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Watch Closely Children,This Is The Farce Of British Democracy.

Every facet of the political procedure, which is presented as democracy, is on parade in the British Parliament today, 24-10-2011.  Days after the Libyan leader Gadaffi, was so “democratically” dealt with by the British Government, no doubt at the hand of one of the thousands of “Boots on the ground” working illegally for NATO to bring democracy to Libya.

Today in Parliament, the British people, whom have long demanded a referendum on the issue of their place in the “undemocratic” European Union, will have the pleasure of watching their elected representatives being forced to vote in support of a bought and paid for government, against a motion demanding such a referendum.

Cameron has threatened members of the Conservative Party, that they may well find that the coming boundary changes, which will change the set up of the Constituencies, could well be used to eliminate their seats in Parliament, should they vote against him.

This is the true function of political parties, suppressing the will of the people and imposing the will of the Shadow Government, which was instrumental in the selection and election of the Party leadership.

In fact, every country which was given the opportunity of a referendum on their place in the European Union, has voted against it and yet their democratically elected politicians have ignored their wishes. So what is the purpose of a vote?

Muslim countries in the Maghreb and the Middle East are being urged into the same trap. They are being told that they must construct political parties, in order to be able to present their ideas to the voters.

Well that is not the job of democracy. The people decide what must be done not a political party. This insistence on a party hierarchy and a towing of the party line smothers true democracy.

Cameron’s government recently attacked Libya, a member of the UN, which had not threatened the UK. British bombers then proceeded to pulverize Libya, killing thousands of people and maiming many more. All of this without any authority being given by Parliament, the only vote was taken after the event, on the imposition of a “no fly zone.” All of this was a deliberate act of aggression, which was manufactured by the British well in advance of any so-called “humanitarian” need.

So any intelligent observer in the Muslim world, would be well advised to take a long hard look at the manner in which the wishes of the people are taken care of, in the so-called “democratic” United Kingdom, before inflicting the same form of barbarity on themselves.

Twenty-Seven European countries are now under the control of an unelected European Commission. This Commission has already decided that it must control the expenditure of all of these countries. That is the purpose of the current financial crisis. The politicians like Sarkozy, Merkel and Cameron are deciding nothing whatsoever, they are simply swanning around trying to give the impression that they are doing something. They are not, they are being controlled. The big decisions have already been taken, in another place, as they say.

These people were selected, through the system which has trained politicians for generations, to serve the purposes of men whom suffer from the sickness of money. For example the recent leaders of the Socialists in  the UK, were trained by the Fabian Society. A group which was financed by Chatham House, which was set up by Lord Milner and Cecil Rhodes and was once called The Royal Institute for International Affairs. One of the aims of this group was to take control of all of the natural resources of Africa. These folk would of course refer to themselves as Conservatives. Cameron, a man from the fetid depths of the British aristocracy was their man.

Long Live Democracy!!!!!!!!!!!