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Paedophile Activities Which Surround British Prime Ministers And Low And Behold, Sir Cliff.

With the passing of time, many things start to fall into place and  with the release of documents from the files of Duncan Sandys, a Conservative Party politician from the fifties and sixties of the last century, we come across a few more connections to the malignant practice of paedophilia and phoney terrorism.

One can only marvel at the tenacity of those whom would control all and everything when we find that since 1957 the British, US and Israel have been attempting to install a puppet government in Syria, by whatever means necessary, including murder.

Many of the unexposed War Criminals from the recent conflict, World War 2, were still on hand to carry out yet another illegal operation, shortly after the débâcle of Suez, which was aimed at recuperating the control of the Suez Canal from the hands of the Egyptian people and placing it in reserve, with the intention of passing it into the hands of Israel at an opportune moment.

Anthony Eden the Foreign Secretary of the UK, whom had been instrumental in coaxing Adolf Hitler into his rescue of the Sudetenland Germans, whom were being massacred by gangs of Jew terrorists, having covertly signed a defence treaty with Poland, thereby creating the necessary excuse to declare World War Two, was not so lucky with his Suez adventure and was forced to resign, after its failure, giving Harold Macmillan the opportunity to undertake the sly attack against Syria.

Macmillan was little more than a front-man, of little consequence, more remembered for his claim that the British people”Have never had it so good,” than for any particular political achievement.  However his private life, if that is what it was, tied him into a multitude of possible connections to diabolical paedophilia, murder, high level homosexuality and the Jew crime bosses of the East End, the Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie, along with Cliff Richard and the creepy Labour Party politician, Tom Driberg, whose adventures can be traced, even to my own family. Tom liked cross dressing, which is an indication of his homosexual preference, I suppose.

When he was not bonking Harold Macmillan’s wife, a certain Lord Boothby was letting it all hang out with energetic young lads, supplied by his “special friend” Ronnie Kray, who were prepared to give him a good spanking or whipping, depending on his perverted needs at the time.

This gave Macmillan a connection to all of the main cast members of the current investigation into high level paedophilia, murder and blackmail, including of course Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard, Elm Guest House, Kincora and Haut de la Garenne, on the isle of Jersey, where many young children simply vanished after a yachting experience with Edward Heath.

It would be strange indeed to find that Macmillan was unaware of all this seedy activity which was going on around him, when one considers that this ring of perversion included his Old Biddy, whose particular fetish is at the moment unknown but whatever it may have been it could have been catered to by those by whom she was surrounded.

There are certain connections between all of the above, with the US Mobs, which were once referred to as the Italian Mafia, but which were in reality the Jew Mafia, controlled through the City of London, as was the East End Kray Chapter of this International Crime Syndicate, with the inclusion of The Tavistock Institute – of course – the exterior of which was splattered with blood on 7-7, as a London bus was blown apart.

In view of the above and all of the recent revelations surrounding Heath and Brittan, not to mention Thatcher and her strange relationship with necrophiliac  Jimmy Savile or Blair’s alter ego Miranda, plus the allegations that Gordon Brown is a paedophile, one can but wonder about the capability of any so-called democratically elected government in the UK,  to do anything other than they were ordered to do, in fear of the exposure of their sordid private lives.

To find so many Establishment figures connected to the East End Mafia, is a sure sign that the Underworld has taken control, whether the Mob be in the City of London, the slums of the East End or the elegant mansions of the Home Counties, is of little relevance, one way or another, in league with MI5 and MI6, groups which are financed by the “People” but which in reality work towards a different future, more in keeping with the desires of Zionism rather than for the well-being of the British people whom they claim to protect.

So while Harold Macmillan was surrounded by this tawdry list of characters, which included every conceivable form of perversion, sex slavery, “plate jobs” which were an addiction of Boothby – some suggest that there was no “plate” involved – murder and police involvement in the necessary covers-up, one can only guess at why he, in the company of the Swedish Jew President of the US, Eisenhower – the hero of the Rhine Meadow Death Camps – should become involved in an illegal and destructive attack against Syria, using exactly the same methods which are at this moment being employed to achieve the same result, by the Jew David Cameron and various other high level Jew politicians across Europe?

It is quite amazing how all of these events join seamlessly together into a tapestry of megalomania, lust, perversion,  predatory homosexuality, murder, blackmail and War Crimes.  Not to mention the questions which remain unanswered concerning the ongoing slaughter and destruction in Syria at the behest of who or whom, I wonder.

It would be very strange indeed, that in view of this recent evidence which corroborates the views of those whom believe that the British have a tendency to use under-handed methods to justify illegal wars, to find that allegations of the use of this ruse in Libya, Syria and Ukraine, were not also used to entrap Hitler and Germany into a war which they could never win,  while at the same time provoking Japan into an attack on Pearl Harbour, to fabricate an excuse for the Americans to join in the blood-letting in Europe, which kicked off the total destruction of European Man, when 20 million Germans were wiped out along with 100 million other White Christians behind the “Iron Curtain,” in those states ruthlessly handed over to the Great Beast, Joseph Stalin, by a Jewish controlled group, at Yalta.

The self-satisfied British and Americans, to this day, pat themselves on the back, claiming to have saved the world, when in fact they use a farrago of lies to conceal their duplicity, in all of the wars of the 20th Century,

It is a nonsense to suggest that “Powers that be,” were not fully aware, that when they carried out the totally unnecessary destruction of the Middle East and parts of North Africa – to no purpose and having done so, simply walk away and watch those whom they claimed to have been liberating fall into hell – offering no other solution to the problems, which they had created, other than to start yet another bombing campaign, that the result would be millions of refugees and others claiming the same status, streaming into Europe, where steps had already been taken to facilitate their entry, with the intent of continuing the destruction of “US,” the White European.

On this day, while the Japanese and German people are once again forgotten along with the unsung millions who died in Stalin’s and Lenin’s Purges, along with the millions of folk, starved to death by Churchill in Bengal, having had their food stolen in order to feed British Tommies, the rest of the world celebrates, their part in the slaughter.  God Save The Queen!





I believe one of the celebrity guests  at Elm House was today cleared of  an innocuous infidelity which will no doubt deliver the excuse that it would not be worthwhile to pursue him any further.

The Pig Swill Of Politics.

When I have a little more time I will try to upload the rest of this extraordinarily stupid effort by the Jews, to once again present themselves as the victims of the Germans.

Russia Today has been presenting an absolute  barrage of rubbish in recent days about the German National Socialists.  In a tale about eugenics, which was a world-wide phenomenon, particularly in the US, long before Hitler came to power and continued long after he was gone, when it came to Hitler’s part in the practice, we were assured that he of course took the game to a whole new level and my ears pricked when I was informed that this new level included the Gas Chamber.

The reportage was coming from an asylum which was still standing, so I waited with bated breath to see this Gas Chamber. With what I was presented, was the same old do-dah, a half-open door, showing an interior which looked very much like a bath-room or shower and then the abrupt editing out of anything else. So once again we saw no evidence to corroborate the claims.

It was reported today that hundreds of young women prisoners in the US are currently being sterilised against their will by prison doctors.

Right off the beam, the strange creature delivering the lies about Stalin, summed up her own position with precision when she delivered the old crap about Goebbels and his remark about repeating a lie often enough blah blah blah, he was in fact referring to the lies that the British were spreading about National Socialism as an excuse to destroy Germany, he was not presenting this as his own strategy.

Goebbels actually said; “That the best propaganda is the truth.” He also did not “sacrifice” his children, as she claimed,  he reluctantly killed his beloved infants in order to make sure that they did not end up in the hands of Stalin’s Red Terror.

The book burnings which reminded her of the burning of heretics in past times, made no mention of the fact that the books were all part of the Weimar Jews attempt to destroy German Culture at the same time as it was destroying the morality of the Nation and turning it into a perverts paradise modelled on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Meanwhile over in the UK, Cameron’s Communitarianism is picking up speed, in Manchester they had a dummy run of a cashless society, in a city street where all of the trades people agreed to accept only credit cards or in the vernacular, plastic, in order to deceive the sheeple into believing that being able to pay with cash is old-fashioned and un-cool. Not “smart-phone enough.”

This is of course heralding the arrival of the Nouveau Serf, all of whom will be paid in credits, deposited into their card account, to which they will be limited.  Should they transgress in any way,  they will find themselves destitute with their “plastic” turned off and they will be unable to scrounge so much as a dime. This possibility does not, as usual, apply to “them” of course, so to whomsoever it does apply, they had better look out.

Along with the plastic money for the northwest of the UK, Cameron also announced the setting up of the Agenda 21 style Super City centred around Manchester, in which it is envisaged that the vast majority of those left alive, after the coming culling,  will be crammed.

This proposed vast agglomeration will include all the major towns and cities of the region, which will of course include a completely new bureaucracy, which in the name of Communitarianism will strip away the rights of the individual in favour of the group and will most probably include communal dwelling as explained in the depths of the United Nations Neo Communist Manifesto.

This vast city, will be interconnected by a new high-speed rail system, HS3, as by the time of completion of this enormous project the use of private transport will most probably be already a luxury reserved for the super-rich.

The northwest of the UK is of course the home of those so-called Muslim Freedom Fighters whom are carrying out a Jihad against Bashar al Assad, alongside the Humanitarian British whom will kill all and everybody to set them free.

So why have the British radicalised these youngsters and sent them overseas to kill and maim their fellow Muslims?  How have the British managed to brain-wash these boys to the point where they will fight on the side of the Jews against their own kinsmen? And why, having done so are they now telling us that they are going to commit acts of terror in the UK when they come home?

Are we being told the truth or is this a Goebbels moment. Are we being told lies big enough and often enough to convince us that just like Global Warming, that despite our cold feet it is actually warmer and that it just feels colder and anyway, the cold is caused by the warming process?

I do not believe for one minute that there are over a thousand youngsters in the UK whom would be prepared to fight the Jews war against Assad, this is just more of the politics of fear and an attempt to suggest that should young UK Muslims be prepared to attack Assad, he must be guilty as Wild Willy Hague suggests that he is.

I have also come to the conclusion that the whole Ukraine debacle was no more than an excuse to hike up the price of oil and gas, while   Putin’s Russia has as usual, done nothing to help the victims of the aggressive Ukrainian Jewish Mafia Chocolate King, any more than he was actually prepared to put his money where his mouth is over Syria.

There is no truth whatsoever in politics, the UK government, which is chock-a-block with lawyers, has been criticised for discussing an on-going Court case, outside of Parliament, as if they did not know that this was forbidden.

The result of this is that it will now be difficult to continue the prosecution against David Cameron’s ex-spin doctor, whom has already been, thrown under the bus and convicted of phone hacking and is awaiting judgement on other alleged offences, which may now be dropped, because  references made by Cameron, may influence any jury’s decision.

The cynic in me believes that the whole trial has been a cover-up. Rebekah Brooks, a close chum of Rupert Murdoch, has already been found not guilty and does not appear to have been interrogated over accusations of bribing Metropolitan Police Officers, a charge which does not appear to have been addressed at all during a long and convoluted trial.

This would be the very same Metropolitan Police, which failed to follow-up on complaints which were made against Jimmy Savile and took no action against several Members of Parliament and well-known pop stars, whom were implicated in paedophile activity and were members of a famous Guest House, where all and every sexual deviation was catered for.

It could well be said that the “Met,” just like MI5, is holding dossiers of evidence, with which they can influence the actions of the Government in their own favour.  There are, for example,  allegations that Tony Blair was arrested on more than one occasion, while dressed as a woman called Miranda,  hanging around outside public lavatories, a practice which caused George Michael much grief.

Gordon Brown, an alleged paedophile, has taken actions, such as signing the Treaty of Lisbon despite making a promise that he would not do so without holding a referendum, giving the British people the opportunity to voice their preference, he also sold off the UK Gold Reserves at a fraction of their real value and refused to name the purchaser, these things stink of blackmail.

The same thing could be said of Rupert Murdoch, what did he know and when? He said from the outset that his aim was to protect Brooks. This has now been achieved, which means that the friends of the “Big Boys” always get away with it.

Brooks chum Cameron is at the moment attempting to present the election of the next President of the European Commission as being democratic, that those in favour of   Jean-Claude Juncker,  should publicly declare the way they vote, when in fact he knows full well that the Prime Ministers of Europe have no say whatsoever in the choosing of the President, that is decided in secret by the Bolsheviks behind the scenes.

It could well be that Juncker is not the actual choice, but merely a coconut waiting to be knocked down by Cameron before the real choice is announced, making it appear that Cameron has stood his ground and all is now well with the EU.

So this has been a week of subterfuge and fear of the truth, ranging from the exposure of the Privatisation of the tactics of the National Security Agency, into the hands of News Corporation which will take care of the surveillance of the British, to the continuing fear of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists.

 The Free Western Press, has failed to report, that even in Germany there are moves afoot to reintroduce the ideas of Hitler, not by “Bother Boys” but by sincere people whom have come to understand that most of what they have been conditioned to believe about Hitler is as false as the claims which are now being made against any group which stands up against the shadowy people whom called for the destruction of Germany.

It has become clear that we are being controlled by liars, thieves and cheats and a dose of National Socialism could well change the face of the planet to the benefit of those whom actually produce the wealth.