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Did We Ever Have The Right Of Free Speech? Not In My Lifetime.


I adore the expression,’I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.’ I was reminded of this frequently used piece of rubbish, most recently on a clip, which I posted, of George Galloway, on the BBC program, ‘Question Time,’ when Galloway was being shouted down, by an audience, which was composed of more Jews than was justifiable by their tiny percentage of the population of the UK.

This discussion was in response to the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris, where ‘Free Speech’ demanded the ‘right’ of Jews to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, while forgetting to mention, as is usual,  the ‘fact’ that Hebdo, had previously sacked a cartoonist who drew a cartoon of a Jew politician. Even in the above clip, the Jew Shapiro is ‘free’ to come up with yet another claim about Hitler, of which I had never heard.

George, bawled back at these Jews, something along the lines of, I have the right to express my opinion and you are not going to deny me my ‘freedom of speech’, all of it very commendable. Sadly, he then went on to express his sorrow, about the ‘Greatest Crime in History’ which was committed against the Jews and how, had he been old enough at the time, he would have been first in line to join the Army to go and save them. So that is your truth is it George?

Another Socialist and a good friend of Galloway’s, Ken Livingstone, a staunch defender of the right of ‘Freedom of Speech’, did a while back, find himself being pursued by a pack of Jews, for suggesting that Hitler had been in discussions with ‘Zionists’ – many Rabbis’ suggest, that Zionism, is nothing more than Judaism – about sending the German Jews to Madagascar or some other location..

There followed an absolute uproar, which made sure that, even those like me, whom had no idea that Livingstone had made such a ‘daft’ claim, were duly made fully aware of it. Which I suppose reduced the maximum possible number of World Jewry to tears of grief, by its International Broadcasting. Livingstone insisted that his claim was historically provable. He urged his persecutors to check it out for themselves.

Livingstone, having strongly defended his claim, which has never been denied historically, but which does not rest easy in the minds of Jews, then completely unravelled and went on to say, untruthfully, ‘That Hitler then went mad and decided to kill all the Jews,’ a claim, which we were all educated to believe, but which has never been backed up by any existing historical evidence, a claim which it is illegal to so much as question, just in case somebody might be offended, as I am when illegitimate claims are made against Hitler.

This is the ‘real’ level of ‘Free Speech’ in the United Kingdom, where even long serving politicians, are obliged to bend the knee to the power of ‘Zion’. Both Galloway and Livingstone should be ashamed of themselves. Particularly Galloway, who when confronted by a group of jeering Jews, in a program which was itself presented by a Jew, he did not have the courage to ‘go too far.’ He simply caved in. That makes me suspicious.

I have not had too much confidence in Galloway, particularly after his performance, while Libya was under attack, during which he gave his,’Champion of Muslims’ verdict that Gadaffi deserved all he got.

When the day comes, that the worried people of the Free West, have the right to discuss openly events like 911, which was surrounded by dozens of Jews, many of whom were arrested with bombs and bullets in their possession, driving a van with images of planes crashing into the WTC on the side, only to be released without charge, or indeed any ‘real’ discussion at all, about this other ‘Greatest Crime in the History of the Universe’ or the holocaust,   both of which involve Jews and both of which have had a clamp-down imposed on them  by controlled politicians. When these two, history changing events, have been given an open public airing,  then there will be, at least an element of ‘free speech’ but until that day arrives there is no such thing as ‘Freedom of Speech’ or indeed even ‘Freedom of Thought.’

I had a good laugh this morning, while watching a publicity spot from CNN, Cable News Network, which has suffered greatly, from Donald Trump’s allegation that they presented Fake News, a claim which they are desperate to overcome.

On screen there was an apple. The voice-over informed me that some people may try to convince me that this apple is in fact a banana, but that CNN can assure me that it is indeed an apple, inferring that I can trust CNN to deliver the truth.



Should there be anyone reading this,  who has ever been confronted by a merchant of Fakery, holding an apple in their hand telling them, with a straight face, that he was holding a banana, please put their hand up. This contrived example of humour posing as a form of honesty is as empty as is CNN’s Fake News.