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Our Lives Have Been Determined By Known Unknowns, I Think.

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We are living in a dream, a dream which has been quietly and patiently fed into our minds, in the classrooms and University lecture halls, throughout the years of our education.

It is inconceivable, that the current state of “knowledge” has been achieved by accident, it has been so well embedded, into our brains, that to so much as suggest that a firmly held belief, is exactly that, a “belief” as in a “belief” in heaven or hell, that fuses are blown in the minds of “believers” should their widely held “dogma” be called into question, oft-times resulting in the death, of the infidel.

There are very few historical events, which can be supported by verifiable facts, despite which, most people are loath to alter their received version of any particular tale. In a recent post, I mentioned that I am often invited to eat with friends, with strict instructions to call into question some the strongly held beliefs, of other invited guests, which gives everybody the opportunity to voice their own particular approach to life and their right to speak freely.

It can also spark off the habitual response of calling up another “belief” in order to demonstrate that the very suggestion which you have just voiced, for example, that the Earth may be flat, with a remark, along the lines of, “And I suppose you do not believe, that men have walked on the Moon either? as if that proves the stupidity of your previous remark.

Why would an advanced educational system, persist in the anti-educational contamination of young minds, with the lies and disinformation, which most assuredly the lecturers in our Universities do not themselves believe? The very fact, that without a shred of evidence, the unverified suggestion that the Earth is a globe, has been so wholeheartedly accepted, without question, to such a degree, that to even search the supporting evidence of this claim, is somehow, a sign of stupidity and ignorance, which does in effect destroy any form of intelligent research, forcing children, into the frame of mind, that you must believe,  whatever Big Brother tells you is true, instead of advice to believe nothing, unless you can prove it for yourself.

The internet has exposed many of the false claims, which we have been educated to accept as truth, when in fact we might just as well have been presented with a Hollywood film, which in some cases we probably have been. It was a famous Hollywood film, Inherit the Wind,  which was used to  reinforce the acceptance of the theory of Evolution being taught as fact in schools,  all across the Western World, a theory which has not presented a jot of supporting evidence since the day it was dreamt up.



The recent announcement from NASA, that all of the many hours of film of astronauts playing golf and driving around on the Moon in a dune buggy, which were “filmed” on the Moon, in full Technicolor, have been destroyed, when due to a shortage of VHS tapes, it was all wiped off, making the tapes available to record other ” more important”events. However we have been promised better versions of the remaining black and white rubbish, which was presented on television at the time, which can be “cleaned up” by a laboratory in Hollywood, which is capable of revealing the hidden beauty in those grainy images. I am lost for words.

Any man, immediately on landing on the Moon would have automatically taken a look at his “Home Planet” the “Globe Earth” big and bright in the sky above and yet not one them took any images, whatsoever of the Earth from the Moon.

If all those men on the moon, whom spent their time hitting golf balls, had no interest in bringing back proof of the “Globe” and the verification that the Earth did indeed rotate, verifying the truth of both theories, they must have been total idiots without a functioning brain, yet we were never, never, never, presented with any such images or filmed footage on television, during any of the trips to the Moon, why would that be, I wonder?

The same thing can be said of the Flat Earth, we can all make up our on minds about that subject, because there is no proof whatsoever either way. Believe it or not, that despite all of those trips to the Moon, we still, to this day, lack images of the Earth from Space, apart from the “composed” images, put together using a system involving rather a lot of cloud cover, making sure we are given no clear images of the Earth, which could well be contradicted, should a “real” image be provided, from Space at a future date.

The tale of the “Memo” is indicative of how we are being misled by our political representatives. The Democratic Party, which while under the leadership of Barack Obama, was in league with the FBI and several other Agencies, with the direct intention of making sure that the ‘maverick’ Donald Trump, did not get elected in the 2016 Presidential Election. This is an indication of the total failure of the system, when both of the Political Parties were intent on denying the people their preferred President.

We have all become aware that elections were rigged and that usually it made no difference which Party was voted into power in the White House, Senate or Congress, however this spits it into our faces, the elections count for nothing.

The representatives of the people,  were all desperate, out of a fear of the exposure of their complicity in crimes, all the way from sexual peccadilloes involving the Pizza-gate affair and the murder of LaVoy Finicum, by the FBI and the use of brutal forced against the Bundy Family, in order to clear the ground, having sold the rights to the Uranium beneath the surface of the Ranchers grazing lands, to Russia.  While Robert Mueller, the man who pretended to investigate 911, was, with clear knowledge that it was a mere diversion, carried on with a ten million dollar inquiry into Donald Trumps alleged collusion with the Russians, to distract the people from the criminality of the FBI and Hillary Clinton and others.

The complicity was so widespread, that even members of the Republican Party, who were in principle, on the same side as Trump, were conspiring with others to take him down. This is the measure of the human filth, which is elected time after time in the United States, while the “people” do not want to be made aware of any of this, choosing instead to ignore and accept it.

The notion that Democracy means rule by the people for the people is yet another of those hoary old theories, which falls flat on its face when the result is the wrong result, an ever-increasing phenomenon in these turbulent days. Very soon, all elections will be done away with altogether, when the brand new apolitical system is put in place, which will be under the control of a faceless International Politburo,  which will be “wholly owned” by huge, monopolistic corporations, with Admiralty Law firmly in place, which will find you guilty until proven innocent.


Do Our Politicians Know Their Arse From A Hole In The Ground Or Do They Lie To Us?

Russia, ever since the coup d’etat in 1917, which was carried out while Europe was enmeshed in a war, which had been quite deliberately contrived, for several reasons. The first reason being to allow entry into Russia, of thousands of fighting age Jews from the United States, whom arrived in Europe, under the pretext of being there to reinforce, the losing forces of the British and French against a victorious Germany, but whom in reality, were transported direct to Russia, to lend a hand in the culling of the White Christian Russian people, to cement into place the Zionist Jew Government.

Having gone to all of this trouble in Russia, are we expected to believe that after one hundred years of skullduggery and a Second World War, which was fought mainly by this Zionist controlled Russian regime, which was then allowed to take control of Eastern Europe, after the war’s end, where the culling, which included millions of prisoners of war, whom were passed into the hands of Stalin, to conceal the reality, that it was the ‘Christian’ Jew controlled Western powers, using covert means, of wiping out the maximum number of Christian men, whom could form some sort of resistance,  to the coming coup d’etat in Europe, which has now delivered most of Europe and indeed the World, into a brutal, Bolshevik Jew controlled regime, they then calmly allowed Russia to break free from their iron grip? I don’t think so.

Many things have taken place since 1945, things which convince me that there has been an ongoing coup d’etat ever since. China, under the control of Rockefeller’s man, Mao Zedong, quickly fell into the hands of the Bolsheviks and c the usual cull of an estimated 100 million Chinese was carried out. India suffered the same fate when Gandhi, a Fabian Society member and paedophile, organised the take-over and carve-up, which created a veritable Shambles across the sub-continent.

Britain itself, fell under Fabian Society control in 1945 and the same Socialists’ whom had been in collusion with the Bolsheviks’ recent war,  immediately started the destruction of the British people, by opening the flood-gates of immigration, which allowed entry to millions from the Sub-Continent, which had been deliberately plunged into chaos, which lead to the deaths of at least one million people and of course the Black people arrived from the West Indies, for no particular reason. Great Britain has now ceased to exist, while attempts to carve it into tiny States continues, while the British Peoples, live on in denial.

Joe McCarthy in the United States spotted the problem, he has been castigated ever since, much in the manner of that other fella who spotted the name of the game, Adolf Hitler. McCarthy attempted to out the Communists, whom were seeking control of the United States. At that time, nobody appears to have noticed, that a large number of those ‘Communists,’ were Jews. The Hollywood stars whom McCarthy put on the Black List were all Jews. What a surprise.

These days, we can watch Jews, on television, telling us that we White Christian people must cease to exist, without them having any problem with the law, while they use their wealth to pay for laws,  prohibiting White Christians from replying in kind. We simple White peasants are accused of Racism should we simply suggest that the world would be a better place without them. There is something about that situation, which is just a shade biased and hypocritical. Is there not one of our elected representatives, with the courage to stand up in our defence against this full frontal Jew attack?

Do these dozy prat politicians not hear the warnings about the dire results of pumping large doses of aluminium and mercury into babies, or are they ignoring it? In France the government is passing an edict, full in the face of massive opposition, ordering parents, that their children ‘must’ be injected with eleven vaccines, despite mounting evidence that it is the hidden “extras” in these vaccines, which has lead to a huge spike in Autism.

Needless to say International Jewry controls the composition and production of these vaccines. That would be the same International Jewry which is calling for the demise of White Christians. In Germany, there is a Court case going on, against a Nurse, who killed his patients, why is no action being taken against Drug Companies, which knowingly poison people?

I would suggest that every word which I have just written, which I am prepared to stand by as being accurate, would suggest wholesale collusion between several European and American governments, since the early part of the Twentieth Century. Jews alone could not have achieved all of the above. They managed to destroy the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Russian Empire and the Ottoman Empire during the Great War but the League of Nations floundered. The British Empire was partly shut down, after World War Two, it is now called the Commonwealth, which still bends the knee to Rothschild’s Queen of England.

However let us now turn our attention to other matters, which should they be true, would be proof enough of the reality of the murderous control of the planet, by power crazed creatures from Hell.





All of the above desolation and death was the work of the American Military with a little support from the British. Nice work boys, exactly what we have come to expect from you.



When one surveys the resulting damage to Dresden, with the damage to Hiroshima, after the Atomic Bomb attack, one can only wonder why it was at all necessary to use an Atomic Bomb, if conventional weapons could produce exactly the same result. What is more, Dresden was a solid brick-built structure while Hiroshima was mainly bamboo and paper. All of which, begs the question, was there any Atomic Bomb at all?

Some time ago, on the Deanna Spingola podcast, an invited guest proposed the possibility that there never had been an atomic bomb. At the time he was taken to be a form of ‘Flat Earther.’ however in the meantime both subjects have taken centre stage. I have been reading an interesting site, Here, which has made a mission out of exposing the Atomic Bomb Hoax.

http://www.mensonges.fr/bombe/bombe.html For my French Readers

The Atom Bomb hoax and the question about the shape of the earth, combined with the question about the moon landings, the International Space Station, Global Warming and not to forget the strange tale of the thirty-six thousand satellites hovering in space, desperately clinging on as the Earth shoots around the sun at sixty-five thousand miles an hour and all that stuff, all of which needs the total co-operation of many politicians and back-room boys, to maintain the myth, which would collapse if only one whistle-blower exposed the truth.

Right now, North Korea, is said to be testing hydrogen bombs, while Trump huffs and puffs about taking desperate measures, should Kim continue to taunt the World with his Atomic Weapons. Is it possible that Kim knows full well that there are no Atom Bombs and is giving the West the finger? Is Iran laughing up its sleeve, as Israel claims to have an inter-continental-ballistic-missile pointed towards all of the worlds capital cities, which will be launched should Israel be in danger of being invaded, the so-called Samson Option? Is Russia cynically playing a role in the lie of the International Space Station, which it is claimed to be an aircraft flying in a wavy manner, permitting passengers in the plane to float for a minute and no more, which is why the crew of the ISS sometimes fall flat on their faces when they should be floating? There are no photographs of the Earth from space, that I can confirm, having spent hours of my time trying to find one.

Should Russia be supporting any of the above, knowing it to be a load of tosh, such as the Space Station, should it not actually be in space, and Russia is colluding in the lie, we must seriously consider what the f**k is going on. There are many people out there whom adore Putin, believing him to be saviour of some sort.

A long time ago, Eustace Mullins suggested that the Arms Race was nothing more than what he called a Jew boondoggle, to make money, while pretending to be investing millions, now trillions on weapons,  which they know full well can never and will never be used. We are now being told that the UK is about to invest billions of pounds on renewing Trident, even as the United Kingdom is being put through the mangle of austerity.

We’ are expected to believe that our leaders have never come across Jew calls to destroy White Christians, that they do not understand that the Banking system is crooked, that Assad is not a brutal dictator, that Israel is murdering Palestinians and many other things which are common knowledge to the rest of us. All of the above applies equally to the media. When Tony Blair was asked if his children had received their shots, he said mind your own business which means no,  but avoids him being faced with his lie by the doctor who delivered the shots.

So what exactly do our leaders know? They knew Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction, they knew that Osama bin Laden was a CIA agent, etc. etc. etc. So where are all the ‘news-hounds’ who should be holding politicians feet to the fire? In their pockets perhaps?

The Blatant Lies Of History.

One of the most heated debates online at the moment, is in three parts. Is the Earth flat or is it a globe, did astronauts actually go to the Moon and does the Earth rotate. Not one of these questions, can be clearly answered, despite a widespread belief that men really did land on the moon several times, that there is evidence that the Earth is a globe which rotates at one thousand miles an hour. When in fact nobody can provide convincing evidence that any of the above claims have been proven beyond a doubt.

To mention these subjects in polite company, is taken as a form of confession of insanity, despite which, when confronted by the question, why are there no images of the Earth taken from the Moon, most people will claim there to be dozens of such photos, without ever having themselves, tried to find one. The fact being that there is not one clear and indisputable photograph, of the Earth, taken from the Moon, in existence.

Similarly, there is no positive evidence that the Earth is actually rotating. When I once suggested to a Moon landing believer, that should I have been a crew member on such a visit to the Moon, the first thing I would have done, on setting foot on the Moon’s surface, would have been to eagerly look at the huge Earth, in the sky above me and at the first opportunity, take dozens of photographs of this incredible vision, while eagerly watching it rotate in front of my eyes, so why had not one of the ‘men on the moon done the same thing? Why is there no film of the Earth rotating?

The response, from someone, whom had never even thought of such a thing was to claim there to be dozens of photographs of the Earth from the Moon and that to attempt to film the rotation of the Earth would have been like filming paint as it dried.

When I asked this innocent Moon landing believer, that should he find himself standing on a platform in a railway station, as a train ten miles long, was passing through the station, traveling at one thousand miles an hour, almost twice the speed of sound, would he be unable to see the movement, he suggested that, to be a completely different thing, because of the distance involved between the viewed and the viewer.

I responded with the observation, that they appeared to be suggesting it to be impossible to film such a movement, which was why nobody had in fact so done, when it was perfectly possible to film plants growing and flowering, so what was the difference? They had no answer and yet they still refused to accept that this was enough to cast doubt on the truth of the Moon Landings. For what it is worth, very few people have ever checked the speed of the alleged rotation, which is in fact, almost half a kilometre per second.

This apparent lack of the ability to point a camera in the direction of the Earth from the Moon, just by chance, denied the Globe Earthers’ the proof of their belief in the reality of the Globe and at the same time the evidence of the rotation of the Earth and yet, these men on the Moon found time to hit golf balls around and take jaunts on a Dune Buggy, which was as huge as the craft in which they arrived and which we never saw them assemble.

None of these things are of any importance in themselves, yet they are demonstrative of the ease with which we can all be hoodwinked into believing whatsoever we are expected to believe. Take for example the claim that Hitler is the biggest, baddest man, in all of recorded history, as a result of what he is alleged to have done to the Jews.

This verdict is not based on any form of hard, undeniable evidence, it is in fact wholly based on the most unreliable evidence of all, according to the police, that of ‘eyewitness’ evidence.

Imagine for a moment, that you are living in a land, which is threatened by an advancing army of millions of men, whom are controlled by a group of murdering thugs, whom have just starved ten million people to death, in Ukraine, the Holodomor and brutally tortured and slaughtered fifty million more, in Russia and that these oncoming invaders, whom are themselves under the control of a group, which has just called for an all out war against you and your people, having a few decades before through the installation of a  blockade against you, which lead to the death of nine-hundred-thousand of your people, whom have now called for the total annihilation of the rest of you, and the imposition of another blockade, to help in your slaughter, what would you expect your own leadership to do?

When the biggest, baddest man in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler, was faced with this problem, he immediately sent his friend, Rudolf Hess, parachuting into Britain, to warn the British Government of the threat on the doorstep of Europe, naively  expecting a promise of help from the Western Democracies, to confront these advancing hordes, he was surprised, however to find the British and their Allies to be in league, with the very murdering demons whom were threatening to over-run Europe.

It was at this point, that the most brutal, murderous dictatorship in the history of the world, which was responsible for the slaughter of at least sixty-five million White Christians in Russia, was suddenly revealed as being ‘The Best Friends’ of International Jewry, and that they had been covertly armed by the British and American Jew Billionaires and given the mission of the destruction of Germany.

“We are not denying and we are not afraid to confess, this war is our war and that it is waged for the liberation of Jewry…Stronger than all fronts together is our front, that of Jewry. We are not only giving this war our financial support on which the entire war production is based. We are not only providing our full propaganda power which is the moral energy that keeps this war going. The guarantee of victory is predominantly based on weakening the enemy forces, on destroying them in their own country, within the resistance. And we are the Trojan Horses in the enemy’s fortress. Thousands of Jews living in Europe constitute the principal factor in the destruction of our enemy. There, our front is a fact and the most valuable aid for victory.” (Chaim Weizmann, President of the World Jewish Congress, in a Speech on December 3, 1942, in New York City).

In view of the above, Hitler decided that the most prudent act was to take the Jew Fifth Column out of the picture, by locking them in Work Camps, where they could work in return for their keep. Many of them survived the experience, on the other hand, those Germans in the hands of the Jew Eisenhower were not so lucky, one and a half million were starved to death.





The Governments of Russia, Britain and America should have been charged with Crimes Against Humanity for their behaviour against Germany and Japan,in the ensuing war,  instead they continue to conceal their own barbarity by crouching behind a tale of what Hitler, is alleged to have done, to those whom declared the war in the first place.


The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

The Brainless Can Walk On, Nothing To See Here.

A while back, a man called Eric Dubay, made a video clip, which he presented on YouTube. The subject being his belief, that the earth was flat.

He was immediately ridiculed, by virtually the entirety of those, whom believe themselves to be ‘thinking’ or ‘educated’ people. When I spoke of the ideas of Dubay, to my friend, he refused to so much as consider the proposition, telling me that the whole idea was absurd.

Let me explain my own position in this ‘unspeakable’ subject, before you all exclaim ‘oh no not more of that flat earth rubbish’ and turn off.

Without any particular effort, I have become a modern-day heretic, simply through having the temerity, or indeed, simply enough curiosity, to check out Dubay’s claims, while, as have most people, having spent my life accepting a proposition, in which I had total ‘faith,’ telling me that I live on a ball.

What is generally referred to as a good education, has convinced me and I suppose most others, to ‘safely’ accept certain things, as being, in some way proven, in which we can place our trust, in a world where we are actually being driven by lies.

The classroom, in a State controlled system of education, is in fact, quite clearly, a dangerous environment, in which to place your gullible child, should you have no desire to have certain, unproven ideas, planted, firmly into their brains as fact.

One need only look at the example of a Religious Education, however illogical the subject may be, it is a proof positive of the power of suggestion. Children of equal intelligence, in different Faith schools, can be encouraged to hold strong beliefs, in their particular religion, all of them based on fantasy at best and sheer lies at worst, without question. I am one of them.

In a physics classroom, when the lesson was radio transmissions, we were shown how a ‘microphone,’ into which, should you speak a few words, could, when plugged into a device called a ‘transmitter’ project what you had said, towards another device called a “receiver”, which when attached to yet another device, called an amplifier, to which was attached a device called a speaker, recreate, whatever words you had spoken, after they had passed through thin air, re-assembling, from whatever form those words had been transformed, during transmission, into a mechanical reconstruction, which perfectly imitated the original sound of your words.

Despite having been shown various gauges and meters and other devices to measure this and that, I can honestly state here and now, that I have no idea how this actually works, all I know is that should I have various bits and pieces available, transistors and resistors and condensers and a soldering iron, I could imitate one these things, which I have done, while young, however having done so, all I know of the phenomena, is simply, that should you attach certain objects, in a particular manner, you can reproduce the same effect. The reality of the inner workings, of the operation itself, is still a mystery, it is in fact magic.

We had a good physics lecturer, who was interested in his speciality and like most of those whom taught in colleges, he had previously benefitted from years in Industry, involved in the creation of electronic systems and yet, when asked to explain, exactly how a voice from another room, was able to pass, through walls and thin air, over our heads into the receiver, the only answer was that it had been discovered that such things work.

I never spent too much time worrying about the ins and outs of such devices, until the whole world was quite suddenly linked into a huge circuit of more sophisticated transmitters and receptors, waves, which were now ‘liberated’ into thin air, without the insulation of wiring, which had, in earlier times, had been necessary for radio, television and telephone reception, we were now part of a totally artificial grid, which to all intents and purposes serves no real need, other than the possibility of endless chatter or tweets.

It turns out that the idea of a Globe Earth, was originally the unsupported idea of various well-known characters from the distant past. Galileo and Copernicus and others, whom had no means whatsoever, of verifying their theories. No more than did Isaac Newton, whose theory of Gravity is to this day, taught as fact. As is Evolution and many other things.

Having no wish to be bamboozled into accepting the idea of a Flat Earth, to settle the argument, I looked for the evidence of the globe. I was quite surprised to find that the aforementioned speculations of Galileo and Copernicus, are to this day being presented as the truth of the matter.

This is of course a nonsense in view of the giant steps which have been made in space exploration and with thirty-six thousand satellites spinning around the planet and the International Space Station hovering over the earth and all that stuff, so let us check the evidence from space.

Sadly there is none. There is a lot of unconvincing evidence, which you could choose to use as an excuse to slump back into your stupor, but, and it is a big but, there are no ‘real’ images of the Globe Earth taken from space.

I am quite prepared to be deluged with links, with which I have been on dozens of occasions, to various photos, all of which are composites of one sort or another.

I checked out the moon landings, surely the men whom landed on the moon, would leap out of the moon lander, with their Nikon in their hands and take dozens of photos of the home planet.

Sadly, the only photo available, shows an image of the earth over the shoulder of men on the moon and it is exactly the same photo which we were told was taken by Apollo 17, on its way to the moon, the one they call the ‘Blue Marble,’ which it turns out, according to the artist, is a painting.

None of this matters, you can make your own minds up about the earth, whatever it may be, flat or globe makes no difference, it is what it is. But it simply illustrates, along with other revisionist ideas, how little we actually know for sure.

Nothing is as it seems, simply because there has been a form of ‘book burning’ which has destroyed the records of our past and how we once managed our lives, leaving us defenseless against a Central Government, which controls our education system, which has become a tool to inculcate an inability to question our reality.

Our thoughts are being misguided by a system of education, which is now, it would appear, incapable of educating European children. Skills in the UK have dropped to a level in which boys can no longer cope with the difficulty of high-tech skilled work. While at the same time Third World Countries like India, using another system of education, which has been sourced from London, can produce them by the thousand.

It does not take too much thought, to arrive at a point where one realises that we are being forced to accept the tenets of others, which are quite evidently in favor of those whom propose these idea and not for the benefit of the rest of mankind.

Life has become a series of ‘Whatever you do don’t mention the war.’ restrictions. For some, we are considered Racist should we talk of a Black man, we are now no longer allowed to spot the difference between Black and White.

I am watching a daily dose of Sky News, in which I can find a blast of total lies, which are being presented as truth, even though those lies demonstrate the total hypocrisy of Sky News itself. The British are virtually brain-dead.

In Wednesdays Prime Ministers Question Time, Theresa May was asked the question, ‘Can you be sure that British made Fighter Bombers armed with British made bombs and bullets, which are being used by Saudi Arabia, to bomb Yemen, are not killing and injuring civilians?’ The response was, ‘We are asking Saudi Arabia to look into the matter.’

The same question when it concerned Russia in Syria, claimed that, without going to the trouble of asking the Russians to look into the matter, Russia and Assad were condemned out of hand as War Criminals, for fighting the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo.

Meanwhile in Iraq, where the coming ‘surprise’ attack on Mosul, was announced some time ago, the terrorist appear to have left the town, so we have Brigadier Stuart Ramsay, and Colonel Sam Kiley reporting that the taking of Mosul is going along at a surprising pace. I am convinced that Ramsay and Kiley are reporting a phony war against Mosul, the IS/Al Qaeda boys have already left. We have yet to see any sign of ‘real’ opposition to the advance.

Even as, back in the USA, Hillary Clinton, is already announcing that the terrorists will all leave Mosul and head for Raqqa, which is in Syria and is still the Headquarters of IS, so when the missing IS have been ‘defeated’ in Mosul the special forces of good, Mossad, CIA, SAS and MI6 with various stooges, will follow them to Raqqa, in Syria, to destroy them and those parts of Syria still standing.

When asked if she would be prepared to condone the shooting down of Russian aircraft, Hillary Clinton avoided the question. These folk are laying the world to waste, with the full support of the privately owned media, which will not allow questions from me, but they are accepted as the final word on any subject.

On the other hand, when Donald Trump refused to answer, a question about whether he would accept the result of the coming election, whatever it may be, he said he would be announcing that in due course.

Sky News and the rest of the Media, pounced on this, ‘dodging of the question,’ by Trump, and it was presented as being of greater importance than Clinton’s dodging of the issue of the possibility that her action could kick off World War 3.

So in the middle of all this strange brew, why is the belief in a Flat Earth, any different from a belief in a Globe Earth, when it would appear, that all and everything to do with reality, is being used by various groups to confuse us. Whom amongst us, has the courage to claim, that they are the guardians of truth?

The crazy notion of the Earth being flat, is now being condemned as no more than an Illuminati distraction, that may well se so, but on the other hand it has also managed to bring into focus a long list of other lies, with which we have been deceived.

Whatever else is happening in this world, I am now convinced that Hillary Clinton is a dying stooge, and she is allowing herself or one of her doubles, to be elected, making way for a Vice President to replace her. A remark by a commentator, suggested that the Botox treatment of Clinton had managed to make an old hag look like a young woman, do you see from where I am coming?I am a conspiracy theorist to the bone. The Mafia Rules OK!

Living In The Ruins Of Empire.

The bench mark of Empire is that of Rome.  The Rise and the Fall of Rome, the most magnificent Empire in historical times. It is regularly used as the model, of how through acquired weakness, events over which we have lost all control, will one day bring about our Fall,  only to be over-run by a group with an insatiable, psychopathic lust for power and of course the Barbarians, both of these elements, normally work hand in glove.

In Roman times, slaughter became industrialised on a grand scale.  At the height of its glory, Rome and its Legions were supreme. The vestiges of Greece, Egypt and Arabia, all fell under its control.  Despite this apparent invulnerability, when the end came it was as a result of debauchery and vanity.

A Des Arénes

Des Arénes de Nîmes, where the locals cheered on the blood-letting while they scoffed their bread, apparently prepared to accept a role in the gruesome spectacle, should they be “chosen.” These events are even today mirrored by the beheading of hundreds of Saudi Arabians, in public, each year.

As is the way with these things, they are presented as being is some way, colourful and glorious, a part of the wonderful tapestry of history.  There is however no record of the fear and loathing which would most certainly have been generated amongst the victims of these events.

The Shock and Awe of Iraq under bombardment, most certainly had the television audience in rapture and calling for an encore but what of the poor bastards scurrying about beneath it looking for shelter?  Could these folk now be counted alongside the other Barbarians, kicking down the doors of the Empire?

When Rome fell, the families of those given the “thumbs down”  of death, by the Roman Governor, in the arenas would not have been too distressed, just as those in South America, whom helped the Spanish defeat another Empire, that of the Mayan, Incas or Aztecs, having become just a little bit jaded at losing their prettiest girls to the knife wielding savage, whom would cut out their heart and eat it while it still pumped. The South American Empires also built Stadia in which men played themselves to death.


One is tempted to suggest, that should you be capable of building big piles of rocks, however savage your demeanour, you will be considered as “Great” by the psychopaths whom write our history. It should be noted, that when future generations look back on the current Empires, there will be little trace remaining, as we have already been taken down by savages, who steal rather than deal and who have lost the ability to construct anything of lasting value.

Nîmes, has for centuries, suffered from a shortage of water.  In Roman times this problem was dealt with by constructing massive aqueducts to bring the water from the hills into the heart of Nîmes. The most impressive aqueduct on the way from the hills, The Pont du Gard, is still standing, there is however no list of the names of those whom lost their lives during its construction.

A Pont du Gard 2

The point of arrival of this water  in Nîmes, is still there and its function is plain to see, how water was directed down through the streets of the town serving houses by which it flowed. Wonderful stuff what?

A Pont du Gard distributeur

I am blessed to live in such an area.  There is something very special about living, where others come on holiday. However I am sure that in one thousand years time, not too many folk will be arriving in search of more recent architecture.


A Maison Carée

The beautifully restored Maison Carée, is now blessed with this monstrosity on the other side of the road, visible through the pillars of the Roman masterpiece, which Mark Twain described as the most perfect Roman building outside Rome.



Take a look at what was replaced by the current occupier of the space, can you believe that they actually took this beautiful building away, stone by stone back in the 1980’s, with the intention of restoring it only to change their mind.

La Comédie de Nîmes

Any way, that’s enough of the guided tour.  That is just an example of what an Empire could be, without need of the blood-shed.  We are however still in the grip of the fiends. Like the poor they are always with us.

Never content and having stolen most of the wealth of the planet,  for themselves, the ruling madmen, with the blood of the innocent dripping from their fingers, can find nothing better to do than to start another slaughter-house. Figures suggest that the British, French and Americans, have massacred  some thirty million people since the end of World War Two. Even the Romans could not equal that score and yet the voting public in all three of those Boils on the Arse of Humanity, religiously vote for the same scum, time after time after time, and time and again they wonder why nothing changes.

A Happy Bunny after Shck and Awe

Wish you were here Dubya, to join in the fun!  I am quite sure that this little chap is very happy to have seen the back of Saddam Hussein. Whom exactly did the British and Americans intend to Shock and Awe I wonder?

Cameron, the Butcher of Libya along with his colleague Sarkozy, one of whom is skulking behind one of the biggest financial frauds in history, while the other is under investigation over a massive drugs deal, do not express one word of regret, between the two of them, over the total destruction of Libya and the cold-blooded murder of one of the finest Muslim leaders Muammar Gadaffi.

Cameron should be booted out of office immediately, he is a War Criminal, and just in case there should be any connection between the fact that there is a surfeit of Jews, whom would appear to be ordering this continuous slaughter, nobody who declares himself to be a Friend of Israel should be allowed to replace him, just as a safeguard, because there are actually War Crimes being committed in Israel, against Muslims, can you believe that? Seven million dead since 911 and that is still not enough to satisfy the needs of  whom exactly?  What is the object of all of this murder and mayhem?  It sure as shit has nothing to do with terrorism in the US or UK, all of that is home-grown.

So to where are we going? Many intelligent men suggest that we are going, quietly, with bunches of flowers for the enemy, even as they arrive to destroy us, to our doom.  There is nothing to be gained from all of this wholesale slaughter of Muslims for us, us being White European people.  Even as this genocide against the Muslims in the Middle East is taking place, there is, at the same time, a massive attack on Whites of European origin.

In the UK, where the folk delight in being lied to by their “rulers” there is hardly a town left standing which is not saturated with immigrants.  There is already an immigrant seeking election as mayor of London. Normally that could be seen as just another Englishman of foreign origin getting on in the world.  Now however it is just a little bit more sinister, because it is a member of a group which refuses to assimilate with the British way of life.

This will lead to a situation where a huge swathe of Londoners, will be voting for him because of what he represents, that is Racism.  This will inevitably lead on to folk in other regions doing the same thing, with the inevitable result, that as time goes on, the British will no longer be in a position to vote for a British Government, as elections will no longer be between Political Parties, they will involve religion and other motives.  To deny this is nonsense, that has been the experience of every country which has accepted too many immigrants.

Back in the 90’s Fiji found itself being drowned by people from India, where they are incapable of controlling their trouser snake and where they prefer boys.  These Indians had the idea that they could simply take control of Fiji through the Ballot Box.  In the end, despite world-wide condemnation, the Fijian government declared that only those of Fijian origin had the right to vote.

Where is the problem with that?  Well the problem with that is that the agenda of the United Nations and the hard men behind the scenes, fully understood that when the mass immigration was unleashed against Europe, they did not want any of those countries getting the same high and mighty ideas. Get it into your heads once and for all, this has all been in the planning since the 19th Century.

I recently wrote a post about The Flat Earth. Take my word for it, it is good fun, whatever the reality and whatever you choose to believe. On the other hand it wakes you up to the fact that we have no idea, what has been quietly fed into our brains by those whom would deceive us.

Jeremy Corbyn, the latest British champion of the Left, was questioned about his position on the bombing Syria.  He responded by saying that even though Assad and his regime were responsible for the bulk of the killings in Syria,  bombing them was not the solution.

A short while later, his Shadow Foreign Secretary Hilary Benn, was asked the same question, he responded in a similar manner, suggesting as had Corbyn that Assad was  responsible for most of the carnage.  George Osborne, David Cameron and his Minister of War, all said the same thing.  Assad must go.  There is in fact a collective acceptance of this, without any reference whatsoever to the desires of the people of Syria and more seriously, there has been no explanation offered as to why Assad should suddenly, in the middle of a war, start to deliberately kill his own people.

Hilary Benn is in fact Hilary Wedgwood-Benn and he would now be a Lord of the Realm had his father, Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, not relinquished the title in order to be a Member of Parliament.  The two Benns’ and Corbyn are all members of the Fabian Society, a group, which has been in the forefront of the installation of a Europe-wide dictatorship and the elimination of “Useless Eaters” for the past hundred or so years.

Anthony Wedgwood-Benn, Lord Stansgate, everybody’s darling, the only honest, straight talking man in Parliament, was not only a Fabian, he was also a member of the most sinister of all of the subversive groups, which are controlled by Chatham House and the Royal Institute for International Affairs and others, The Tavistock Institute.  The only conclusion which can be drawn from this is that he was a “Spook, working for the man.

I do not make this up. The Milibands’ were Stalinists, Corbyn spent his youth in the company of Ralph Miliband, with David and Ed on his knee. They were one and all Fabians and at least three of them were Communists.

The Wedgwood-Benns’ on the other hand come right out of the foetid depths of the British Aristocracy and are well intermarried with the Darwins’ and other incestuous families of the period.  They all belonged to a large group of controllers which included, H.G. Wells, George Bernard Shaw and Annie Besant.  Fabians kept themselves apart from the Communists, believing that it was better to use stealth to gain your way rather than force. One way or the other, both systems involve total control of the Herd.

That being so and as part of the aims of the Fabians was to set up a Europe-wide, wholly controlled state, which we now have, it should come as no surprise to find that the two systems, Communism and Fabianism, have finally converged, with the Communist controlled Conservatives now presenting themselves as the Workers Party,  which is what the Workers were always led to believe was the aim of Communism. They did not however expect to wake up one day and find it was the Conservatives who were the Communists all the time.

Does that give you some idea as to why I approach the idea of a Flat Earth with an open mind?




Flat Earth. The Mystery Deepens.

For the past couple of weeks I have been looking into the Neo-Flat-Earther teachings and I have been amazed as to how intelligent and believable, the various researchers have presented their evidence.

This has been the unlocking of the last mind-block, in my efforts to uncover the truth of life, and not the nonsense  we have been processed into believing it to be.

We have, for at least my life-time, been fed such a barrow-load of crap, by those whom either know no better or are indeed involved in a process of mass deception, which has led to stupefying arguments, about crazy, unprovable notions, which beggar belief, such as the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang is a natural continuation of the Theory of Evolution, which is also taught as fact. We have been taught in religious terms since our first day in school, without even noticing.  Todays  children are being educated to believe that there are people called Scientists, who “know” that either the Earth is warming, or that it is quite possibly, the Climate which is Changing and either way, should we refuse to pay a Carbon Tax, while at the same time allowing men to buy and sell an invisible gas, things are going to change for the worst.

The United Nations, who of course know, whatever it is that they want you to believe, tell us that the Science is Settled, that ninety-nine per-cent of scientists are agreed that Carbon Dioxide, one of the most important of all gases, is polluting the Earth and to save us all from God knows what, we must give them more of our money.

Back in the day, when the United Nations was called The Catholic Church,  people whom had spent their lives believing the world to be flat, were told that it was actually round, by no less a character than a man whom spoke for God himself, everybody no doubt gasped with astonishment and then went back to work, while nothing whatsoever changed in their daily lives.

A few years on, to suggest that this theory of roundness may not be true, is the new Heresy.  Those whom, unquestioningly  swallow the edicts of these self selected wise men, humour those of us whom have the temerity to demand any possible explication for a facet of this universally held belief, are humoured by those whom repeat the current bull.

I would be delighted if one of my readers, could explain to me in simple  language, a feature of this acceptance of the roundness of the Earth, which my innate intelligence suggests to me, that should I construct a length of guttering, with the exact curvature of Earth, say twenty miles long,  and lay it flat on the ground in Utah, where I believe there to be a large perfectly flat region, that first and foremost,  slight excavations would be necessary at each end, in order to make the gutter fit snugly on the ground and that should I then pour water in the exact centre of the gutter, why the water would not run down towards each end, leaving nothing at the top of the slope in the gutter, however slight the curve of the slope.

This is a simple question which involves the function of yet another theory, that of Gravity, and indeed that of the idea of “a level surface” which curvature would seem to deny, claiming that “level” depends on where it is measured,  which denies the possibility of long stretches of flat water, such as a canal, between locks,  which these days can be measured using laser technology. So does water find a curved level?

Once you start to look at the subject, you become aware of dozens of enigmas, to which even Flat Earth Deniers have no reasonable explanation. The most puzzling of all is that of an airliner, travelling against the rotation of the Earth is still a captive of that rotation, which would suggest that the airliner is flying backwards and forwards at the same time, that is if the Earth really is spinning at one-thousand miles per hour.

I have no idea what ulterior motives may have been involved in the acceptance of the belief that the Earth is spinning like a top on its axis, at one thousand miles an hour, while at the same time hurting around the sun at sixty-five thousand miles an hour and at the same time as all that is going on it is also speeding around the galaxy at thousands of miles per second but whatever this is all about I hope those whom came up with this Theory, are getting a good laugh out of their joke.

If you can make sense of what I have asked and you can produce a reasonable response, which is not simply a reiteration of what we were all taught at school, I would be relieved, because trying to make the idea of a Flat Earth rest easily in the mind, is not an easy task, but it brings into sharp relief all of the crap which we are being fed on a daily basis.

We have all been educated to ignore the realities of the world, which are staring us in the face.  For example, how many people, grimly hold on to the notion that on 911 Building Seven, simply fell down?

Do they also believe that Osama Bin Laden was thrown into the sea? That he had an air-conditioned, six story cave in Afghanistan?

Did the US and the UK have any real need to use shells packed with armour-piercing Depleted Uranium against groups with no armoured vehicles, contaminating the very lands from where the residents are now fleeing?

Face up to it, we have been taught from a young age to accept the word of a scientist or indeed an expert both of whom tell us nothing which we do not already know and most people do not even go to the trouble of looking into something, before accepting the word of such folk, at face value.

Should you choose to take a look at the idea of a Flat Earth, you will find that there are two types of response to the subject.  One suggests that it is no more than a ploy of the Elite, designed to take our eye off the ball while they pull another stunt, or you are brain-dead but take no notice there are a few clips on youtube that will at least make you think about the planet in a totally different way.  There are very few convincing rebuttals available, which is odd to say the least, one would think that with space flight and men on the Moon that a Flat Earth theory could be debunked in no time, would you not?  Sadly, even photos of the Earth from Space are not at all conclusive and what is more they are very thin on the ground.

Let me give you an idea of how reality can be faked or meddled with in some way to suit an unknown agenda. Along with a friend, I went walking in the Cevennes,  in the South of France, in search of pre-historic remains.  We tracked down several Menhir, on isolated hill-tops and dozens of interesting huge stones lying flat on the ground.

We eventually came across an impressive stone circle on the side of a gently sloping hill.  There were no plaques bearing any sort of information, which added anything to the brief mention in the handbook guide to the region.

An old couple happened to walk by as we were trying to figure out for what the circle had been used.  They stopped to have a chat and we asked them if they had any idea of the purpose of the stones.  The old man told us that he had lived in the area all of his life. He still lived in the house in which he had been born.  He described how he actually saw the stones arriving on lorries and watched as they were being “planted.”

He gave me the name of the group which had organised the venture. It just happened that I knew a woman who was a member of this group. I spoke to her about the circle, she explained that there was talk of there having been a standing stone on the side of the hill, at some point in the past, so it was not simply an imaginary circle.  Sounds scientific I think you will agree.

During the course of the same afternoon we came across another oddity, where amongst other things was a sign-post to a Dolmen, which had not yet been installed.  So you see you can take nothing at face value.




Flat Earth: After This You Can All Say I Told You So!

A while back I watched the above clip on youtube.  Having watched it I was not quite sure what the cinéaste was actually suggesting.  Was he saying that the map, as presented, was no more than an idea of the “real” layout of the Earth, or simply that it was distorted because it was an attempt to copy a flat map onto a round surface.

I had read, somewhere else, that the well-known illustration of the Earth, was  no more than another of those White Supremacist tricks, to put the evil den of the White European on top, as if they were the superior Race.

OK. I thought, Let’s check this out with the real thing. This is the 21st Century after all and we have had space-ships and Shuttles and dozens of satellites, beaming all sorts of nonsense back to Earth, for fifty years or more.

We have had several groups of men, whom have voyaged to the Moon, where they have skipped around, demonstrating the weaker gravity on the surface of the Moon,  they have played golf and driven around on a Moon Buggy, all of it filmed and filed for posterity.

Now I am quite sure, that should I ask any of you,  what would be the first thing you would do as you made that small step onto the Moon’s surface,  that just like me you would reply, “Take a look at our home, the far distant Earth of course!   Glowing in the sky, several time bigger than the Moon as seen from the Earth.  Ohhh! The wonder of it.”

Well, apparently, not one of those men, lucky enough to make the trip had enough curiosity to take one single snap of the Earth from the Moon.  Can you believe that?

I left comments, scattered around youtube, asking for links to images of the Earth from space or better still from the Moon. All of the replies, directed me towards this images, which was taken by the crew of Apollo 11, on its way to the Moon.  Take a look at the first five minutes and I don’t know what you might see, all I can see is a photograph of a dog’s head.  (Title: Apollo 11, Earth Views and Crew.)


The best known image of the Earth is this one and it turns up everywhere.

A Moonshot 2


It looks pretty much like the one taken on the moon, by accident.a moon shotThis one on the moon, is suspect, but noting changes on the Earth.

A Moonshot 3


 And again this time with the Moon. Most people think that this photo is a painting.

Finally I ended up on a site which explained, quite clearly, that there were no actual photos of the Earth from space, simply because there were no satellites at a great enough distance from the earth, to take a full view photograph of the planet, meaning that all of the existing photographs were composites.

I am not quite sure if that includes the one which we were led to believe was taken on the Moon, (see above) when it has been admitted by NASA, that they were obliged to fake some of the photos which we were told were taken on the Moon, because of the difficulty of manipulating a camera while wearing a space suit.

Eventually, having wasted several giga of my limited band width, all I could find were odd photos, mostly of Africa and South America, which appeared to correspond, exactly with the classroom globe of the Earth, which would mean that the well-known, toy of the Earth was the correct one. Hmmm!

During the course of my search, I ran into several folk who were kind enough to lend me a hand in my quest, by explaining to me that there were no satellites at a high enough elevation to take any photo of the entire Earth in one frame, which explained why all of the existing images of a whole planet, were taken from satellites which were in a fixed orbit. They could not explain the difference in the elevation of a fixed satellite and a “normal” type.

I have been given lessons in Gravity and how it controls everything on the planet, making it impossible to break free from the grip of the rotation of the Earth, which explained the laws of motion and the reason why an aircraft flying against the rotation of the Earth at five hundred miles an hour, would find its destination five hundred miles and an hour later, still waiting where it had logically been an hour earlier.

I asked in all innocence, if that meant that the aircraft was flying backwards and forwards at the same time and if so, how could that be? It was at this point that I was denigrated as being no more than a Flat Earther.

This inspired me to take another look at some of the responses to my questions. All of them were presenting solutions which relied almost completely on the acceptance of ideas which beggared belief and yet I had accepted them forever.

For example.  How the laws of motion could deny us the ability to overcome the rotation of the Earth, is hard to get a grip on. It relies on the notion that the interior of an enclosed space, such as the carriage of a moving train, obliges the occupants to share the motion of the train and they must remain a prisoner of this motion. Which to me sounds ridiculous, as should a machine gun be fired at a fort, after the train had passed by, the bullets would still hit the fort, despite the movement of the train.

Logically, this would mean, that should the train be heading West, it would be travelling backwards, with the spin of the Earth, which is 1000 mph, while travelling forwards at 100 mph, while presumably the bullets from the machine gun, coming from the rear-end of the train, being unable to overcome the spin of the Earth, would behave as if none of this mattered, despite being outside of the enclosed interior of the train, though presumably still a factor in the motion of the train, killing the sentry in the fort, regardless.

While talking about trains and train tracks, just to be awkward, I asked how it would be possible to lay a rail-road track around the Earth, with lengths of straight track welded together in strips of 400 metres, which would actually deliver a hoop. The excuses I received to make this possible  were laughable and did in fact appear to suggest that there is no such thing a genuinly flat and level surface.

Dealing with the belief in a globe Earth,  is very much like a discussion on Global Warming or Evolution,  both of which are themselves merely theories.  But I promise you this, it will spark off a delightful discussion, while you drink a coffee with friends. It’s better than a chat about the “good” Hitler.