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A Jew Cynically Calls White People Privileged And Racist And Is Allowed To Get Away With It.

I have tried hard to write my stuff in a ‘hopeful’ style, attempting to encourage people to believe there to be a way of changing our current reality. Sadly, most people can see nothing wrong with our situation, they believe there to be nothing more than the odd hiccup, now and then, which can lead to a war or two, in which the ‘we’ the eternal butchers are always on the ‘right side’ in any conflict, as did the Russian people believe, one hundred years ago, when the Bolshevik Jews came to town.

There are programs being aired on Russia Today, describing events back then, when the White Russian Christians, so we are told, were fighting the Communist Atheists. I have yet to hear any mention of the word Jew, in the so-called ‘truthful’ News programs on RT, despite the fact that the Christians are supposedly once more in control of Russia. This is a shameful omission, which calls into doubt, the alleged opposition of Russia to The Bolshevik Jew New World Order, which is being quietly installed.

There is an ongoing, desperate attempt to smear the useful side of Hitler’s National Socialism, by telling us that Hitler was really part of the problem and not part of the solution, making Hitler and by association, the German Protestants, responsible, for what exactly, everything?

You do not need to be a mathematical genius, to figure out, using simple arithmetic, with figures available in reputable journals, that five million minus six million, does not work out. This simple sum calls into question the most heinous crime in history, of which the Germans are accused.

Alongside which, the ‘real’ unmentioned foe of the Germans, during World War Two, were not the ‘Communists’ but the very same Bolshevik Jews, whom had slaughtered the White Russian Orthodox Christian opposition, in Russia, after which they had slaughtered sixty-five-million more Christians.

So why would a present day, Christian Russian Government be intent on blaming the Germans for the slaughter of Christians in Ukraine? To so do, suggests them to be unwilling to admit too or unaware of the crimes of the Bolshevik Jews, which those same Jews are, even now, carrying out all across the Earth?

Russia has recently added three million more Russian Jews, to the already disputed figure of the six million victims, creating a grand total which exceeds the total Jew population of the entire planet, excluding those in the United States, so from where did the Jews whom invaded Palestine originate?

It all gets so murky when lies and distortions become part of the evidence. The truth is simple and it never changes. So where did the latest claim, that apart from the Jews killed by the Germans, that the Polish actually slaughtered more Jews, out of hand than were killed by the Germans?

The same thing is happening in America, where the Black People, despite being shown figures, demonstrating, quite clearly, that though they represent a tiny percentage of the population of the United States, they are responsible for fifty-percent of crimes of murder and violence, which is why they are more likely to be stopped and searched by police, than their percentage of the population would appear to justify.

What this actually means is that, after making allowances for habitual criminals, half of all Blacks should be in gaol, which suggests that they are being treated more leniently than are other sections of the population. The same goes with the Jews, at Nuremberg, where the real Bolshevik criminals were blaming and lynching the German victims.

There are things going which are never fully explained. Things which in one way are simple, however, attempting to write of these things is futile, most of you, who read my stuff, are probably bored with hearing the same things over and over again, using ever so slightly different phrases, to inspire some sort of reaction in ‘new visitors’ to my blog, visitors whom have also probably heard it all before.

A long time ago, while still a child, I wondered why the gangs in the United States, who always had a ‘bent cop’ on the pay-roll, never took real control of those ‘pathetic’ politicians and the Government itself.

Little did I realise back then, that the Al Capones’ and Buggsy Siegels’ of the world, were just another branch of the Government and that in fact there was no Government, there were only Gang Bosses called Bankers, supported by gangs of killers, with colourful names like Murder Inc. and nothing more, apart that is from the ‘shop assistants’ called politicians. Never mind the fact that while we were lead to believe them to be Italian, they were in fact all Jews.

There is no such thing as money or indeed a monetary system, there is simply a system of theft. The Government of The United States, is allowing the People, to believe that they owe a debt of twenty trillion dollars, or some such rubbish, it would be no more meaningless should they claim the debt to be a billion-trillion dollars. This debt is held by a cabal of criminals, whom have control over our politicians.

Two recent examples of this control have recently turned up in Europe. Theresa May in the United Kingdom and Emmanuel Macron in France, were both trained and put in place by the Rothschild family.

Both of them started their careers in the employ of the Rothschild’s Central Banking system, and they both visited Rothschild, when it was decided, to be a good moment to save the skins of the two previous Jew War Criminals, David Cameron, in the UK and François Hollande, in France, from the wrath of the people, should the people happen to spot the atrocities, which are being carried out in their name and the attempts being made to swamp those dratted Christians, out of their controlling position in Europe, by inviting in millions of Africans and Muslims.

Their contact with the Central Bankers would indicate that both May and Macron are fully conversant with the extortion racket of a debt based economy, and if they were in any way intent on making things better for their own Peoples, they would ‘out’ the Bankers for the criminals which they are.

Their failure to so do, indicates their complicity in the crime, and be sure, it is a crime, which allows these Banking Families, to ‘print’ ninety-seven percent of the money in circulation, all across Europe, and then force ‘we the people’ to hand over trillions of Pounds/Euros in interest payments, every year.

The Federal Reserve, which is secretly controlled from the City of London, does the same thing to the American People, whom have a debt of trillions of Dollars, with these criminals, a debt, in payment of which,  they are demanding everything of value in the United States, including the ‘Land’ itself, all for a false debt, and their crooked Politicians are allowing them to get away with it.

Fearing that there will soon be a back-lash against this unbelievably corrupt and criminal system, plans have just been announced in the United States, to set up a ‘Foreign Legion’ which will be used to subdue the American people, should they finally wake up to their position of servitude, to this group of insatiably greedy, self-serving, banking families, whom through the use of worthless paper money, have either bought, or have through blackmail, placed a subservient gang of thugs, into positions, where they will do exactly as they are told, at whatever cost to the rest of us,

The same families, which back in the day made a fortune out of the Slave Trade, which was used as a means of bringing four hundred thousand Blacks into the United States, whom were released into the White community, at the first opportunity, where the Whites were expected to pick up the Bill, are now doing the same thing in the Middle East, where they are driving millions of Muslims from their homes, once more into White Christian countries and once again Whites are being expected to pay for these crimes, of the same Jew banking families, whom are now in the process of expanding their holdings in the Middle East, while at the same time they are extorting Billions of Dollars and Euros from Christians, which they hang on to for their own purposes, while their political minions hand over the responsibility of paying the cost of all this to the ever giving White Christians. Even as, through the use of their Jew controlled media they are propagating hatred against Whites.




A Politician in the United Kingdom, has found herself up to her neck in pooh, for mentioning a joke about a motor car, an ashtray and Jews. She mentioned this type of ‘sick’ humour as an illustration of a growing anti-Jew, behaviour pattern, which is becoming ubiquitous in the UK. That was enough to set off the anti-Jew hate-speech sirens and there were immediate calls for her sacking and yet this sort of crap is allowed all over the web, without criticism, when it is White Christians under attack.

The dominant group, of which this hypocrite Jew speaks, are all Jews. What he criticises in the United States is rampant in Israel, which is the most racist country on the planet. Any fair discussion of privilege would involve at least a mention of the ‘Jew’ ingredient in the mix. That would of course be anti-Jew.

He mentions George Zimmerman, who was half Jew and half Black and yet he is portrayed as a White man, to suit his argument and the Tsarnov brothers, the patsies in Boston,  are called the epitome of Whiteness, when in fact they come from the same region as does he.

In France, we are told that twenty-thousand Jews are leaving for Israel every year. Why do these super intelligent, malcontent Blacks not do the same and go back to Africa where they could carry out all the marvels which Whites prevent them from carrying out in White countries?

Perhaps you noticed, while Jared and Matt were given a tiny amount of time, Wise was even granted the time allocated to the Black, whom told us that Wise was better at slagging off Whites than he was.

Tim Wise in a totally cynical manner stressed the crimes of Whites, while invading America and killing Indians, without mentioning the part played by the City of London Jews in this slaughter, while completely ignoring the ongoing genocide in Palestine, being carried out by the invading hordes of Jews from the Synagogue of Satan.

The Black ignores the disproportionate number of Black on White Murders, Rapes and Robberies, which is why there are a disproportionate number of Blacks in gaol, while concentrating on drug users, which suggests that Blacks are ‘really’ innocent playful chappies’, and we are meant to believe them all to be innocent, by association with ‘dope’.

Bearing in mind that Huff Post is owned by Jews, it is hardly surprising that the White guests, could hardly open their mouths without interruption from Wise, while he spoke for long intervals without the Whites being given any time at all to respond.

If when Jared Taylor explained that only the White People, whom actually built this land, which these Blacks and others covet, are the only group which can be legally discriminated against, in a country where the Judiciary is controlled by ‘highly privileged’ Jews, does not set the anti-White Alarm Sirens blaring out, I do not know what will.

We All Have The Right Of Free Speech As Long As We Don’t Express It..

A while back I decided to put the idea of the “freedom of speech and expression” to the test. Sadly, as with most popular misconceptions, it is a rare commodity.  In my own sphere, I soon discovered that this “freedom” involves the full acceptance of all current stupidities, while to do otherwise leaves you open to derision.

My problems started, when during a coffee-time discussion about the French involvement in the destruction of Libya, an affable young lad suggested that these sort of problems could be better solved through the medium of love.

In all innocence I asked him to explain what he meant. The silence which fell over the group was palpable but in my new incarnation of upholder of the “Rights of Man” I pressed on.

I asked him if he felt uncomfortable with my question and if yes, was I now under an attack of love and if so, how was he doing it. I could sense that most of the other folk at the table were in support of the sentiments of  this fable of love. They were part of a group of people who hold to the idea of love conquering all, while at the same time they can offer no convincing explanation as to why they are mostly divorced.

For some time after, most of the group, including the “love man” refused to speak to me, such is love. This all changed for a short period when a young girl had her bag and wallet stolen putting her into a bit of a hole. I made a spontaneous collection for her, to help her out, which, awkwardly, reinstated me into every bodies good books, but only for a short period.

My next transgression was on the day when there was a marriage in the Town Hall.  I noticed that the guests, who were gathering outside, included a large number, whom though they looked like women, were in fact dressed like men.

I asked a fellow, whom I have known for years, if this was a Gay Wedding?  He immediately called me a Fascist. I asked him what he meant.  His response absolutely floored me. He suggested that I should not have even noticed that there was any difference between the Gay couple who were getting married and any heterosexual couple.

That was more than enough for me, as far as I was concerned that sort of stupidity qualified him as a verifiable cretin. I asked him how that made me a Fascist? He started to mumble something about Hitler’s hatred of homosexuals, so I asked him what a hatred of homosexuals had to do with being a Fascist?

I have noticed for some time that the actual meaning of Fascism has long been swamped out of existence and has been misrepresented as being a form of oppression, favoured, of course, by cruel Dictators.

I made a remark along the lines of, most of the crimes which have been laid at the door of Hitler, have never been proven.  I asked him if he could point me towards a piece of evidence of Hitler’s attacks against homosexuals. Apparently, like love, it is all around us and like love it can ever be produced in support of claims which are continually made of it.

The fellow started to tell me that there was all the evidence of the Shoah, in support of what he was suggesting.  When I pointed out that most of the evidence of the Shoah was so insecure, that in the end it could not have been the truth as all of the claims which were made in the past, have had to be revised. There is no need to revise the truth.

At which point, he warned me that if I continued in this manner,  denying the Shoah, he would not be speaking to me again.  When I put it to him that if I was obliged to believe something, was it not up to him to show me proof of the actuality of the event, in which I was meant to believe, otherwise it was no more than a religion and was he suggesting that I was not allowed to choose my own beliefs?

That was the end of the conversation and to this day, not one word has passed between us.

So where are we now?  Love, Gay Marriage and the holocaust, that leaves us with that other hot potato, immigration.

Just a few days ago, yet another long time “friend” became agitated when I asked her opinion about the current level of immigration.

Her response was that there was no problem with immigration. When I asked her to explain to me the point at which it would become necessary to say that France was full,  just like all of the other “really nice people” who can see no problem with the huge influx of immigrants into France, she was afraid to commit herself to any limit on immigration, when common sense suggests that there must be some limit, France cannot accept six or seven billion people.

At which point it becomes clear that most people fail to see the difference between economic immigrants and refugees or asylum seekers, intent on escaping the threat of torture or death in their homeland.

I asked her what was supposed to happen to the million or more young Muslim lads, living in the Banlieue de Paris whom had never been able to find a job.  She had no answer.  I asked her if she was happy about Paris being already more than fifty per-cent immigrant. She responded saying that all of the bigger cities in France were the same, but that was no problem.

When I suggested that immigrants were more likely than the French to have large families, she became aggressive with me, calling me racist and all the other insults, because the notion of immigrants having large families was a lie which was being put about by the Front Nationale.

When I suggested that most statistics showed that immigrants were having at least twice as many babies as were the French she was disgusted with the suggestion.

I told her that Irish people are renowned for their large families and that I have never heard of anybody suggesting that it was Racist or Fascist or anything else to suggest that this was the case, so why was there a problem to suggest that others might be the same?

I put it to her that she appeared to be saying that nobody had the right to question mass immigration and that when groups like Ukip in the UK or the Front Nationale in France stood up and said that enough is enough, they were going to be smeared and denigrated and anyone who agreed with them would be ostracised.  At which point she said that if I continued along those lines she would not be speaking to me again.

The fact of the matter is that the United Kingdom and France should be prepared to accept whomsoever is trying to escape from Mali, Central Africa, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and wherever else,  as they are responsible for the destruction of those countries and the creation of millions of refugees. So why should Europe decide that every country in Europe should take their share why not send them all to the UK and France?

Ireland has never invaded any country nor have the Irish people been responsible for world war-fare so why is Ireland under threat from a problem created by the British,  French Americans and Israel?

It may have always been the same and it could be that in the past I have simply not noticed, but there are dozens of references made to the crimes of Hitler on a daily basis.  Just yesterday I was confronted with my latest “free speech” issue.  I was not even involved in the conversation which provoked it, I just happened to be standing near-by.

A fellow was babbling about the atrocities of Hitler and the Germans and I quietly asked him why it was that folk were forever attacking Hitler and yet they never said a word about Stalin, whom had slaughtered 65 million Christians.  The man stiffened and I could see that he was going to have no sympathy for my remark.

For once I managed to keep my mouth shut, mainly because the man was a good sort and it was clear that he had a limited understanding of what had happened during the war.

So shamefully, it becomes clear that when the Jew François Hollande, is suggesting that to criticise Jews should be illegal, nobody is going to give a damn, any more than they will when the Jew Cameron makes Conspiracy Investigation illegal.

So what sort of Free Speech are we left with?  What sort of Freedom and Human Rights are the immigrants in Ireland demanding?  Are there Human Rights  for Immigrants which are denied to the rest of us?  Why are our governments, behind our backs, bringing in large numbers of immigrants in the first place.

My last point, I asked the woman who was in favour of Immigration, what she thought about the genocide against Whites in South Africa?  Like many others,  she felt that they had brought on themselves through their past actions.

When I suggested to her that the Boers had in fact been in South Africa before the Blacks, which had been a large empty space when they arrived three hundred or so years ago and that the Black were immigrants, looking for work.

She scoffed saying that it was ridiculous to suggest that Whites had been there before the Blacks.  I refuted that claim, saying that Africa was a huge continent and most of the people were hunter gatherers of one form or another. leaving the vast prairies free for farming,  for which the Boers used it.

I asked her if she felt that it was OK to call Africa a Black Mans Continent and if so what was Europe?   Plus how she felt about the brutal attacks against BLACK asylum seekers in South Africa by the Rainbow People.

Did she agree with Israel expelling the Black Jew  “infiltrators” into Israel and the lack of immigration into States which were not of European origin?

Nobody can answer these sort of questions because to do so would display the crass stupidity of their stance.  So I think that in reality there is no such animal as true Freedom of Speech and when you have numb-heads telling me that it is racist to be able to distinguish Black from White and Male from Female it becomes clear that when even relatively intelligent people fail to understand how it should apply to the beliefs of others, things will get no better.




Prime Pea Cameron Addresses His Pod Of Peabrains.

David Cameron, the man whom is often referred to as The Prime Minister  of the United Kingdom, today, gave an address to the House of Commons, which in any other circumstances could well have been mistaken for a comic sketch. It must have taken a serious amount of effort, on the part of the Members, not to break out into hysterical laughter as he delivered his gags.

The subject was the Algerian hostage crisis, which was, he averred, “An outrageous, unprovoked, terrorist attack.” This attack is going to be the excuse to continue the “War on Terror in the Maghreb,” for the next ten years or more. He failed to explain, in any clear manner, if not for the buffoons in Parliament, for the rest of us, just how he is going to manage to continue arming his murdering thugs in Libya and Syria, while at the same time hunting them down in Algeria and Mali.

He offered no explanation as to how The National Transitional Council in Libya and The Free Syrian Army, all of them Islamic, as are the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, having been involved in the “Arab Spring,” which was supposedly  bringing the gift of Democracy to the Muslim people, while toppling their Dictators, has now become terrorism in Mali, which is under a Military Dictatorship.

When he insisted that regime changes should be brought about through peaceful means, I started to retch.

His Jewish cousin, Ed Milliband, whom like Cameron was apparently unaware, that their Jewish cousin, once removed, François Hollande, in France, had just carried out an unprovoked attack, killing an unknown number of civilians in Mali, in order to maintain the aforementioned Military Junta in power.

The raid in Algeria, which Cameron had described as “An outrageous, unprovoked, blah! blah!” had in fact, been in response to the outrageous attack on Mali. I believe that a request for a “No Fly Zone” had been received from the freedom fighters, whom are in fact in no way connected with Al Qaeda, despite Cameron’s claims, they have been fighting for a homeland for at least the last hundred years. The request was turned down.

When Milliband made his response to Cameron’s diatribe, it was made perfectly clear that the whole of the British Parliament, despite huge public protest against British interventions, goes along with this arrant nonsense, there was not one cry of protest from the Back-Benches, no shaking of heads in astonishment at the garbage they had just endured.

When a Cameron stooge, Malcolm Rifkind, stood up to compliment Cameron on his straight-faced delivery of his swill, speaking in an eerie posh accent from another age, it brought it home, full in the face, that there will be no help for the British people from this bunch of self-centred posturing idiots and certainly not for the Islamic Peoples whom will be robbed of even the sand in the desert.

The Writing is on the Wall for Europe.

The main components of European industry, have all been safely exported to the Far East. The Bankers and their Chief Executive Officers, whom manage the major industries, have prepared Europe for a major catastrophe.

There is not one European Country which is making the slightest effort to increase employment, they are content to stand back making noises, pretending to be using austerity to put us all back on our feet, preparing us for the good times which will follow on as a result.

This is garbage. Austerity will rob the people to pay the bankers, leaving us in a worse state than ever. Selling State assets will not solve any problem, it will simply create problems for the future. Asset stripping destroys jobs and is a quick fix which can only be used once. When there is nothing left to privatize, what will we all do then?

The politicians whom are now telling us that they are working day and night to “jump-start” the economy are the very politicians whom watched our industries, using our money to pay for the voyage, install overseas, with a guarantee that any loss of profits would be made good for ten years, using our money. They now pretend to be surprised at the rise in unemployment.

Suddenly, as if by magic, students in Western countries, find themselves paying for their education. Where did that come from? How could it be that every country takes the same measures at the same time? They told us that these students, with the help of their degree, would quickly find a highly paid job, making it possible to repay their debt in double-quick time. What jobs? This debt will be on their backs for life.

In this sort of climate, the first step a caring government would take, would be to call for a moratorium on mortgage payments. Nobody should be evicted from their home because they have lost their job. Next step, take control of all the food which is produced within their borders. The Irish can tell you all you need to know about food being shipped overseas, while the people whom produced the food are starving.

These things are obvious, after all this is why we elected them, to take care of things like this. So why do we now find them allowing our foodstuffs to be gambled on the commodity exchange. Why are the money-men being allowed to bump up the price of food, by buying it in advance from the producer cheaply and then pushing the price up on the Stock Markets?

I think we can safely state, that whomever these people are serving, it is certainly not us.

So here we are, wondering what to do next. All around us we can see the middle-classes being destroyed, while in China and India in particular, we can see the emergence of a huge middle class.

The advance of this middle-class will not of course be encumbered with a Carbon Tax and other such rubbish, which would tend to keep them, like us, poor and unable to continue the life-style to which we have become accustomed.

Africa will also be unable to set-up industries, which would be able to transform their massive resources into quality products for sale on the world markets. They,unlike Asia, will have stringent restrictions placed on their CO2 emissions to the point that they are unlikely to be allowed to burn cow-shit to cook their food.

So it would appear that in China and India and other BRIC countries, which just happen to be the areas where the multi-nationals, using our money, have installed their production centres, are to be the only Carbon restriction free zones on the planet. What a coincidence. While Africa will as usual be robbed of its resources to make sure that the Bankers and their Industries will stay in profit.

Are you beginning to see the future? A future where even rolls of toilet paper are imported from China. Soon we will be using old newspapers, as did folk during the war years, so I am told.

People are talking a lot these days about the build-up to the Great War. A dream like period, of summer days, punctuated by the sound of bat and ball and the clapping of hands, on the village greens of England. The skies were blue and the days were always sunny, however the clouds were just over the horizon.

Daily life has once again assumed that quality of going no-where. The British Prime Minister has just reshuffled his Cabinet. A spokes-woman, Teresa May, whom apparently once posed for sexy pictures, assured us that despite all of the changes, things would carry on as before. She did not explain how a change has come to mean no change. Oh well!

In the US, where they are in the middle of an election, the same thing would appear to have taken hold. This is the candidates.

That is what they look like, now listen to what they sound like.

So there you have it. In the UK and the States, whatever happens nothing will change. In France the French have just woken up to the fact that François Hollande, is Nicolas Sarkozy minus the super-model.

In reality nothing has ever changed but never has it been so noticeable as now. We are going nowhere. We are being held in abeyance, who knows for what. We can only pray that it is not for another war.

The UK, US, Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, France and various other NATO countries are screaming for a war with Iran. Nobody in their right mind should be showing such eagerness to kill and maim thousands of people. In France, the voters whom are too decent to vote for the Front National, have in quick succession voted for two Jewish warmongers, both of whom were groomed by US handlers for this job.

At least Jacques Chirac, for all of his other peccadilloes, refused to join NATO and played no part in the illegal war against Iraq. Sarkozy, on the other hand could hardly restrain himself from carrying out a single-handed assault against Gadaffi.  Hollande has been willing to invade Syria from day one of his gaining power.

Little Willie Hague, is always eager to kill. The rest of the British humanitarians will back him to the hilt.

There does not appear to be an after the slaughter plan.  What do these mad-men imagine is going to happen when the first attack is made against Iran? Are they counting on the European Industrial Base being destroyed, as they destroyed Germany’s factories, deliberately, during the war which they forced on to Hitler, in the manner they are now forcing this one on to Iran?

We have already been hearing talk of Biological weapons. Could this be a precursor to a “False Flag” attack? World Wars always seem to include a pandemic of dubious origin. Vaccinated GIs brought the Spanish flu into the Great War, killing more people than did the war itself.

I can find no figures or any indication of the source of the Typhus epidemic, which swept across Eastern Europe, wiping out unknown numbers of vulnerable starving people. The death toll of this epidemic would certainly have included many Jews. My friends family died of typhus in a work camp.

NATO has sprinkled Al Qaeda units all across the Middle East, making it possible to infer  that some of these groups may manage to get their hands on the type of weapons, which are capable of doing exactly what NATO would like done, in a deniable way, of course.

We Are Entering The Final Lap Of The Race To Hell.

Our Zionist controlled politicians, are busily preparing the ground, in exactly the same manner in which they provoked Japan and Germany into the Second World War, which has been so named in order to bring it into line with the so-called prophecy of Zionist and Free Mason Albert Pike, whom spoke of three World Wars, in order to provide the possibility of Zionist control of the planet, to force us into a Third World War, which has been spoken of as a war against Islam.

The Muslim people are being destroyed, while we watch the spectacle, in the manner of Romans in the Coliseum watching Gladiators fight to the death.

One by one, country after country, the Muslims are being cruelly put to the sword or simply condemned to a slow and painful death by radiation poisoning. The West is of course distracted by far more important events, football, tennis, Tour de France, golf and very soon the Zionist Olympics. No wonder these caring folk have so little time to spare, worrying about others.

They seem incapable of even the slightest concern about the millions of tons of radio-active waste, which is hurtling towards us from Fukushima. Fish is still very much on the menu, despite being already contaminated. There is not a cubic metre of air on the planet which has not been contaminated with Depleted Uranium. So what! Appears to be the common reaction.

There appears to be a total lack of concern for the well-being of the paid killers, whom we refer to as “our boys,” as they are daily contaminated with this Uranium,  as they fire their weapons at those unfortunate people whom find themselves in Free Fire Zones.

The British public is extremely upset at the moment, because certain Military Regiments are being disbanded. Amongst them is the Regiment which was awarded eleven Victoria Crosses, for the courageous slaughter of Zulus’ with spears, by men with Gatling Guns.

The British have a lot for which to answer and the day of reckoning may arrive very soon. They have just voted for the second Zionist controlled Government in a row without even noticing. They will vote the first one back into power at the first opportunity and will expect a different agenda next time around.

They have been so distracted of late, by the sumptuous wedding of Kate and Wills and the lavish celebrations of the sixtieth anniversary of the Queen’s reign, that they have failed to notice the thousands of elderly folk whom are being starved to death in hospital wards, that is, should they have survived the winter. It would appear that death by dehydration and starvation has quietly become the most common cause of death in our hospitals. The alarming increase in the rate of Autism in children and sterility in both men and women would appear to be of little importance.

The Bankers whom have been caught cheating trillions of pounds out of other people’s pockets seem to be guilty merely of ignoring regulations, Grand Larceny is not a crime for bankers, it would appear. This is of course because the folk at the top, will have made a fortune from the deal, so we cannot expect the Queen and Rothschild to be arraigned in Court. They could of course not have been unaware of what was going on. It will be fun watching the “whitewash” live on Sky.

The Serious Crime Squad, should they want to, will not be allowed to check Rothschild’s or the Bank of England’s accounts, Rothschild demanded this right for himself, he is too important to have to answer to the Law, as the rest of us must.

So here we are once more, in the middle of all this mayhem, still trying to destroy Syria. Hilary Clinton and William Hague are vying with one another, to present the most ridiculous hyperbole and lies surrounding events on the ground and the guilt of the various parties involved, most of whom are in the pay of NATO, a Zionist controlled corporation.

There is little to choose between the group of GI’s, whom under the control of Sergeant Bales, killed and raped their way through two villages in Afghanistan, burning the bodies of the victims as they went and the paid groups of mercenaries in Syria, whom are doing the same thing. Folk like Hague and Clinton are responsible for both. They should be driven from power, not Assad, whom has invaded no country.

Politicians in the West, apparently have the same exoneration from guilt as do bankers and industrialists, they are, after all only following orders. In the UK, the Queen is the Head of State, which makes her responsible for all of the Acts of Parliament, which have been passed under her signature. She is ultimately responsible for the carnage which is being carried out by her Military. She could stop it quite simply by ordering her Military Men to withdraw from illegal wars, in which the UK is involved. She is the guilty party in all of the illegal UK operations since nineteen fifty-two.

She has stood idly by, watching the destruction of the UK and the impoverishment of the people, without batting an eyelid. She it was whom signed into law all of the illegal EU treaties, which have destroyed the UK. She is in fact a traitor, as are all of her Prime Ministers, since the days of Churchill, that mass slaughterer of innocent people, whom helped force the world into the Second World War.

The British people have been so dumbed down, that they cannot understand the simple maxim, “It doesn’t matter for whom you vote, the Government always wins.” Which is why they have been involved in a game of Yo-Yo with the two main political parties in the UK.

This bunch of jokers in Parliament, do not even bother to read the Bills for which they vote. They will not have noticed how Blair concealed, in one of these un-read Bills, a change in the Treason and Sedition Law, in order to prevent the prosecution of himself and his co-conspirators, from the revenge of any “Free” government which may come to power.

The French have displayed an equal degree of blind faith in the political system, by voting into power François Hollande, a professional politician, a Free Mason and Bilderberg member, believing him to be trustworthy.  His first pronouncement, after election, was his willingness to support an illegal war with Syria. He then, of course, backtracked on all his “rhetorical” election pledges.

As with the war against Hitler, the City of London is mounting a coalition of the guilty, to take out the last of the debt free Muslim States. Just as with Hitler, whom believed himself to have the support of Stalin, only to discover the ulterior motives of the Russian Jews, Assad believes he has the support of Putin in the struggle to save Syria from the Zionists and the debt soaked Central Banking system, he will be sadly disappointed. Russia “collapsed” to order, it has been under Zionist control for generations.

Hitler represented exactly the same threat to the Central Bankers and industrialists as did Saddam Hussein and Gadaffi. Germany was mutilated in exactly the same manner as were Iraq and Libya. Nothing has changed in the intervening years, the tactics are the same. Germany has now become a central part of this new” Coalition of the Guilty” and under the present Zionist Government, will with zeal, deal out the same form of criminal attacks against other states, as were once perpetrated against Germany. Where are the free German people now?

When it finally dawns on these deluded disciples of Democracy that we are just cover for a dictatorial group of criminals, intent on total control of the whole patch, it will be too late to do anything about it. Despite a surfeit of evidence, they refuse to accept that they are voting the Mob into power. Take a look at a few films about the Mob, Scorsese’s “Casino” for example and ask yourself whether you can expect any sympathy or understanding from this type of psychopath. These are the type whom have already taken control of politics. Be warned, we truly are a long way down The Road to Perdition.

This clip is truly disgusting. Please be warned, if you are even slightly squeamish you will find it hard to watch.

Adieu Sarko.

After a nail-biting election campaign the Bildergerger from the Left has narrowly beaten the Bilderberger from the Right. So with a huge sigh of relief things will continue as before, in France.

During the last day of campaigning, I had the opportunity to interview a member the UMP team. He had served in the French Embassy in Dublin for three years. He was well acquainted with the Irish obstinacy to both the Euro and the Lisbon Treaty.

However when I asked him to explain why he was in support of destroying the sovereignty of France in favour of a Federal State of Europe, he refused to comment. He made the same response to the question of linking the French economy with that of Germany, with the Germans in the driving seat.

When asked about his view on Agenda 21, he said that he had never heard of it. This is a politician, seeking the backing  of the electorate, whom apparently feels no obligation to explain the intentions of his government. He asked his secretary if she had heard of Agenda 21. She shrugged her shoulders. I explained to him, that should he enter the interior of any Mairie (Town Hall) in France, he would be greeted by a wall full of posters, explaining in some detail, that all of the Mairie in France are in an Association with Agenda 21.

When I asked him about his feelings on supporting a Government which had signed the Treaty of Lisbon, against the wishes of the French people and how he could expect to see this Government re-elected, he started to make his bid for freedom.

I could see no purpose in allowing him to fill my head with tales of generating jobs, reducing immigration and so on and I was certain that he had sensed that my next question would be on the vexed subject of the millions of Euro, which Gadaffi had so generously contributed to the last UMP election campaign, so I called it a day.

Shortly afterwards, the town Mayor and his team came by, supporting François Hollande, the Socialist candidate and in fact the winner of the election.  I had a copy of the Socialist manifesto with me, which was very short on definitive policies which would be pushed by Hollande.

I asked the Mayor why there was no mention of the Lisbon Treaty, it was clear that the vast majority of the People of France were opposed to it, so why no question of calling another referendum, which might include the question of leaving the Union?

He started to explain that the Socialists had nothing to do with signing the Lisbon Treaty. I interrupted, had not the Socialists collaborated with the UMP, to make an amendment to the French Constitution in order to “legalise” the signing of the Treaty? I asked. He mumbled something about being obliged to lend support, however things will be different this time around, the Socialists will have full control of the Government for the first time in decades.

I asked him about his attitude to Agenda 21. I have already interviewed several local Mayors, whom are likely to lose their control of local affairs, when they become merely an annexe of the large regional towns, under the control of the Département de Développement Durable. (Sustainable Development)

He said that he hoped everything would come under scrutiny and that many things would change in the near future. I have spoken to members of his staff on many occasions and they fully understand that the aim of Agenda 21 in to empty the country villages and to force the people into large Urban Human Habitation Zones.

Well that was Friday, today is Sunday and a few minutes ago the exit polls announced that Sarko was the first French President not to win a second term since Giscard D’Estaing, the criminal traitor whom wrote the Lisbon Treaty.

I have already heard whispers that Hollande is back-tracking on his opposition to the fiscal austerity measures which he has been promising to review, all through the campaign. Well he is after all, a member of the French American Foundation, along with the likes of Alain Juppé, Emmanuel Chain and Christine Ockrent,not to mention Henry Kissinger and the Warburg family. They were selected back in the last century, to fill the role of linking the European Union with the soon to be announced, North American Union.

Of course Hollande’s membership of the French American Foundation is not his only qualification, he is also a Bilderberer and a Free Mason. Sarko, like Gordon Brown, was given the job of signing the Lisbon Treaty, which has in effect, destroyed France. He did not quite manage to finish off Syria in the manner of Libya, he did however make a great effort to do so. He should now be eligible for a job, along with his half-brother, where he can profit from the wars in which he engaged France. In this role he will be linking with Dick Cheney and the Bush Family.

Hollande, for his part can claim not to be responsible for the mess which he has inherited and to be unable to undo the Lisbon Treaty, because history has stopped, he has, it appears, been elected into a position of no authority, he will simply conform to the orders of the Merchant Bankers, as do the rest of the twenty-seven heads of state of the European Union.