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A Black Day For Sitting Politicians, While Francis The Jesuit Pope, Visits Apartheid Israel.

A while back, after the result of the 2010 General Election had been announced, I wrote a tale, expressing my belief that the Coalition between the Lib-Dems and the Tories would spell the end of the Liberal Democrats as a Political force.  (see,  Requiem for the Lib-Dems. RIP.) my links refuse to work, please high light and search with a search engine of your choice.

It has now become clear as to why Nick Clegg did not insist on a change in the UK voting system, which has been used to maintain the status quo for generations in the UK by making it virtually impossible for smaller parties to gain a foothold in Parliament.

The recent European Union election has shown the people of Europe that it is eminently possible to kick out those whom have held a form of institutional right to govern, that they have had their day.

This strangle-hold on power, has maintained a quasi-democracy, not only in the UK but world-wide, through the use of corrupted “bought and paid for” politicians,  most of whom are too dumb to tie their own shoe laces, in positions of authority, which they have used to consistently ignore the wishes of the people by whom they were elected.

This absence of an honest alternative has encouraged disenchanted voters to turn to those Parties which have been scoffed at as being nothing more than degenerate racists,  in order to regain some modicum of power back into the hands of the voter.

We have all been educated to believe that only large Political Parties are capable of running a Government, that is despite the evidence of their failure to deliver little more than poverty War and death.  These “governments” of the countries of Europe, have never managed to provide adequate housing, health care, education or nutrition for its citizens, they have however always managed to find the money to slaughter anyone who has tried to create a better, more just system.

In the UK and other so-called Democratic countries,  the main political Parties have colluded to maintain a banking system which has impoverished the people to enrich the bankers.

A housing policy has been ritually maintained as a “cash-cow” for the bankers, of which there has been no mention from the politicians. Bankers and Builders, colluded to maintain a housing shortage in order to gain the maximum of profit from any hike in house prices.

During a period of an almost stagnant increase in salaries and stable prices of  materials, house prices have rocketed to unbelievable levels, generating huge increases in profits for the major construction companies, whom are using cheap labour to build homes, which will be sold at a value far exceeding the cost of building the home, which will be little more than it was ten years ago.

All three Parties in the UK are fully aware that the British wanted a referendum on EU membership and yet they have conspired to deny this simple demand.

There has been no mention whatsoever of another threat to UK democracy, that being the insidious advance of Common Purpose, which indicates that all three Parties are deceiving the voter, most of whom have never heard of Common Purpose and are unaware that the elected government is financing the undermining of Democracy and the imposition, using underhanded means, of the tenets of Agenda 21, which is a major threat to us all.

I am under no illusions about the aims of politicians. I believe them all to be controlled, in one way or another. All of the decent people have been rinsed out of the Lib-Dems, not that there had been many. All the way back to Jeremy Thorpe, there have been doubts about them.

Paddy Ashdown threw his weight behind the war in Bosnia, yet while after making great claims about being anti-war, during the build-up to Iraq, Clegg and his cronies fully supported the slaughter of Gadaffi, his family and the country which he had so proudly constructed, despite decades of attacks by the democrats.   The Lib-Dems have also gone along with the financing of Al Qaeda and other mercenary groups of murderers, to destroy Bashar Al Assad and Syria. Their vote was necessary to allow the slaughter.

I will personally be glad to see the demise of this bunch of hypocrites, whom along with the rest of the self-seeking  “democrats” in Parliament, made no outcry against the banking bailouts, which was a criminally constructed scheme to rob the people.  When Gordon Brown “Saved the World” and generously gave away the people’s money to the bankers, there were no massive demands for an inspection of the bankers books by the Fraud Squad, there were no arrests made and the Banks were described as being “Too big to fail,” when in reality it was the bank owners, who were “Too powerful to prosecute.”

While these Democrats have been massacring millions of Muslims, without a care in the world, they have been describing those whom have proposed other solutions as being racist, while continuing to accept the survivors of their illegal War Crimes, into Europe, where there is no superstructure capable of coping with this influx, without reducing the standard of life, for those whom are already here.

When they claim to be seeking the minimum of care for all, for all, means exactly that, the day is coming when none of us, apart from the super-rich, will be able to afford anything more than the minimum.

In France, the upsurge in support for the Front Nationale  is being presented as being in some way racist or anti-Semitic, when in reality the real racists and anti-Semites are the Khazar Jews, whom have had control of France, through Sarkozy;  who took France into NATO and obliterated Libya, and  François Hollande  who is even now desperate to attack any group of Arab Semites that he can lay his hands on.

International Jewry is not a Semitic race, they are simply hiding behind the term to generate an excuse for the War Crimes of which they are guilty in Palestine, a land to which they have no legal or historical claim.

Nobody in France is in favour of deporting immigrants,  they simply want to call a halt.  Most immigrants agree with that, everybody is aware of the problems of employment, health care and housing. The concept of full-up, at some point must become relevant.

While these interesting developments in Democracy have been taking place in Europe, the visit of the Jesuit Pope Francis to Israel, has passed without too much attention.   However a well executed attack in Brussels, against Jewish visitors to the “Jewish Museum” which was carried out hot on the heels of a double murder in the West Bank, by Israeli military, an event which did not prompt an expression of sorrow from the Jew David Cameron, unlike the event in Brussels, could well have been a warning to Netanyahu, from Francis and the Black Pope, that he is not the only one capable of ordering murder. In this changing world Jews may well have to get used to looking over their shoulder.



Watch Closely Children,This Is The Farce Of British Democracy.

Every facet of the political procedure, which is presented as democracy, is on parade in the British Parliament today, 24-10-2011.  Days after the Libyan leader Gadaffi, was so “democratically” dealt with by the British Government, no doubt at the hand of one of the thousands of “Boots on the ground” working illegally for NATO to bring democracy to Libya.

Today in Parliament, the British people, whom have long demanded a referendum on the issue of their place in the “undemocratic” European Union, will have the pleasure of watching their elected representatives being forced to vote in support of a bought and paid for government, against a motion demanding such a referendum.

Cameron has threatened members of the Conservative Party, that they may well find that the coming boundary changes, which will change the set up of the Constituencies, could well be used to eliminate their seats in Parliament, should they vote against him.

This is the true function of political parties, suppressing the will of the people and imposing the will of the Shadow Government, which was instrumental in the selection and election of the Party leadership.

In fact, every country which was given the opportunity of a referendum on their place in the European Union, has voted against it and yet their democratically elected politicians have ignored their wishes. So what is the purpose of a vote?

Muslim countries in the Maghreb and the Middle East are being urged into the same trap. They are being told that they must construct political parties, in order to be able to present their ideas to the voters.

Well that is not the job of democracy. The people decide what must be done not a political party. This insistence on a party hierarchy and a towing of the party line smothers true democracy.

Cameron’s government recently attacked Libya, a member of the UN, which had not threatened the UK. British bombers then proceeded to pulverize Libya, killing thousands of people and maiming many more. All of this without any authority being given by Parliament, the only vote was taken after the event, on the imposition of a “no fly zone.” All of this was a deliberate act of aggression, which was manufactured by the British well in advance of any so-called “humanitarian” need.

So any intelligent observer in the Muslim world, would be well advised to take a long hard look at the manner in which the wishes of the people are taken care of, in the so-called “democratic” United Kingdom, before inflicting the same form of barbarity on themselves.

Twenty-Seven European countries are now under the control of an unelected European Commission. This Commission has already decided that it must control the expenditure of all of these countries. That is the purpose of the current financial crisis. The politicians like Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron are deciding nothing whatsoever, they are simply swanning around trying to give the impression that they are doing something. They are not, they are being controlled. The big decisions have already been taken, in another place, as they say.

These people were selected, through the system which has trained politicians for generations, to serve the purposes of men whom suffer from the sickness of money. For example the recent leaders of the Socialists in  the UK, were trained by the Fabian Society. A group which was financed by Chatham House, which was set up by Lord Milner and Cecil Rhodes and was once called The Royal Institute for International Affairs. One of the aims of this group was to take control of all of the natural resources of Africa. These folk would of course refer to themselves as Conservatives. Cameron, a man from the fetid depths of the British aristocracy was their man.

Long Live Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!

Raping the World.

Economies across Europe have been thrown into turmoil by the forced bail-out of banks, who are allegedly in debt through fraud. We are all experiencing austerity measures, except of course the bankers and other super-rich businessmen.

The imposition of these bails-out, is the direct cause of the inability of sovereign governments to handle their own affairs while remaining solvent. There is no direct connection between the short-fall in the funds necessary to pay the annual interest to the Central Banks and  any mishandling of economies  by National Finance Ministers. The shortfall is a direct consequence of the debt created by criminal bankers, who should have been long ago prosecuted for fraud.

So why are our elected politicians calling for a new Economic Government to be selected in the European Union, to take control of the finances of member states? The problems have nothing to do with the member states, it has everything to do with a fraudulent banking system. So why the rush to impose such a system, which is apparently designed to solve a non-existent problem?

Governments across the world are paying a fortune in interest, annually to the private Central Banks. What is happening to this money. It amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. France alone is paying 40 billion Euros a year to the European Central Bank, which is of course privately owned. Why has there been no discussion over the use of these payments? Why is France expected to extract even more money from an already suffering population?

Why are our politicians allowing relatively poor countries, such as Ireland and Greece, to be entrapped by the sharks at the IMF, which is owned by the same Central Bankers, who control the World Bank and The European Central Bank? It is quite clear that they are already extracting millions of Euros a year from these countries, in order to lend the money back to them at a level of interest which is criminally high.

The time is nigh for the people of the European Union to demand the sort of democracy for themselves, which is being forced on to Libya and Iraq at the point of a gun. We need a clear explanation of the running the Commission, which is un-elected and why there is no democratic vote in the Commission Parliament, by the highly paid Members, who at the moment have no purpose or need.

Should the member States of Europe lose control of their own finances, it will mark the complete end of our freedoms and we will  find ourselves in the position which NATO and the UN claim exists in Libya and Syria. So why are we paying to kill people over there, while our elected dictatorship is seeking to imprison us, over here?