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The Bankers,Like A Pack Of Savage Dogs, Are Eating Their Own Tails..

As more and more people become aware of the magnitude of the theft that is being perpetrated by the Central Bankers, with the aid of their puppet politicians, they will very soon want to know to whom all of this alleged debt is being paid.

While the people of Greece are being forced to accept another tranche of debt, which will involve the wholesale destruction of their Social Services and the Privatisation of the rest of the Nations Nationalised holdings, they are being told that there is no way out.

Cameron, the shifty, lip licking, shape shifter from the acrid depths of the British aristocracy, is congratulating himself for having without apparent effort, forced the British people, to accept the austerity measures which the Greek people, whom have a bit more bottle, are still resisting.

The jaded British voter, is more interested in voting for their preferred cretin, in some form of talent contest, than in what is being installed in their country, in the place of the system which they have been lead to believe is Democracy.

The most important lesson, which the British people need to learn, is that the vote is rigged. Not just in the Talent Shows but in every case. How stupid do you have to be, to pay to vote in a rigged contest?

Sarkozy and Merkel, the selected spokes people for the G20 behind the scenes controllers, have been joined in Cannes by none other than the Irish Tele-Prompter Wizard, O’Bama, all the way from the Rose Garden. He is no doubt looking for his orders, on how to make sure that the North American Union, which will soon become a reality, does not end up in the same quagmire as the European Union.

Obama, under orders from the Committee on Foreign Relations, which is under the control of the same banking families as is the European Union, has resisted all calls from the US electorate, to strengthen controls at the Mexican Border, in readiness for the swarms of Mexicans, whom will soon have the right to come to the US, when the North American Union is ratified. This is of course unknown to the American people.

Tony Blair, has already used the same ploy to destroy British Culture, by opening the flood gates to immigrants, into a country which can hardly house the people whom are already in the UK.

France, instead of assisting the Maghreb to construct its own industrial base, took what it wanted, while keeping the region in poverty, deliberately forcing millions of Maghrebian to seek employment in France, most of these hard-working decent folk, were crowded into high-rise ZUPs, where they have remained for decades. They are a tool in waiting, for when inter-communal unrest is provoked in France.

The Greek crisis and the people’s resistance to the aims of the European Union, has created some nervousness in the corridors of power. It is perfectly clear that to load more and more debt on to the shoulders of a people whom are already bankrupt is no solution. Amazingly, the banks are now prepared to cut the debt in half. Taking a “haircut” they call it. This will of course solve nothing.

Every member of the G20, every financial correspondent reporting the event, economists in every country, understand where the problem lies. They have one and all been forbidden to discuss it.

Throughout this crisis, from the time when that the fully trained,  vendor of misinformation, from Common Purpose, Robert Peston, was talking up, the coming catastrophic financial and commercial disaster, on the BBC, I have been waiting, in vain sadly, for just one question to a politician, from any of the highly paid media puppets, concerning the Central Banking system and the need to retain it or scrap it.

It has become clear that the bankers, whom are psychopathic, believe that when they have finally destroyed European economies and taken control of all resources through privatisation, when they can allocate food rations, limit access to water and electricity, force us all back on to our bikes, that there will be no backlash. They genuinely believe that when they present their solution, to the problem which they created, that we will all lick their boots in gratitude.

George Galloway, on his Comment programme, on Press TV, continues to annoy me. A caller, whom was cut off sharply, by Galloway on a previous show, came at George from a slightly different angle, he suggested that viewers, whom were interested in the criminality of the banking system, should watch, The Money Masters, an excellent film.

George, as usual went into panic mode.” We don’t want to go down that hole. We know where that leads don’t we?” Well yes we do George, to the truth. Of course you can’t be seen to criticise those Jolly Old Bankers, whom may or may not be Jews, can you George? If we are being stitched up George, does it matter whether it’s by the Synagogue of Satan, or the Black Pope of the Jesuits? Wake up George, it’s credibility that counts you know.

I am sure that Galloway would hotly deny, that he, along with the rest of the press, is making sure that no word of truth concerning the banking system leaks out.  Press TV, on its part, does allow discussion, with characters like Rodney Shakespeare from the UK. He, unfortunately, peppers his language with words like scum and filth, which I wholeheartedly support, however it does in some ways present him as no more than an eccentric.

Press TV however, continues to present the destruction of Libya as a success story. They are apparently unaware that Gadaffi was brave enough to take on the bankers. His banking system was interest free. He was intent on establishing a currency for Africa, based on a gold standard. For his trouble, NATO organised a gang of Mercenaries, whom finished off Gadaffi, through the medium of a steel bar up his rectum.

This is the paradox of Press TV. Even as NATO was pummeling Libya, Iran was being prepared for the lash itself. A guest on Press TV referred to Iran as one of the most evil and oppressive regimes on earth. Alex Jones claimed that 70% of Iranians hated their government. The British Press announced that Iran is in fact manufacturing Nuclear weapons and that the British are prepared to lend a hand in any upcoming attack against Iran.

Apparently, NATO knows where to bomb but not where to point the IAEA inspectors, whom could decide if the allegations were true. Iran, needless to say, does not have a Rothschild Central Bank.

Meanwhile back in Cannes, Sarkozy and Merkel have insisted that there is no way out of the Euro-Zone. Treaties which have already been signed make this impossible. Which of course means that Papandreou, through the threat of a referendum, has exposed the hand of the bankers. Suddenly debt can be reduced. They are of course obliged to continue to obfuscate, just in case the people spot what is going on.

At all cost the identity of the destination of all the European debt, whether it be of members of the Euro-Zone or countries on the outside, such as the UK, must be kept hidden. Should the people finally realize that all of that money, which was created out of thin air, is headed to the same place, where it will be used at a later date to buy more of the planet for the bankers, they would be horrified.

This is never likely to happen, as a large amount of our own money has already been used to dumb us down. The cohesion of the family has been destroyed. The education system has been passed into private hands through the Academies, which are being funded by the Elite, to produce their desired result. Our food contains no nourishment, it has to be eaten all the time because it delivers none of the necessities of health, it generates only obesity.

The mess we are in will never be solved by politicians. They are part of the shadowy gang of thugs which controls us all. In their terms the solution is World War Three, which is why they are already heading in that direction. There is no International Muslim Terrorism. There are no Drug Barons to wage a drug war against. There is only State run crime.

Just a short footnote for all my readers Down Under: The construction of a Pacific Union is already in an advanced stage. Australia, where immigrants are already a nuisance, will soon find itself in a zone which will include the teeming masses of Indonesia, all of whom will have a legal right to settle in Australia or New Zealand.