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Calling Little Willy! Calling Little Willy! Turkey In Turmoil, Ready For The Oven!

William Hague, the “Butcher” of Libya and Syria, could well find that his aim of Regime Change in Syria, will have to be put on hold, while he despatches his army of sadistic thugs, from Syria into Turkey to help in the dethroning of the Jew, Erdogan.

That was, of course, my attempt at Black Humour. However I have been fascinated listening to demands for calm, on the part of the Turkish authorities, in their treatment of the “demonstrators,” coming from another Jew, Barak Obama, while Erdogan himself, is calling it an attack on Democracy. This in a State, which has a long, long history of rigged elections.

Erdogan, who as been calling for Assad in Syria, to step down in view of the alleged lack of support which has been demonstrated by the Syrian people for his rule, now finds himself in that unenviable position, where he should take his own advice and quit. He will however, continue to skulk behind the spurious claim of having been democratically elected.

Erdogan could not complain, should the surrounding Arab States, now open their borders allowing armed resistance fighters into Turkey, to help the battered and gassed “Free Turkish Army,” which is fighting a heavily armed Police Force, which has been supplied with illegal weapons, such as canisters of Agent Orange, a Monsanto product, which is causing severe damage to the pulmonary system of demonstrators and there is also evidence that a similar, poisonous Tear Gas,to that which has long been deployed in Bahrain, by the Saudi Army, which is helping to murder, unarmed demonstrators in Bahrain has now been used in Turkey.

In “Democratic” Turkey, Erdogan allows no Press freedom, it has one of the worst records of violence against Journalists in the world. While these demonstrations have been taking place, the seriousness of the discontent of the people, for the Government, has not been mentioned on State controlled television.

Turkey has been carrying out a bloody repression of its own Kurdish people, whom are fighting for their own State, even as he has been denying Assad in Syria the right to resist an invasion of Syria by paid foreign mercenaries, whom are masquerading as a “Syrian Resistance” group, a title which has been assiduously repeated by the Western controlled press, which has also ignored Erdogan’s repression of the Kurds.

The even-handed reporting of events in Turkey, by Sky News has now come to abrupt end, with the arrival of Tim Marshall onto the scene.  Sky News has made hay as it were, by reporting the truth of events on the ground in an impartial manner.  Marshall soon corrected that, by explaining to us in an emphatic fashion, that whatever we may have thought, that the events in Turkey had nothing whatever to do with discontent with the Government, that in fact it was a tiny outburst which was generated by political groups which did not approve of the creeping advance towards an Islamic State.

According to Marshall, the vast majority of the Turkish people support Erdogan. This was I suppose, just in case the stupid amongst us may have garnered the idea, that perhaps the majority of the Turkish people were against Erdogan’s support for the thugs in Syria and his close co-operation with Israel and of course his liaison with NATO, which was responsible for the destruction of Libya and is now gagging for an opportunity to destroy another enemy of Israel, Syria.

Those in Turkey,  whom believe Erdogan to be no more than a puppet of Israel as is Morsi in Egypt,all of the Jewish Royal Families in the Gulf States, the recently installed Government in Libya, the Military Regime in Mali, the Yemeni President, whom was elected by his wife’s vote, as he was the only candidate, the King of Jordan, plus the rest of the Maghreb, would not be too happy with the behaviour of their leader, which is why, I believe them to be taking action against Erdogan.

Just as in the West, the truth is never reported in the Government controlled media, which is why “safe pair of hands” Tim Marshall has been posted to Turkey to straighten out the News and make it fit for the Free West while Erdogan has a much more direct method of Press control, which often means death.

While Turkey is in turmoil, attacking its citizens in a manner which was unacceptable, in Libya and Syria,  Our “Global Leader” David Cameron, is still blathering on about Regime change in Syria. Still not a word about Bahrain and Yemen nor has he offered any clue as to his reason for supporting a Military Regime in Mali, which had brought down a Democratically elected Government.

Unlike Gadaffi and Assad, Erdogan will not have to watch his back, in case any of those International Islamic Terrorists, creep up behind him and his regime planting bombs, as in Iraq, in an attempt to stoke up a religious war, which is  useful to Israel, in order to hide the fact that their Jewish Kurdish leader in Northern Iraq, is attempting to annexe the oil fields for Israel. Erdogan recently despatched a group of his own indigenous PKK terrorists into Iraq, to lend a hand in  the annexation.

The good folk of Turkey, would do well to remember that their founder, Ataturk, was a Jew. It would also surprise them to discover just how many other Jews have since held control of many aspects of Turkish life. They would probably find that the Shopping Mall, which ignited the current strife in Istanbul, was in  fact a Jewish project. Sadly the Muslim, is no different from the Christian or the Jew, they have a price and in a world which is dominated by greed, they can be bought.

Turkey is not alone, we are all in this together. We are all under attack. The Muslim World is holding up the process of the advance towards a One World Government, which is why you are being destroyed, State after State. We in the West have already capitulated.

Muslim refugees have been dispersed all across the West. They have a role to fulfil. The sheer amount of publicity which has been given to the attack against “The Little Drummer Boy,” in London is evidence of this. In terms of what is happening in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and many other places, the London event was a pinprick. There are those whom believe it to have been a charade, whatever, it has been used to bring out the  “Skinheads,” and other idiots whom are too stupid to see where the blame truly rests.

Hague and Cameron, both of them puppets of the Zionists and Bankers, while using the London attack as a means of tightening the screw on the British, are totally unconcerned about the massive slaughter, which they have supported against Muslims, during the past twelve years and are in fact pushing for more Death, like the ghouls that they are.

If that Death, comes to the streets of London, as a result of the deliberate pumping up of an alleged Muslim threat, which has never in fact materialised,  the British Establishment will count that as a job well done. Nothing happens by accident, there is no such thing as an unintended consequence, as far as the drive to a One World Government is concerned, it has been in the planning for generations and we are on the final lap.

Spring-Cleaning By Genocide. Are We Next?

Change through genocide, has been a long-standing method of control, in any number cases, throughout history. It was once obscured by the fog of distance and a lack of communication. It appears to extend all the way back to the days of the Neanderthal, whom are no longer with us and continues, even in the days of Twitter and Facebook.

There is ample evidence of the use of Genocide, yet all of the governments, from the British to the Turkish, which have been guilty, have denied the accusation and apart from the one case, which has been unable to produce conclusive evidence of its reality, namely that against the Jews, are never discussed. Which is a strange state of affairs, as almost all of the others can be laid at the door of governments which operated under the control of overt or covert Jewish politicians.

It would be fair to say, that in the modern world, the most blatant, cruel and extensive genocides have been at the hand of Jews, whom have taken for themselves, the role of world-wide population reduction Czars.

From the days of Napoleon, when the King of England passed control of the issuance of the Currency, into the hands of the Rothschild family, Jews have had access to huge amounts of Capital. France and other countries, through the use of credit and debt and wholesale bribery relinquished the control of their country’s currency into the same Central Banking system.

These bankers quickly accrued enormous sums of money, making them wealthier than most elected governments, without the cost of maintaining the population in a reasonable quality of life and the up-keep of the super-structure.

This wealth has been used to collect the souls of greedy, professional, politicians and to pay a murder force to take care of those whom refused the offer. This access to our wealth, has led to a situation where these Czars of Genocide have been foisted upon us and now have control of all of our institutions.

The Genocide against the Armenian’s, which was carried out by Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, whom was a Jew, which is well documented, is presently being denied, by the current leader of Turkey, Erdogan, whom is himself a Jew.

There is a growing body of evidence of the Jewish involvement in the sacking of the Aztec and Inca regimes in South America and their seizure of vast amounts of gold. The genocide of the Indigenous population was said to be due to diseases, with which they were infected by Spanish invaders.

The Irish Holocaust, which was cynically described as a famine, was carried out by a government which was under the influence of the Central Bankers and was certainly an attempt to wipe out the Irish people, slaughtered an estimated 5 million souls. More than enough food to feed a population three times the size of Ireland’s, was forcibly taken to England.

This recipe was continued by Stalin, another Jew, in the Ukraine and again after the end of World War 2 against the German POW’s  and German people in general, accounting for 10 million deaths through malnutrition and starvation.

The Red Revolution in China was financed by the Central Bankers, where some 85 million were exterminated. The one child policy which was insisted upon, as part of the promise of investment, has been responsible for the abortion of millions of female children, leading to an excess of males and an imbalance in the population.

The use of famine is masking the reality of events across Africa. Those whom do not die of starvation are being forcibly injected with vaccines which are giving no protection but on the other hand are quietly sterilizing the population. The Zionist Drug Factories even profit from this.

The Native American Indians were culled using a variety of weapons, ranging  from being deliberately infected with diseases, such as Smallpox, to outright slaughter by Soldiers with increasingly lethal armaments, against men with bows and arrows. Like their Aborigine cousins in Australia, the Native Americans are still being persecuted for what little they have left. All of this taking place under the rule of Zionist controlled governments.

It is becoming clearer by the day, that white European man is the new target for a culling. Israel does not allow mixed marriage ceremonies in Israel. They have an Apartheid system which includes Jew only roads and living areas. Immigration of non Jews is also forbidden. The rest of us however, are being forced to relinquish our identity, in favour of multiculturalism by Zionist operatives.

French Jew, Nicolas Sarkozy is proposing that French people should procreate with immigrants, should enough people not take up the suggestion he has warned that this will be made mandatory.

All of these measures are being put in place to disguise the actuality of a catastrophic decline in the white European population. Birth-Rates are at an all time low. Indigenous white populations have been in decline for years. Every possible means have been made available to create this state of affairs, from the pill to abortion to the sterilisation of males either through choice or by toxic chemicals in plastics and food.

Many are now certain that most of the childhood vaccines contain sterilizing agents, which has resulted in the dramatic reduction in the quality of sperm in young men. Hormones in meat and other food products have been blamed for hormone imbalances which are confusing the differences between the sexes. In short we are being wiped out without bloodshed.

Incoming immigrants are being used not only to hide the white population decline but also to provide the cheap labour of a future neo-serfdom.

There will be no help from elected politicians in our attempts to save ourselves from this fate. In the UK the Tory, Labour and Liberal Parties are all controlled. Cameron and Milliband, Osborne and Clegg are all of Jewish descent, Hague has announced his undying allegiance to Israel not to the UK.

In the US things are even worse, they are not only in the pocket of the bankers, most of the elected members go to Israel for training. As do high-ranking police officers. The CIA and MI6 are all agents of Mossad and the rulers of Israel whom reside in the City of London.

These traitors have passed the control of food and water into the hands of the bankers. They already have control of power production and the price of their other monopolistic products. Soon, through the use of Smart Meters, they will be able to reduce the availability of water, electricity and gas to any household unable to pay monthly bills, or simply to reduce consumption.

Very soon they will have total control of our food-stuffs, which they will also be in a position to ration. Food has been used as a weapon since the dawn of warfare. Starvation is currently being used to destroy Africa, which is one more reason why Gadaffi was murdered. He was in the process of “greening” the Sahara Desert, with the Great Man Made River, where he could have produced enough food to feed the Continent. This was a prime target for NATO.

We could well find ourselves in the position of Ireland, watching our food stuff being taken away, under armed guard, to a place where it will be rationed to us, whom have produced it, by the minions of the bankers, whom have stolen it.

Birth rate can recover if it is dealt with promptly, however it can drop to a level from which it will never recover. Some European countries may have already passed this limit. Italy and the UK are certainly in danger. Russia has already taken the problem in hand. In recent times there has been a gratifying spike in French pregnancies. Soon it may be a race to have a baby before your partner goes sterile.

We could well see a return of Fertility Rites and other Pagan rituals to increase the birth rate.

More Of Our Democracy Down Your Throat.

Erdogan the Jewish Prime Minister of Turkey, whom appears to have the right to over-fly Iraq in pursuit of folk whom he refers to as “Kurdish Rebels,” is now pushing to provide even more arms to Western Mercenaries in neighbouring Syria, whom he refers to as “The Real Spokesmen of Syria” it truly is as if we live in a dream.

As in Libya, the people of Syria are being taken completely out of this new form of democracy, they have already made their choice perfectly clear, unfortunately their wishes do not conform to the Jewish agenda.

Where are the people of Turkey? Can they not see what Erdogan is up to? Is it not perfectly clear that he is not in NATO for the good of the Turkish people? He is in NATO for the good of Israel.

Why is Turkey being lined up with the un-elected Dictators of the Arab League, to further the aims of Israel in the Middle East? I was amazed to see a report from Robert Fisk describing Lebanon’s “neighbour from hell,” I assumed he was referring to Israel, but no, he was writing about Syria.

This is a journalist, whom has recently criticised the way Sergeant Bales was described in a “Deranged Soldier” manner in Afghanistan. It becomes hard to know in whom you can place your trust, when he appears to have failed to notice that Assad is being placed in the “Deranged Hitler Type” slot, by the true infants of Stalin and Lenin from Israel and the US.

I believe it was Plato whom described a reasonable Dictator as the “best we can hope for.” Just a glance at the results of the Zionist form of Democracy in Iraq and Libya, suggests that he may have been right on the mark.

Is it any wonder that the people of Syria are demonstrating, by the million, to remain as they are, with Assad in control, to avoid the chaos offered by Israel. They are of course ignored by the Mainstream Media, which sadly appears to include Fisk.

If the “Free People” of Israel cannot take time off from attacking and grabbing the land of the Palestinians, to take some form of action to stop the “Deranged Animals” in Tel Aviv, from destroying yet another Muslim State, we can safely assume that they are complicit with what is being done in their name.

That being so, the rest of us must insist on a total ban on any form of trade with Israel. If necessary, the Security Council of the UN, MUST be done away with, so that at least at the UN, Democracy stands for something. There should be a free vote on all issues, that includes Israel’s refusal to accept UN Resolutions.