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Gender Equality? Yes Please And Right Now.


I love the idea of gender equality, just so long as it involves ‘real’ equality. I recently listened to the tale of a poor forlorn woman, who once played football in a ‘female’ team and whom after her playing days were over, took a ‘coaching’ course, and having  gained her diploma, she immediately sought employment in the ‘male’ game.

She was not the only applicant for the position for which she applied, however when ‘she’ was ‘overlooked’ for the position, she complained it to be because she was a women. The fact that the other applicants whom had also ‘failed’ were mere men, was lost on her.

She went on to complain that the men in the game, were earning huge salaries, which she thought should also be paid in the women’s game. Ignoring the fact that there were thousands of teams of men, earning next to nothing in the non-league divisions, any one of which would defeat the top women’s team, including the National team, so why should she earn more than do ‘those’ men? More seriously, by who should these female ‘stars’ be remunerated?

Women refuse to accept the reality, that should real equality ever come into being, women would be the losers, in virtually all fields. They have improved their social position, not through superior ability, but through pressure and ‘liberalism’ which degrades all human activities to a ridiculously low-level, to facilitate the reduction in necessary skill levels, thus making way for women and those deserving folk with other life difficulties.

Women only demand this wonderful equality, when it works to their own advantage, imagine the English Football team, of half men and half women, competing against a German Team, composed of the best available players, it would be a massacre and not for the Germans.

At Wimbledon, there would be no more women in the Final, without that is, the use of illegal body building substances. The last time a top female tennis star pitted her brilliance against men, Martina Navratilova, she was trounced by an average male club player.

The Olympic Games could be virtually denuded of women competitors, as there would a need to qualify against men, they could possibly overcome the competition of men in gymnastics or high diving, where grace is an advantage, however the new ‘Gay’ generation of men could prove to be an obstacle, too difficult to overcome,  even in that arena.

There is also a small, unspoken problem in the middle of all this fuss, which I touched on in the tale of the ‘male’ applicants seeking the coaching job in Football and the disappointment of the men whom failed.

Very few people get to the top. Some of them are men, but those men who do make it, represent only a tiny percentage of men, that is perceived to be unimportant to women, simply because some men make it to the top, women automatically suggest that to mean that the ‘best players amongst women,’  are being ignored because they are not getting to the top in greater numbers. There are not enough men getting to the top, whoever does get there,  are representative of a tiny percentage of their gender.

This means very little in terms of gender success or failure, whether the ‘ignored’ be all men or all women, however, should the affairs at the other end of the employment ladder be compared, there are thousands of jobs to be found, which have long been considered to be ‘mens work,’ jobs in which men are obliged to work for a pittance, where the lack of the presence of women has never been a problem, they have simply been allowed to get away with it because of their gender.

Women want it all ways, gradually grasping more of the ‘better’ male jobs in their own direction, while choosing to simply ignore the ‘check-out’ girls and the ‘road diggers,’ in the other direction.

For women to be calling for the same exorbitant salaries, which are currently being paid to very few men in the game of football, instead of suggesting a fairer system, which would spread the funds available for salaries, more equitably amongst the rest of the players in what is referred as a ‘Team.’ I too find it to be sick that a disproportionate slice of the cake is handed over to certain key players, however, whatever they are paid, is due to the success of the game and not out of any ‘duty’ to pay them.

Both sexes are capable of organising sporting events, which are, in themselves, the perfect illustration of the differences between men and women. Off the top of my head, I can think of no female sport with the pulling power of Rugby or Soccer in the UK and American Football and Basketball in the United States. For women to demand equal pay in certain sports like Tennis, it is simply a case of women hanging on to mens coat-tails, in a split gender competition. 

The normal response from women is to take up Football, Cricket, Rugby, Billiards and Snooker, Boxing, Rowing and all the other once male dominated sports, giving them the excuse to demand the same Prize Money.  

Where are the truly female sports, which generate the same amount of public attention, from which female competitors could pay themselves out of the profits which they have generated.

Why are lower league male football players not complaining about how much the top teams pay their players? Could it be because the men involved understand the principle of, you get what you deserve in games of skill and that if you lack the ability to compete with the better players, you do not deserve the same salary.

When that day arrives, that Communitarianism demands equal pay for equal work, competitive sport will be finished and we can all go back the days of village teams playing against one another for the fun of it.