caused more grief and suffering in this world than have all of the other historical criminals combined.

The West is supplying the guns and bombs which are being used to kill women and children in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Western bombs have already contaminated the entire Middle East, which has led to the birth of thousands of genetically damaged children, created millions of refugees, who have been deliberately allowed to re-establish themselves in the middle of the people who destroyed their homelands, in order to create the recipe for civil conflict, which will lead to continued blood-letting, which one might be forgiven for believing is the only thing these “Western” filth understand.

I have become so cynical, that on reading an account of the American doctor, who we were told had contracted the Ebola virus, while working with the sick in Africa and who was inexplicably repatriated to the US, despite the risks of spreading the virus; he was explaining how even though he knew that great care should be taken not to risk taking the disease from one person to another, he spoke of holding the hands of those dying from Ebola and how he could remember a strange feeling of peace when he was found to have contracted the disease himself. Then, miraculously, when treated with a new “wonder” drug, within minutes he was on his feet and asking for a coffee or some such thing.

My cynical reaction was one of, how handy, so they had a drug just waiting for an outbreak of Ebola. A drug which was not announced until the Ebola Virus had gone viral, as you might say. How long will it be before they announce a vaccine? Or maybe the “wonder” drug will be the first drug to ever cure a virus.