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Bullingdon Boys And The Black Stuff.

Anybody who is still clinging grimly  to the hope, that when the day comes, when they are finally forced to accept that they have been duped into submission, that the Forces of Robo-cops, will not turn on them, should take a good look at what is happening in Paris. When your turn comes, run for your life.

Those whom have already been suckered into believing the lie that “money can control the weather” nonsense and are standing in support of the clique of Jews,  whom are pushing this rubbish down our throats, are having pepper sprayed in  their eyes and batons beating them about their heads’ while supporting those lies and they still don’t get it.


François Hollande proudly announced, that demonstrations had been banned, during the conference, to prevent the alternative view on Climate Change being expressed, he was, he explained, expecting trouble, so he banned “all” demonstrations, including those in favour of the Climate Change, introducing just a taste of the coming clampdown on life as we know it.  The preferred views of the Conference are being broadcast all over the world by the controlled media, so stopping a few deluded, supportive  idiots was unimportant.

He did not of course ban the 100% loaded opinions with which we are being presented by the “unbiased” Free Press, which delivers the lies supporting claims that computer models can deliver an accurate verdict of future weather patterns, while Meteo France, can not accurately tell me what the weather will be today.

Believe me, these Global Leaders,  are the same people, whom care so little for the well-being of Planet Earth, that they have pulverised the Middle East, without regard for the millions of civilian casualties and in doing so have created a massive refugee problem, which cannot be solved by allowing millions of folk into Europe,  despite a gaggle of Jews telling us it will be good for us.

Those leaders whom are now discussing  this nonsense of Climate Change,   have in recent times, used any lie necessary, to deceive us all, into accepting their false claims of Muslim terrorism, as a pretext to commence the wholesale slaughter Muslims, which they have continued ever since proclaiming the lies about 911.  You can believe me that when the time comes, they will do to you and me, whatever they are told to do.  They are not working for us, they are in the process of wiping us out. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Jews are telling us this not me.

Since I was a child, I have heard all and everybody, explain how “things” are as “unpredictable” as the weather, yet somehow, those amongst us, who consider themselves to be the most intelligent of us all, are now standing shoulder to shoulder, with the corrupt enemy of us all. Having managed to convince themselves, despite ample evidence, that those whom will soon duplicitly sign the Corporations TTIP Treaty, which will allow genetically modified foodstuffs into Europe, amongst other things,  are for once being open and honest.  The dupes are hopeful, that this time, the habitual liars, are telling the truth.  They will be sadly disappointed, all they will get is even more stringent control over their lives.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has been caught fiddling the figures for years, so you dupes can choose to ignore that FACT, or face up to yourselves, you are not nearly as smart as you believe yourselves to be. The UN has even taken control of your beloved Greenpeace, a group which you firmly believe to be working for the good of the planet. They are actually working for the Globalist Shilling now-a-days.

I am sure that there are many British people In Paris, supporting the Climate Change pushers, while back home, their Socialist representatives are involved in a tussle, with their elected Leader, who is opposed to more bombing and killing in the Middle East and are threatening to resign.

The man who organised the Climate Conference, François Hollande, a Jew,  has already used the lie of a False Flag attack in Paris as the excuse to shut down opposition voices to the Conference, and using the same excuse has  taken upon himself, the “right” to illegally bomb a sovereign country, against International Law, while his Jew chum, David Cameron is intent on forcing, without reference to the view of the British People, renewed attacks against Syria, claiming it to be for the security of the British. They are blatant liars.

There is a ubiquitous Jewish Family, which is well represented across the News Media, the Suchet family, one of the members of this family, has recorded a piece for Sky News, concerning Climate Change,  which is pure propaganda and is designed to lull those who watch it into accepting lies as truth.  There is absolutely no evidence in support of the claims made by this character, in an urgent tone of voice and it is most certainly not in the remit of a “journalist” to propagate such rubbish as fact.  He is a disgrace.


Suchet was followed by the “Royal” lies of the so-called Prince Charles, who continues to mix, chopping down the “Rain Forest” and over fishing in the seas, with Climate Change.  I find it extremely hard to believe that I am actually listening to such rubbish being presented as fact.  Charlie is talking about impending catastrophe and disaster, as we were once warned would happen if we did not change our fridges, to close the hole in the Ozone, a hole which was only visible to those with special specs and which eventually simply vanished of its own accord.

Amazingly, two more Tory Toffs are being outed as bullies and are being called on to resign. Cameron and Osborne, both of them Jews are speaking in support of  both of these men,  Grant Shapps and Lord Feldman, both of them are also Jews. Is there no end to them?

At the Climate Change Conference,  a Chinese man has just informed delegates, that this Paris Conference is the first step towards Global Governance. That should tell us all,  that whatever Putin may think, China is with the Globalists, We must wait to see what Putin presents as the President of the still recovering from Bolshevik terror tactics, State of Russia.

The most obscene facet of this Conference in Paris, is that it is being run by those whom have conspired to ravage Planet Earth, in search of their own personal wealth.   François Hollande while demanding a Carbon Tax, to help poor countries in Africa, still extorts exorbitant payments from fourteen African States, which were once part of the French Empire, under the rule of the Pacte Coloniale, payments which are swinging in nature, leaving those States with access to no more than 15% of their Gross National Product.


The above demonstrates the sort of hypocrite who is preaching this Climate Change piffle.


 It would be interesting to know exactly what is known and by whom, concerning the ruthless attack against Syria.  Could it be that our elected leaders have been warned not to ask any difficult questions of the proposers of this evil?

Elected Members may well have good reasons to ignore the subject in Parliament and the Assemblée Nationale, perhaps they  dare not voice what they do know.   Evidence is coming out about huge oil deposits which have been discovered in Syria?  Deposits which surpass even those of Saudi Arabia. Riches which have the Zionist vultures pissing their pants?

Everybody is trying to get their hands on a share of this wealth.  The Zionists would dearly like to carve Syria into controllable pieces, making sure that they get their hands on the juicy bits. This money sickness is the real source of David Cameron’s behaviour. He must, at all cost maintain the City of London’s foot in the door. If that means bombing and killing yet more Syrian civilians, who cares?