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The Great Victory Of Feminism Over Common Sense.

Kate Millett, a ‘feminist’ who was said to have been responsible for convincing women, that the only way to fulfill themselves was to join the ‘rat-race,’ has died. She was in the vanguard of those whom set about destroying the family unit. She lived long enough to see the total success of her efforts. Her ‘feminism’ was the model for all of the ‘ism’s’ from which we are now suffering, including the ‘women’s health’ issue, abortion on demand.

The very premise of the term ‘feminist’ which is used as a slur against men, whom, it has been decided, have always ‘had it better’ than women, is insulting. No exceptions are made, all men are firmly placed in the same corral, while all women are therefore, in some way, victims of men.

Like the term ‘Women’s Lib,’ liberated from what, one might ask, the dreary business of having children to look after, I suppose? Is any career of more importance than that? The women whom do take care of children, while the liberated mothers sit behind a cash-register, call it a career, of which they are proud.

I was a single father with children for many years, and my first discovery, having been ‘liberated’ was how easy it was to get all the housework done, make the beds and prepare a meal in the oven, regulated to switch on, a while before the children came home from school, so that they were greeted by the smell of cooking when they walked in the door, all before I went off to work. It was no hassle at all. Work, on the other hand, was a pain in the arse. I managed all that despite being a man, i.e. a total bastard.

We are now being told that White women are destined to become the ‘property’ of Black or Muslim man, with the express aim of breeding the White Race out of existence, they will have no choice, this has all been decided for them by a pack of Jews.

Women will of course be totally unaware of this grim near future, that would demand a degree of awareness of what is happening around them, which would reduce the time available to take care of more important matters, like the brand name on their hand-bag.

At a time when they should be going out of their way to produce the next generation of White European children, women are instead demanding their right, as a matter of women’s health,’ to abort, at will, any unwanted baby, without a care for the future.

This situation could be referred to as the last battle to destroy the European White Race and it was won with ease, by simply giving young women, the right to an unbridled sex life and the joy of vomiting in the gutter on a Friday night, all of which is now irreversible.

Fraulein in Germany, whom were already frolicking around with GI Joe,  just after Wars end, even as young boys and older German men were still being starved to death in the Rhine Meadows Death Camps or being used as slaves, by the French, did, without a care about the recent past, which had slaughtered twenty million or more Germans, during a prolonged period of ‘Carpet Bombing’ which turned Germany into a wasteland, were along with their British and French counterparts, declaring themselves to be “in love” with these murdering Americans, that would be the Americans whom had so recently bombed Northern France, killing sixty-five thousand French people and leaving another million or so homeless, were busily preparing themselves for the voyage to America.


In England, the ‘GI Brides’ were scuttling out of the country, like a pack of rats deserting a sinking ship, greedily thinking about their own well-being, without a care for the men they had dumped in the process.

This ‘treason’ was treated as a wonderful ‘Love Story’ without a word of criticism of the seriously disgusting behaviour of the women involved in this cold-blooded treachery.



In France, where ‘l’epuration’ heroes were busily shaving the heads of the prostitutes, whom had served German Officers, during the years of occupation, ignored the women whom were being raped and slaughtered by the new American occupiers in Paris and made hardly a mention of their own GI Brides. While in Germany, where the ‘liberators’ were exhausting themselves, in their efforts to rape every female in the country, some of them raped to death, many other women were totally unconcerned about such things, concentrating their efforts on finding an escape route for themselves towards the ‘freedom’ of the United States, with any available GI. During the years between 1944-50 over 200,000 women deserted Europe for the United States.

Ten years later, these same duplicitous women, were taking to the streets, burning their bras, calling for ‘liberation’ and abortion on demand, under the guidance of the likes of Kate Millet and Germaine Greer, while ‘Planned Parenthood’ were rubbing their hands together, already planning the total destruction of the Black Peoples, and the soon to be reduced numbers of Whites, making room for those whom breed like rats, from the overcrowded Third World.

These highly intelligent, capable women, were actually too stupid to understand the notion of ‘Collateral Damage’, which presented itself, a few years later, as a shortfall in the numbers of capable White people, allowing the traitors in Government, to import millions of non-Whites into the United States and Europe, to replace the lost generations of White people. Womens’ personal greed has actually made possible, a silent coup d’etat of the White World, where ‘Our Leaders’ are already telling these women that they must now marry Black Men.

Women have no need to worry about a thing, because the last nail in the coffin of White Europe is on its way, it is called the ‘Universal Salary’ which will be available for everyone, banishing the idea of a ‘family’ to the graveyard of history. With adequate pocket-money, these glorious creatures of ‘Sugar and Spice and all Things Nice’ will be able to fatten themselves up, to their heart’s content, in front of the television, all day long should they so choose, thanks to the victories of those ‘Feminists.’


The Taking Down Of Family Life





Manly Quotes provided the quotation


The above quote, is from the pen of the man whom also warned us that;

The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ Moves on:

nor all your Piety nor Wit;

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it.

taken from his translation of Omar Khayyam. It explains one of the simple rules of life, which of course applies to both sexes, but sadly, in the main, to those poor women whom have believed all of the bullshit, about how wonderful they are and what brutes are men, ideas with which they have been presented by the paid operatives, working behind the scenes at the euphemistically named Planned Parenthood and the various Feminist groups, by whom they have been encouraged to destroy their own people, through their willingness to avoid reproduction, and in particular, finally losing the respect of men.

Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat continued with the interesting stanza;

Yesterday This Day’s Madness did prepare;

To-morrow’s Silence, Triumph, or Despair:

Drink! for you know not whence you came, nor why:

Drink! for you know not why you go, nor where.

The introduction of the ‘Socialist State’ laid bare the reality of the genetic predisposition to parasitic instincts of the female, whom when offered a hand-out from a cunning politician, in place of her husbands salary, she grabbed it with both hands, using any bile necessary, against her husband, to justify her claim.

Those somewhat older women are now finding themselves in the grip of the sounds of silence, in their once frequently visited love nests. The cat-calls against men have finally run into the wall of post menopause loneliness, when the most important element of a relationship, faithfulness, has quietly faded away, to be replaced by a frantic, “anything will do” last-ditch attempt to find some sort of companionship.

This week is the 50th anniversary of the legalisation of buggery, which is being celebrated by grown men, wriggling around the streets of Europe expressing their love of the sterile business of sticking their dicks up the bum of their chum, that, while the huge Pro-Life march, in Washington, during Trumps inauguration, was ignored by the media, which  preferred to concentrate instead on the Women’s Pro Death Abortion march, a media,  which now gives massive coverage,  to the exotic ‘Gay’ weirdos and their grotesque strutting in the streets of the World.

The position of ‘real’ men is being presented by the tacit acceptance, by paedophile politicians, of the gang rapers, who are being allowed to carry out their jungle savagery in Europe, which is prevalent wherever Black and other Muslim men are to be found, whether in the United States or Europe, where White women are their preferred prey.

The Big Brother Socialists, whom paid White women to ditch their men, now appear to be unwilling to protect White women from these thugs, while White men whom have been denigrated as evil by these same White women, now prefer to leave the “New” breed of capable women to deal with the rapists in their own way. What they think they have gained through their “freedom from men” is difficult to define.

While those cunning parasitic leaders of “Protect the Battered Women” groups are laughing all the way to the bank, without a care as to what the result of their machinations, have been for children and the family, are pushing an agenda aimed at the total destruction of the White Christian Race, and the extremely clever “modern woman” is either complicit in this aim or too stupid to see, that her most important job is to ensure that child-bearing is not left in the hands of the most stupid, which is what the aim of the elitist game is all about, namely the creation of a mainly stupid and obedient slave workforce.

The parasites of this world, Jews, Blacks and Women are being allowed to destroy the White man and everything for what he stands. Women have no interest is ensuring the continuation of the Race, all they want is to be cosseted in comfort, they do not want the raising of children to interfere with that aim.

The coming Universal Salary, will be the final straw for the White European Race. There is hardly a women alive whom will not prefer the right to a ‘free life’ without the need of at least one child to justify her ‘right’ to free accommodation, which will soon become available to one and all, when the right to own ‘private’ property is withdrawn. Who knows who or whom will be doing the necessary work, of which a robot workforce will be incapable of carrying out, when this day arrives?

The destruction of the family unit was an imperative in this Bolshevik plan and all it took to achieve this aim was Socialism and the encouragement of women to whine about how hard their life was, while their lucky husband was taking it easy down the Pits or on the oil rigs, to allow the hidden hand of the Bolsheviks to win through.

Not satisfied with having destroyed the family, the Feminists are now rubbing our noses in it, the following clip is a vile and disgusting attempt to now pretend that there will be a man around to take over the feeding of a baby, to make sure that it does not become a strictly female job, presumably this idea will apply to boyfriends as well, whether the baby be biologically his child or not.



The Cold-Blooded Farce Of Feminism.

“It’s not a march about Trump the man,” Terry O’Neill, the president of the National Organization for Women, said in an interview. “It’s a march about women’s rights that are very much imperiled by the policies President-elect Trump appears headed for.”



I was pleasantly surprised to find that the National Organisation for Women, had at least displayed a modicum of intelligence, by electing a male, possibly Irish President.







But I was suddenly struck by the thought that it may be a ‘Transgender,’ or perhaps the male component in a homosexual marriage. Or maybe simply a sign that as there are no fixed genders anymore, even the Feminists felt obliged to recognise the aims of equality, by allowing the entry of mere ‘confused’ men into an illegal organisation, which is totally biased towards one sex.

Of course it could all be symptomatic of women whom have always been secretly jealous of the obvious superiority of men, dropping the I, in Terri for the more sturdy spelling of the male Terry.



Just a glance at the above list of projects, in which these women and cross gender folk are involved, discloses very little in terms fairness, because any man will tell you that a comparison between the work undertaken by men and that of women is impossible, as women are not expected to go after the ‘mens work,’ that is always totally avoided, so any comparison is made only with jobs which are strictly of the more gentile easier variety,  where women are now hired not on the basis of capability but because of quotas. They now complain about the cost of Child Minders, where other women take care of their children.

So-called Racial Justice falls into the same bracket. We are now obliged, because we are White, to make way for other ethnicities in our workforce, an idea which has apparently gained no traction at all in China or Uganda or indeed anywhere else on earth.

As for Constitutional Equality, that they already profit from, what they now want is a special reference to women, as if they are not part of We The People.

LGBTQ Rights are a mystery to me, I assume the Q is not a reference to queers and I can think of nothing else off the top of my head, apart that is from the fact that as long as these folk are treated according to the law, which applies to us all, I can find no good reason as to why a man with a propensity to stick his dick in another man’s bum should be entitled to ‘special’ considerations, just get on with it.

Now we get to the heart of ‘Feminism’ where we hear calls to legally, murder male White babies and other menaces against men.   The call for Reproductive Rights and Justice,  demands access to Legal Abortion and Emergency Contraception. What is Emergency Contraception?  Is it a spacial ‘hot-line  telephone number which a woman can call, before having un-protected sex, from where a box of Johnnies will be delivered, perhaps by a man on a motorbike, or could it be something more sinister?

Ending violence against women, is a strange idea, violence from where or who or whom? Would that call for non-violence apply to showing mercy for female babies? No more smacking your daughters, reserving your vicious side for your boys? As is the way with ‘Feminists, they can specifically demand Rights which apply only to them, they are never in favour of Human Rights.

Women will never admit to being even more violent in the home than are men. Winnie Mandela, the wife of Saint Nelson, urged the use of burning tyre, necklaces around the necks of those whom had offended her, while Saint Nelson was busily singing songs calling for the genocide of the White Man.

When will we see a Womens’ March in support of the White Women whom are being slaughtered, out of hand, by Black savages in South Africa. That is a confusing idea, due to the support which is being given in the name of Black Lives,  which do not appear to matter to other Blacks,  whom kill each other in large numbers, but which ‘must’ matter to the Police, whom apparently have never ever shot a guilty Black man, they are all innocent, pretty much out of the mould of the Feminists.

Just Where Is ‘A Woman’s Place?’



Just Where Is ‘A Woman’s Place?’

“A while back, I watched a television program, which showed the results of an experiment, designed to shed light on the thought processes, which take place in the sub-conscience, when the conscious mind is asked to choose, ‘yes or no’, in response to a simple command.

The results of the test showed quite clearly, that the sub-conscience, of the man being tested, had in all cases chosen a response, which had been predicted, by the ‘scanner,’ in some cases, even before the question had been posed. I was fascinated by this result because it suggested that there was an unknown entity, within us, which was not only controlling our choices, but which had some sort of knowledge of  future events.” (Enochered)

In view of the above, I now, normally wait for instructions, from within, before writing an article. Working on the assumption, that whatever I may choose to write, has already been decided, so I have little control over the subject or content of whatever I may be ‘obliged’ to bring to you today, from the ‘other side.’

I hope all of that makes some sort of sense, because my immediate response to todays instruction, was one of,  Oh no, not more of that nonsense! when confronted with a bunch of women complaining about how they are likely to be made redundant, should they choose to have a baby and are now pushing for their job to be ‘reserved’ for them, for up to two years, while they take care of things at home.

Women, as do Blacks, are now continually inferring that they are being discriminately picked on in the work place or indeed in any other area of life where they are, in fact, simply seeking an advantage over some other group. These women, either fail to grasp, or they don’t care, about those whom provided them with their job in the first place. Should I have been that employer, what am I supposed to do in the meantime? Would I have the right to employ another woman, who will have to be sacked, when the time comes or will I be expected to employ them both out of fear of some new law or other which has been howled into place by women? 

The ‘other’ group is of course, that ubiquitous old bogey man, White European male, a group which has in fact suffered more than any other group, during the last Century, without uttering one word of complaint about their treatment.

At the beginning of the last Century, ‘posh’ women, instead of offering their own services to King and Country, during the dark days leading up to the Great War, were dishing out the white feathers of cowardice to male children, forcing them to face the lethal chatter of machine guns and mustard gas in the trenches of Flanders, while they sat at home embroidering cushion covers or engaged in some other harmless pastime, while the “real” gritty women were forced to work in the Satanic Mills of those whom had forced the world to war and who were making fortunes, from the war, which they continued until they had done to Germany exactly what they had set out to do to Germany.

Well ladies allow me point out to you one or two salient facts. You, who do most of the howling, in no way represent women, you speak for a ruthless group of psychopathic creatures, intent on retaining their own advantages, many of which were gained on the Industrialist casting couch and which are not available to the vast majority of mere men nor to the millions of women doing the menial jobs. You are in fact a nasty egotistical, greedy bunch, retaining all of the worst attitudes of the “White Feather Women.”

A friend of mine, has just left her job, because she is expecting a baby and the last thing on her mind is the idea of sending her baby to a crêche after six months, in order to ‘release’ herself for work, her first thought is for the welfare of her baby and not the ‘glass ceiling.’

Women are now no more than meat. While White males have been sterilised by food and vaccines and indeed by substances in the anti-birth pill, which interfere with the genetic make-up of men, turning them into one of the ‘new’ sexes, which are neither here nor there, while the moaning women are to be introduced to the “New Men of Europe,” the African, with whom, according to those like Nicolas Sarkozy, they will be ‘obliged,’ to inter-breed. This I am informed, is to produce a mixed race of low intelligence.

Looking at the current images of advertising, most White European women, it would appear, are already living with a Black man, not a real Black man of course, but one of the already half White kind of Blacks, who has already surrendered his own Race to a coming blending or extinction, along with the White women. Or maybe they might prefer a Muslim?


The most important career for a woman, apart that is from their ruthless search for power, in the planet destroying commercial world, should be that of the continuance of their own race, which means the dipping of their toe into the ‘muck’ of the state of mother-hood, a state which they have been quietly educated to despise, as being of no consequence, by the same manipulative filth whom have long sought to destroy the White race by obliterating the remnants family life, an involvement with which most men have finally come to realise to be a thankless task anyway and from which they too have now been liberated by Societies ‘New Daddy’ and those Social Security Benefits, which have trapped ‘liberated’ women into the claws of Big Brother.

Women, it would appear, have finally fallen into the gutter, where they can now be laughed at as they crouch down to piss or vomit on a Saturday night, before clicking their fingers at the dope who has been selected to ‘screw’ them in the back of a car, while warning themselves not to forget tomorrow mornings appointment, to murder their baby at the Abortion Clinic, referring to this grotesque behaviour as having been ‘liberated’ from the control’ of men.

It should be noted that throughout all of this rubbish, one thing has remained the same, men have no choice, they have stoically, in the face of unending attacks from women, continued to do what a man has to do.  We have never been appreciated for patiently accepting mountains of crap from the ‘fair’ sex, with a grim smile on our faces.

The Disgrace Of World War Two.

When the ‘Red Mist’ drifted across Europe, in nineteen-thirty-nine, very few people found their way out into the sunshine and onto the oft spoken of ‘moral high-ground.’

The depth of depravity, which was unleashed against the people of Europe, in particular against the German people, can not simply be laid at the door of psychopathic politicians, it needed a massive amount of morbid, cooperation on the part of the so-called ‘Liberators.’

The German people were humiliated and ground down, in a deliberate attempt to destroy their spirit and cohesion as a race. This was a deliberate policy of the main components of the coalition of filth, which comprised Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

Stalin ordered the Red Army to rape as many German women as they could lay their hands on. This they did, with voraciousness.

German females, ranging between eight years old and still living, were raped and gang-raped by the advancing Russian troops, others were raped by US and UK troops advancing on the Western Front. During the occupation they were persistently raped by all nationalities.

German women, whom survived the persistent raping, spoke of being raped one day by Russians the next by British and the day after that by both of them and and a bunch of Frenchmen at the same time. Oh yes! We’re the good guys all right!

The fate of those whom fell under the control of Stalin behind the Iron Curtain, is unknown, however since the blending of Communism into the rest of Europe, tales are beginning to seep out and maybe one day we will discover the true depth of the atrocities, which were inflicted on these whom were condemned into Russian hands in nineteen-forty-five.

What is gradually coming to light, is the behaviour of the US G I’s in freshly liberated France. They too took delight in raping as a pass-time. Sadly, the US Military then as now, displayed themselves as nasty and eager to kill. While the French were busy humiliating the women whom had played the role of Call Girl, for the occupying German Army, they were ignoring the rape which was ongoing on a massive scale, in Paris and other Cities in France.

Similar things were taking place in  other ‘liberated’ countries, such as Italy, which has as yet, been unreported. The American and Russian Jews, were busily installing puppet governments across Europe, with a bureaucracy, which would ensure an insane future acceptance of the European Union.

The Soviet Block countries were destroyed by their Russian rulers and are to this day, still under the control of the Civil Services which were installed by the Stalin Regime after the War. The Polish Government, which showed signs of dissent, were quickly executed, while on their way to honour the dead in the Katyn Forest, whom were tortured and slaughtered by Stalin.

While this catalogue of bestiality was being administered across Europe, the UK was experiencing what must surely be the shabbiest of all deceptions, the betrayal of the fighting man on the Front Line, by the very thing for which he believed himself to be fighting, to protect the women and children back home.

The women of the UK were no longer a part of the struggle, they had now become GI Brides. They were busily selling their souls for a pair of nylons and a bar of chocolate. Endless Hollywood films have been made glorifying these events, without any mention of the ‘Dear John’ letters which were received by young men, cowering in fear, as the bombs exploded around them, in the mud and the snow, which was flecked with the blood of their dead friends.

These were indeed love affairs made in heaven, which have become part of the miserable romanticism of war and the duplicity of human nature.

Little wonder that men have become increasingly reluctant to commit themselves to the difficult business of creating a durable family life, they are after all the children of those whom,introduced us to Feminism and the Liberated Woman.

Misguided, Chauvinist, Priest, Dares To Suggest That Women CAN Be At Fault.

Fr Piero de Corsi

How dare  Italian parish priest Piero Corsi suggest that men alone are not responsible for all of the problems which face the world?

How can a man of the cloth be so unaware, that the reality of life is, that all men are drunks, keep all of their salary for themselves, never give a hand with the house-work, beat their wives on a daily basis,  fart in bed and spend all of their spare time screwing…………women?

Women, on the other hand, are all wonderful wives and mothers, not at all like those other kind of women whom their husbands are always screwing. No, they are working hard to earn enough money to pay the child minder, because that is best for children and certainly less boring for the mother, whom really and truly deserves to have broken through that “Glass Ceiling,” which those selfish men have used to keep them in jobs, which are beneath their dignity.

We can also thank the Lord, that women are in no way vindictive with their brute of a husband, after the inevitable separation, which was certainly the result of one beating too many from that b*****d! Otherwise there would  be far more than the current 75% of fathers whom have lost touch with their children, two years after a separation from their wives.

As for the Priests assertion that modern women provoke the baser instincts of men, by wearing those modern bras, which elevate their breasts  to almost chin height, daring men to take a furtive glance in their direction, only to deliver a withering sneer, should it not be the right kind of man, what nonsense.

The priest  failed to give guidance as to how men could avoid getting involved with a woman, whom they did not deserve. Women, after all, really do deserve someone, far better than the jerk with whom  they end up.  Surely he could give some insight into the age-old problem of the inability of men to earn enough money to satisfy the needs of their spouse, which of course generates feelings of inadequacy.

Thankfully Father Piero, did not delve into that other hot potato, which is being passed around, which suggests that the State has deliberately destroyed the structure of the family, by making use of what they call “The parasitic nature of women,” and by ensuring that any woman, from the working classes, with small children, would be financially better off, with Social Security and free rent, than with a low paid working man.

This proved to be so attractive, that it was seen as a better option than a job, encouraging young girls to have illegitimate babies, to put a shelter over their heads. Husbands were an unnecessary item and are now virtually extinct. Which is why thousands of “flatlettes,” large enough for a woman with a child, are being constructed all across Europe. Some men declare this to be the result of Feminism, which was set-up by the  CIA. Don’t make me laugh!  Men have no place in the modern world. Goodbye and good riddance.