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War, War, War? Yes Please! Apparently.




There were lies told to trick us into all of the recent illegal attacks against innocent countries in the Middle East. Wars which have murdered at least ten million innocent people during the past fifteen years. We are now aware that we were lied to about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Osama bin Laden was not living in a cave in Afghanistan, neither Assad nor Gaddafi were going to massacre their own people, and there was no attack against an American ship in the Gulf of Tonkin, so why should it come as any surprise to find that Hitler was tricked into going into Poland, to rescue ethnic Germans, whom were being slaughtered by Bolshevik Russian Jews, in order to provoke a response from the Germans and that having rescued those Germans, Hitler did not make any attempt to occupy Poland and he actually warned the British, that the great ‘enemy’ of the Christian world, the Atheist Bolshevik Communists, were massed on Poland’s border, preparing to invade Europe.

However the Bolshevik Communists were simply another arm of the Bankers International killing machine, which having murdered sixty-five-million Christians in Russia, they then set about the rape and slaughter of the German Christians, twenty-million of whom were summarily murdered. The Russians then slid off home, with all of Eastern Europe in their back pocket, with the blessing of the wholly controlled British, French and American governments, whom then pretended the Communists were suddenly a major threat all over again. Only a fool could believe such nonsense. The truth being the whole world was rallied against Germany, in order to suit the covert aims of those whom would control the world, those suffering from an insatiable greed and envy and a psychopathic desire to control all and everything.

The Russians now have another role, whilst being the avowed enemy of the West, they have become the darlings of those whom have seen through the lies and deceit of the controlled, belligerent governments of France, Britain and the United States, while at the same time, cooperating on the International Space Station hoax, and the ‘independence’ of the BRICS countries, all of which are controlled from the City of London.

They also have a character called George Galloway in their ranks on RT, where he has his Sputnik program, on which he frequently tells us that “we” should be paying reparations to the Blacks whom presumably he believes were enslaved by the “British” people, or indeed that there is some form of group responsibility and guilt involved in this idea, and yet the word Jew fails to pass his lips, as being the group which was responsible for buying the Blacks in Africa, from Black Slave Traders and transporting them to the United States on ships, owned and crewed by Jews, where the vast majority of those Blacks were bought and used by Jews, that is according to the Jews themselves, whom made no secret of their Slave Trading, at the time it was the norm. They also made use of hundreds of thousands of Irish slaves, a long forgotten fact.



Galloway, has now taken up the case of Jeremy Corbyn, who is accused of anti-Semitism. George knows everything and yet he appears to have a grudge against the idea of National Socialists, which it would appear, according to George, were vehemently anti-Semitic. He is apparently prepared to pepper his argument with unproven rubbish.

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who I have known for 40 years, remains an icon of that tradition (support for Jews) as were his parents before him. His own mother fought at Cable St in London’s East End against Britain’s Fascists in 1936 – defending the huge Jewish community then there, under the slogan ‘They Shall Not Pass’.

Yet, if you google the word anti-Semitism today the first name which will pop-up is not the name of the architects and mass-murderers of Hitler’s “Final Solution” but the name of Jeremy Corbyn.”

Back in the day, anybody or any group which was concerned about the possibility of a war against Germany, which was being pushed by Jew interests, was fair game to be described as anti-Semitic. The Cable Street episode which Galloway mentions, was organised by one of Britain most “hated” politicians, Oswald Moseley, who was a Fascist Socialist, back in the days before Fascism had been deliberately presented as something to fear. Moseley responded to the claims of anti-Semitism which were made against him thus:

“More drivel is talked about the Jews and anti-Semitism than most subjects; both ways. The anti-Semitic view that all Jews are born wicked, or that all Jews should be the sacred objects of the system, seems to me equal nonsense. I am neither an anti Semite, nor a sycophant of Semites. The attitude of our movement, has been consistent and intelligible throughout. We have never attacked any man on account of his race or religion and we never shall. But we attack any man, whatever his race or religion, who acts against the interests of Britain or Europe; particularly Britons who ought to know better than to serve alien interests. It is a straightforward attitude, which has been formed by clear principles.

Why then have we been involved in clashes with Jewish interests, and why are so many Jews violently against us? The answers again are clear. Before the War, I believed that certain great Jewish interests, were trying to involve us in war, not in a British but in a Jewish quarrel: I still believe it……………….But it is beyond question, from the evidence of the period, that powerful Jewish interests were trying to produce war between Britain and Germany. They made it their business to start a war in the Jewish interest. I, and my friends, made it our business to stop that war, in British interest. That led to a head-on clash and I still think that we were right in doing our utmost to prevent that war”.

Galloway continued:

Whilst groupuscules? of the British far-right (Socialism?) kept the flame of anti-Semitism alight, together with their loyalist friends in the Conservatives – the vast majority of British people, and especially those on the left, saw clearly where racism can end up – in Auschwitz and Treblinka – determined to fight it as one of the first banners in their ranks.

For a time, Britain stood alone against the beast of fascism and it was our finest hour. Whilst Britain did not fight WWII to liberate Jews, liberate what was left of them, we did, along with the Red Army advancing from the east – an army of a state which bore the overwhelming brunt of fascist depredation.

These are the ramblings of an idiot, there is nothing in support of such rubbish, the War ‘was’ a conspiracy between British, American and Russian Jews. Galloway appears to be quite unaware of the Jew involvement in the coup d’etat in Russia and the fact that Churchill was a murdering Jew, who had also been involved in the concentration camps in South Africa, during the theft of that country by Jew interests in the Boer War. He also played a part in the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which was a necessary part of the seizure and theft of Palestine, which was ‘given’ to Baron Rothschild, who is apparently a Jew. Case closed.

In point of fact, Britain has never been anything other than a tool of Jew Bankers and business men, prepared to send British boys to their deaths, in order to protect the assets of the Jews in the City of London. Any Jew, who is familiar with this actuality, whom refuses to stand up and denounce the behaviour of those whom call themselves Jews, whom are responsible for all the bad feelings against Jews, down through the Centuries,  are just as guilty as are the Jews whom prosper from thievery, slavery and wars and as are the Jews in Palestine whom continue the theft of Palestinian land, knowing full well that they do have any right to that land.

Nigel Farage, spent an hour on his radio show, a media outlet which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, on which the blatant lies of Sky News are presented at the beginning, middle and end of Farage’s mutterings, which last night surprisingly put him on the back-foot, forcing him to censor out certain callers whom were drifting onto forbidden territory, by condemning Jews and supporting Corbyn’s support for the “Palestinian Terrorists”, and Corbyn’s laying of a wreath on their memorial, without apparently noticing that the Queen of England herself, annually lays wreaths on the monuments of brutal British War criminals, whom have helped to ransack the World. Farage is so determined to smear Corbyn, that he is in danger of destroying his own credibility.

Today, Theresa May delivered such a load of tosh in the British Parliament, that my toes were curling with embarrassment at the number out outright lies which she calmly presented to the House of Commons. I listened with interest to Corbyn’s response, he gave the impression of having swallowed Mays tale, hook, line and sinker. He did not ask one single difficult question after her blatant attack against Russia and her intention to demand ever more action on the part Britain’s War Criminal Allies, to make sure that Russia got the message.

If Britain had not been responsible for the destruction of half of the world and the murder of millions, during recent times, one could accept her claim of Russian crimes in Syria and Russia’s connection with Iran, both of which are enemies, standing in the way of the advancement of those whom keep their mouths shut and their powder dry, in Israel, leaving their puppets to do their dirty work. I, would promise Israel, that should any attack be made against Russian Forces in Syria, during the coming attack in Idlib, that Tel Aviv would suffer dearly. That threat might well be enough to put an end to hostilities in Syria.


War Criminal, Communist Supporter Of Racist Israel, Milliband, Disapproves Of Fascism?

David Milliband, a man of Khazar origin, from a family of Communists, whom were in support of a series of Dictatorial regimes in Russia, where a deliberate genocide of some sixty-five million Christians, was carried out by a government whom described themselves as Jews, has resigned from his position with Sunderland Football Club, in protest at the hiring of an Italian, whom describes himself as a Fascist.

Milliband, whom has sworn his complete and undying support, for Israel, a State which more than any other, epitomise the description of Fascism, which has been adopted by those whom refer to themselves as Jews, in order to denigrate and obscure the system of Fascism itself, which does not involve any form of Racism or aggression, which is in any way different from the Fascism which is practised in Israel and indeed, Racism and aggression are not an integral part of the system itself, which is simply a system of political management.

Milliband, along with the rest of “New Labour” and indeed most of the Conservative Party, in a manner reminiscent of the lies which were used against Adolf Hitler, as an excuse to destroy Germany, supported illegal wars of terror, which have killed and maimed, millions of innocent civilians.

Having been part of this mass murder and his support for the cynical killers of women and children in Israel  is undiminished as is his support for the ongoing murderous attacks against other Muslim States, this hypocrite, of monumental proportions, has now landed a job for a Jew organisation, which assists refugees, whom are suffering from the effects of war. He refers to this as an opportunity to repay a family debt of gratitude, which is due after his father was obliged to leave Germany.

The British people are upset at the loss of this murderer, to the British Political scene. Such is the mass blindness of the British to the behaviour of their “Democracy” and of their complicity in the blood-letting, which for hundreds of years has been carried out in their name, bringing misery to millions.

When these Democratically elected Dictators come after whatever money you may have in the bank, I hope you fully appreciate and accept, that had the ideas of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, been put in place, all of this Austerity and widespread poverty could have been avoided, only Central Bankers would have lost out.

This Is For All Of Those Whom Believe It Cannot Happen To Them. I Hope And Pray That You Are Right.

The above film is based on reality. It shows life, as it was in Europe, for some eighty-five million people, whom were slaughtered by the bloodiest regime in the history of man and that number is a conservative estimate.

This culling was taking place in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine and Crimea, the aim was to eliminate the Christian people. By the time of Stalin’s death, white Europeans, whom had composed seventy-five per cent of the population, were in a minority. The majority were Asian, whom had been deliberately used, to alter the balance of power, making the proletariat easy meat for the Jewish controlled Politburo. It also obliterated the Middle Class, the hated Christian Bourgeoisie.

The crazed blood-letting did not end there.  As the Red Terror advanced into Europe, in pursuit of the retreating German Army, they were under orders to rape and kill as many Germans as possible, out of spite, nothing was to be gained from this policy apart from revenge and of course the elimination of yet more white Europeans.

After the Yalta agreement, which in cold-blood, handed Eastern Europe and part of Germany, into the hands of the Jewish Cabal, which had taken control of Russia, the slaughter continued. The activities which took place behind this Iron Curtain, were quite simply barbaric.    The objective was still the same, to continue the culling of white European Christians.  We are now a race in decline, as a direct consequence of Zionist policies.   They make no secret of their hatred of the Goy.

We hear a lot of talk about the International Brigade, which fought against Fascism in Spain, in nineteen-thirty-six, at a time when nobody understood the term Fascism. We hear even more about Hitler’s support for Franco, which is of course a completely different thing from the British Humanitarian Brigade’s War Crime against  Libya and the dastardly German Blitzkrieg against Guernica. What a difference a supportive Press can make to the perceptions of the public.

What a shame it is that the British have not mounted an International Brigade against Israel, in support of the victims of those whom introduced the world to Communism and have carried out an unimaginable slaughter in its name.

There was of course another International Brigade, virtually unknown but dedicated and courageous, fighting alongside Hitler.  This Brigade included  several hundred English and Irish fighters. They were with Hitler to the very end.

There were also many thousands of Russian Cossacks and Ukrainians, in the Brigade, fighting alongside their British and Irish comrades, with the support of a large Muslim contingent. All of whom gained no glory for their deeds, they have in fact been vilified as traitors, not Glory Boys, as were those whom fought against Franco.  No memorials strewn with flowers for those heroes. However time will show that in fact they fought the good fight.

At the end of the war, the Allies rounded-up thousands of refugees from Stalin’s culling in Russia and forced them on to boats to be shipped back to their death. There were those whom cut their own throats, in public to avoid being sent to hell. Doctors were stitching them up on the dock-side and had them taken aboard on stretchers, while many already aboard were jumping to their death from the deck of the ship.

These people were being deported to Russia from the US, Britain, France, Italy and Germany, from where Eisenhower even ordered that many hundreds of German Military Men should be included in these deportations. These men were never seen again.  Eisenhower, a Jew, was well-known for his hatred of Germans.

The British, despite their rhetoric against Communist Russia, agreed to the deportation of large numbers of refugees from the Baltic States, knowing full well that they would be eliminated on arrival.

The worst of the British atrocities was to agree to the repatriation of some two-hundred and fifty-thousand Cossacks, including women and children. “Our Boys” used bayonets and rifle butts to force these folk on to trains bound for Russia. There is evidence that these trains stopped, once they were behind the “Iron Curtain” and the occupants executed on the spot.

All of the Cossack Officer Class were tortured and executed, the rank and file were sent to the Gulags for a slow miserable death. Such is the way the Allies dealt with “International Brigades.”

The populations of Russia and most European Countries is already in serious decline, shortly we will be a minority in our own Countries, which shows the lie of over-population. The real population of ethnic Europeans, has plummeted, the reality is being masked by immigration.

It should also be borne in mind, while discussing the events surrounding the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, and the slaughter which followed, for the Russian Peoples, alongside the election of the National Socialists in Germany, from which everyone benefited, that the West has continually ignored events in Russia.  The  Revolution was carried out by large group of Jews from the USA and other places, with the stated aim of establishing Communism across the world, while continually harping on about the evil spread of Fascism.

The last thing the Jews want is the introduction of the people to a debt free society, which is the hidden secret of Fascism. Hitler knew, as did the rest of the European Heads of State, exactly what was going on in Russia, at the hands of the Jews. Which is why he fought to the bitter end, because he knew what lay in store for his people. Even the King of England, abdicated because he knew the truth and refused to give his consent to the war against Germany. A war I might add, which was long in the planning and it had nothing whatsoever to do with a German attack on Poland.

More British John Bull*hi* About Hitler.

I freely admit that I have spent a lot of time teasing out the truth about Hitler and the events which took place during the Second World War. Here for example. However the more you look the more disinformation you find.

The world appears to be chock full of people with a deep-seated hatred of Hitler, whom have accepted the preachings of the real pestilence which is destroying all of our lives, namely Zionism and International Jewry.

Everything which we have been led to believe about these two entities, Fascism and Zionism is generated from the same source, Zionist controlled governments.

The above clip is from an Edge Media Television show, fronted by Theo Chalmers, which is giving constant exposure to the likes of Tony Gosling, where he can peddle his obsessions about Hitler, in this instance BMW cars are given the Nazi treatment.

The fact of the matter is that a modicum of research would reveal that most of the investments in pre-war Germany were made by what we now refer to as multi-national companies, many of which were owned by Jews.

These are the same Jews whom declared war on Germany in 1933, when Hitler was first elected, which is why they were rounded up and put in camps, in the same way as did the “Coalition” which rounded up Germans and Japanese in a similar fashion.

Amongst my past postings I have presented sentiments from Jewish sources expressing their view that a “Final Solution” should be found to destroy the German Peoples, however I have been unable to find a similar sentiment, concerning Jews, which was ever uttered or written by Hitler. I would be glad to receive a link to such a document if any of my readers can provide one.

Gosling, in a shocked voice, explains how BMW was working for the German war effort, using slave labour no less, presumably as do the Chinese in order to make cheap gadgets for the likes of us.

Free Trade is another means of using slave labour to make profits for the multi-nationals, many of which are owned by Jews, to maximise profits and destroy jobs in the First World, in order to force us to accept the same slave labour rates.

No shocked statement about slave labour is complete without reference to the private prison system in the US, many under the control of Jewish Companies,where  predominantly Black inmates work for slave pay, while the profits which they generate are passed into the pockets of the Jewish owners of the prisons. Slavery was never abolished in the US and Blacks are still the slaves.

The entire Hitler and Nazis’ story is similar to the one which was presented by some “passer-by” on US television, some minutes after the fall of the towers on 911. This fellows tale was apparently word for word accepted by every politician on the planet, not one of whom has ever raised a real query about its reality. The same thing applies to Hitler. On a previous occasion I have contacted Gosling and suggested he should do some research into the official story of the Nazi Party, he would be surprised to find that most of his arguments are crap, most probably he already knows.

How Democratic is the West?

In a recent post I suggested that the West  was not at all democratic and I have been getting some stick for my trouble.

By presenting a case that the UK should be properly described as Communist or Fascist, proved to be somewhat overpowering for the emotions of some of my readers. The term Socialist, was acceptable and yet there is very little difference between them.

I suspect that the word Nazi which has been associated with atrocities and because it has been subjected to the full force of Western propaganda, invokes a feeling of righteous loathing in the minds of those who have been subjected to this brain-washing.

In reality the Fascism of Hitler had the same origins as Socialism and Communism. Karl Marx was supported by British bankers during the time he was writing the Communist Manifesto and the same bankers financed the Fabian Society, which still exists and is still providing most of the leaders of the Socialist Party in the UK.

Fascism, through the use of the alleged bestiality of Hitler, now serves as the Right wing of the Left, Right, paradigm. Yet Hitler and the Nazi Party were financed by the same bankers who financed Marx and the Russian Revolution. So they were in fact all tools of the same group.

Recent documents released in the UK, show a clear liaison between British Intelligence and Hitler. Sir Anthony Eden, a future Prime Minister of the UK, responsible for the attack on Egypt in 1956, was forcing Hitler to invade Poland. Hitler refused time and time again. In the end it was Poland who launched an attack on Germany, under orders from the British.

Hitler retaliated, by so doing, he provided the excuse which the British had been seeking to declare war on Germany. In much the same way that the British provoked Gadaffi in Libya, to retaliate against mercenaries who were working for NATO. Nothing changes.

The similarities do not end there. Hitler believed that he was in favour with the British. Was he not a chum of the King of England? Was he not being funded by Western investors? Alas, like Gadaffi he found to his cost, that should you dare run your own banking system without compound interest, you are as good as dead.

The real truth of the Second World War is shrouded in mystery. National Socialism has been presented as a doctrine of evil. In fact it was a system which worked perfectly well. In fact it worked too well. So well in fact, it has had a curse placed on it and should anyone choose to suggest that perhaps it might serve us well at this point of crisis, is not even considered.

Like Hitler, Gadaffi in Libya had raised his country to be the most progressive country in Africa. Whatever his faults, he was more generous to his people than any Western Democratic Government. He provided interest free loans, from his state-owned Central Bank. He gave newly weds a gift of a free motor car and I believe 50,000 dollars to set up their home. Health Care was free, as was education at home or abroad, and expensive food stuffs were subsidised.

This is why Gadaffi is being destroyed, like Hitler before him, he went against the bankers, exposing their system for what it is, a racket, which is keeping us all in poverty.

During WW2, the most despicable atrocities were carried out by the Allies. The fire bombing of Dresden for example, was the biggest single massacre of innocents in history. The cold-blooded killing of millions of German prisoners of war, has been written out of history altogether. Nobody even knows how many Germans were handed over to the Russians and what became of them. The Cossacks, whom had fought with the Allies were also handed over to Stalin to be slaughtered.

While these acts are never spoken of, we are still being deluged with film after film depicting the Holocaust. These films are presented in the most heart-rending fashion. Most of it sheer fiction, no matter, Hollywood and the folk who own the film studios can make any claim they wish. We, on the other hand are forbidden, under penalty of imprisonment, from enquiring into the exact details surrounding these events.

So there you have it, should you embark on the task of comparing one political system with another, a brief look at the various players in the Second World War, will show very little difference. The French became Fascist under the Government in Vichy. They are now under the leadership of a President who was put in place by the CIA. Who signed the Treaty of Lisbon against the vote of the people. Germany is under the control of a group of Khazars. The United States is now the most corrupt and evil Government on the planet and the British, well what can you say?

The people of Europe? As usual they are doing nothing. They have no, memory of events 65 years ago. They vote for the same bunch of whatever time after time and wonder why nothing changes. They are preparing themselves to be robbed by Global Warming liars, despite being shown that should all human activity stop, right now, it would not make a jot of difference to the weather.

However despite the lies and deception, the illegal wars, the torture, the austerity, the bank bail outs , living in a state of virtual Martial Law, one thing which the people will not accept,is a Fascist Government in the style of the European Commission. I am glad to hear it.

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