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The Destroyers Of Planet Earth.


The Destroyers Of Planet Earth.

The British people, in a state of schizophrenia, are on the one hand extremely proud of their Empire, on which the sun never sets and all that blood-curdling nonsense, while on the other hand they deny any responsibility or guilt for the slaughter of millions of innocent people, down through the generations. It is not, they claim, the ‘British’ people’s fault, it is all the responsibility of the ‘government.’

The last time I looked, the United Kingdom was a democracy, with an elected government, which for the hard of thinking means that the British people voted for these animals, time after time, never once noticing the blood on the voting slips, which would suggest that the voters were in charge and they presumably voted for what they got so why try to blame the politicians, they work for you?

When David Cameron, along with Nicolas Sarkozy, illegally attacked Libya, British Royal Air Force pilots committed war crimes, by carrying out murderous bombing missions under orders, which clearly breached International Law, which forbids any such action unless in response to an offensive attack against the UK or France, or any other member of NATO.

So any attempt to suggest that Cameron had not learned from the disaster which was Libya, when he decided to covertly carry out a proxy war in Syria, to do exactly what he had done in Libya, is a nonsense and totally unbelievable. Syria is right alongside Iraq, yet another atrocity for which he was in full support.

What Cameron did in Libya and Syria was every bit as brutal as Blair’s War Crime in Iraq. Cameron however, was not yet satiated, he then went on to illegally sell British Weapons, manufactured in the weapon shops of the UK, by British workers, whom are also part of the British Crime Syndicate, to the Jew Royal House of Saud, to destroy Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East, having ignored the Saudi brutality in Bahrain, which was also carried out with British weapons, against unarmed civilians.

Cameron did well to get out of the spotlight as niftily as he did, otherwise he could well have become involved in even more criminality. Wild Willy Hague, was intelligent enough to see exactly what had been going on and he ran for cover much earlier on.

In a Democracy, the people are in control, should they accept the behaviour of their elected politicians, without question, they are accepting their own guilt. While war has been raging in Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, the British people have been somewhat preoccupied, cheering on their highly funded runners and jumpers in the Olympic Games, from which the one country which was prepared to stand up in opposition to the City of London’s carnage in the Middle East, Russia, was banned, through the use of unsubstantiated, implications of ‘doping,’ which were accepted by a gullible British public, because of course Russia must be held guilty of the problems in the Middle East, by association with other alleged crimes.

For a Reality Theorist, my point of view suggests that the participation of Russia in Syria, which delayed the British aim of ‘regime change’ until Syria had been rendered unlivable, in furtherance of the aim of the mass clearance of the area, had been achieved, was indispensable.

Russia was quite capable of overcoming the various mercenary groups in Syria, which were funded by the West, in short order, had it chosen to do so. Why did Putin choose instead to engage in pointless discussions, while the slaughter and destruction continued?

I have maintained, from the word go, that Daech exists in name only. They are a form of Straw Man, designed to be blamed for any and every exploit of ‘professional’ governmental, ‘Security’ Agencies, which are designed to continue the world-wide problem of highly financed terrorism. So-called multiculturalism is no more than another brick in the road to global civil war, by presenting White people as the problem.


Bush, Blair, Obama, Clinton, Cameron, May and Brown are guilty of every crime known to man and yet they were elected, and re-elected and selected, they now claim it would be a nightmare if Donald Trump was elected as President if the USA, when every single one of the others should be Tried in Court for War Crimes, so why or how, could Trump be any worse?

The British and their American puppets, have created wars out of nothing and are now trying to force the people of Europe, to accept the resulting refugees. There is something terribly wrong with this situation. For the mainstream media to be ignoring the anomalies involved in the entire Middle East project, suggests that there is most certainly an element of collusion involved and we ought to know the ultimate aim of that collusion, was it included in the manifestoes of the concerned Political Parties, which was not made public?

Daily, on British News outlets, the people, are offered pure rubbish. In recent times I have watched at least two documentaries, discussing the destruction of the Everglades, in the USA, through the medium of drilling for oil. A huge project which destroyed the fragile ecology of the region. In the process the fishing industry, on which hundreds of families relied, was completely laid to waste, by the channels created by the oil industry, which allowed an in rush of salty sea water into the fresh water fishing zone.

This wholesale destruction in the name of oil, is now being presented as the first case of a people having to be moved to a higher area because of Climate Change, when in fact it was human activity, which drained the water til the pip squeaked.

This collapse of nature should be a warning to Europe, which is already suffering from water shortages and most European countries are having their farmers driven out of business by huge combines, which are attempting to take control of agriculture across the planet.

Why are our politicians not making sure that each and every country has control of all essentials, water, food and energy, instead of encouraging the industrialisation of food production, which will be vulnerable to external control?

Why when Europe is already in an unstable state, with massive unemployment, which they are attempting to conceal from the voter. For example, here in France, there are an estimated 13 million unemployed,while the Government, use doctored statistics to show 5 million or there about.

This, while France still has a huge deficit with the bankers, which needs more income tax to pay it off and not hundreds of thousands of extra immigrants who will be in need of housing, health and education, with no possibility finding gainful employment, even having received all of that assistance.

So what are we dealing with? Have the European White people across the world accidentally elected a bunch of idiots, who not understand the simplest of steps to take,  in order to protect the well-being of its people? Do elected Politicians not understand that if they destroy a group of countries, for no better reason than that they can, they are likely to produce huge numbers of folk who will be in need of food, shelter and water to stay alive? Do these cretins believe it to be possible to invite these millions of Victims of European aggression into Europe, without fermenting other problems in the process?

Why did Cameron order the destruction of the huge irrigation system, which Gadaffi was building in Libya? What was the connection between that and a “No Fly Zone?” Are we to believe that Cameron did not know exactly what he was ordering?

The Electorate in the UK, would appear to have no say in the position adopted by their ‘elected’ leaders, perhaps they now need assistance to sort out this state of affairs. Their current leadership are quite clearly monsters, they should be dealt with in the manner which monsters like them are dealt with by the US and UK, by the fire-bombing and the total destruction of the UK and USA and the killing of millions of people, how does that sound? Perhaps Britain’s elected leaders are now bringing in containers full of arms for the Free British Army, who knows?

Your scumbag leaders are even now financing terrorists all over Africa and South America and threatening a war with Russia, even as Eastern Europe is waking up to what is going on. They will be sitting ducks if a war with Russia kicks off, just as they were when Stalin rolled into town with the blessing of the British, French and the USA, after the Conference of Yalta, the same trio who have held a total grip on power ever since the end of the Great War.

This time around in the UK, they will not be hit by a few

‘Doodle-Bugs,’ the teeming hordes in London and other big cities will devastated within a few minutes, which some might say they deserve, having failed to raise a finger to put a stop to the butchery which has been inflicted on innocent people, across the world, in their name.


Obama; Still Howling For Blood

While our beloved leaders are collectively discussing the latest atrocity of the “Free West” in the heart of the Empire, which when under the control of a cabal of Jews, carried out one of the greatest slaughters in human history, which was designed to annihilate Russian Christians, the current leaders of Russia are the stumbling block to the slaughter, which is currently taking place against Muslims.

You may have noticed that the US Military, in the above clip, is described as the 21st Century Nazis, this is crap, the National Socialists were the victims of the last Great War and Germany is still an occupied country.

The agenda of the hidden hand, which through the use of their “funny money” and the greed of “elected” politicians, controls the world, is even today using the same technique to demonise, Bashar Assad as was used against the model for all of the modern obstacles to their aims, Adolf Hitler.  The real model was in fact one of their own, Joseph Stalin and the rest of the cabal in Russia, all of whom fought alongside the “Free West.”

Of whatever Hitler was accused, it is dwarfed by the cruelty and wholesale murders and genocides, which were perpetrated by the money of Wall Street, behind the Iron Curtain, by the Jewish Soviets. As were the Germans before them, the Muslim victims are being presented as the aggressor and the very same “Coalition of Scum” has been mounted against them, as was arraigned against, the too successful, National Socialist State of Germany.  To emphasise the reality this agenda, it cannot have been unnoticed by followers of events, that all of the Muslims, appear to be ruled by a “Hitler.”

Take a moment to study events leading up to the outbreak of WW2 and it will become apparent, that nothing much has changed in the intervening years. Those whom believe that Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gadaffi and now Bashar Assad, are one and all as black as they have been painted, in order to justify the atrocities which have been carried out against their countries, must think again, we are the plague, which has been responsible for the death of millions of innocent people, for hundreds of years.

When the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, states that the refugees in Syria are in need of humanitarian help and that the UK will be at the forefront, making sure that they receive this aid, he is a monumental liar, he is in fact, along with his Foreign Secretary Wild Willy Hague, partly responsible for what is happening to Syria and he is desperate to gain permission to take Syria apart, in the manner of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the Balkans.

Cameron, in his defence of the UK, against an off the cuff remark, which was made by a Russian, admitted that the UK had taken part in a regime change in Germany, when he claimed that the UK had helped rid Europe of the democratically elected National Socialist government of Adolf Hitler. It was in fact, as we have long known, that the treaty with France to maintain Poland’s borders, was simply a pretext to launch an illegal war. In the words of Maj. Gen.JFC Fuller:

“Not the political doctrine of Hitler has hurled us into this war. The reason was the success of his increase in building a new economy. The roots of war were envy, greed and fear.” – Major General J.F.C. Fuller, historian, England

The same tactic is being used against Assad in Syria today. Along with Iran and Iraq, Syria has signed a contract to build a pipeline, which would enable the export of gas and oil to Europe. Israel, which has recently discovered its own gas deposits, along with Turkey and some of the Gulf States, cannot allow this pipeline to be installed, as it will interfere with their desire to retain the European business for themselves. This is the hidden reason behind the frantic call to destroy Syria.

The British, for some reason, as yet unclear, have been called off. This has obliged David Cameron to take a back seat at the G20 meeting in St Petersburg.  Vladimir Putin single-handedly wiped the floor with the rest of the Coalition of the Willing, all of whom continue to lie through their teeth in favour of the Israeli option, to destroy the military capability of Assad in Syria. Pretending to be simply making a point about chemical weapons.

They have not yet been asked by any member of the so-called “Free Press,” what action they would take, should it turn out to have been those whom had the most to gain from the “False Flag,” chemical attack, that is the murderers whom the West paid to carry out the attack. I believe it to have been a journalist whom coined the phrase, “The First Casualty of War etc.”

Stuart Ramsey, the journalist from Thames House is mooching around the Borderland, between Syria and Turkey, spreading his lies about the behaviour of the Syrian Military. According to Ramsey, Assad has a Squadron of Fighter Bombers, which are airborne all day long, eagerly seeking out villages, to callously  bomb the people to death.

Every other word, which the greasy little prat utters is, bombed. Could it be that he is spreading his disinformation, in order to call for a “No Fly Zone?”  That would be to save the people of course, all of whom have been killed by Assad and nary a one by the paid murderers in the employ of the “Coalition.”

Ramsey’s chum, the chubby, sweaty one, whom was alleged to have passed GPS positions to the NATO bombers in Libya, Lisa Holland, had the face to describe what the Assad regime was presenting on State Television as “propaganda,” This coming from  an organisation which has continued throughout the so-called War on Terror, to present an absolute barrage of lies and deception to the British viewer.

They were almost in tears over the fact that Cameron was not in a position to call for the blood of Assad, despite the lack of evidence to show that he was guilty of any act, which had contravened the law against the use of chemical weapons and full in the face of  the fact that the paid murderers had been caught red-handed, while trying to smuggle Sarin into Syria from Turkey.

2011 Marked The Death Of Democracy.

The United States of America, while using the excuse of Democracy, as a pretext to install the very thing of which they, supposedly have fear, Fundamentalist Muslim Regimes, across the Maghreb and the Middle East, they are dismantling what remains of their own Democratic system.

It has become apparent that they are not only prepared to fix the result of the Presidential Election itself, they are also prepared to fix the selection of the candidates, for the Republican nomination, whom will face Obama later in the year.

The suppression of Ron Paul, has been world-wide. He is clearly the preferred choice of the people, yet he is never mentioned on the BBC, Sky News or indeed on TFI, France 2 or France 3. He has, in fact, become the invisible man.

The results in the Iowa election, were to say the least, dubious, in much the same way as were the second referendum results, for the acceptance of the Treaty of Lisbon, in Ireland, where the government claimed that they were obliged to delay the counting of the result for two weeks, finally declaring a result which was in no way similar to the exit polls, which were taken on the day. In Iowa, the results were counted in secret, with no scrutiny whatsoever.

It has been stated, quite openly, by many pundits, that should Ron Paul be selected, simply as the Republican Candidate, he will be shot. That is the level of Democracy which is available in the “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free,” these days.

In the UK, the “Free Press” fixed the possibility of a coalition, firmly into the minds of the British public and yet the response of the people was quite firmly opposed to the idea. The Lib-Dem party lost a significant number of votes and Seats in the House of Commons, and yet despite this, they occupy the position of Deputy Prime Minister and several Cabinet positions. In the name of whom, it might well be asked.

The UK is now in the position where all three Political Parties, are denying the British voter, a referendum on their continued membership of the European Union. All three Parties, are aware that a massive majority of the British people want a referendum. Yet, they are “Democratically” denied the opportunity.

In France, where the people refused the Treaty, the Government went ahead and signed anyway. In Holland and Denmark, the same thing. France is slowly becoming aware that silently and secretly, other Treaties are being put in place, which will have the effect of robbing them of access to their own countryside. Agenda 21 will mark the end of liberty for all of the Peoples of Europe and indeed all member States of the United Nations.

The people of Greece are fully aware that the debt, which they are expected to pay is a fraud. Having in recent times, thrown out a savage Military Dictatorship, they are not inclined to accept another one in its place. They have taken to the streets in force and are continuing to do so. Despite their efforts they now find themselves under a dictatorship which has been “Democratically?” imposed on them by the Bankers. The newly selected Prime Minister is an ex-employee of Goldman Sachs as is the Finance Minister.

Across the Adriatic, Italy is in much the same boat, having dumped Berlusconi, the Italians now find themselves with Mario Monti, yet another employee of Goldman Sachs, whom not only occupies Berlusconi’s Seat as Prime Minister but also the Seat of the Finance Minister.

All of these members of the banking community have been put in place, not to save but to destroy. The object is to “privatize” all the remaining State controlled assets, into the hands of the Bankers. When this has been achieved, hiding behind the dictates of Agenda 21, the people will herded together, into Communal dwellings, with private ownership of property forbidden. No private transport other than bicycles will be tolerated. On reading this, those whom are not familiar with the contents of Agenda 21, believe me to be slightly cranky.

Spain and Portugal are already spiralling to oblivion. France is not far behind. Germany is already controlled by the Bankers and has been since the end of World War 2. The Nazi’s, whom should not be confused with Hitler’s National Socialists, have long used Germany to suit their own purposes.

Poland, which was the last European country to take a stand against the bankers desire to trap the entire Continent into their monetary system,  were loaded on to an aircraft, given a short flight to the scene of the massacre of Polish Army Officers, by the Russians, where the plane was brought down, clearing the way for a more compliant group of Politicians in Warsaw.

In view of this, can it be seriously claimed that the “Free West” is indeed in any way “Free” or “Democratic?” I would suggest, as a member of this Society, we have long ago allowed, carefully selected politicians, to decide what we can or cannot do. In reality it should be the other way round.

The British people have long suffered at the hands of the Aristocracy and the Bankers. They need only look back as far as the Industrial Revolution, when the “Enclosures” stole their right of access to the “Common” land, denying them the right to grow food and keep livestock. As a result they were herded into porous houses, in Mill towns, to work long hours for slave wages, in factories owned by the same Aristocracy.  Agenda 21 will repeat this process.

Scotland will well remember “The Highland Clearances,” while the Irish, are aware that they supplied the slave labour, to build canals and railways for the British. Ireland was starved into submission by the “Brits” whom forced millions to emigrate to the US and Australia. The population of Ireland was greater in the Nineteenth Century than it is today.

So the Muslim World, would do well to remember that whatever kind of Democracy of which NATO approves, it will most certainly not be what is expected. Democracy in the hands of Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, will be run to the tune of the West, which is putting them in place. Al Baradei, in Egypt, is yet another IMF man.

In Iran, which already boasts an Islamic Government, NATO wants to change that as well. It will be interesting to see whether, when the war starts, the “Rebels” will be the same mix of Al Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood, which was used against Gadaffi and which is currently in use in Syria.

All in all, it is clear that we have never lived in a truly Democratic system. Democracy depends on a certain level of intelligence and a desire to participate. The only form of control available to us is the power to dump politicians, whom are nothing more than front men for Bankers. Make no mistake, it is the Bankers whom hold the real power.

In the UK, attempts are being made to set up a Banking system which does not rely on debt. The foremost job of a bank should be to facilitate, not to enslave. Lawful Banking could herald a step on the long road to the dismantlement of the control of the Central Banking System.  Participate.

Hitler’s Dream.

I have the gravest doubts that the conquest of Europe and the installation of a National Socialist Dictatorship, was ever in fact a dream of Adolf Hitler.

I have not been able to uncover any compelling evidence to support this idea.

The more one studies the events leading to the outbreak of World War 2, the more one finds that most of the documents, in fact, disclose that Hitler was put under immense pressure by Britain and Poland, to carry out an attack, in support of Ethnic Germans whom were being slaughtered in annexed territory in Poland.

This is worth mentioning, as we are back in the same position now, as were the Peoples of Europe in nineteen thirty nine. The Nazi’s, that is the National Zionists are attempting to recreate the state of affairs, which existed at the time of the forced German attack on Poland.

One of the major events leading to war in the nineteen thirties, was the collapse of the British Pound. The money men have now, quite deliberately, manipulated the Euro into the same position.

The reason behind the European Crisis is so transparent, that it beggars belief. How can it be that the so-called leaders of the “Free West” can not bring themselves to demand the reason, for accusing the Sovereign States of Europe of the mismanagement of their economic affairs, when in fact the crisis was deliberately fabricated to create an excuse, to demand that the countries of Europe, enter into a dictatorship, under the control of the very bankers whom manufactured the debt?

The same David Cameron, whom is being cheered by some for having refused to accept the proposition that European Fiscal matters should rest in the hands of Germany and The European Central Bank, was quite content to place the UK into the hands of The Bank of England, which is owned by the same cartel which controls the ECB.

Whatever Cameron’s game is, it is certainly not being carried out from concern for the British public, there is something more sinister behind these events.

We have been watching these little gremlins poncing around, all of them apparently under the supervision of Sarkozy and Merkel, both of whom are under Zionist control. Where are the representatives of the other fifteen states which are in the Euro-Zone? Do they have nothing to add to the debate? Have they turned up simply for the meal?  I know things are tough but surely they could afford to eat at home.

The most pressing need for all of our elected representatives would appear to be, how to find a way around the very rules which they allegedly signed up too, against the wishes of their electorate, in order to change the Lisbon Treaty, in such a way, as to be able to claim, that there is no change, in order to avoid what is written into the Treaty, that is a referendum asking for the permission to bring in the change. This is often referred to as Democratic.

Merkel and Sarkozy have already made it clear, that whether Britain likes it or not, it will eventually be obliged to join the Euro-Zone. The only way Cameron can avoid this eventuality would be to leave the Union, however I doubt whether his handlers in  the City of London will condone such a move.

As for Hitler’s dream of a European Dictatorship, well the dream was the dream of his handlers in Wall St. They are the dreamers whom financed The Third Reich and the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia and Mao in China.

Goldman Sachs already have a man in control of the ECB, Italy and Greece and nobody has yet made a move to stop them.

Let’s Hear It For The Neo National Zionists.

The amount of debt, which is owed, across the world, is incalculable. It runs into trillions of trillions of dollars. All of this debt, carries a rate of interest.  Part of the Greek debt carries an interest rate above thirty per cent.

Interest at one per cent, on one billion dollars, is ten million dollars, which is added to the debt twice annually, increasing the debt by over twenty million dollars a year, simply in interest.

My mathematical skill is stretched to the limit, dealing with a billion, for the interest on a trillion, my primitive calculation must be multiplied by one thousand. That is twenty million times one thousand, which gives, I believe, a total of twenty billion dollars. That is at an interest rate of one per cent. Do you begin to get the picture?

Multiplying that by the fourteen trillion dollars, which is the American, supposed debt, will deliver a figure of three hundred billion dollars or more, a year, at just one per cent interest.

Whether my calculation is correct or not, is of no importance. You can do your own calculations, all I am attempting to do is to give an idea of the credibility or otherwise of the debt.

Just a rudimentary calculation of the European debt, where we are told, Italy alone owes more than one trillion dollars, will make it clear, that Italy will never be in a position to pay, an estimated one hundred billion dollars annually in interest payments alone.

Now let us, as laymen, ask the simple question, if the combined debt of Italy and the US, is fifteen trillion dollars, from where did this money appear?

The International Monetary Fund, is funded by us, as is the World Bank. All of the major banks, are bankrupt. So where is the source of the quadrillions of dollars of debt, which is swilling around the world?

Based on my child-like calculation, using a base rate of one per cent, calculate the interest payable on one quadrillion of dollars, that is one thousand times one trillion.

It will soon become clear, no austerity measure in the world, will free up enough money, to simply pay the interest on this debt. The interest payable on such a debt is more than the combined annual value of all of our labour combined.

This amount of money, is not as they say, to be found under the cushion on the sofa. The US sells bonds on the open market, whom had the necessary, to invest fourteen trillion dollars in US Bonds? Never mind the quadrillions of derivatives and credit default swaps, et al.

The answer is quite simple, The Federal Reserve. The Fed, which is owned by eleven banking families, dreams up the money, out of nowhere, Lends it to the Government, at interest and then buys it back, passing yet more funny money to the Government.

This is called “monetizing” the debt. They have in effect created two debts out of one. This is needless to say, illegal. The money with which they buy the Bonds, is paid back to them as interest on the National Debt.

This is the kind of scam, of which the Mafia can only dream. Yet in front of our eyes, our politicians are allowing it to continue. We are expected to be debt slaves to a group of criminals.

This kind of money, which we are expected to repay, does not exist. The combined total of everything of value in the world, including the Mona Lisa, would not even approach the sums involved.

So it becomes clear, that this debt was generated through the  illegal use of Fiat currency. That is, generating imaginary money, to deliberately create debt.

No country, has as yet, defaulted on interest payments. So how come banks need bailing out. Most of the biggest banks are owned by the same banking families as the Central Banks.

So ask yourself the simple question, if every country in Europe, is on the slippery slope towards disaster, while the bankers are calling for more bailouts and National Governments are so cash strapped that all they can afford is war, from where will be found the funds to pay this interest to the Central Bankers? More importantly, what are they doing with the money?

The answer is quite simple, the same Banking Families, will create the necessary funds from nowhere, adding to the credit debt and we the people will be forced to accept poisoned loans, on which we will have to pay interest, when we are already unable to pay the interest on the existing debt.

When the UK and France, recently attacked Libya, from where did they find funds? Do you know how NATO is funded and by whom it is controlled? What is the necessity of the war in Afghanistan. No trace of Al Qaeda training camps, let alone Osama Bin Laden was ever discovered.

The destruction of Libya and Iraq, were banking wars. They were carried out under the orders of the Elite. It is well-known that NATO is nothing more than the enforcer for the multi-nationals and the bankers. So why not ask them to pay for the upkeep of the troops and pay the hospital bills for the wounded?

The problem of this alleged debt, is turning into a ridiculous argument along the lines of World Trade Centre Seven. You do not need a brain, to understand that a steel framed building could not collapse into its own footprint, leaving not one enormously thick steel beam standing. It is impossible.

It is equally impossible for a debt, more valuable than all the available funds in the world to buy, to exist.  If we are being told it exists, it is quite obviously a fraud. Why are we being expected to pay a fraudulent debt?

Too big to fail, does not mean too big to prosecute. Goldman Sachs, can be placed right at the heart of the Greek debt. Why are they being allowed to announce record profits, pay themselves record bonuses and yet avoid prosecution for theft and fraud?

The bailout money could be better used setting up our own banking system, allowing the private bankers to pretend to pay their own debts, and allow them compete against a properly run banking system, not the criminal activity which they have imposed on us for centuries.

Cameron and Hague, along with Sarkozy, are all tainted, in one way or another, yet are pushing for an attack on Iran. This is based on the same form of Intelligence as was the illegal attack on Iraq.

Iran, like Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi, operate with a banking system which is in favour of the people and the country. They do not impose interest on loans. Usury is illegal. That is why they must be destroyed. As will Syria, which employs the same banking system.

There is one simple rule of thumb concerning debt and Fiat currency. Because of the existence of Compound Interest, it is impossible to pay off a debt. At the moment that the loan is accepted, you no longer have enough money to repay it. There is never enough money available to pay a loan.

Should you borrow one hundred Euros from me, at a rate of ten per cent per day, the following day you will owe me one hundred and ten Euros. From where will you find the ten Euros of interest? Should you put the very one hundred Euro note into my hand, you will still owe ten Euros. Twenty four hours later you will owe me eleven and so on.

This is the way the bankers have trapped Greece. They cannot pay the interest on existing debt, so they are increasing the debt in order to pay that  existing debt. This, quite obviously will not work. That is why they are expected to hand over the roads, water supply, power stations, anything of value, to the bankers, in return for nothing.

Iraq now has a Rothschild Central Bank. The first announcement of the NTC in Libya was the opening of a Rothschild Central Bank and an invitation to BP, which is owned by Rothschild, to pump oil. The next step will be to pass the water reserves to Israel, which is Rothschild’s Kingdom on earth.

The next step in this catalogue of criminality, will be for the bankers to tell us, that the only way to save ourselves is to allow them, to take total control of our affairs. Our puppet politicians will jump at the offer. They are the Neo National Zionists, after all.

For the good of the New World Order, we must all be debt slaves. We have in fact, always been slaves, we have simply pretended to be free.

The Bankers,Like A Pack Of Savage Dogs, Are Eating Their Own Tails..

As more and more people become aware of the magnitude of the theft that is being perpetrated by the Central Bankers, with the aid of their puppet politicians, they will very soon want to know to whom all of this alleged debt is being paid.

While the people of Greece are being forced to accept another tranche of debt, which will involve the wholesale destruction of their Social Services and the Privatisation of the rest of the Nations Nationalised holdings, they are being told that there is no way out.

Cameron, the shifty, lip licking, shape shifter from the acrid depths of the British aristocracy, is congratulating himself for having without apparent effort, forced the British people, to accept the austerity measures which the Greek people, whom have a bit more bottle, are still resisting.

The jaded British voter, is more interested in voting for their preferred cretin, in some form of talent contest, than in what is being installed in their country, in the place of the system which they have been lead to believe is Democracy.

The most important lesson, which the British people need to learn, is that the vote is rigged. Not just in the Talent Shows but in every case. How stupid do you have to be, to pay to vote in a rigged contest?

Sarkozy and Merkel, the selected spokes people for the G20 behind the scenes controllers, have been joined in Cannes by none other than the Irish Tele-Prompter Wizard, O’Bama, all the way from the Rose Garden. He is no doubt looking for his orders, on how to make sure that the North American Union, which will soon become a reality, does not end up in the same quagmire as the European Union.

Obama, under orders from the Committee on Foreign Relations, which is under the control of the same banking families as is the European Union, has resisted all calls from the US electorate, to strengthen controls at the Mexican Border, in readiness for the swarms of Mexicans, whom will soon have the right to come to the US, when the North American Union is ratified. This is of course unknown to the American people.

Tony Blair, has already used the same ploy to destroy British Culture, by opening the flood gates to immigrants, into a country which can hardly house the people whom are already in the UK.

France, instead of assisting the Maghreb to construct its own industrial base, took what it wanted, while keeping the region in poverty, deliberately forcing millions of Maghrebian to seek employment in France, most of these hard-working decent folk, were crowded into high-rise ZUPs, where they have remained for decades. They are a tool in waiting, for when inter-communal unrest is provoked in France.

The Greek crisis and the people’s resistance to the aims of the European Union, has created some nervousness in the corridors of power. It is perfectly clear that to load more and more debt on to the shoulders of a people whom are already bankrupt is no solution. Amazingly, the banks are now prepared to cut the debt in half. Taking a “haircut” they call it. This will of course solve nothing.

Every member of the G20, every financial correspondent reporting the event, economists in every country, understand where the problem lies. They have one and all been forbidden to discuss it.

Throughout this crisis, from the time when that the fully trained,  vendor of misinformation, from Common Purpose, Robert Peston, was talking up, the coming catastrophic financial and commercial disaster, on the BBC, I have been waiting, in vain sadly, for just one question to a politician, from any of the highly paid media puppets, concerning the Central Banking system and the need to retain it or scrap it.

It has become clear that the bankers, whom are psychopathic, believe that when they have finally destroyed European economies and taken control of all resources through privatisation, when they can allocate food rations, limit access to water and electricity, force us all back on to our bikes, that there will be no backlash. They genuinely believe that when they present their solution, to the problem which they created, that we will all lick their boots in gratitude.

George Galloway, on his Comment programme, on Press TV, continues to annoy me. A caller, whom was cut off sharply, by Galloway on a previous show, came at George from a slightly different angle, he suggested that viewers, whom were interested in the criminality of the banking system, should watch, The Money Masters, an excellent film.

George, as usual went into panic mode.” We don’t want to go down that hole. We know where that leads don’t we?” Well yes we do George, to the truth. Of course you can’t be seen to criticise those Jolly Old Bankers, whom may or may not be Jews, can you George? If we are being stitched up George, does it matter whether it’s by the Synagogue of Satan, or the Black Pope of the Jesuits? Wake up George, it’s credibility that counts you know.

I am sure that Galloway would hotly deny, that he, along with the rest of the press, is making sure that no word of truth concerning the banking system leaks out.  Press TV, on its part, does allow discussion, with characters like Rodney Shakespeare from the UK. He, unfortunately, peppers his language with words like scum and filth, which I wholeheartedly support, however it does in some ways present him as no more than an eccentric.

Press TV however, continues to present the destruction of Libya as a success story. They are apparently unaware that Gadaffi was brave enough to take on the bankers. His banking system was interest free. He was intent on establishing a currency for Africa, based on a gold standard. For his trouble, NATO organised a gang of Mercenaries, whom finished off Gadaffi, through the medium of a steel bar up his rectum.

This is the paradox of Press TV. Even as NATO was pummeling Libya, Iran was being prepared for the lash itself. A guest on Press TV referred to Iran as one of the most evil and oppressive regimes on earth. Alex Jones claimed that 70% of Iranians hated their government. The British Press announced that Iran is in fact manufacturing Nuclear weapons and that the British are prepared to lend a hand in any upcoming attack against Iran.

Apparently, NATO knows where to bomb but not where to point the IAEA inspectors, whom could decide if the allegations were true. Iran, needless to say, does not have a Rothschild Central Bank.

Meanwhile back in Cannes, Sarkozy and Merkel have insisted that there is no way out of the Euro-Zone. Treaties which have already been signed make this impossible. Which of course means that Papandreou, through the threat of a referendum, has exposed the hand of the bankers. Suddenly debt can be reduced. They are of course obliged to continue to obfuscate, just in case the people spot what is going on.

At all cost the identity of the destination of all the European debt, whether it be of members of the Euro-Zone or countries on the outside, such as the UK, must be kept hidden. Should the people finally realize that all of that money, which was created out of thin air, is headed to the same place, where it will be used at a later date to buy more of the planet for the bankers, they would be horrified.

This is never likely to happen, as a large amount of our own money has already been used to dumb us down. The cohesion of the family has been destroyed. The education system has been passed into private hands through the Academies, which are being funded by the Elite, to produce their desired result. Our food contains no nourishment, it has to be eaten all the time because it delivers none of the necessities of health, it generates only obesity.

The mess we are in will never be solved by politicians. They are part of the shadowy gang of thugs which controls us all. In their terms the solution is World War Three, which is why they are already heading in that direction. There is no International Muslim Terrorism. There are no Drug Barons to wage a drug war against. There is only State run crime.

Just a short footnote for all my readers Down Under: The construction of a Pacific Union is already in an advanced stage. Australia, where immigrants are already a nuisance, will soon find itself in a zone which will include the teeming masses of Indonesia, all of whom will have a legal right to settle in Australia or New Zealand.

The Biggest Heist In History Is On Television In High Definition.

Merkel und Sarkozy

Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy appeared on TV today to announce that they had concocted a scheme to pass trillions of Euros into the pockets of the banking community, which has so recently accepted bail-out funds which have simply vanished.

These funds, have in fact been stolen. They have been stolen with the connivance of our elected politicians. They are all guilty. They are preparing the ground to dismember the sovereign states of Europe, which will be passed into the hands of private Central Bankers.

Ask yourselves the simple question, “Would any politician, whom was working in the best interests of the people whom had voted them into office, be seriously considering, against the expressed wishes of the electorate, the passing of the control of their country into the hands of an unelected dictatorial Commission in Brussels?” I doubt whether many people would find that to be a normal step to take.

So why is it happening. Why despite all the evidence from past recessions, that the best way to promote growth is to increase investment, are the governments across Europe doing the opposite and insisting on austerity measures?

The answer to all of these conundrums is the same, because they are being ordered to do so.  When Sarkozy and Merkel announced their grand plan to refinance failing banks, with trillions more of our money, whom amongst us could believe that they, had decided this. They were simply telling us, to our faces, that they are stealing our wealth and giving it away, to feed a non-existent debt. They are busily destroying Europe, to order.

When these Leaders of ours have finished with our economies, we will find to our dismay, that our governments, if fact have no control of our resources. All have been privatised into the control of the Central Bankers and their agents. They have even introduced a new form of thievery, which they call Private/Public Enterprises, which in effect means that we pay for construction while they reap the profit.

The European Central Bank is holding an obscene amount of money, which has been paid in interest, on the trillions of Euros, which circulate in the Eurozone, while we are being robbed to continue paying this “Debt.”

Even our schoolchildren have become debt slaves to these grim-faced psychopaths.

In the US,  the people have taken to the streets to call for the dismantling of The Federal Reserve. In Europe the call must be for the dismantling of the entire Central Banking system. They serve no good purpose, our politicians are quite simply passing billions of Euros needlessly into the vaults of these criminals, who will make use of any form of blackmail or threat of violence, to keep their pawns compliant.

If the people do not take action, the next step will be to pass all power into the hands of these jackals, whom have already announced their intention to cull the herd by several billion of us.