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The Absurdity Of Laws Against Free Speech Designed To Conceal Deceit.

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Whenever a perceived threat, to the total control of humanity, by the infamous ‘hidden hand’, makes an appearance, the first step is to undermine the characterof the perpetrator of that threat, by whatever means comes to hand. Hitler, when all else had failed, was said to be a ‘covert’ member of the gang, working for the gang and what is more he had been Brainwashed by the British.

Donald Trump, who is using some of the verboten tactics of Hitler, is already being connected to certain figures, whose religion can most certainly be mentioned without fear, apart that is from in connection to membership, of that gang, a gang which could well be a threat to us all, while their identity must remain unspoken.

We the People, are now in a position, where to so much as mention a disparity in certain numbers, supplied by these people, which add up to the wrong answer, is soon to be forbidden. Should that advantage be allowed to apply to one and only one section of humanity, is a very strange notion indeed, and to be expected, not to so much as ask why that should be allowed, borders on insanity. They, the ‘special ones’ on the other hand, can make any claim, however false or fantastic against whomsoever they may choose, without fear of sanction. This is called freedom of speech? A freedom which will soon no longer apply to those like me or you, whom question certain things which do not add up, but a freedom which will be retained by those with a capacity to lie through their teeth about all and everything.

While efforts are continually being made, to connect those like Trump, with certain members of a gang-land group called the “Mafia” or “Cosa Nostra” the people whom have had virtual monopoly control of these groups, when once upon a time, hiding behind Italian sounding names and these days behind American sounding names, which have and are still being used to separate them from any connection to the “government”, while in other places names which were once changed to give the impression of being “Russian”, were chosen to hide the identity of those whom organised a coup d’etat in that country and whom are now lurking behind names which sound slightly Middle-Eastern, to give an impression of the same thing, when in fact both of these acts were what can only be described as being Non-Governmental-Organisation private wars, which the tax-payers of the world were forced to finance, using the newly installed private Income-Tax, which is a polite way of robbing the public for the benefit of the International Deep State.

South Africa is a classic example of the Deep State, which, in its grossly hypocritical mode of getting what it wants, endeavored to destroy yet another fully functioning, ‘White’ State, while pretending to be doing so for the benefit of an enormous immigrant population of Blacks, from all over Africa, Blacks whom against all odds were the richest Blacks on the African Continent, thanks to the generosity and industry of the White Government, now find that having killed the goose that laid the golden egg, that they have been reduced to a life of rape, robbery and cannibalism, in less than a generation.

The ruling class of this Bolshevik Communist, African National Congress Government, still hiding in the shadows, belongs to the very same White Race, which they have driven from power in South Africa, in a coup d’etat,  a fact which they are desperate to deny and conceal, while they now target the remaining Whites of South Africa, as they have previously done in Russia,  which will further reduce the ability of the Farmlands of South Africa to recover from the murderous assault of Black Racist rapists and killers, all of whom are being paid to carry out their dirty work, which will finally cripple South Africa, forcing these Black racists to take to the highway towards Europe, which is exactly what they are required to do.

On arrival, by ferry-boat, into Europe, these people whom have quite deliberately chosen to destroy their own country, will then be holding out their hands to beg the maximum from their new host in Europe, while those whom have already arrived are even now creating chaos in those European lands which are taking them in.

They are of course not welcome in the land which funded the destruction of South Africa, the people whom live there, whom have already stolen that land for themselves, are of a more hypocritical nature than is the average White Man, who is easy meat.

The same team of ‘experts’ which stole the Gold and Diamond mines in South Africa, which they were attempting to do, even as the Balfour Declaration was being composed, a possibility which was aided by Winston Churchill, who had spent time in South Africa fighting the Boers and who did then expose the Anzacs, whom were forced to fight against the Boers, to a brutal hail of gunfire at Gallipoli, in order to hold up the Ottoman Empire’s Army in its attempt to hold out against the coalition, which was determined to steal Palestine from them and that would be even as the coup d’etat, under the same control was ready to kick off in Russia, to steal that vast land from its rightful inhabitants.

So to even suggest that the Boers in South Africa, were the culprits of some alleged crime or another, against Black immigrants, whom were invited into South Africa by the British, as slave labour, which the British Deep State, is even now, promising to do all across Europe, is stretching the boundaries of belief to the very limit. The coup d’etat which followed on from the Russia takeover, was of course Germany, a few short years later. All of which would suggest an overall plan of some sort, so to blame some of the individual victims of this vast, diabolical, blood-thirsty plan, is absurd. 

They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha! Ha!

Donald Trump called the mainstream media the Fake News, so why, instead of investigating the MSN are there already steps afoot to claim that it is the Alternative Media, which is propagating the Fake News, which must be silenced?

On top of which, those whom have had no experience of how the News Media actually works, will be totally unaware of the Power of the Editor, which is evident even on Talk Radio, where the callers are totally controlled by the presenter, who calmly talks his way through a difficult question, without any real response and then thanks the caller for his ‘interesting’ question and immediately cuts him off. That is the ‘official’ version of Free Speech, which like Free Trade, only works in one direction, which is never in the direction favorable to the Man in the Street.

The BBC, which is funded by the British people, has a man called Cohen as editor of its News output, which allows him the final say in the content of what is presented to the British public. Sky News, which is owned by Rupert Murdoch a Jew, faithfully tows the line, defending the illegal destruction of Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Afghanistan, or indeed the demonisation of Donald Trump, using deliberately ‘edited’ clips of Trump’s speeches, to deceive the public.

Every aspect of our lives is now being edited in a similar fashion. While I am about to be denied the right to expose certain lies and disinformation, emanating from the depths of our controlled political system, unless I can get past Google editors, whom already prowl around YouTube, looking for anything of which they disapprove.

We now have school-teachers losing their jobs for failing to address a pupil, by what has now become, ‘their choice’ of pronoun, which denies the reality of their genetic make-up. For an intelligent school-teacher, to be obliged to conform to the wishes of a child, who has been convinced in recent times, to ‘believe’ at a very young age, that they are of the opposite sex, without any clear knowledge, as to how they have decided such a thing, is nothing more than the group ‘brain-washing of children at school.

This ridiculous situation has lead to females, whom believe themselves to be ‘really’ male, being prescribed Testosterone, by the family doctor, while effeminate men are being treated with Estrogen, when the exact opposite would be a more intelligent response.

The United Nations Charter, quite clearly states that we have the God-given right of ‘free speech’ despite which, ‘hate speech’ is now being given more official support, by those controlled politicians, as a means of last resort, to silence an opinion which involves a religious bias of some sort, by those whom would prefer us all to believe only what they tell us to believe and failure to so do, could cost you time in gaol.

A while back, in Benghazi, the centre of opposition to the Gadaffi regime, a few men in yellow plastic safety helmets, ran through the streets, indiscriminately shooting people. This appalling act of aggression, without any apparent need of clear evidence as to the identity of these killers, was used as justification to lay Libya to waste, killing a huge number of Libyans’ in the process.

The Prime Ministers of Britain and France, both stood before the people of Libya, after the murder of Gadaffi, and congratulated themselves, for having taken swift action, in response to the brutality of the Libyan Government. In sharp contrast, not too far away, the Government of Israel, has been shooting Palestinian Arabs, like fish in a barrel, even as new proposals are being forced through, in Western ‘Democracies’ proposing to make it a crime, to so much as criticise these blatant crimes against Muslims by the Jew State of Israel, never mind calling for the instant destruction of Israel, to ‘free the people’ from their despotic Rulers. What sort of Democratic government, would even consider introducing such a law? Well they would be the very same Democrats whom are coming out in support of Article 13

I have occasionally uploaded, to YouTube, snippets of music, from records or CD’s which I have actually bought. YouTube has noted all of these infringements of copyright, letting me know that action could be taken by the owner of the copyright. However, some of my original scribblings, in the main I write all of my own content, are frequently, presented by other sites, to their own readers, with a link to my posts or they retweet my Twitters, none of which is of any importance in itself, apart that is from the fact that a link to my site may soon entail my permission, however the MSN is about to be given total freedom from all this rubbish, giving them an exclusive control of the News, and any of my reports, about current events, which was included in an MSM article, could soon be called copyright, without any form of investigation into which of us was the first to report the event, much like several of the clips I have uploaded, which included MSN News reports, for which YouTube have tried to give me a ‘strike’.

We will very soon be denied the freedom to so much as suggest,  that YouTube, Facebook, Google, all of the main Radio News outlets, TV News, the Newspaper Industry, publishing and Hollywood are all in the hands of Jews, a claim which though true, will soon be considered to be anti-Jew.  The only genuinely open platform for an alternative point of view is the Internet, which is now, in the process of falling into the hands of those same Jew interests. Is this the new ‘Jew Only Free Speech?’

The European Union, which was instrumental in the destruction of European Industry, along with the ‘privatisation’ of all Utilities, and which has openly called for the immigration of millions of Africans into Europe, in a declared attempt to destroy the White Christian integrity of Europe, through the forceful imposition of Islamic regulations into Christian classrooms and the funding of Mosques in every European town and city, and the ‘selection’ of Muslims into positions of authority, is even now, without any reference to the electorate of European Member States, attempting to force through legislation, which will give them one more level of control over us all, through the total control of the Internet.

From where did the European Union receive the notion, that it was their job to censor the Internet, in order to benefit so-called copyright holders. That is surely the business of the holder of the copyright as has always been the case. So why are our ‘Leaders’ not standing up against this move, which will close down any criticism of the Dictatorial Rule of the European Union, allowing a group of unelected people more or less total control over what information we are allowed to access?

The complicity of the Worlds controlled media over the repetition of the lies used against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria is evidence enough of the need of the Alternative point of view and for these decisions to be once more shrouded behind a wall of propaganda, is scandalous.

As so often happens, I had already written all of the above, and I later chose the clip at the top, to support the survivors of the USS Liberty, whom have been all over the Alternative News in recent days, still looking not only for justice, but for a simple mention of the outrageous attack, which was carried out against them by Israel, in the MSM, so imagine my surprise when on watching the clip, Dr Pierce actually reiterated most of my spiel. Doggone it! 

Did We Ever Have The Right Of Free Speech? Not In My Lifetime.


I adore the expression,’I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend, to the death, your right to say it.’ I was reminded of this frequently used piece of rubbish, most recently on a clip, which I posted, of George Galloway, on the BBC program, ‘Question Time,’ when Galloway was being shouted down, by an audience, which was composed of more Jews than was justifiable by their tiny percentage of the population of the UK.

This discussion was in response to the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris, where ‘Free Speech’ demanded the ‘right’ of Jews to publish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, while forgetting to mention, as is usual,  the ‘fact’ that Hebdo, had previously sacked a cartoonist who drew a cartoon of a Jew politician. Even in the above clip, the Jew Shapiro is ‘free’ to come up with yet another claim about Hitler, of which I had never heard.

George, bawled back at these Jews, something along the lines of, I have the right to express my opinion and you are not going to deny me my ‘freedom of speech’, all of it very commendable. Sadly, he then went on to express his sorrow, about the ‘Greatest Crime in History’ which was committed against the Jews and how, had he been old enough at the time, he would have been first in line to join the Army to go and save them. So that is your truth is it George?

Another Socialist and a good friend of Galloway’s, Ken Livingstone, a staunch defender of the right of ‘Freedom of Speech’, did a while back, find himself being pursued by a pack of Jews, for suggesting that Hitler had been in discussions with ‘Zionists’ – many Rabbis’ suggest, that Zionism, is nothing more than Judaism – about sending the German Jews to Madagascar or some other location..

There followed an absolute uproar, which made sure that, even those like me, whom had no idea that Livingstone had made such a ‘daft’ claim, were duly made fully aware of it. Which I suppose reduced the maximum possible number of World Jewry to tears of grief, by its International Broadcasting. Livingstone insisted that his claim was historically provable. He urged his persecutors to check it out for themselves.

Livingstone, having strongly defended his claim, which has never been denied historically, but which does not rest easy in the minds of Jews, then completely unravelled and went on to say, untruthfully, ‘That Hitler then went mad and decided to kill all the Jews,’ a claim, which we were all educated to believe, but which has never been backed up by any existing historical evidence, a claim which it is illegal to so much as question, just in case somebody might be offended, as I am when illegitimate claims are made against Hitler.

This is the ‘real’ level of ‘Free Speech’ in the United Kingdom, where even long serving politicians, are obliged to bend the knee to the power of ‘Zion’. Both Galloway and Livingstone should be ashamed of themselves. Particularly Galloway, who when confronted by a group of jeering Jews, in a program which was itself presented by a Jew, he did not have the courage to ‘go too far.’ He simply caved in. That makes me suspicious.

I have not had too much confidence in Galloway, particularly after his performance, while Libya was under attack, during which he gave his,’Champion of Muslims’ verdict that Gadaffi deserved all he got.

When the day comes, that the worried people of the Free West, have the right to discuss openly events like 911, which was surrounded by dozens of Jews, many of whom were arrested with bombs and bullets in their possession, driving a van with images of planes crashing into the WTC on the side, only to be released without charge, or indeed any ‘real’ discussion at all, about this other ‘Greatest Crime in the History of the Universe’ or the holocaust,   both of which involve Jews and both of which have had a clamp-down imposed on them  by controlled politicians. When these two, history changing events, have been given an open public airing,  then there will be, at least an element of ‘free speech’ but until that day arrives there is no such thing as ‘Freedom of Speech’ or indeed even ‘Freedom of Thought.’

I had a good laugh this morning, while watching a publicity spot from CNN, Cable News Network, which has suffered greatly, from Donald Trump’s allegation that they presented Fake News, a claim which they are desperate to overcome.

On screen there was an apple. The voice-over informed me that some people may try to convince me that this apple is in fact a banana, but that CNN can assure me that it is indeed an apple, inferring that I can trust CNN to deliver the truth.



Should there be anyone reading this,  who has ever been confronted by a merchant of Fakery, holding an apple in their hand telling them, with a straight face, that he was holding a banana, please put their hand up. This contrived example of humour posing as a form of honesty is as empty as is CNN’s Fake News.

We All Have The Right Of Free Speech As Long As We Don’t Express It..

A while back I decided to put the idea of the “freedom of speech and expression” to the test. Sadly, as with most popular misconceptions, it is a rare commodity.  In my own sphere, I soon discovered that this “freedom” involves the full acceptance of all current stupidities, while to do otherwise leaves you open to derision.

My problems started, when during a coffee-time discussion about the French involvement in the destruction of Libya, an affable young lad suggested that these sort of problems could be better solved through the medium of love.

In all innocence I asked him to explain what he meant. The silence which fell over the group was palpable but in my new incarnation of upholder of the “Rights of Man” I pressed on.

I asked him if he felt uncomfortable with my question and if yes, was I now under an attack of love and if so, how was he doing it. I could sense that most of the other folk at the table were in support of the sentiments of  this fable of love. They were part of a group of people who hold to the idea of love conquering all, while at the same time they can offer no convincing explanation as to why they are mostly divorced.

For some time after, most of the group, including the “love man” refused to speak to me, such is love. This all changed for a short period when a young girl had her bag and wallet stolen putting her into a bit of a hole. I made a spontaneous collection for her, to help her out, which, awkwardly, reinstated me into every bodies good books, but only for a short period.

My next transgression was on the day when there was a marriage in the Town Hall.  I noticed that the guests, who were gathering outside, included a large number, whom though they looked like women, were in fact dressed like men.

I asked a fellow, whom I have known for years, if this was a Gay Wedding?  He immediately called me a Fascist. I asked him what he meant.  His response absolutely floored me. He suggested that I should not have even noticed that there was any difference between the Gay couple who were getting married and any heterosexual couple.

That was more than enough for me, as far as I was concerned that sort of stupidity qualified him as a verifiable cretin. I asked him how that made me a Fascist? He started to mumble something about Hitler’s hatred of homosexuals, so I asked him what a hatred of homosexuals had to do with being a Fascist?

I have noticed for some time that the actual meaning of Fascism has long been swamped out of existence and has been misrepresented as being a form of oppression, favoured, of course, by cruel Dictators.

I made a remark along the lines of, most of the crimes which have been laid at the door of Hitler, have never been proven.  I asked him if he could point me towards a piece of evidence of Hitler’s attacks against homosexuals. Apparently, like love, it is all around us and like love it can ever be produced in support of claims which are continually made of it.

The fellow started to tell me that there was all the evidence of the Shoah, in support of what he was suggesting.  When I pointed out that most of the evidence of the Shoah was so insecure, that in the end it could not have been the truth as all of the claims which were made in the past, have had to be revised. There is no need to revise the truth.

At which point, he warned me that if I continued in this manner,  denying the Shoah, he would not be speaking to me again.  When I put it to him that if I was obliged to believe something, was it not up to him to show me proof of the actuality of the event, in which I was meant to believe, otherwise it was no more than a religion and was he suggesting that I was not allowed to choose my own beliefs?

That was the end of the conversation and to this day, not one word has passed between us.

So where are we now?  Love, Gay Marriage and the holocaust, that leaves us with that other hot potato, immigration.

Just a few days ago, yet another long time “friend” became agitated when I asked her opinion about the current level of immigration.

Her response was that there was no problem with immigration. When I asked her to explain to me the point at which it would become necessary to say that France was full,  just like all of the other “really nice people” who can see no problem with the huge influx of immigrants into France, she was afraid to commit herself to any limit on immigration, when common sense suggests that there must be some limit, France cannot accept six or seven billion people.

At which point it becomes clear that most people fail to see the difference between economic immigrants and refugees or asylum seekers, intent on escaping the threat of torture or death in their homeland.

I asked her what was supposed to happen to the million or more young Muslim lads, living in the Banlieue de Paris whom had never been able to find a job.  She had no answer.  I asked her if she was happy about Paris being already more than fifty per-cent immigrant. She responded saying that all of the bigger cities in France were the same, but that was no problem.

When I suggested that immigrants were more likely than the French to have large families, she became aggressive with me, calling me racist and all the other insults, because the notion of immigrants having large families was a lie which was being put about by the Front Nationale.

When I suggested that most statistics showed that immigrants were having at least twice as many babies as were the French she was disgusted with the suggestion.

I told her that Irish people are renowned for their large families and that I have never heard of anybody suggesting that it was Racist or Fascist or anything else to suggest that this was the case, so why was there a problem to suggest that others might be the same?

I put it to her that she appeared to be saying that nobody had the right to question mass immigration and that when groups like Ukip in the UK or the Front Nationale in France stood up and said that enough is enough, they were going to be smeared and denigrated and anyone who agreed with them would be ostracised.  At which point she said that if I continued along those lines she would not be speaking to me again.

The fact of the matter is that the United Kingdom and France should be prepared to accept whomsoever is trying to escape from Mali, Central Africa, Libya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan and wherever else,  as they are responsible for the destruction of those countries and the creation of millions of refugees. So why should Europe decide that every country in Europe should take their share why not send them all to the UK and France?

Ireland has never invaded any country nor have the Irish people been responsible for world war-fare so why is Ireland under threat from a problem created by the British,  French Americans and Israel?

It may have always been the same and it could be that in the past I have simply not noticed, but there are dozens of references made to the crimes of Hitler on a daily basis.  Just yesterday I was confronted with my latest “free speech” issue.  I was not even involved in the conversation which provoked it, I just happened to be standing near-by.

A fellow was babbling about the atrocities of Hitler and the Germans and I quietly asked him why it was that folk were forever attacking Hitler and yet they never said a word about Stalin, whom had slaughtered 65 million Christians.  The man stiffened and I could see that he was going to have no sympathy for my remark.

For once I managed to keep my mouth shut, mainly because the man was a good sort and it was clear that he had a limited understanding of what had happened during the war.

So shamefully, it becomes clear that when the Jew François Hollande, is suggesting that to criticise Jews should be illegal, nobody is going to give a damn, any more than they will when the Jew Cameron makes Conspiracy Investigation illegal.

So what sort of Free Speech are we left with?  What sort of Freedom and Human Rights are the immigrants in Ireland demanding?  Are there Human Rights  for Immigrants which are denied to the rest of us?  Why are our governments, behind our backs, bringing in large numbers of immigrants in the first place.

My last point, I asked the woman who was in favour of Immigration, what she thought about the genocide against Whites in South Africa?  Like many others,  she felt that they had brought on themselves through their past actions.

When I suggested to her that the Boers had in fact been in South Africa before the Blacks, which had been a large empty space when they arrived three hundred or so years ago and that the Black were immigrants, looking for work.

She scoffed saying that it was ridiculous to suggest that Whites had been there before the Blacks.  I refuted that claim, saying that Africa was a huge continent and most of the people were hunter gatherers of one form or another. leaving the vast prairies free for farming,  for which the Boers used it.

I asked her if she felt that it was OK to call Africa a Black Mans Continent and if so what was Europe?   Plus how she felt about the brutal attacks against BLACK asylum seekers in South Africa by the Rainbow People.

Did she agree with Israel expelling the Black Jew  “infiltrators” into Israel and the lack of immigration into States which were not of European origin?

Nobody can answer these sort of questions because to do so would display the crass stupidity of their stance.  So I think that in reality there is no such animal as true Freedom of Speech and when you have numb-heads telling me that it is racist to be able to distinguish Black from White and Male from Female it becomes clear that when even relatively intelligent people fail to understand how it should apply to the beliefs of others, things will get no better.




Let’s Have Three Cheers For Torture. It Is All Deniable.

What a wonderful exposition, of the of the savage mentality of the presidential candidates, was presented during one of the televised debates, on US television.

Newt Gingrich in particular displayed a total disregard not only for International Law, UN Regulations but also for the very sanctity of human life.

He declared that Iran should be stopped from doing something which it is not clear that it is doing, using whatever means which people of his ilk consider to be necessary.

Apart from Ron Paul, whom has to speak his few words in machine gun fashion, before being cut off, in order to hand over to yet another war-mongering hopeful, they were all in unison, in a sort of we will slaughter more of them than you will, frame of mind. The female assured us that she would continue water-boarding.

The invited audience was fully in favour of the proposed aggressive attacks against Iran, with the assistance of that other bloodstained bunch of thugs over there in the Holy Land.

I expect nothing more than this attitude, from American politicians, however, what does concern me is that these are professional politicians. A presidential election is on the way. We know full well, that at election time, politicians will promise whatever is necessary, to win votes.

That being so, these candidates, must feel quite sure, that what they are offering the electorate, is what the electorate wants. That would seem obvious. Should these honest men feel that what the vast majority of the American people wanted was peace, would they not be offering peace?

This flies full in the face of what every American, whom I have ever confronted with the barbaric behaviour of the US, has claimed. That it is not their fault, it is the Government’s fault.

This afternoon, in the Health Food Store, my friend on the check-out pointed to a guy, whom had a place reserved for the occasional producer, to sell his wares. “He’s American.” he said. I was not feeling too sociable or too sympathetic towards the US.

Using my right of free speech, I let him have between the eyes as they say. I told him briefly how disgusted I was by the recent attacks on Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq. It was a bad move. Believe me or believe me not, the woman behind me in the queue, nudged me and said, in English: “Actually, I’ve got an American Mother-in-Law and you cannot blame him for what the government does.”

Before I could commiserate with her over the Mother-In-Law, the woman in front of me in the queue, asked the American where he was from, he came from Los Angeles, she was from Colorado, I think, by that time I was a bit embarrassed. However I was not ashamed.

The American was explaining what a peacenik he was. Well that is what they all say and yet just about every living member of the Senate and Congress, whom were in power in 2001 are still there. Despite all the carnage and torture, the millions of dead and injured they are re-elected time after time, so they must be getting something right.

The wasteland that the US and its allies have created with Depleted Uranium and Cluster Bombs. The mis-formed babies being born all across the Middle East and to the wives of soldiers, from all of the coalition countries. The total destruction of homes and livelihood. All of this carried out by a democratically elected government and it has nothing to do with the people by whom they were elected?

Nobody is safe from the terror of the US. In Pakistan, thousands have been killed and maimed by missiles from Drones. They are now attacking Somalia and Yemen in the same fashion.

Gingrich was proposing the assassination of Iranian scientists, this, in a country where the President has taken for himself, the power to kill anyone he chooses to kill, outside of the law.

This man Gingrich, may well be elected President, he has been described as the “dark horse” candidate. He should be arrested for incitement to murder. There are only war criminals in the present government, they should all be on trial.

I think that it would be safe to say, that apart from Ron Paul, of whom I am no great admirer, whomever may be elected as the next President, should it be one of the band of yee-haws, whom were lined up in front of the TV cameras, there will be an absolute continuation government in the US. How can this be, if the majority do not go along with the war-like stance of the politicians.

Right at this moment, there is a War Crimes trial taking place. The indicted, will of course not be there. They are George W Bush and Anthony Blair. This pair, should be in the Hague, along with Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of the CFR and Trilateral Commission.

Because of the lack of action by the Western Law Enforcers, the trial is taking place in Malaysia. Evidence is being taken from innocent people, detained for years in Guantanamo Bay, being tortured and degraded. This was done by agents of the US government, which would have us believe that they are so humanitarian, that they will bomb the tihs out those brown people, over there, whom they think may be doing the same thing.

Not content with having one of their ex-Presidents on trial for War Crimes, Kissinger and Co frightened to set foot abroad, in case they are arrested for the same thing, they have an elected Secretary of State, a female, adding the feminine touch to proceedings, who throws her arms up in delight, at the news that a man, whom has far less blood on his hands than does she or any of the aforementioned, has been tortured and then sodomised with an iron bar up his rectum and killed. We Came, We Saw, He Died. She chortled. Disgraceful.

So where does the blame lie? Who is responsible? How stupid are the electorate? How have such a bunch of scum managed to take control of the US? How can it ever be sorted, if we cannot even mention the problem to US citizens in case they are upset?

Let us not forget that there is a huge number of Americans, relying on the Military Industrial Complex for their salary.

The armed forces have something in the order of five hundred thousand fighting men alone. On top of that an unknown number of mercenaries in the employ of companies such as Blackwater, all of whom are being paid for by the government.

The weapon shops are manned by thousands of manual workers, arms have become virtually the only American industry which has not been off-shored. These arms, are essential, in order to claw back the dollars which have been paid to the sheiks for oil.

What breed of civilized country, allows the men whom long for war, pay money towards the election of men whom can deliver war and whom themselves can profit from the wars which they have declared?

What sort of Judiciary ignores the writings of a President of the US, whom has bragged shamelessly in his (auto)biography that he expressly allowed the torture of suspects and would do it all again.

There is no International Muslim terrorist group. An overwhelming amount of evidence points elsewhere. In the direction of a far more professional group of terrorists. So for what evidence would these suspects have been tortured?

They would know nothing. They were simply tortured to bolster the false tale of Muslim terrorism. These US demons could knowingly torture innocent people just for the sake of appearances.

A recent newscast reported the mis-treatment of prisoners in some ongoing conflict, describing the perpetrators as barbaric, this from the people whom gave us Abu Ghraib and the Iraqi hotel worker, beaten to a pulp and killed by British squadies, whom are referred to as “Our Boys” what a joke.

Are we expected to believe that these soldiers, most of whom would have been very young children at the start of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, whom signed up in a professional army, are not aware that they will be killing people?

Do they understand, that without them, the carnage would not be possible? Anyone whom has spent even a short time in the vicinity of “squadies” know full well how violent they can be. Do they sign up for the opportunity to express this violence?

One evening, I was walking down Boulevard Victor Hugo, with my son. He was a small boy at the time. It was during the Feria de Nîmes. It was total chaos. Thousands of teenagers, with their Tequila Boom Booms lined up, slapping and downing them in unison. The street was ankle-deep in egg cup sized glasses thrown carelessly to the ground.

Nîmes is the headquarters of the Foreign Legion. The Legionnaires are allowed out for the celebrations. They are obliged to wear their uniforms, probably to warn the rest of us to be careful.

As I walked with my boy, holding his hand, I felt him stiffen and shudder. I looked at him to see what was wrong. Just alongside us, an army jeep was trying to force a passage through the throng of people. It was a Military Police vehicle. I looked at the driver and realised exactly why my boy had shuddered.

The man had eyes which could only be described as those of a mad-man. I believe that most people, would feel that this man would be violent and cruel, just by looking into those eyes. I also believe that only a certain kind of youngster would have the courage to willingly join an organisation, in which they may fall under the control of men like this.

It is for this reason that although I am sure that there are many perfectly decent people in professional armies, it comes as no surprise to me to find “squadies” going ape with prisoners.

One only needs to look at the history of events in Ireland, leading up to independence, to know that it is not a recent phenomenon. The Black and Tans were deliberately unleashed on the Irish to terrorise them into submission.

Any country, which finds itself under occupation, is in for a hard time. They are the ones to be pitied. The occupying force will have control of the media and like Gingrich claimed on television, commit any misdeed they choose as, “All will be deniable” when discussing Iran.