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Who Really Lies Behind The Great Strategy Against A Tragic Humanity?

In the following video clips, there are enough claims made by Israeli politicians and others, to suggest that should there be so much as a smidgen of truth in these claims, which have been made since as far back as the 1950’s, including the period during which Joe McCarthy was warning the people of the USA, that there was a huge infiltration of covert Communists into the ranks of the Democratic Party. The proof that McCarthy was getting too close to the truth lies in the fact that he was very quickly taken out of the picture and his claims were said to be nothing more than the ramblings of a mad-man.

The Government of Israel does not appear to have too much fear about interference from the United States, they have in fact made many statements ridiculing the impotence of the United States and its limp obedience to the commands of Israel, which has been behaving in a monstrous manner, which we are expected to accept as behaviour which was completely out of keeping with the “normal” behaviour of the Jew people and that they would never have behaved in such a manner had it not been for the terrible crime of that awful fellow called Hitler, who it is often claimed, that he was himself a Rothschild bastard.

Baron Rothschild once claimed that should he be allowed to control the money supply in any country, that he would not care about whomsoever was elected into the government, because he who held the purse-strings of that country, had total control of that country. Rothschild made this claim, having managed to take control of the Bank of England after the execution of King Charles and the implanting of a Dutch stooge in his place. This being so, it becomes clear that the unelected, permanent portion of any administration, the controlled Civil Service, holds the keys to power.

Another Baron Rothschild, contrived, in 1913, a method of taking control of the Bank of America, which is called the Federal Reserve. This act was the first step in the announced intention of the Zionists, to install a New World Order, a fact which appears to have gone over the heads of our Political masters. The next step was to provoke a totally unnecessary war in Europe, and an excuse was then manufactured to “encourage” the United States to enter that war, which demanded the deliberate sacrifice of the Lusitania in order to provoke the ire of the American People and provoke calls for vengeance.

Behind this excuse, those “foreigners” whom were waiting in the wings, to carry out a coup d’etat in Russia, for the arrival of the promised 85,000, fully armed Jew Mercenaries, whom arrived in Europe with the American Troop convoys, which were arriving to fight against the Germans; whom alone, would later be held to have been responsible for the Great War; these Mercenaries went straight into Russia, to join the Bolsheviks, this was well-known, as British agents jokingly reported that everybody spoke English during the “revolution”. The British were fully aware of events in Russia.

The Russian Jews had been in exile for many years, however as they gained more power across the Christian World, in England, France and America, the time was right to unleash the Zionists program to take control of the World, an aim which included the total destruction of Germany and the German people. This claim was made quite openly and it was carried out with gusto, of course we are expected to believe that it was all to prevent Hitler from doing the same thing to the Jews.

The evidence of all this nonsense is plain to see, so why are those whom write about these events, being hunted down and jeered at as if they are in some way responsible for the events of which they write? Only this morning I heard on the News, that Facebook, is going to protect its members, from stuff like the above, which the “real” covert owners of Facebook would prefer to be kept secret. That alone should provoke the laughable “free press”, to demand questions about why exactly, they would like this ‘choice of opinion’ to be firmly under their control?

This would be the same “free press” which reports any sign of resistance to the vicious attacks, against Whites, which are presented daily by the controlled press, as justifiable resistance against  those “White Supremacists”, “Fascists” ” Extreme Right” “Nazi” “Klan Members” and other such denigrating terms, every time there is a protest of any sort, by normal White People, against the clear racist treatment which they are obliged to accept, in their own countries, in order to allow immigrants, to be given precedence in all and everything, an aim which is itself part of the taking down of Europe and the United States but which is apparently invisible to the Police, whom are now trained in Israel, and our elected politicians many of whom swear allegiance to Israel.

There are millions of people all across the World, whom publish their stuff on Facebook, a platform which was never intended to be used by the “Truth Tellers” so that must now be denied to those Citizen Journalists, whom have been looking beyond the Reuter Headlines, which are provided daily by Baron Rothschild. I hear he has sold Reuters but I doubt if he has lost control of it.

It would not be too great a step to now believe that all of the Western Christian Governments, are mere tools of the man who claimed that whomsoever controls the “money supply” controls the government, now that he has set up a Private Central Bank for Europe along with his Federal Reserve in America. That man has recently placed two of his ex-employees, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May into the top positions in France and England.

The same Rothschild, who also controls the Bank Ambrosia of the Vatican, has decided to send the Pope, who is his representative on earth, to Catholic Ireland, where the half-Jew Sodomite Taoiseach Varadkar, has publicly attacked the Pope and the Catholic Church about the sodomites in their midst, a situation which exists in all organisations and not uniquely in the Catholic Church, and yet while this is ignored in the ranks of the Jew Rabbi and even the English Royal Family, not to mention the blatant paedophilia, amongst the ‘elite’ in the United States, it is the Catholic Church alone, which has suffered the full blast of the bile of the controlled media, even as Ireland is being lined up for the same form of destruction as was South Africa, through the medium of the mass immigration of millions of Blacks, by the sodomite Varadkar, which begs the question for who or whom does he work and why is an unelected Taoiseach allowed to propose such a thing without regard to the desires of the Irish people?

The first attempt to destroy the Irish was made by the Jew John Dee in the court of the first Elizabeth, an administration which included a certain Lord Cecil, a member of whose Family, Lord Balfour, wrote the letter to Baron Rothschild, a simple letter, which was pompously described as a Declaration, simply ‘giving’ Palestine to Rothschild. Ireland never stood a chance against the English and Hitler and Germany played no part in the contrived War which was a necessity for the Jews whom were in need of an excuse to invade Palestine, which had been the aim of Zion since the first Zionist Congress in 1897, having failed to take over Ireland after the starvation of five-million Irish people and the deportation of six-hundred-thousand others into slavery, jokingly called Indentured Servitude.

So to conclude, I would suggest that skulking behind all of these “governments” there is a controlling hand and the front men in Israel simply mouth the desires of this controlling group of extremely rich men, whom have stolen trillions of Dollars in the name of taxes, from all of us, which bestows onto them, unlimited power and any man, who threatens this power will be severely dealt with.

Other than that, even the Bankers themselves could well be mere Pawns in a Game in which we are all involved and nobody understands what the hell is going on, least of all, apparently, John Bolton. HERE

The Reality Of The Fiscal Crisis? It Is A Grand Larceny.

From Scotland, where the leader of the SNP Alex Salmond, is already plotting ahead of the referendum, which may or may not give Scotland its Independence from the Union with England and Wales, the position of the newly liberated Scotland, in the European Union.

It does not seem to have occurred to Salmond, that the people whom he expects to vote for their liberty, in a referendum, would be inclined to hand this liberty into the hands of the un-elected, Fascist organisation, which is a front for the very bankers whom have deliberately destroyed Europe and its industrial base, without the right to a Referendum which would give Salmond, the authority to make a decision on the subject. Like all psychopaths, he is already issuing dictates.

To Ireland, where the people, believe that they won a version of freedom from the British, which in effect was a false belief, the British left behind their Political system, which was already loaded with traitors, in  advance of Independence, and of course their Rothschild controlled Central Bank.

For fifty years, he Irish struggled with the burden of the illegal Compound Interest and the debt which it inflicted on the Irish people, and as a result were stuck in poverty and remained in the pocket of the Brits.

Then along came Europe. The Irish people watched traitorous politicians embed them deeper and deeper into the claws of the hidden controllers of the EU. Irish politicians were and are members of  secret organisations, where they were given their orders on how to trap Ireland.

Subsidies enabled the construction of roads and motorways. Business premises were quickly filled with foreign companies as a means of gaining access to the vast EU market. Readily available credit plunged people into enormous debt through swinging rates of interest.

Then came the Euro. It was clear from the start that Ireland was not in the correct fiscal state necessary to merit entry into the zone. To get around this problem, the EU made “experts” available to hide the reality of the Irish National debt, making Ireland acceptable. Bear in mind the EU did not give a fig about the truth, they simply wanted everyone in the zone, the less suitable, the better. The object was to take control of all economies.

The Irish wanted to retain the Punt. They voted No! The Government fixed the second referendum. Step Two, the Lisbon Treaty. Once again the people said No! Once again the second referendum was fixed.

Now the plug has been pulled and the prepared collapse is under way. Ireland is back in the Stone Age and another Referendum is looming. Ireland is already in a position where it can never repay the Compound Interest on the outstanding debt, without being obliged to take even more money from the IMF or the ECB or indeed, heaven forbid, from the Brits.

By now, it must be perfectly clear to the brave people of Ireland, that they have been betrayed and there is no way out, other than a new, serious change in the monetary system in Eire. The Central Bank has got to go. The only means of pulling the country together is through the use of interest free loans to boost the economy and the availability of enough funds to pay Corporation workers and the Health workers and all other essential services. Europe must go. It is and has always been a Zionist trap.

The European Commission is already making threats, that should Ireland refuse the new Fiscal Deal which is being proposed, they will never be given access to bailouts in the future. All the better. Call their bluff. Print the bailout yourselves, without interest. It’s the same thing but cheaper.

Any money which circulates in Ireland has no effect on the rest of Europe but it can solve the problems at home. Europe has been destroyed by design, by the European Union. Things will not be getting better if it is allowed to carry on. They have given all our jobs to China and they will continue to do so in the name of Carbon emissions.

Take a look at this extract from Der Spiegel.

She (Merkel) has shown Sarkozy’s Socialist challenger François Hollande the cold shoulder, and that is unlikely to change in the run-up to the vote. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, leading conservative governments in the EU — those in Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — have agreed not to receive Hollande during the campaign.

Merkel secretly agreed with Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy that Hollande should be shunned, SPIEGEL has learned. British Prime Minister David Cameron also agreed not to meet him.

They weren’t just motivated by sympathy for Sarkozy but also because they’re angry at Hollande for saying he would seek to renegotiate the fiscal pact agreed among 25 of the 27 EU members. The agreement on fiscal discipline, pushed through by Merkel at an EU summit in December, is a central component of the EU’s strategy to save the euro in the debt crisis.

This is scandalous, not only because it shows a complete disregard for the Sovereignty of another EU member State, it also smacks of a form of propaganda, designed to give Francois Hollande the air of being a sort of “rebel” whom is likely to upset an apple cart somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Hollande is in lock-step with Sarkozy and all of the other fanatical Zionists of the EU. He it was whom enabled Sarkozy to sign the Lisbon Treaty after it had been rejected by the French electorate.

I have interviewed several members of his Socialist Party, they are not inclined to undo the Lisbon Treaty, using the lame excuse that it is too late, when in fact it is never too late in a democratic system, let alone in a Republic like France. The Socialists signed the  amendment to the Constitution, necessary to legalize the Lisbon Treaty without reference to the people.  The Socialists also support Agenda 21, without reference to the People.

Greece, is not being allowed to leave the Eurozone. They have in effect defaulted on their debt, however it is not being called a default. It makes no difference what they choose to call it, a fraud by any other name, is still a criminal offence.

Greece is being forced to accept money in order to pay interest to the very people whom are making the loans. All of this is designed to force Greece into the same position as are the Irish. They will never pay off the debt and the people are now being told that a fraud which was carried out by Goldman Sachs, which is a subsidiary of the Rothschild Empire, in order to give Greece the impression of solvency and an entry into the Eurozone, which is under the control of the ECB, which itself is owned by the same banking families, all happened without the knowledge of the EU.  This is laughable and criminal.

The European Commission is attempting to give the impression that they were duped by the likes of Ireland and Greece, this is rubbish, they were on board with the fraudulent figures manufactured by Goldman Sachs, it was all in the planning of the contrived excuse to take control of all Eurozone economies.

None of these events were accidental, they were part of the biggest sting operation the world has ever seen. They are all involved, the politicians, the Judiciary, the bankers, the Top Cops all of them. Why do you think nobody has been called to book?

We are all teetering on the brink of a precipice. Our elected politicians will not help us out. They are traitors. They have stood silently by watching these events unfold. The People, believe that they will be better served by electing a new regime. They are due for a rude awakening. Electing another Political Party will change nothing, change will only come when they take to the streets.

So you see Scotland, you need to be wary of politicians like Salmond. It makes little difference any more whether Scotland is part of the UK or not, the Treaty of Lisbon, which Salmond apparently supports, has already linked Scotland to Norway, so very soon it will no longer exist. He is also in favour of Agenda 21, which will be the final nail in Scotland’s coffin. Your dreams of freedom will be transitory.