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War, War, War? Yes Please! Apparently.




There were lies told to trick us into all of the recent illegal attacks against innocent countries in the Middle East. Wars which have murdered at least ten million innocent people during the past fifteen years. We are now aware that we were lied to about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin Laden was not living in a cave in Afghanistan, neither Assad nor Gaddafi were going to massacre their own people, and there was no attack against an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, so why should it come as any surprise to find that Hitler was tricked into going into Poland, to rescue ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Russian Jews, in order to provoke a response from the Germans and that having rescued those Germans, Hitler did not make any attempt to occupy Poland and he actually warned the British, that the great ‘enemy’ of the Christian world, the Atheist Bolshevik Communists, were massed on Poland’s border, preparing to invade Europe.

However the Bolshevik Communists were simply another arm of the Bankers International killing machine, which having murdered sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, they then set about the rape and slaughter of the German Christians, twenty-million of whom were summarily murdered. The Russians then slid off home, with all of Eastern Europe in their back pocket, with the blessing of the wholly controlled British, French and American governments, whom then pretended the Communists were suddenly a major threat all over again. Only a fool could believe such nonsense. The truth being the whole world was rallied against Germany, in order to suit the covert aims of those whom would control the world, those suffering from an insatiable greed and envy and a psychopathic desire to control all and everything.

The Russians now have another role, whilst being the avowed enemy of the West, they have become the darlings of those whom have seen through the lies and deceit of the controlled, belligerent governments of France, Britain and the United States, while at the same time, cooperating on the International Space Station hoax, and the ‘independence’ of the BRICS countries, all of which are controlled from the City of London.

They also have a character called George Galloway in their ranks on RT, where he has his Sputnik program, on which he frequently tells us that “we” should be paying reparations to the Blacks whom presumably he believes were enslaved by the “British” people, or indeed that there is some form of group responsibility and guilt involved in this idea, and yet the word Jew fails to pass his lips, as being the group which was responsible for buying the Blacks in Africa, from Black Slave Traders and transporting them to the United States on ships, owned and crewed by Jews, where the vast majority of those Blacks were bought and used by Jews, that is according to the Jews themselves, whom made no secret of their Slave Trading, at the time it was the norm. They also made use of hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves, a long forgotten fact.



Galloway, has now taken up the case of Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of anti-Semitism. George knows everything and yet he appears to have a grudge against the idea of National Socialists, which it would appear, according to George, were vehemently anti-Semitic. He is apparently prepared to pepper his argument with unproven rubbish.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition (support for Jews) as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s Fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there, under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the word anti-Semitism today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

Back in the day, anybody or any group which was concerned about the possibility of a war against Germany, which was being pushed by Jew interests, was fair game to be described as anti-Semitic. The Cable Street episode which Galloway mentions, was organised by one of Britain most “hated” politicians, Oswald Moseley, who was a Fascist Socialist, back in the days before Fascism had been deliberately presented as something to fear. Moseley responded to the claims of anti-Semitism which were made against him thus:

“More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement, has been consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of his race or religion and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the War, I believed that certain great Jewish interests, were trying to involve us in war, not in a British but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it……………….But it is beyond question, from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war”.

Galloway continued:

Whilst groupuscules? of the British far-right (Socialism?) kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight, together with their loyalist friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

These are the ramblings of an idiot, there is nothing in support of such rubbish, the War ‘was’ a conspiracy between British, American and Russian Jews. Galloway appears to be quite unaware of the Jew involvement in the coup d’etat in Russia and the fact that Churchill was a murdering Jew, who had also been involved in the concentration camps in South Africa, during the theft of that country by Jew interests in the Boer War. He also played a part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was a necessary part of the seizure and theft of Palestine, which was ‘given’ to Baron Rothschild, who is apparently a Jew. Case closed.

In point of fact, Britain has never been anything other than a tool of Jew Bankers and business men, prepared to send British boys to their deaths, in order to protect the assets of the Jews in the City of London. Any Jew, who is familiar with this actuality, whom refuses to stand up and denounce the behaviour of those whom call themselves Jews, whom are responsible for all the bad feelings against Jews, down through the Centuries,  are just as guilty as are the Jews whom prosper from thievery, slavery and wars and as are the Jews in Palestine whom continue the theft of Palestinian land, knowing full well that they do have any right to that land.

Nigel Farage, spent an hour on his radio show, a media outlet which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, on which the blatant lies of Sky News are presented at the beginning, middle and end of Farage’s mutterings, which last night surprisingly put him on the back-foot, forcing him to censor out certain callers whom were drifting onto forbidden territory, by condemning Jews and supporting Corbyn’s support for the “Palestinian Terrorists”, and Corbyn’s laying of a wreath on their memorial, without apparently noticing that the Queen of England herself, annually lays wreaths on the monuments of brutal British War criminals, whom have helped to ransack the World. Farage is so determined to smear Corbyn, that he is in danger of destroying his own credibility.

Today, Theresa May delivered such a load of tosh in the British Parliament, that my toes were curling with embarrassment at the number out outright lies which she calmly presented to the House of Commons. I listened with interest to Corbyn’s response, he gave the impression of having swallowed Mays tale, hook, line and sinker. He did not ask one single difficult question after her blatant attack against Russia and her intention to demand ever more action on the part Britain’s War Criminal Allies, to make sure that Russia got the message.

If Britain had not been responsible for the destruction of half of the world and the murder of millions, during recent times, one could accept her claim of Russian crimes in Syria and Russia’s connection with Iran, both of which are enemies, standing in the way of the advancement of those whom keep their mouths shut and their powder dry, in Israel, leaving their puppets to do their dirty work. I, would promise Israel, that should any attack be made against Russian Forces in Syria, during the coming attack in Idlib, that Tel Aviv would suffer dearly. That threat might well be enough to put an end to hostilities in Syria.


Putin & Trump: We Are In Danger Of Losing Our Identity And Human Dignity.


The British Establishment, is cynically pretending to have been completely fooled, by a ridiculous claim, coming from a group of their ‘own’ paid mercenaries, whom we have been told made a pathetic film clip, which looked to me as if it could well have been filmed in Israel and nobody could tell the difference if it had, as there was nothing visible which connected it to Syria, a film which has been used to claim that in a town fully charged with thousands of terrorists – an estimated forty thousand were bussed by Russian and Syrian forces – that Bashar al Assad, in the middle of the struggle to defeat these terrorists, managed to pick, out and ‘barrel-bomb’ and ‘chemical weapon.’ attack, not the terrorists oh no, but ‘his own people’ as if the British, Jews and Americans had not already killed enough of them.

These ‘Friends of Israel’ are not at all worried about the lack of evidence in support of the claims made against Assad, they are in fact more worried about the possibility that proof that the attack is shown to be a deliberate lie will surface, which is why they are itching to attack Syria before any investigation can be carried out.

With grim memories of what a simple ‘no fly zone’ inflicted on Libya, where the same bunch of scum, quite deliberately destroyed another ‘nuisance’ regime and the lives of millions of Muslims in the process, we can only pray that Russia, with the fast arriving support of the Chinese, will cause the demons of the coalition to think twice before continuing their brutal destruction of the land that “must be delivered to Israel”

The BBC reporter in Lebanon, has dutifully found a bunch of Syrian refugees, whom speak of Assad’s purges of his own people and spoke as if they were completely unaware of the atrocities, which the Jew Commissars in the ranks of Daech have carried out against the Christian, Shiite and Alawite communities. They followed these interviews with another report from a member of the Syrian opposition, emphasising Assad’s killing machine, which must be stopped, as if the war is about Assad, when we all know that it is about Oil and Pipelines and territory for the construction of Greater Israel, not to forget the next targets, to which Russia and Syria are an obstacle,  Lebanon and Iran.

The deafening lack of any opposition to the warmongers, is a shameful example of the part played by the BBC in the British Establishments lust for war and lack of concern for anyone, civilians or military whom get in their way. The phrase ‘highly likely’ is being uttered constantly by all of the British News outlets including the ‘impartial’ BBC as justification for whatever Israel demands. Both of Rothschild’s agents, May and Macron have been dutifully duped by their own propaganda and are ready and willing to slaughter at will, as many Syrians’ as it takes to give Baron Rothschild his desired Syrian oil reserves, a Jew pipeline to pump stolen Syrian oil to Europe and of course Greater Israel.

“Starting in April 1945, the United States Army and the French Army, casually annihilated one million [German] men, most of them in American camps. . . Eisenhower’s hatred, passed through the lens of a compliant military bureaucracy, produced the horror of death camps unequaled by anything in American history . . . an enormous war crime.” – Col. Ernest F. Fisher, PhD Lt. 101st Airborne Division, Senior Historian, United States Army. The Morgenthau Plan:

The above quote is an example of the behaviour of the “Good Guys” ‘after’ the Second World War, while the German People were being quietly murdered in cold blood, to ‘save them, ‘ from yet another regime which had broken Jew rules. Das Morgenthau a Jew, was determined to starve thirty million Germans to death, he was stopped from achieving his aim, having got rid of a mere ten million Germans, not out of compassion, but because word of the Allied atrocities was leaking out.




The BBC Radio 4 News,  is at this moment as I write, attempting to force Diane Abbott, a Labour Party politician, to accept that the ‘highly likely’ claims made against Assad, by a group which is fully funded by the British, as being a good enough form of ‘proof,’ which the reporter is insisting, that Abbott should ‘at least’, accept as being good enough evidence and that in view of this unproven rubbish, that she should support a bombing campaign against Syria. He is now suggesting that Abbott should accept that Russia is the current main threat to World peace. What is the role of the BBC?

“Even if we Jews are not physically at your side in the trenches, we are morally with you. This war is our war and you fight it with us.” – Schalom Asch, Les Nouvelles Litteraires (February 10, 1940)

“We are not denying and are not afraid to confess that this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry… Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based, we are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” – Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, Head of the Jewish Agency and later President of Israel, in a Speech on December 3, 1942, in New York.

Both of the above quotes, from the mouths of Jews, could well be talking about current events, one need do no more than change the word Germany for Syria, Libya, Iraq or Afghanistan, nothing else has changed. The City of London is still carrying out the hidden agenda of the City of London




George Bush Nailed It; Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Errrrrrr!



Not much sign of turmoil in a classroom which has just suffered a frenzied attack.

The Security Guard at the Parklands School, Florida, who failed to enter the school during an attack, to save the lives of the children, whom he had been paid to protect, has now, having been outed as a coward resigned, under a cloud.

This report struck a chord in my mind, which reverberated all the way back to the attack on Virginia Tech, reports of which I had heard live on the wireless. The big question at the time had been, “Why did the police wait for more than an hour, before entering the building?” This failure allowed the alleged killer enough time to kill thirty-three people before killing himself. So in fact the police presence served no purpose whatsoever, they did not even have to arrest the killer, whom they apparently picked out from amongst the other dead and wounded.








As in the recent attack in Florida, the police and others had been alerted to the fact that there was an alleged ‘loose cannon’, adrift in the Virginia Tech and yet they took no action. This wily Oriental, wisely carried out his slaughter using two hand-guns, one of them being a 9mm Glock and a tiny 0.22 pistol of some sort. He also found time to post a package of information to the ABC News office. The attack was carried out in two phases an hour apart, so the Police were extremely generous in their response. He would also have been obliged to re-load his pistols, which would have rendered him helpless, while in the middle of numerous students whom it would appear to have been incapable of taking advantage of this opportunity to disarm the diminutive Oriental.



The attack in Columbine set the standard for all of these future events, The Cops and SWAT teams appear to have held off for several hours, before entering the premises, when having managed to save nobody, they spent hours looking for dead and wounded, without calling in the Medics.


LITTLETON, Colo. — Laughing as they killed, two youths clad in dark ski masks and long black coats fired handguns at will and blithely tossed pipe bombs into a crowd of their terrified classmates Tuesday inside a suburban high school southwest of Denver, littering halls with as many as 23 bodies and wounding at least 25 others. The gunmen, embittered youths reportedly fascinated with paramilitary culture, kept police sharpshooters at a distance for more than four hours before they apparently used their guns on themselves.

The day’s horror mounted with unrelieved dread, a grim cascade that began with the startling clap of explosions and ended with a schoolhouse transformed into a tomb. No American high school has seen so much violent death at the hands of its own children – and late into the night, the day’s reckoning was not yet done.……..Police had pursued reports that a third suspect joined the two heavily armed assailants as they burst into the school building shortly after 11:30 a.m. and lobbed several explosive devices. But police later said the youth was not being sought as an accomplice, but was being questioned about the motives of the two dead suspects, whose weakness for dark fatigues and black clothes led many students to deride them as the “Trench Coat Mafia…….. One girl watched fellow students gunned down around her in the library, one after another. The gunman laughed as he fired, killing a girl next to the girl and then dispatching a boy nearby before aiming his gun at her.

“I begged him not to shoot me and he just put the gun in my face and he started waving it and said it was all because someone was mean to him last year,” said the survivor, identified only as “Judy” in a televised interview.


Yes indeed even the survivors tales have a familiar ring to them.

Why, one might wonder, were the Police, having been given reports of a third suspect, choose to ignore the reports and instead question the third suspect about the motives of the killers, how would he know what their motives might have been if he was not a part of the team.

This takes me all the way back to Sandy Hook, where two men were clearly filmed from a Helicopter, fleeing, into the woods from the Sandy Hook school, chased by a couple of cops. These men were caught and taken away in a Police car, eyewitnesses were filmed telling us of this series of events.

The only future reference to these two men, which I managed to dig out, suggested that one of them, worrying about the fate of his child, had entered the building through a window, and having found his daughter, alive and well, crouching inside a cupboard, he jumped out of the same window by which he had entered,  leaving his daughter behind and for some reason and fearing a negative reaction from the Police,  he legged it into the woods where he was captured and for all we know, executed to prevent him from letting us know that the school was empty. No future mention was ever made about the man who was arrested or the guy with him in the school and who ran into the woods with him. They were quite obviously thieves and did a plea bargain with the cops or were executed to shut them up, which would suggest their were no dead bodies in the school, which is what Occam’s Razor would suggest.

Meanwhile back in Columbine, we were told that the evil masked Goths, laughed as they tossed pipe bombs, which exploded amongst the terrified youngsters in the class. I can assure anybody, who may be tempted to waste their time making pipe bombs with freely available chemicals and sugar, that to simply “toss one” into a crowd and snigger as it explodes, is nothing more than fantasy and Fake News and it throws into doubt the rest of the tale as it was reported. It is quite difficult to explode a pipe bomb, without sophisticated electronic equipment, even then it is difficult, a fact which in past times has called many Police reports involving so-called “pipe bombs” into question.

After all of these events, there were strident calls for restrictions on gun ownership in the USA, this despite bucket loads of evidence that the FBI has armed and trained all of the so-called Muslim terrorists, whom have been blamed for past attacks, some, like the 1993 attack on the World Trade Centre, with recorded evidence of the FBI organising and arming the Arab ‘Patsies’ with the truck bomb, which they claimed to be fake, on record. With killers like the FBI in our midst we have urgent need of weapons with which to defend ourselves, as the day cannot be too far off when we will need them.

All of the above evidence would suggest to even a Young Sherlock Holmes, that the reason why the Security man in Florida and the cops at other events, did not react in a rapid response mode, is clearly because they were aware that there was no hurry, they had been expecting there to be gunshots and they waited patiently for the order to enter the premises, where the scene had been laid out in such a manner that the school kids actually witnessed nothing at all, while now familiar tales are related to the media by invited “witnesses.”

In Florida that day, there had been two Military Drills, one of them at the very moment the so-called “mad school-boy” struck, so why would the Security man, who would have been fully informed about these drills rush in?

The most common feature, not only in the few events which I have mentioned but in the vast majority of cases, is the evidence that the Police did not respond in the correct manner, but simply hung around outside waiting for the ‘all clear’ command. Another feature is the distinct shortfall in Ambulances at the scene of the crime and the dead bodies of children, left lying in their own blood overnight.

This happened at Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook and even in Nice, France and yet there is not a shred of evidence to show that after a train wreck, for example, that the medical staff simply left the scene, with parting words like those of Wayne Carver, the Medicine Man at Sandy Hook, that even though he had not checked out all the dead bodies in the school, to verify not even the number of boys and girls and that he intended to continue his investigation the following morning. Such is the consideration for the welfare and emotions of those families, awaiting news of their children.

In all of these cases, whether it be Muslim Terrorists or schoolboys on medicine, and whether in the United Kingdom, France or the United States, the perpetrators of these events are invariably, already under suspicion, which is the point which I have been attempting to understand, that is the difference between a ‘hoax’ and a ‘false flag,’ in a hoax nobody dies while in a false flag, many people may die, but who or whom is doing the killing, friend or foe?

When Israel carried out an attack against the USS Liberty, that would be a form of ‘false flag’ the intention being to lay the blame on Egypt, while in Florida, Nikolas Cruz, on finding himself in a school, where a friend explained that she thought of him, when she heard the sound of gunfire, fled the scene, having had a flash of inspiration, as to why he had been invited to play a part in a drill, he was picked up by Police, a long way from the scene, whom seemed to know exactly for who they were searching, If that is the case, it would be better, for all of us if nobody had died.

Wont Get Fooled Again! Yeh! Yeh! Yeh!

The above clip was the Blair and Bush response to an attack in New York, which was said to have been carried out by Osama Bin Laden, a friend of the Bush family and Saudi Arabian by Nationality.

They claimed that the New York attack had been planned and controlled from a luxurious, air-conditioned underground bunker in Afghanistan, where Al Qaeda had organised many training camps for terrorists.

 Not one of these claims proved to be correct, they were in fact lies, generating an excuse for the destruction of Afghanistan in order to seize control of the high quality opium, which was necessary to reduce millions of people across the world into prescription drug heroin addicts.

There was also the rarely discussed matter of the trillion dollars worth of Rare Earth metals and other resources, which were lusted after by those whom are eager to control all planetary resources. So you can see, there was a serious need of a “Puppet” government in Afghanistan. What a lucky break was 911.


Next in line was Iraq. There was no obvious evidence suggesting that Iraq had played any part in the 911 attack, however the American public, to this day believe Saddam Hussein to have carried it out. The controlled media convinced them of this idiocy.

Ever since Iraq had failed to subdue Iran in the NATO proxy war, Saddam was under threat of a sentence of death.  There was the small matter of huge Iraqi oil reserves to consider of course, which necessitated the installation of a “Puppet” government.

Iraq had been subjected to a blockade, similar to the blockade, which International Jewry had installed against Germany, during the generation of the excuse to destroy the original, “baddest man in the world” Adolf Hitler. As in Germany, where an estimated one million souls died as a result of this blockade, five-hundred thousand children were politically murdered in Iraq by the blockade.march-24-1933-daily-express-judea-declares-war-on-germany 1

At which point the world needed a change, so they elected Cameron in the UK “a pacifist, caring Jew” in France Nicolas Sarkozy a “belligerent” Jew and in the USA Obama, the son of a Jew, raised as a Muslim, whose “real” father was a Communist.

Obama is a man who was said to be bi-sexual but who appears to be married to a man, which would suggest he was a queer. Most importantly he was Black and all Black people are nice. So we are lead to believe. Why else would White people cry when he was elected?

Instead of leading us towards a peaceful world, another Jew George Soros, financed a caper called the Arab Spring,  which was an event, often referred to as a “crisis,” which another Jew called Emmanuel, in Obama’s team, told us should never be wasted, so the excuse to bomb the shit out of Libya, by the imposition of a No Fly Zone was dreamt up.

The brutal bombing which ensued destroyed the maximum amount of the infrastructure of Libya, reducing it to a wasteland, the brutal murder of Muammar Gadaffi, the theft of the Nations gold reserves, the seizure of the oil reserves and the vast natural water reserves,  the installation of a Rothschild Central Bank and….. a “Puppet” government. All of this lurking behind the claim that it was to avoid a massacre, which it was suggested was Gadaffi’s aim.

At this point you could be forgiven  for thinking that the average man in the street, or perhaps a bunch of those fabled caring women, might have sprung to the defence of the suffering people of the Middle East, but sadly,  you would be wrong, they do not appear to give a damn.

Their Jew leaders however,  kept the ball rolling by using exactly the same tactics which had been used to destroy Libya, against Bashar al Assad in Syria, yet another leader, loved by his people, by whom he has been repeatedly re-elected, in elections scrutinised by independent observers and found to have been fair and open,  which are ignored by our Jew leaders, who apparently prefer to destroy Syria, by sending in the ghouls, in order to install a “Puppet” government.

The entire Middle East is now in flames and still the Western Leaders are not satisfied, they must now ensure that all of their victims are given the necessary mountain of cash to pay for the trip to Europe, where they will find that they are not wanted, mainly because, most of them would appear to be Black and full of fight and according to one of them,  they have huge balls so they have to rape a “white whore” to calm them down.

In the middle of this ongoing train wreck, what are our Jew leaders up to, well that would be hounding a man, Ken Livingstone,  who dared to mention the name of one of their victims, Adolf Hitler.  Livingstone was sacked from the Socialist Party for his temerity and another person , a Muslim woman Member of Parliament, who fell into a Finkelstein trap, by retweeting one of his graphics,  suggesting there to be ample space in the USA for Israel, she was sacked even though the retweet was two years ago and at the time offended nobody, so, you might ask, who dug it out now and why?

During recent weeks there has been a virtual black-out of News from the Middle East on British and French TV. Despite this lack of information, it has become clear that NATO’s local madman, the Jew Erdogan, is attempting to install a safe zone in Syria, which is against International Law, while the USA is preparing a landing strip and other military installations in readiness for the soon to arrive troops, the “boots on the ground” which Obama assured us, on at least a dozen occasions, that he had no intention of sending  into Iraq or Syria.



All of the above should be considered as “False Flag” aggressive attacks against people whose only fault, was to live in an area which has been marked out by mad-men, as a zone of Biblical importance, necessary for the future construction of an International Tribunal, which is to be built-in Jerusalem on a spot which is currently occupied by a Muslim Shrine, under which the Jew occupiers of Jerusalem are already burrowing, in an effort to destroy it,  without criticism from the Jew politicians, who claim to have burst into tears at the very mention of the name of one of their victims.


The Truth About Theories And False Claims.




The Truth About Theories And False Claims


There is currently a truly bitter struggle taking place on-line, mainly on youtube. A dispute which demonstrates, graphically, the disparity between the claims which are made about 21st Century knowledge and technical achievement, and the absolute inability, despite the availability of all of this modern  knowledge and equipment, for champions of the status quo, to present any more evidence in support of their firmly held theory a “globe” earth, than are those  whom have come to “believe” in a flat earth.

This whole business is fascinating, it involves the so-called truth of science, versus the religious beliefs, of those whom quote the Bible, in support of their claims. It is frankly impossible to decide which of the two groups should be declared, in the “evolutionary” sense of the word, to be creationists.

However hard it may be to believe, there is no evidence, which has yet been delivered in support of the earth being a globe. It is in fact a theory. In support of this “theory” we are offered claims that it is a “scientific” theory, which is completely different from a mere “theological” theory, who knows why.

Everything in science, it turns out, is supported by one of these type of “scientific theories,” which I have been assured on numerous occasions to be so “near” to the truth as to be “almost” the truth, so it follows does it not, that they must be true? Well not for me or those whom actually seek the truth.

Before taking on the onerous task of discussing, not for the first time, the problem of these two theories, globe or flat earth, I watched a clip from a lecture addressing another theory, “The Holographic Universe.” What I was seeking was an idea as to how this subject was being approached by academia. I selected a clip of Leonard Susskind,  a well known Jew physicist, whom when still young, modelled himself on Albert Einstein. In current jargon, I believe that would be referred to as a Red Flag. Einstein has long been outed as a fraud.

Susskind was making all sorts of scientific claims, in support of his argument, every one of which, was in fact, pure rubbish, which is scientifically referred to as “theory” but which was being delivered with an air of having some sort of factual basis. This lecture was being delivered to University students, without maintaining an element of doubt as to the certainty of the theories being delivered.  While enduring this type of lecture, the claims simply go into your head uncensored.

I no longer accept anything on faith. This is why I am looking very carefully at the business of a Flat Earth, not because I am too bothered – because whatever it is it is – but because I do not take kindly to being constantly presented with total garbage, which should I refuse to accept,  I am referred to as a “Theorist,” the wrong sort of theorist for sure. This in keeping with the bastardisation of our language, we are expected to understand two meanings to the word theory, one being indisputable, while the other is ridiculed.

There are those whom suggest that we are being distracted by the discussion of a Flat Earth, by those whom are diligently destroying our way of life,  while watching and laughing at us take part in a useless discussion, with no possibility of either side producing the killer punch.

That is simply not true, because what has already happened, during the course of this debate, is a general acceptance that we did not go to the moon, for example. This is evident from the lack of photographic evidence of the earth itself, taken from the moon or indeed on the way to the moon.  The Moon rocks were fossilised wood readily available on earth.

There is not one example of a photograph of the planet earth, from space,  in existence.  Should you find one for me I would  be more than willing to apologise for my claim, which I make having spent hours on-line in search of such an image. Many claims are made and links provided but no real photograph only composites.

The alleged genius Einstein, gave us no proofs, only theories. Every time he ran into trouble with one of his theories, he produced yet another theory to correct the problem. In order to prove the theory of gravity, he was obliged to produce the theory of relativity, without which gravity does not conform to the theory which we are expected to believe.

So one theory is supported by another theory, neither of which are in any way supported by fact and this is the sort of ammunition which is used against the theory of a Flat Earth.

Susskind was no different, he was making use of the theory of Black Holes, to illustrate the theory that information cannot be destroyed. He explained exactly how a Black Hole functions, even as the debate about the very existence of Black Holes continues to be debated, it is apparently very much like an external Hard Drive, that’s right we are now in the realm of an external Hard Drive replacing the tape recorder as an illustration of the continued existence of information, even as it theoretically flows into a Black Hole.

Do you see where I am going with this? Susskind is a propagandist, he is leading us to believe what it has been decided we should believe,  either in the absence of truth or indeed to hide the truth.

The only truth, in which you can place your trust or belief, is in what you see around you. Not the City or the traffic, but in a quiet place in the country-side, that is where truth is to be found. A place where you can watch the ants and spiders and hear the birds singing and catch a glimpse of a Deer in the distance, that is truth. While involved in that experience there is nothing else in the world that matters, you have to physically return to that mess.

I have a dozen cats. I have just experienced the annual Cat Wars. My big ginger Tom Cat is covered in blood and his ears have been ripped and torn, while he endeavours to fight off the daily attacks from itinerant Tom Cats, following the scent of available sex, back to my cats who are on heat.

Even the litte sister of my big Tom has been ritually raped by several Toms and she displays numerous traces of the bites which are used to make sure she sits still while being raped. This is a whole civilisation living right under our noses, delivering  an almost unseen view of the rituals of Wild Cats.

The other cats never relax, sometimes a strange Tom will jump on to the table, on which I feed them,  to eat with them, they all flee in panic, even big Ginger. All of the wild Toms are my cats, they all know me, so they will approach, but they never stay, they have chosen to live in the wild.

My Blue Beauty.

This is one of mine, he vanished with his mother long ago, what a beauty? This Morning, by accident, I found out where this fella had been hiding out, god knows how he made the trip back.


Sometimes I take a pee in the garden. One day I noticed that it was the day when all of the ants in the garden fly away. As they were emerging from their nests, I noticed that my pee was raining down on them like brimstone from the heavens. I quickly redirected the flow.

There is some internal signal, which,passes between the colonies, which on a particularly humid day, delivers an order,  that they should sprout their wings and fly away. I watched enthralled as the wings sprouted in front of me and the ants flew away to who knows where.

I began to wonder about these events, my cats and the ants, and of course the birds in the trees and the boars digging my garden. What could they all see that gave them their own particular vision of reality.

Did they believe themselves to be in some matrix of their own, with mechanical devices, which we perceived as wings? I was simply having a pee, thinking about their existence, did they, I pondered, ever wonder about mine, could they see me and what did they make of me was I no more than a bigger insect?

I could have a theory about this facet of our alleged holographic universe and the ants relationship with Black Holes, should I so choose, or I could simply dismiss it all as a waste of time and continue with the relatively unimportant chores, with which I was occupied, when I found myself to be in need of taking a holographic pee.

The unanswered questions are surprising and what is more, instead of simply ignoring them as being silly, it may well prove to be more intelligent to look into them, whether it be to prove, as you have been educated to believe that the Earth is a globe or indeed some other shape.

There is no doubt about it we have been deliberately encouraged to believe certain things which it is perfectly clear are total lies. There are no two ways about it, events such as 7-7 in London, were never properly investigated. The most horrific attack ever carried out in the UK and there was not the slightest attempt made to dig out the masterminds behind it. The perpetrators were already being identified, long before any evidence had been produced which even pointed towards them.

People whom had lost their feet, as the bomb blasts roared up through the floor of the train, were not even called to give evidence at an Inquest held after the attacks.  Nobody had seen a backpacker.

What should be asked, with great urgency, is how far up the chain of command these irregular sinister crimes can be traced. Did Blair the man who refused an inquiry or indeed any investigation other than the staged claims made against four young Muslim lads, order that there should be no proper investigation, to save his own skin or to obfuscate the identities of those shadowy characters who have total control of idiots like his good self and the fact that the real power rests in the heart of the City of London?

The number of “theories” with which we have presented is endless and we have been pressurised into believing them. Should you doubt that, explain to yourself,  why those around you may believe that CO2 is a green house gas, and that it has some sort of magical effect on the weather and that if we all cough up a little bit more tax, our leaders can solve the problem.  Sounds fishy to me. 


The Ongoing Battle Of Sandy Hook.

A woman for whom I once had respect Deanna Spingola, has disintegrated into a babbling idiot in her efforts to prove that twenty-six adults and children, really did die in a massacre, which she continues to claim was perpetrated by a drug crazed half-wit, called Adam Lanza, in order to pass the blame for the outrage in the direction of Big Pharma.

It would appear that she now has the support of the boss of Republic Broadcasting Network, John Stadtmiller, in her efforts. However she resolutely refuses to give any adequate response to many of the anomalies which simply do not add up.

She has just claimed, in response to a question from a caller, who suggested that the violent deaths of  twenty-six people in a classroom would have spilt so much blood that any first responder would have been obliged to walk through this blood, leaving bloody foot-prints everywhere they walked. Spingola immediately contradicted his claim with her own claim that there was indeed blood everywhere inside and outside the school.

Well I have personally seen not a spot of blood anywhere near Sandy Hook, however in response to her claim, I have just carried out a swift search.  The first link was in fact towards the good old Daily Mirror, which was part of the Jew Robert Maxwell’s Empire, the headline offered chilling new photographs, from Sandy Hook.

Inside the school itself,  everything looked perfectly normal, the only sign of a problem was a broken plate-glass window, with granules of glass on a bench. Not a trace of blood anywhere.

 I have already looked through the photographs in the Police report, which Spingola tells us she supports, which were taken inside the school, images in which Spingola can see evidence of blood everywhere, blood which stubbornly remains invisible to the rest of us, in the manner of the photographs which showed us the “horror” inside the Charlie Hebdo office, which showed no more than a half-open door into the room where the alleged shooting took place, with no sign of blood and most certainly not a trace of a bullet hole anywhere.

She totally ignored the same callers question about the man who ran out of the school into the woods, with the Police in full pursuit, by suggesting that because the helicopter, which filmed the event, was not overhead at the time that the questioner suggested it to have been, there was no reply necessary.

On a recent programme,with a co-presenter, she tackled the question of the Crisis Actors, involved in the Sandy Hook event. Her chum, offered very little hard evidence in support own his claims, choosing instead to refer to those with another point of view, as outright liars.

Between them they spent several minutes excusing Robbie Parker, who became an Inter-Web sensation because of the humorous conversation he was involved in, while waiting for his turn to take the micro-phone, on CNN, and the efforts he was obliged to use to wipe the smile off of his face.

Sadly, Spingola refuses to respond to the possibility of the existence of a completely different Robbie Parker, who has been identified in Utah. Never mind, there is still the question of his daughters.  We were told, in response to questions of the truthfulness of his daughter Emilie’s alleged death, when a child, the spitting image of Emilie, suddenly appeared on Barack Obama’s knee, that it was in fact,  Emilie’s little sister and that the reason she was wearing the same dress as had Emilie in a family photograph, was because they had bought two dresses at the same time.

Emilie and her two sisters 001




Parker family with Obama


parker-family-pic 2

Take a look a these photographs of the Parker family.  You see three children. Emily is wearing the dress which you see the child wearing in the photograph with Obama.  She is quite obviously much taller than the younger child in the family photograph.  I have children and I can tell you for nothing,  I would never have bought a dress for such a small child, which would be the right size, some time in the future.

That aside, the child with Obama is how old, would you suggest, six years old maybe? So why did this growth spurt not occur in Emily, who should now be at least two years older than the child in the photo, which would suggest that she could not still be six years old.

Republic Broadcasting Network is now adopting the role of the False Flag debunker.  I have no problem with that, just so long as they do not try to deny me the right to demand my own questions.  RBN is now suggesting, that to look into these alleged hoax incidents is a sign that I am  “controlled opposition,” working for the government, simply because I find it hard to believe what I am offered by the mainstream media.

My attitude to Sandy Hook was a belief that should it have taken place at all, it was real, simply because no government would dare to kill little children, just in case it came out that they had been involved.  While watching the footage I had no notion that what I was watching was not being faithfully reported.

I now find that there are no explanations for any of the events of that sad day.  No blood, a daft Coroner, no sign of a large number of ambulances on their way to hospital, ridiculously contrived grieving family members and now to cap the whole thing off, the suggestion that we should simply take the word of the Police Reports.

Yet despite that,  to suggest that FEMA, would never carry out a drill in any school without the support of the parents as some sort of proof, is a nonsense, because all of the evidence suggests that the school was empty, so no complicity with any parents would have been necessary.

To ignore the men who were chased by the Police, whether the helicopter came at this hour or that hour, is stupid, those men were in the school. Who were they? What were they doing in the school? Why did they run? Were they there when Lanza arrived? Do you get the picture?  If the police ignored all of this,  there is something going on.

We only need expose one of these hoax attacks, to bring down the government, whether anyone was killed or not.  RBN is suggesting that the Governments involved would not be so stupid as to leave so many clues lying around, which generate this continual cry of False Flag, other than to deliberately occupy our minds with rubbish, through the use of youtube and other on-line facilities, which they are making freely available, if we were actually on the right track.

Therefore we are all under control. So does that mean that the those like the daft coroner were telling the truth about leaving dead children lying in their own blood while he went home,  while parents must surely have been there waiting for news of their dead children?

 However none of that explains why Spingola spends so much of her time slagging off Fetzer and Holbig,  both of whom I ignore anyway and yet she refuses to explain, simple things like how all the children were evacuated from the school. In fact she is displaying all of the usual traits of the spoiler.

I have heard her offer nothing other than hearsay, which she has been denouncing as worthless for years on other subjects. The usual “man on the bus” told her that Adam Lanza did not like bright lights, hah ha she thought, that reminds me of Robin Williams, he is claimed to have had a problem with bright lights, just before he committed suicide and he was on psychotropic drugs, so that means Lanza was and its all a conspiracy of that ol’ Big Pharma, to avoid any implication in all of these shootings. Talk about garbage and John Stadtmiller allowed her to getaway with it.

I give up. Make up your own mind.

The Connivance Of Jews On The Left And Right, Thwart The Peoples Fair Choice.

The Jew Leaders of  the two main Political Parties in France, Nicolas Sarkozy’s UMP, now called the Republicans’ and François Hollande’s Socialist Party, collaborated in order to deny Marine Le Pen’s National Front their deserved victory in certain Regions of France, in last week-ends Regional Elections.

In what passes for Democracy in modern-day France, two political parties, both of which have Jews as leaders, both of whom are and were President of France and both of whom will probably be running against one another in next years Presidential election, are now conspiring together, to make sure that “normal” democratic principles do not apply to any Party of which they disapprove.

François Hollande, the least liked President, ever to hold the office in France,  used his control of the French media, to announce his intention of withdrawing Socialist candidates from certain key constituencies, in the recent election and suggested that those votes should go to Nicolas Sarkozy, the man who had held the title of most hated President in French history, before Hollande plumbed new depths of hatred, from the somewhat passive French people, to manipulate the result of Democratic Elections.

This form of manipulation is permissible as long as it is being used against The National Front, because as is the state of affairs across Europe, the Jew controlled media has used whatever form of propaganda necessary to present the Front, or any other Nationalist Party,  as being Racist and of course nobody wants to be Racist, do they? So go back to sleep, we have saved you from a fate worse than death. Trust us and obey.

Well no, don’t go back to sleep, wake up. If they can get away with a manipulation like that, with the complicity of the Media, can you ever trust the result of any future election in France?  Believe me there are already many people asking the simple question, “How could Hollande have possibly increased his share of the vote, in view of his abysmal performance in recent times, including his calls for all out attacks against Iran and Syria?”

There is no answer to that, there were after all many other candidates standing for election, most of whom are sadly virtually unknown to the general public, because it is well understood that only the Big Boys get any media attention in a truly Democratic State.

I am being approached by more and more people, whom have never considered themselves to be Racist but who are now expressing their fear of the future and are admitting that they will be opting for the Front, next time around.

They are afraid of the ongoing expansion of zones which are being dominated by Muslim immigrants, who make no attempt to integrate, they are in fact opposed to integration.

They complain that all groups are allowed to construct their own exclusive neighbourhoods, Blacks, Arabs, Vietnamese, Chinese, Jews etc. but not White French people, should they attempt to exclude others, they are called Supremacists.

They are not ignorant of the fact that in Morocco or Algeria, there are a limited number of White French Ghettos, while in France certain Cities, will soon have a majority of Arab Muslims, calling for the installation of Charia Law, a doctrine which is truly a tract from the Dark Ages.

They have on the other hand, very little understanding of exactly how this problem arose in the first place. Education in France as in the United Kingdom, offers very little in the way of explanation of the disastrous  results of Colonialism,  disastrous for the French people, that is, not for the Colonial Rulers themselves,  they are now using the excuse of Colonialism to destroy Europe.

You are now being presented as the scum of the earth by the all-powerful Jew controlled media, on film, radio, television, newspapers and advertising of all description.  You will very soon be as dead as a Dodo.  Should you for one minute think that this is hyperbole, check it out for yourself.

However hard it may be to believe, as a result of overwhelming propaganda, the White Boers in South Africa, were the indigenous people.  They were in an empty country for many years, before the Black immigrants started to arrive, looking for a life just a shade easier than that of a Hunter Gatherer.

Despite efforts by the Boers, to place some sort of restriction on this immigration, world opinion and Sanctions and boycotts of their produce, eventually forced them to hand the results of their labour, into the hands of the Bolshevik Jews, who had previously controlled and funded the terrorism of Mandela and the African National Congress, which has now set themselves up as virtual tyrants, in the New South Africa, the world leader in rape and murder.

The reality for the  Indigenous people has been a  White Genocide, the most dangerous job in the world right now, is that of a White African Farmer, more than thirty-thousand of whom have been brutally tortured and murdered by marauding Blacks. This tally includes women and small children. Apart from the farmers a further fifty-thousand Whites have been victim of the same savagery.

For those whom choose to reject what I am saying, check out the crime figures across Europe, you will find for example, that in France per head of the population there is 700% more of the crime, including rapes, carried out by immigrants than is committed by French White people.   What do you expect to happen to Whitey, should those whom have been terrorised by the French/Jewish/British Empire, take control?

The answer is quite simple, they will react according to their perception of the guilt or otherwise of those whom have destroyed them.  That would be us and we are allowing the slaughter, over there,  to continue, by voting again and again, in blind stupidity for those whom are intent on wiping us out, we are calling for and paying for our own destruction.

As in France, the last General Election in the United Kingdom was between two Jews.  We are obliged to pretend that we did not even notice that reality. Never mind the fact that all three of the Party Leaders in that election were Jews and many of those whom sat alongside them in the House of Commons, were Jews.  The Mayor of London is a Jew, in  the upcoming Mayoral election he will be opposed by another Jew.  The Governor of the Bank of England is a Jew. The Finance Minister is a Jew.

None of this matters of course any more than the fact that the two Tories whom were forced to resign for bullying which lead to a suicide,  were also Jews.  Ask yourself the simple question, should it be described as anti-Semitism for questioning this reality?  When the day comes that all of the positions which I have just mentioned are filled by Muslims, will you find that acceptable? If the answer is yes, that is fine, if the answer is no, what are you prepared to do to save your country from destruction?

The Jews, who went into Palestine in 1947, went in with guns blazing. They used terror tactics to drive out the indigenous Peoples.  They then invited overwhelming numbers of Jews into their conquered land and have,  ever since persecuted the remnants of the original inhabitants.

The cousins of these same Jews, who refer to themselves as Friends of Israel, are the very folk who are inviting, overwhelming numbers of Muslims into Europe. Merkel, the so-called leader of Europe, is not even German, she is a Polish Jew and she hates Germany, a country which, during her time in office has been saturated with Muslims.

Europe as far North as the Arctic Circle as far South as Spain and as far West as Ireland has had hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees dumped on their shores and even those States without enough money to satisfy the needs of its own people are expected to pay for the results of the wars of those States, which are wholly controlled by Jews.  WHY?

In the United Kingdom David Cameron, the Jew Prime Minister chose to ignore the calls of the vast majority of the British people not to bomb Syria.  Sadly Cameron is as controlled as are the rest of the sitting Jews, his orders come direct from the City of London, so off he went on yet another killing spree in the name of the British people, claiming to be doing what is right.


There is no refuge left for the diminishing number of White people. Africa is reserved for Muslims and Blacks, while Europe, The United States, New Zealand , Canada, Australia, are a free for all. Israel has of course closed off its borders, allowing no immigration, apart from Jews fleeing a Europe which is rapidly becoming Islamist.  Even Black Jews are bussed out of Israel, they are referred to as “Infiltrators.”

Where, you might ask, will all of this end?  Sadly it will end in disaster.  If you are White and reading this post, be sure you are already a target. The fact that you have never served in the military, or persecuted anybody in your entire life, makes no difference, the Jews have decided that you must be obliterated.

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists. Make no mistake about it, we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed – not deconstructed but destroyed.”

– Noel Ignatiev, Harvard University & Massachusetts College of Art Professor

You in your wisdom may find it acceptable that a Jew can make such a statement, calling for a genocide of the White Race, in the manner that they once called for the complete annihilation of the German people, without fear of arrest for pure racism or of indeed of any concerted response from the White target of this scandalous attack.

Well take it from me this man is a shit. He is part of a team which down through the years has been propagating a climate of hate against White people. He, along with others, is now attempting to turn Muslims against Whites, while Israel skulks in the shadows, training and controlling Daech, the team which was set up to provoke a fear of Islam and as an excuse for world-wide False Flag attacks,  designed to turn Whites against Muslims, a deal with which our elected Jew politicians are falling over themselves to comply.

Speaking personally, I have no fear of saying that I believe immigration should be modified in a fair manner to protect the rights of the indigenous people. Incomers will always vote, not for the best person for the job, but for one of their own kind.  This may be considered to be Democratic, but not for me. I suggest you stuff that sort of Democracy otherwise we will all find ourselves in the situation as are the Palestinians and the Whites in South Africa, where there is no sign of fairness or justice but an awful lot of fear.

Turkey Is The Latest Patsy To Carry The Can For The Zionist Demons.

Not one of the carefully selected leaders of the member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) would dare to take any unilateral action, which might cause deleterious reactions on the perceptions of the public at large, on the general behaviour and intentions of the group itself.

The recent attack on a Russian aircraft, by Turkey, which is under the control  of a Sabaean, Erdogan, is the perfect example of presenting a crisis to take every bodies eye off the ball. The ball of course being, how do the Western powers extricate themselves from the results of their behaviour in Syria and their lies and deception about Daech.

Vladimir Putin has exposed the lies of NATO and their illegal operation in Syria, which was, quite clearly, not to save the Syrian people from a Dictator, with the evidence and proof,  of other empty claims of the same “good-natured” act, still festering all across the region and while sheltered by NATO paid murderers, of the ghouls in Turkey have been stealing Syrian oil and selling it,  for the profit of the Erdogan family and other NATO criminals.

In a recent statement, John Kerry had the face to claim that US fighter bombers, having failed, during the past twelve months,  to detect three-mile long convoys of tanker trucks, heading for Turkey, from the refineries of Syria, had bombed and destroyed those convoys and refineries which had in fact just been taken out by Russia. Such are the lies and deceptions of the West.

This is all part of an enormous effort to cover up the criminality of the Western Alliance, which even in the midst of the horror which they deliberately initiated and continued against Syria, they simply cannot resist the lure of easy money.

Lurking behind all of this nonsense is the fear that the Big Lie of Daech will be exposed for what it is. We will not be treated to a Beau Geste type battle in the sand, with the glamorous Men in Black of Daech showing us all what valiant fighters they are, the top boys have already left for Israel, leaving the rank and file to their fate.

The problem will be that when Russia and the Syrian forces have run Daech out of Syria, without a helping hand from the “Alliance,” how are they going to convince the World that Daech is still a threat to our freedoms, which will cost a fortune to resolve and obligate the necessity of closing down the internet and forcing the world to accept, Martial Law. At which point,  along will stroll the New World Order to save us from their manufactured chaos.

Sadly, Democracy is not controlled by those whom care enough about the state of the world, to dig out voices in the wilderness, like my own, to try and change things.  We are all Democratically controlled by people who would be shocked by my stuff, some of my readers would, most probably agree with them, however, it is necessary to say something, however in coherent, in defence, not of our freedoms alone but of our very existence.

In Paris there is a Climate Change taking place. There is blanket support for the claims which are being made in support of forcing us to stop driving, to close down power stations and to introduce a Carbon Tax, which will be calculated using a ridiculous idea of measuring the amount of C02 generated during the production of stuff like a loaf of bread and charging us for it. To a simpleton like me that would suggest that the poor will be forced buy only those foods which are tax-free. How will that change the weather?

All of the claims, which are being made will result from Climate Change, which is code for the “weather” are bad. High winds, heavy rainfall, hurricanes, rising sea levels, even erosion of the coast of England, which has been a feature of life in the UK for centuries, is as a result of sea levels which “will” rise as a result of Climate Change.  None of this is ever questioned. The mainstream media is one hundred per-cent in lock step with the foreseers  of doom.

No so-called scientist has ever produced a link proving that higher levels of CO2 are responsible for warming. On the other hand, it is well established by the entire scientific community, that CO2 is essential for plant growth. During the recent period of slightly elevated levels of CO2, which is normal, AFTER a period of warming, which all of the evidence shows, even the Sahara Desert has a fifteen per-cent increase in vegetation.

I have just heard one of the organisers of a demonstration, in London calling for the governments of the World, to take the measures necessary to reduce CO2 emissions to acceptable levels.  She was in favour of getting rid of cars, and insisting folk used only Public transport or walked.   The whole nine yards of propaganda in fact.

The final question which she was asked was, “How Green are you?” Honest to God I am still laughing at what she said. She always carries a string bag, she walks wherever she can? She has a car which she rarely uses,  when she flies, she always goes on budget airlines and when she was recently in San Francisco, she was considered to be a sort of criminal, when she was seen walking somewhere.

Honestly I write a lot, but I would be hard pressed to come up with such a load of tosh off the top of my head.

This CO2 business annoys me, because there is so little of in the atmosphere and so little of it is caused by man, that even should the earths population cease to excrete or fabricate CO2 completely, it would make not a jot of difference to the weather.  That is a fact.  There is NO evidence that it causes Global anything, apart from growth in the soil.

If all the lying fiends in Paris, went home and forgot all about Global Climate Change, we would all just get on with our lives and nothing would happen to the weather.  On the other hand,  serious steps should be taken to reduce pollution, which people perceive, through propaganda, to be implicated in the alleged Climate Change, which is quite wrong.


Do you get the picture?  Both of these subjects are treated as being fact by TV News Channels. They have been telling us for years that the UK Security Forces have uncovered and stopped, 3 or 5 or 7 terrorist threats, depending who is speaking, without any evidence in support of the claims, which are aimed at maintaining the level of public fear.

Cameron who is calling for the right to bomb Syria, to help NATO and the US cover up their complicity in the deliberate act of avoiding bombing a non-existent Daech, which would have entailed bombing their own people, including Israelis, which they were reluctant to do.  The Alliance is now scurrying around trying to conceal their disgusting behaviour.

Turkey, through which Alliance members,  have all been arming the Terrorists, using different group names, to confuse the feeble-minded, has been selected to carry the can.  Cameron throughout his claims to want to destroy Daech, has continued to fund them, pretending to be arming the good guys,  until Putin let the cat out of the bag and exposed to the world, the fact  that there are no good guys in Syria, at the same time de-bunking the myth of Daech, while Uncle Sam, whimpered about him only bombing the good guys.

There is now chaos in the UK Parliament, centred around the phantom group, in Syria, which Cameron knows full well does not exist,  which having been accused of carrying out,  what has been received by all but the Mainstream Media as a False Flag attack in Paris, which Hollande instantly used as an excuse to start to pretend to bomb Daech in Syria, as he, along with the US has been pretending to do, to no avail, for twelve months.

There is at this moment a huge “damage limitation” operation going on in Syria, to obscure the devious and murderous campaign, which has been carried out against Assad by the Alliance.

The Paris attack in particular – which was supposedly carried out by a group, under the control of an adorable looking little  chap, who was a well-known clown, who laughed a lot, was not at all religious, who smoked dope and drank wine – has so many holes in the explanation, which we were obliged to believe,  appears to have been set up to generate an excuse to bomb Syria and  that as with the 7-7 attack in London, which was quite obviously, without any doubt whatsoever, a military operation, will lead to years of argument in France and attacks against those whom organised it.




There are Socialist Members of Parliament in the United Kingdom, whom are claiming to be voting with their “conscience” in favour of bombing Syria, while François Hollande is using the fact that a couple of people, are said to have shouted “this is for Syria” which suggests that doing what the French did in Syria, invites a retaliation from the “terrorists” and which generates another outrage by the French, which will inspire yet another Paris attack. Or on the other hand,  is Cameron in the loop as they say, knowing full well that the Paris attack was a fraud, so he has no worry about reprisals.

Labour Party supporters should be taking note of the Old New Labour brigade, still in the Shadow Cabinet, whom despite having supported the War Criminal Blair, when he was ordered to kick off the whole grisley business in the Middle East and who is still worried about his future, while waiting for the results of the Chilcot Inquiry, are prepared to send the Air Force of the United Kingdom, to illegally bomb Syria. Syria has done nothing to the UK, which has been carrying out a subversive terrorist war, against Syria, illegally, for four years. Get the f**k out of there!

There is also, the now almost forgotten taking down of the Russian Airliner over Sinai.  There are those who, as do I,  believe that the coincidence of combined aerial manoeuvres,  by all the guilty parties, NATO and Israel, taking place no more than twenty miles from where the Russian plane was shot down, has now been buried by the taking down of yet another Russian aircraft and the alleged terrorist attack in Paris and who knows what on earth has become of the Immigration crisis?




What’s Going On?

The White Race is being deliberately smeared, unjustly, by the heinous acts of The Lords of War and their minions in “Democratically?” elected Western governments. Europe is now accepting refugees from across the Middle East and North Africa, who are being presented with an open door in every country in the European Union, which was set-up and is controlled by those whom created this refugee problem in the first place. Can we expect a show of mercy from these folk?

There have been no mistakes made in the Middle East and North Africa, the continuing slaughter has been long in the planning. Every death or mutilation has been to order.The results of these butcheries is now coming home to roost.

The UK and its murderous allies in NATO, have no compunction whatsoever about continuing the blood-letting. As during the First Great War, the “Allies” quite deliberately allowed the genocide to continue until they had achieved all of their aims.

Having allowed the “cannon fodder” barely enough time to catch their breath, they continued their agenda, with World War Two,  which included the theft of Palestine and the destruction of the German people and thus was laid the foundation of the desire of the Zionists, to claim the entire Middle East as their domain, from which to rule us all, we are about to allow this desire to come to fruition.

The Peoples of Europe have never experienced this much vaunted “White Privilege,” as is claimed by those of other Races, we have in fact hardly known a moment’s peace, when our children were not being despatched over-seas to fight for their lives against people with whom they had no quarrel.

Millions of Whites are still living in squalor, forced, as are those in Third World countries, to rely on the charity of the State, unable to grow as much as a bunch of carrots to eat, to sustain the health of their children, having had all of the available land, “privatised” into the claws of the Elite, whom have no better use for it than to hunt and destroy Nature.

The British, as is usual when there is dirty work to be done, have a group of Jews in control of things.  Listening to George Osborne calling Bashar al Assad  “brutal” and “demonic,” is nothing short of  disgusting and way short of reality and the truth.  Assad has far less blood on his hands than have both of the main political parties in the UK, whom, not to mention, Korea,Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and now Iraq, Somalia, Libya, Syria and Yemen, also formed a coalition with the great beast Joe Stalin during World War Two.

A General from Portsmouth, I believe he is called Russell Parry, has just claimed Assad’s regime to be like that of  Hitler and I am quite sure he was not suggesting that Assad was a nice character, however this is hyperbole gone wild.  Assad did nothing to justify what is now taking place in his country.

During limited demonstrations, during the contrived “Arab Spring” which were built up out of all proportion by the Western media, paid mercenaries opened fire on the police from behind the crowds, provoking a response, during which a few people “may” have been killed by either side.

This is exactly for what corrupt journalists, like those from Sky News, were waiting. That is about all they can claim against Assad. The claims that he used gas was debunked by the UN and the rest is just unsupported crap. No mention is ever made of Mossad interference in Syria, in order to produce this excuse for war.

Even as the destruction of Syria is ongoing, the plans are being laid to deliver the same barbarous onslaught on to Lebanon, as if they have not already suffered enough.  We must remember that parts of Lebanon have been book-marked for Greater Israel.  Are we all going to stand by and watch this happen. Is it not time to put a stop to the desires of the Zionists?

Is it not time to allow the Syrian people to take care of their own affairs?  Who are the British to continually interfere in the political systems of others.  Why is Cameron still continuing his calls for war, even as Europe is being deluged with the results of his wars. Make no mistake about it ISIS is working for the Zionists.  In Libya the so-called “Free Libya Army” spoke English amongst themselves.

The “stooges” are now telling us that the British people are calling for more immigrants, well who are these British people, are they perhaps the same British people who took to the streets against the war in Iraq, or are they no more than those “ghostly” British people in whose name unacceptable decisions can be justified?

Whatever the truth of all this, the UK is in a strangle-hold of a group of people, which is working towards an eventuality, which will not benefit the British people. The government, the Bank of England, the City of London, Greater London are all controlled by this group.

It may have escaped the notice of the British, that while they have a man, Jeremy Corbyn, a member of the Fabian Society, which is under the control of the Bankers, whom is being spoken of as being “too different” you can be sure that he is a plant.  He has been given too much publicity simply for being Jeremy Corbyn.  While across the Atlantic, we have exactly the same situation with Donald Trump, who is in fact an Oligarch well drenched in connections to the Zionists. He too is being “too different.”  What I wonder, is going on here?

One thing is certain, when the bombs start to go off in the West, to excuse more blood sacrifices and IS/Daech is presented as the culprits, as was the other controlled group Al Qaeda, be warned they will be most probably, False Flags,  as have been most of the other “terrorist” attacks.








The Holographic Theory And The Destruction Of Reality.


In the above clip, the marvellous Ned Beatty, explains to Mr Beale exactly how the world works and always has worked,  ever since we crawled out of the swamp.

Beatty portrays a corrupt American politician who presents, in concise terms, the aims of the Zionist dream of a world without war, with a population of zombies who have nothing better to do than to eat, defecate and buy, buy, buy, whatever new string of pearls with which they are presented, all of it controlled from the Jewish Supreme World Capital of Jerusalem.

Having delivered in “Network” what must be the most lucid exposition of the reality of the present or indeed the coming, New World Order, Beatty was the perfect choice to play the role of yet another corrupt American Politician, in the film “Shooter.”   A film which like “Network,” gave the impression of having been made for no better reason than to give us a glimpse behind the scenes as to  how the World really works.

Swagger, the Sniper, was taking revenge for the murder of his “Buddy,” under orders from the Senator, to cover up the actuality of an illegal war, such as the illegal Iraq attack. An event which has now given us the “true” tale of “American Sniper,” who was himself,  in real life,  “taken out,” as was the Snipers buddy in “Shooter,” life imitating art.

This is what interests me at the moment.  Which of these events is in fact, fiction and which  “real life?”  The modern world would appear to be jam-packed with these conundrums.  We have become accustomed to calling them “False Flags.” The real American Sniper, whom has himself been killed, could well be no more real than the Sniper in Shooter.

Even a I write this post, which I was prompted to do, by an off the cuff remark on Sky News, this morning, suggesting that Vladimir Putin, as did Adolf Hitler, in past times, have a desire to conquer the world, or some such nonsense, which in previous tales was the excuse to kick off World War Two, surely to God the same pretext could not be resurrected as the excuse to blame Putin and launch WW3? So was this remark directed at me, as part of my programme for today, or was it totally innocuous?

There is yet another event taking place in Denmark, similar to the attack in Paris on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, which to me, was such a blatant fraud as to be nonsensical,  I have already posted a video clip, showing quite clearly that the whole event was filmed at least twice, in order to present a believable, “chance” filming of the incident.

Now, as in Paris, the Danish Police have already killed the man, who was known to them, what a surprise.  How could it be possible to deduce the identity of the villain within hours and kill him out of hand, should it have been a chance attack?

More seriously who on earth allowed these prats to advertise that  “those who demand the right to mock the Prophet but not the Jews,”  were going to hold a meeting, demanding their right to free speech,  in a place which offered the possibility of an attack. I smell a rat already.

In terms of  current Quantum Theory, which suggests that we are all part of a vast, or maybe not so vast, Hologram, this would seem to suggest that while I am being “played” to believe in the possibility of multiple conspiracies,  others are being played as mere non-discriminatory receivers of  blatant propaganda, while in reality, there is no difference between us, we are all merely avatars in a “game-bubble,” with no control over our actions and while I believe one version of events others believe the opposite and we are both right.

Those whom believe as I do, that there is verifiable evidence of foul play,  by those whom have a desire to become “Kings of the World,” which shows,  how through the use of advertising techniques or propaganda, call it what you will,  they have implanted certain false beliefs, which have now become, in some way religious, into the minds of children in the classroom, which lead ultimately to a lifetime of false perceptions, which they will retain until their dying day,  yet we, are just as seriously deceived as is everybody else. We are all being fed the same story-line, which we  perceive as reality, we simply perceive in a different manner.

This concept is difficult to get your head around as it would suggest that there is nobody, playing a role in our perception of life, who is in fact speaking for themselves and it calls into question every decision we have ever made.

I am quite sure that we have all, at one time or another, come into contact with a person, with whom we have had no previous connection and yet we spot them and look at them a second time, for no good reason.  I will relate one such experience.

I was working on a festival, with a huge crowd of people walking past, all of them strangers and in  the middle of the crowd I saw somebody who took my attention.  They walked on by and that was all.  However, later in the afternoon I was tapped on the shoulder and I looked around to see the person whom had caught my attention.

They bought one of my pieces and asked whether I would be prepared to make something to their design, I said no problem and told them where they could find me.

Several months later, while drinking a coffee, in a Bar, with my daughter, who was fond of  Horoscopes and who having checked my sign, told  me that today I could expect to meet someone who would completely change my life and sure enough the person whom I had previously met turned up,  out of the blue, with their design, about which I had in fact completely forgotten.  And sure enough my life was completely changed.

Does this mean that I had already received a message from my programmer, that I would be seeing more of this person in the future?   Or on the other hand could it be that they came, by sheer chance un-announced, out of thin air as did my dog?

I can recall several instances of the same thing and I am quite sure I have forgotten many others. So what are we to make of this?

For example, should we be no more than holographic images, being “radio controlled” by game players in another dimension, with just enough hardware built into us to allow us to function, it calls into question every aspect of life.

It would render meaningless the Theory of Evolution and in some way justify the existence, somewhere,  of a personage, who is not only controlling us but watching over our every move, just as we were taught at school was the job of our Guardian Angel or God.

(Sadly the video which was posted here has been censored by youtube and I may well have my channel taken down again. I have no idea why this should be happening, it was only a couple of minutes and I took it from another clip on youtube and the same clip is available all over youtube, so there must be another reason.)  Maybe this link will work.


Or maybe this one



Ever since watching the BBC documentary, which showed quite clearly that we have little control over our actions, I never bother to make a decision, I just do whatever comes to mind.  What is the point of arguing when it is unclear whether you have won the argument with your inner self or not?

One of the most contentious of subjects which has been used to manipulate those witless folk without the ability to discriminate between what is truly believable and what is fable,  is the question between a belief in Evolution or in God.

Quantum “Theory,” appears to suggest that there is, whether it be a God or not, a being with the knowledge and ability to construct a 3D vision of life, in which we experience various emotions and are aware of our existence, in a manner which suggests that we are in control of our actions, that in itself is quite impressive.

Having already passed through various stages of scientific invention, such as electricity, which is still a mystery, as are radio and television communication, we have already compared the workings of the brain with sound engraved on records, tape recorders, CD’s and we are now using computers and invisible and incomprehensible operating systems, to describe how “we” work,  as if we have already decided that in some way,  we are no more than mechanisms.

Should that be so, who is controlling the software?  Do we have our own personal operating system, which can be updated to suit our personal operator, or are we all under the same control?

When I look around and see my dog looking curiously at me, as I vocalise, quite loudly what I am attempting to put into words for this post, I find myself wondering  just how this dog found me,  out of the blue, when I was out walking one day and followed me home.

He was in perfectly good health, though timid and he attached himself to me and yet is extremely wary of those whom we happen upon while walking and will stop in  his tracks, afraid to approach the ramblers, I have to go back and pick him up to stop him running off home.

This dog has been my constant companion for ten years or more and in view of the holographic theory, I have been wondering what his role is in my controlled existence and what exactly is the role of the other species on the planet.

There would appear to be evidence that my own particular view of life is only shared by those actors in my play, who have a role of their own in another place and whom with the permission of their controller, have been written into my script and me into theirs,  while other people with a minor part to play are no more than “extras” without purpose, to generate a vibrant image of reality. Is my little poodle, no more than a bit player, or something more important?

The other thing which bothers me,  is how does time fit into all of this grand  illusion? Does the past exist?  Are there many dimensions or only one with the famous single electron flitting around everywhere?

On the other hand, this could all be no more than yet another load of old cods-wallop, designed to distract our attention away from reality as did Evolution, the Survival of the Fittest and all of that Social Darwinism, which gave us 65,000,000 million “justifiable” deaths in Bolshevik Jewish Russia and millions more in two World Wars.

However it is all very interesting on a rainy day, when it creates an excuse to do nothing else.







Fear And Panic Stalks The Streets Of Paris.

France is once again in the grip of a possible “False Flag,” government inspired event, along the lines of the Toulouse escapade, which involved a Security Service employee, whom was never identified as the “Lone Gunman,” whom was described in several   differing ways by “eyewitnesses,” whom explained, that it is difficult to describe someone, whom is wearing a motor-cycle helmet with a full face, darkened visor.

Undeterred by this lack of evidence, the Police simply chose the name of an Arab, whom had worked, undercover, for the Security Service, surrounded his home, murdered him in a hail of gunfire and threw his body  out of the upstairs window of his home. They later claimed he had jumped and was still shooting, as he fell.

The “victims” of Mohamed Merah, were three school children and a teacher, who were allegedly shot by the “Masked Man,” however this is hard to verify, as the victims were Jewish, and they were quickly whipped off to Israel for their funeral.

I understand that the victims, were French. They were also part of a murder investigation. No evidence was ever produced connecting Merah to the killings. So unless this evidence exists but was not made available to the Press,  the real killer could still be running around, shooting at people, could  he not?

Evidence, such as the claim, by French Police , that Mohamed Merah, who was labelled a “monster” by President Nicolas Sarkozy, told police during the siege that he regretted not having killed more Jewish children, can be dismissed as nonsense.

So why were French Citizens, packed off to Israel for burial? It is not customary for French Roman Catholics to be sent to Rome for burial and I was not aware that it was a right of Jews to be buried in a land that was most certainly not their homeland.

So, we have come full circle, will we soon be presented with the Patsy? It will very soon be the 50th anniversary of the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, surely the most famous of all “Patsies.” I would not put it past the cynics, whom control the carnage these days, to wait for the very day of Oswald’s death, to announce the arrest of the new “Lone Gunman.”

It has already been announced that the Police in Paris, have been given information, which could lead to the arrest of a suspect.

I am sure to be updating this post in the near future.