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The French Election Was Stolen.


There can be no doubt, that the French Election was stolen. There is no way that Macron won 66.6 percent of the vote a number which speaks for itself.

I have made it my business to carry out a daily survey, leading up to the election. Out of more than one hundred people, whom I asked, more than half admitted to an intention of voting for Le Pen. In view of my own efforts, which included many Muslims, I was expecting a nail-biting wait for the result.

The result was declared, when the first one hundred votes had been counted and Macron’s win already decided. I was astonished at this and on hearing the disgusting tale of the number of ‘Le Pen’ ballot papers lost or ruined, including the act of an immigrant who filmed himself stealing Le Pen voting slips, which amounted to more than the declared third of Le Pens vote, I feel I was denied, what should have been a close call.