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The British Wash Their Hands Of The Man From Bethlehem.

Abu Qatada, the freedom fighter from Palestine, whom the British describe as Al Qaeda’s main man in Europe, which some would suggest makes him an ally of the West, has been deported, by the British, by whom he has been held for more than ten years, without any charge, which is surely  impossible if it has been unquestionably documented, that he is indeed the European boss of Al Qaeda, a group which has been linked to the 7-7 attack in London, for which, strangely, he has not been charged. Why not?

Al Qatada has been incarcerated in a high security prison, in the Jordanian desert, while a case is being prepared against him. Which one would have thought to have already been  necessary, in order to justify the extradition from the UK, as Al Qaeda is British. Rules seem to go by the board where a Muslim is concerned.

He will now find himself dangerously close to Israel, which I believe to be the only State on Earth, which has the right to torture prisoners written into its Constitution. The King of Jordan, whom is himself half British, is like his father before him, totally controlled from the City of London and by those, whom the Middle Eastern Royal Families were put in place, as part of the grand plan to annexe the Middle East, into the hands of demonic, would be, Jewish, Kings of the World. Heh!Heh!Heh!

One of Tony Blair’s Butchers, Lord Reid, on the Murnaghan show, was overjoyed, that a man whom has committed no crime in the UK and is a citizen of the UK, has been deported to a country renowned for torture because he is alleged to be a member of Al Qaeda, a group of paid killers in the employ of the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia, who are being trained in the very country, Jordan, to which Al Qatada has been despatched.

Reid, described this decision by Teresa May, as a welcome victory for Democracy and for the rule of law. As an integral part of the “Dodgy Dossier” and the pack of lies which were presented to the British public as an excuse to murder and torture and maim, more than a million innocent people in Iraq and whom supports Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing, murder and torture in Al Qatada’s home land Palestine, which includes the encircling of his home town of Bethlehem, Reid is being just a little bit disingenuous when he attempts to take the moral high ground in any discussion of Democracy and the Rule of Law.

The British public has been presented with an array of so-called Militant Islamic Clergy, in an attempt to generate, at least a semblance of the alleged International Islamic Terrorism, from which we must all cower in fear.

The savage response to an alleged attack in New York, which even the likes of Fox News, reported, that it was most likely, that Jewish elements were in fact the perpetrators, was out of all proportionate to the amount of evidence available as justification. Reid and the rest of his chums, in New Labour, all of whom are controlled by the Fabian Society, which believes in a form of Communism but at a slower pace,  wasted no lie, in the race to take part in an aggressive war against a country, Iraq, which had long been an ally of the UK.

I have long-standing doubts about the real aims of the Muslim Militants in the UK, ever since I saw one of them,  Radical cleric Anjem Choudary on the BBC Newsnight programme, with Jewish presenter Jeremy Paxman. Instead of using his time to explain the injustices and false claims which are daily laid at the door of the Muslim Community in the UK, he instead, as did Alex Jones, on the BBC, went into some sort of rant, justifying the very things which a true supporter of the Muslims, would have denounced, while at the same time he could have denounced, for example, the cannibalistic thugs whom are being paid by the British in Syria.

There is such a paucity of Muslim terrorism in the UK and no real sign that the Radical Clerics have been having a great success,  it has become necessary to adopt the default position, that of “self radicalisation,” or as on 7-7 a simple False Flag attack.

Teresa May expressed her satisfaction at having finally sent Al Qatada back to Jordan to face justice and promised to make sure that never again will anyone be able to use of and manipulate the law to evade justice. This from a member of a government, which changed the law in the UK to allow War Criminals from Israel to visit the UK without fear of arrest for their crimes and continues to shelter War Criminal Tony Blair from the charges of treason which should be laid against him and the rest of the New Labour War Cabinet.

These Radical Clerics seem oblivious to the fact that everybody in the UK is in the same bucket of dooh-dooh and they would be better off using whatever time they may be given on mainstream television to speak out against Usury and the rigged political system and the use of non-muslims, under the guise of being Muslims to bring down Syria, for the illegal terrorist, apartheid State of Israel, instead of prattling on about bringing Sharia Law to Europe, which does nothing to further the just cause of the Muslim community.

Through Gritted Teeth I Forced Myself To Listen To The BBC World News.

There would now appear to be such a void, between the mainstream and reality, that it has become impossible to be anything other than confused, by the topics of the day, with which we are presented by the disinformation arm of the British Establishment.

While the BBC is itself under scrutiny because of the manner in which it covered up the antics of the Rock Brigade under serial paedophile Jimmy Savile, they now find themselves in the role of interrogator, into the sexual deviancy within the higher ranks of the Lib-Dem’s a member of the governing coalition, and in particular, as with the BBC’s own transgressions, what was known and what action was taken. The BBC can hardly be described as being fit to ask such questions, to which they themselves have as yet given no proper reply.

As with the sordid tale of Savile, and the Newsnight programme which was cancelled, the BBC has just announced the airing of yet another case of serious child abuse in Afghanistan, which like Libya has been handed over to the thugs and Drug Barons with a “Democratically,” elected leader, whom rigged the vote but was put into power anyway, “because of the lack of time to hold another election before winter.” A winter which was apparently the longest on record, as after two or three years there is still no sign of an election.

There was once again no mention of Bahrain, Mali, Spain, Bulgaria or Libya, in fact the list of omissions was endless. We were treated to a long and annoying account of Daniel Day-Lewis’s win at the Oscars and his proud admission that he not only remained in character on the set and all through the days of filming but even at home. Imagine living with that?

The nearest thing to a discussion of the parlous state of the British and European economies, was an interview with a thief, whom makes his living buying and selling money, which in any decent political system, should be  considered as a crime.

The tone of the BBC, as far as financial affairs are concerned, is in keeping with that of Sky News, CNN, Fox News and whatever other News outlet you care to mention. There is no in-depth study of the system itself, which is always presented as sacrosanct.

The Peoples of Europe and of course the rest of the Western World, are kept in the dark, as to the real cause of the fiscal problem. The BBC is a publicly funded organisation, unlike Sky News or any of the others, which can claim the right or indeed the obligation to present the views of those whom own, control and pay the staff.

The BBC however, should present all sides of a problem and yet it never does. Which would suggest that the people of the UK are paying to be deceived. I could quite easily express a solution to the current state of affairs, which would never be given an airing on the BBC. That is the measure of the depth of control, which a hidden hand, holds over the head of the organisation.

The first step in this attempt to improve the miserable situation of the deprived masses of Europe, is to wake up to the obvious.  The people must be made to see what Europe has now become. There are areas with thirty per cent unemployment, in a Union which was supposed to make us all rich. It has failed and no amount of tampering will change a thing. The reason I can present this with such surety, is because this failure comes as no surprise to those whom brought it about.

The way the world operates is quite simple. It is based on two basic ideas, money and greed. Nothing more.

It is well understood that unchecked Capitalism, will mean, that everything will end up in the same hands.

Take a good look around you, it is already clear that the money system has been cornered. It is claimed that there are eight banking families, whom have the world-wide control of the printing of money.

The BBC will never disclose the holder of the British debt, because to do so would lay bare the criminality of any government, which is prepared to rob and starve its people, in order to give their money to sharks, whom pay no taxes and whom are in fact, responsible for every war during the last hundred years.

The system of government, which is presented as an example to the whole-wide world, as the best possibility to protect the Rights of Man, Democracy,  is in fact simply the preferred system of control.

The simplest way to grasp this sad fact is to understand the meaning of the saying, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the government always wins.”

For example, in Italy a new Political Party has entered the arena. They are proposing to carry on with exactly the same system which has destroyed Italy and robbed its people, however they will do it in a slightly different way. As did the Con-Dem-Lib alliance in the UK. They of course, are blaming the previous Socialist regime, for all of the UK’s problems, which is quite obviously total garbage, yet the Socialists keep mum and go along with the game.

The coalition has had a complete success, which gives a false impression of failure. They have continued the destruction of the UK, where successive governments have privatised just about all of the Utilities, exported a large chunk of industrial production overseas and flooded the country with immigrants, whom now roam the streets of London declaring neighbourhoods to be Sharia Law zones.

The finance minister has declared his intention to carry on with austerity measures, which will always be necessary as long as there is a large number of unemployed people needing support and no investment in productive jobs, which would generate more taxes to pass to the bankers.

Everybody understands this, to pretend otherwise is a waste of time, the object is to bring the UK to is knees.

When governments are expressing surprise, that their economies have suddenly taken a nose dive, while at the same time Free Trade agreements which they have entered into, are allowing trillions of Euros, Dollars and Pounds to be paid to China in return for rubbish, money which miraculously, on arrival in China  goes straight into the pockets of the elite, whom are the folk whom financed the Chinese miracle in the first place, it becomes clear for whom our politicians are working. Europe is being drained of funds.

The real and well understood trap of Democracy, is the system of Political Parties, the leaders and upper echelons of which can be bought, blackmailed or murdered. In the US and UK,  two political groups take it in turn to govern. One of the two, will initiate a regime of controls, which will be criticised by the other, but which will remain on the books, whomsoever takes the reins.

Any wonders which are promised during elections go by the board when the election has been won. Which is why Manifestos should be made legally binding documents. A change which will never be carried out by politicians, but which could be insisted on in local constituencies.

Now let us take a look at the monetary system. Imagine what you could do, should you find yourself in the position, where for example, France was paying you seventy-two billion Euros a year, the UK probably roughly the same, Italy, Greece, Spain and all of the other members of the EU all paying similar amounts, all in all, hundreds of billions of Pounds, and Euros and all of this money was being passed to you for nothing, no gold or silver or jewels, simply in return for the click of a mouse.

Now calculate what a transformation could be made in Europe, if all of this money remained in the hands of the people whom had worked to generate this wealth, instead of passing it into the hands of leeches and other parasites, whom use it to destroy us in unnecessary wars and make us sick with the foodstuffs which they force us to consume.

This is not  fantasy, this is exactly what is happening. The money is used amongst other things to pay off politicians, every Congressman and Senator in the US is a millionaire. We, the workers generate all of this wealth and our elected politicians just hand it over to a cartel of criminals.

The Stock Exchanges of the world, generate no wealth, they are simply a system to steal the wealth which has been generated by us. Any financial millionaire, whom deposits a million Dollars or whatever, in an overseas bank account, has stolen that money out of the pockets of suckers, they too are parasites.

By now I hope that I have made it clear that the present system is repulsive, because it passes most of the money towards the same pockets, this is exactly what it is intended to do. Every penny which is earned by the poor is taken from them by dozens of taxes and other forms of theft. Every cent of Income Tax, which the deluded people imagine pays for roads and other public works, is in fact paid directly to the private bankers.

All of this could be changed overnight. All it would take is the courage to do it. The banks could be Nationalised, after which they could just carry on as now but without the usury. The debt could then be put to its proper use, to improve the welfare of the working man. However this will never be done by the clowns whom pretend to govern us at the moment. They will have to go, one and all and a group of decent men and women should be elected with a mandate to carry out these changes.  That, unfortunately is where the dream begins.

Listen Carefully To Fox News And Other Liars, Just For Once It Could Be In Your Best Interest.

Reports from Syria, where the elected government is fighting an armed attack, by terrorists, whom are being funded by Israel, US, UK, France, Saudi Arabia and other traitorous Muslim States, are suggesting that the “Rebels” are too lightly armed to take on the might of the Assad Army. They are recommending that more arms should be shipped to the “Rebels” as soon as possible, in order to change the balance of power.

US residents should perhaps read my opening paragraph a few times until they fully grasp the level of hypocrisy involved in this suggestion. The US is at the moment under the control of the most vicious, bloodthirsty, pack of rabid dogs, which has ever had control of the so-called “Land of the Free.” These controlled agents,  are forcing the exact opposite down the throats of the American electorate.

News outlets, Fox for US audiences and Sky for the UK and of course the BBC, for the rest of the world, are for home consumption, telling us that a UN Treaty will soon give the Federal Government in the US, the right to seize the arms of all US citizens. These are the folk whom gave us the carnage at Waco, under the pretence of a possible armed attack by members of a religious group. They had no compunction whatsoever about roasting women and children to death, in order to seize their weapons.

It is extremely difficult for the average US Citizen to understand that the rubbish which we are fed about Assad in Syria, is exactly that, rubbish. The World is being taken apart. The US is already on the skids. Syria is just another link in this chain of events. The only truth in all of this is the fact that the people, all over the World, have need of more arms, to hold the advance of the Zionist desire for total control, at bay.

All members of the G20, had been warned as long ago as 2004, that the banking fraud was on its way. Gordon Brown, in the UK was fully aware of the severity of the coming “Bank Robbery,” in response he simply stood by, waiting for his cue to “Save the World” by telling us that we must pass all of our remaining cash to the Bankers.

This stupidity is still being employed, despite all of the experiences in the past, which have demonstrated that austerity fails. Governments are not carrying out these measures, believing that it is the right thing to do, they are deliberately destroying their own countries economies.

I have repeatedly asked the question, “What was the point of Gordon Brown closing down a perfectly good steel plant in the North of England and using UK tax payers money, to install it in India, in the name of Carbon emissions, which do not apply to India or China?”  This is crap, he knew what he was doing. He was deliberately destroying the UK’s industrial base. Carbon emissions are an excuse, which is being instilled into the minds of children at school, to disguise the impoverishment of Western States.

The so-called “Debt” is no more than an excuse to rob us all. Germany is being fleeced. German capital is being used to bail out failing economies, which are gaining nothing more than an ever-growing debt of interest from the transaction. If Greece cannot afford to repay the current debt, from where will they find the means to repay an even greater debt?

The unelected European Commission was well aware that countries such as Greece and Portugal were ineligible for entry into the Eurozone. Nobody got it wrong, nobody was fooled, it was all carried out or allowed in order to produce a catastrophic debt.  The whole object was to take away our sovereign rights.

The Peoples of Greece, Spain and Italy are taking to the streets. As usual their governments have all of the fire-power. They have come to understand, that a debt which is quite obviously a banking debt is being blamed on the people. If it is all the fault of the people, why is it that the Banks need bailing out?

Whom amongst us can believe that the UN is not perfectly well aware of the events which are taking place in  Syria? It is as plain as the nose on Punch’s face that Al Qaeda is being paid by UN member states to destroy another UN member. They are in league with the Zionist plan. The UN is part of the problem, not the solution.

Is it possible that the folk whom can concoct treaties of thousands of pages, such as Agenda 21, tying us all to ferocious rules, which will destroy all of our lives, leaving no loop-holes or ways out, cannot write a simple Resolution imposing a “No Fly Zone” which is not riddled with ambiguities which allow the execution of NATO war crimes against civilians?

The American people can be sure that when they are allowed to see the UN Treaty which will allow Obama or Romney to seize their weapons, it will prove to be perfectly clear, leaving no room for doubt.  You should not forget that when the Marines knock on your door, you will be on your own. Are you prepared to refuse their orders to give up your guns?

All of the events which are taking place at the moment, mirror what was done to Germany and Japan, in order to instigate the Second World War. The British took care of the German end of the deal while Roosevelt  provoked Japan.

Germany for its part would have been stupid to have taken on a war with “The World,” Hitler was not stupid. He was provoked by Poland, just as Assad is being provoked at the moment. When he was finally attacked by Poland, the British advised him to retaliate, in order to protect the ethnic Germans in Danzig. When Hitler acted, the British immediately declared war on Germany, using the flimsiest of excuses. The same excuse is used time after time, the brain-dead public never questions anything.

The Jews had already declared a war with Germany in nineteen-thirty-three. The Jews called for a Final Solution to wipe all Germans off the face of the earth. Churchill in his own writings, admitted to forcing the war on to Hitler,”If he wanted it or not.” No mention of these things are ever made, in order to maintain the illusion of the alleged barbarity of Hitler.

The US has been marked for destruction. There can be no doubt about this. Just as in the last great depression, the aim is to steal everything. When the remains of the US people come out of the end of this shake-down, they will find that the UN has not only taken their guns but also their homes and land rights. They will not be allowed to drive cars and will find themselves trapped in Cities, while the country-side is  reserved for animals and the rich.

The Federal government will soon start to provoke the Militias into taking some sort of action against the Dictatorial State, which will provide an excuse to call in NATO troops or Al Qaeda, to take care of the “Rebels.” The idea that some outside force should be prepared to provide more destructive weapons, in order to create a more equal combat, will be given short shrift by the criminals in Washington.

At the moment we are being bombarded with lies about Hitler and the National Socialists. This is no accident. No chink must be opened, which might provide an insight into Hitler’s real achievements. Should just one lie be exposed for what it is, it would turn a spotlight onto  all of the other claims, most of which have been made by Jewish interests.

The same thing is true of 911. Every detail of the Bush/Cheney version of events has to be believed, however ridiculous they may be. This dubious belief in the unbelievable, reveals quite clearly, those whom can be trusted, from those with another agenda.

The champion of the Muslim cause in the UK, George Galloway, whom one might imagine would have some reservations about the 911 atrocity, as it hangs the blame on a group of Muslims, whom were brought into the US and lodged with FBI men and some on Military Bases, to fill the role of known “Patsies,” accepts not only the entire story but is prepared to claim that there is no evidence that secret documents were destroyed in WT7, in order to cover up government corruption, while at the same time accepting the guilt of Muslims without the need of evidence.

His attitude to the 7-7 “False Flag,” in London is based on the same routine. Attackers whom were well-known to the Security Service, as they must be, otherwise how could they be located, even before the police had had a chance to search for DNA or other signs of whom had carried out the attacks?

Why is Galloway, whom should be campaigning for a proper enquiry into 7-7, be so eager to accept Police and Security Service claims, which condemns the families of four decent young Muslims lads, to the infamy of blame for a crime which showed all of the signs of a Mossad controlled operation, as did the 911 attack.

Another character whom constantly pours out the drivel about Hitler, is Mike Rivero. I have heard the garbage which this man claims as truth, so many times that I have given up believing anything he says. His favourite is the nonsense about Hitler dressing people up in Polish Army uniforms, in order to generate a “False Flag” excuse to invade Poland. For this to be true, we have to declare Winston Churchill a liar and ignore the attacks against Ethnic Germans in Danzig, which was the real “False Flag,” under the control of the City of London, to provoke Germany into war.

The whole of the Hitler scenario has to hold together in order to justify an acceptance of the holocaust. As with the other events, hard evidence of this atrocity is thin on the ground. Even the Jews themselves no longer talk of Gas Chambers, as not one single example has ever been produced. The entire claim is based solely on the word of the Jews, while all of the evidence on the ground points in another direction, which is why there is a stranglehold on discussion and a gaol sentence for those whom choose to deny that it happened.

To have subjected the German people to the scorn and hatred of the civilised world, through claims that a German government rounded up six million Jews and gassed them to death, in concentration camps, without overwhelming evidence of the truth of this claim is so disgusting and inhuman, that one can only marvel at the diabolical ability of the folk who make these claims.

What is even more incredible is the inability if the alternative community, to spot the similarity between claims which are currently being made against Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad and any other leader whom will not conform to NATO demands and the claims which were made against Hitler.

Hitler is the big one. Hitler and the holocaust. In order to force acceptance of claims made about both, we have had our right to free thought and free speech suspended.

In reality there is no real threat from the Muslim World, all the terrorism is carried out by the elected governments of the “Free West” and they care little whom they slaughter in order to enforce more and more control on to us all in the name safety from attack. The Democratic West has laid the world to waste for centuries. We have never had the chance to progress in a civilised manner, we have been held in a constant state fear and war to suit a bunch of inbred psychopaths.

These madmen are even now genetically modifying Influenza Virus, in order to create the most contagious and fatal strain possible. What need does the world have for such a creation?  There can be only one possible reason, the desire to cull as much of the human herd as possible in as short a space of time as possible.  This corresponds to the stated desires of the Elite Shadow Government.

So in fact Fox News and the others are speaking as much for us, the blessed citizens of the democratic West, as for the people of Syria. We should all have guns, why are we expected to stand defenceless, face to face with police and military men, whom have access to a whole array of arms with which to control the public. These arms are only necessary because the government thinks it has the right to choose for us and that we must accept their dictates, or else. This is not freedom or democracy.